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Can Michael Bloomberg Ride Racial Incoherence to Victory?
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Not too long ago, the platonic form of an evil Jewish finance-capitalist running as a Democrat would be laughed out of the room.

This was a major factor in Michael Bloomberg’s decision to run as a Republican in his then long shot bid to become Mayor of Democratic stronghold New York City in 2000. Despite lining up with Democrats on most social issues, he was able to buy a weak endorsement from Rudy Giuliani and the Manhattan GOP (and by the end of his third term, multiply his net worth from $4 billion to $54 billion), narrowly defeating his Democratic opponent by outspending him 5 to 1.

With Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders skating by in the polls on the fumes of 2016 socialist populism, the media has scoffed at the idea of an unironic plutocrat with no charisma and a straight neoliberal platform being able to buy the nomination. They are wrong.

The Eternal Jew Reveals Himself

With less than a month into the race and not one appearance on a debate stage, Bloomberg’s $100 million dollar media push has already started to bare fruit. Over half of all potential voters have seen a Bloomberg ad.

Currently, he is polling at 6% just behind Buttigieg, which seems paltry but shouldn’t be dismissed. At this time in 2003, John Kerry, another unpopular candidate among the wealthiest to ever run for president, was polling at 4% in a similarly crowded primary field.

What makes Bloomberg a unique threat is his campaign strategy. He is planning to ignore ordinary white voters in order to cobble together a non-white voting bloc with no self-starting thought by purchasing big endorsements and media repetition.

There is no reason to believe he can’t win big states with large minority participation like Texas, South Carolina and California, where his ideological predecessor Hillary Clinton crushed Bernie in 2016.

This is demonstrated by his plan to skip New Hampshire and Iowa, two traditional kingmakers that are overwhelmingly white. Bloomberg could’ve easily afforded some last minute campaigning in these states but understands that white working class heartland Democrats will be very suspicious of a New York Jew whose only agenda is taking guns from the law-abiding, have totally open borders, and cement America’s fate as a Wall Street cappuccino: Jews as the foam on top of a brown slave class. Regular whites? Invisible.

Bloomberg is absolutely right in his assumptions. He has the highest unfavorability rating of all the candidates in New Hampshire and Iowa. It’s getting harder to fool white voters, and a man who looks and acts like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas has a goy-not-named-Trump’s chance in Manhattan Real Estate.

Bloomberg 2020’s appeal can be seen in its ads looped across non-white TV sets, which feature virtually no white people unless they are gay.

So far, Bloomberg is on track to outspend his opponents in Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, St. Louis, Detroit and other zones where the white population is politically irrelevant, hardly more than a rare museum piece.

The gamble is on winning a pyrrhic victory in states with many delegates, then outscoring his highly competitive rivals. It’s farfetched on paper, but so is a Republican able to game the NYC city council into giving him a third term to rule as for as long as Hitler led Germany.

The Jewish World Order is Capitalist, Not Communist

Many conservatives who accept race claim that America’s browning is behind the rise of new socialist radicals: AOC, Ilhan Omar, Bernie Sanders.

But in truth, most minorities tend to vote for whatever is put in front of them or they see more of, usually the establishment candidate. Joe Biden is doing better with black voters than Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, both who have extremely white bases of support. While Somalis played a role in Ilhan Omar’s victory, her district is 70% white. While AOC’s district is majority non-white, this was also true for the recent victories of the establishment incumbent she replaced, Joe Crowley, What made all the difference in AOC’s victory, who only got 16,000 votes (4,000 more than Crowley), was young white “woke” leftists ironically pushing non-whites and ethnic whites out to gentrify Queens and change its political structure.

Meanwhile in multicultural cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and so on, unapologetic Jewish vulture capitalists have recently done well in Mayoral races (Rahm Emanuel, Eric Garcetti, Mike Bloomberg).

These cities, despite having a “left-wing” reputation, have African style wealth inequality, merciless capitalist exploitation, third world levels of corruption, horrible schools, the fewest civil liberties, and the least civically engaged populations. This is combined with institutionalized anti-white animosity encouraged in non-whites as a scapegoat for the antics of Jews and the local elites ruling them, and a few government jobs to keep small groups of browns and blacks showing up every four years while they get priced out of their homes or struggle to buy groceries.

The 21st Century Robber Barons

Most Marxists are uncomfortable with the facts, but the kind of aggressive multiracialism we see in America is what keeps capitalists like Michael Bloomberg wealthy and unaccountable.

A more muted version of the kinds of corruption and lack of political representation rife in America today was seen during the “Age of the Robber Barons,” which coincided with mass immigration in the late 19th century going into the early 20th.

During this time, the unlimited flow of immigrants made it difficult for workers to organize or gain leverage on capital. Furthermore, social unity in demanding justice against unscrupulous businessmen and thieving politicians was difficult.

As Jeff Sessions has remarked, it was the 1924 Immigration Act that helped spur the creation of the American middle class. Through this immigration moratorium and assimilation of diverse Europeans, Americans were able to unite to fight back. Today, after this restriction on immigration was upended, union membership is at a 70-year low.

Immigration policy alone is not the only thing that dramatically changed the lives of Americans from the 1930s to the 50s. The scare of the Second World War, where radical white anti-capitalists in Italy and Germany took the liberal order by storm, and later the Soviet alternative swinging over capital’s heads like Damocles’ sword during the Cold War, forced the ruling class to provide more concessions to common people.

Many of these hard fought victories by white workers were overturned in the 1980s, when the Soviet Union was exhausted by the arm’s race and the promise that everyone would get rich if finance was unchained had not been tested for a while. The supposed rise in living standards households have seen since the 1970s is the product of destroying motherhood and introducing two-income households as the rich get richer.

Today we are in a new, more technocratic age of robber barons. This time, they have engineered a society that is virtually impossible to unite due to drastic differences in culture and race within 21st century America. The irony is that whites on both sides lose, including more feral white leftists whose dreams of a Bernie presidency will continue to be dashed by non-whites who are more likely to push establishment candidates through.

Bloomberg is unlikely to be the Democratic nominee, but he will do much better than expected. As the electorate gets less white, the chances for someone like Bloomberg to nakedly buy the presidency will increase.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Can Michael Bloomberg Ride Racial Incoherence to Victory?

    In the general election, Michael Bloomberg would ride the ire of gun-owners and freedom-lovers everywhere to abject failure.

    The rest of the article looks interesting at first glance. You heard it here first though: Bloomberg is a Statist piece of shit. Even the newer demographics won’t help him, as he is not a SPOCS (Statist Piece Of Colored Shit.)

  2. Could Bloomberg win the dem nomination? Hell, yeah! I live in PA and our 2nd term governor is democrat business owner Tom Wolf (Jewish). Wolf had zero political experience, but lots of money. He paid for a bunch of slick political ads well before his two dem opponents got off the ground, defeated them handily, then upset incumbent republican governor Tom Corbett, who was going for a 2nd term. His TV ads were the only reason why he won the election. No one knew what he stood for. When Wolf ran for a 2nd term, he only allowed one short debate, which was, incredibly, moderated by Jeopardy’s Alex Trebek, who was so pro-Wolf that it was laughable.

    Bloomberg is saturating the airways with so many ads that I am already sick of them, although I watch little TV. But he’s getting his name out there. He don’t need no stinkin’ debates. With Biden senile, and with a Hunter problem, and fake-Native American Warren cringe worthy, I’d say that Bloomberg has an excellent chance. It could be him or Mayor Pete.

    That’s all we need. Two septuagenarian NYC billionaires facing off next November. Yeah, Bloomberg has a fighting chance. And increasing his wealth from $4 billion to $54 billion during his twelve years as mayor. Pretty nifty. Did he learn for the Clintons, or did they learn from him?

    • Replies: @WorkingClass
  3. You are getting it all wrong.

    The very fact that Mr. B. was able to secure his fair share of the economy, all while he tirelessly improved the lives of New Yorkers, shows that he would have acquired an even fairer share, say another 50 billion, if he had concentrated on his businesses. These, lost to him, 50 billions therefore must be regarded as a charitable donation to the city and the nation.

    Just imagine what he will be able to accomplish as president, especially if given a third term. Move over, St. Roosevelt!

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  4. @Fluesterwitz

    Actually, I don’t care how much Mr. B screwed with and screwed over New Yorkers. I just don’t want him let loose at a higher level.

    (Good sarcasm there, though!)

  5. @follyofwar

    I agree regarding the power of money. But I think the African Americans will stick with Biden no matter what. Like the Deplorables stick with Trump. Actually, I doubt the Republicans in the Senate want to go after Biden. They are not opposed to graft.

    I definitely agree with A.E. Newman’s assessment of Bloomie and I rather expect that you will agree also.

    In the unlikely event that Bloomie becomes the nominee, will Trump endorse him? Trump loves him some Jews.

  6. Bloomberg has zero chance and his Jewishness is irrelevant.

    Bernie and Warren supporters are not going to rally around a late entry billionaire. New York support would be marginal at best.

    Then there is the gun issue. Bloomberg basically funds the gun control movement so he would be unable to depict himself as a moderate. This will turn off gun owning independents and moderate Democrats.

    He is also trying to pretend he never supported stop and frisk. That will be difficult given there are multiple quotes of him stating it worked. There is also a video of him admitting that gun crime is really a problem with young Black males (even though he funds anti-gun measures in White states).

    Good luck with all that.

  7. good essay, though with others here I doubt this Stalinist midget


    will be the demonkrat nominee; he got in a bit too late. The fake-election

    will most likely be Biden/Warren vs. Drumpf. In any case.

    (((Bloomberg, Steyer, Singer, Soros, Adelson et al.))) already

    own the entire ‘Murkan political class.

  8. Duke84 says:

    Bloomberg made some naughty comments about women way back when so there’s no way the #metoo party would allow him to be the nominee after they went after Trump and Kavanaugh.

  9. Dumbo says:

    Jewish billionaires should be happy that they are allowed to prosper and live in peace. Instead they keep harping on about this or that and trying to change all nations into something else. Soros, Bloomberg, these type of people seem that are never happy unless they can be disrupting order and causing chaos. Anyway, I doubt he has any chance.

    Also, Trump, Bloomberg, etc, have we arrived at a point in which only billionaires will become U.S. presidents? It’s a dangerous precedent.

  10. @Haxo Angmark

    Yep, as always, Jews are never satisfied. It’s not enough for some of them that they control the political class from behind the scenes. They demand to be in front of the crowds.

    I don’t buy into super-high Jewish IQ theory. They likely have a small edge with verbal IQ but it’s not that great. No, what sets Jews apart from white gentiles is ambition, psychological aggression and willingness to do what it takes to win. They just push harder than whites – on average. They also completely lack self-awareness and empathy for non-Jews.

    It’s a potent combination. Perfectly suited for making money and politics.

    • Agree: Craig Nelsen
    • Replies: @Moses
  11. Christo says:

    I will keep saying as I have been for more than the past year.

    If Bloomberg picks Michelle Obama as his vice presidential running mate , he will be the worse threat to Trump and is the best chance for the democrats to win the next presidential election.

  12. jamesc says:

    I don’t understand how Bloomberg meets the description of finance capitalist or vulture-capitalist. His company sells the eponymous Bloomberg terminals to banks and other financial institutions. He is in the business of selling financial information – not lending money or doing anything remotely predatory.

    • Replies: @Haxo Angmark
  13. Sya says:

    Pffffff…..ya’ hate them brownies…..these ”white” people don’t exist in the real world

    O wait….they do! In the Middle East there’s a lost tribe called “west”

  14. @jamesc

    during his 12 years as Mayor of Jew York City,

    (((Bloomberg)))’s personal wealth went from

    $5 billion to $50 billion. That’s called

    inside trading…..+ (((privileged))) access to ultra-cheap money.

    And much of his so-called “information”

    facilitates other inside trading.

  15. It’s the third time I’ve seen “bare fruit” today, which I take as a sign from God I need to say something: it’s “bear fruit”, the fruit we get from bears.

  16. Moses says:
    @Citizen of a Silly Country

    They just push harder than whites – on average. They also completely lack self-awareness and empathy for non-Jews.

    Can confirm.

    Jews in business are like the Terminator. Our population mean for relentlessness is a standard deviation or two higher than Gentiles.

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