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"Antifa" Supporter Provided Fake Tip to FBI and Ruined a Couple's Life
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British conservative Jack Buckby was slated to marry American Martina Markota four years ago. An organized campaign of lies and harassment by “Antifa” led to Buckby being flagged as a terrorist and his visa denied.

Reporting by The Post Millennial found that this debacle began when a woman associated with “antifa” submitted a fake tip to the FBI, claiming that Buckby was coming to the United States to commit acts of terrorism and that his marriage to Markota was a sham. The Department of Homeland Security then proceeded to inexplicably hold up his visa application for years until Buckby finally sued for an answer. He was rejected.

While the harasser is not named in the article, National Justice can confirm that the alleged aggressor is Juliet Jeske, a 47-year-old self-described “divorcee” and “crazy cat lady” based out of Brooklyn, New York pictured above. According to her LinkedIn profile, she works as a comedian, writer and body painter. Open source intelligence has found that Jeske has previously worked for the Huffington Post, as well as a “findom.”

In a March 2020 blogpost bragging about working with the FBI and NYC Antifa to harass Donald Trump supporters, Jeske gloats about using her connections to anarchists, the burlesque scene and various far-left journalists to pursue Markota, a woman she has never met or talked to who was employed in the arts scene in 2016. Markota, who Jeske refers to as “Portia” in her confession, was bombarded with death threats and in-person intimidation by anarchists after they doxed her. She was forced to leave her profession in fear.

According to Jeske’s own telling of what transpired between 2016-2020, NYPD interrogators who received her “tips” about Markota, Gavin McInnes and the Proud Boys being dangerous terrorists were highly suspicious of the information she was providing and sensed she had personal motives.

The FBI on the other hand appears to have taken Jeske’s nonsense seriously and recommended Buckby be put on a visa rejection list. Out of context footage edited by Jeske was later used in the kangaroo court that convicted New York City Proud Boys who defended themselves from “antifa” attackers

As for Buckby and Markota, their time apart due to this hassle means conceiving a child will be more difficult, something anarchists on twitter are rubbing in their faces.

Markota’s sister was diagnosed with leukemia and is hospital ridden. The physical distance created by this injustice means Buckby is not able to console her and Markota is not able to generate income due to being blacklisted thanks to the lies of Jeske and NYC Antifa, along with the corruption of our hyper-political FBI.

As for Jeske, she does not appear to be facing any legal consequences for her actions. She continues to stalk Markota with impunity.

In modern day America, all it takes for the FBI to ruin your life is the word of a single attention-starved and sadistic mentally disturbed person, just as long as they do it in the name of “anti-racism.”

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Alt Right, Antifa, FBI 
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  1. orionyx says:

    How to get in touch with Murder For Hire when you really need them?

    • Troll: American Citizen 2.0
    • Replies: @paranoid goy
  2. Realist says:

    The FBI you are commenting about is supposed to be under the control of Trump…who is a Deep State minion…therefore he will do nothing to rein them in.

    • Replies: @paranoid goy
  3. American Citizen 2.0 says:

    Like Paul Kersey, this kind of “awww shucks the hypocrisy” reporting has run its course. We all know that the FBI will go after anyone who is deemed to be alt or right or not left. These stories do nothing to inform normies and do everything to trigger far right people.

    We need some blogger/reporters to stop trying to demoralize everyone with nonsense news stories. We get it already. Nobody new to the cause reads this stuff unless it is on Huffpo orr CNN anyway.

  4. R.C. says:

    What a HO! (Who apparently also worked as a professional ‘thief’? I dunno the right words…)
    I had to look this up:

    “Findom” A combination of 2 words: financial domination. Financial domination is a very real fetish involving a submissive being “forced” to give money to the Dominant. Terms like money slave, paypig, moneypig, walletslave, wallet rape are all part of the play involved in this type of Domination and submission.


  5. Oliver D. Smith says:

    Jack Buckby isn’t a conservative. He’s a former BNP member and Nick Griffin admirer who as recent as 2017 was associated with another far-right party, For Britain, and still holds the same racist and Islamophobic views and associations if you view his Twitter.

    I totally get people can change their political views, but there’s no evidence Buckby has. He’s just re-labelled himself as a ‘conservative’ similar to how alt-right troll Nick Fuentes calls himself a ‘palaeoconservative’ – virtually no one wants to call themselves a white nationalist or alt-right anymore because of the stigma attached to those labels.

  6. Oliver D. Smith says:

    Is there any actual evidence for the claims about Juliet Jeske in this article? I searched for Jeske on social media and she’s put out some recent tweets disputing most of these allegations. To random people reading about the story, they won’t know what or who to believe. I get tired though of reading about probable false allegations like this:

    She continues to stalk Markota with impunity.

    If you merely criticise someone online these-days, you often get smeared as a “stalker”.

    • Replies: @HappyBlueBreakfasts
  7. @Oliver D. Smith

    When you are the type of person who considers not only biased Wikipedia but also the deranged Wikipedia offshoot (ir)RationalWiki as a serious sources, there can never be any type of evidence convincing enough to disprove your biases.
    Nicolás Fuentes calls himself a paleoconservative because he never was a “white nationalist”. Not that you would be able to appreciate the difference.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
  8. @Oliver D. Smith

    So what? That doesn’t mean these people are any kind of danger to anybody.

  9. Oliver D. Smith says:

    Jack Buckby was a member of the white nationalist BNP and has admitted to being a “former” white nationalist in various of his tweets. However, most people don’t think he’s abandoned his old views, but repackages and relabels them based on tweets he has made that show he still holds most of his old far-right views on topics such as race, immigration and Islam.

    As for Fuentes, in his own words:

    “The reason I wouldn’t call myself a white nationalist—it’s not because I don’t see the necessity for white people to have a homeland and for white people to have a country,” Fuentes said. “It’s because I think that kind of terminology is used almost exclusively by the left to defame and I think the terminology and the labels that we use—I don’t think that we can look at them outside of the context of their connotations in America.”

    I would say I’m a white person, I’m conscious of my white identity, conscious of nationalism, but I think in a way it’s almost redundant that you’re a ‘white’ nationalist. We know that the word ‘nation’ almost implicitly talks about ethnicity and biology,” Fuentes said.

    I agree with this website’s conclusion:

    In other words, Fuentes supports white nationalism, but he doesn’t like the stigma that comes from being called a white nationalist.

    No one is really fooled by the word games (it’s like David Duke now calling himself a ‘race realist’). Fuentes has more or less admitted he shares the same goals and views of white nationalists and claims he views “nations” in terms of genetics (rather than values or culture), but doesn’t use the label white nationalist because it’s too toxic like ‘Nazi’.

    • Replies: @Bro43rd
  10. @Oliver D. Smith

    Apparently anyone who disagrees with open borders is “far right” in your world. The BNP was a real party of the left. They were all for the the national health system, and wanted to re-nationalize the energy sector and the railways. They also believed in full employment and a more equal wealth distribution.
    Immigration is the reserve army of capital. Not wanting foreigners on the dole is not racist. Not wanting mass 3rd world immigration changing the character of your nation, is not racist. Being opposed to those who break their citizenship oath by swearing allegiance to another entity and wanting to replace your civil laws with religious laws is not Islamophobic. There is nothing irrational about opposing Sharia Law.

    • Replies: @Oliver D. Smith
  11. Bro43rd says:
    @Oliver D. Smith

    Yeah, kinda like the modern day fascists calling themselves antifa. Oh the irony!

    • LOL: Trinity
  12. Oliver D. Smith says:

    I don’t agree with ‘open borders’ and most people (even on the left) support controlling immigration. There was a poll in 2018 showing 32% of Democratic Party voters support no immigration controls (‘open borders’), but this means the vast majority (68%) support immigration controls, so 2/3 of left-wing voters in the US don’t agree with ‘open borders’. Note though I’m not an American and have almost no interest in US politics.

    According to a 2019 survey most people in UK also support controlling immigration; 44% support a reduction in the number of annual immigrants (this figure was considerably higher over 70% in the run up to the Brexit referendum), while only 17% want an increase in immigration. Not everyone in the latter category though supports no immigration control, so I estimate the number of people in UK who support ‘open borders’ is about 10%. It’s a fringe view and not supported by any MP I know of.

    So no, obviously I don’t think all people who want to control immigration and reduce the number of immigrants entering a country are far-right. I restrict the term far-right to actual far-right individuals and political parties like Jack Buckby and the BNP. Simple?

  13. Exile says:

    It’s become a cliche but when anti-racism/Holocaustianity became a religion it opened the door to degenerate nutjobs willing to vanguard for the Woke Jihad.

    In return they get both earthly and heavenly pardons for things like being “fin-doms” (a particularly sadistic form of prostitution) and otherwise lubricating the flesh industry in side-gigs like “body-painting” and “burlesque.”

    Weaponizing spiteful lunatics is a feature of the lowest tier of anarcho-totalitarians like Merkel’s Stasi, Dzerzhinsky’s Cheka and Yagoda’s NKVD.

    Markota and her lover deserve better. The only white pill in this is that this is a symptom of late-stage decline for the empire. Darkest before the dawn. Our day is coming.

  14. @Oliver D. Smith

    I’m an Australian supporter of open borders and I don’t believe there are many people like me. It means that you have no preference for your own people over others. There are plenty of people who give lip service to the idea until they think about it for 5 minutes. It means accepting wages dropping to third world levels. There are rich people who could accept having very cheap employees but not many employees.

    There are lots of people who publicly support low income people moving into other people’s areas, just not their own. There are plenty who publicly support greater competition for other jobs, just not their own. Remember when the US media employees’ laughing “learn to code” became hate speech when applied to them. That’s just normal human hypocrisy.

    People spend their lives pretending to be whatever they think is acceptable. I’m a conformist too, just a bit less than most.

    Most nonconformists aren’t. Ever seen a bikie wearing a tutu, penis gourd, roman toga or mini skirt? Maybe, but how about a business suit? No, that’s impossible; they’re all conforming to their group’s currently acceptable range of fashions and a business suit has a foreign meaning that would need club ownership of an appropriate type of business to become acceptable. [email protected]

  15. SafeNow says:

    ‘“These stories do nothing…we get it already”

    Congrats to you, but you are an exception. We wish it were otherwise, but the only way the brain usually learns new patterns of thinking is through repetition. Talk to a cognitive therapist, or a drill instructor. I think that the need for repetition of conservative cultural themes is especially crucial because the mainstream propagandists are repetitively bombarding from the other side.

    • Agree: paranoid goy
  16. @Oliver D. Smith

    Jack Buckby isn’t a conservative. He’s a former BNP member and Nick Griffin admirer who as recent as 2017 was associated with another far-right party, For Britain, and still holds the same racist and Islamophobic views and associations if you view his Twitter.

    So the Hell what? Last time I checked, I strongly disagree with some of the ideas associated with the BNP. But that doesn’t mean people previously associated with it should be hounded out of society.

  17. @Realist

    No, mister Realist, be real:
    The FBI is a branch of the Federal Reserve which is a private corporation… come, everybody together! The Fed is a private corporation with private shareholding and private profit motives! Sit down.
    Trump probably does not even have shares…. But he has had a full share of being “investigated” by “his” FBI, not so?

    • Replies: @Realist
  18. @orionyx

    Congrats! Not only can the FBI claim to have stopped a terror attack on US soil, they can now tell everyone this site hosts people who call for assassinations of defenceless women and commedians.
    We all wish we were as clever as you!

  19. Realist says:
    @paranoid goy

    Wrong…as I said Trump is responsible for the FBI.

    • Replies: @paranoid goy
  20. @Realist

    No, you said

    is supposed to be under the control of Trump

    By saying “supposed” you explicitly air the opinon he ain’t. But now you got me arguing what you said what I said, instead of reflecting on the PRIVATE OWNERSHIP of the FBI.

    • Replies: @Realist
  21. Realist says:
    @paranoid goy

    The law says he is responsible…he refuses to accept it

  22. fnn says:

    Keeping it simple but accurate, the Jews own both the FBI and Trump.

  23. fnn says:
    @Oliver D. Smith

    In the US, if you ask for “numbers” (i.e., How many immigrants do you want admitted per year?) Democrats will always evade giving an answer to question. Also, in recent years, they are increasingly reluctant to even give even lip service to enforcement measures designed to limit illegal immigration. So while the de facto D Party program may not be “open borders” the flavor or suggestion of open borders is certainly there.

    But then most Republicans are whores for the cheap labor lobbies and thus are little better. Republicans are especially enthusiastic about temporary work visas, and many of these visa holders eventually hire an immigration lawyer and get status adjustment to permanent residence.

  24. I would like to know how a supposed “antifascist” can justify collaborating with the FBI. These people are frauds.

  25. @Oliver D. Smith

    I restrict the term far-right to actual far-right individuals and political parties like Jack Buckby and the BNP. Simple?

    How is re-nationalizing the railways “far-right”?
    Labeling something “far-right” doesn’t make it so. The labels “right” and “left” are meaningless, and have been for decades. As I have posted in another article, people are waking up to the scam.

    More than a decade ago, Britain’s Chief Rabbi would have fit into the BNP narrative.

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