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Augustus Invictus Denied Bail, Put in Solitary Confinement and Going Hungry Due to Lack of Respect for His Religious Diet
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The national controlled media is celebrating the arrest of dissident lawyer Augustus Invictus, who is accused of kidnapping his wife and children. He is being stacked with charges and could face an eye-popping 65 years if convicted of all of them.

Invictus has been on the system’s radar for the past year due to his role in providing legal defense for political dissidents. If the charges themselves are not political, the media coverage attempting to convict before he even gets his court date certainly is.

Detective Matthew Beech was able to convince a judge that he was a risk and had to be denied bail by reading an online writing of his completely out of context: “The only aim is the destruction of buildings or person plaguing the earth.” These are the bad faith tactics law enforcement have been using after Charlottesville to punish people for their alleged or stated political beliefs.

A correspondent who visited Invictus told National Justice that while he could not legally discuss the case at all, he did complain about his horrific treatment in the Florida jail system. After having his bail rejected, he was automatically placed in solitary confinement, which the United Nations calls torture and an “extortion technique.” Putting defendants in solitary confinement is a tactic law enforcement uses to torture suspects into pleading guilty, even if they are innocent. Inside, he was denied his special religious diet. The journalist who interviewed him said he looked skinny and malnourished. He has now been transferred to South Carolina.

Evidence in Invictus’ case, as with many domestic disputes, is weak. Damning rumors about the nature of the accusations abound but cannot be officially verified. By and large, while he is suffering, Invictus appeared highly confident that his case would go nowhere, according to our source.

Unrelated to the case, many of the usual suspects are tripping over one another to try and do as much injustice to a “white nationalist” as possible. And make money in the process.

One bizarre case is a Go Fund Me put online by a Florida woman named Alexandria Fanella, who has capitalized on the media attention Invictus’ case has garnered to tap anarchists and liberals for free money.

So far, she has raised over $2,000 after supporters of “antifa” began circulating her appeal on social media. In her plea, she claims to have been hospitalized multiple times for mental illness and needs the public to pay her rent or else the imprisoned Augustus Invictus will “retaliate” against her.

According to Fanella, Invictus is a threat to her safety because he called the police on her for stalking him and then put a magic spell on her.

Fanella appears to be little more than an angry ex-girlfriend, who as recently as September 2018 identified herself as a prostitute and has repeatedly tried to profit from divulging intimate details related to her romantic relationship with “neo-Nazi” Invictus.

Augustus Invictus is expected to have his first court hearing in mid-February.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Alt Right, Judicial System, White nationalism 
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  1. Yes, the Power is after him, and we need to defend his rights.

    But he is one of the biggest clowns I’ve ever seen.

    • Replies: @NoCriticHere
  2. @Priss Factor

    So were the Branch Davidians whose anniversary of their government engineered mass immolation is upon us.

    Makes them easy targets with little public sympathy.

  3. What is his “religious diet”? Blood sucked from live goat? 😉

  4. What is Augustus Invictus’ religious diet? All-red meat?

  5. A man who changes his name to Augustus Sol Invictus is merely advertising his narcissistic personality disorder.

  6. Dr. Evil says:

    ASI is a certifiable loony. And that’s coming from a “fellow” pagan like me!

  7. Careful of whom you make a hero.

    Regarding Gillespie’s religion Thelema:
    “Aleister Crowley, occultist, founder of Thelema, and major spook.”

    His special religious diet:
    “He [Austin Gillespie] said he had sacrificed the goat and drunk its blood as part of a ritual to give thanks for surviving a pilgrimage in spring 2013, but denied it was “sadistic””

    Charlotte, just another hoax.
    “Yes,Virginia, the Charlottesville Car Crash was Staged”

    Very likely that “Augustus Sol Invictus” is a spook, with a task to discredit causes.

  8. Why are you all giving Alexandria Antifa a platform? I was Anna’s sister wife and Augustus’ sacred seer. He is completely innocent. Why can’t anyone run a story with his side instead of the people who make up lies against him?

  9. Hail says: • Website

    A few Youtube videos are up under the name Psyche Invictus, the same name as used by the commenter above. All the account’s videos are about this case.

    Psyche Invictus claims to have had intimate involvement with Augustus Invictus and his wife Anna. There seem to have been both religious (‘pagan’) and romantic ties, with anything political a distant third or lower, and Psyche claims not to follow political news. The way Psyche Invictus presents it, it was really a love triangle situation.

    The more-than-hinted-at polygamy (“sister-wife”) is not something I would approve of at all.

    Anyway, it is worth transcribing this woman’s words and I will do so in this comment. She speaks with raw emotion.

    The below is from Psyche Invictus’ first two videos (for the TL;DR version, see bold) (see also Youtube channel, as long as it stays up). Afterwards I’ll repost a brief excerpt from an Aug. 2018 essay by Augustus Invictus’ wife dealing with the same theme, for comparison:


    Hey everybody. Psyche Invictus here.

    As you all know, Augustus was arrested on an…out-of-state fugitive warrant for kidnapping and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon or some s***, I don’t know, it’s on the news. […]

    I’m dumbfounded because Anna was all packed weeks before this move was supposed to happen. She knew it was gonna happen. She planned on it. At one point, she had even put down a deposit on a place when decided she didn’t like it.

    I had planned on moving down there with them so we could all be together. And then, out of nowhere, December 5th [2019], she sent me a text — and we were very close for like months and months and months — telling me not to talk to her again, out of nowhere. I don’t know why, or what happened, I was f*****g heartbroken. Then, on the 10th of December, Augustus told me to stop talking to him. That was crazy, too.


    I had figured out that everything wasn’t as it seemed then, so, at that point, I was just like hell-bent on exposing and I faced a lot of backlash and anger from his supporters because they just didn’t want to believe it. Well, now he’s arrested and in jail in Brevard County Florida, for being accused of violent acts against his own wife and children. But I wonder how much truth there is to that. He could be completely innocent, sitting there in jail, you never really know. You know, I always want to believe women, but Anna told me that she had a plan to ruin him if he didn’t want to be with “just her.” And, now he’s in jail.

    As much as I’m heartbroken about it, I’m kind of on his side in this, because — [long pause, looks away] — there’s a lot of things that people just don’t know that I don’t want to say, but, it’s just really hard to believe. I mean, she was packed, she called me one day really excited that he had sent a U-Haul confirmation. I just don’t get it. You got him all to yourself like you wanted, and then you put him in jail. What the f***?

    If you all want to be together like that, do it. But I pray to God for your children that they are not, you know, stuck in that situation for life with you two.

    I hope that the truth was told and that there is validity and facts to this case and the allegations against him, or, Anna’s gonna be in some trouble. I mean, you lie and lie and lie, and continually put yourself in your children’s lives in danger, how long is that gonna go on for?

    So, I mean, as much as I’m heartbroken about not being a “sister wife” to them, it doesn’t really change my point of view anymore. I mean, she had a plan to destroy him. I told him that after she banished me. He still chose to be with her, so [inaudible].

    I’m glad I’m not tied into the situation with children. Alright, that’s all I got to say. I can’t wait to see what really happened.

    I’m not a liar. I knew something more was going on, I had proof of it, and then this happens, so Hah. But, okay, it’s freezing out here, and I need to go inside and do some stuff, so peace loving light y’all. Have a good day.

    The above is a transcription of a video uploaded Jan. 3 (“Waiting on Facts”).


    On Jan. 5, the same woman (who calls herself Psyche Invictus) uploaded another video, called “The Phone Call,” claiming Augustus’ wife Anna called her that day, 30 days after telling her never to talk to her again and 6 days after the arrest of August Invictus.

    Here is what she said this time:

    Hey everybody. Psyche Invictus here.

    So, I’m finally calmed down enough to make a video of my afternoon.

    I got some phone calls from Anna Invictus. I haven’t spoke to her since December 5th.

    I’m just really f******g livid right now, because I think that Augustus is completely innocent of all this. She is punishing him because of his relationship with me, and I know it now. I f*****g know it.

    So, anyway, I told her don’t contact me again. She’s truly psychotic. She told me she made a fake profile to like talk to me and feed me false information about her and to test me and see if I would tell Augustus. First of all, her timelines don’t add up. One.

    So I really hope that I get asked questions and am questioned by some kind of authority figure in this whole case, because I believe there’s a ton of lies here. A ton of lies. And someone innocent is facing 30 to 40 years because of a woman’s jealousy. Right? It’s not okay. It is not okay.

    I never, ever expected that this would be my life right now. Me, sitting here right now. This is my f*****g life. There is a stupid love triangle; because of someone’s jealousy and going back on their word and plan and you know someone’s lives are gonna be ruined.

    I can’t believe the conversation I had just now. I didn’t record it, I mean, I wasn’t expecting to hear from her ever again. I hope she did. Release that s***. You like to record phone conversations, yeah, us women know that.

    I feel so bad for Augustus right now. I feel so bad for him. And I knew that he didn’t send me that text on his own, the one banishing me, yeah, Oh and she had the audacity to say that this all happened because of me! He held a gun to her head because of me. Are you kidding me? I was in Iowa. I was here. Like that that’s f******g crazy.

    You need to get help, Anna. You f******g need to get help. My YouTube channel’s staying. It really is. And, you know, this is what happens to the women that your family discards, right, we’re just like tried to be wiped off because of you and you can’t accept living a polygamous [inaudible] lifestyle, and we’ve had conversations about this before. Augustus and I have had conversations about this.

    I’m shaking. Still. I f******g can’t believe this.

    If anyone has any advice for me, please let me know. Also, I’m not gonna stop sharing my side of the story. YouTube is my only platform. And Instagram. You guys need to know what is happening and the f******g Invictus saga.

    Just send prayers for justice, people, okay? Like, really, send your prayers that there is truth, light, and justice on this situation, because it is a tangled-up mess.

    Okay, I’m gonna go drink some tea and try and calm down. I’m not accepting phone calls from anybody and I just am mind blown. If you have bad intentions, stay away from m,e stay away from me, and I’m gonna tell everyone you had a plan to ruin him and you just confirmed it to me on the phone.

    You know Napoleon Dynamite, he’s always like, “Ahh. Idiot.” That’s how I feel to you [?] right now, Anna. [Laughs]

    Okay, that’s what’s happening, people, alright? I’m gonna get going I’ve got stuff to do, little humans to go attend to, and stuff, so, yeah, have a good day. Bye.

    The Phone Call pt. 2:

    Okay, if I could add to the video that I had just previously put up […]:

    While I was on the phone with Anna, I heard her say ‘Cat.’ Cat [Kat?] is the neighbor. She was the neighbor.

    Cat is also on the American Legal Defense Fund board. That…helps fund defense attorneys for like the RAM case and stuff, so Cat authorizes money to be paid to attorneys like Augustus. They were close in front [?], so how f****d is it that Augustus is sitting in jail right now facing a hearing and trial, potentially, and Cat, who’s on the American Legal Defense Fund, is helping in all this? I just think it’s this is all f****d, people. […]

    If I think of anything else, I might have part three. I don’t know. I just I’m feeling really f*****g bad right now, for Augustus.


    A small essay attributed to Anna Invictus is available online under the title “Statement by Anna Invictus Concerning Set the World on Fire,” at the Revolutionary Conservative website, dated Aug. 2018. Revolutionary Conservative is Augustus Invictus’ organization (his lifestyle seems much more leaning on the revolutionary than the conservative).

    The Anna Invictus essay includes this:

    Yes, it was thrilling, but my husband is not quite the monster one would read about on the Internet. I think we can definitely attribute a lot of that to people with opposing political views as well as some scorned women whom he involved himself with that all angrily banned together to try to slander him and make our family look like trash. It is my understanding that the most of women were just upset to find out that he would not give them the love they probably desired, so they became hurt.

    It can be my secret that Augustus and I relatively live a pretty pure and magical life without much actual drama other than […] a homewrecker here and there […] but that doesn’t change the fact that we are raising some pretty amazing children

    So have it directly from the pen of his wife (or an essay attributed to her on Augustus’ own website, anyway) that jealousy was a constant.

    The blame can go around to more than one person in this whole affair, including certainly Augustus himself. All the same, it seems highly unlikely that he literally “kidnapped his family at gunpoint.” It seems a safer bet that something much, much closer to Psyche Invictus’ version is correct.

    I don’t know what happened, but I do know that people’s actions have consequences, and living on the razor’s edge and weaving a web around you and yours laced with destructive jealousy is just asking for trouble, a frankly terrible idea, especially for a quasi-public person.

    Traditional, monogamous morality was enforced by consensus for a reason.

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