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California: Gay Activist's Bill Reducing Penalties for Man-On-Boy Sodomy Passes State Senate
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Senate Bill 145, a law that exempts mandatory sex offender registration for adult men who sodomize boys as young as 14, has passed the California State Senate and is now on Gavin Newsom’s desk.

The bill was authored by San Francisco Senator Scott Wiener, a member of both the LGBT and Jewish Caucus. Six out of seven Senators in Wiener’s Jewish caucus voted with him to pass the bill, the exception being Susan Rubio who appears to have been absent for the effort.

According to Wiener, California law discriminated against homosexual men because it allowed some exemptions to registration for men who commit natural sex acts with willing female minors close to them in age. Anal sexual contact puts one at significant risk of incurable diseases and trauma, for example homosexual acts are 18 times more likely to transmit HIV than vaginal intercourse, which makes different penalties reasonable.

But even Wiener’s assertion of “discrimination” is questionable. He made no attempt to mandate sex offender registry for adult men sleeping with teenage girls to bring about legal parity. Instead, under SB 145, a man in his mid-20s who is convicted of anal sex with a 15 year old boy can live anonymously in his community.

Senator Wiener’s legislative history is niche, perverted and disturbing. In 2017, Wiener authored a bill that reduced the penalty for deliberately exposing someone to HIV from a felony to a misdemeanor. Governor Jerry Brown signed this into law.

Wiener, representing his disproportionately “LGBT” constituents, has also been a crusader against the concept of a sex offender registry in and of itself. SB 384, also written by the gay Jewish Senator, allows sex offender registration to expire after a certain period of time via court petition. The law will be put into effect on January 1st, 2021.

Wiener’s SB592, specifically intended to reduce the representation of white people in jury pools, is also expected to become law.

The media has worked to aid the prolific legislator, including amplifying Wiener’s claims that critics of legal changes he is making to laws punishing sexual contact with minors are all Q-Anon kooks and conspiracy theorists.

But taking into account California’s proposition system and the potential ramifications SB145 will personally have on families, if only fringe lunatics have reservations about punishing grown homosexual men who prey on teenagers why didn’t they put this up for referendum instead?

California today has come to embody a failed state. It’s majority minority population, banana republic levels of wealth inequality, mass corruption, crumbling infrastructure and high cost of living have culminated to create a neo-liberal dystopia. The same state Senate that promised to extend \$600 weekly unemployment pay outs wound up excluding this from its new fiscal budget while simultaneously creating \$54 billion in new deficits.

Wiener’s legislative agenda does not coincide at all with the interests and needs of the average non-LGBT Californian.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Exile says:

    This law classic example of the ratchet effect and kosher sandwich, divide-and-conquer politics.

    Ten years ago the tiny minority of gay degenerates had to resort to a corrupt, conflicted judicial decree by a gay judge to force even gay marriage – much less legalized grooming – on Californians who had twice rejected gay marriage. This served to normalize gay relationships and set the table for what followed.

    The next step – normalizing and decriminalizing a ten-year age disparity in statutory rape cases for heterosexuals – was leveraged on unwritten precedent already in place in most of California’s counties and cities.

    California prosecutors have for years routinely tolerated adult men having sex with girls in their early teens because of our enormous Mexican, Central and South American mestizo populations which consider this a norm. See Ann Coulter’s “Adios America” for some cringe-inducing details.

    Once this cultural norm was eroded and enshrined in law, the sexual predators of other ethnicities and orientations piled on – notably Jews and gays. No shock when homosexuality is unusually prevalent among Jews and their open-secret domination of Hollywood (Weinstein), child-trafficking (Epstein) and the porn industry (Ron Jeremy) is daily news fare.

    This latest “gay rights” law is the putrid icing on that rancid, corrupt cake.

    Under pressure from the “Hispanic” anti-discrimination lobby and the Hollywood that gave us “Pretty Baby” Weinstein and “Cuties,” California legalized heterosexual child sexualization, molestation & trafficking.

    And then gays simply said “what about us – equal protection” under anarcho-tyrannical, child-destroying precedents.

    Weimerica is tossing our children into a meat grinder of sexualization, degredation and physical torture in the name of “rights” and “freedom.”

    Sam Hyde was right.

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @Daemon
  2. Whatever else it may ors may not be, Weiner’s bill is contrapuntal to one of the deepest underlying agendas of blackmail-based control over a host of Congresscritters, administration poobahs and ranking military officers. It has long been known that the age of consent laws have allowed the Epstein/Wexner/Maxwell types (probably following orders from the Mossad–or even through other cut-outs working on behalf of the world’s #1 secret society, open only to members of the Tribe, or even to the Sanhedrin’s highest councils themselves) to set honey-traps to snare politically powerful individuals, thus effectually recruiting them as Shabat-Goys. Those honey-traps commonly used large , very special parties, usually held in Urination’s Capital mansions, to get their prospective marks well boozed and tooted up and then introducing them to comely kids of both sexes.

    Offhand, there are two very prominent Republican senators, both from states rife with both Southern Baptists and Pentacostals, who are well-known to retain a number of pink ascots in their closets and at least one of whom was photographed lately being puppy-dog followed by a handsome aide, probably younger than 25. Daddy WarBu\$h’s Whitehouse days were scandalously involved with youths allegedly imported to the Di\$trict of Corruption from Boys Town, Nebraska.

    It strikes me as apparent that California’s wounded weenie state senator owes more allegiance to elements in the LGBT community than he does to the Khazarian imperative. To the likes of the ADL and the SPLC he may be considered as gravely “off-message” placing his affectional cart in front of the agenda’s horse. The blackmail racket is essential to the maintenance of personalized control over the upper echelons of governmental power-politics.

    • Thanks: Happy Tapir
    • Replies: @Arlo L. Ramsbottom
  3. This is the way of the tribe, who love their LGBTQPRs. And their baby butchers. But then this IS Mexifornia, so what else would anyone expect? Run by the tribe!!!

  4. Nick J says:

    The mind boggles. Adults are supposed to protect children, full stop.

    Here in NZ sex with a minor is illegal. We don’t distinguish between straight, gay, perverse etc, sex with a minor is sex with a minor. And you face the legal consequences equally before the law, gay straight or whatever.

    What kind of state abandons those it needs to protect in favour of the offenders “rights”?

  5. jsinton says:

    What about transvestite on dog anal bestiality? Why deny horse bull dyke love? What a bunch of bigot sexists.

    • Agree: Juckett
  6. Exile says:
    @Nick J

    A Zionist-occupied state.

    NZed apparently has its own issues with Woke Jacinda & her cronies but your rot hasn’t reached California levels. Stay strong down there.

  7. anonymous[387] • Disclaimer says:

    Allan Wall, Vdare’s go to columnist on all things concerning Mexico and Central America did articles years ago on the fact that Mexico’s age of consent laws vary from state to state and for all of them are a very recent thing. A decade ago some states had ages as low as 12. I think Ann Coulter borrowed heavily from Wall.

    For all practical matters south of the border, age of consent is still often understood as the onset of puberty. Today few US states will take legal action when a 13-14 year old pregnant Hispanic shows up at the hospital for delivery.

    Since age of consent laws are almost never being enforced against Hispanic illegal aliens anymore and the SOCTUS has really gone off a cliff recently in recognizing the Civil Rights of homosexuals, I think reality is that almost all Democratic and many Republican DAs and local prosecutors nationwide will simply ignore the enforcement of age of consent laws against protected classes like gays and illegals.

  8. Anon[582] • Disclaimer says:
    @Nick J

    In South Africa before we were tossed into the maw of the ravening black beast by the jewnited states and other anglophone countries, New Zealand included, sexual assault on a minor was punishable by hanging. How things have changed!

  9. @Nick J

    Its absolutely mind-boggling. If I understand correctly, it appears that a State license has been given to engage in acts of pedophilia ? Is this possible ?
    My brain is becoming increasingly numb, trying to comprehend the ever increasing grotesqueries of the World….

    • Replies: @Alden
  10. Renoman says:

    The dirty fags need to be up against the wall too.

  11. Alden says:

    For those who claim Hispanics are culturally conservative natural Republicans. Perhaps some are. But they are not the ones recruited, funded and put in state legislatures. The Hispanics in the Ca state legislature vote however their Jewish masters order. They’re as bad as the blacks. The Asians too vote like liberal robots.

    One, legislator, a woman, Gonzales lobbied against the law. It passed anyway. The law doesn’t just apply to men and boys. It applies to both women and men who molest under age girls. And women who molest boys. Look forward to more pregnant teen girls more conversions to lesbianism more STDs more abortions and more welfare babies.

    Over the years, I’ve noticed some of the MEN OF UNZ approve of adult men having sex with girls as young as 12. I believe there were more comments defending Epstein than comments defending his victims. So don’t go all appalled aghast and moralistic guys. Just look at the Epstein comments defending molesters and rapists of minor girls.

  12. Alden says:

    I believe the statutory rape laws still stand. 18 is still the age of consent in Ca. I read the law a couple months ago. That was my understanding One can’t rely on news reports Re court rulings and laws.

    The law only applies to sex offender registration as I understood it.

    Check Scott Weiner Ca SB 145 to read the entire bill.

    Look at Weiner . He looks like a true creepy molester of small boys, not teens.

  13. Alden says:

    I can’t forget that at least half the comments the MEN OF UNZ made on the Epstein Maxwell articles angrily defended Maxwell Epstein on the grounds that the age of consent for girls should be lowered to age 12 so adult men can have their way with minor girls. And or the girls were filthy sluts who deserved no legal protections.

    But when a creepy Jew like Weiner wants to legalize homosexual sex with teens and boys, the MEN OF UNZ are all enraged.

    Double standards much? Worry about your sons but throw your daughters to the rapists of underage girls?

    • Replies: @Rosie
  14. Wyatt says:

    Who wants to take bets on whether bestiality will be legalized or BDSM will be taught in schools first?

    • Replies: @SaneClownPosse
  15. @Nick J

    A state run by the tribe. Like Mexifornia. Or New York!!!! The tribe love their LGBTQPRs. And their baby butchers!!!!!

    • Replies: @SaneClownPosse
  16. OtherPaul says:

    Is it just to permanently be on a list for a single transgression?

  17. @Nick J

    Great video-“We are Democrats”:

  18. @Wyatt

    Did you miss the news about “Drag Queen Story Hour”?

  19. @Mark Matis

    All states are run by the tribe. Party affiliation is irrelevant.

  20. Internet nazis have a deep love affair with Epstein & Weinstein.

    When tens of thousands of pre-pubescent children from religiously engaged Christian families have their sexual innocence taken from them by thousands of recognized, credentialed Christian clergy, and it’s covered up by the institutional leadership, and both the acts and the coverups are revealed to have occurred across continents, and across decades, the nazis can barely muster a faint whisper.

    When a few dozen sexually experienced street-wise teen girls exchange money for sex acts with a rich Jew, there’s a flood of fake, instrumental outrage.

    When super ambitious aspiring starlets do sexual “casting couch” favors for rich, often Jewish, entertainment moguls, there’s a flood of fake, instrumental outrage.

    This is straight Goebbels playbook tactics: distract, deflect, deny the massive failings and misdeeds of the tribe they claim to be protectors and saviors of.

    Internet nazis are begging to be doxxed, named & shamed.

  21. Ko says:

    Guess where Portlands Guv is moving to?

  22. Rosie says:

    When a few dozen sexually experienced street-wise teen girls exchange money for sex acts with a rich Jew, there’s a flood of fake, instrumental outrage.

    Because if a girl gets a rough start in life (doesn’t have attentive “religiously engaged” parents) and/or isn’t a virgin, she is trash – fair game to be taken advantage of as the maiden tribute of Babylon. Despicable!

  23. Rosie says:

    Alden, this is OT, but a piece of me died the other day when I learned about this case:

    Some of the comments (a small minority) almost seemed to imply that this monster’s actions were understandable because he would have been hard done by in divorce court, being ordered to pay child support for the two daughters and son on the way.

    It’s hard to believe, but some men actually don’t understand why the husband can’t just kick his wife out of the house that “he paid for” and move his younger mistress in to take her place, or why a man can’t just walk away and start a new family anytime he wants. It boggles the mind.

  24. Daemon says:

    I wonder when 109 will become 110.

  25. @Majority of One

    Yes,Lindsey Graham. But who is the other?

  26. Loren says:

    she tried to save the marriage. mom didnt see what was coming. she should have disappeared.
    hubby is a psycho, and didnt get capital punishment.

    • Replies: @Rosie
  27. @04398436986

    The Catholic Church sexual scandals have been heinous but have also been widely publicized and decried in all forms of media. They are banal cases of human frailty. At least in the case of the Epstein affair, it’s not so much his sexual appetites and behaviors which have captured the attention of the “internet Nazis,” but his apparent connections to so many elite government officials and persons of power, and the conjectured blackmail schemes for foreign entities such as mossad which have fueled discussion. Also, his absurdly lenient treatment after his first conviction show clearly that there is one set of rules for a certain kind of person and another set of rules for the rest of us.
    Weinstein is less interesting—I personally am not sure he really committed a crime—but only that someone astride an industry could get away with so much for so long. It’s another similar show of power.

  28. Hibernian says:

    Very many people are outraged by the criminal acts by Christian clergy that you mention, as well we should be. A grown man, which, judging by your fairly educated way of expressing yourself, you are, who throws around the words,

    sexually experienced street-wise teen girls

    the way you are, is contemptible.

    The doxxing threat tends to indicate that is a big part of your purpose in being here.

    • Thanks: Rosie
  29. @Rosie

    Are you and Alden the same person?

    • Agree: Ghan-buri-Ghan
  30. BuelahMan says:

    And here I thought that anyone (including these perverts) who have sex with children should be shot in the temple with a 45.

    What happened?

    • Replies: @Pericles
  31. Pericles says:

    There is no shame in attacking the lecher-Jew.

  32. Pericles says:

    (Hand rubbing intensifies.)

  33. Rosie says:

    she tried to save the marriage. mom didnt see what was coming. she should have disappeared.
    hubby is a psycho, and didnt get capital punishment.

    Yes, he was clearly a psychopath. I did some reading about male familicide, and this case is actually somewhat unusual. A common motive for this very rare kind of crime is some sort of financial setback that is so devastating to the husband’s ego and masculine identity that he just kills everyone rather than ask for help: an extremely sad result of the modern, socially acceptable idea of masculinity as rugged individualism.

    This case was different. It was premeditated to a chilling degree, and not the result of an emotional crisis. He actually smothered his girls twice. First, they just passed out, but he thought they were dead. Later, they woke up, and he smothered them again and dumped them in the oil tank.

    Premeditated murders like that indicate that the person was already broken, and he fooled everyone into thinking that he was a normal, empathic human being, and this is why I have been thinking so much about psychopathy lately. What would the world be like if psychopaths couldn’t “pass”? Would child sexual exploitation even be an issue? What if we could predict it from DNA or brain scans? What would be the appropriate course of action? Can you restrict someone’s freedom if they pose a risk but haven’t committed any offense? Of course, I don’t know the answers to these questions.

    Also interesting is the theological question of why God doesn’t rescue such people from the darkness, for the good of the whole family? As much as I hate Calvinism, it does at least provide an answer to the question (God didn’t feel like it), however unsatisfying that answer may be. The rest of us are left to puzzle over the question.

    • Replies: @anonymous coward
  34. Tusk says:

    By homosexual priests who should be banned from the church.

  35. @Rosie

    Also interesting is the theological question of why God doesn’t rescue such people from the darkness, for the good of the whole family?

    God isn’t your babysitter. You were created for the responsibility God wanted to lay on your shoulders.

    (It clearly says as much in Genesis 1.)

    • Replies: @Rosie
  36. Rosie says:
    @anonymous coward

    God isn’t your babysitter. You were created for the responsibility God wanted to lay on your shoulders.

    (It clearly says as much in Genesis 1.)

    Fair enough, but that doesn’t really solve the puzzle. It just leaves us wondering why some choose good and others choose evil. The mystery remains.

  37. Alden says:

    Most of the misogynist White women hating MEN OF UNZ are wannabe niggers who want to squirt and scram instead of supporting their children.

    I don’t think most of the guys who rant about divorce rape and the injustice of supporting their children have ever been married, had children and been divorced.

    They don’t know child support ends at 18 unless the kid, not the mother sues for education expenses. Read their comments, they actually don’t know child support ends at 18. Nor do they know that child support depends on the income of the man, not just the extravagant demands of mom.

    The ignorance about raising children, housekeeping, household maintenance on this site has led me to believe that most of the MEN OF UNZ are wife less woman less and childless.

    The ranting about tattoos black men White women sex and teen sluts just comes from their favorite porn sites.

    The MEN OF UNZ are improving. I haven’t seen a defense of Epstein Maxwell for months.

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