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Brooklyn Synagogue to Host "Antifa" Rock Concert and Fundraiser
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Congregation Beth Jacob Ohev Shalom in Williamsburg, Brooklyn will be hosting one of the largest gatherings of “antifa” in New York City in recent memory this Saturday.

The event is being headlined by “antifa” punk band (A) Truth, whose lead singer and drummer Christian Erazo also runs its sponsors “EastRev” (an anarchist punk record label) and “Brigada 71,” a soccer hooligan gang affiliated with the New York Cosmos.

Organizations set to make official appearances include Marisa Holmes’ Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council (MACC) and “antifa” prisoner support group NY Anarchist Black Cross (NYABC), whose members are based out of Bushwick and Brighton Beach.

Interestingly, a New York chapter of the Socialist Rifle Association will also be recruiting. Draconian laws in NYC make it almost impossible to own any kind of firearm. The SRA is a communist militia group that gained notoriety after it emerged that the Dayton mass shooter, Connor Betts, was an active member.

The groups are coming together to raise money for left-wing extremist David Campbell, who was sentenced last October to 18 months in prison for a brutal unprovoked 2018 assault against a middle aged man attending a Trump-themed event in Manhattan.

The Jewish community in Brooklyn has been in the national headlines lately, claiming that their houses of worship are unsafe. Massive marches, escalating NYPD surveillance and large federal grants to Jewish institutions have been dispatched in response.

The decision of a Synagogue to invite soccer hooligans to host an “antifa” punk rock concert featuring bands with lyrics calling for terrorism and murder to raise money for a violent criminal makes their claims of feeling unsafe suspect, to say the least. None of the organizations involved are hiding what they’re about.

Gentrification in Brooklyn has led to a massive uptick in anarchist paramilitary organizing in New York City, particularly in the neighborhoods of Bushwick, Williamsburg and Greenpoint. Members of the national media have close ties to these groups, such as Teen Vogue columnist Kim Kelly who is a member of MACC and likes to “report” on her own events, Right Wing Watch’s Jared Holt who has been spotted in the past socializing with members of these crews, and Kelly Weill of the Daily Beast who is sympathetic to them and a minor celebrity in their circles.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Antifa, Jews, Political Correctness 
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  1. Biff says:

    Will Satan be there too?

    • LOL: Cowboy
  2. These people are sick. Communist terrorists host a fundraiser.

    And neither the FBI nor the prosecutors will lift a finger.

    Reminds me of the 1970s when all those commie terrorists in the Weather Underground and related groups got away with dismissed cases and no jail time.And then got cushy jobs as university professors.

    The country’s been corrupt a long, long time.

    • Replies: @jack daniels
  3. fnn says:

    The organized left (unlike the non-controlled right, which has been completely shattered by USG several times since the 1930s) has an institutional memory and sticks together. For example, they know not to talk to the cops. IIRC, the Greensboro 1979 Klansmen were acquitted twice mainly because the Communists refused to cooperate with the authorities. And notice how Bernie has refused to throw under the bus the three violent Communist staffers who have been exposed by Project Veritas. Ironically, the left is the only institutionally conservative element in American society.

    • Replies: @Anon
  4. Anonymous[325] • Disclaimer says:

    Note to the rightwing.

    if you want the youth.

    flirt with socialism(the youth are poor as fuck)
    distance yourself from the history boomers believe in(talk of the constitution and individual rights won’t remove college and medical debt or lower rents)
    don’t promote religion(it is obviously false to anyone with a brain)
    but do promote family(lots of youth grew up in divorced or broken families)
    say something true but not hateful about minorities(the youth are browner than ever)

    or else you get zionist controlled conservatism or raging dying boomer white nationalism.

    Sorry U.S.A but due to the brownness and poverty of your youth. you will have to pursue a form of civnatism, the choice is whether it willbe zionist controlled civnatism or a civnatism that benefits the U.S.A

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  5. Will they be allowed to promote BDS at that event?

  6. Anon[384] • Disclaimer says:

    What?The left is the conservative element? On what planet? The left is being run by Communists for Communist agendas of the Jewish element who are liberal lunatics!

    • Replies: @fnn
  7. fnn says:

    They retain a historical memory and a sense of continuity. OTOH, all the other institutions (including the Christian Churches) have been completely transformed and embrace what they once rejected and vilify what they once stood for. For example, watch a Bishop Fulton Sheen video on you tube and contrast it with the Catholic Church of today.

  8. Muggles says:

    I am under the assumption that antifa and it’s sister groups in most places are well littered with police/FBI informants and other such spies. Why wouldn’t they be?

    Also, there is a very odd lack of police action at antifa sponsored attacks and riots. Almost like they have secret protectors. Hmmm…

    They claim they are not “organized” probably to avoid RICO laws, but who believes that?

    At best they are the “infantile leftists” that Lenin used to attack back the in day. While claiming to be anarchists at the heart of their confused ideology is the steel fist of statism, usually termed “workers councils” or similar circumlocutions. They appear to be borderline criminal thugs who are “anarchists” only in the sense they want to steal what others have and escape punishment.

    Other than what I suspect are the usual lumpenproletariat ex-cons who sometimes gravitate to this kind of useful “politics” I imagine the rest are young white millennials who traffic in grievances, victimhood and blaming everyone for the world’s troubles. Really, mostly about their parents…

  9. Thomasina says:

    “…talk of the constitution and individual rights won’t remove college and medical debt or lower rents.”

    College debt is high because educational costs have increased tremendously. Why? The government removed the right to declare bankruptcy for educational debt (which used to be allowed). Then the government also told the banks that they would guarantee these educational debts. What did the banks then do? Well, they recognized a gift when they saw it, and because they were no longer liable for the debt, they began granting loans to anybody who could scratch an “X”. Everybody and his brother started going to college. The law of supply and demand dictates that when there are only so much supply and a huge demand, the price is going to increase. It has.

    Medical costs are astronomical because the “government” is allowing monopolies. Laws are on the books to deal with monopolies, but nobody is going after them.

    Rents too high? Thank the Federal Reserve for artificially suppressing interest rates and flooding the world with liquidity. The rich get this cheap money, lever up, and buy up assets, forcing housing and rents higher.

    The GOVERNMENT is allowing all of this to happen.

    If there was a good, strong nation, unlike the ridiculously divided nation of today with its countless different tribes, this wouldn’t be happening.

    What we have now is unnationalism, and it will be the undoing of the country.

  10. anarchyst says:

    “Birds of a feather”…”flock together”…the jewish affinity for communism is evident…

  11. Anonymous[353] • Disclaimer says:

    you are not wrong, but the masses have short attention spans and memories. they want flashy instant action.

    laissez faire hands off approach is the exact opposite of what people emotionally want.

    furthermore youths have not experienced the fruits of the freemarket the rapacious boomers hoarded. millenials have never experienced an economic boom, where anyone with a pulse and some thriftiness was catapulted into the upper middle class via asset bubbles or labor shortage. so they are sick and tired of hearing that the solution is the long ruling republican economic platforn.

    Ron Paul got the youth excited but he was mercilessly shutdown.

    lots of socialist youth hate the federal reserve too. which is cool.

  12. Anon[119] • Disclaimer says:

    Let the Jews ruin their optics and their collective afternoon by inviting a bunch of casual hard drug addicts to play bad music, and endorse violence against innocents in their “house of worship”. Its literally doing no one any harm but them.

    Similarly, let the mix of privileged and de facto homeless White people “organize” in something that looks remotely paramilitary in response to people moving. It does no one any harm but them and NYC. And NYC won’t let that continue indefinitely. Felonies are good for what is left of their souls.

  13. Any Christian Church hosting a BDS rock?

  14. @R.G. Camara

    Many 60s communists are still holding powerful, highly paid positions such as Congressman Bobby Rush, and Weatherman Bill Ayers, a professor emeritus at a state U. When communist terrorists get professorships, that is the time to demand that our allegedly anti-communist, law-abiding representatives do something about it. That they don’t reflects 1) that the representatives are insincere, 2) that we are doing a terrible job of pressuring them.

    The right is used to thinking it is the establishment so it only needs to grouse and grumble. In fact, the left is now the establishment and to unseat them the right needs to get off our butts and get in the game.

    • Replies: @Anon
  15. Antifa are no more and no less than all those WWII soldiers the country is so big on glorifying now. It’s the various Resistance movements, French, Polish, hell on the island of Guernsey in England during WWII. It was “Samizdat” writers making copies by hand in Stalinist Russia. It was the “coast watchers” during WWII in the Pacific and those in the Bataan Death March.

    It’s a hell of a litmus test seeing how many people see red when they see that word, merely a contraction of “anti fascist”.

    • Replies: @Ok
  16. Anon[391] • Disclaimer says:

    “Gentrification in Brooklyn has led to a massive uptick in anarchist paramilitary organizing in New York City, particularly in the neighborhoods of Bushwick, Williamsburg and Greenpoint.”

    So the members of this group are spoiled little rich kids and the upper-middle class kids, as usual. And like most of the left, they’ll just crap in their own nest because they think New York is the center of the universe.

    Leftists will be injured most.

  17. Anon[391] • Disclaimer says:
    @jack daniels

    “Congressman Bobby Rush”

    Rush recently tried to frame a bunch of Chicago cops by saying they broke into his office and drank his coffee and ate his popcorn while people were rioting nearby. It turns out the cops were ordered by Rush’s staff to guard his office because the rioters had previously attacked it.

    Rush is thought by many to have been the FBI plant inside the Black Panthers. He was conveniently missing during the raid in which the Panther leaders were assassinated.

  18. Ok says:
    @alex in San Jose AKA Digital Detroit

    Yeah thats why antifa vandalized veterans memorials and assaulted *actual veterans*, right?

    Those ww2 veteran *would put you in a fucking camp* where you belong you bolshevik trash.

    May you burn in hell forever you valor-stealing subhuman scum.

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