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Trump's Feeble Coup
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‘Worse than a crime; a mistake’

The mob of yahoos and cretins that broke into the United States capitol this week was not a spontaneous act of violence. Quite the contrary, it was a carefully planned criminal uprising designed to terrorize congress and prevent the election of president-elect Joe Biden.

It was clear orders had been given to the local security forces to largely disarm but accommodate the rioters, and allow them into the capitol buildings. By whom? Clearly by President Trump or his minions. There will probably be no written record. Trump, who grew up rubbing shoulders with gangsters and union thugs, certainly had learned the lesson taught by the late criminal lawyer Roy Cohen to always skirt the law and never leave a clear trail.

It’s also very likely that Trump tried to organize a military coup against his own government, what Latin Americans call an ‘autogolpe.’ That’s why ten former US defense secretaries, including the far-right Dick Cheney, felt compelled to issue a joint letter warning Trump not to involve the military in domestic politics. Draft-dodger Trump fancies himself a potential military genius. His effort at Bonapartism quickly failed.

A mob of low-IQ thugs waving Confederate flags was not enough to take over the US government. For this, military or paramilitary forces would have been needed to seize the Pentagon and major military bases, the major media, airports, telecommunications, the Treasury, and police HQ.

And yet there had been open talk for weeks of some sort of coup attempt by Trump supporters. Americans were so absorbed by the game of politics that they almost ignored the looming threat of a coup attempt by denizens of the far right, driven to a frenzy by Trump’s crass falsehoods about the election being stolen.

It’s interesting to compare Trump’s coup attempt with events in the Soviet Union in 1991. A cabal of die-hard communists, including Defense Minister Marshal Yazov, sought to overthrow the reformist government of Mikhail Gorbachev. They mounted a poorly-organized coup to seize state organs in Moscow and isolated Gorbachev at his retreat in Crimea.

The two Soviet mechanized divisions tasked with seizing Moscow went to the city center, then remained inactive due to lack of orders. Marshal Shaposhnikov refused to order his transport aircraft to bring more troops to Moscow to aid the coup. Special KGB ‘Alpha’ units refused to fire on insurgent leader Boris Yeltsin. In all, the highly patriotic Red Army refused to engage in the coup.

The coup failed and its leaders, most of them drunk on vodka, were rounded up and arrested. But this event, and the anti-Yeltsin coup two year later, marked the beginning of the end of the Soviet Union.

The coup leaders were initially jailed, then released. Stalin would have had them shot. The Soviet Union and its successor, Russia, never recovered.


Trump’s encouragement, and then refusal, to halt the storming of the capitol, will likely mark the end of his political career. He could be censored, or even jailed for his act of insurrection. His plans to run again for president in four years look highly unlikely to succeeded after his act of political arson. His supporters, who are large in numbers, should be deterred from advocating violence, Christian political extremism, extreme Zionism and environmental backwardness. The Republican Party needs a huge enema.

Americans deserve to be deeply embarrassed by this week’s events. Scenes of rioters inside the capitol waving Confederate flags conjure fears of a second American civil war: many of the states that voted for Trump were also part of the old civil war Confederacy.

As a New Yorker and life-long Eisenhower Republican, I was horrified by events in Washington. Trump was flying B-52 bombers over Iran while hooligans were trashing the capitol.

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  1. surly says:

    Yes, Eric, this was definitely a mostly peaceful coup attempt. LOOK AT THE WRECKAGE!

    • Replies: @endthefed
    , @Rick Rozoff
  2. El Dato says:

    It was clear orders had been given to the local security forces to largely disarm but accommodate the rioters, and allow them into the capitol buildings. By whom? Clearly by President Trump or his minions.

    I stopped reading right there,

    This is not how it works.

    The Prez does not control National Guard, DC Police or Capitol police.

    Even Pelosi hasn’t came up with something that out-of-whack yet.

    Maybe you wanna talk to Muriel?

    • Replies: @follyofwar
    , @TBeholder
  3. A childish click-bait article. If he wanted a coup they would have brought arms and killed some Congressmen. That’s a coup. This was a small protest that did far less damage than BLM riots there. It seems the Deep State let them in so they could flood the nation with anti-Trump trash like this article.

  4. steiner says:

    more crocodile tears from a new york “cosmopolitan.”

  5. It’s the end of Trumpism.

  6. The mob of yahoos and cretins that broke into the United States capitol this week was not a spontaneous act of violence. Quite the contrary, it was a carefully planned criminal uprising designed to terrorize congress and prevent the election of president-elect Joe Biden.

    It was clear orders had been given to the local security forces to largely disarm but accommodate the rioters, and allow them into the capitol buildings. By whom?

    I worked there. The US Capitol Police is broken into 3 major security forces, all of whom are Fed LE. There is a Senate, House and Capitol Div. The Senate and House Divs are Office Bldgs.

    The Capitol Police literally have 535 Bosses, + 2 (Sgts at Arms)

    The Capitol Div was set up in fairly recent times toward the goal of permitting it to be ‘re-taken’ in the event of a Chemical, Biological or Radiological attack or to recover mass casualties if its in rubble. No one expected a mob of meth-ed out morons, but trained, effectively organized terrorists.

    This plan stages most of the equipment to allow you to function in such toxic environments Off Site, in an office bldg that is not part of the Capitol complex. The idea is to retreat to the bldg, suit up to protect yourself, and then mount a directed counter attack to retake or re-enter the bldg. There are breathing apparatus, riot gear, and your bulk equip stored there.

    This plan works, as well as any would, if you are retaking the capitol from a terror force that is holding positions inside of an irradiated capitol, but its a complete disaster if you are trying to keep a mob of half-wits OUT of the facility, in large part because people have been trained to LEAVE the capitol for emergency equip that they dont use daily.

    Patrol Div is not based out of the Capitol, and is considered a small unit specialty, unlike even a small town PD, in which Patrol experience is the norm for all sworn personnel.

    The Capitol Div. largely consists of Security Guard type posts, which process staffers and members of congress in and out of the Bldg, who are generally quite eager to explain how important they are, and the controlling authority is not the Police, its the Sgt at Arms.

    If the Sgt at Arms gets word that you pissed off a member, staffer, or one of their constituents, (535 Bosses) you will ‘go through some things’, in Trumps vernacular.

    They are not letting people through their lines because they are part of plan –
    they dont know what to do, and are scared of getting into trouble because unlike a regular Police agency in Mayberry, most of these people have never arrested anyone before. They dont know what to do, dont want to get in trouble or lose their jobs, and are scared to offend anyone.

    • Thanks: Mustapha Mond
  7. mijj says:

    reality and propaganda are so clearly distinct with this incident –
    it’s a good time to identify insidious shills for establishment power.

  8. FelipeB says:

    What a stupid article. I used to respect this columnist, now I can see he doesn’t know shit from shinola.

    • Agree: northeast, Joseph Doaks
  9. Hiop says:

    The only part you got right is that security forces were told to stand down. Cui bono? Certainly not Trump. Gee you’re dumb.

  10. lloyd says: • Website

    As I recall the Soviet Union was long gone by 1993. In 1993, all that was left of the Soviet Union was people would sometimes forget it no longer existed.

  11. LondonBob says:

    Biden’s coup, so far it is sticking but will it hold?

  12. @El Dato

    Well, I didn’t stop reading. But the article only got worse. I think that Margolis got it entirely backwards. It was just TOO damn convenient that the protest got out of control, with hundreds easily poring into the Capitol, right when a few brave Congressmen were about to register their objections to the stolen election. The Deep Staters, who hate Trump and control the government, obviously did not want them to speak.

    Their strategy was brilliant. Force the proceedings to be delayed, just as the first challenges were about to be heard, and have them resume later that day when no one was paying attention, and all but a brave few Congressmen had withdrawn their objections to the EC vote.

    The planning for this rebellion (if that’s what it was) was not orchestrated by President Trump. IMO, he’s not even thinking clearly any more. If he was, at his rallies, he wouldn’t have been publicly calling for VP Pence to do his bidding. He just stupidly fell into the Deep State’s trap. Yes, I’m convinced Trump won the election, but he’s been outsmarted by his enemies ever since.

    • Agree: Mustapha Mond
    • Replies: @animalogic
  13. @Carlton Meyer

    Not only does Eric Margolis suffer from TDS, he has never let reality stand in the way of a good story, irrespective of the topic.
    I am fully aware of Trump’s shortcomings, inciting violence is not one of them. His inability to understand that the traitors around him do all they can to undermine him, and how many of those traitors there are, are the most obvious. Inciting violence? Nah, naivité.

  14. As a New Yorker and life-long Eisenhower Republican, I was horrified by events in Washington.

    I can imagine you, clutching your pearls in horror, at the unmitigated gall of hoi poloi. Were you wearing your tea dress at the time or a more matronly outfit as you were seated for a formal dinner?

    • LOL: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @Greta Handel
    , @Rufus Clyde
  15. Galearis says:

    A disappointment from Erik who is usually a solid thinking journalist that uses fact, not speculation.
    This is the only commentary that was not from the corrupt MSM that was critical of that capital building event. They could have razed the place, but there was only minor damage. The blood toll, I will speculate was from infiltrators who were attempting to walk away with a false flag that would be useful for the PTB to attack Trump.
    Te latter point is MY speculation and I acknowledge it.

  16. etype says:

    When Marglolis went ballastic with his attacks on the alt-conservative writer ‘Bionic Mosquito’ I looked very closely into his accusations to understand if there were any merit to his charges. There was no merit whatsoever, I thought perhaps just a misunderstanding. However reading his latest article, the misapprehension I had earlier about Eric Margolis became quite clear. Anyone who writes such a poorly researched article of mostly slander, is neither a Conservative, nor an honest person up front about his objectives.

    Margolis is a careerist looking for a future berth in the mainstream media. He will turn on all of you the minute it is profitable.

    • Replies: @Timur The Lame
  17. Margolis could be right and then some. Who were the paramilitaries with the plastic handcuffs? According to one report, they were coming for Pence’s family:

    • Agree: Not Raul
    • Replies: @Rufus Clyde
  18. @Jus' Sayin'...

    The need to sneer at

    the mob of yahoos and cretins that broke into the United States capitol this week

    a mob of low-IQ thugs waving Confederate flags

    hooligans … trashing the capitol

    was so compelling that Mr. Margolis arose from the Archived.

    Only to reconfirm that, like the rest of the Establishment, he doesn’t care for or even conceive of common Americans as his countrymen.

    We’ll have to see if he remains too good to engage with commenters.

  19. If this was even one twentieth as planned and organised as you suggest, the Capitol would still be occupied, and those zip ties would be around the wrists of more than a few Congress Critters. This was a protest, and conflating it with an insurrection is merely an attempt to cow discredited populists back to flyover country, where more than a few of them will be rounded up and prosecuted pour encourager les autres.

  20. BuelahMan says:

    “As a New Yorker” was enough to prove to me that Eric has little understanding of the south and the confederacy.

    I wonder if Eric thinks that Confederate flag wavers caused the first Civil War, or does he know that Lincoln started that war on the behest of Yankees much like himself?

    I personally think that the Drumpfters are lemmings, and just as stupidly as Eric rants, they ‘think’ a New York Yankee gives a damn about them.

    • Replies: @Observator
    , @Wielgus
  21. @etype

    A very disappointing article to say the least but I wanted to apprise you of Margolis’s career and present situation as it were.

    Eric Margolis is 79 years old and already had a career as a mainstream journalist being the foreign editor for Toronto tabloid The Sun for some 20 years. He was terminated over a decade ago, I suspect because however timid he is by Unz standards he was not towing the line hard enough for what passes as journalism these days.

    Added to which he sold Jamieson Vitamins, which was bequeathed to him by his father for upwards of \$200 million so his interest in “profitability” is not an issue.

    I do not mean to be denigrating but I suspect that maybe he is starting to develop age related issues of the mind. Until now he hadn’t published an article since November even on his own site. The present article would support my suspicions as I see it in any event.

    He was and is a very likeable individual who was the resident ‘right wing nut’ in Canadian media for many years. I wish him good health in any event. Aging is an incurable disease.


    • Replies: @Greta Handel
  22. AceDeuce says:

    Hey Numbdikk–

    If Trump is a “draft dodger”, so is Biden. Pedo Joe had 5 deferments based on Vietnam draft-induced asthma, which he never had before or since the VN War. Strange!.

    BTW-How many years did you serve, Eric? (Me, I did 10).

  23. @BuelahMan

    That arrogant fool Jeff Davis started the war by ordering Charleston’s batteries to open fire on Old Glory at Fort Sumter. Just as CSA Secretary of State Robert Toombs predicted, patriotic Americans reacted like a swarm of enraged hornets whose nest had been attacked, and stung the insurgency to death.

  24. I don’t agree with the majority of what Mr Margolis wrote, but I must say that when I saw the antics of those who invaded the capitol, I was shocked.

    I was shocked at the childishness. I was shocked at the stupidity. I was shocked by the lack of any forethought about, “How will this look on TV to have the nation and the world scrutinizing what I am doing currently?” It was like a bunch of chimpanzees escaping at the zoo.

    And then I heard about poor Ms Babbitt, and my heart sank. So much tragedy!

    This could have been a moment where leadership was displayed, words spoken that stir people’s souls like those of our founders. Instead you’ve got an asshole wearing skins and a retarded viking cap getting top billing, and some idiot from Arkansas who came all the way up so he could sit in Nancy Pelosi’s chair and put his feet up on her desk. A Florida doofus walks away with her podium, waving to the camera. Pure idiocy. Smile, you’re on Candid Camera, morons.

    Instead of inspiring words, morality and righteous indignation worthy of the moment, we got a law-breaking clown-ass shit-show. Again, nobody thought ahead, nobody had the Kiplingesque composure to ‘keep their head while all around are losing theirs.” When emotions override reason, bad things happen. Laws get broken and people get hurt. Again, my heart sank to think of the energy and momentum that was surrounding this being turned against a grass-roots movement for justice, truth and fairness in elections.

    Now, all the momentum is lost. Even worse, this is already being twisted, mangled and contorted into the “new 9/11” and will likely usher in draconian laws against ‘domestic terrorism’ that further erode and likely complete the evisceration of our sacred constitutional rights, or what is left of them. The response seems well-planned and executed to perfection, like the ugly Patriot Act we still suffer under that followed 9/11 with impossible lightning speed.

    Those assembled citizens who rightly opposed the stealing of the election were simply led straight down the garden path, and this is terribly distressing. Patriots need leaders, and Trump failed miserably in this regard. Hopefully someone with charisma and vision can fill the void and do so with dignity and foresight. Not sure I know of anyone who fits the bill currently, but it is something our country desperately needs right now so mindless debacles like this are never repeated and patriots have someone to inspire them, and something to aspire to……

    • Agree: Bro43rd
    • Replies: @Franz
    , @Workforlivn
  25. @Timur The Lame

    Mr. Margolis expresses no such sympathy for those he’s demeaned. Has he no family or friends to spare him the embarrassment of unveiling his contempt for common people, that he’s a silver spoon sycophant of those he desperately wants to be at one with? I suspect he does, but they see nothing wrong in what he wrote.

    Perhaps he and the childless Pat Buchanan who similarly bemoaned Wednesday’s “desecration” of the “temple” — the respective Left and Right sashes of the Overton window for Establishment politics — could be honored at a joint retirement dinner. The children of their inferiors could bring pre-plated each course of salad (garden or overdressed Caesar), entree (chicken, beef, fish, or mystery veggie), and dessert (sorry, everyone gets the same bread pudding) to those busily sucking up or down to each other.

  26. @Observator

    You’ve dropped that weird riff about the war being needless but for the Confederate refusal to relinquish the mints that were “federal assets.”


    • Replies: @BuelahMan
  27. BuelahMan says:

    Of course, the Yankee provocation had nothing to do with it. Lincoln is god.

  28. BuelahMan says:
    @Greta Handel

    I would say that it is because the claim is a lie.

    • Replies: @Greta Handel
  29. @BuelahMan

    Apparently so.

    I’ve repeatedly asked Observator for substantiation, and am always ignored. Someone (who wanted to be) credible would have either supported or withdrawn his claim.

  30. Franz says:
    @Mustapha Mond

    This could have been a moment where leadership was displayed, words spoken that stir people’s souls like those of our founders. Instead you’ve got an asshole wearing skins and a retarded viking cap getting top billing


    They’ve only spent the last 4 years saying Trump voters were the scum of the Earth and now they got plenty of scenes that will be replayed ad nauseum whenever “Trump presidency” is mentioned.

    And as I suspected from the start, the Babbitt murder, and it was a murder, went straight into the memory hole for the MSM. It just don’t fit the narrative so they dropped it.

  31. Wielgus says:

    I was under the impression firing on Fort Sumter caused it to kick off.

    • Replies: @Bro43rd
  32. Margolis, a true cunt. The man who loves plutocracy and hates “union thugs”. Margolis knows that the entire system is a whirling mess of seeming contradictions, so he always throws out a few factoids with no context, but underlying it all is his worship of oligarchs. His mother was a spy and although he likes to pretend he’s Austin Powers, he’s a former vitamin mogul and an increasingly irrelevant psy-op agent.
    No question that Drumpf is human garbage, who was very much involved with Roy Cohn and other assorted criminal scumbags.
    But the idea that the shennnanigans at the capitol were in any way a coup attempt is absurd. Margolis mentions that Drumpf is a draft-dodger, but fails to mention that Cheney, the wise former Defence Secretary is also a chicken-hawk.
    The notion of Yeltsin as leader of an insurgency, that Margolis has already stated was an attempt to overthrow Gorbachev by “die-hard” communists. And how could the 1993 mark the end of the Soviet Union, given that the US had begun looting the country in 1991 after the nomenklatura sold out to the US empire in August ’91?
    What really happened in Russia? This pretty much sums it up:

    “After seven years of economic “reform” financed by billions of dollars in U.S. and other Western aid, subsidized loans and rescheduled debt, the majority of Russian people find themselves worse off economically. The privatization drive that was supposed to reap the fruits of the free market instead helped to create a system of tycoon capitalism run for the benefit of a corrupt political oligarchy that has appropriated hundreds of millions of dollars of Western aid and plundered Russia’s wealth.

    The architect of privatization was former First Deputy Prime Minister Anatoly Chubais, a darling of the U.S. and Western financial establishments.”

    Margolis is one slippery fish!

  33. @Kevin Barrett

    Would this fall into the 30% rubbish content claimed by Duff for VT?
    “The site’s chairman, Gordon Duff, served in the Marine Corps in Vietnam and began contributing to the site in 2008. In one 2012 interview, he stated, “About 30% of what’s written on Veterans Today, is patently false. About 40% of what I write, is at least purposely, partially false, because if I didn’t write false information I wouldn’t be alive.””

    You and Hall are as full of shit as the worst corporate or state media hacks. This recent release of effluent pretty much sums up the ridiculous nature of VT:

    “State of Emergency: Trump plotters plan assassinations of Congress, seizing SCOTUS and taking over White House…to ‘protect Trump’ (real)”

    It must be true if they put “real” in parentheses!

    Typically, this piece of garbage “article” has a quotation with no attribution. Truly, dogshit for the mind.

    At the time he blew himself up, I thought Hall was the real deal. But he stated flat-out that 9/11 was a Netanyahu operation, which is an absurd oversimplification and played right into the hands of the people who like to give us scary bedtime stories.

    The idea that a stand-alone Israeli operation co-opted the FBI, the CIA, the US Air Force, etc., is ridiculous. As ridiculous as VT and the AHT.

  34. @Jus' Sayin'...

    A “life-long Eisenhower Republican”? That is some crazy John Frum kookiness given that Ike was the guy who had Lumumba murdered and oversaw the initiation of the destruction of Southeast Asia:
    “Disappointed by the election results, the State Department and CIA proceeded to subvert the coalition government. As Ambassador Graham Parsons candidly stated in congressional hearings in 1959, “I struggled for 16 months to prevent a coalition.”[9] The CIA financed and helped plan a series of coup d’états that brought to power General Phoumi Nosavan, a cousin of Thai dictator Marshal Sarit Thanarat who used his power to amass a fortune of \$137 million through control of casinos, a pork monopoly, and the traffic in gold and opium.”

  35. endthefed says:

    I’m of the opinion, the capital ruckus was a staged false flag from the deep state; conveniently timed before election fraud testimony/evidence was to be presented. Now, memory holed. Too many images of protesters be let in, guided, selfies Nice that the insurrection stayed inside the guide ropes. Pretty respectful for a coup.

    My general opinion is the democrat operatives (whoever) had both a plan A and Plan B for the swing state elections. Harvest votes and then pump if needed. Maybe plan C for the Georgia runoff. Maybe plan D for White house protest. All of this was foreseeable and and the republicans had 0, zip, nada plans. Kind of unfortunate that the leadership choices were between corrupt and inept.

    • Replies: @endthefed
  36. endthefed says:

    As I see the impeachment articles are approved by the house, I implore everyone supporting trump to shun and ignore rallies at state capitals and especially DC. These events will turn out to be a FALSE FLAGS with full intent to discredit trump and supporters (Say plan E). It’s time to abide time and wait for peaceful opportunities with credible actions.

    For now boycott. Don’t even watch the inauguration. Let’s see how much support Biden really has.

    • Replies: @obvious
  37. Ragno says:

    The fact that this mouth-breathing jerkoff Margolis (sorry, but no other words will do) is welcomed on the virtual pages of Unzsite is proof positive that only in the precincts of the “Far” Right (anything not firmly on the left is now the “Far Right”, have you noticed?) is free speech and the free expression of contentious ideas allowed.

    If there’s a leftist website or publication – apparently, centrist outlets no longer exist, and the Left now insists they never did – that would allow, let alone welcome, the words and ideas of a Steve Sailer, a Phil Giraldi, a Paul Kersey, or even a Fred Reed, it’s one published exclusively in invisible ink.

    • Agree: GeneralRipper
  38. Alistair says:

    Donald Trump is a poppet, a stooge of the Global Oligarchy, specially the Russian/Ukrainian Oligarchs who had bailed him out of bankruptcy in 1993,

    Take a look at this link to an article by Prof. Robert Reich, in Guardian from July 2019;

    Russian/Ukrainian Oligarchs own Donald Trump, but they are also unofficially allied with the Russian state under president Putin; they share same assets and strategic resources, and Trump is an asset of the Russian Oligarchy who’s being used by the Russian States under president Putin.

    Trump is tasked to destroy the American Supremacy, to weaken and destroy the Western Alliance, hence, the global order under the US leadership, so the Global Oligarchy under leadership of the Russian/Ukrainian Oligarchs could take over the West and Western Assets at cheap basement bargain prices, just as they did with the Russian State Owned Assets in the 1990’s.

    Trump is a poppet; but the puppet master is the Global Oligarchy in Eastern Europe along with its international oligarchy alliance who have sponsored Donald Trump since the 1990’s, Trump is tasked to destroy the American supremacy and its Western alliance from within.

    • Agree: obvious
  39. obvious says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    Yeah it’s always someone else’s fault. They MADE you smear feces all over the walls of the Capitol, and kill a police officer, and nearly kill everyone in the building.

    The rest of us can only hope you get what’s coming, first and foremost.

    • Troll: Bro43rd
    • Replies: @professorchops
  40. obvious says:

    Wow, and you could even “see how much support” there is in any local County. This is why you people must be stripped of all rights, and expelled to the interior. Work camps in the future, I volunteer to guard a few myself. First rule of Camp Obvious: No more President. Every day you wake up the room will chant in unison “i do not know anything i am a rubetard qnd i will speak only when spoken to”.

    Failure to perform we flood the space with choking gas, until your own bunkmates beat the crap out of you for making their lives miserable. Also the hats will be Blue, and read “I Love Democrats”

  41. @surly

    This is the same creep who cheered on NATO’s and Clinton’s war against Yugoslavia in 1999, and right afterward called effectively for the denazification of the entire Serbian population. Now he’s arguing the same be done in the U.S. for half the population. Make no mistake on that score.

  42. saggy says:

    The goal of the ‘stop the steal’ hoax was not to install Trump as president, Trump was just a useful idiot in the Jews’ plan to wreck the institutions of the US, first with the hoax itself, and then with the symbolic assault on the capitol. There are no institutions more central to democracy than the electoral process, and no more symbolically significant buildings than the capitol, and Trump and his followers have attacked both.

    It was a pantomime of the more serious color revolutions in Ukraine, Venezuela, and Belarus, all based on charges of fraudulent elections.

    And many Trumpidiots believe the hoax and will continue to believe it for years, and if their numbers are in the millions, which is likely, then the hoax will have a continuing destabilizing effect on the US.

    It’s surprising to see nominally left or at least non-rightwing columnists on Unz, including Unz himself (although he hasn’t ‘studied the matter’) acceding to the the hoax lies, and it will be interesting to see how long that lasts.

  43. @follyofwar

    Agree. Trump fell into the trap.
    For GOD’S sake — there’s “insurrection ” jabber on the net (wow, people sprouting shit on S. M, who’d credit that?)
    A large protest gathers in D. C.
    A small number from that gathering head to the Capital. They are virtually let in the front of the building. A small no’ of people, a motley mob enter the building. Bad taste & tragedy insure. This shit crew is ejected. At no time did ANY coherent plan of action emerge.
    And they call this a COUP ?????
    Well, fair play, the Dem’s & the PC mob have got their convenient excuse to scream “fascist”, “white supremacist ” etc. Bullshit, but what can you expect?
    The perfect epilogue to 4 years of TDS….
    And fuck them, let’s see how they handle things with NO excuses….. Sorry — RUSSIA DID IT!! (did what? What’cha got?)

    • Agree: Joseph Doaks
  44. TBeholder says: • Website

    > Soviet Union in 1991. A cabal of die-hard communists
    > life-long Eisenhower Republican

    See, it’s one of those things that amaze me. Just like this — an U-turn before a chicken could squawk three times!
    To recap some of the previous episodes: Eisenhower hugged it out with Stalin. And then there was good old Morgenthau Plan (hmm, is there some variation in the works for USA? After all, these days anyone disliked by Washington Post or Google is a Nazi, no?). Then there were awkward moments like a curious way to Defend Freedom™ by sending Soviet POWs straight from SS camps into NKVD camps (see also: things that conspicuously didn’t happen at the end of Winter War). And many, many others.
    And now it looks like recently love for Eisenhower in internet-Anglosphere have suddenly (and of course “spontaneously”) spiked, e.g. see the link for dissecting a better case than this. Don’t you adore this never-spoiling righteousness of the life-long Eisenhower Republicans?

  45. TBeholder says:
    @El Dato

    But the question itself (along with obvious follow-up questions like “why?”) is worth some pondering, and eyebrow-lifting exercises, no?

  46. Hibernian says:

    As a New Yorker and life-long Eisenhower Republican…

    Mr. Margolis, I was born at night, but I wasn’t born last night.

  47. Safer at home. Psychopathic lunatics are still on the loose in full force. Calls from the media increase to stop calling American terrorists terrorists.

    How do they expect to cure the disease that has plagued and destroyed America if they refuse to properly diagnose the disease? They are calling for us to be more pragmatic and not call a spade a spade because it hurts the spades reputation.

    Can’t we just be pragmatic about things and say that Jeffrey Dahmer was habitually punctual, meticulous, worked diligently, and never caused any disruptions at Ambrosia Chocolate Factory? Do we really have to call him a cannibal? Do you know the dangers that poses calling someone a cannibal?

    Andrea Iravani

  48. Regarding my above comment #48, Can’t we just be pragmatic and say that Jeffrey Dahmer had an eating disorder rather than say that he was a cannibal?

    Andrea Iravani

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  49. @obvious

    Just to correct a popular lie by you and the neoliberals. The dead police officer died from a heart attack after the ruckus was over. He was not murdered. The murdered innocent was air force veteran Ashli Babbitt!

  50. This article is way below Margolis’s par. I usually look forward to his writings; I always found them measured and modest. Not this one. I guess Mr. Margolis has given in to his Shapeshifter nature, and gone for the throat of a politico who is, and was, inimical to the strategies of his tribe.

  51. @Mustapha Mond

    When was Ms Babbitt’s funeral?

  52. Great article. You are obviously very wise, in your own mind. You gathered evidence for a whole day before you formed your opinion. Or was your opinion formed four years ago? What was your opinion when your fellow socialists stormed the supreme court a couple years ago?

  53. bayviking says:

    It was a pre-planned trespass by individuals unknown to Trump. Unless you operated inside the White House, close to Trump, you cannot claim that Trump knew or didn’t know about the preplanned attack on the Capital, deliberately staged on the day Biden’s election victory was to be certified by Congress. What you can say for certain, because it was recorded for TV, was that Trump encouraged the protestors to attack the Capital building by saying things like “Be brave” and “I will follow you”. When he finally asked them to leave he said he “loved them”.
    Our country elected a despicable excuse for a human being to be its President. His election depended entirely on the undemocratic electoral college, just like the despicable George W. Bush. But, Trump’s worship of Saudi Arabia and Israel was nothing new to DC, even if his efforts to improve relations with Russia were. Some of his most despicable behavior was separating children from parents at the border to discourage increasing arrivals, and supporting the war against Yemen, Palestine, Cuba, Iran and Venezuela. These grave violations of the human rights of others, are common to every US President and have never been a cause for impeachment. His most vile behavior cannot begin to exceed the scale of human misery George W Bush and Obama heaped on Afghanistan, the Middle East, and Northern Africa.

    Democrat criticism of Trump, as a need for impeachment, has been too narrow. Trump spent his time using the office of the Presidency to enrich himself, in violation of the emoluments clause, a common sin in DC. Trump is unique among Presidents in that he refused to comply with legal subpoenas, suspiciously removed his secretary from meetings with Putin and frequently failed to comply with record keeping practices required by law. Probably his most obvious unique crime, which is a matter of public record, was the threatening words and tone he used in a failed attempt to rig the election count in Georgia. An even more serious crime is his apparent attempts to dismantle and cripple the postal service, hoping to disqualify many mail-in ballots. Prosecution of the “Boss” for this crime would normally take years of prosecution and conviction of underlings in order to get one of them to testify against the “Boss”. Trump’s appointed leader of the Postal Service, DeJoy, was temporarily obstructed from continuing this damage, but it seems to have restarted, always in the dubious name of cost savings. Holiday Postal Service was at an all-time low, some packages taking three times longer than normal to be delivered. In any event this crime can only be addressed while Trump is a private citizen, it cannot be fit into any impeachment process.

    Trump made more money running his TV show, “The Apprentice” than any other business deal he was ever involved in. The show increased his visibility, so critical to electoral success in the land of munchkins. Trump is a greedy dishonest con-artist. But he is also an expert manipulator of the mass media who has successfully created an image of a great deal maker in the eyes of his followers.

    Michel Chossudovsky’s defense of Trump, isn’t much of a defense at all. But Trump’s worst crimes are violations of human rights against foreigners, which all our Presidents engage in with impunity. No other President has ever been impeached for these types of crimes, because as a matter of policy, the US feels no one can tell us what to do, but we can tell every other country what to do.

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  54. Just like you don’t need to eat the whole apple to know it is bad, I did not need to read more than a few words to know the author of this piece is an utter fool living in a dreamworld.

  55. Bro43rd says:

    “That arrogant fool” projection anyone?!

  56. Bro43rd says:

    It couldn’t have been the economic squeeze being foisted upon the southern states by the merchantilist yanks, nothing to see here you lookyloos.

  57. @No Friend Of The Devil

    And—Mr. Creosote is innocent? By the way, he is now in Israel soaking up the tar between his toes—thinking of those beautiful coal miners in West Virginia—while strolling the beach in Tel Aviv.

  58. Stevexyz says:

    With piles of unsold copies gathering dust in his basement, I’m somewhat surprised Margolis didn’t make another futile attempt in this article to pitch his self-published book “War at the Top of the World”.

  59. @Observator

    Buelahman is absolutely right. Any fair minded person who has examined the matter with any care knows that the so-called American Civil War was a war of choice by President Lincoln to end the secession of the Southern states for economic reasons. I believe that Jefferson Davis was imprudent in falling for Lincoln’s trick that induced him to fire upon Fort Sumter (resulting in no casualties), and, indeed, Lincoln did blow the matter way out of proportion, similar to how the Democrats and the media are blowing the events of January 6 out of proportion, to make it appear that the Union was the aggrieved party and to whip up war fever. Lincoln–or his handlers–had every reason to want war; Davis and the Confederacy had no reason. Read about how things really came down in my review of Life in the Confederate Army.

  60. anastasia says:

    ” It was clear orders had been given to the local security forces to largely disarm but accommodate the rioters, and allow them into the capitol buildings. By whom? Clearly by President Trump or his minions. There will probably be no written record. Trump, who grew up rubbing shoulders with gangsters and union thugs, certainly had learned the lesson taught by the late criminal lawyer Roy Cohen to always skirt the law and never leave a clear trail.”

    He uses the word “clearly” twice. He also uses the word “certainly”. How can a fact be clear, or be “certain”, when there is no evidence presented of it, and when the writer says there will “probably be no written record” (no evidence that we can expect later). He is telling you that it is clear, it is certain, but there is no evidence of it, but clear and certain nonetheless.

    This article is downright weird.

  61. miomio says:

    Just an awfully ill informed piece of writing is this article.

    Maybe the author should apologize for it , now more details have emerged. Trump was no coup leader, maybe a Judas Goat would be more accurate. No better than any Swamp Creature in the end was Trump. Between the comments prior to Jan 6th imploring his supporters to join him in DC, “Going to be Wild” , then the infamous words of ” March to the Capitol, he never even showed up. Then we find the leaders of Proud Boys were FBI assets . The whole Capitol Riot was a Govt Setup Sting Op to identify as many Patriots as possible. Trump was in on it too. The Snake will always be a Snake as he regularly reminded his supporters.

  62. This article is nonsense.

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