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Trump's Kool-Aid
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Take an injection of a strong disinfectant like Dettol or Listerine and call me in the morning.”

President Donald Trump has clearly gone off the rails with his crazy suggestion that the public might try injecting potent disinfectants to combat COVID-19. He sounds increasingly like the late Rev. Jim Jones of toxic Kool-Aid fame and former TV evangelist Jim Baker who is now hawking his own miracle cure for COVID-19.

The difference is that Jim Baker’s nostrum is not lethal while Rev. Trump’s certainly is.

Where did the world’s most powerful elected official – who now threatens war against Iran and Venezuela – get this loopy notion? Likely via Fox News and from some of his circle of louche business cronies.

These cronies were also the likely source of Trump’s infatuation with the potent anti-malarial drugs chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine to fight COVID-19. He has been urging Americans to take this drug despite evidence that it does not work against the disease and may cause serious damage.

Senior French doctors have been warning of chloroquine’s dangers for the past month. They say it can provoke dangerous heart arrhythmias. It’s not even that effective against malaria.

Furthermore, this drug can induce seizures and psychotic episodes. I took chloroquine while in the bush country in southern Africa covering fighting between the South African military (SADF) and African National Congress fighters. After a few days I started to hallucinate and go paranoid. I avoided it thereafter.

Chloroquine was developed by German chemists as a direct descendant of quinine, which is derived from the bark of the Amazonian cinchona tree. Spanish conquistadors learned from native people to use cinchona bark to combat malaria. Mixed with gin, favored by the British, it became a West Indian afternoon staple – gin and tonic.

During World War II, American soldiers and marines were fed another cinchona offspring, atabrine, which made them sick from liver damage and turned some GI’S blue.

Vanity Fair magazine claims in its current issue that some of Trump’s business cronies had a plan to flood the greater New York City area with the two chloroquines after the president promoted its anti-COVID properties. This would not be surprising, given Trump’s use of his hotel and golf clubs for ‘official’ business.

On a curious sidebar, Trump’s biggest fan, Brazil’s loopy new right-wing president, Jair Bolsonaro, is in hot water at home for dismissing COVID-19 as a ‘cold’, promoting quack remedies and opposing social distancing. His most respected minister was just fired for contradicting Bolsonaro’s health schemes. The same thing just happened in Washington, where the senior administration official in charge of vaccines, Dr. Rick Bright, was just fired for opposing Trump’s quack cures.


The only thing of possible merit being said by Trump is his claim that strong light may help fight COVID-19. In South Africa, Boer farmers told me they would get local farm workers who fell ill to go lie in the sun for hours to cure their ailments. It worked surprisingly well – or the workers were feigning illness. But injecting light into the body, as Trump suggested, is fantasy.

Trump’s wacky health panaceas won’t fool most educated Americans, but they are a danger to his many credulous supporters who see Queens New York property developer Trump as some sort of Christian holy prophet and follow his medical quackery.

Trump is a gifted politician and entertainer but he’s no saintly Albert Schweitzer. Alarmingly, this man’s finger is on the nuclear button. Now that’s a real worry.

• Category: Ideology, Science • Tags: Coronavirus, Disease, Donald Trump 
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  1. g8way says:

    This article is missing the tag Trump Derangement Syndrome

    • LOL: Ann Nonny Mouse
  2. Ko says:

    You beat me to it. I’ll just add, Eric’s a senile old fart with nothing else on is mind.

  3. Get help.


    Get help.

  4. IvyMike says:

    There actually is a decades old treatment for viral and bacterial infections that involves removing about a liter of blood, exposing it to a UV light source to deactivate the pathogens, then returning it to the body. Somehow this treated portion of blood then cleanses the entire system. If Trump ever hears about this he will go bats— crazy. Love to see Dr. Scarf Lady’s face then…

    • Replies: @Fidelios Automata
  5. Yes we know that Mr. Margolis hates Trump but that is no excuse to shill for BigPharma. From my blog:

    Apr 10, 2020 – Dr. Oz and the Virus Cure

    I was shocked to see the famous Dr. Oz do a great interview about hydroxychloroquine treatment for COVID-19, one that President Trump has advocated. I was not shocked that even Dr. Oz was ignored by the corporate media and only covered by RT. The resistance by medical “experts” is probably the result of the “not invented here” rejection by government bureaucrats. They have spent years studying such viruses and their organization got billions of dollars to prepare for something like COVID-19. They have no solution so reject evidence from regular MDs on the street who tell them hydroxychloroquine is effective. Hydroxychloroquine treatment was not discovered by an expensive lab, but when the Chinese noticed that Lupus patients who take hydroxychloroquine were not affected by exposure to COVID-19.

    A second reason is the power of Big Pharma that is excited to come up with a cure or vaccine for which they will charge many thousands of dollars. Hydroxychloroquine has been used for decades so is there is no patent and sold cheap as a generic drug. The third reason is that President Trump realized all this and made treatment quickly possible despite opposition by “experts”, Big Pharma, and the corporate media. They scream about dangerous side effects of hydroxychloroquine. But all medications might have side effects, just read the warning label on every medication bottle to include over the counter drugs! Tylenol can kill you if you take too much.

    Watch Dr. Oz debunk our corporate media.

    He recently backed down his endorsement, probably cause they threatened to cancel his show. The FDA keeps saying there have been no trials of this drug, but no one asks why they have yet to fund any. Dr. Berg also offered a balanced review.

  6. Yes there maybe a bit of TDS here.
    “Take an injection of a strong disinfectant like Dettol or Listerine and call me in the morning.”.
    Come on — this is a joke. Maybe in poor taste, maybe amusing (I kind of smiled).
    We know it’s a joke because of “call me in the morning”. This is an OLD joke about medical ineptitude & lack of sincere patient care. You usually hear it as “take two aspirin & call me in the morning”.

    • Replies: @BuelahMan
  7. BuelahMan says:

    With the state of discernment of America and all the fear porn being poured over everyone, this was likely the stupidest ‘joke’ this moron could have told.

    Stable Genius?

    Only to the Drumpfter contingent.

    • Agree: Wielgus
  8. @g8way

    Regardless of how you personally feel about Trump, you must accept the reality that US president is a moron: promoting anti-lockdown protests on his twitter account, then castigating Georgia governor for opening up.

  9. If Margulis is either unaware of or chooses to ignore the significant differences between Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine, as this article suggests, then his maundering thoughts are both useless and counterproductive.

  10. @g8way

    Yes, before the coronavirus, it was funny to watch a certain type of person go mad with incessant Trumpbad talk like Obama and Bush and Clinton and Bush and Reagan and Carter weren’t just as bad. But now, with the idiot just not doing anything about it except giving away a trillion dollars to his betters–that, sir, is a bridge to far. Trump Derangement Syndrome has transformed itself into the simple common sense of the guillotine. Things change, you know. And when things change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?

    • Agree: Exile, Escher
  11. @Carlton Meyer

    A-fib is one nasty disease. You don’t want to get it.

    So, as to hydrochloroquinine or whatever it is–

    You First.

  12. It’s a joke you stupid piece of shit. Wrong joke, wrong place and wrong time. But still a fucking joke. TDS is a debilitating mental illness. I suggest you drink a pint of drain cleaner and call me in the morning.

  13. @Carlton Meyer

    They scream about dangerous side effects of hydroxychloroquine. But all medications might have side effects,

    There were trials in Brazil and it seems that the most important effect is that it doesn’t help and the worst side effect is that it kills people (maybe I exaggerate a bit). The trials were halted because of that. Results were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Network Open (Jama),

  14. @IvyMike

    A friend of mine who has serious leukemia has undergone this treatment, except I believed they cycled her entire bloodstream while adding some ancient herbal drug. Sounds wacky but this was done at a top-notch facility and she’s still hanging in there.

    • Replies: @HallParvey
  15. Rev. Jim Jones of toxic Kool-Aid fame

    It was Flavor Aid, and although technically correct that it is not a cold, the countries where the most test have statistics that show the death rate is in the same rate as regular seasonal flu. Being “infected” means nothing. In the above referenced countries, approximately 50% of those tested were positive (infected) and of those, 50% were asymptomatic.
    There is something much more sinister going on here.

  16. Blubb says:

    The French doctor bit is just false. The French gave it to a handful of patients in serious condition, of which one suffered heart arythmia. It is true, the medication did not work, but with the trials done so far, it seems to work best when given early on, and zinc supplements also seem to play a role, but useless if given at a later stage – which was the case in France. Those patients were already on ventilators.

    Trials in Brazil seem to have been more promising, and Boris Johnson also seems to have taken it, though that is not officially confirmed.

    What’s the alternative as well? Waiting for a rush job of a vaccine, and being chipped like lifestock, as immunisation extremist Bill Gates demands? Media who received generous donations from Gates of course promote this route, but I certainly don’t wish to take it.

    I’d rather take the tried and tested hydrochloroxine. I’ve taken it before when traveling Africa with no ill side effects.

  17. @Fidelios Automata

    Cleaning the blood is standard treatment for kidney failure. It’s called renal dialysis. Medicine to combat Lymphoma is rat poison. So, there must be some other reason for opposing the use of some chemical to combat this new disease. Even experimentally. Somewhere other than Brazil.

    I wonder what it could be.

  18. Every report I’ve seen about Hydroxychloroquine, that was honestly done, has shown the French protocol works. There have been people that could not tolerate the drug, but that’s true of almost any drug you can name. When the patients were already on ventilators, they were doomed. ventilators tear the lungs apart as the problem is the mucus that is accumulating in the lungs render the ventilators ineffective and the pressure must be raised to a point that it shreds lung tissue.

    Others have gone to steroids to knock down mucus production. One physician treated his wife, who had no breathing noises form the lower lobe of one lug, with a nebulizer and albuterol. She was completely clear inside of 48 hours. I’ve seen prednisone work in my own case when I had bronchitis back in march was it was going into pneumonia. I was clear inside of 48 hours as well.

    It’s already been pointed out that ventilators are not something you want to use in the case of Covid pneumonia. Unless the lungs can be opened up, nothing is going to be of much effect. A ventilator is simply going to increase the damage done.

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