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Accused "Antifa" Fraudster Christian Picciolini's History of Cyberstalking and Unwanted Sexual Advances
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Christian Picciolini has carved out a career for himself as the man who can de-radicalize of “white supremacists.” Picciolini’s former organization, Life After Hate, once even received lavish grants from the federal government that his former associates have sued him in court over Picciolini’s business, now named “Free Radicals Project,” revolves around claims of winning over right-wing political dissidents to the side of the extreme left.

Picciolini belongs to a faction of the anti-fascist movement that believes you must fully embrace anarchist and communist philosophy to be considered “reformed.” This has become a point of contention with more moderate competitors like Light Upon Light, which is currently fighting with Picciolini and his supporters for grants and publicity.

National Justice has been provided a series of disturbing text and social media messages from Picciolini going back to 2016 that demonstrate a pattern of erratic, unprofessional, extortionary behavior aimed largely at young women.

In one instance in 2016, Picciolini repeatedly threatened a female content creator who used the handle “Crusader Girl” with the police. According to an acquaintance who spoke to us on condition of anonymity, the female in question was so disturbed by Picciolini’s threats and cyberstalking, including unsolicited romantic advances, that she went into hiding.

In another string of disquieting incidents, Picciolini began messaging a content creator named “Evalion” with her “dox” (name and place of residence) and even pictures of her house. On Skype, Picciolini would repeatedly message her in spite of getting no response. Over multiple months he engaged in unending harassment and trolling with personal information of hers he had obtained.

Later on, Picciolini opened up a crusade against yet another young lady, a private citizen named Rachel, who he would message various family members accusing her of being “racist.”

The most repulsive interaction with Picciolini however was with a woman only identified as “Sherise.”

According to Facebook messages provided by her, Picciolini may have thought she was male and sent her messages like “yum, my dick smells like your ass”, “I cum on your face while you sleep,” and “Do you want me to jerk you off…”

These screenshots bring the methods Picciolini uses to convert those with different opinions to the far left — which has been featured in various mainstream media outlets and even an MSNBC miniseries — into question. Legally speaking, Christopher Cantwell is currently on trial facing federal cyberstalking and extortion charges for similar behavior. Ethically speaking, it would be outrageous to imagine ever restoring federal funding for Picciolini and his organization.

Documents from Picciolini’s legal woes (Life After Hate, Inc v. Free Radicals Project, Inc & Christian Picciolini) portray a greedy and thoroughly dishonest cynic. Drawing people away from pro-white ideas or activism with alleged acts of blackmail may make Picciolini a hero in the eyes of internet anarchists, but behavior like the above are considered offensive even by those who may agree with the man’s stated aims.

(Republished from National Justice by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Antifa, Cyber Threats, White Nationalists 
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  1. Anarchism attracted sexually predatory and dysfunctional men starting way back. The main anarchist character in one of Dostoevsky’s novels recounts how he violated an 11 year old girl just for the thrill of it. I suspect Dostoevsky modeled this character after real anarchists he knew in late 19th Century Russia, like I suspect that Thomas Mann knew way more than he let on about gay sex tourism when he wrote “Death in Venice.”

  2. I seriously doubt that today’s “anarchist” larpers have read many books, much less ones about anarchist philosophy. By contrast, the early communist movement attracted many well-read and cultured people who valued Western civilization, even if they wanted to transform it in ways to make it friendlier to the proles. Show me a current anarchist who grew up classically educated like Karl Marx, for example, or who can competently recite poetry in several languages, or who can play classical music on an instrument, or who has compiled notebooks starting from an early age of the ideas he has encountered in his reading.

    • Replies: @Wyatt
  3. Wyatt says:

    What you say convinces me that it’s not education, but the type of person that compels someone to believe in the retardation that is communism. It makes sense that it was primarily jews early on; they have a culture that is conducive to thinking that they know best for humanity through tikkun olam and “chosenness” and it makes sense now that watered down socialism appeals to the retarded white kids in universities and “educated” colored folk.

    • Replies: @fnn
    , @Supply and Demand
  4. fnn says:

    It’s even more simple than that in the case of someone like Picciolini: “Anti-racism” is a lucrative racket and therefore it attracts sociopaths/crooks.

    • Agree: Kratoklastes
  5. @Wyatt

    The largest number of Communists by far are the Chinese, and it’s not even remotely close. Jews are just most apparent to the West because atomized bugbrain anglos handed them the keys to total dominance.

  6. Martinez says:

    This is disgusting. Picciolini is one gross pervert.

  7. Exile says: • Website

    The FBI in particular is weaponizing these sociopathic grifter-types in the same way it did with the KKK in the 1950’s-1970’s.

    As Striker has examined in detail at TRS, the whole “Mississippi Burning” mythology is a shabby fiction that covers up FBI agents and CI’s instigating, planning and gas-canning the violent acts that were used as a pretext for increasing the FBI’s status and power even more.

    This is a deeply corrupt institution from its inception and it needs to be disbanded, defunded and audited from the roots up. It’s frankly not even safe to employ its members elsewhere given the amount of malfeasance each one of them is likely to have at least tolerated and remained silent on if they didn’t in fact participate.

    Shut it down.

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