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Ambush-Style Shootings of Police Up 126% So Far In 2021
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A new report released by the Fraternal Order of Police seeks to draw attention to an ongoing trend of criminals — most of them black — calling the police in order to ambush them.

The August 2nd release states that there have so far been 52 ambushes this year, a rise of 126% over 2020. 2020 was the deadliest year for law enforcement in history.

Out of 185 line of duty deaths in 2021, 35 cops were killed by gunfire. In deliberate terrorist ambushes, 67 policemen have been shot, 17 fatally.

The federal government is responsible for analyzing and training officers so that they can avoid becoming victims of premeditated attacks. The FBI’s Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted (LEOKA) program appears to be asleep at the wheel, they have not released new data in two years.

Other public service workers, including EMTs and firefighters, are also at risk of being shot at when responding to calls in black areas. Emergency responders are perhaps more than any other demographic baring the brunt of the accelerated anti-racism ideology that has taken grip of various American institutions.

According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, which closely tracks violence against police officers, the numbers 8 months into 2021 compared to 2020 are already staggering. Three cops have been stabbed to death in 2021 compared to 0 in 2020. 15 officers have died from vehicular homicides, compared to 13 in all of last year. Four officers have been killed via assault, compared to 1 in the previous year. And while total gun homicides are lower, 37 vs 45 the previous year, there are still four months to go in the year.

Most cases of officers killed by black criminals float under the radar due to media malpractice. The spell of silence, however, appears to be breaking with the recent death of Ella G. French, the mother of a newborn baby shot during a traffic stop in Chicago yesterday. Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who has been a leading voice in anti-white and anti-police agitation, is facing mounting outcry after this latest incident, including alderman Raymond Lopez telling her to “shut up.”

With the 2022 midterms approaching, the Democrats are seeking to downplay their support for “defunding” the police. Both Joe Biden and his spokeswoman Jen Psaki have been publicly condemning the message of left-wing activists like Rep. Cori Bush, who is continuing to call for defunding the police amidst an unsustainable black crime wave.

While anti-police sentiment seems to be subsiding more than a year after the death of George Floyd, some “woke” cities continue to go off the deep end. In Seattle, social workers are likely to be dispatched instead of the police in response to calls about emotionally disturbed people. Cops in Seattle have already signaled that they will no longer be responding to behavioral health crises due to the strict restrictions on law enforcement behavior in such an instance. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is supporting this legislation, which essentially jeopardizes the life and limb of whoever will respond to calls instead of cops. Washington state set a record in homicides last year.

With no institutional advocates outside of their labor unions, beat cops are finding themselves increasingly isolated and quitting in response. A national study published in June found that retirements are up 45% and resignations 20% at police departments across the country.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Black Crime, Black Lives Matter, Blacks, Police 
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  1. 2020 was the deadliest year for law enforcement in history.

    Please, the 2020 numbers are inflated with chinaflu deaths. Remove those and 2020 badged government employee deaths were well within average.

    These pampered, overpaid snowflakes are just reaping what they have sown for the past decades. They love to ambush citizens who are sleeping when they do their “Kick in the door and terrorize all living creatures in the house” routine.

    Cops in Seattle have already signaled that they will no longer be responding to behavioral health crises due to the strict restrictions on law enforcement behavior in such an instance.

    Then start firing these malcontents who refuse to do the job they are overpaid to do.

    • Thanks: Angharad
  2. Good riddance to the pigs.

    • Disagree: Rich, El Dato
    • Replies: @AgBars
  3. A 29 year old White woman with no kids running around Chicago and chasing negroes?

    What a dumb society.

    Police there should be large men in full body armor with MP5s. K9 units everywhere.

    Either equip them properly or just withdraw from the area.

    • Agree: El Dato
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @El Dato
  4. Cops let this happen. Let blacks kill piggy-wiggies.

  5. anon[402] • Disclaimer says:

    State Security SHOULD be afraid to carry out illegal and immoral orders.

  6. him says:

    Easy solution. Don’t answer calls in the black areas. See how well they take care of their own.

  7. AgBars says:
    @Priss Factor

    Who, then, is going to look after your spindly little arse when trouble comes, Sweetie?

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  8. @John Johnson

    Better yet, defund street cops since they’re useless and give back the average citizen their natural born rights of self defense with any weapon they decide to carry.

    Cops are political pawns and absolutely useless in fighting crime. Even court decisions have unanimously declared that the police have no duty to protect the citizenry. That means the cops are there to protect the political class from the people they’re supposed to represent.

    • Agree: Chris Mallory
    • Replies: @goldgettin
  9. @AgBars

    People need to be able to protect themselves since the cops are minutes away when seconds count and aren’t worth spit even when they see a crime in progress.

    Individuals need to be able to pull out a pistol and kill the miscreant threatening them.

    • Replies: @UNIT472
  10. El Dato says:
    @John Johnson

    You could give them Blue Helmets and tell them drive around in armored vehicles, observe, drive around some more, dick the ladies, observe, and chill.

  11. Don’t trust the official Line of Duty death counts either.

    Several years ago, we had a deputy (mid 40’s or so and a stocky build) who worked 2nd shift, went home slept until 8am or so, then got up and worked outside 8 hours in the Kentucky August heat and humidity with a Heat Index of 110. People who were working with him said he drank very little water during the day. He died about 5pm from a heart attack. The sheriff declared it was a line of duty death since the deputy had wrestled around with a suspect 24 hours earlier.

  12. @RoatanBill

    Damn,you’re right again.Too bad the alphabet agencies can’t do
    anything either.Drugs,the fires,alcoholism,ecoterrorism,crime,child
    prostitution and accidental firearm discharge from random drones
    are ways to keep the sheep in line, and it’s working…flawlessly.
    Don’t you ever think it’s supposed to be this way? Prai\$e

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  13. There is a silver lining to the current mess.

    Cops are goons of the globo-homo state. Most cops are cuck force of the globalists. So, if blacks gun them down, that’s one more dead piggy, which is good.

    Another great thing is blacks are killing blacks. Awesome. Black Lives Matter, ROTFL. Defund the police and let blacks kill each other more.

    I have no sympathy for blacks who raise rotten kids and idolize freaks like George Floyd. Let them sleep in the bed they make.

    Trash whore parents and trash thugs kids.

    Video Link

    • Replies: @AgBars
  14. Anon[132] • Disclaimer says:

    Wow, what are the odds that this story has masonic numbers? In my opinion, this story is a bunch of baloney. Do you see the “devil in the details”? Yes, the devil and his followers use numerology to fool the people. See that no man deceive you (Matthew 24:4).

  15. UNIT472 says:

    That might work if you were what you think you are. A young Clint Eastwood and real life was a movie but you are not Clint Eastwood and life is not a movie. No second takes and what you are advocating is essentially what exists in ghetto neighborhoods right now. Most every hoodrat is armed and is ready and willing to open fire on anyone he perceives as a threat including police officers.

    Pulling a gun on someone is seldom a good idea. There are occasions where you may have no choice but they are rare and once gunfire erupts being the man standing over a body with a gun in your hand is a bad situation when the cops roll up. Hope there is video or witnesses that will corroborate your version of events or you could be doing prison time for manslaughter or second degree murder.

    • Troll: Chris Mallory
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  16. Yeah, I’ll bet anything the abominable Kate Brown, has plenty of high security all around her. The left is a plague on the U.S. They are far more deadly than the corona virus, in the toxic overall effects they have on American society. It’s incredible that they have been allowed to do what they have done to the U.S.

  17. @goldgettin

    People around the world are starting to wake up. There are protests in several countries against the vaccine passports and the more the regimes push the more push back they’re going to get. I was going to put a link to the protest in Italy where a video shows people lining up and burning their vaccine passports, but Twitter took it down. Even the Swiss are protesting and they arguably have the best gov’t in the world.

    The various regimes are desperate to keep the news of people growing a spine from getting out.

    When the US population, with hundreds of millions of guns, finally gets fed up with all the fatwas and idiocy, that’s when the real protests start. If cops think they’re getting picked off ambush style now, just wait till they try enforcing the ever more onerous unconstitutional edicts coming down the road.

    I can’t wait for the grunts in the military to tell their ‘commanding officers’ to go pound sand since they are now all supposed to be vaccinated and that’s an order. There’s a giant fuck you coming that the military and the DC criminals are hoping won’t happen, but I bet even the dolts that volunteer to become murderers don’t want to be guinea pigs because some jerk in rank says so.

    Everything is starting to unravel and it’s world wide. Protesting by people that have been disarmed is one thing, but protests by people with weaponry is quite another.

  18. @UNIT472

    I carried an illegal 22 when I was in college in New York City, so stick that you aren’t Clint Eastwood up you ass. I carried a 45 and then a 9mm Glock in Texas for over 20 years and never asked permission because I’m no slave to the idiocy of the law.

    I threatened two black thugs with their killing if they didn’t back off when they accosted me on an empty subway platform and they made the right decision because I would have killed both of them if they touched me. Once down I would have shot each one in the head a few times to make sure. Texas was more civilized than New York, so I never had to brandish or even mention I was carrying, but it did give me the confidence to enter bad neighborhoods for business reasons.

    The police are a scam for anyone with the sense enough to really think about the impossibility of their claim to protect the public. They simply aren’t there when some dirtbag decides to victimize you. I was mugged, robbed and beat up by black hoodlums while going to high school and decided that wasn’t going to happen again. If you’d been shot and stabbed like I was, you’d have a different attitude towards the useless cops and your rights as a human being that are not dependent on some asshole legislatures OPINION written into law.

  19. AgBars says:
    @Priss Factor

    Your twaddle is indistinguishable from the leftist bilge uttered by the blm thugs you claim to abhor, Twink.

  20. You silly dammy. US police is like the Stasi in East Germany. When push comes to shove, regardless of their ideology, they do as ordered by the state. The state, especially in big cities, is controlled by Jewish globalists and homo degenerates. For them, BLM and Antifa are anti-white tools. So, the police are ordered to leave those groups alone or go easy on them. And even when those thugs are arrested, big city judges let them go free. But the police are ordered to go after patriots, and these pigs go after patriots hard.

    So, fry like bacon, you piggy wiggies!

    Michelle Malkin was right. She stood up for the police, but the police stood by and did nothing to protect the pro-cop crowd from Antifa thugs. So, F the police. The scum pigs deserve to die. If the police want to coddle BLM, let the blacks kill them.

    • Replies: @AgBars
  21. AgBars says:
    @Priss Factor

    Clearly the rantings of Twink who got locked up, probably for taking some kid up the balloon knot, and now is a keyboard khunt because he’s never, ever been in harm’s way and thinks he knows the mean streets. Battleship mouth, rowboat arse.

  22. US police is a total twink force. Police join all the homo parades and festivals. They fly homo flags on cars. Your pro-police stance suggests you are a total twink.

    Your hero cops of San Fran.

    • Replies: @AgBars
  23. It is difficult to conjure any sort of empathy towards today’s militarized State priesthood class called cops.

    The very least we can offer an ambushed cop or their family in terms of condolences is to repay them in their own coin which they’d spent when they were alive.

    When a citizen is found in violation of one of the greater than two million laws on the books in the USA, many of them profit seeking and petty, a cop would simply and rationally state that “well, you should not have done this or that then” or, “tell it to the judge”. It’s no skin off the cops’ nose if you are put through the wringer, wrongly or not. He’s never wrong because he’s just an enforcer and the law is always right.

    The law is hardly ever moral though.

    In the same manner, when a cop gets offed in an ambush, all we should really say is “well, you should not have been a cop then”. This is true. That woman cop (shown in the photo) would still be alive had she not sought the money in uniform and instead tried to find it elsewhere.

    These types of incidents should be a reminder to cops that they can be gotten to, no problem. But, does it really have to be that way???

    It’s too bad when an F1 driver dies, or a logger, or a miner. They knew beforehand what they were getting into and the risks involved. No state funerals for them though, and no public forced to pay death benefits for them compared to a cops family when he or she does die in the line of duty.

    It’s too bad when anyone gets shot and killed who really doesn’t deserve it but I have much less empathy for cops who do. They wanted such excitement. Except, they wanted it at someone elses’ expense. Reality bites. Now they’re just biting the dust.

    Instead of shooting cops, they should just be burlesqued into adhering to civilized behavior. Drop the power trip, boys.×900

    • Replies: @Agbars
  24. Agbars says:
    @USA Invades Israel

    The only thing to be gleaned from your turgid diatribe is you that don’t even have the balls that female cop did the night she was gunned down by one of your brethren.

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