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"Antifa" Member Who Doxed Proud Boys and Nationalists Exposed as Criminal, Academic and Journalist
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Three years ago, the New York City nationalist scene suffered a serious security breach. A circle of “antifa” anarchists, who went by the name Metropolitan Pool Cleaners, had infiltrated events hosted by Counter Currents and even the Proud Boys.

A number of individuals were “doxed” in the aftermath, some forced to leave the city under threats of violence from the anonymous group, while others suffered employment termination. A number of them were identified — Jamie Peck, Sean Keil Broehsler, Molly Edminster, et al.

But the worst of the bunch was a man who went by the name “Irish Jay.” Jay, who went by “1FineGoy” on the TRS Forum, dedicated countless hours of his time going on hikes, meeting at bars, and ingratiating himself with nationalists who bought him beers, gave him hugs and embraced him with warmth. The fanatic went on to use information he collected from them (in one case, illegally) to hurt them.

This author met “Jay” once. He passed himself off as a manual laborer who came from the left, after I remarked about one of his anarchist tattoos. He knew about obscure nationalist rock music and seemed to be a big fan of Mike Enoch. It was an Oscar-worthy performance.

National Justice can now confirm that “Irish Jay” is no working class skinhead, but in fact, Jarrod Shanahan, a 34-year-old Chicago-based Ph.D who lectures about criminal justice at Governor’s State University. His writing has been published by corporate media outlets like Vice, which also publishes other anarchist criminals.

Shanahan, whose identity has escaped us until now, went through great lengths to obscure his role in the “doxing,” using voice distorting software and the pseudonym “Jay Firestone” when speaking or writing about it. He published pieces on his experience for Commune Magazine — which recently shut down after its editor was accused of being a rapist — and Jewish Currents.

Below is a photograph taken of him to the left of his associate, Brooklyn-based Sean Keil Broehsler, from when both of them infiltrated a Proud Boys meeting in 2017. Broehsler co-hosts an “antifa” themed podcast with his wife, Jamie Peck, called “The Anitfada,” which has also hosted Shanahan. Around a dozen people helped confirm Shanahan’s identity.

Shanahan’s Rap Sheet

Shanahan, who is considered an expert on “criminal justice reform,” was charged in 2015 for his role in assaulting a police officer during a violent rally in Brooklyn.

According to the complaint, Shanahan — wearing a ski mask — lured a cop away, then held him down while a mob made up of fellow CUNY Grad students brutally attacked him.

Mentored By “White Genocide” Scholar Noel Ignatiev

Shanahan was ideologically mentored by Noel Ignatiev, who served as his co-editor for an anti-white publication called “Hard Crackers.”

Ignatiev, a deceased Jewish Harvard academic, was famous for his books calling for racial genocide via the “abolition of the white race.” The philosophy shared by Shanahan and Ignatiev is influential among the actors currently lynching random white people and burning down entire cities in the name of George Floyd.

Shanahan’s trendy politics have allowed him to become ingratiated in both elite and alternative publications. According to his MuckRack profile, he has been published in Jacobin Magazine, Vice, The Gothamist and Brooklyn Rail — a publication that runs articles by openly violent “antifa” extremists like Ross Wolfe, who was filmed attacking a man in Union Square last year.

Shanahan’s story, that of a “lumpen-bourgeoisie” with extremist ideas the vast majority of Americans don’t believe in, is one of many when it comes to our corrupted institutions.

While the public would reject Shanahan and his views at the ballot box, the man who punches cops and steals private citizens’ information to harm them is rising in academia as an expert on “criminal justice reform.” If you’re wondering why the media seems to support the anarchists engaging in barbarism on the streets of America right now, it’s because the masked criminals are elite-connected academics and journalists by day.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Alt Right, American Media, Antifa 
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  1. fnn says:

    Antifa is an international terror threat like Islamic fundamentalism, perhaps more dangerous because they have the political & financial backing of the Elites.We have to demand our military get very tough very fast with these ppl before the world sees a Russian Revolution redux— Jason Kessler (@TheMadDimension) June 5, 2020

  2. Exile says:

    The level of institutional subversion and elite cover these violent anarchist revolutionaries enjoy in “America-The Looting Phase” has allowed them to operate in the shadows for years and commit acts of violence, fraud & terror that would have sent anyone without such a “roof” to jail for decades.

    In the country that sent James Fields to jail for 400+ years for trying to flee a violent Antifa mob that waved guns at his car and struck it with clubs and rocks before he struck Heather Heyer in a moment of sheer panic, this subhuman stain was given a wrist slap for the organized, premeditated curb-stomping of a cop.

    American “justice” is a cui bono, who-whom affair. Police officers and soldiers being deployed in defense of this rotten anarcho-tyranny should have no illusions about the system they are being asked to defend. Those interested in actual justice would best protect and serve their brothers and sisters in the real working-class America by standing down and turning in their shields & stripes.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  3. Antifa lives don’t matter.

    • Agree: 22pp22
  4. Anonymous[401] • Disclaimer says:

    Time after time, cops let antifa run amok. Let them now reap what they’ve sown.

    Remember: cops let antifa harass the Proud Boys in NYC; let them deface the property PB met in to hear Gavin McInnes speak; and refused to prosecute the antifa droogs who attacked PBs when they peacefully left their event.

    Cops are antifa in blue.

    • Replies: @Digital Samizdat
  5. @Anonymous

    As usual, Andrew Anglin nailed the other day:

    Tucker, I Disagree – We Absolutely Should Abolish the Cops

    Long before these riots started, the cops decided to stop arresting criminals. They stopped enforcing all drug laws. They stopped responding to calls for help. They told people if they were robbed or had their car stolen, they would have to solve the situation themselves.

    The only laws they were enforcing were domestic violence laws. Then when the coronavirus hoax came, they started beating people up on the streets for not wearing masks or for standing too close together.

    The police are not only useless, they are dangerous.

    I cannot think of any single defense for the continued existence of this organization. The people themselves can easily form civilian militias, as our Constitution orders us to do, and defend the people from threats. Civilian militias would have ended these riots with deadly force as soon as they started. Civilian militias would not allow drug dealers to operate on our streets, or drug addicts to lay out in public parks.

    • Agree: Kratoklastes, 22pp22
    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  6. Hibernian says:

    Minutes of the next faculty meeting: Professor Jones requests a leave of absence to participate in domestic terrorism.

  7. 22pp22 says:

    The guy has manboobs.

    If they weren’t protected by the police, Antifa wouldn’t last five seconds.

    I’m 55 and I more than a match for most of the Antifa louts I’ve seen.

  8. Ko says:

    Some people say the only good communist is a dead communist.

  9. Ko says:

    Excellent work.

    In Burma, in 1988, Aung San Suu Kyi, who was much younger and more naive then, was taken under wing by former Generals and others, and they formed the National League for Democracy. In fact, more than half of the NLD originators were communists with ties to Chinese communists.

    They pushed young college students to the forefront of the 1988 Uprising, one of them was a talented poet with the pen name Min Ko Naing. That young man’s name was plastered on radical poems pasted on walls all over Rangoon, many of the poems he never wrote, but once caught, he spent many long years in prison, tortured, and denied comforts other student leaders enjoyed while in prison.

    Communists in Burma were behind much of the agitation and uprising. They remained in the shadows, instigating young students to perform radical acts of protest, and at times violence. A BBC journalist, Christopher Gunnes, (some say is a communist, but I never heard him say it, so who knows) participated in broadcasts during which young female students claimed they were gang-raped while detained. The rapes never happened, but the reports created total mayhem in Burma, the start of a revolution just days before everyone knew the Military Dictatorship was about hand over administrative power to the NLD and civilian governance, much like it is today. The 1988 Uprising led to two more decades of harsh military rule.

    In January 2010, Suu Kyi was about to be freed from many long years of house arrest in November 2010. Suddenly, out of nowhere, meetings, forums, organizing began, and all of the organizers were advocating for mass protests to take place in September 2010, undoubtedly if carried out would have led to more dictatorship and prison time for Suu Ky. One would have thought that behind the sudden plans to derail Su Kyi’s arrest were military people seeking to retain power. In fact, the military was ready to relinquish administration and open Burma. The leader, General Than Shwe, knew they could not keep Burma isolated another five years. BUT – behind the scenes were communists, some very old, many of there young followers were controlled and led by the old communist guard. However, they were put down, some arrested and disappeared. The modern era allowed for contemporary thought, suffice it to say that young Democracy leaders led the communists into a trap one afternoon while hosting a secretive forum of leaders from extensive samplings of activist groups. The communists were the keynotes, and they exposed themselves, carelessly, while also believing they were seen as the experienced, wise, old guard in the Democracy movement. Aged people are respected and revered in Burmese culture, but shortly after that, they were put down.

    The point I am making is, Yes, Eric, communists are indeed sneaky, secretive, puppet masters, and in my opinion, the communists behind Antifa and other groups should be captured, decoded, and disappeared. There is no use for keeping communists in prison. This sounds harsh, but our nation is now at war. These are not ordinary times.

  10. Realist says:

    Why hasn’t Shanahan been dealt with?

  11. MarkinLA says:
    @Digital Samizdat

    Sounds good but the DAs will prosecute the militias just like they did the Proud Boys. Who is going to arrest them? The local government will call in the FBI.

  12. “Ignatiev, a deceased Jewish Harvard academic, was famous for his books calling for racial genocide via the “abolition of the white race.” ”

    Well, there is a least one thing in that sentence to smile about: Mr Ignatiev is deceased.

    (Oh, how I look forward to the day I can read that another obnoxious, pompous, arrogant Harvard academic is likewise finally deceased: Alan “Douche Bag” Dershowitz………. )

  13. Focus on the “Jarrod” and not the “Shanahan” and you’re get to the truth of the matter.

  14. Stogumber says:

    Dear Mr. Striker,
    I am very glad to have found your site via I was, in the beginning, more interested in abstract arguments and intellectual training. But your articles have shown me that there is a lot of human suffering in these political conflicts, mostly unknown and unregarded; and there is a need to support and protect the people suffering, and to look for reforms which diminish that suffering.
    You are, at your place, indispensable, and I hope that you will continue your work for a long time.

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