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Christmas Charity Seeks Donations for Persecuted Serbian Children In Kosovo
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American political dissident Robert Rundo is teaming up with Serbian solidarity group Fondacija Junak (Heroes Foundation) for a relief effort to bring gifts to hundreds of Serbian children living as persecuted minorities in Kosovo.

Kosovo, the historic heartland of the Serbian people, was taken over by an Albanian criminal organization, the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), after intervention on their behalf by NATO and Washington in 1999. Native Serbs in the breakaway state are subjected to daily violence and discrimination, including organ theft and sexual slavery, at the hands of KLA commanders who are now top ranking state officials. Kosovo is today Europe’s main heroin trafficking transit point and a place crippled by high unemployment, deplorable rates of poverty and violent crime.

On January 13th, Junak relief workers and Rob Rundo will be visiting the besieged population to provide them with desperately needed humanitarian aid.

Rundo’s journalism project, Will2Rise, will be setting aside money collected from donations to support the effort. You can do your part here.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Serbia 
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  1. Unzovite says:

    Is one thing to ask for funds for whatever purpose, and is another to misinform for financial gains. I guess the second goes against the philosophy of this website, where alternative sources and ideas serve the democracy.

  2. I will be making a donation. Thank you Robert, Eric, and Ron for all your work.

  3. Anonymous[169] • Disclaimer says:

    Thanks for your initiative, Eric. Even more for presenting few basic truths, hidden behind the decades of media satanisation within US/NATO geopolitical agenda. There is an ongoing genocide on indigenous Christian population which percentage in less than 300 years dropped from 100% to less than 10%. This area of 90 km in radius, the centre of Serbian medieval kingdom, has 2000 churches and monasteries, some older than 1000 of years. Albanians do not have one monument. They are a black hole in a body of human civilisation who came to Balkan in the 11th c.AC, 400 years were shepherds in Serbia (in today’s Albania), 400 years jihadists after Turkish arrival and leading world narco-dealers in last three decades. Serbia spent billions of dollars in order to civilise them, but this undertaking was so difficult that this project finally failed.

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