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Charlottesville Political Prisoner James Fields Has Been Transported to A Medical Facility
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James Fields, a Charlottesville protester who was framed as a terrorist by the media and state, has been transported MCFP Springfield, a federal medical facility, according to a search of the Bureau Of Prison’s database.

The cause for Fields’ hospitalization is not known. National Justice has spoken to multiple people who have remained in contact with Fields throughout his imprisonment who said that he had suddenly stopped responding to letters around three months ago.

In some of his last letters before cutting contact, Fields complained of horrific conditions at FCI Hazelton, including losing track of time from sensory deprivation due to being in isolation 24 hours a day — conditions that constitute torture according to the United Nations Convention Against Torture. While the facility allows for televisions and radios, Fields has so far been denied these perks.

Observers, including high profile figures like Ann Coulter, have tried to draw attention to his mistreatment at the hands of the partisan and hyper-politicized criminal justice system. Watchdogs who followed his case have contended that Fields is innocent and that he did not receive a fair trial.

He was convicted in a Charlottesville court — an inappropriate venue where he was denied an impartial jury — and sentenced to life in prison plus 419 years over the death of Heather Heyer, who was hit by Fields’ car after a mob of Antifa rioters she was a part of attacked his automobile.

Fields was charged a second time for the same incident by federal prosecutors, who intimidated him into pleading guilty in exchange for taking the death penalty off the table.

In late 2019, Fields’ attorneys filed an appeal of his conviction with Virginia’s 4th Circuit Court over numerous improprieties at the hands of prosecutors and the judge that sealed his fate during his trial. His hospitalization appears to coincide with recent movement in the case, which had been stagnant due to COVID.

In his appeal documents, Fields’ attorneys state that it was inappropriate for the judge overseeing the case to insist on holding the trial in Charlottesville in light of all the publicity tainting his trial garnered as well as promises of a prejudiced result from local city leaders. One Charlottesville city council member, a left-wing activist named Kristin Szako, openly stated that it was “Interesting how all the white supremacists and [N]azis want to move their trials away from Charlottesville, they know they will get no sympathy here. We are not their people.”

The judge also allowed random pieces of evidence, such as a picture of Hitler he sent to his mother prior to the rally, to be admissible as evidence in his criminal case. Small instances like this, in conjunction with a barrage of inaccurrate media reporting surrounding his case, made it impossible to seat a fair jury in Charlottesville, according to his lawyers.

Ultimately, even if Fields succeeds in clearing his name in his state case, his plea agreement with the federal government does not allow for an appeal, meaning that release from his life sentence — save extraordinary circumstances — will be extremely difficult.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Alt Right, Charlottesville, Judicial System 
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  1. fnn says:

    Do you think Dwayne Dixon and his AR-15-brandishing Antifa Redneck Revolt militia have any major relevance to this case?

  2. That poor kid just wanted to go home.

    He never wanted to hurt anyone.

    Thank organized jewry for the destruction of another white man.

  3. I realize it’s a stretch, but the next Republican President needs to issue an immediate pardon for any and all of Fields’ convictions … period. Nothing doing with waiting until the last day in the White House … first official act as POTUS needs to be this.

    I found it intolerable that President Trump didn’t pardon James Fields … another nasty mark on his record.

    Second official act, of course, needs to be to entirely close our borders – period – to any and all comers no matter their circumstances, no matter their visa, no matter their national origin …

    • Replies: @follyofwar
    , @Patrick in SC
  4. Pixo says:

    Fields is a good example of why people correctly associate antisemites with violent and mentally ill retards.

    Lots of info here


    Grandpa killed grama in a murder suicide

    Rejected from enlisting in the Army, later was able enlist but was kicked out in less than six months

    He repeatedly physically abused and even spat on his disabled mother, who repeatedly called the police to protect her from him.

    In high school was prescribed antipsychotic medications for his anger issues and was diagnosed with bipolar and schizophrenia. Creeped out the girls at his school talking about Hitler all the time.

    Ticketed for not having registered and auto insurance.

    The true pro-white position is to cull violent retard defectives like James Fields before they pollute our gene pool.

  5. bonin41 says:

    He’s not a political prisoner. He’s a criminal.

  6. anonymous[381] • Disclaimer says:

    Compare to Fields, Jewish Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Grubman below, ramming her SUV into a crowd, apparently shouting ‘f-ck you, white trash’, injuring 16 … but serving only 38 days in jail.

    Mentally-troubled Fields, child of a paraplegic single mom, had excellent defence arguments, but with no legal support from the weak USA Right, Fields was stuck with dodgy ‘public defenders’ like former prosecutor Denise Lunsford from the local courthouse mafia. Fields’ coerced ‘confession’ that he ‘intended’ to do murderous harm, was made under threat of lethal injection torture-death, with Fields “medicated for bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and ADHD” … in other words, drugged up in jail with heavy pharmaceuticals … his ‘confessions’ null and void.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
    , @Weaver
  7. From the rabbi’s lips to the sentencing of James Fields.

    Full version

    We are all James Fields. We are all the J6 prisoners. They are at war with Amalek (Whites), using the courts and using mass immigration to destroy Amalek (White people).

    • Agree: Stoic_seeker
    • Replies: @Just another serf
    , @fnn
  8. Wielgus says:

    “Weak USA right”. Maybe (I am not from there). I notice people on this site who comment on the case might claim he is a political prisoner and perhaps verbally abuse the dead woman, but I never see a link to a defence campaign for Fields or anything similar. Same for people arrested due to the January 6 events. Solidarity seems to be more a virtue on the left.
    Do they think the FBI will get on their case if they do anything concrete?

    • Replies: @fnn
  9. @Anthony Aaron

    In addition to his failure to pardon Fields, Trump was too afraid of his masters to even pardon Julian Assange, who has millions of supporters, and whose pardon would have been celebrated across the world. Instead, Trump pardoned his Jewish son-in-law’s father, other millionaire white collar criminals, and a few black rappers. Yet, millions of MAGA’s still worship that big talking jackass.

    • LOL: Weaver
    • Replies: @Jefferson Temple
  10. @Anthony Aaron

    Unfortunately, a Presidential pardon can only absolve Federal convictions/pleas.

  11. Unbelievable. People will look back and see the damage that the left has done one day and it will be too late. We may be there already.

  12. She was grotesquely obese and actually died of a stroke.

    • Replies: @Alfred Muscaria
  13. fnn says:

    Here’s a fundraising site for the Jan. 6 prisoners:

  14. One memory which stands out about the coverage of the initial case, was the way all the photos the media showed us of Heather Heyer, were all taken from before she became an obese chain-smoker who favored Newports. It was reminiscent of the way the media force-fed us all pics of a cherubic, eleven-year-old Trayvon Martin.

  15. @follyofwar

    He also failed to take on Big Pharma head on in their collusion to let thousands die of Covid-19 rather than let safe approved drugs be at least tried. Now the bastards are developing new drugs that will essentially do the same as ivermectin or HCQ but will be way more lucrative.

    Could Trump have not suspected? Did he ever really intend to address high prescription drug costs? I’m doubtful on both questions.

    • Agree: follyofwar
  16. @beavertales

    Thanks. Aside from Barbara Spectre, this is the most revealing video evidence we’ve seen.

  17. @Robert Dolan

    I wonder how many Americans don’t even know there are many political prisoners in the USA. There is no freedom or democracy here, just tyranny.

  18. Weaver says:

    Thanks for the explanation. It made no sense that he pled guilty. I saw the video. He put on the brakes. The crowd was attacking his car. People were only really hit when he went in reverse, as they were further attacking. One way street. Media blackout on the story.

    Some suspect the lady who died was killed by improper CPR. She broke nothing from being “hit,” correct? She just fell after blocking the one way street. I haven’t seen the video recently. She had a heart attack apparently. Maybe she died from the excitement.

  19. @Pixo

    None of which proves he killed, or intended to kill, fat Heather Heyer, who died of a heart attack.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  20. Rich says:

    So, what you’re saying is that if he’d been coloured he’d have been released because of a low IQ and rough childhood.

  21. @Johnny Smoggins

    None of which proves he killed, or intended to kill, fat Heather Heyer, who died of a heart attack.

    I don’t think he was addressing guilt.

    Do you know that Rosa Parks, that treacherous cinderblock on the heads of whites, was a plant? The perpetrators rejected multiple prior test cases (black women who acted against the ‘municipal’ bus racket) because the principals wouldn’t have played well in the (((press))).

    I think that was his angle. Fields was a losing case from the second it happened. I’m upset about it, but he’s not anywhere on my list of people to help first. People are too stupid.

    I also don’t really give a proportional damn about 6 Jan 2021 people. The whole event was a slave auction, and anyone not aware of it that day has no respect from me beyond the pure tribal. Was a fan of one of the Front Line Doctors until she participated in that filth.

    • Thanks: Pixo
  22. Is there any photo-video evidence of Fields’ car hitting Hyer? There is one that could be algorithmically doctored……..

    People need to start piecing together all photo-video evidence of heather hyer at the event…piece a timeline together using landmarks…

    The video of Fields crashing through the crowd is odd…how far did this 300 pound women fly through the air?

    For sure Fields did not get a fair trial…..crummy defense lawyer working for the prosecution….The judge working for the prosecution…..A southern man doing the dirty work of the Clintons….

    It was a terrible mistake for the Alt Right and Southern Nationalist to hold the protest…First question they should have asked:‘what if the event attracts a crazy like Fields..such an obvious question…..

    By the way…a really good defense team would raise issues with the blood evidence in this case….blood evidence is now to be very unreliable…..To get Fields off 5 million dollars would be needed for an elite defense team…

    Richard Spencer who had Napoleonic Fantasies has now cucked and skies all day in Montanna….playing the contrarian game jibber jabbing with nutty Eddy Dutton about monotonous-the eyes glaze over IQ test score psychometrics….while the scale of the White Victims of H1B…L1 B Visa Asian scab labor program piles up…

  23. @Reverend Goody

    She was grotesquely obese and actually died of a stroke.

    The “Fatty Smasher” apparently never even hit her.

  24. Jett Rucker says: • Website

    Is James Fields in the photograph? Both men in the picture appear to be wearing uniforms (not of convicts).

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  25. @Jett Rucker

    Body armor, standard for super-controversial prisoners. Well, after a controversial prisoner from the 60s anyway.

  26. fnn says:

    Much of it makes it sound like he’s a lunatic fundamentalist/Orthodox, but the congregation is Reform.

  27. Dr. X says:

    Even if Fields is 100% guilty as charged, he’s still a political prisoner.

    Tens of thousands of criminals — mostly black — engage in far greater violence and get a mere fraction of the sentence that Fields got. In most states, cold-blooded murder will get you 25 to life, with at least a chance at parole after 25 years. Life plus 419 years is so grossly disproportionate to what most criminals get, especially for a first-time felon, that I think it presents serious Fifth, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendment issues. The prosecution of Fields on both state and federal charges is, in my view, a violation of the Double Jeopardy Clause; the length of the sentence is a violation of the Cruel and Unusual Punishment Clause; and the disproportionate nature of the sentence is a violation of the Equal Protection Clause.

    In my view, if Fields actually killed Heyer by running into her with his car, he might have been guilty of Criminally Negligent Homicide, Vehicular Homicide, or Manslaughter, which would typically result in a 5 to 15 year sentence.

    There is no doubt that Fields was given the equivalent of six life sentences because of his race and his political views, full stop. Had he been a 19-year old black kid who fatally hit a white with his car, he’d probably already be out on parole by now.

  28. schrub says:

    The most revealing fact that has come out of this case is that if a left winger has been charged in a similar case, he/she would have undoubtedly been offered pro bono (free) legal representation by numerous private lawyers.

    When Fields was charged, he was forced to use a public defender who has undoubtedly already been warned that she has no future in the legal profession unless she sold Fields out, which she promptly did.

    Right wing lawyers from richly funded groups like Judicial Watch or Project Veritas not only refused Fields any pro bono representation, they also refused to even comment on the case.They literally all ran and hid out of fear of offending ((donors)).

    Tom Fitton, the very well paid head lawyer at Judicial Watch, was particularly cowardly in this regard.

    We are all Palestinians. Remember that!

  29. How is Heather Heyer different from Roseanne Boyland, who died in the melee in the Capitol on Jan 6th, allegedly after Capitol police used chemical sprays, flashbangs, pepperballs and truncheons on the crowd?

    • Agree: fnn
  30. losing track of time from sensory deprivation due to being in isolation 24 hours a day

    Breakfast, lunch, and supper usually give prisoners a clue, and they can nearly always shout out to other inmates in adjacent cells, or ask the prison guards and nurses for the time at daily sick call rounds. Even confinement cells have daylight, which is another clue to the time of day.

    Also 24 hours a day of isolation is highly unusual, as the normal maximum is 23 hours per day. He would certainly have grounds for complaint if he is not allowed out for one hour a day–albeit in an enclosed area.

    It certainly is boring being in solitary, but inmates can usually have access to books unless there is some good reason to think that there is a danger, for example the prisoner eats books.

  31. @Pixo

    I’m afraid you can’t use Wikipedia as evidence. On anything politically contentious it’s wholly unreliable.

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