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Authoritarians and Jews: the Push to Normalize Pedophilia
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In recent years, Jews and Western elites have been subject to popular accusations about their secret desire to molest or hurt children.

The Q-Anon movement — largely embraced by older conservatives — is the greatest embodiment of this tendency. Q Anon is not “anti-Semitic,” nor is it on its face threatening to the actual power structure, yet prominent Jewish organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League have prioritized its suppression online.

While Q fans often occupy their time chasing wild geese and steer clear of confrontations with Jewish power, Jewish-funded Genocide Watch president Gregory Stanton recently took to the airwaves condemning the impulse of the misguided pedophile-hunters as “Nazism” and “anti-Semitism” — an accusation conspiracy theorists received with confusion and anger.

With the exception of generic and individualized implications of George Soros and the Rothschilds, there is no obvious reason for the Jewish community to find the silliness of Q-Anon to be a potential challenge.

But a deeper study into the post-war Jewish consensus (domestic liberal maximalism, suppressing Gentile authoritarianism), as well as what appears to be Jewish-led institutional preparations to make pedophilia the next barrier to break down in the sexual revolution, goes a long way in explaining the concern.

Authoritarians, Jews and Pedophiles

Numerous studies have found a powerful link between personalities that score high on the “authoritarian” scale (dislike of change, valuing stability and order, anti-cosmopolitan attitudes) and the desire to punish child molestation.

Jewish scholars have specifically singled out the “authoritarian” segments of a given population as embodying a dormant Fascism — an unconscious and potentially anti-Semitic cell that can be rapidly awakened and mobilized in a wide variety of social-historical contexts.

The Frankfurt School, Wilhelm Reich, and various Jewish social scientists to this day have dedicated much of their professional careers seeking ways to identify and deconstruct the social forces that breed authoritarian collectives and their desire to resist multiculturalism, sexual license, hyper-individualism, and even wealth inequality. The desire of Jews to prevent the rise of another Hitler underlines the “anti-fascist” creed that books like R.R. Reno’s Return of the Strong Gods have demonstrated underpins the ruling post-war American ideology.

The “repression” of infantile sexuality, according to Jews who studied the rise of Fascism, is the most consistent predictor of authoritarian tendencies. Using Freud’s widely debunked Oedipus Complex, historic anti-fascists purport that exposing small children to sexuality is the key to immunizing them from the appeal of Fascist ideas when they become adults.

Wilhelm Reich’s highly influential 1933 frontal attack on both German Nationalsocialism and the USSR under Stalin stated this explicitly:

Suppression of the natural sexuality of the child, particularly of its genital sexuality, makes the child apprehensive, shy, obedient, afraid of authority, “good” and “adjusted” in the authoritarian sense; it paralyzes the rebellious forces because any rebellion is laden with anxiety; it produces, by inhibiting sexual curiosity and sexual thinking in the child, a general inhibition of thinking and of critical faculties. In brief, the goal of sexual suppression is that of producing an individual who is adjusted to the authoritarian order and who will submit to it in spite of all misery and degradation. At first, the child has to adjust to the structure of the authoritarian miniature state, the family; this makes it capable of later subordination to the general authoritarian system. The formation of the authoritarian structure takes place through the anchoring of sexual inhibition and sexual anxiety.

Reich’s book, in non-ideological terms, observes that a strong and united heterosexual family unit that instills moral values in its children and shields them from pre-pubescent sexual experiences creates the building blocks for organic community and social harmony that populists can later “exploit.”

Sexual repression and anti-Semitism –populist opposition to unfair and destructive concentrations of Jewish power — thus walk hand-in-hand.

Reich’s communist past and seeming endorsement of sex with children enabled by the destruction of the family was not well-received during his time. While the story of the Jewish Marxist being driven out of the Third Reich and his books burned is often featured in “Holocaust” and liberal lore, less known is the fact that he was constantly harangued by the US government during the 1950s, culminating in a federal court ordering his books be burned again.

A slightly watered down and updated version of Reich’s theories were developed undisturbed by the American Jewish Committee in 1950 — The Authoritarian Personality by Theodore Adorno, Else Frenkel, Daniel Levinson and others.

Adorno et al drew from Freudian infantile sexuality theory, but did not go so far as to outright endorse molesting children to prevent Fascism. Instead, the compromise for reducing the number of individuals rating high on the “F-scale” (Fascism) was prescriptions to undermine traditional Western concepts of the family (such as through feminism), end corporal punishment, and promote sexual depravity (homosexuality, transgenderism, etc) more aggressively.

Theories by Adorno and Reich remain the broad consensus among today’s academy. The rise of white populism in Western countries and some non-Western countries has largely been contained by Jewish organizations, but with this has come a renewed interest in not just studying the phenomenon from the perspective of it being a perverted “threat to democracy,” as Yascha Mounk’s The People vs. Democracy contends, but also in accelerating social-liberal anti-social trends ahead of schedule.

The 1960s: Gay Rights and Pedophilia

Advocacy for legalizing pedophilia is nothing new in post-war Western nations. Influential Jewish and homosexual intellectual and cultural leaders like Allen Ginsburg, Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, Hakim Bey, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Gabriel Matzneff, et al –fueled by Jewish anti-fascist hysterics and the theories of Reich, Freud, and Adorno — openly promoted sex with small children as an act of liberation — unimaginable in 2020.

Groups like NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) were generally accepted as fellow travelers in the “LGBT” movement of its time and were members of mainstream gay advocacy organizations like the International Gay and Lesbian Alliance (ILGA). In the UK, the Pedophile Informational Exchange was also involved with gay activism. The Netherlands, France, Germany and other liberal states all had parallel above-ground groups dedicated to lowering or abolishing the age of consent, sometimes embraced by mainstream political organizations like the German Green Party (which for years was represented by Daniel-Cohn Bendit in the European Parliament).

The reaction was delayed, but it came. By the 1980s a social conservative wave took hold in the United States, expressed by the landslide election of Ronald Reagan and his Christian supporters, sparked in part by the AIDS epidemic and disquietude with the sexual revolution in the 1960s and 70s.

By the 90s, the LGBT movement began to strategically distance itself from pedophiles, understanding that during their initial shot for “queer liberation,” the then settled science linking homosexuality with pedophilia and other anti-social behaviors (as paraphilia) was the 8-ball that set them back — thanks to groups like Anita Bryant’s Save Our Children movement founded in 1977 — as much as AIDS.

The Pro-Pedophile Revival

As with other once aberrant movements now dominant in American life (critical race theory, LGBT, etc) the seeds for pedophile activism are being planted by homosexual and Jewish figures.

While “authoritarians” often appear paranoid or hysterical in their hunt for pedophiles in Wayfair cabinets, their concern is not unfounded.

The recent 6-3 decision by the conservative majority Supreme Court to add “transgender” sexual deviants to the category of federally protected minority was a massive victory for the well-funded but unpopular transsexual movement movement. With figures such as Lady MAGA now receiving red carpet treatment in “respectable” conservative circles, it’s clear that America’s institutional individualistic right-liberals are not only surrendering opposition to the barbaric practice of surgically and chemically trying to change a child’s sex, it doesn’t even have the moral or intellectual categories needed to confidently fight the trend to begin with.

It’s no coincidence that concerns about pedophile-normalization have now hit a crescendo in the wake of mainstream Christians and the Republican Party utterly failing to stop the Jewish funded transsexual movement.

The revival of the pedophile-acceptance movement is currently being led by organizations such as B4U ACT.

B4U-ACT, founded in 2003 by the Jew Michael F. Melsheimer, states on its website that its mission is to provide mental health services to individuals who express sexual desire for children.

In practice, B4U-ACT has been at the forefront of attempting to erase social boundaries and stigmas related to pedophilia through a top-down coup.

The American Psychological Association (APA) removing homosexuality from its list of mental illnesses in 1973 under activist pressure is widely accepted as the turning point for the mainstreaming of homosexuality.

Individuals at B4U-ACT are mirroring this strategy. A symposium hosted by the organization in 2011 called for pressuring the APA to reclassify pedophilia as a non-criminal “sexual orientation” and begin using the politically correct term Minor Attracted Person (MAP) in the interest of tolerance. Observers noted that the conference seemed to be aimed at deliberately obfuscating right and wrong in respects to the act of abusing children.

The event was attended and supported almost entirely by Jews. Speakers included B4U-ACT director Dr. Richard Kramer, Johns Hopkins University director of the Sexual Behavior Consultation Unit Frederick Saul Berlin and London School of Economics professor of Gender and Sexuality Jacob Breslow.

B4U-ACT was initially successful. The 2013 update to the APA’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) subsequently reclassified pedophilia as a mere sexual orientation. When vigilant Christian groups like the American Family Association led an outraged protest, the APA retracted the edition and claimed it was an accident.

A number of attempts by the mainstream media to “meme” the concept of a “virtuous pedophile” — a concept invented and pioneered by another pro-pedophile group The Global Prevention Project — such as Salon’s Todd Nickerson articles or “documentaries” like I, Pedophile have not been well-received.

Yet in spite of this, pedophiles seeking to politically organize caught a big break in 2018, when Canadian-Jew and homosexual activist Dr. James Cantor wrote a letter to Twitter’s Trust & Safety Department demanding that the company allow its platform to become the home of “MAPS” looking to network with one another without getting banned. Today it is common to see self-described open pedophiles on Twitter, often sporting their own rainbow sexual identitarian flag.

Pedophile advocacy on the left — specifically in anarchist and “gay liberation” circles — has also started to make inroads in recent years. Radical leftist Derrick Jensen’s 2019 book Anarchism and the Politics of Violation, which brought attention to the fact that the founders of “Queer Theory” and transgenderism (Jews such as Judith Butler and Gayle Rubin) were also advocates of pedophilia, was pulled before publication by the Penguin-Random House imprint, Seven Stories Books.

Jensen’s “cancellation,” including his ban from Youtube, was the response his critiques met by a hardening consensus in academic and leftist circles in support of “marginalized” pedosexuals.

Hakim Bey, once discredited in left-wing circles for his NAMBLA membership and advocacy for child rape, has re-emerged in recent years as the principle inspiration for CHAZ in Seattle.

Various “hipster” left-liberal publications aggressively promote Sophie Lewis, a Jewish leftist who calls for the forced abolition of the family in the interest of “queer children.” Wealthy Brooklyn Socialite and Jacobin Magazine fixture Liza Featherstone has been repeatedly criticized for what many perceive to apologetic discourse in respects to pedophilia.

It is clear to any neutral observer that this is about to become a problem. While many cannot articulate it, the collective unconscious can feel it.

Q-Anon and other Trump-aligned movements serve as a perfect foil to begin turning universal moral opposition to abusing kids into another controlled culture war conflict the right is bound to lose.

In the Jewish calculation, the trauma-induced mistrust of adult authority figures means Fascism and gentile authoritarianism are defeated forever.

As we float into uncharted waters, their theory will be put to the test.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: American Media, Jews, Pedophilia, QAnon 
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  1. I remember a time, all through the 1980’s and late 1970’s, when milk companies put the pictures of thousands of missing kids on their milk cartons. I have always wondered, what ever happened to those kids!!!!

    • Replies: @Chris Mallory
    , @TKK
    , @Shaman911
  2. “In the Jewish calculation, the trauma-induced mistrust of adult authority figures means Fascism and gentile authoritarianism are defeated forever.”

    Didn’t Reich oppose circumcision for precisely that reason? How then does this comport with the Jewish insistence on imposing “medical” circumcision on all goyim?

  3. Back in the early 1930’s, Aldous Huxley’s novel Brave New World shows that the dystopia sexualizes children as a necessary part of their conditioning to “function” in it as adults. Huxley apparently understood what the Freudian ideology would eventually lead to.

    • Replies: @freedom-cat
    , @Jake
  4. Bro43rd says:

    Normalizing degenerative behavior is the epitome of the slippery slope.

    • Replies: @Jake
  5. Michel Foucault, Hakim Bey

    They weren’t Jews

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  6. And what are you going to do about it goy?

    That’s the real question. Eric Striker can write a million articles, Richard Spencer can scoff in his homosexual voice, and Ramzpaul can call for ”Christian values ” to infinitum, but what does it change?

    The Jewish cowboy whips the American pig herd onwards. Instead of relentless of investigations and FTN type snark, perhaps the alt right should do something, or lay down some concrete plans?

    If not the alt right, then average white American men who have their heads above the sand should start thinking seriously by now. The trannies are molesting their daughters at the schools, the Jewish lesbian psychologist is castrating your son at the hospital, and the black, non-conforming lesbian is taking your job at the office.

    Running away to live some trad farmer fantasy is even more ludicrous. One SWAT helicoper armed with a machinegun can take down a thousand trad chad farmers.

    The Conservative armed resistance fantasy is another grand delusion in the age of helicopters and tanks. You can have infinite AR-15s and ammo, but you’re not going to be able to take down US army tanks and helicopters with it. Nor can you inflict any heavy damage on US mechanized infantry.

    People often point to Vietnam and Afghanistan as examples of successful asymmetrical warfare. But they forget that those insurgents were not limited to riles and shotguns. They had MANPADs, anti-tank rocket launchers, mines and light mortars. Its almost entirely forgotten that the Vietnamese actually had a standing military. The Viet Cong also had support from the USSR and China in the form of money, intelligence and equipment.

    This is why they were able to wage a successul war of attrition against the Jewish slave armies. Any conservative uprising would be shut down by Apache helicopters in a matter of days.

    Poiltical activism is a more realistic goal, but it needs groundwork. A party can’t just appear out of the blue and win anything. It will be beaten up, shut down with legal cases or simply be swamped out by better funded candidates.

    In order for a political movement to be successful or have an impact at the ballot, it needs infrastructure. Secure funding to allow for full time activists and employees. Their own media sphere for news and propaganda. NGOs and think tanks to survery and plan ahead. Legal groups to fight in the courts. And paid, activist groups to organize and defend rallies.

    However, this comes with its own dilemna. How do you build such organizations when they are swatted down by corporate America and the Justice department in their infancy? How do you organize people, when all of your media is shut down instantly? How do you stop the ADL, SPLC and FBI glow in the darks from infiltrating and rotting your group from within? How do you stop the cops, and the local Goldsteins from throwing some bogus case and imprisoning you?

    There are no sure fire answers to these questions. No such fairy tale solution exists in the real world. However, we can look to old enemies for inspiration and solutions.

    The freemasons and the illuminati of Weishaupt are good examples. The best solution right now is for aware whites to organize in secret. Organizing openly, making formal institutions just puts out a red carpet for ADL and FBI glowies, if not outright RICO investigations.

    There are enough aware whites in the US. Some 12%, or 24 million whites hold somewhat alt right views according to a large survey in 2017. No doubt that number has grown in light of the martyrdom of Saint Flyod.

    Many white elites no doubt harbor such views secretly. Moreso today than ever. Because they’re being replaced by new golems like Indians and Blacks in executive positions. However, in order to secure their support, you must build a movement worthy of supporting. Jacob Schiff and Max Warburg supported the Bolsheviks, not some other cooky group. They did so because the Bolsheviks demonstrated their seriousness, and were seen as a wise investment.

    No serious elite could be expected to invest in the alt right, in people like Spencer and Nick Fuentes. Elites can suffer backlash themselves if caught funding far right groups. They could be forced out of boards, or the justice department could sue them to bankruptcy. They will only come out of the woodworks when they see a strong horse to back.

    In light of all this, the best bet is for aware whites should begin organizing locally. Gather together like minded men and redpill as many serious people possible. Start with people you know and trust, and expand from there outwards. Leave no paper trail, there should be nothing official. Such local cells organizing over time can sway and persuade entire communities into their mindset.

    The outside world is so antiwhite that many formerly aloof people will sway. This is no longer the days of 90s normalcy and live and let live liberalism. This is dekulakization period.

    Once such groups gain enough sway in communities, they should pool money to take over local government. County officials, public school board members, the local DA, the local judge. In a democracy, every one is a hooker up for sale. Buy them yourself instead of Soros. If you can pool money, organize and take over local government, you can ward globohomo off your backs for the most part.

    Then you can expand outwards into new areas. Pooling resources is the key. There are around 20-24 million woke whites out there in the US. If every one of them gave 50 dollars a year to an organization, it would amount to 1.2 billion dollars. That’s more than the ADL, SPLC and AIPAC combined.

    Overtime such groups can expand, and at a certain stage they can operate more or less independely because they have enough clout in government. Its how the Freemasons did it. They were underground in the 17th century but they achieved enough clout to come out and operate openly in the 18th century.

    And once such groups become strong and numerous enough, many elites can be counted on to secretly fund them. You could have your own ADL, SPLC and B’nai B’rith, lobbying the government and buying up FBI and CIA agents.

    This is the most feasible solution as far as I can see. Civil war is a larp, and conservatism is just the domain of the blind and the deluded.

    The other option would be surrender and leave the US. If 50 million whites emigrated, US economic and military power would collapse rapidly. The US is the epicenter of globohomo and the instrument of white genocide and globalism. The weaker it gets, the better it is

  7. Renoman says:

    Vile sleazy predators that should be killed on site. Put a bounty on their heads and do em all in, they would not be missed.

    • Agree: Druid
    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  8. Pedophilia is more an expression of secular evil than of “mental illness”. The whole concept of pedophilia involves the destruction of innocence. Very, very few children can experience adult sexual attention without suffering some form of psychological damage or destruction. Evil. (Yes, I know there is a line somewhere in the teens where childhood sexuality becomes approximately adult sexuality: but that line is in the TEENs, not before (15-16-17 years old ? I dont know).
    That Jews, via the utterly ridiculous conflation of a child’s innocent ignorance of sexual experience with future “authoritarian” inclinations are able to begin to weasel pedophilia into “respectable” discourse represents a certain…hope. A hope along the lines of “give them enough rope…”
    Could this be the issue that finally exposes to ALL the Jewish antipathy to all Western culture ?
    Would it were so — but, unfortunately the stakes are too high: yes, I’m old fashioned & even a dull “stereotype” of a “normie” but I would not see a child harmed even in the hope that the tribalists were exposed.
    Perhaps my real fear is that some how the tribalists can actually win this one: is the future — anti-pedophilia = antisemitism ???
    God[s] help us.

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat
    • Replies: @Adam Smith
  9. The book-burning of Jewish Wilhelm Reich’s books by the US government as noted above, is one of those truly striking cultural moments, along with the burning of the books of holocaust-denying Jew Joseph Ginzburg (1908-90) aka Joseph G. Burg by the West German government, Ginzburg having personally interviewed Auschwitz survivors as part of Russian military units entering Poland and Germany as WW2 ended.

    One longtime Wilhelm Reich follower, was a name USA boomers will know, TV and film personality Orson Bean (1928-2020), longtime panelist on ‘To Tell the Truth’, who wrote a 1971 book, ‘Me and the Orgone’ about his personal healing thanks to Reich’s ‘orgone’ (orgasm energy) theories.

    Wilhelm Reich’s work was the curious centre of a 1971 Yugoslavian film by Dusan Makavejev that became popular in art-houses: ‘WR – Mysteries of an Organism (Misterije organizma)’. Weaving documentary with fiction, it is an odd pastiche with a storyline and evocative scenes, music and images, considered ‘brilliant’ by many film buffs. Whole thing is online –

  10. The tribe yearns for the “good old days” of their Messiahs – Lenin and Stalin – who they helped murder FIFTY MILLION across Russia and Eastern Europe. But those do not count, since they were mostly only Goyim!!!

    The tribe love their LGBTQPRs. And their baby butchers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. @brabantian

    Oh wow! Reminds me of a scene from an old Woody Allen movie:

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  12. Exile says: • Website

    There’s much stronger evidence that early childhood sexualization strongly correlates with Antifa membership. Their relative incidence of homosexuality, criminality, drug addiction, anti-social personality disorders, etc… is off the charts. Look at the Rittenhouse sample-size: 3 Antifa, one serial child rapist, all three criminals, with all the lifestyle pathologies that go along with those records.

    For the degenerate Left, pedophilia and pederasty are essentially recruiting strategies.

    To their credit, there are still Leftists out there who are sickened by this. Keith Woods’ recent video on the “Cuties” fiasco at Netflix showcased a Leftist who took the “degenderates” to task for defending kid-touchers and creepers.

    This is obviously an issue that all decent members of society can unite on and work together to roll back behavior that we all consider evil, cruel and profoundly destructive to the lives of any of the children involved.

    Recruitment into violent anarcho-terrorist organizations who burn down their societies in a twisted desire for revenge is not anyone’s idea of a secure future for our children.

    • Replies: @Rosie
    , @Jake
    , @Rubicon
  13. Anonymous[392] • Disclaimer says:
    @Kent Nationalist

    Foucault was gay, read the sentence again.
    “Jewish and homosexual

  14. Wielgus says:
    @Digital Samizdat

    “Except for the ones whose ancestors were Italian” LOL

  15. Svigor says:
    @James O'Meara

    “Didn’t Reich oppose circumcision for precisely that reason? How then does this comport with the Jewish insistence on imposing “medical” circumcision on all goyim?”

    I haven’t read the piece yet, only skipped down to see what the commentariat had to say, first.

    That said, I think the overriding ingroup-outgroup concern for jevvs vis-a-vis circumcision is that they don’t want to be the odd men out. Of course, that was the whole fucking point of circumcision in the first place, but in a sexually-liberated environment it amounts to a rather ugly yellow star if the rest of the population isn’t mutilated, too. It would be much easier for the shiksas to say no to cut dicks in an environment where most were uncut, and vice-versa.

    And of course the status quo is 100% perfect for jevvs; they get to pretend they’re religious (circumcise their sons) and have it amount to zero sacrifice (the goyim are all Noahides with no hides, as it were).

    Personally, I’m torn (lol, the puns-a, they just keep-a comin-a). On one hand (haha), I have never once in my life stopped and thought, “goddamnit! My dick isn’t nearly sensitive enough! I need millions more nerves on this thing!” Quite the contrary, as a matter of fact.

    On the other, I detest the idea of making it easier for jevvs to fit in with White men and present themselves as worthy mates for White women.

    I suppose the latter concern outweighs the former, ergo, I am against circumcision. But this is all a waste of hot air, anyway; non-ortho, diaspora jevvs today would just drop circumcision the second the goyim stopped practicing it.

    I suppose that’s a testable theory; Whites in Europe don’t practice circumcision – do secular jevvs in Europe practice it?

    • Agree: GazaPlanet
    • Replies: @roofus
  16. @animalogic

    Pedophilia is indeed an expression of evil, unfortunately it is not confined to the secular.

    • Replies: @Ugetit
  17. @Caspar von Everec

    Don’t despair.
    The Soviets had helicopter gunships of their own.
    Solzhenitsyn, Walesa and Havel did not.

    I mention Havel for a reason.
    I know some people who virtue signal but they look like people who don’t really believe in it.
    I will mail a paper copy of Havel’s greengrocer essay to their homes.
    Some of them will ignore it. Some will become demoralized.
    We should do it on a national scale.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
    , @Ugetit
  18. @Caspar von Everec

    Brother, you went well until you got to: “If 50 million whites emigrated, US economic and military power would collapse rapidly.”
    Protocol 7v5: “…if we allow the possibility of a general rising against us, we shall respond with the guns of America or China or Japan.”
    It seems They can do very well without the army of the Undeclared Soviets in America.
    I believe China has built themselves (and our Enemy?) a very nice army lately.
    Now; what is the link between Tel Aviv and Beijing?

    • Replies: @Caspar von Everec
  19. Trelane says:
    @James O'Meara

    Jewish women insist on getting 20% off.

    • LOL: Roderick Spode
  20. dvorak says:
    @Caspar von Everec

    The best solution right now is for aware whites to organize in secret.

    Trying to create a honeypot? Why should I trust you or any secret org?

    • Replies: @Caspar von Everec
  21. @paranoid goy

    The protocols were a forgery. Its obvious because they condemn themselves as tyrants. It was a gentile who understood their game and merely projected into the future. The Yellow invasion from China was a popular narrative in Russia back then. America had been Jewry’s nest for some time by then.

    As for China today, I don’t see China fighting Israel’s wars or giving them free weaponry and money. They’re investing 400 billion in iran and helping to prop up Russia.

    I think the whole China confrontation today comes down to the fact that America’s evil billionaires don’t want to play second fiddle to China’s evil billionaires

  22. @dvorak

    Don’t trust me. Trust people you know. Form organizations with your neighbors and relatives, people you can trust. If anyone suggests something illegal like violence or trafficking, then you know they’re feds

    • Replies: @TKK
    , @AnonStarter
  23. @Caspar von Everec

    The protocols were a forgery. Its obvious because they condemn themselves as tyrants.

    They don’t “condemn” themselves as tyrants, they brag about being tyrants. They do that amply in other sources in which they emphasise their being chosen to rule over others including the Old Testament where they justify massacres and genocides of other tribes. The Protocols are genuine, and if a “forgery” then just a very good copy of the original.

    • Agree: Mark Matis, Druid, Ugetit
    • Replies: @Wyatt
    , @DaveE
  24. @Dr.C. Fhandrich

    In a typical year in the US there are around 800,000 missing kids a year.

    In the US the vast majority are runaways. These drive the numbers up since if they are returned home and runaway again, they are counted again.

    Then you have custody disputes/family kidnappings.

    Typically there are 150 stranger abductions of kids a year. Half of those kids make it home, 40% are killed and the remainder are open cases.

    The US Marshals over the past month have rescued 71 “exploited” kids in 3 different states.

  25. @Caspar von Everec

    I stopped reading somewhere around paragraph #6 lol. Good luck to you.

  26. Exile says: • Website
    @Caspar von Everec

    Agree in spirit, disagree on some of the tactics, pacing, messaging and most strongly with emigration.

    North America is the most desirable position on the planet, land, resources, defensibility, and 190 million Whites still in residence. A mass exodus to Europe (where else to go?) would start another brother-war, not a White Renaissance. If anything, North America is more likely to be the eventual lifeboat for the other White nations.

  27. Franz says:

    Orson Bean (1928-2020)

    Not a very reliable guy to bring up.

    Bean dumped Wilhelm and turned to Jesus Christ long before he got run over by a car earlier this year. His “orgone” days were brief and trivial. And as a mostly-stage performer, not really well known to any generation. He did turn up on chat shows, though, and was good for a laugh.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  28. Frankly I don’t see the connection between philosophical “enlightenment” and sexual freedom, even if this idea goes back to the underground literature of 18th Century France. What do you get when a sexually unattractive male Christian renounces his faith because he thinks that will improve his sex life? You get a sexually unattractive male atheist who still can’t get laid.

  29. @Caspar von Everec

    There is another path; accelerationism. The weakness of both the left and Jews is an inability to know when to stop. So you start out with something benign i.e. a five day work week or universal healthcare and eventually end up at the gulag. It always comes to this. It’s just that it takes a civilized nation like Sweden a lot longer than Cambodia. Collapse is inevitable at that point.

    The best cure for leftism is more leftism. If people want it, give it to them good and hard. There’s a reason we have the saying “give them enough rope and let them hang themselves.” Unfortunately a lot of lives will be lost and the nation shattered but from the other side of the darkness will come renewal.

  30. Wielgus says:
    @Undocumented Shopper

    Walesa has been trying to fend off accusations in recent years that he was a Bezpieka informant.

  31. Wielgus says:
    @Chris Mallory

    The Houston police in the early 1970s assumed that the victims of serial killer Dean Corll were runaways and their families were merely failing to face up to the fact. It seems negligent and probably is, but they probably saw themselves as too busy to be a runaway retrieval service.

    • Replies: @Pincher Martin
  32. Wyatt says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Likewise, there are a few gut juden like Otto Weininger who would probably decry jews as tyrants.

  33. anonymous[387] • Disclaimer says:

    Orson Bean’s shtick was to go on Johnny Carson and tell tales as a member or the out of touch older generation attempting to try whatever fad the boomer youth of the day were into at the moment so as to pretend that he was hip. Mostly I suspect Bean was a proper New England Yankee/Liberal and distant relative of Calvin Coolidge being a goof and a raconteur always in search of new material, then being a serious libertine.

    Bean could at times be genuinely funny but generally to me came off as sad and pathetic as the older man longing to be part of the hippy generation.

    Bean was a classic case of the liberal normalizing Jewish degeneracy and subversion.

    • Replies: @Dr.C. Fhandrich
  34. This is a really dumb anti-Semitic article. If Jews were trying to “normalize pedophilia” don’t you think they would lower the age of consent in Israel? Age of consent in Israel is 16 about the same as the world average by country (including UK).

    On the other hand, I agree the far-left/Antifa (who certainly aren’t the normal Jew) attract a disproportionate amount of pedophiles when compared to the general population. However, the far-right/neo-Nazis also attract a disproportionate amount of pedophiles too, so it’s misleading to only focus on the former and not the latter. It seems the most sick minded people are attracted to political extremes (far-left or far-right).

  35. @Johnny Smoggins

    Your mistake is thinking the left is communist. Its not, its capitalist. Neoliberal Capitalist. They want the whole world to be one California

    • Agree: Curmudgeon
    • Replies: @Johnny Smoggins
    , @Ace
  36. @Chris Mallory

    Thank you for that Chris. It always troubled me when I thought of those kids through the years.

  37. @anonymous

    Your thoughts on Bean parallel mine. I’ve always seen him in exactly the way you characterize him. In any case, he led quite a good life, essentially goofing around at a time when it was easier to break into the big entertainment industry than it is today. In those days, you could make quite a nice living, just picking up the crumbs so to speak…LOL

  38. Rosie says:

    To their credit, there are still Leftists out there who are sickened by this. Keith Woods’ recent video on the “Cuties” fiasco at Netflix showcased a Leftist who took the “degenderates” to task for defending kid-touchers and creepers.

    Hmmm. I don’t really think this is philosophically coherent. The logical foundations of pedophilia are already firmly established. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that it will take a Herculean effort to prevent it now.

    The Left is driven by a desire to desacralize literally everything, including (no, especially sex). With a casual attitude towards sex already normalized, all they have to do is make the case that trauma to children is “really caused by stigma” surrounding a “consensual” and pleasurable experience that would otherwise be harmless. No harm, no foul! Remember the Dangerous Faggot?

    I am glad to see that ES is taking this issue seriously, because apparently some on the dissident right think this is a nothing burger. That is a grave error.

    • Agree: Ace
  39. Numerous studies have found a powerful link between personalities that score high on the “authoritarian” scale (dislike of change, valuing stability and order, anti-cosmopolitan attitudes) and the desire to punish child molestation.

    This study is likely bullshit, I’m about as anti-authoritarian as you can get, and want pedos to get the woodchipper, feet-first and slow.

  40. DrWatson says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    The best cure for leftism is more leftism. If people want it, give it to them good and hard. There’s a reason we have the saying “give them enough rope and let them hang themselves.” Unfortunately a lot of lives will be lost and the nation shattered but from the other side of the darkness will come renewal.

    Hell, no. You may have had in mind the French Revolution, which quickly accelerated indeed, and ate its own children.

    But if you think of the Soviet Union, the archetypal Communist empire, this path is a lot less appealing. It took 70 years and the military and economic superiority of the West and the US in particular to bring it down.

  41. Exile says: • Website
    @Oliver D. Smith

    Israelis are notorious for supporting and sheltering child traffickers – Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell obviously come to mind.

    No less than 5 Mossad heads showed up at her father’s funeral. Cohencidence?

    More links at:

  42. Dumbo says:

    The problem for the pedos is that, while general sexual freedom and economic misery for most helps them gain more access to children, it also makes people more disgusted by them.

    Now that homosexuality, transgenderism, etc, have basically become “mainstream”, pedophilia alone remained among normies as the last bastion of morality, indeed, the only non-permissible sexual licence. It really is the last barrier.

    That’s why pedophilia now is trying to come through the backdoor by means of “transgender children” and “gays adopting children”, which even when there is no direct sexual abuse, is an indirect form of sexualization of children and pre-teens.

    I remember a few cases, one of a gay couple in Australia who “adopted” a kid and then used him on sex parties with other gays. Also a lesbian couple who abused then castrated their own son. But even when there’s no abuse, those kinds of “families” expose the child to a moral universe that is far from ideal.

    • Agree: Druid
    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @jacobs-adder
  43. @DrWatson

    Don’t forget that we’re already at least fifty years into our own Marxist revolution so the expiry date is on the horizon.

    • Replies: @DrWatson
  44. @Caspar von Everec

    I agree that left and right are imperfect terms but it’s what we have to work with. If you prefer, we can call the left globalists, Marxists or Jews.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  45. DrWatson says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    I wish you were right. The question is how ‘woke’ most people are. I m afraid the worst is yet to come.

  46. TKK says:
    @Dr.C. Fhandrich

    ME ALSO.

    In some small town Wal Marts and Post Offices, they have those same photos. Hundreds of missing children. Many of them are Latino.

    Where are they? Why are authorities not running to look for them like their hair is on fire?

    • Replies: @nature
  47. TKK says:
    @Caspar von Everec

    That is correct!

    And if anyone drives up in an old pick up and starts talking about contacts he has for murder for hire- run away and never speak to them. Starts bragging about being in the CIA, military, underground contacts. ***People who actually have these contacts do not advertise it.***

    I had a client who joked with a man at the bar about putting out a hit on his wife because they were divorcing. In this period, she went out and opened many, many credit cards and ran up a huge bill for ridiculous items- like 10 QVC Christmas trees- when she knew the divorce was imminent.

    He made the one joke, and his new “buddy”—-LOOK FOR FORCED TEAMING..what are WE are going to? What about OUR problem— asked for his phone number.

    The new buddy called him, and said: Are we going to do this? And my client said, Nah man I was just venting. He vented some more, and the Buddy got him to joke some.

    Then some dumb remark was made about all the money he would save if she was gone. Buddy asked Client: Does she have a life insurance policy? Up to date? Client says, I will check on that tomorrow. He did check on it in a few days and just tidied up the policy. He did not cancel yet because they were not divorced yet.

    This “buddy” was a Fed and they arrested him for Conspiracy to Commit Murder.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  48. @brabantian

    Oddly enough, I watched WR: Mysteries of the Organism the other evening. And last night I watched a documentary about Reich. Before I had learned much about his theories and life I was under the impression he got a raw deal from the U.S. government.

    I am opposed to book burning and it seemed to me that the destruction of his “accumulators” was silly. The documentary about him underscored much of what I have read about him. He seems to have been a fairly unsavory individual. Maybe he was a genius but he seems to have been a real degenerate. But this does not excuse the burning of his books or the destruction of his inventions even if they were fraudulent and useless.

    BTW, the Dusan Makavejev film makes use of some clips from Stalinist propaganda as well as some silly vignettes featuring Tuli Kupferberg of the Fugs as well as Warhol drag queen Jackie Curtis while telling the story of a revolutionary Serbian woman spouting slogans depicting sexual license as Marxist revolutionary practice.

  49. And here at Unz, pedo Anatoly Karlin has outed himself as part of that kid diddling normalization movement.

    They have already put many pieces in place.

    • Disagree: RadicalCenter
    • Troll: Hangnail Hans
  50. Ghali says:

    What a degrading dirty theory of immorality. Vicious dogs are always devouring defenceless victims. But Jews never had/have any thing to offer to humanity. They warship violence and its paraphernalia that serve them well.

  51. First, let me express thanks for the link to my research and commentary on the role of Judith Butler in developing Third Wave “gender theory.” Butler’s extensive reliance on two pro-pedophile sources (Foucault and Rubin) struck me as a powerful indictment of her work.

    As I explained elsewhere, most college students who read Butler’s Gender Trouble as a required text for an introductory Women’s Studies course do so without any warning about (a) the problems with her sources, or (b) her authorial purpose. Because her writing style is so opaque and crammed with academic jargon, it is difficult for even an advanced student to understand her meaning. Often, she conveys her meaning by asking provocative questions that she does not directly answer, so that it is impossible for a critic to pin down exactly what it is she advocates. My belief is that this is by design.

    As to her authorial purpose, Butler later explained (in an essay included in her anthology Undoing Gender) that her real goal in writing Gender Trouble was to provide an intellectual justification of “butch”/”femme” roles in lesbian relationships. Of course, the college sophomore in a Women’s Studies 101 course is never told this, and instead Butler’s text is presented as saying something about “gender” that is universal in its application. From this, you see, has arisen the madness of Queer Feminism Uber Alles.

    Secondly, while I avoid the Salem Witch-Hunt approach to anti-Semitism — where we are all supposed to engage in ritual denunciation of the accused Jew-hater, lest we ourselves become suspects as sympathetic to such — I am myself a philo-Semite and Zionist. Whatever genuine association can be demonstrated between Jewishness and subversive influence is, I believe, explicable by sociological analysis. Indeed, several Jewish conservative authors have addressed this problem at length. The greatest danger posed by anti-Semitism in the 21st century is not an American Fourth Reich, as so many liberals would have us believe, but rather that anti-Semitism inevitably drags down anyone who becomes involved with it. Intelligent young people who might have had useful and productive careers instead divert their energies into futile endeavors that harm their reputations, and which may even lead them to criminal acts. I have known a few such people personally, and it saddens me to contemplate their self-destructive course.

    Well, I can read Judith Butler without becoming a pervert, and I can read anti-Semitic arguments without becoming an anti-Semite. This is why the defense of Free Speech is so important. If it were up to the Overlords of High Tech, Mr. Striker’s article would be suppressed, so that no one would even be able to consider whether or not his argument had any truth in it. Why? Because, the ADL would have us believe, anyone who reads this article is immediately going to purchase a swastika flag and begin plotting to blow up the nearest synagogue. Why is it, however, that we are not allowed to argue that Judith Butler’s work should be suppressed because of its potential for inspiring socially harmful behavior? That’s the real question to think about.

    • Replies: @Ace
  52. Ed Case says:
    @James O'Meara

    Reich didn’t endorse sex between adults and children.
    The author is taking advantage of the likelihood that few people are familiar with Reich even though his work is still in print 63 years after his death.
    E. Michael Jones also never misses a chance to stick a knife in Reich.
    I suggest that both Jones and this Striker rooster aren’t what they present themselves as, and that both merit careful scrutiny.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  53. anarchyst says:

    …Children in homosexual households are starting to speak out that “something was missing” in their lives–a heterosexual parent of the opposite sex. Of course, the homosexual movement will attempt to stamp out any truth about their deviant behavior resulting from their sordid lifestyle, just as they are successfully doing, making “conversion therapy” illegal in a number of states.

    Woman Raised By Lesbians Has Some Shocking Things To Say About Needing A Dad

    Experience is supposed to be top card over any and all facts. But what happens when experience blows holes in the activist narrative?

    It doesn’t matter who you click with. That was what the airline put in their ads.

    Homosexuals should be able to raise children. We’ve been told this for as long as same-sex relationships have been socially acceptable.

    But did anybody ask what the CHILDREN thought about it?

    One has finally spoken up. The keepers of the narrative will not like it.

    We can probably expect her to be given the same rough treatment that other heretics against the cause, like Milo, are given.

    So, while she still has a voice, let’s let hers be heard:

    It’s her own personal story, after all. By the rules of the game as the Left has been playing it, who can judge her for her own story?

    [Heather]Barwick, who is 31 now, married, and has four children, said that same-sex marriage and parenting withholds either a mother or father from a child while telling him or her that it doesn’t matter. That it’s all the same. But it’s not.

    “A lot of us, a lot of your kids, are hurting,” wrote Barwick in her essay for The Federalist website. “My father’s absence created a huge hole in me, and I ached every day for a dad. I loved my mom’s partner, but another mom could never have replaced the father I lost.”

    “I grew up surrounded by women who said they didn’t need or want a man,” said Barwick. “Yet, as a little girl, I so desperately wanted a daddy. It is a strange and confusing thing to walk around with this deep-down unquenchable ache for a father, for a man, in a community that says that men are unnecessary.”

    She used to be an advocate of same-sex marriage. So she isn’t motivated by disdain for same-sex relationships. She’s backing a different cause now.

    “Gay marriage doesn’t just redefine marriage, but also parenting,” she says. “It promotes and normalizes a family structure that necessarily denies us something precious and foundational. It denies us something we need and long for, while at the same time tells us that we don’t need what we naturally crave. That we will be okay. But we’re not. We’re hurting.”

    “It’s not just me,” said Barwick. “There are so many of us. Many of us are too scared to speak up and tell you about our hurt and pain, because for whatever reason it feels like you’re not listening. That you don’t want to hear.”

    “If we say we are hurting because we were raised by same-sex parents, we are either ignored or labeled a hater,” she wrote.
    Source: Daily Mail

    Now she’s an advocate of Children’s rights. She’s also married and a mother of four.

    Buckle up, Heather. It looks like you’ll be in for a rough ride.

  54. ScuzzaMan says:

    The “repression” of infantile sexuality, according to Jews who studied the rise of Fascism, is the most consistent predictor of authoritarian tendencies. Using Freud’s widely debunked Oedipus Complex, historic anti-fascists purport that exposing small children to sexuality is the key to immunizing them from the appeal of Fascist ideas when they become adults.

    This is oddly ironic given the strong cases that have been made that the majority of Nazi leadership were both Jewish (at least in part) and homosexuals.

    It smells of one of those arguments built on the standard narrative whose function is not to make a separate point but just to assume the truth of the standard narrative as its foundation, thus reinforcing it (the standard narrative) by implication in the mind of the listener. It’s a nifty rhetorical sleight of hand but far from compelling.

    • Agree: frontier
    • Troll: gregor
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Polemos
    , @frontier
  55. Anon[166] • Disclaimer says:
    @Oliver D. Smith

    You cannot conflate “J*ws” and Israel, Israelis seek dominance over everyone, “J*ws” simply over the Whites

  56. Texan432 says:

    They are sneaking in the acceptance of peadophilia via the autism rights movement aka “Neurodiversity”.

    The next s j movement after trans rights

    Basically turbocharged by the gay Steve Silberman his prize winning book “neurotribes” and his Hollywood friends.

    Neurodiversity basically says there is no right or wrong way to be wired. So if your a schizo, autistic or are attracted to children that’s ok..

    You’ll notice shows like the good doctor are a Marxist idea to normalize mental illness and a Trojan horse to later normalize attraction to kids.

    So expect to hear a lot about “ Neurodiversity” in the future since there is no shortage of peadophilia and marxists in Hollywood.

    • Agree: Ray Caruso
    • Replies: @Ris_Eruwaedhiel
  57. mkr says:

    It’s very simple, if an adult wants to have sex with another adult they have to have consent from that other adult before they can have sex, if they don’t get consent and yet proceed to have sex with that other adult it is called rape because they are violating that other person’s human rights and having sex with them against their will. Unlike adults, a child cannot agree to have sex with an adult, the child has neither the life experience or the intelligence to consent to sex, therefore if the child is raped, whether or not the child agrees or disagrees with the rape at the time that it occurs, that child has been raped, which is against their human rights; once that child becomes an adult they will know that they were abused as children because they were taken advantage of as children, their inexperience, lack of intelligence, and inability to consent were taken advantage of by adults.

    All this psychological mumbo jumbo about creating rebels or authoritarians through rape of children or through not raping children is absolute nonsense, it forgets the most basic law, which is to not violate human rights, it forgets it all together and starts to attempt to justify violating human rights; it’s like they had their end goal in mind, pedophilia in this case, and then attempted to create sound reasoning to support their criminality. What is more authoritarian than raping a child, these people are projecting their own crimes onto wholesome families trying to accuse their enemies of the crimes that they themselves are guilty of, it’s obscene, these beasts are disgusting criminals, and their filthy projecting minds and filthy mouths I have had enough of.

    • Agree: Alfred, Druid
  58. @Oliver D. Smith

    ” If Jews were trying to “normalize pedophilia” don’t you think they would lower the age of consent in Israel?”

    No, because as with so many Jewish/Zionist social engineering projects (e.g 3rd world immigration), it’s “Good for thee, but not for we.”

    • Replies: @Oliver D. Smith
  59. @advancedatheist

    His brother, Julian, was high up in the Technocracy movement of the time. Elon Musk’s grandfather was one of founders of Technocracy didn’t quite make it off the runway back then, but it’s now coming back stronger than ever….hence, we see the scientific/medical community being pushed to eminence currently with their Covid19 scare and people like Bill Gates parading around on the media circuit promoting a future in technocracy. Also, see the World Economic Forum, led by Klaus Schwab who talks about “China being much more prepared than USA” for the emerging Technocracy. We all know how free individuals in China are [sarc].

  60. The forerunner of Gay Marriage was the “Domestic Partnership” – invented by the San Francisco Jew Larry Brinkin.

    He helped California enact Gay Marriage.

    He was arrested in relation to pedophile movies of 2 year old kids.

    • Replies: @Druid
  61. nature says:

    Why should they do Latinolands job?
    They might not even be worth the milk carton their faces are print on (the latinx kids).

  62. @anarchyst

    The idea that all a child needs is love and financial support was one idea behind no-fault divorce, followed by the acceptability of beating and raising children out-of-wedlock and finally gay/lesbian childbearing and adoption. Slippery slope indeed.

  63. @Texan432

    The obvious end point of the liberal principles of Diversity, Inclusivity and Equity. No such thing as mental normality vs. abnormality, no such thing as moral vs. immoral behavior, except offenses against these three liberal principles.

    Wise individuals have earned for centuries that democracies inevitably self-destruct.

    • Agree: Ray Caruso
    • Replies: @Texan432
  64. tosca says:

    Hello, if you do not know what sabbataism and frankism are, then you cannot understand the real purpose behind the promotion of pedophilia and other trends. Start studying both heretical sects. It is urgent. Yours.

    • Agree: flyingtiger, Druid
  65. @Ed Case

    Reich didn’t endorse sex between adults and children.

    I’m not sure about that as he did practice it, sort of in reverse, when he was a child. From what I can remember vaguely from having read his biography several decades ago, he seemed to brag about having sex at a very early age with his adult maids, and that it was he who initiated this, not the maids. It had me wondering how did he manage this and I suppose he blackmailed them that he would tell on them that they were abusing him to get them sacked. I think he may have done that anyway so as to get them changed for new ones when he tired of them, so ensuring a constant supply of new sex object to use for his pleasure. He also seemed to often boast about his own sexual potency relating how early he started having penetrative sex (I can’t remember the actual age but it was something ridiculously young). Of course one can question if he was telling the truth as guys often like to brag about their sexual prowess to impress others, and it isn’t unknown for such types to make up stories. Otherwise I found his work quite interesting, although I don’t know if he conclusively proved the existence of orgones, but the idea seemed plausible to me at the time.

    At the time I also used to read the books by some of the other authors Striker mentions above, but once, some years later on, I was leafing through a book of correspondence between Burroughs and Ginsberg I chanced upon in a bookshop and came across letters they wrote to each other about their exploits with underage Arab boys in Tangier that were utterly disgusting, where they were paying these preteens to have sex with each other for their entertainment. That put in perspective why his Arab neighbours in Tangier hated Burroughs and used to give him a hard time dumping trash and whatever else in front of his door (of course he also made a racket shooting with his gun at the walls while knocked out on smack). Burroughs too was a cult figure at the time, and I guess everyone thought he restricted his homosexual activities to adult males, but now I think he wasn’t so scrupulous and may have engaged in pederastry with teens, and even worse, with pre-teens. Not to talk about Ginsburg, he sure was NAMBLA not just in theory but in practice too. I was actually quite excited when I came across that book of letters between the two great modern American literati and intended to purchase it but reading those shocking anecdotes I put the book down and never bothered with these authors again.

    I’m relating this through a poor memory of those books I read so long ago but perhaps James O’Meara would know more about the private lives of some of these former icons of “underground” literature.

    • Replies: @Ed Case
  66. Kali says:

    I take this shit personally (as Israel Shamir might attest) because, for me, it is deeply personal. So I won’t even pretend objectivity on the subject.

    Maybe, just maybe, what it will take to put an end to the psychobabble support given to “normalise” child-rape and sexual exploitation of children encouraged to aledgedly make the world “safe for jews”, will be people like me speaking out about the horrors of child rape, and the long term psychological effects of those horrors!

    The stigma of victimhood, including assumptions made about the mental-health of “survivors” of childhood sexual abuse, is off-putting but not unsurmountable, particularly once we come out of “survival” mode and begin to transcend our experiences and fully heal from them. Only then are we free to take on the psychobabble of “experts” who care nothing for the well-being of humanity.

    The “me too” campaign of the “left” seems to clash with this pro-child-rape ethos promoted by politically active homosexual and transgender advocates of the same “left”. Implosion seems possible.

    But only if the hashtag-me-too-ers drop the virtue signal inherrent in that campaign, and actually use their experiences (if real) to challenge the rapidly accelerating sexualisation of mainstream western culture, rather than focusing on the sleazy manifestations of that cultural change for short-term politically correct man-bashing.

    The tragedy of child-rape is that it destroys trust, confidence, sense of security and innocence, thus leaving the growing child more vulnerable to further exploitation, often throughout the rest of the life of the victim (should they survive the almost inevitable suicide attempts of late-teen/early adulthood).

    For my part, I would willingly pull the trigger on any proven child-rapist, and any advocate of child rape, thereby sending the message out, in no uncertain terms, that child-rape is wholy unacceptable if we are to grow psychologically healthy adults. Other forms of child abuse should also be severely punished.

    Psychologically healthy adults make better parents, and cycles of abuse (damaged adults damaging children) would be all but eradicated IF the punishment matched the crime!

    *So much for the repression of children’s sexuality leading to authoritarianism in adulthood. I’m certain that I’d be much less authoritarian on the matter had I not been so thoroughly “sexually liberated” as a child!*

    The harm done by child-rapists and their political supporters is immeasurable and, amongst other things, results in a sick, addicted society of thoughtless, reckless hedonists and “worthless” victims, whose main objective is gratification of desires and impulses, regardless of the damage it inflicts.

    To wipe this scourge from society, so that society may heal from such abuses to function for the good of all of its members would mark a great step forward in our evolution as a species.

    I would like to sign this “with love”, as is usual for me, but I can’t. The subject brings out the authoritarian “nazi” in me!


    • Thanks: Polemos, Druid, Alfred
    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  67. @TKK

    Your client was really an idiot.

    But, as all more knowledgeable people than me say- divorce laws & procedures should be changed.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  68. Jake says:

    He did. He also understood the English Elites and all the behind-the-doors sexual perversion that was normalized within those circles. He knew, firsthand, the ‘rent boy’ system, and how that played out in the streets.

    He saw a great deal, and he chose not to oppose that cultural apparatus, including the Jewish part. Huxley chose to dope himself and otherwise party, because he was smart enough to know that the only meaningful opposition would be stand for Christ and Christendom, and that he would not do.

  69. journey80 says:

    So tell me about Joe …. whaaahahahahaaha

    Note the friendship bracelet Barack made for Joe …and note the glance he shoots at Kamala when he’s talking about the things Joe likes.

    • Replies: @Druid
  70. tosca says:

    Hello. The next step will legalize or normalize all incestuous behaviors. It is in the line . After that, what next? Murder? Anthropophagism? Who knows? Why stop at one point or another? It must become ever worse. What will be the end of the line? We guess for sure, but horresco referens.

  71. Jake says:

    For the degenerate Left, pedophilia and pederasty are essentially recruiting strategies.

    Most definitely.

    • Replies: @Eagle Eye
  72. Jake says:

    Yes, but that still says nothing, because if the culture in question is itself off-kilter when it does not tolerate pederasty/pedophilia, it is already in a slippery slope heading in that very direction.

    Consider this: “With figures such as Lady MAGA now receiving red carpet treatment in “respectable” conservative circles, it’s clear that America’s institutional individualistic right-liberals are not only surrendering opposition to the barbaric practice of surgically and chemically trying to change a child’s sex, it doesn’t even have the moral or intellectual categories needed to confidently fight the trend to begin with.”

    What is wrong with the reigning culture, the defining culture, that this is the case? Can you tinker and make right a culture when this is true of its conservatives?

  73. SC Rebel says:
    @Oliver D. Smith

    Yeah, your statements make as much sense as the following:

    “If Jews were trying to create an open border, don’t you think they would open their borders in Israel?”

    What part of they are doing these things here because they hate us, don’t you get?

  74. Biff says:

    Who’s the creep in the cover photo?

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
    , @anon
  75. gotmituns says:

    Normalize Pedophilia
    There used to be a song in the 1960s some of the lyrics were, “You mustn’t be discouraged, there’s always one step further down you can go.”
    Well, don’t be discouraged, We’ve just begun to go down the path of “sex” with dolls and let’s not forget our animal friends.
    I wonder what’s after that?

  76. The author knows nothing of Wilhelm Reich and his work, to throw his picture up, with a single quote, without citation, and then attribute a litany of horrors to Reich is a despicable demonstration of yellow journalism at work.

    It should be noted that Reich abandoned Communism and was attacked as one of the early targets of the “Deep State” in America, through smear articles in the New Republic and Harpers that lead the way to FDA attacks upon his scientific work, book burnings and his death in prison.

    Distortions of Reich’s work are legion, from the left and the right, where secularists and religious came together to attack Reich’s work, which actually demonstrated God’s love in the love life of loving contact that is a functional reality that connects biology with natural, healthy goodness. Yes this is why Reich was against circumcision as an assault upon the core of a child and a demonstration of a sickness he termed the ‘Emotional Plague” that coursed through human society pushed by distortions of the truth upon hurt people, who have lost contact with themselves, because they have lost contact with nature, with reality, and thus this is why Reich was a strong opponent of pornography, as a further distortion and destruction of our natural love life or nurturing contact
    in a family.

    Yes Reich supported family life for the contact between mother and child must be supported and nurtured which includes a healthy work life, to which Reich thought that Communism might see the importance of nurturing the family by freeing it from fear. Reich would learn that the Communists were not interested in dealing with fear, but in instilling fear, and thus Reich did attack both Red Fascism and Black Fascism, and came to have full respect for the aims of the American Republic, the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, where the principles where set down, and people were actually free, because there was a health in people that was exhibited in a commitment to freedom, that Reich found living in expressed in some of the simple folk he met when he moved to Maine. While conservative, he was happy to find people that could intuitively understand his scientific work, as biological sensitivity, as the type found amongst farmers who recognize for example dowsing, also recognize a more unified conception of ‘the birds and the bees’ makes for a simple understanding of the Gospel, to which Reich’s book The Murder of Christ is required reading.

    • Thanks: follyofwar
    • Replies: @tru3
  77. Anonymous[721] • Disclaimer says:

    This is oddly ironic given the strong cases that have been made that the majority of Nazi leadership were both Jewish (at least in part) and homosexuals.

    You shouldn’t approve trash comments like this one, Striker.

  78. anon[137] • Disclaimer says:

    As well as being a sexual degenerate and an academic fraud, Willhelm Reich was also a shyster of the first magnitude promoting “Orogone Accumulators” (coined from the word orgasm) that he claimed could cure many different maladies like cancer. These were boxes that people would sit in to absorb “energy” that he called “Orgone” accumulators. The FDA saw that these were clearly quack devices and slapped him with an injunction which eventually put him in jail where he died of heart failure in 1957.

    • Replies: @Abdul Alhazred
    , @DaveE
  79. @Johnny Smoggins

    Years ago I considered a scenario wherein one rogue US state legalizes pedophilia, turning our current cold civil war hot.

    Now I’m not sure even such a horror would evoke much outrage.

  80. anon[137] • Disclaimer says:
    @Caspar von Everec

    If anyone had anyone laid down their plans to deal with the problem clearly on a website such as this, they would be arrested by the FBI tomorrow.

  81. Democrats are so dirty that they stop at nothing.
    If somebody think that Hope Hicks ,Trump, and Melania did get Corona virus by accident must be total imbecile.
    Democrats did try to eliminate eliminate Trump by any means.
    Now Democrats are trying to kill him outright.

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  82. Texan432 says:

    Marxism is about opposites. What works must be undermined And replaced with something that doesn’t or not as well, since the end goal is undermining the status quo for control purposes.

    So it was a natural evolution for them to try to normalize serious mental conditions, inc attraction to children.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  83. The ADL carrying on its original mandate. To defend Jewish pedophiles against decent society.

    • Agree: Trinity, Druid
    • Replies: @anarchyst
  84. Jiminy says:

    This is familiar territory for the jewish families whose daughters were diddled by their bull dyke headmistress at a Melbourne religious school. Before anything could be done, Malka Leifer left town for Palestine, knowing of course that she would be safe in the protection of her fellow jews. It has been at least twelve years since she fled Australia, with scores of court hearings held to try to extradite her, but all to no avail. Clearly the jews would love it if everybody would just forget about the whole saga, but sadly there is at least one family of 3 girls under the mistaken belief that justice will prevail. Naive fools still exist.

  85. Polemos says:

    Which is the standard narrative and which is the separate point in the part you’re quoting from?

    • Replies: @frontier
  86. @anon

    Reich’s scientific discoveries were a direct threat to the deep state’s being able to create hate filled zombies like yourself to spout out all of the yellow journal smears without ever having taken the effort to explore Reich’s experiments and the development of reasoning and hypothesis through free observations to which parameters of measurements gathered upon novel constructs that provided an actual Living Unified Field, experimentally verified upon various levels of magnitude, such that science and nature united in a field of functional parameters and equations of the self same expression patterns of unctions demonstrated through time constructs that define time along such parameters always bring us to life, to warmth of hand contact that is what nurtures and defends.

  87. anon[252] • Disclaimer says:

    If you really want to be non-ideological about it, kiddy superfreak Nabokov is the non-ideological gold standard. He wrote lyrically of prepubescent sex with a cousin of some sort of the same age. Then he rigorously worked through the implications of power disparities and child sexuality. In Lolita, most obviously. That was an absolutely unflinching story of child sexual abuse that ends in remorse for a ruined childhood. But also in Bend Sinister, where the climactic torture, the analog of Orwell’s rats, was… child sexual abuse. Nabokov accepts childhood sexuality as real, and he distinguishes the separate issue of manipulation or coercion by adults. Child sexuality; child sexual abuse. Two things; one, two. See?

    So get a grip on yaself. You can stop pedophiles without smacking your kid if she plays with herself. Those schoolboys killing each other on the playground, wrestling around rubbing their little peckers on each other, so what? This is all Jews’ idea? Come on.

    • Agree: Kali
    • Replies: @Kali
  88. @James O'Meara

    Indeed, the quote from Reich referred to by Striker is a not so veiled cry against genital mutilation (aka circumcision). He was a student of Freud, who opposed it too, believing it essential for males to enter adulthood with their full sexual potency intact.

    Reich may have been a crackpot in some ways, but he was also a misunderstood genius. His defiance of authority landed him in jail, where he died of heart failure. An internet site “The Circumcision Complex” is devoted to Reich. It’s written by psychologists and others well versed in the subject, and explores the many ways in which genital mutilation psychologically and physically damages men.

  89. Katrinka says:
    @Caspar von Everec

    That’s a good one! Best laugh I’ve had for a long, long time!

  90. @Caspar von Everec

    Don’t trust me. Trust people you know. Form organizations with your neighbors and relatives, people you can trust. If anyone suggests something illegal like violence or trafficking, then you know they’re feds

    Good to see this suggestion.

    The Mark of Cain is a great obstacle in realizing this vision, but without the trust you describe, it will remain impossible.

    I’ll add that it will prove far easier to relocate to rural areas and revive already dead or dying townships. Shoulder to the wheel, you’ll own it entirely, and the tranquility you’ll enjoy in such an environment will be well worth the effort.

  91. @anarchyst

    “Many of us are too scared to speak up and tell you about our hurt and pain, because for whatever reason it feels like you’re not listening. That you don’t want to hear.”

    Ok but, here’s what those people need to realize — that’s how huge numbers of people feel who come from any kind of family structure.

    Part of the problem with this era is that too many believe their pain is ‘more special, more unique’. And, of course, if your skin is black, your pain is the worst of all.

    — BULL —

    So many want compassion but, not enough want to give it including the ‘wanters’.

  92. anarchyst says:
    @Arthur Biggs

    You mean: To defend Jewish pedophiles and murderers against decent society.

  93. DaveE says:
    @Commentator Mike

    ….if the Protocols are genuine, and if a “forgery” then just a very good copy of the original.

    Whether written by Jew or Gentile matters naught. The Protocols is perhaps the most prophetic document ever written, certainly in the top 10.

    Jews I’ve known love to gloat about their power and the weaknesses of their enemy (humanity) which they can exploit. The Protocols reads like an extended (overheard) bathroom conversation, so it’s not exactly difficult to believe its origins are Jewish.

    But really, it hardly matters.

  94. Well a friend at Homeland told me of a pedo roundup. Most of them were middle-aged Jews. Any wonder the protection offered to such by that community?

  95. @Wielgus

    Yep. The Candy Man. One of the most heinous serial killers I’ve ever read about and yet he’s not nearly as well-known as Bundy or Son of Sam or the Zodiac.

    John Wayne Gacy’s victims weren’t quite as young as Dean Corll’s, but several of them were below the age of 16 and none of them, I believe, were older than 21.

    Gacy’s primary method for picking his victims was to hang around bus stations, spot young men who looked to be runaways, and offer them employment. Once he had isolated them at his home, he overpowered them and then raped and murdered them.

    These killers are usually very good at spotting victims who won’t be missed, but they eventually get sloppy and pick victims who are missed. Corll used to hedge his bets by making his victims phone/write their parents with excuses for their absences.

  96. DaveE says:

    Willhelm Reich was also a shyster of the first magnitude promoting “Orogone Accumulators” (coined from the word orgasm) that he claimed could cure many different maladies like cancer.

    It’s not hard to fast-forward and change names of the characters – to our present- day war between the Bill Gates “poison ’em with syringes” faction and the snake-oil salesmen who rob us blind paying for “cures” that don’t exist for “diseases” that may not exist except in the abscess of our deepest fears……….

    There’s more than one way to kill a Goy, don’cha know. Or at least to make sure we’re broke when we finally succumb.

  97. I must say that of all the Jews I have met and know very personally have never expressed perversion of any sort involving children or adults for that matter and if there are those who advocate such practices and are of Jewish faith then they should not be treated any different than those of the gentile persuasion who engage in loathsome behavior… sexual exploitation of children must severely be punished regardless of race, creed, culture or sexual orientation without if, and, and buts!

    • Replies: @Iva
  98. Trinity says:

    Just read the Wiki article on this Reich creep. My gawd, how typical. ONCE AGAIN ANOTHER COHENcidence. What a freak this POS was.

  99. Iva says:

    Warning !!!!!!!!! You may get sick watching this German medical student promoting pedophilia. TED Talk took of this video off their web.
    She says “we must overcame negative feeling about pedophilia, we must start treating pedophilia as any other sexual orientation, we must embrace pedophilia………..”
    Here is the link that still shows it.

    • Replies: @Sya Beerens
  100. Iva says:
    @God's Fool

    I remember program on “60 min” about seting traps for pedophils and there was one Rabi who responded to 13 years old wanted to meet.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  101. Anonymous[150] • Disclaimer says:

    The author mentions Jews pushing radical individualism, which like economic libertarianism applies only to everyone else and so favors their apparent ethnic racketeering. Many years ago I worked in the Big Bagel at a trading desk that had a loudspeaker. The Jewish president of the company’s secretary was married to a Jewish fellow and looked the part herself but was actually a rose of quite a different color. Thing is, she could flip his private phone conversations onto the speaker while he thought he was talking privately to his Jewish associates. It was hilarious listening in on them now and then trying to screw goy clients, providing the most confidential information to Jewish competitors like it was a coup and not a likely felony, or discussing dropping one law firm to use another because some middle-aged men were “such nice Jewish boys.” The real Wall Street would make more of a sitcom than show about “geniuses” at work.

    • Thanks: DaveE
  102. Trinity says:

    I remember an episode of “To Catch A Predator” with Chris Hansen that featured Chris nabbing a rabbi. I use to love how Hansen would walk in the room, and ask the creep, how ya doing, I’m Chris Hansen from…. The look on that rabbi’s face and the way he behaved was so telling. He thought he was really above the law and was just going to calmly walk away.

    • Thanks: DaveE
  103. Anonymous[210] • Disclaimer says:

    WHY this jewish hyper fixation with child sex??? so Stalin, Hitler, Ariel Sharon were sexually repressed men which led them to be tyrants?? not their thirst for poweer?? What is teh reltiobship between sex and judaism sex religious ceremonies?? Child sexual riyauls very common among ultra orthodox jews why?? Its been known that teh best way to destroy a race a culture a nation is destroying its MORALS…Child sex best way to wipe out Christian western nations. Do they want to legalize jewish sex sacrifying goyim children??

  104. @Ash Williams

    I’m tempted to agree. I’m individualist and anti-authoritarian by nature — ironically, largely due to being saturated with liberal and leftist ideas since childhood — and that hasn’t stopped me from being disgusted by the various flavors of abnormality and degeneracy that have clearly been methodically normalized during my lifetime.

    As a matter of fact, my rebellious tendencies have only helped me keep a clear head as the indoctrination went all the way from reasonable justifications for “tolerance” and “equal protection” to utterly illiberal and undemocratic promotion and enforcement.

    On the other hand, I understand a need for an opposing authoritarian movement. Maybe us individualists have to bite the bullet and support efforts toward a more authoritarian approach, just to have the power to ‘right the balance.’

    Hell, I’m expecting the years ahead to be full of increasing limits and restrictions anyway, so maybe working toward a right-wing authoritarian result will give generations down the line a more “normal” and healthy future. Just a possibility.

    • Replies: @Ash Williams
  105. Ace says:
    @Caspar von Everec

    Anytime someone uses the word “neoliberal” it’s a sure sign of intellectual confusion. A lot of stupid rich people who control foundations and corporations earnestly desire the end of our constitutional republic and adore socialism and its necessary end product. They most certainly do not wish to soil themselves by supporting “capitalism,” neo-liberal or otherwise.

    Adding “neo” to the front of nouns seems posh but it adds nothing. Neo-capitalism, neo-liberalism, neo-classical economics, neo-Naziism, neo-Freudianism, neo-Malthusian . . . . All perfectly understandable without the new prefix unless somehow the point that “it’s back!” is of most vitalness. The “backness” and “goneness” are never explored. Just “neo” don’t you know. Verb. sap., yo.

    So far I’ve not seen neo-communism. Probably because it’s not desirable that people notice that plain-vanilla communism never went into a supposed remission, like the fatal disease it is. A flowering glory blossom ever since the elimination of Joe McCarthy.

    Fascism is, of course, back with a vengeance. It’s beyond bad of course. As is anything that hints at the truth that the flabbiness and sappiness of the liberal order are a guaranteed drag strip pointed at oblivion. It is hard to define. Like “right-wing.” Both terms now implicitly hinting at competence and firmness. Sort of a Singaporean realism. As well as a vague kind of “meanness” as Orwell understood. Can’t be mean. Other’s can be mean. But not us.

    There is that authoritarianism thing about fascism. True. But that never bothered any of the fans of the Soviet Union. It was quite airbrushed out of existence. Trust me on that.

  106. frontier says:

    There’s a book addressing the substantial role of gays in the founding of NSDAP:
    Some relevant parts of it online:

    The standard narrative proclaims that the National Socialist German Workers’ Party was against Socialism and opposed to the other Socialist Workers Parties, as the commies usually call theirs. It turns out that most of the NSDAP founding stock were gays and pedos. Yeah, Hitler eventually killed Ernst Röhm because he was fondling the young boys who Hitler wanted stuffed with amphetamines and sent to die throughout Europe. As usual, the revolution killed its firstborns but that didn’t change its nature.

  107. @Abdul Alhazred

    This theory of unified field is not new at all : Reich was not innovating but pillaging well-known works from antiquity. It is worth studying it briefly. But there is a problem : absolutely all people attracted to it and devoting prolonged attention to it have always been known to be pricks and adorers of money. Orgone theory is the globalist oligarchy’s own religion and Reich was just caught try to divulge it to a too wide public. All countries where such forbidden knowledge is more widely known fall in utter misery and that knowledge without being evil by itself is most useful to evildoers but of no use to those who do good.

  108. Exile says: • Website
    @Oliver D. Smith

    Pure Jewish gaslighting.

    Kyle Rittenhouse’s sample size – 3 antifa, 3 criminals, at least 2 jews, 1 Jewish serial raper of little boys.

    Source on far-right “disproportionate” child molesters?

    I don’t even think ADL or $PLC have gotten around to that one yet. Mark Potok’s probably sitting in the room next door to your office – why don’t you ask him.

  109. Ace says:
    @Robert McCain

    It’s not whether Jewish “subversive influence is . . . explicable by sociological analysis.” Or not.

    The question is Is organized Jewry a subversive [and destructive] influence and do such Jews have a right to stand our culture on its head and then destroy it?

    The Jewish full-court press on “anti-Semitism” is crafted precisely to keep this question from being answered.

    • Replies: @Robert McCain
  110. Mr. Anon says:

    While “authoritarians” often appear paranoid or hysterical in their hunt for pedophiles in Wayfair cabinets, their concern is not unfounded.

    The Wayfair incident was not what Wayfair said it was. There is no way to explain why a company would offer storage cabinets named after kids with prices in excess of ten thousand dollars for cabinets that you could by anwhere else for a thousand at most.

    I don’t think that Wayfair is running a human-trafficking ring out in the semi-open. Rather, I think a disgruntled employee deliberately made up those items and put them on the company’s website in order to draw the wrath of the Q-Anon community down on their employer.

    Q-Anon is, by the way, a ridiculous load of twaddle. Although I can imagine that it was actually concocted and pushed by some intelligence agency as a means of channeling the activity and interest of decent patriotic middle-American citizens into a useless blind-alley.

  111. So let me get this straight: QAnon is chasing down “pedos” by embracing as their leader herr drumpf – a long-time former owner of the “Miss Universe” pageant who has been accused of ogling those teen contestants in their dressing room, who appears to still harbour a crush on his own daughter, who was best friends with and hung out with Epstein and the rest of that chabad (is that what they call it???????)

    Only QAnon could be that stupid – absolutely thick as wood and played absolutely by drumpf…….

  112. Eagle Eye says:

    For the degenerate Left, pedophilia and pederasty are essentially recruiting strategies.

    It is much more than that.

    Anything-goes sexuality, especially with minors, is also a powerful weapon to undermine the traditional family and its wider support system, traditional Christian religious belief and practice maintained by and throughout a definable community of individuals who feel a sense of belonging and support each other. In other words, small but sturdy power centers outside the state.

    It was Mussolini who proudly announced his intention to tolerate “nothing outside the State.”

  113. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    The LGBTQ crowd is infiltrating the banker supported BLM movement. On some of BLM’s pages, you’ll see what we’ve heard a 1,000 times before, that LGBTQ Lives Matter!

    The perverts have slithered into many a US institution, from Congress, to Congress, the DOJ & even the Pentagon.

    They want to normalize–if that’s possible–pedophilia and their fellow travelers in the MSM have been writing articles crying that pedos aren’t really sickos, they were born with that gene and to keep them from molesting kids, why that’s what haters do.

    They want to add MAP–Minor Attracted Person–to the LGBTQ cry and have the AMA & APA claim its normal for some sick fucks to molest kids, only hateful anti-Semites would protest or some other BS.

    They can’t reproduce, so they need to recruit, hence the ones who volunteer to read to kids in our schools, even ones who have been convicted of sex against a minor charge.

    These people are real and determined to get at our kids and if sane people say NO, we’ll be hit with endless MSM bullshit about how hateful we are

    When we have the Dem candidate oozing with slime about how he likes to have kids rub his hairy legs, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if the Dems steal the WH, we’re going to be seeing all sorts of threats to our kids.

  114. tru3 says:
    @Abdul Alhazred

    Thank you for some balance about Reich’s legacy.

    Long story short, I grew up in a home where I experienced a tremendous amount of shame and conflict around sex. Sex was also a source of conflict and misery for me in two failed marriages. Studying Reich’s work gave me some insight into the “emotional plague” I suffered from.

    Trust me, it does exist.

    While I can understand many of the concerns expressed here, for me Reich was very helpful in making sense of my past.

    • Thanks: Kali, Abdul Alhazred
  115. Ed Case says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Reich never wrote his own life story.
    Myron Sharaf wrote Fury On Earth, having been one of his students, so could only have been recalling stories Reich told him of his childhood, or hearsay.
    In any event, Pedophilia isn’t usually taken to mean 12 year old sons of large estate owners having sex with 17 year old maids, it’s adult men having sex with quite young girls and boys, isn’t it.
    The story of Mildred Edie Brady may be of interest, she wrote a hit piece on Reich in The New Republic in 1947, and his problems with the Government ballooned after that.

  116. The prominence of Jews on your list got me thinking about Alan Dershowitz — and his weird compulsion to do away with statutory rape laws, etc.

    I wonder if the distinction that Christianity allows for the possibility that one’s desires might be sinful, but Judaism does not? Would Jews with deviant sexual desires feel compelled to see them authorized, where a Christian can handle the concept that ‘well, I might want to do that — but I mustn’t’?

    It comes back to us all being wretched sinners, etc — something a lot more central to Christian consciousness than it is to Judaism? Jews do seem to have this almost bizarre need to see their behavior as perfectly reasonable — even when it obviously isn’t.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  117. anon[110] • Disclaimer says:

    This article has all the stature of a cheese pizza.

  118. I am surprised that in an article about Jews and efforts to legitimize various forms of sexual deviancy, there is no mention of the name of Magnus Hirschfeld (1868 – 1935). Hirschfeld was s German-Jewish quack doctor and “sexologist” prominent in German public life from the late nineteenth century through the Weimar Republic years.

    All of the policies advocated by today’s exponents of perversion can be found nearly a century ago in Hirschfeld’s positions. He advocated repeal of laws against sodomy and abortion. In 1919 he founded the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft in Berlin, in a villa spacious enough not only to provide office space for the Institute, but also apartments for a variety of his sexual partners, friends, and associates. Says Wikipedia:

    …a number of noted individuals lived for longer or shorter periods of time in the various rooms available for rent or as free accommodations in the Institute complex. Among the residents were [Christopher] Isherwood and [Francis] Turville-Petre; literary critic and philosopher Walter Benjamin; actress and dancer Anita Berber; Marxist philosopher Ernst Bloch; Willi Münzenberg, a member of the German Parliament and a press officer for the Communist Party of Germany; Dörchen Richter, one of the first transgender patients to receive sex reassignment surgery at the Institute, and Lili Elbe. …Hirschfeld had coined the term transvestite in 1910 to describe what today would be called transgender people, and the institution became a haven for transgender people, where Hirschfeld offered them shelter from abuse, performed surgeries, and gave otherwise unemployable transgender people jobs, albeit of a menial type, mostly as “maids”.

    In short, representatives of every modern politically-correct persuasion were present – from homosexuals and transsexuals to Frankfurt School adherents (Walter Benjamin) and outright communists (Bloch and Münzenberg). Münzenberg was the money-man for various leftist causes throughout the world – a sort of George Soros of the day.

    Hirschfeld is also one of the persons to whom coinage of the words “racism” and “racist” has been attributed.

    It is not an overstatement to credit Hirschfeld as the principal begetter of most of the preoccupations of today’s Cultural Marxist/Social Justice Warrior left.

  119. mkr says:

    A parent’s responsibility is to care for their child’s needs and to not abuse them. The parent is the authority: the parent teaches the child so that the child can grow up and become an adult. What these psychopaths want is for children to grow up not trusting anyone at all; the child victim will grow up and become an adult knowing full well that when they were younger they did not have the life experience, intelligence, or the ability to consent to sex with an adult and yet they were raped anyway, by their supposed parent, their supposed caregiver; if you can’t trust your parents growing up day in and day out year after year then who can you trust? That is what these psychopaths are teaching, they are teaching criminality and seeking to justify it.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  120. >b4uact, virped behind “forefront of attempting to erase social boundaries and stigmas”

    wooh we have a brainlet here. All they want is what the social scientists have recommended: that age related sex crimes have a 10-15% recividism rate, and the best way of maintaining a low rate of reoffence is community acceptance and inclusion.

    As for “pedophilia” well, sexual acts between juveniles and adults is common for most mammals. Bonobos, a primate with a high degree of self-domestication like humans, have sex in infertile combinations (with juvenile or same sex) as often as in fertile combinations. This is because sexuality and body contact is the basis for socialization. Children seeking out adults for sexual relationships is proof of this biological continuity.

    This is overwhelming proof of the validity and value of adult-child relationships. Your current yearism (unimaginable in 2020) is worth nothing.

  121. @Caspar von Everec

    “The only statement I care to make about the PROTOCOLS is that they fit in with what is going on. They are sixteen years old, and they have fitted the world situation up to this time. THEY FIT IT NOW.”
    Henry Ford

    In short, it doesn’t matter if they are a forgery.

  122. Ugetit says:
    @Adam Smith

    Pedophilia is indeed an expression of evil, unfortunately it is not confined to the secular.

    And I highly suspect that the vast majority of “non-secular” pedos are infiltrators of the type who’ve been known as “marranos” with an agenda.

  123. anon[137] • Disclaimer says:
    @Abdul Alhazred

    Reich was a pusher of pseudoscientific twaddle who tried to get even Einstein to endorse him. Einstein met with him, agreed to examine his Orgone box and didn’t think there was anything to it. Reich tried and tried again to get Einstein to endorse his “theories” and Einstein ignored him.

    If you want to sit in your Orgone box and develop free observations to which parameters of measurements gathered upon novel constructs that provide an actual living unified field, while under the influence of LSD, Mescaline or mushrooms, be my guest. Just keep away from the children. OK?

  124. ‘…Suppression of the natural sexuality of the child, particularly of its genital sexuality, makes the child apprehensive, shy, obedient, afraid of authority, “good” and “adjusted” in the authoritarian sense; it paralyzes the rebellious forces because any rebellion is laden with anxiety; it produces, by inhibiting sexual curiosity and sexual thinking in the child, a general inhibition of thinking and of critical faculties…’

    There’s an obvious problem with this: very sexually repressed societies have also been very hostile to authority.

    Ireland comes to mind. It would also describe the ante-bellum United States.

    • Replies: @Ed Case
  125. Ugetit says:
    @Undocumented Shopper

    Thanks for putting me on to Havel and his greengrocer essay.

    From an article about it,

    For Havel, in the more desperate environment of communist Czechoslovakia, the issue was “the rehabilitation of values like trust, openness, responsibility, solidarity, love”.

    The time will assuredly come, but meanwhile, thanks for doing your part in the process.

  126. Exile says: • Website
    @Hangnail Hans

    Cannibalism is also common among mammals. So is eating feces.

    Sources for any of your alleged big-brained research re: the healthy happy impact of child molestation?

    If you bother to respond, the odds that this alleged research doesn’t come from the pedo lobby, e.g. understudies of the Foucault pedo-homo crowd are zero to none.

    As for the “Current Year,” your rationalizations for conduct that has been universally despised for centuries in the civilized world show how far your horde of man-as-animal materialists and tactical “Progressives” and “libertarians” have slouched back into barbarism, inhumanity and despotism recently.

    • Replies: @Hangnail Hans
  127. @Hangnail Hans

    Either you are being sarcastic, or you are mentally ill.

  128. Shaman911 says:
    @Dr.C. Fhandrich

    They’re always ritually sacrificed. It’s a bragging rights thing for these Aliens.

  129. @Hangnail Hans

    All they want is what the social scientists have recommended

    What social scientists?

    The Bonobos

    Seriously? You are having a laugh?

    Children seeking out adults for sexual relationships is proof of this biological continuity

    Not in your wildest dreams. I see what you did here with this phrase, what a twisted individual you are. Children do not seek out adults for sexual relationships, a non truth cannot be proof of anything.

    Who/What are you?

    • Replies: @Hangnail Hans
  130. @Exile


    alleged research doesn’t come from the pedo lobby, e.g. understudies of the Foucault pedo-homo crowd are zero to none.

    The bulk of research in this area is pseudoscience paid for by Uncle Sam by grant money.

    your horde of man-as-animal materialists and tactical “Progressives” and “libertarians”

    Respect for the social needs of humans is not an invitation to barbarism or degradation.

    • Replies: @Exile
    , @Bombercommand
  131. mkr says:
    @Hangnail Hans

    Children do not have the life experience, the intelligence, or the ability to consent to sex with adults. When a person who was raped as a child grows up they know that they were abused when they were children.

    An adult has the ability to consent to sex with other adults. When an adult has sex with another adult against that other adults consent it is rape.

    Rape is criminal.

    If you’re a pedophile who does not have the ability to control yourself from committing pedophilia you need to get castrated as soon as possible.

    Comparing human beings to animals is illogical as human beings are different from non-human animals, for instance it is common for non-human animals to kill one another but human beings recognize that human beings murdering other human beings is criminal. It is not righteous for human beings to judge animals as murderers when they kill other animals, it is nature and not criminality.

    Sexuality and body contact is not the basis for human socialization. Most relationships that a human being has with other people in life does not involve sex or body contact at all. What you said is ignorant and stupid. The basis for human socialization is trust and our words and our deeds. If a human being does not trust another human being then they will either not socialize with them or when they do socialize with them they will be on guard.

    You cannot bring forth innumerable adult victims of child rape who profess their rapists innocence, but there has already been brought forth innumerable adult victims of child rape who profess their rapist guilt. What you said has no basis in biology or in law.

    One last thing, if you have ever raped a child you need to turn yourself into the police and confess to the crime.

    • Replies: @Ugetit
    , @Vojkan
  132. anarchyst says:

    In the push for “rights”, we were told that all homosexuals wanted was “to be tolerated” and shown “respect”. Almost no human being could argue with that. However, that attitude has turned out to have negative ramifications and that nothing could be further from the truth…

    Sad to say, “tolerance” has morphed into demands for not only “acceptance”, but deference, to the whims of homosexuals, without regards for the rights of heterosexuals with differing beliefs.

    When homosexuals purposely target a Christian-run bakery or other business, making demands for not only “acceptance”, but using the “civil-rights” laws, forcing the owner to go against his principles, THAT, my friends is tyranny, under guise of “civil-rights”.

    Using the “civil-rights” laws to force business owners into actions that go against their basic beliefs is tyranny of the highest order, and has no place in American society.

    It is interesting to note that, in these cases where homosexuals wanted to “prove a point”, they bypassed many bakeries who would accede to their wishes and give them what they desire. As an aside, muslim bakers who refused to bake homosexual-themed cakes were NOT targeted for “civil-rights” violations—double standard, indeed.

    This kind of behavior garners no favors with most decent people and furthers resolve against militant homosexuals who want not only toleration, but total “in your face” acceptance of their “lifestyle”–something that some people find that does not “square” with their beliefs.

    It appears that the success of “equal rights” for homosexuals has renewed a push to “normalize” other behaviors, such as “transsexuality”, “cross-dressing”, and other “gender fluidity” behaviors.

    There is even a push by pedophiles and their advocates to redefine (decriminalize and normalize) their behavior, renaming it “minor-attracted adults” rather than the perversion that it is presently defined as.

    The “slippery slope” started with the normalization of homosexuality, and has degenerated into the demands for acceptance of every form of human dysfunction.

    “Live and let live” used to be a staple of American society, but was eviscerated with every “protected group” using the so-called “civil-rights” laws to force others to not only tolerate them, but accept them. Not good…

    • Replies: @Sya Beerens
  133. @Da's Reich

    What social scientists?

    Basically any. Remember that tedx woman that incensed everyone despite being completely reasonable?

    Children do not seek out adults for sexual relationships

    Women working in childcare can tell you about the gropings they experience. Sometimes children go so far as to explicitly demand an activity take place.

  134. Art says:

    When a four-year-old is severely physically traumatized by an adult or an older child – in their adult life, they themselves often become abusers of weaker people. This is accepted as fact by the psychological community.

    The same can be said about child sexual abuse. Our initial sexual experiences stay with us for life. If coercion is a big part of one’s initial sexual experience – that pattern is imprinted in us for life. Male coercive sex without mature intimacy and love becomes exciting and gratifying. (Sex is not modified by love.)

    Male Jews have an unnatural number of homosexuals, pedophiles, and sexual deviants in their ranks.

    What in Jew culture is happening to their young males – how are they being sexually abused by their culture?

  135. Numerous studies have found a powerful link between personalities that score high on the “authoritarian” scale (dislike of change, valuing stability and order, anti-cosmopolitan attitudes) and the desire to punish child molestation.

    Authoritarian usually means being protective of authority, and opposing those who would oppose authority. I take it that this is what is meant by “valuing stability and order[.]” (As an aside, most people who engage in authoritarian behavioural patterns will do so with regards to a preferred set of authority figures, the so called legitimate, while opposing others whom the authoritarian in question regards as illegitimate; which group holds legitimacy depends on the factional membership of the authoritarian in question; witness the desire of Democrat supporters to punish and out Republican pedos and vice versa.) What is claimed above, is that people who are protective of authority (“authoritarian”) are inclined to punish child molestation. I suggest that an application of the modus tollens is due.

    Authority is the institutionalization of the combination of command power and freedom from responsibility for one’s own actions, e.g. immunity from prosecution, de facto or de jure. See e.g. US government efforts to undermine its own creature, the ICC, or for that matter, qualified immunity. Res ipsa loquitur, in regards the character of authority.

    As such, there are two definitional means to oppose/challenge authority. The first is to undermine the de facto command power, e.g. by inhibiting communication of commands, or by preventing (e.g. through violence) the execution of commands. The second means to oppose/challenge authority is to hold the authority wielder to account, be it by prosecution, or merely by statements of fact (witness the prosecution of Mr Assange et alia) in regards the criminal conduct of authority figures, i.e. undermine their freedom from responsibility for their own actions.

    It is easy to demonstrate in individual cases where any substantial information has been disclosed, that the authoritarian types oppose the second type of opposing/challenging of authority at least as much as the first. The question is then how this protectiveness of authority impacts the above-quoted alleged desire to punish child molestation, or perhaps defines this desire. The relevant set of cases is child molestation perpetrated directly, or via connivance, of authority figures.

    The police of a certain NATO member G7 state have been training known Haitian pedophiles, of the disbanded (in part on account of their pedophilia, in 1996 iirc) Haitian National Army. US/(other G7 state in question) puppet pedo dictator/pole dancer/rapper Michel Martelly (aka Sweet Mickey, lost the elections fair and square but US et alia allowed demonstrated vote fraud to continue) pushed to reinstate the pedo army a few years ago, although it took another pedo puppet, Moise, to complete the reinstatement of the pedo army.

    Telling authoritarian citizens of said other G7 country that their national police force have been training known Haitian pedos (of the then disbanded pedo army) as Haitian police officers does produce revulsion, and a desire to punish, albeit not the national police force in question and their Haitian pedo proxies, but rather the messenger (e.g. me) holding the authority figures responsible (challenging the authority in the second method).

    Application of the modus tollens suggests that the desire of the authoritarians to punish child molestation is not a general desire, as a naive interpretation of the quoted phrase would suggest, but rather a desire to punish unauthorized child molestation.

    One is left to wonder, whether these authoritarian would-be punishers of (unauthorized) child molestation would “partake,” were they authorized to engage in child molestation.

    Certainly the mass child rape as perpetrated by the various authorities of US et alia puppet states suggest that many would.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  136. @Kali

    Our present system is terrific. We tell younguns to wait until they are young adults and then find a same-aged mate and unwrap the present together. We reserve for them the exclusive right to experience this unmatched pleasure in intimate privacy. We don’t abrogate, interfere with or in any way subvert or deny them this privilege. We old adults tell ourselves to stay out of it. What could be more considerate?

    Adults who want to intervene in this process by insisting on their right to have sex with a very young partner just want to selfishly take the prize for themselves. They’re rats.

  137. @anarchyst

    Divide and Rule…..aka “democracy” turn off the TV and it’s gone or don’t and be part of your so called problems

  138. @Caspar von Everec

    Re: the first part of your piece in which you list the reasons that an Alt Right militia, armed with rifles and shotguns, would be ground into hamburger by the establishment military.

    A careful reading of the history of the rise of the National Socialist Party in Germany shows that virtually the entire core of the party were either former or then-currently active military men. As such, they would have been intimately familiar with the heavier weapons–or their then equivalent–you describe. They were the establishment military.

    This is why today’s Alt Right are not and cannot be “Nazis”, as left wingers and Jews accuse them of being. Jewish paranoia of an American Nazi party is groundless, but politically useful.

    It’s that simple.

    • Replies: @Hangnail Hans
  139. AndrewR says:

    You’re either a Nazi or you are cool with children being pumped and dumped by adults. This is the true dichotomy. There really isn’t any other way to put it.

  140. @brabantian

    If I remember correctly, Orson Bean told the story of how he got the last name “Bean”. He was doing a comedy routine, routinely, and one night introduced himself (as close as I can remember) “Hi, I’m Orson Bean, Harvard ’32……Yale nothing.” And got a laugh. So he stuck with the last name “Bean” because with every other name he had used when he told that joke, he had garnered only silence.

  141. Pedophilia: desire

    Pedosexuality: criminal act

    Politics: suggestive

    People: hear what they want to hear

  142. @ThreeCranes

    His comment is completely silly. The M1 Abrams turbine engine has high fuel consumption in idle and cannot turn the turret without engine power. Crew members cannot remain in their vehicle forever. Urban areas will prove themselves unsecurable. Many military bases are in urban areas so it’s actually the military which would be put on the back foot.

  143. AndrewR says:
    @Caspar von Everec

    Extraordinarily well thought out and written. You covered all the major bases.

  144. Ugetit says:

    Sexuality and body contact is not the basis for human socialization

    So true. That claim really stood out in a bevy of degenerate ones. Thanks for challenging that crap so well.

    • Replies: @mkr
  145. @Colin Wright

    You are harping on the Roman Emperor Constantine’s Bible and the various theologian successors to the realm he established as the “One True Church”. The concept of original sin was a convenient hangar on which to establish rule by fear. “Sin” is a mistranslation from the original Aramaic and Greek, where the original language in the Lord’s Prayer was “forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.” As recently as the late 1950’s this original version was still in use in some churches.

    Jesus was a revolutionary who opposed the ruling Sanhedrin and their Pharisee and Sadducee minions who were running a little racket in the Jerusalem temple which was based on usury and which stood in violation of the traditional Hebrew concept of the Jubilee, where every seven years debts were forgiven.

    When elites wish to control the masses of common people, their most commonly used weapon is fear. Christianity as we know it today happens to be in a state of moral collapse, as the fear meme has become largely discredited within large sections of the public. With the decay of this bonding mechanism for approximately 1,500 years of Western civilization; we find ourselves in a time of great confusion and indeed, panic. Those ties that bind the culture have become unraveled and many people react with fear and apprehension.

    This situation will ultimately resolve itself as a renewed spiritual awakening will develop in the tradition of Jesus. That tradition is to be found in a good many of the books which were dropped by Constantine’s minions who edited and published the “official” Bible–books such as the Gospel of Thomas.

    The pathway is not materialistic–rather it is spiritual. Please be relieved of any notions that spirituality and religion are one and the same. They are not. Religions are created by priestcraft, while spirituality is the way of visionaries. Religion can be seen as desiccated, ossified and petrified spirituality–the husk without the kernel.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  146. Ed Case says:
    @Colin Wright

    ***There’s an obvious problem with this: very sexually repressed societies have also been very hostile to authority.

    Ireland comes to mind. ***
    Ireland does come to mind, but the Irish in general aren’t hostile to authority.
    Germany and England, pre 1945, also come to mind, hostile to authority?
    Their Leaders told them to go out and fight, and they died in their millions for Authority.

  147. AndrewR says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Not the brightest bulb, but can you really blame a guy for wanting to eliminate such a petty ex-wife? I imagine she had her reasons to do what she did, but he was just allegedly upping the ante in a game she was all too willing to play.

  148. @mkr

    When parents allow doctors to forcibly remove the most nerve-ending rich and highly sensitive part of the male body within mere hours of birth; the parents have committed a grave offense against an innocent child victim of psychological rape. It is little wonder that the majority of American males under the age of 80 tend to suffer from a number of trust issues and related mental and emotional issues.

    WHERE ARE THE MEN? Like the majority of Europeans, Amish folk as well as their Mennonite brethren do not practice this blood ritual.

    • Replies: @mkr
    , @roofus
  149. Ugetit says:
    @Hangnail Hans

    Children do not seek out adults for sexual relationships

    Women working in childcare can tell you about the gropings they experience. Sometimes children go so far as to explicitly demand an activity take place.

    Sounds to me as if the children in question are merely curious, depending, of course, on a lot of factors left undescribed. Why do you claim that they were seeking out adults for a sexual relationship and even if they were, how does that make the behavior something that you’re apparently willing to defend? Who were these women working in child”care,” and how were they conducting themselves? In the situations you describe, I would hope that the “care”giver would act responsibly and teach the child what’s acceptable and what’s not. In any case, the situations are probably nowhere near as simple as you describe, and given the info provided, I suspect your conclusion is off base. Way off base.

  150. @Johan Meyer

    When old Daddy WarBu$h was running the White House, the head of a large Omaha financial institution was bringing in kids from Boys Town to “party”. It became a fairly major scandal at the time.

    Consider the Epstein, Maxwell, Wexner nexus and how the “Lolita Express” flew many of the rich and famous to Epstein’s little private paradise in the American Virgin Islands–virgin, indeed.

    Or how about those celebrated parties in the District of Corruption where there is yet another variant on the old “honey trap” where newly elected Congresscritters and up and coming military and corporate types get wined and dined with nothing but top-shelf finest. As the evening progresses, selected targets are approached by a nubile young lady who is holding a nice little silver tray with some white powder heaped upon it. Next morning the mark has the opportunity to observe himself in action with “she was only fifteen”. But, no problem, we just want you to be on-side on a few legislative matters and those campaign dollars will keep rolling in.

    Blackmail and bribery is how this country is run. As long as the laws setting an artificial age of consent at an age considerably older than early adolescence; this little set of rackets will retain their stiffener. If you and your buddies are profiting by running this country, it is always helpful to have the laws on your side.

    • Replies: @Johan Meyer
  151. @Chris Mallory

    ‘In a typical year in the US there are around 800,000 missing kids a year.

    In the US the vast majority are runaways…’

    You forgot non-custodial parents. That was another big one.

    What’s interesting is how did we quit the milk carton nonsense?

    One would think having started that, it would have proved impossible to quit.

    It’s relevant. If we can work out how we broke that spell, maybe we can do the same with the Corona Virus psychosis.

  152. mkr says:

    Thanks for also recognizing that he was saying a bunch of degenerate crap.

  153. roofus says:

    You are mentally ill and a disgusting pervert. Circumcision is HEALTHY, and prevents dick cheese. Everybody SHOULD actually do as the Jews do, when it comes to matters of Law. This is literally the wisdom of Jesus in the a New Testament.

    Proper circumcision will only remove the actual foreskin.

  154. mkr says:
    @Majority of One

    I haven’t studied circumcision, therefore I have no idea about whether or not the procedure is medically justified or not medically justified.

  155. roofus says:
    @Majority of One

    No that is wrong. Traditional people have ALWAYS known the benefit of circumcision, which is mainly the prevention of dick cheese. However the medical procedure today is far too extreme, because it removes the entire glans and not merely the foreskin, which is the proper way.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  156. I guess Jeffrey Epstein is a Marxist/communist as well? Since he is a Jewish pedophile, that seems to be the reasoning of the boomer writers and posters here.

    I have yet to find one example of a communist/semi-communist, socialist or Marxist nation that allows this type of degenerate behavior. In fact every single one I have looked at seems to be far more “conservative” than America has ever been in our lifetimes.

    The perversions described seem to be exclusively found in capitalist countries. Don’t know why this is such a mystery. Capitalism turns everything into a commodity to be sold for profit, yes including pussy.

    Example: When college becomes unaffordable, as it is for many in US, your daughters are going sell their pussy to pay for it, whether it be in a titty bar, a street corner or on the internet, onlyfans or pornhub, etc..

    Pretty much everything you “conservatives” love to complain about or blame on your favorite boogeyman is a symptom of capitalism.

    Some people are just perverts, I really don’t see the need to turn it into another commie conspiracy, more of a mental health, corrupt society and culture issue than anything. Again, much of this is a natural result of our “economic system”. I honestly don’t know why so many “Jews” seem to be such perverts. I wasn’t raised by “Jews” and don’t know that many personally, maybe some “Jewish” guy here can tell us.

    • Agree: Biff, dfordoom
    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  157. @Hangnail Hans

    Pfff “Freud” accusses the 4yo victim of rape…in this case

    Zumm kotzen

  158. mkr says:
    @Hangnail Hans

    Everything you say is nonsense and not based in reality.

    If any child in childcare were to try to grope a caregiver in a purposefully sexual manner, and means it to be sexual so that there is no question that it was done sexually, or if the child demands sexual activity from the caregiver, that child is most likely a victim of child sexual abuse; those caregivers then have an obligation to call the police so that an investigation can take place. That is what happens in a civilized society.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @Hangnail Hans
  159. @redmudhooch

    You have to be one of the stupidest fucks on this site to mouth that bullshit.

    But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea.

  160. Anon[252] • Disclaimer says:

    Anybody ever wonder how a pedophile wrestling coach from yorkville illinois becomes speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives? Of course not!

  161. @redmudhooch

    Pretty much everything you “conservatives” love to complain about or blame on your favorite boogeyman is a symptom of capitalism.

    Hey RETARD, can you name one truly “conservative” Capitalist nowadays?

    You are in some sort of drug induced time warp, faggot.

    Can you name one super wealthy billionaire who is “fascist” or even traditionally conservative?

    Of course not.

    Your problem is that you’re a lazy, pussyass, beta male.

    Of course, you’re in good company on the Left…lol

  162. @Dumbo

    ‘That’s why pedophilia now is trying to come through the backdoor..’ …Really?

  163. @Majority of One

    Someone should commission a triptych in the manner of Hieronymus Bosch. Perhaps television sets and mountains of cocaine could be used to avoid explicit drawing of the underaged, with only their heads visible, as an example.

  164. Exile says: • Website
    @Hangnail Hans

    As I suspected, your main source is one fringe text entitled “Biological Exuberance” and the addenda are self-referential circle-jerks from Woke State’s Queer Studies Department – a vast amount of which is also funded by Uncle Shabbos.

    My respect for “human social needs” ends where their “social need” to molest children begins.

    You pedo shills are really full of chutzpah lately. Enjoy your day in the sun while it lasts. You’ve overplayed your hand already.

  165. Exile says: • Website

    Why the scare quotes around Jew? Israel’s history of suborning this stuff is well-established, as is Jewish dominance of the porn industry. Google “Al Goldstein” for starters.

    As for the Left’s vanguarding for pedophiles, what else do you call this (and note that the Leftist speaker is admirably deploring fellow Lefties for this) – from Keith Woods’ YouTube channel:

    It’s true that old-school Communist nations were actually more socially-conservative in the post-war era than capitalist ones – but the early super-majority Jewish Bolshevik regime was fully degenerate and Bohemian.

    The amount of sexual perversion your society correlates quite obviously and strongly with how strong Jewish influence. It’s up to Judeophiles and interference-runners to explain that to the rest of us who are Noticing.

  166. @Caspar von Everec

    I believe the problem will be its own solution. I explain myself: In their unhinged passion for everything that is evil, false, ugly, and filthy, Jews and their allies are making the United States into an increasingly dysfunctional entity. Eventually—pretty soon, it would seem—the dysfunction will be such that the behemoth will become inviable. That will be their loss, not ours, because this country belongs to them and has belonged to them for a long time. The fact is that the United States is the enemy of every decent White man and White woman, both inside and outside of its borders, and we should not allow sentimentality to cloud our vision and prevent us from seeing this self-evident truth. The United States is the cradle of liberalism (consisting of Jewish supremacy, egalitarianism, “diversity” worship, globalism, predatory capitalism, and every form of sexual deviancy), as well as its thuggish enforcer. One might argue that is not the case because some other countries (e.g., Sweden) are even more insanely liberal than the United States. While that’s true, it’s essentially irrelevant. During the Cold War, some communist regimes (e.g., Albania and North Korea) hewed to a harder line than the Soviet Union, but because of its size, might, and status as the original communist power, there was no doubt the Soviet Union led the communist world. The United States plays much the same role within liberalism, and once it breaks up into chaotic, impoverished fiefdoms (🙏), liberalism will suffer such a loss of power and prestige that it will be doomed. There can be no doubt that fear of ostracism, if not military aggression, by the United States has been a major obstacle in the White struggle for survival. For instance, if the United States had been out of the way, could Marine Le Pen have won the presidential election in France? Quite possibly. What is certain, however, is that as long as this leprous behemoth is around, ready to club any “rebel” country into submission, White survival is much less likely.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  167. @roofus

    Washing prevents dick cheese. You should try it sometime.

  168. Druid says:

    It never fails. Always members of the sick tribe with their satanic “religion”.

  169. Druid says:

    Disgusting duo, Barack and Kamalaaaaaa

  170. Anon[188] • Disclaimer says:

    Christ said it would be better to have a millstone around someone’s neck and be thrown into deep water than to “offend” a child.

    The Bible also says that as it was in the days of Noah so would it be in the last days (evil and violent). Its looking that way.

  171. Druid says:
    @Abdul Alhazred

    Blah blah blah, all in one long paragraph!

  172. dfordoom says: • Website
    @Oliver D. Smith

    However, the far-right/neo-Nazis also attract a disproportionate amount of pedophiles too, so it’s misleading to only focus on the former and not the latter. It seems the most sick minded people are attracted to political extremes (far-left or far-right).

    Any extreme political movement will attract misfits and losers. It will attract people trying to compensate for their own personal inadequacies. It will attract women who can’t get boyfriends and men who can’t get laid. It will attract people with severe mental illness as well.

    And both sides will point to the misfits, losers and crazies on the opposing side while ignoring (or denying the existence of) the misfits, losers and crazies on their own side.

  173. Vojkan says:
    @Caspar von Everec

    Forgery or not, reality matches them closely.

  174. Vojkan says:

    I wasn’t circumsised, I’m over fifty, my penis is hale and hearty and isn’t aroused by glabrous pubis, thank you for asking.

  175. Kali says:
    @Abdul Alhazred

    Thanks for your comments, Abdul. I will make a point of reading Reich for myself over the coming winter.

    (Additionally, I’ve just inherited 4 Buckminster Fuller books, so, all in all, winter is looking good for me.)


  176. Kali says:

    You’reright to distinguish between children (and teenagers) exploring their own sexuality, and child sexual abuse by adults, Anon.

    Adults “getting off” on child-rape, power-games and sexual abuse is utterly destructive for the children concerned, and should never be tolerated.

    Children and teenagers exloring their own sexuality as they grow together is not abuse, though the repression of this perfectly natural exploration may well lead to abusive relationnships/interactions. (It did in my case.)


  177. Vojkan says:
    @Hangnail Hans

    Children trigger in me, I believe as in most sane people, the instinct of protection, definitely not sexual instincts. Sane people don’t confuse children’s natural curiosity with desire for sexual interaction. Humans are not bonobos. You mister are sick.

    • Replies: @mkr
  178. Vojkan says:

    Great reply.

    • Replies: @mkr
  179. Ed Case says:

    Wilhelm Reich acknowledged that he was a Jew, but he always considered himself a German, he was commissioned in the German Army as an 18 year old and saw heavy fighting in Northern Italy.
    He became a Medical Doctor in Vienna after WW1 and was invited to join Freud’s seminar, where he qualified as a Psychoanalyst.

    He fled Germany, where he was on death squad lists due to his political activities, for Denmark in 1934 and left Norway on the last ship for the U.S. before War was declared.
    Reich continued his scientific research in Maine until 1947, when the Communists caught up with him.
    Mildred Edie Brady, an A-Grade Weirdo, wrote a hit piece in The New Republic, not unlike the Striker article and a few of the comments here, and the FDA hounded him to the grave over the following ten years.
    Listen, Little Man [1946] is a great little book, Reich speaks directly to the reader.
    Among many topics he states that if the Jews of Europe wondered why disaster had overtaken them, they should look to their behaviour in the Twenties and Thirties.
    He also excoriates the Red Army for their orgy of rape and murder of defenceless German women.

  180. @Hangnail Hans

    I should not have wasted my time replying to your post.

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  181. @Hangnail Hans

    The entirety of “” is a pro-pedophilia propaganda site that even features a “debate” section with helpful rhetorical tips to use when arguing with those who object to pro-pedophilia propaganda. Every “source” on that website is horrifically dishonest. “” is a central depot for every talking point used by the pedo-promoters. None to bright of you for letting the cat out of the bag, HH, but you have done everyone a service, only at The Unz Review! Frequent use of “whilst” indicates “newgon” is out of England, and appears dormant since 2009, likely it was a bit too obvious and the more sophisticated pedo-promoters decided the talking points should be distributed more discreetly.

  182. @anon

    Your points of disinformation and bad logic are typical of the slander against Reich.

    With the Einstein affair, the issue is that Einstein was very interested in what Reich was presenting, saying that it would be a ‘bombshell for science’…Subsequently Einstein was provided with equipment to make his own measurements and observations, but basically Einstein refused to cooperate, utilizing an assistant, and the whole experiment went to naught, as a simplistic explanation provided by an assistant to Reich was used to cap Einstein’s original enthusiasm. Reich got hurt and indignant at how he was treated, with his instruments not being properly returned. Reich would call the assistant, if I recall named Infeld, a Communist, and thus a representative of what Reich came to call ‘Red Fascism”

    As to the next part of your display of poor logic and slander is to fallaciously link drug use to use of an organe box, Such a fallacious association then comes with a conclusion that anyone interested in using a orgone box has untoward issues toward children…..So what would that be anon {137} getting children to think for themselves so they are not listening to your sophomoric lies and jealous fears of your own life energy strangled by your brainwashing.

  183. Vojkan says:
    @Da's Reich

    Actually, I think you did right to reply. The depraved must be told that we see them for what they are and that no amount of fallacious analogies or pseudo-scientific pilpul will make us change our minds.

    • Thanks: Da's Reich
  184. @anon

    Your points of disinformation and bad logic are typical of the slander against Reich.

    With the Einstein affair, the issue is that Einstein was very interested in what Reich was presenting, saying that it would be a ‘bombshell for science’…Subsequently Einstein was provided with equipment to make his own measurements and observations, but basically Einstein refused to cooperate, utilizing an assistant, and the whole experiment went to naught, as a simplistic explanation provided by an assistant to Reich was used to cap Einstein’s original enthusiasm. Reich got hurt and indignant at how he was treated, with his instruments not being properly returned. Reich would call the assistant, if I recall named Infeld, a Communist, and thus a representative of what Reich came to call ‘Red Fascism”

    As to the next part of your display of poor logic and slander is to fallaciously link drug use to use of an organe box, Such a fallacious association then comes with a conclusion that anyone interested in using a orgone box has untoward issues toward children…..So what would that be anon {137} getting children to think for themselves so they are not listening to your sophomoric lies and jealous fears of your own life energy strangled by your brainwashing.

  185. @DrWatson

    Actually the Soviet Union just ran out of money because their economic system was bollocks. They were not “brought down” by “the West”. They were brought down due to Operation Barbarossa and Stalingrad. Stalin viewed the outcome of WW2 as a FAILURE for a reason.

  186. @roofus

    You are spewing biblical HERESY. The Apostle Paul debunks you: ‘This is my rule in all the churches. Was anyone at the time of his call already circumcised? Let him not seek to remove the marks of circumcision. Was anyone at the time of his call uncircumcised? Let him not seek circumcision. Circumcision is nothing, and uncircumcision is nothing; but obeying the commandments of God is everything. Let each of you remain in the condition in which you were called.’ (1 Cor. 7:17b-20)

  187. AndrewR says:
    @Ray Caruso

    Marine Le Pen is a joke who doesn’t deserve her family name, as a recent article on here made clear. A world with the US “out of the way” would see France, the UK, Germany, Japan and South Korea, among other countries, all investing much more in their militaries and in soft power. America is a hellhole but the idea of China being the world’s leading hegemon is very scary

  188. @Renoman

    I have every personal belief and hope that the organised, undercover street kidnap and summary execution of known / convicted paedos by men who have simply had enough is simply a matter of time.

    Of course, that brand of society-based action “in-action” would in all probability then quickly begin to create a certain… implication… also, for the long-term welfare of those named here who have consistently supported, funded, published and promoted their gross moral evil and nation-wrecking sodomite degeneracy as “normal” for a healthy society.

    Their fate breaks my heart. Never mind. Bring it on.

  189. Vinnie O says:

    In many cultures for MOST of history, sex by adult males with children under the age of 16 has been NORMAL conduct. The Greeks and Romans both did it. And I’m told by a friend that in Indian/Hindu culture: if you’re old enough to be INTERESTED in sex, then you’re old enough to ENGAGE in sex.

    And of course Moslem culture accepts intercourse between adult men and little girls. Mohammed’s first wife GAVE BIRTH at the age of 6.

    There is also the account of a (black) African king one of whose female slaves gave birth at the age of 6. The king then had sex with the daughter when the daughter was 6, and the daughter also gave birth to a daughter. This resulted in THREE GENERATIONS (mother, daughter, grand-daughter) in only 12 years, which, as far as is known, is a World Record for reproduction.

    So there is no “natural” minimum age for playing “hide the salami”. There are only customs of the local society. And of course the DISCOVERY that intercourse had ANYTHING to do with pregnancy is a VERY modern piece of knowledge. Two people went off in the bushes and had some fun. Occasionally, about 9 months later the Earth Mother GAVE the girl a baby. Sociologists date the discovery of insemination with the replacement of the Earth Mother as the chief god with the Sky Father (Zeus, etc.).

    • Disagree: Alfred
  190. If the widespread practice of circumcision with the pretense that it is “paranoia” to presume the Jews have sufficient power over this country to implement such a mad practice over much of the population (together with all the other insanities – the acceptance of homosexuality as “normal” and even as being “married”) is a tremendous source of cognitive dissonance that weakens the resistance of the host society by creating tremendous confusion that has to be suppressed with great effort.

  191. @roofus

    Roofus Goofus: The glans is otherwise known as the “head” and by some the “mushroom”. “Dick Cheese” as you call it, or “smegma” as some Dutch doctor titled it some centuries back, is replete with anti-bacterial substances and is preventive of many possible infections. For those who participate in oral gratification, a simple wash-job should suffice before activity begins.

    Oral only became popularized broadly after the majority of American males were deprived of their man-hoods without their informed consent (at the age of less than 24 hours in most instances). Violent removal of their most sensitive and sensuous receptors meant that the only remaining sensitivity was in the dorsal region between the glans and the shaft. In that situation, oral gratification became more satisfying than the primal act.

    Also, when it comes to America’s most prevalent form of relieving spermatic urgency, self-gratification, is readily done when the foreskin is intact. Males who have been deprived of their organic wholeness are said to usually need to resort to some form of greasy, oily lubricant to avoid chafing and a confusing combination of pain along with and outlasting the pleasure.

    No need to be a sore-head about all of this. If you happen to be a father and visited the sin of the grandfather upon your own male offspring, it may be possible to atone and seek forgiveness from your son/s, that they may not commit this sin against nature upon your grandson/s.

  192. I read Reich’s The Mass Psychology of Fascism. Even though I was predisposed to find it interesting and it came recommended by people I was inclined to sympathize with, I found it lacking anything even remotely approaching “evidence” and clearly meant as a smear job of people opposed to Reich’s political philosophy.

    In fact, reading him likely helped me to demystify the smear tactics of what I mistakenly thought of as “the left” but now I realize are “Jews.”

    I don’t remember anything specifically about pedophilia, per se, but it was clear it was written with a attitude of hostility to normal reproductive sexuality.

    • Replies: @Ed Case
  193. @Vinnie O

    Mohammed’s first wife GAVE BIRTH at the age of 6. … There is also the account of a (black) African king one of whose female slaves gave birth at the age of 6.

    No, they didn’t. Are we now going to pretend primitive mythology is real to justify child molestation? Get a grip.

  194. Greg Bacon says: • Website
    @Caspar von Everec

    The protocols were a forgery.

    Casper your info is outdated. True for decades the Protocols were denied & called a forgery, until people started asking what were they forged from?
    Then they changed to saying that the Protocols are fake. They also claimed they were a hoax.

    I did a blog back in January 2018 on this when the Elders of Liyn’ changed from a forgery to a fake. Even took screen shots to prove my point and ask why?

    The Protocols of the Elders of Zion: A fraud, a hoax, a fabrication or a FORGERY?

    Currently, Wiki claims the Protocols are fabricated, meaning made up. But even Wiki has trouble keeping up with the LIES, calling it a fabrication and a forgery?
    Which one is it, a made up text or a forgery, can’t have it both ways.

    You can also find that info on the Wayback Machine.

    When someone swears this is that way, then suddenly changes when people no longer believe the BS, that’s called lying and the Zionazis excel at telling the Goyim LIES.

  195. @Ace

    You should read David Gelernter’s book, “Drawing Life: Surviving the Unabomber,” in which he addresses the problem of Jews as a sort of “dye marker” for the influence of intellectuals. Despite his own status as a Jew and an intellectual, Gelernter saw how the tendency toward social criticism — which is, so often, actually advocating the destruction of moral norms — was common to the intellectual class, within which Jews are overrepresented (e.g., 23% of Columbia University undergraduates). This is a chicken-and-the-egg problem: Is the intellectual class subversive because of the presence of Jews, or do Jews adopt subversive attitudes because these are prevalent within the intellectual class to which they belong? Correlation is not causation, and Gelernter did not waste much time seeking to unravel that enigma, but merely noted that the overrepresentation of Jews was a “dye marker” of intellectualism (by which he meant a preference for theoretical abstraction) in academia.

    The conservative bourgeois Jew ought not to be blamed for the actions of subversive radical Jews. You make reference to “our culture,” as if America (or Canada, Europe, Australia, etc.) were a uniform cultural entity, to which Jews — all Jews — are entirely alien. It seems to me you wish to see the world as a struggle between White Gentiles vs. Jews, with no other players in the game, and each team united in its goals. Everything must then be reduced to a single-factor analysis regarding Jewish influence. In such a view, the factor of China disappears, as does the factor of Islam. The challenges facing our society are so numerous that an obsession with Jewish influence is a distraction, at best, and a symptom of decadence, at worst.

    • Replies: @Art
  196. mkr says:
    @Vinnie O

    It is rare for a female to ovulate before the age of 11 to 13.

    The discovery that intercourse produced pregnancy and even the number of months of pregnancy is very old. For instance, in the Bible, which is thousands of years old, it is quite well documented that intercourse produces pregnancy and even the number of months of pregnancy is documented.

    The law is brought forth and revealed by nature, by reality, and by honoring each and every individual human being.

    Just because something is culturally accepted does not make it lawful. For instance, slavery has been accepted culturally by many cultures for thousands of years. What makes something lawful is whether or not it respects individual human rights, property rights, and freedom. Slavery and raping children are not lawful.

    It is not lawful for an adult to have sex with a child. A child has neither the life experience, the intelligence, or the ability to consent to sex with an adult. When an adult has sex with a child it is rape. An adult can have sex with another adult only if the other adult consents to sex, if the other adult does not consent to sex then sex with them is rape. Adults know that rape is unlawful amongst adults, no one wants to be raped by other people in life, we all want to be able to agree or to not agree to sex with other adults; this is nature that puts this law into each of us that says DO NOT RAPE me. So, when a victim of child rape grows up they see how adults forbid rape, and they know for certain that when they were a child they did not have the life experience, the intelligence, or the ability to consent to sex with an adult; they know that they were abused as children, that they were raped. You cannot bring forth innumerable victims of child rape who profess their rapists innocence, but innumerable victims of child rape have already been brought forth who profess their rapists guilt.

    Try again?

  197. mkr says:

    I like this: “Children trigger in me, I believe as in most sane people, the instinct of protection”.

    I feel the same way. I also feel the same way with elderly people and anyone who is innocent.

    • Agree: Vojkan, Kolya Krassotkin
  198. tl;dr

    The title suggests that jews are pedophiles. That’s crazy talk.

    What is it with the editor and owner of this website in publishing an unending stream of anti-jewish tracts? I read somewhere that he is of jewish descent.

  199. @TheTrumanShow

    Great name, but bad argument. I don’t see any evidence for the conspiracy theory Jews are behind 3rd world immigration. My own view on why mass immigration has occurred to UK (where I’m from) since the late 90s and 2000s is because Tony Blair and Gordon Brown thought large-scale net-migration would lead to economic growth. This is discussed in detail in the 2011 collection of essays ‘Immigration under Labour’ by the Institute for Public Policy Research. The Labour Party are centre-left wing but they’re still capitalist arseholes – the same as the Conservative Party. The problem is with capitalism, especially those that believe in infinite economic growth, not Jews.

    There is though another reason for mass-immigration – climate change (look up ‘climate refugees’), but virtually no one wants to discuss that, yet it’s estimates there will be millions of climate refugees moving to Western countries in the near-future. The vast majority of people with anti-immigration views are though scientifically illiterate climate-change deniers, so they won’t even discuss this issue. I’ve posted on this website for a couple of years and I’m the only poster to mention it.

    These claims have gained significant currency, with the most common projection being that the world will have 150–200 million climate change refugees by 2050. Variations of this claim have been made in influential reports on climate change by the IPCC (Brown 2008: 11)[30] and the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change (Stern et al. 2006: 3),[31] as well as by NGOs such as Friends of the Earth,[32] Greenpeace Germany (Jakobeit and Methmann 2007)[33] and Christian Aid;[29] and inter-governmental organisations such as the Council of Europe,[34] UNESCO,[35] IOM (Brown 2008) and UNHCR.[36]

    • LOL: John Regan
  200. As Zionism becomes more problematic, Jewish Power using proxies like BLM, Globo-Homo, Antifa, and Covidiocy ever more.

  201. Art says:
    @Robert McCain

    The challenges facing our society are so numerous that an obsession with Jewish influence is a distraction, at best, and a symptom of decadence, at worst.

    You could not be more wrong. Our money problems, our group hate problems, our sex problems, our foreign policy problems are all traceable to Jews. The Jew MSM gets everything wrong. It leads us in the wrong direction.

  202. Ed Case says:

    Rereading it now, the book was originally written in German around 1934.
    Reich criticises Organised Religion’s role in suppressing adolescent sexuality and channeling it into Mysticism and Cult worship.

    While he doesn’t mention Pedophilia specifically, the broader issue is that Adolescents are pressured into acting against their own best interests to the point that they become unaware that they are doing so.
    Has Pedophilia and Pederasty been an issue in religious orders and cults since time immemorial?
    Very likely, but the solution lies with recognising the true social function of these orders and cults, rather than the band aid fix of identifying and punishing the Bad Actors in these groups after they’ve already committed their Crimes against youth.
    The Churches are moribund today, Government has directly taken the task, funding Pro Sports, the LBGT movement, BLM, Antifa, & endless NGOs.
    We see from the dead rioters in Kenosha that these people are always perverts, same as they were in Fascist Italy, Spain, and Germany and Stalin’s Fascist Soviet Union in Wilhelm Reich’s day.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  203. anon[137] • Disclaimer says:

    That picture is of Wilhelm Reich himself.

  204. @mkr

    that child is most likely a victim of child sexual abuse; those caregivers then have an obligation to call the police so that an investigation can take place. That is what happens in a civilized society.

    When my opponents write obviously insane and harmful things like this, and it goes uncorrected by other supporters, I have even less sympathy for those labeling my sources “fringe texts” to discredit them. This is the second post in this thread denying the indisputable existence of sexual expression in children, and the first to link its presence to sexual abuse.

    • Replies: @Exile
    , @mkr
    , @mkr
  205. Exile says: • Website
    @Vinnie O

    More word salad and pseudo-sociological arglebargle from the pedo-lobby.

    The reason the age of consent varies is that childrens’ level of innocence vs. worldliness varies by time and place and people. The societies of Antiquity and the Middle Ages had younger brides but girls in those times were forced into maturity at a brutal pace we do not expect of our children today.

    If you want to live by the rough-and-ready standards of those past ages, show us how you entered the agoge at age 7 and killed grown barbarians at age 14.

    • Replies: @Ed Case
  206. Exile says: • Website
    @Hangnail Hans

    The pervert cries out as he strikes our children.

    Stop moving the goalposts, creeper. The issue isn’t the conduct of the child, it’s the conduct of the adult. And see above re: what “consent” means. A child acting out degenerate examples like “Cuties” is not “seducing” you – they’re seeking attention, approval and status through imitation.

    • Replies: @mkr
    , @Hangnail Hans
  207. mkr says:
    @Hangnail Hans

    The only reason that a child would sexually grope an adult, explicitly groping them for sexual reasons, and the only reason that a child would ask an adult for a sexual activity to occur is that they are most likely a victim of child sexual abuse. “MOST LIKELY” DOES NOT MEAN DEFINITIVELY. A responsible person wants to know what the hell is going on and wants to make sure that the child is not being abused.

    Children grow into being adults, in the process they go through puberty, so of course they learn about their body and their sexual organs and how they change such as getting an erection or growing breasts or having a period or being attracted to someone else, etc, so of course children express themselves sexually in these ways, but NONE OF THAT GIVES AN ADULT LICENSE TO HAVE SEX WITH THEM.

    You read my first comment. You know it’s true.


    You cannot bring forth innumerable adult victims of child rape who profess their rapists innocence, but innumerable adult victims of child rape have already come forth who profess theirs rapists guilt.

    Stop fooling yourself. Get some help.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  208. TomJel says:

    Afhanistan comes to mind as a contrary example. Pedophilia is rampant there, yet the Taliban arose.

  209. mkr says:
    @Hangnail Hans

    You thinking that you can have sex with a child is what is insane and harmful. I’m one of those people who if they catch you iu the act I’m liable to go ape shit and smash your face in and beat you to death. If there were no prisons that is what you deserve, but since we have prisons we can be merciful and hope for rehabilitation and repentance on your part. If we didn’t have prisons it wouldn’t be safe for other children to let you go, you would have to be killed.

  210. @Ed Case

    The primary form of perversion in America’s demonstrably insane culture is the violent de-eroticization and de-sacralization imposed on neonatal male infants by removing their elemental source of primary pleasure, their foreskins. This barbaric procedure is the source of a host of neuroses and sexual dysfunctionality.

  211. @Exile

    I’m not moving any goalposts, idiot. Our problem here is that you will do anything to avoid acknowledging that children have real erotic and sexual feelings that can be expressed as readily as adults might do. This striking level of unreality regarding your own species makes insight impossible. Now you insinuate that I might be a criminal!

    • Replies: @Vojkan
  212. @mkr

    Some of those victims you cite tend to go to the authorities many years after the purported facts. One famous case drew my attention to this aspect of early adolescent sexualization. Remember Michael Jackson and his “Never-Never Land”. He was fond of inviting younger youths to his scene and one of them was heavily encouraged by his mother to spend time with the then top of the charts entertainer. From what I can recall, she engaged an attorney to approach Jackson about the “problem”. The shyster evidently indicated the problem could be taken care of without going to the “authorities.” So the payoff was made. The cause celebrate’ became known as “The Million Dollar Blowjob.”

    If the kid happened to be a victim of neonatal child abuse of the worst sort when the urologist removed his most sensitive and sensual part of the body; perhaps there would have been some healing feeling from Michael’s “ministrations”–whether or not consciously intended. Wounded weenies have virtually no sensitivity in the permanently exposed glans–except for the dorsal region at its base and connection with the shaft. Researches have informed me that a majority of non-natural males are more capable of pleasurable orgasms from oral gratification than from the primary act.

    So my question to you is who was the most guilty party in that situation? Was it weird but highly talented Michael or was it someone else? Secondly, do you happen to be a victim of neonatal child abuse in the operating room? Thirdly, should you happen to be a father, did you visit the sins against nature of the grandfather against your own innocent offspring? If that is indeed the case, I have good reason to believe that you are projecting your own stolen innocence upon those you excoriate.

    • Replies: @mkr
  213. Rubicon says:

    IMAGINE if the Jews tried this PR throughout Russia????!!!

    It goes to show us how American society, it’s ethics, moral codes have eroded especially in the last 6-8 years.

    All these Propagandist, demented folks, need to be strung up in one huge block of a major American city.

  214. Ed Case says:

    The Age of Consent was Menarche for centuries in Europe.
    In earlier times, that occurred at a later age, due to most daylight hours being spent outdoors.
    For instance, in the 17th Century, the average age of menarche in Germany was 17 1/2.
    In societies where daylight hours are spent indoors, or people are dark skinned, or both, it may be earlier than 11.

  215. Mr Jew says:

    I’m a normal heterosexual, not a pedophile or a pederast. Pederasty was not a Jewish custom. It started in ancient Greece and Rome. The book of Leviticus has prohibitions against the perversions that Gentiles were engaging in. See Leviticus 20:13.

  216. mkr says:
    @Majority of One

    I haven’t studied circumcision so I have no idea about the reasoning behind having the procedure done. Is there a medical reason that it is performed? Does it harm a child or does it hurt a child? I have no idea because I haven’t studied the issue.

    I am circumcised, I am 48 years old, I have never missed my foreskin, and my penis is sensitive all over and doesn’t seem to be missing any sensitivity, it seems fine and healthy as ever. I personally would choose to be circumcised as opposed to not being circumcised. I am not religious, I was born and raised an agnostic/atheist, however I now believe that a God being does exist, but I still don’t worship it.

    The most guilty party in your example is Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson doesn’t get to suck a little kids penis and then claim that he was just making it feel better from the circumcision that the kid had.

    I am not a father, however if I were to be expecting a child I would certainly study the issue before the child was born so as to respect the childs human rights. Personally, if there isn’t a medical reason for circumcision I would not have my son circumcised at all, that way my son when he is eighteen or older could choose to be circumcised or to remain uncircumcised.

    I am not excoriating anyone, I am simply telling you the truth, children have the human right to be free from having sex with adults. It’s that simple.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  217. Anon[104] • Disclaimer says:

    The TALMUD is infallible, small goyim boys=jewish heaven. Get used to it, we are ruling now.

  218. Vojkan says:
    @Hangnail Hans

    No, children don’t have “real erotic and sexual feelings”. Little boys don’t produce sperm and little girls don’t ovulate. Children have emotions and children are curious. They grope because they are curious, not because the seek sexual satisfaction. Little boys like little girls and litte girls like little boys because human brains are hardwired to have an emotional response to beauty. Little boys don’t dream of having sex with little girls, they dream of saving them from dragons.
    The difference between humans and other animals is in the ability of humans to apprehend reality through concepts. Like the concepts of right and wrong and derived from them the concepts of morality and ethics. Sex is always a traumatic experience for a child and children that have been sexually abused always develop emotionally dysfunctional personalities.
    To most people, being sexually attracted to a child is simply inconceivable, but Mother Nature isn’t infallible and for those who harbour such fantasies, humans have formulated a moral interdiction.
    You mister obviously are both an error of Mother Nature and a moral failure. You should be removed from human society and sent to live where you truly belong, among bonobo apes.

    • Agree: Da's Reich, Bill Jones
    • Replies: @warbling j turpitude
  219. @Vinnie O

    Muslims accept she was his adopted daughter!

  220. @mkr

    Mkr: You won some respect for stating you would not have a son circumcised if there was not a valid medical reason for the procedure. Some 20 years ago the American Academy of Pediatric Medicine determined there is no medical reason for neonatal circumcision. You appear to be curious about the subject so I will pass along a tidbit of information which “Folly of War” cited a couple days ago. Do a web-search on “circumcision complex. com” which has the most thorough examination of the issue I have ever encountered. Dozens of aspects are explored on that site.

    In my opinion the most guilty party was the gold-digging mother who deliberately placed her son in what you might consider “harm’s way”, as she was almost certainly aware of Jackson’s proclivities.

  221. @Vinnie O

    The idea age of consent or age the typical person was first having sex in medieval times was significantly lower on average than the worldwide mean age today (15 or 16) is incorrect – it’s also a bad argument used by paedophilia apologists who engage in historical revisionism. I recently finished reading a book titled Medieval Maidens: Young Women and Gender in England, here’s two interesting quotes on pages 37-39:

    Emerging evidence is eroding the stereotype of medieval child marriage. Goldberg and Smith’s work on low and lower-middle-status women has refuted Hajnal’s argument for generally early marriage for medieval women. Even Razi’s ‘early’ age at ‘early’ age at marriage for girls in Halesowen hardly indicates child marriage, as a large proportion of his sample married between the ages of eighteen and twenty-two.”

    “John Carmi Parson’s survey of eighty-seven marriages among the Plantagenets, Mortimers and Hollands from 1150 to 1500 finds a tendency to delay consummation of marriage where the female party was below fifteen at the wedding. Over half the daughters were not married until fifteen or older (forty-nine out of eight-seven), and of those married under fifteen there was apparently a decision to delay consummation. Fifteen of the thirty-eight girls married under fifteen remained childless, and of the remaining twenty three most waited three or more years for consummation.”

    87 aristocratic marriages (from 1150-1500)
    49 (56%) – married 15 or older when they had sexual intercourse
    38 (44%) married under 15, but 23 (61%) of these waited 3+ years (15 or older) to have sexual intercourse

    In other words, 82% of female aristocrats in medieval England were not having sex until sex 15 years or older. That is very similar to the age of consent in England (and UK) today, at 16 years of age. Not much a difference in the past 500-800 years.

    • Replies: @Oliver D. Smith
  222. @Oliver D. Smith

    Correction above since I misread the second quote –

    87 aristocratic marriages (from 1150-1500)
    49 (56%) – married 15 or older when they had sexual intercourse
    38 (44%) – married under 15, but 15 (39%) of these had not had sex and remained childless while most of the remaining 23 (later clarified in the quote as 16 = 42%) waited 3+ years (15 or older) to have sexual intercourse, leaving only 7 (18%) who married under 15 and had sex/children.

    If you add this up you in fact find an even greater figure – 92% of female aristocrats in medieval England were not having sex until sex 15 years or older.

    And if you look at the remaining 7 (=8%) in this sample, 5 of these were kings’ wives or daughters.

    Finally a point about Muhammad-

    I don’t buy the argument Muhammad was a pedophile – that argument is often used by paedophile apologists since it’s arguing since there was child marriage in medieval times why shouldn’t a lower age of consent be the norm today. This is a flawed argument since it seems to confuse medieval child marriage (not itself common, especially not among the lower classes), with sex with children.
    But the medieval aristocrats and monarchy who sometimes married children were very rarely having sex with them when prepubescent or pubescent but postpubescent (girls typically begin puberty around 11 and end puberty around 15 or 16). While they married the children when prepubescent (under 11) or pubescent (11-15), they waited usually until they reached sexual maturity and were postpubescent 15 years or older before consummation; there are historical sources that show this is what Muhammad did-

    Evidence that the Prophet waited for Aisha to reach physical maturity before consummation comes from al-Ṭabarī, who says she was too young for intercourse at the time of the marriage contract.

    – A.C. Brown, Jonathan (2014). Misquoting Muhammad: The Challenge and Choices of Interpreting the Prophet’s Legacy. Oneworld Publications. p. 316.

    So the fact Muhammad married Aisha at 6-9 years old (sources vary) does not mean he had sex with her at that prepubescent age, but that was the time of the marriage contract. Exactly what age he had sexual intercourse with her is debated but it was arguably postpubescent rather than pubescent like the vast majority of the medieval aristocrats.

  223. @Caspar von Everec

    One SWAT helicoper armed with a machinegun can take down a thousand trad chad farmers.

    Chad farmers are the ones flying the helicopters.

    You’ve just traded one set of mildly defeatist narratives for another far stupider and more poisonous one. Governments completely lacking legitimacy and ruling decaying societies regularly fall to a bunch of unarmed people standing around yelling in the capitol, much less millions of determined partisans (including a good portion of the armed forces) with small arms and know how. The real truth is not that AR-15s are useless but that they’re not even necessary. All that’s necessary is sustained popular will… which you seem determined to erode.

    Not even good copypasta, hope you’re just some blackpilled dufus trying for super edgy takes and not actually (((paid))) to come on right wing comment boards and post TL;DR demoralization babble.

    Yeah don’t vote guys, especially not in a crucial upcoming election, get together with your neighbor and tell each other about how you should just surrender preemptively and flee to nicaragua. That’ll pull us through!

  224. @Sollipsist

    Hell, I’m expecting the years ahead to be full of increasing limits and restrictions anyway, so maybe working toward a right-wing authoritarian result will give generations down the line a more “normal” and healthy future. Just a possibility.

    Somewhat agree, but I’m more inclined to think they’ll try to impose more restrictions and fail.

    Politics is downstream from culture, and I expect local cultures to impose their respective mores.

  225. @Ash Williams

    Self-deception will get you everywhere in a world defined by the ONE permissible *child* narrative. Truth be told you’re about as authoritarian as it GETS. The fact that you need to back that up with threats of the most heinous violence you can think of, clearly indicates your utter cretinhood.. I wouldn’t rule out ACUTELY REPRESSED attraction to our smallest beings, either. That never fails to generate the wish to see others suffer…

  226. @Vojkan

    By opposing inexhaustibly wonderful play to “sexual satisfaction” in this way you prove you’re just as helplessly fuck-minded as everyone else. Need for only termination. The quicksilver dance of desire itself be damned. The drive to *explain* everything is all of a piece. Paedophilia, the genuine article that is, was born to elude all that. So now you know. Screw you and the trauma-train you rode in on…

    • Replies: @Vojkan
    , @Da's Reich
  227. Vojkan says:
    @warbling j turpitude

    All I can say is that I do hope that all those fancy surveillance tools the FBI has at its disposal will for once be used in a justified manner and that they will come knocking at your door soon.

  228. Nodwink says:

    Sexual deviancy is the coolest thing about Jews, don’t wreck it by turning them into normies.

  229. Mr Jew says:

    Pederasty was not a Jewish custom. It was practiced in ancient Greece and Rome. The Egyptians and Canaanites were also engaging in homosexual behavior. The book of Leviticus has prohibitions against the perversions that Gentiles were engaging in (see Leviticus 20:13). That doesn’t mean Jews don’t engage in deviancy today. It means it didn’t start with the Jews.

    Chapters 18 and 20 of Leviticus form part of the Holiness code and list prohibited forms of intercourse, including the following verses:

    “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.” Chapter 18 verse 22[1]
    “If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.” Chapter 20 verse 13[2]

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
    • Replies: @Majority of One
  230. Danakil says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    What kind of a parent would allow their child to be used as a sex toy? Maybe we should find out.

  231. @Mr Jew

    Leviticus is the most evil, priest-ridden book in the world. It (speaking for the tribal warGod Yahweh, )exhorts the Israelites to attack the people of Palestine, to destroy their cities, to massacre everyone, men, women,children and even domestic animals. There were exceptions in some of the carnages, though. In some instances virginal females were to be spared for use as sex-slaves.

    Leviticus is purely Satanic..totally evil…and today’s Talmuders consider it a part of their “holiness code.”

    • Replies: @Mr Jew
  232. The author falsifies the findings of the ‘studies’ and hence falsifies the entire premise of his argument. The ‘studies’ to which the author refers is in actual fact a single study about stigma associated with people afflicted with pediophilia and has nothing to do with so called authoritarianism. Fail.

  233. Mr Jew says:
    @Majority of One

    Maybe so, I’m no Biblical scholar. It’s wrong to kill homosexuals (as in Leviticus 20:13) and that only happens today in the Muslim world. But I’m just making a point that Judaism doesn’t condone sexual deviancy, and it didn’t start with the Jews, even if there are Jews doing it today.

    • Replies: @dfordoom
    , @Exile
  234. dfordoom says: • Website
    @Mr Jew

    But I’m just making a point that Judaism doesn’t condone sexual deviancy, and it didn’t start with the Jews, even if there are Jews doing it today.

    Logically if one disapproves of homosexuality one should hate Greeks. We need to confront the Greek Question!

  235. Catholic Church has lots to answer for and come to think of it —the Lolita Express star flyers. WJC was aboard but claims amnesia — the fly on Pence’s head might know the real score. Maxwell Smart had the shoe phone- cone of silence —-all fits a certain pattern–CHAOS is out of control.

  236. @Zarathustra

    But the fly landed on Pence’s head?

  237. Exile says: • Website
    @Mr Jew

    Judaism the religion may have prohibitions against homosexuality but Judaism the genetic profile and culture are rife with it.

    If you look at pro-homosexual activism and avant-gardism (as well as the related carnal clown car of gender-bending oddities like LGBTQWERTY) you will find Jews vastly over-represented in the vanguard.

    Like most of the supposed restrictions on immoral Jewish behavior, to the extent the Torah and Talmud genuinely forbid degenerate behavior rather than justifying it, Jews have always found ways to lawyer around these obstacles and do what their biology and upbringing apparently predispose.

    “1 out of 10 Jewish urban-dwellers with at least some college education are gay”

    From the horse’s mouth:

    • Replies: @Mr Jew
  238. @warbling j turpitude

    I had a quick look at the few comments you have posted on Unz,

    How do you actually function in the world?

    You seem to be completely transfixed on kids, and their supposed sexual desires,

    How awful it must be to have a mind like yours.

  239. Mr Jew says:

    Can you post a copy of the Haaretz article? It’s behind a pay wall.

  240. @Hangnail Hans

    Several of our children attended a daycare in Lis Angeles.

    When I show your comment to the lady who is the director, with 25 years experience there, she says that you are “sick and lying” and that “no child has ever once asked her or her staff for anything like that.”

  241. @roofus

    The “wisdom” of a “man” who never married or had children and told people to “accept” that some people are both eunuchs, some people are made eunuchs by others, and “some become eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven.”

    This must be yet another absurd or sick thing in the Bible, or in Jesus’s words specifically, that was “mistranslated” or “taken out of context” and somehow doesn’t mean what it plainly means.

  242. VickPM says:

    The monkey in the whole argunent here is the Catholic Church. A top down authoeitarian organization – if there ever was one – and a dark den of sexual perversion. And what about the Jesuit Brotherhood – an alleged homosexual religious gang of pedophile groomers that has lasted generations. Is the Catholic Church….the Jesuits …..are these secret Jewish organizations? They certainly are bastions of sexual perversion. They are highly authoritarian. Ostensobly pro family (no divorce no intermarriage no abortion no birth control sex only for procreation) one has to wonder how to swuare this circle with the author’s thesis that promoting lax sexual behavior will dilute tbe autboritarian blood of … Aryan.

  243. Dantes says:
    @Caspar von Everec

    If you want to organize in secret, the best way to do it is under the auspices of another secret society. That is — form an organization within the Freemasons. This gives you a layered defense from outside intrusion and allows you to exploit preexisting infrastructure.

  244. Anonymous[366] • Disclaimer says:
    @Majority of One

    “Sin” is a mistranslation from the original Aramaic and Greek, where the original language in the Lord’s Prayer was “forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.” As recently as the late 1950’s this original version was still in use in some churches.

    Up until the early 1980s the Lord’s Prayer in the Uniting (Presbyterian/Methodist/Congregationalist) Church in Australia read “Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us”.

    I was a child at the time and I remember thinking how odd it was that this apparently solid and timeless invocation could be so lightly updated. The rolling stone has gathered speed since….

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