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Comedian Raided By FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force After Jewish Organization Takes Offense to His Jokes
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A social media comedian was arrested in an explosive FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force raid yesterday morning.

Paul N. Miller, a 32-year-old Romani entertainer who uses the moniker “GypsyCrusader,” was snatched from his home in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida ostensibly over committing a gun offense three years ago.

Neighbors expressed that they were more terrorized by the brutality of the FBI’s militarized arrest, which included tossing flashbangs into his room, than at Miller’s behavior, which was described as low key.

Miller has grown in fame in recent months for dressing up like The Joker and making politically incorrect jokes about race and sex on the chat app Omegle. He uses a number of props in his act, including a clown gun that fires a flag that says “nigger.”

Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Jewish activist group the Anti-Defamation League, took to social media to brag about his group’s role in directing the FBI’s resources. Greenblatt presented the arrest as retaliation for “harassing users on Omegle with racism.”

According to the FBI’s criminal complaint, Miller is accused of being a felon who possessed a firearm on January 17, 2018. The indictment does not give any details about this three year old gun charge. Miller was convicted of selling drugs more than a decade ago.

A source familiar with Miller’s case told National Justice that the charge may stem from a gun safety class he allegedly took in 2018. One does not need to be a firearm owner to take such classes. The charges are specious and politically motivated.

The ADL does not shy away from flagrant hypocrisy on the question of trafficking in racial humor, it only opposes it when an out-group uses it. On the day before Miller’s arrest, Greenblatt took to social media to wish “mazel tov” to Sasha Baron Cohen, an ADL member whose claim to fame is dressing up in costumes and racially abusing strangers on the street for mean-spirited laughs.

According to court documents, Miller’s supposed gun crime took place locally to his residence in Broward County, which begs the question of why he is being federally charged. The timing of FBI Director Christopher Wray’s Congressional testimony on “domestic terrorism” on the same day likely played a role in this ridiculous theater.

If convicted, Miller faces up to 10 years in prison. He is scheduled for a hearing in the Broward County federal court later today.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: ADL, Political Correctness 
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  1. BuelahMan says:

    This glaring jewish double standard is a clear sign of who rules America. It is the preeminent indicator of their master/slave system.

  2. The authorities could have arrested him quietly by pulling him over in a traffic stop, or, when he was walking to the grocery store, plainclothes detectives could have flashed a badge and cuffed him.

    Better yet, they could have left him alone.

    The regime is in Spanish Inquisition mode, or despotic dictatorship mode. Over-the-top displays of brute power are a sign of the mentally unhinged nature of the people in charge.

    By filling the jails with political dissidents, they will hasten their unpopularity.

  3. Prissy Chrissy WRAY FAKED the MAGAbomber, smashed Hillary’s phones and SANITIZED Jeffy Epstein’s island. This BASTARD should be EXECUTED and the FBLIE DEFUNDED. You are at WAR with communists. ACT ACCORDINGLY! Like the father of two did in Florida!

    • Replies: @Drapetomaniac
  4. Lot says:

    Basically correct but overstated. Jews co-run America together with other elite groups. But they all stick together so it isn’t any better for antisemites.

    To take this specific example, the FBI and federal judges and prosecutors certainly have a lot of Jews, but also Mormons and Zionist evangelicals.

    If the Feds target you, you lose. Gun offenses are easy to prove. Being a habitual drug user or ex felon with a legally purchased and registered gun is a federal felony. So for example Rush Limbaugh could have been targeted for a long prison sentence for a this due to his pill habit and owning guns. But we liked El Rushbo!

    If the Feds don’t get an easy drug or gun charge, they can get you for obstruction of justice if you lie to them during their investigation. There’s also federal tax charges for underreporting income. The best thing for American antisemites is just to leave the USA, like Anglin, weev, Matt Forney, etc. Long term, their choice is jail or exile.

  5. I remember this guy, he was funny. He would get on omegle and shout crime statistics at people. He did absolutely nothing criminal, so this is a disturbing abuse of power.

  6. @Lot

    Maybe why rush smartened up and started supporting the Iraq war.

  7. Usura says:

    Neighbor claims “loud bangs” continued after Miller had already been walked out of the house.

    “After they walked the person out, we heard probably three or four more bangs.”

    Video Link

    Woke cancellation is about spectacle.

  8. fnn says:

    Ah yes, after watching the performance of Peter Strzok I wouldn’t be surprised if an influential faction of admirers of Guy Debord exists in the FBI.

  9. El Dato says:

    You know how this works. Someone wants to get a career upgrade. “We gonna bust his ass”. Full force follows, convictions, medals, the whole bullshit. Unless they “lose the folder” in the meantime (did anyone ever find the key surveillance tape from the OKC bombing in the archives? nah), Los Federales gonna do federales stuff.

    “You wanted a miracle, I give you the F.B.I.”

    In other news:

    SPLC chutzpa-fully calls others “grifters”:

    ‘I wish I never f***ing met him!’ Alex Jones trashes Donald Trump in leaked VIDEO

    SPLC’s Michael Edison Hayden, who authored the story, tweeted that “people pushing this hard right, anti-democratic, authoritarian bulls**t in our country are almost all in it for their own money and power,” and that “In our culture, we sometimes talk about people being ‘grifters’ and ‘nazis’ as if these are somehow separate distinctions.”

    “Everybody I don’t like is a grifter and also a Nazi.”

    Who ever left those people out of kindergarten? They apparently also think outing The Alex as a person not actually slaved to Trump will have some effect. When your IQ is dubious, all the world looks like Twitter to you. Powerful leak right there! Let’s see 12-yo Twitter girls deal wih THAT!

  10. So, um, the clown gun that projects a flag. Oh please let it be exhibit 1 for the gun possession offence!!!

  11. @Larry47460

    Please drop the communist shtick.

    Call them what they are: psychopaths.

  12. Yesterday, Tuesday, 3/2 and today, Wednesday, 3/3, Steve Bannon had on his War Room podcast show jewish guests whining about increasing anti-semitism. Boo hoo hoo. Now this. They never wonder why.

  13. TrueWOPR says:

    Imagine being such a disgusting and subhuman group of people that you SWAT a man over insults made about the blood-cult you call a faith.

    • Replies: @goldgettin
  14. excellent work as always Striker , this yid run hellscape is pulling out all the stops now in this collapsing 3rd rate 3rd world shithole . the system will be eating it’s self by mid decade.

  15. Anon[183] • Disclaimer says:

    If you wish to know who rules you, find out who you are not allowed to criticize.
    Attributed to Voltaire but very apposite in this case

  16. @TrueWOPR

    It’s about the optics.They need fear.They breed fear…

    and hate, and just about everything else…

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well
    A video production, a voyeur “CULT” “ure” and
    an endless “WAR” says a lot more than Pavlovs dogs

  17. Richard B says:

    The indictment does not give any details about this three year old gun charge. Miller was convicted of selling drugs more than a decade ago.

    The timing of FBI Director Christopher Wray’s Congressional testimony on “domestic terrorism” on the same day likely played a role in this ridiculous theater.

    Acting on behalf of The ADL and \$PLC, The FBI simply trolls its own database looking for Whites who are either up for parole, on probation, or who have cases pending for drug charges, violent offenses, etc.

    They’re then recruited for whatever their profile fits, ie; Antifa, fake neo-Nazis*, “White Supremacists”, etc. etc. They’re told what flags to hold and where to stand. This has been going on for ages.

    *Putting the word fake in front of neo-Nazi is admittedly redundant, since there aren’t even neo-Nazis in our prison system anymore. Neo-Nazis are FBI fabrications and everyone knows it, except, of course, for your average Karen and her cucked husband.

    So, yeah, it this story sounds like what it is, a story, yet more ridiculous theater. Expect a lot more of it too, since it’s all they’ve got.

    They might have been good at infiltration, subversion, radical ingratitude, insane hatred, betrayal, hypocrisy, destruction and death. But they’re no good at social management.

    The false flags and hate hoaxes that were once used to acquire power are now used to conceal their incompetence at managing it.

    This helps explain why the hostile elite is currenctly engaged in conducting a Fire Sale where everything must go and with only one buyer – China. A people who, unlike Whites, are not easily fooled, will never allow themselves to be scapegoated, and aren’t all that into power-sharing.

  18. Anonymous[541] • Disclaimer says:

    The FBI conducted a similar jackbooted SWAT raid against Beverly Hills medical doctor and lawyer, Dr. Simone Gold, because she happened to be at the Capitol on January 6th expressing her professional/personal views on the COVID-19 protocols.

    Frontline Doctor: FBI ‘broke down my door’ in swat team raid of 20 men
    Dr. Simone Gold related the nature of her arrest, how the distribution of experimental vaccines violates the Nuremburg Code, and why COVID-19 censorship is a ‘crime against humanity.’

    • Thanks: Orville H. Larson
    • Replies: @Orville H. Larson
  19. Hans says:

    The Spanish Inquisition, like “McCarthyism,” was a necessary and rational attempt to uncover and remove slime mold infestation. All historical events portrayed negatively by the media and “academia” can safely be assumed to have been positive and vice versa.

    Walsh is well worth people’s time –

  20. anon[881] • Disclaimer says:

    neither this guy nor Brandon Martinez are actually helping our cause with their spectacles on Omegle that are then rebroadcast on Bitwave

    they both just look scared, angry and hateful

  21. Anonymous[421] • Disclaimer says:

    Basically correct but overstated. Jews co-run America together with other elite groups. But they all stick together so it isn’t any better for antisemites.

    To take this specific example, the FBI and federal judges and prosecutors certainly have a lot of Jews, but also Mormons and Zionist evangelicals.

    It’s not accurate to say that Jews run America “with other elite groups.”

    Yes, there are various non-Jews who serve as functionaries in the government, as managers and executives in the private sector, as bureaucrats, etc. But most of them are not part of any meaningful “elite group.” Most of these non-Jews are individuals who are members of either not very cohesive or not very elite demographic groups.

    Evangelicals are not an “elite” group. Mormons may be a local elite in Utah, and more “elite” than evangelicals, but they’re not an elite at the national level.

    In the past, there was a WASP elite that was demographically and culturally cohesive to be considered an “elite group” but they’ve declined and been replaced.

    Today, the only elite group that could be said to “run” America are Jews. Non-Jews are involved in helping to run America in various roles and functions, but largely as individuals, like mercenaries, rather than as part of a group.

  22. @Anonymous

    Should the Jew, with the aid of his Marxist creed, triumph over the people of this world, his Crown will be the funeral wreath of mankind

  23. @Lot

    The best thing for American antisemites is just to leave the USA

    Many of us did just that.

  24. Sasha Baron Cohen

    That filthy chew recently won accolades for his portrayal of the filthy kike Abbie Hoffman, who is now feted as a hero to young goy Americans.

    Oy vey.

    Too bad about Miller.

  25. “The FBI conducted a similar jackbooted SWAT raid against Beverly Hills medical doctor and lawyer”

    All these stories should be collected and saved for a future reckoning.

    Like the post-French Revolution terrors, or the Bolshevik reign of terror, we are living in a pivotal historic moment. Madness has replaced reason, and fear as a means of control has become the weapon of choice of tyrants.

    If and when sanity returns, the 2020 Stolen Election Coup and its aftermath should be the subject of a forensic Truth and Reconciliation inquiry.

  26. lavoisier says: • Website

    You pretty much summed up what is wrong with America in a few paragraphs.

  27. anarchyst says:

    “At what point, then, should one resist? When one’s belt is taken away? When one is ordered to face into a corner? When one crosses the threshold of one’s home? An arrest consists of a series of incidental irrelevancies, of a multitude of things that do not matter, and there seems no point in arguing about one of them individually…and yet all these incidental irrelevancies taken together implacably constitute the arrest. ”
    ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago: 1918-1956
    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
    ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    • Agree: Colin Wright
    • Replies: @Joe Levantine
  28. @Lot

    ‘The best thing for American antisemites is just to leave the USA…’

    Maybe you should leave. They might let you into Israel.

  29. @beavertales

    The Inquisition wasn’t the ‘Inquisition’.
    No one would even remember it if the Jews had not been ousted from Spain by the Queen & King, our most Catholic Majesties, in 1492.
    The Inquisition was a fairly benign attempt to keep Europe Catholic and sane. Hardly anyone died. At most, the Inquisition killed a few thousand. Compare that to Jewish Bolshevik victims in Russia in 1917-1950. The Jew Bolsheviks murdered priests, farmers, monks-scholars, intellectuals, middle and upper middle class professionals.
    I predict that, without opposition, Jews in America will kill millions in America in the coming decades.

  30. Hrw-500 says:

    That reminds me of that comic strip posted at

  31. @Lot

    “ The best thing for American antisemites is just to leave the USA”
    Anyone might state an estimate of the total population of the USA should all antisemites leave?

    • Replies: @Not Only Wrathful
  32. @anarchyst

    If Russians were frozen by fear, would anyone expect Americans to resist? Fat chance. But then you may believe in miracles. Only time will tell.

  33. Polistra says:

    Lot claims to be at least half-jewish, fyi.

    The best thing for American antisemites is just to leave the USA

    Just his suggestion, of course. Anti-semite = someone jews don’t like.

    • Replies: @BuelahMan
  34. @Anonymous

    A worthy human being, Dr. Gold, and my compliments to her.

    Yes, the FBI–that corrupted, overbearing agency–is capable of this kind of bullshit. . . .

  35. Angharad says:

    Every one needs to know about this. NO ONE elected that hideous goblin jew Greenblatt to run anything. This is WHY I name the Jew.

    • Agree: BuelahMan
  36. BuelahMan says:

    I haven’t seen that claim, but it explains a lot.

  37. BuelahMan says:

    Are you saying that the Morman cabal is as powerful as the jewish cabal?

    Moronic, misdirection.

  38. @Lot

    Maybe it was a real gun with a false flag.

    Oh and how about the Jews leaving America and the anti-semites staying.

  39. @BuelahMan

    Why do the majority of those in power who are not Jewish think you’re crazy? Because they don’t know who else is in power with them or because they do?

    • Replies: @BuelahMan
  40. @Joe Levantine

    A rounding error different from now…

  41. BuelahMan says:
    @Not Only Wrathful

    Oh, they know precisely who is in power. It is why they never criticize them.

    But how do you know they think I’m crazy? They know I’m truthful and correct. They pretend I’m crazy to cover up their cover-up.

    • Replies: @not only wrathful
  42. @BuelahMan

    Your complete lack of doubt betrays you

    • Replies: @BuelahMan
  43. BuelahMan says:
    @not only wrathful

    Your obvious doubt that jews have power doesn’t betray your interests and who you protect. It proves you are either a jew or are carrying their water.

    Either way, you are no ally. Either too stupid or one of them.

    • Replies: @Not Only Wrathful
  44. @BuelahMan

    Please explain “have power”. I know it’ll be hard for you to negotiate through your psychosis, but try to be clear, specific and not confuse the explanation with random outbursts of unprocessed emotion.

  45. BuelahMan says:

    Don’t confuse disdain for jews (you) as emotional outbursts.

    Anyone who can write the words you write about jews and power are covering for them. You are no ally. And you aren’t a fool. So, you are actively lying and covering for the clan. Eat shit and die.

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