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Black Lives Matter Organizer Seen Entering Capitol Building with Crowd Is Likely An FBI Agent Provocateur
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Social media is aflame after it emerged that John Earle Sullivan, a Utah-based Black Lives Matter organizer, was one of the people who entered the Capitol building with Trump-supporters on Wednesday.

Some are theorizing that Sullivan, who was arrested on felony rioting and multiple other charges last Summer after a shooting in Provo, is part of a Black Lives Matter conspiracy to make Trump-supporters look bad. Sullivan, the leader of Insurgence USA, was filmed in July as the ringleader directing a group of armed men who trapped a car and opened fire on the motorist.

Yet unlike dozens of others arrested by the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) after they left the Capitol building, Sullivan was released without charges after a short detention.

Despite the Department of Justice and FBI vowing to viciously punish every individual who entered the federal building, Sullivan continues to do public interviews incriminating himself after online sleuths identified him. He also witnessed and filmed the shooting of the unarmed white woman Ashli Babbitt by a black federal agent, but refuses to publish the footage.

While it is certain that Sullivan was at the Trump march to collect intelligence and act as an agent provocateur, evidence suggests he was operating on behalf of the FBI rather than Antifa.

Ideological Informants

During the anarchist riots last summer, National Justice learned of four separate instances of FBI agents approaching members of the Proud Boys and similar groups, offering to pay them large sums of money to fly to Portland and join the Antifa riots to collect evidence to help stop left-wing violence. The Antifa crackdown never materialized.

As they attempted to recruit Proud Boys, the FBI was using the media to seed a baseless claim about far-right provocateurs inciting all the violence at George Floyd riots.

The FBI dangles the prospect of retaliation against ideological enemies as a recruiting tool for informants and marks. While the offer made to right-wing activists has always been a sham later used to entrap them, the FBI is sympathetic to the Black Lives Matter cause.

The FBI At The Capitol

A new article published by Pro Publica suggests that FBI agents and informants played some kind of role at the Stop The Steal rally.

According to the report, the FBI knocked on the doors the day before the event and told various conservative figures they should not attend the First Amendment protest on behalf of the president. Federal agents played a role in the MPD’s decision to arrest Proud Boy leader Enrique Tarrio on weak charges.

Trump-supporter Milo Yiannopolous told his audience over Parler that FBI agents came to his home and told him not to go, “Just had a knock at the door. I won’t be going to DC. Whatever operation they’ve got running to fuck with patriots, it’s massive and they aren’t playing around.”

While there’s no evidence that the group that overpowered the police and entered the Capitol was inorganic, open questions remain over the role informants and undercover agents may have played in the deaths that occurred.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Wyatt says:

    Jefferson warned us about the mulattoes. The savagery of blacks and the intelligence of whites. An abomination if there ever was one.

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  2. Realist says:

    Huh, you mean we are being played…how informative.

    • LOL: BuelahMan, Trinity
    • Replies: @zimriel
  3. Wielgus says:

    Milo Yiannopolous was ridiculed in some of the responses but seems to have been prescient.

  4. Okay, so the FBI wants you to work for them to spy on antifa.

    You tell them you’ll take the offer, but on one condition: they must pull some strings and get you enrolled into the Army Reserves. All remuneration for services rendered must be paid through legal channels and taxed at source.

    The Army Reserves then transfers you on temporary secondment to FBI duty. This creates a paper and legal trail for your protection. You are officially working for the Feds, and have rights. Otherwise, no deal.

    • Thanks: zimriel
    • Replies: @Getaclue
  5. zimriel says:

    What this proves is that Conservatives are very, VERY easy to “play”.
    And these same Conservatives expect us to vote for them.
    All I can say is… “okay, Boomers”.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
    , @Hhhhh
    , @El Dato
  6. Getaclue says:

    Your vote is worthless, the Elections are totally rigged — anyone who doesn’t know that by now post-Dominion specs that show they can switch votes any way the want as a “Feature” is a special kind of stupid….

    • Agree: JimDandy, Justvisiting
  7. Getaclue says:

    Marines are recruited for these type jobs all the time — they are “Gung Ho” and they are played as to their Patriotism in whatever pitch they are given, they are used to infiltrate various organizations — Lee Harvey Oswald is just one example there are others — It was literally impossible other than Military Transport for Oswald to get back from the Soviet Union as fast as he did when that episode of his spying was played out — he was working for them the entire time which is why his one phone call after being framed was to an FBI Agent and he referred to himself as a “Patsy” before the Badge Wearers grabbed both his arms and walked him into a bullet….– very little has changed….

    • Agree: Wielgus
  8. Anon[226] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s easy. “we’ll seal your record if you work for us.” It’s not a deal you negotiate. See Richard Aoki. The team has a lot of nice girls.

  9. @zimriel

    This boomer isn’t as foolish as you are. The public may be conservative, liberal, Republican, or Democrat, but the politicians aren’t. They are what they need to be to get elected – globalists. If you think “Liberals” aren’t played just as easily, you are sadly mistaken. Most of them actually think the Democrats aren’t corporate shills, only Republicans are.
    For all of Trump’s many faults, the working class liberals woke up and saw how badly they’ve been fucked over by the Democrats and Republicans. They don’t view Trump as a Republican, conservative, or liberal, but a nationalist. It doesn’t matter to them that he’s a corporate shill, as long as the corporations bring jobs back to the US.

  10. Cable says:

    90% sure the federal agent who shot Ashli Babbitt was White. Just looked at the video and it does appear he is White.

  11. @Cable

    Have your eyes examined.

    • Replies: @Cable
  12. anastasia says:

    Good grief. The Washington police listed the persons they arrested. They were all arrested for curfew violations. No one who committed thee acts in the Capitol were arrested. Look it up.

  13. Cable says:
    @Cauchemar du Singe

    I’ve just checked again. White man with a receding hairline, wearing black gloves. 90% sure. The only way he looks Black is if the wb or exposure of the camera was off where his head was but it didn’t have a problem with his gloves or service weapon in the same conditions. Whether he’s White, Black, or Goldfish shouldn’t matter when he faces trial.

  14. @Wyatt

    Jefferson warned us about the mulattoes. The savagery of blacks and the intelligence of whites. An abomination if there ever was one.

    When Doug Emhoff passes on, will the Vice President commit suttee? Then again, he’s only a week older than her, and apparently Type-B. She may go first.

  15. Hhhhh says:

    This doesn’t prove that lmao. It proves that you libtards are corrupt af, nothing more. You just have to get the last word in, even when you’re wrong. Pathetic millennial

  16. One man doesn’t make a conspiracy. Hopefully he’ll be charged with the rest of them, but none of this changes the fact that Trump incited an insurrection, and the threat of violence isn’t over.

  17. El Dato says:

    What crud.

    Who _are_ these Conservatives?
    Who _are_ these Boomers?

    What do they believe? Where do they live?

    Do they even live in the same universe with Stop the Steal attendees?

  18. unit472 says:

    From the website of the US Capitol:

    [The Capitol Visitor Center welcomes visitors from across the United States and around the world. Identification is not required to enter the Capitol or to enjoy a tour.

    All tours, programs and activities are free of charge.

    Advance Reservations

    Advance reservations are recommended, but not required.

    All visitors view the historic areas of the Capitol on a guide-led tour. The tour includes visiting the Crypt, the Rotunda, and National Statuary Hall. The tour does not include visiting the Senate and House Galleries, which require separate passes.]

    So its a public building open to visitors. Gonna be hard to prosecute citizens who went to view THEIR Capitol.

  19. PepeGT says:

    Charges have been dropped and he has been released.

  20. Big Tim says:

    I am skeptical. All videos ( one made by left wing extremist racist) of the “shooting” deserve the utmost scrutiny and comparisons.

  21. @Getaclue

    We don’t know to whom “Oswald’s” completed phone call was made on Saturday evening. The Dallas jail guards were specifically told NOT to listen in on that mysterious 30 minute call, and no records of that number now exist.
    It was not to Marina, or the Paines, or John Abt.
    Nor was it to John Hurt in North Carolina.
    It was probably a local number, and almost certainly to his contact/handler.
    Was it to David Attlee Phillips?
    I don’t know.
    I do know that “Oswald” shot no one, and was every bit the patsy he claimed to be.
    Had he stood trial, he would have been acquitted of all charges – so of course the plotters had to kill him! They never intended that he’d survive to see sundown on Friday! By Sunday morning, they were desperate enough to use Ruby.

  22. @Getaclue

    If you want to understand the US today you need to remember two words:


    Operation Mockingbird

    Of course they have different secret “names” these days, but they are the official policy of the Deep State.

    Infiltrate, agitate, blame, propagandize.

    Control the masses–so the rich can get richer.

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