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Canada: Government and Bankers Pay "Antifa" Members to Dox and Attack Right Wingers
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Last week, Kurt Phillips of Anti-Racist Canada (ARC) retired his blog after 13 years.

ARC was an early pioneer of the tactic of “doxing,” where leftists post the addresses, photos of homes, and other personal information of political dissidents in order to threaten and intimidate them into silence. Over the years, Phillips has targeted free speech activists, Canadian nationalists, Proud Boys, immigration skeptics and even the Canadian Yellow Vest movement, sometimes paired with thinly veiled calls to violence.

Even his farewell message encourages readers to follow explicitly violent anarchist groups and left-wing “skinheads” like SHARP.

Early this year, Phillips was himself exposed as a gay communist teacher at St. Anthony’s Catholic school in Drumheller, Alberta, where he continues to work despite revelations of his activities and litigation alleging unethical and potentially illegal behavior.

While Phillips is calling it quits at ARC, this is only because of a sinecure he has received at Bernie Farber’s antifa NGO, the “Canadian Anti-Hate Network,” (CAN) where Phillips is now a board member. Farber is a Zionist Jewish activist who was criticized for claiming to be a homosexual in 2009 in order to promote Israel and protest a pro-Palestine group at an gay parade.

CAN engages in similar activities as ARC, specializing in doxing and creating media narratives to demonize right-wingers in Canada. CAN’s position on violence appears to be purely legalistic, with its “About” page stating “We do not, however, engage in any on-the-ground organizing and encourage you to contact your local anti-racist groups if you want to get involved at that level.” The anti-racist groups they are referring to are mostly communist and anarchist “antifa” groups who use force to deny Canadians with different political opinions their civil liberties.

What is most shocking about CAN is who is paying Phillips to harass people: the Canadian government and banking establishment.

In October, the multinational investment bank Bank of Montreal (BMO) provided CAN with a $250,000 donation to expand its “antifa” operations. This was followed up with another big cash injection from the Canadian state itself through its “Anti-Racist Action” program, which allocated $270,000 to CAN’s activities of “monitoring” and “combating” right-wing groups.

The dynamic doesn’t seem to bother self-described anti-capitalists tripping over one another for the money of bankers and Canadian plutocrats.

Non-governmental organizations, often funded by billionaires and business interests, have always been a vital lifeline for the phony left. Now Canada appears to be one of the first nations to use taxpayer dollars to outright fund left-wing paramilitary activity and organized online harassment.

The fact that the “Anti-Racist Action” grant program shares its name with the “antifa” terrorist group is unlikely to be a coincidence. If you were to ask Kurt Phillips, he is likely to proudly agree.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Antifa, Canada 
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  1. Corporations should be prohibited from spending funds on anything that doesn’t directly support their product or service. No philanthropic work, no charitable contributions, no political campaigns, etc.

    The billionaires and corporations are responsible for all the money going into these wacko groups.

    • Replies: @Dago Shoes
  2. Lot says:

    Neonazis are shameless in shifting back and forth from their “day of the rope” fantasies to complaining about antifa violence.

    The main victims of antifa are fellow leftists in 90% dem places like Portland and Seattle, who get their overpriced cities trashed, burned, and filled up with street-pooping homeless and purplehair trannie drifters.

    • Troll: Trinity
  3. @RoatanBill

    I’ve wondered why shareholder don’t bring suit against these corporations for wasting business — i.e., shareholder — assets as well as subjecting the corporation to all sorts of litigation and/or protests and boycotts.

    It’s time for some sharp lawyers to get their duck$ (or ducat$) in a row … 

    • Agree: RoatanBill
  4. @Lot

    I wish I could disagree but I can only find one feeble reply. The homeless shit in Democrat streets because Democrats attract them with better support. They then shut down public toilets to try to make conditions so bad for the homeless that they’ll go somewhere else while Democrats can still pretend unconditional love.

    I know that’s true even though I’m in Australia because we’re all NIMBYs and NIMBYism is practised everywhere by a wide variety of mechanisms always accompanied by denials of NIMBYism. [email protected]

  5. fnn says:

    CIA’s Bellingcat operation is a big supporter of Antifa. One example.

    • Replies: @Angharad
  6. Angharad says:

    Yes. You can believe everything produced by the (((CIA))).

  7. Franz says:

    Phillips was himself exposed as a gay communist teacher

    At a Catholic school? Man, that outfit’s changed a whole lot since the last time I showed up.

    And anyway, if the Cats didn’t fire him over this, what sort of complaints can he have? He can have it both ways: Big pay from a God company while swiping at anyone he don’t like from a safe position.

    Things like this are why some people want all tax exemptions — for institutions, churches, corporate handouts, the whole of it — to stop. Especially corporation institutes and especially churches. They’ve got money coming outta their ears. Let them pay like the rest of us and shut the lefty sugar shack down.

  8. Jimmy1969 says:

    Can BMO be sued for this?

  9. Stogumber says:

    Lot, what exactly do you expect of human beings? If they fall victim to violence they will react with fantasies about counter-violence. This is a general human trait. The main point is that we who have not fallen victim to violence do not take part in all this.

  10. Canada is not a sovereign country. It is completely under Zionist management.

    Every decision coming from Ottawa conforms to what Zionist supremacists want. Canada pretends to be an impartial friend of the Third World, but on any matter of consequence to Jewish power, Canada is whipped.

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