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Trump Versus the Deep State
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As President-elect Donald Trump fights off fierce assaults by the massed national security apparatus, Democrats, the neocon Praetorian Guard, and a host of other political foes, I am feeling a sharp sense of déjà vu.

Trump claimed that these attacks were like ‘living in Nazi Germany.’ Not so. The president-elect could have found a much better analogy: Moscow in August, 1991.

I was in Moscow, Central Asia and the Caucasus covering the Soviet Union’s last days and meeting with senior KGB leaders. What a dramatic and exciting time it was. In fact, on my first night in Moscow a Russian friend and I, fired from drinking potent Georgian moonshine, managed to wake up the then director of KGB, Viktor Chebrikov, at two am by playing very loud music under his apartment. He kept stamping on the floor. My Russian-Georgian friend said, ‘just ignore the old fool.’

Two years later, another old Soviet fool, KGB chief Vladimir Kryuchkov, tried to overthrow the reformist leader Mikhail Gorbachev. A so-called ‘gang of eight’ of senior Communist Party officials, intelligence bigwigs and military men secretly formed to overthrow party leader Gorbachev.

Reformist Gorbachev was trying to remake the Communist Party, end its brutal policies, stop the stalemated war in Afghanistan, and allow restive nationalities, like the Baltic peoples, to edge away from the USSR. Gorby also wanted to cut way back on military spending – then almost 40% of GDP – that was bankrupting the Soviet Union. He sought good, peaceful relations with the West.

These policies enraged Moscow’s security agencies, its hardline Communist elite (‘nomenklatura’) and vast military industrial complex. Gorby’s proposed budget cuts would have put many of them out of business. So they decided to overthrow Mikhail Gorbachev to save their own skins. The coup utterly failed and its drunken, bungling leaders jailed.

We are observing something similar today in Washington, hence my sense of déjà vu. Trump has suggested he may reduce the bloated CIA and 16 other US intelligence agencies that spend over $70 billion annually, not including ‘black’ programs, on who knows what? Tapping communications and assassinating assorted Muslims from the air no doubt.

Trump has called for an ‘even-handed’ approach to the question of Palestine, enraging neocons who fear Israel’s headlock on Congress and the White House may be loosened. The neocon press, like the Wall Street Journal, NY Times and Washington Post, have been baying for Trump’s blood. Not since World War II has the media so dramatically dropped its mask of faux impartiality to reveal it true political agenda.

Adding to his list of foes, Trump is now under attack by religious fundamentalists in Congress for his sensible attitude to Russia. The vast military industrial complex is after Trump, fearing he may cut the $1 trillion annual military budget and efforts to dominate the globe. Members of Congress under orders from the pro-war neocons are trying to undermine Trump.


They are all using Russia as a tool to beat Trump. The hysteria and hypocrisy over alleged Russian hacking is unbelievable and infantile. Sen. John McCain actually called it a grave threat to American democracy, thus joining the Soviet old fools club. Of course Russia’s spooks probe US electronic communications. That’s their job, not playing chess. The US hacks into everyone’s commo, including leaders of allied states. It’s called electronic intelligence (ELINT).

But don’t blame the wicked Moscovites for revealing how Hillary Clinton’s Democratic National Committee rigged the primaries in her favor against Sen. Bernie Sanders. That cat was well out of the bag already.

It’s not Russian TV (for whom I occasionally comment) that is undermining America’s democracy, it’s the nation’s neocon-dominated media pumping out untruths and disinformation. Ironically, Russian TV has become one of the few dissenting voices in North America’s media landscape. Sure it puts out government propaganda. So does CNN, MSNBC and Fox. At least RT offers a fresher version.

Watching our intelligence chiefs and Sen. McCain trying to blacken Trump’s name by means of a sleazy, unverified report about golden showers in a Moscow hotel, is particularly ignoble.

It’s also a laugh. Every one who went to Moscow during the Cold War knew about the bugged hotel rooms, and KGB temptresses (known as ‘swallows’ -after the birds) who would knock on your door at night and give you the old Lenin love mambo while hidden camera whirled away. I asked for 8×10 glossies to be sent to my friends. But sadly for me, the swallows never came though I did meet some lovely long-legged creatures at the Bolshoi Ballet. So-called honey traps were part of the fun of the cold war.

Humor aside, it’s dismaying to hear senior US intelligence officials who faked ‘evidence’ that led to the invasion of Iraq and used torture and assassination attacking Donald Trump. Of course their jobs are at risk. They should be. The CIA, in particular, has evolved from a pure intelligence gathering agency into a state-sanctioned Murder Inc that liquidates real and imagined enemies abroad. The KGB used to do the same thing – but more efficiently.

Our intelligence agencies are a vital component of national security – which has become our new state religion. But in true bureaucratic form (see Parkinson’s Laws) they have become bloated, redundant and self-perpetuating. They need a tough Trump diet and to be booted out of politics. This past week’s display of the deep state’s grab for power – a sort of re-run of one of my favorite films, ‘Seven Days in May’ – should remind all thinking Americans that the monster police state apparatus created by President George W. Bush is the greatest threat to our Republic.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Media, CIA, Donald Trump, Russia 
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  1. “Trump is now under attack by religious fundamentalists in Congress for his sensible attitude to Russia ”
    I see no evidence that Evangelicals are doing this en bloc. Over 80% of Evangelicals voted for Trump and I’ve never heard any I’ve met say a bad word about Putin and his religious policies.
    If there are some like Cruz who are doing this, they are not representative of Evangelicals and their motives do not spring from support of Evangelicalism.

    • Replies: @hbm
  2. Not a flattering comparison. Gorby is a fool who destroyed the country (and btw, what “brutal policies”?), creating chaos, disaster. When what needed was reforms, gradual careful reforms. Look at China; that’s what the USSR should’ve done in the 1980s.

  3. Andrei Martyanov [AKA "SmoothieX12"] says: • Website

    a much better analogy: Moscow in August, 1991

    Not even close, actually. Totally different impetuses. This set of cliches below:

    These policies enraged Moscow’s security agencies, its hardline Communist elite (‘nomenklatura’) and vast military industrial complex. Gorby’s proposed budget cuts would have put many of them out of business. So they decided to overthrow Mikhail Gorbachev to save their own skins. The coup utterly failed and its drunken, bungling leaders jailed.

    Betrays lack of understanding of what was going on in USSR since 1988, including the vast majority of Soviet population voting for preservation of USSR later, on referendum. Even Gorbachev himself admitted in 1988 or 1989 in one of his interviews on Soviet TV that he knows that he is being portrayed as wearing a food coupons, instead of medals, on his suit. Meanwhile, Caucasus was already burning. Now, in the hindsight, look how much “happiness” Gorbachev’s incompetent “reforms” brought Russian people. No wonder this marked (on his head) imbecile spends more time in London or elsewhere than in Russia. There is another “Western” cliche’ that Gorbachev (and later Yeltsin) “reforms” were “peaceful”–nothing could be further from the truth, including ethnic cleansing of Russians (and others) from very many places, which today, in view of lack of those cleansed Russians, can barely, if at all, run their own infrastructure, let alone built a serious new one. There is no denial the fact that Soviet Party nomenclature degenerated but the so called “coup” was not really a coup. It is a very long conversation but most of today’s oligarchs as well as ideologues, such as swine-looking late Gaidar, are from party, komsomol and security apparatus. Make your own conclusions.

    • Replies: @Dan Hayes
  4. Dan Hayes says:
    @Andrei Martyanov


    And lest we forget, Gorbachev was, or perhaps still is, ensconced part of the year at the Presidio in San Francisco Bay!

  5. Correct about the 1991 analogy. However, the tried and true smearing of opponents as traitors and treasonous who are unpatriotic is right from the Goebbels playbook. Hermann Goering described how the same technique was effective in any political system, even democracies. Trump’s instincts are correct that this is the method totalitarians used.

  6. hbm says:

    Evangelicals don’t like Putin because the Jews and Israel they slavishly worship don’t like Putin, and because the “End Times” nonsense features Russia as an aggressor against Israel. And there’s surely some opinion carryover from the old Cold War.

    If the Jewish media would tell Evangelicals (hint: they won’t) that Putin is fighting Muslim terror, hates Obama and all he stands for, doesn’t like gay parades and gay adoption and appears to be in some sense a Christian, they would reverse their current opinions.

    Trump Godwin’d the issue because he knows that the Jews themselves are the “Deep State” and “the Media” pushing the smears against him, since he threatens to undo their globalist agenda. They do this to any goy who comes to power and threatens the kosher narrative of Jewish rise from wandering to insignificance to dominance and finally to the just and holy destruction for the unlucky nation in which they reside until it’s time to wander again. This monstrous racial nemesis of the Jews and enemy of all things good and decent always appears where Jews just happen to be, and their media goes into an insane overdrive of lies, slander and smears– from Pharoah to Nebuchadnezzar, to Caesar, to Uncle Adolf, to Putin, to Trump.

    And of course, even though the American people spoke, and Trump won, it’s not going to stop, because Jews never, ever stop– not until until violence is finally committed against them for their machinations, lies, propaganda, slander and general calumny, at which point they will wail about their perpetual innocence and attempt to wrangle some outside actor to come and save them from the mess they created for everyone else and for themselves.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  7. Diogenes says:

    Eric, Jewish on his father’s side, has an entertaining writing style while espousing intuitively credible insights into contemporary political machinations. Thus, unlike other Jewish media pundits, he has been denied access to the public by the MSM for his critical assessments of the establishments. Which is of course why he has a place in the Unz Review.

    Now as for the disparaging comments concerning Gorbachev, Diogenes holds him in high esteem for attempting to reform Soviet communism but his efforts was sabotaged by the Nomenklatura, hard line communists, neoliberal revisionists and an impatient electorate.

    He was defeated and the people got Yeltsin instead who sold state assets, under American advise to shady Jewish mafia, now known as the Oligarchs. Yeltsin and his American friendly gang flushed Russia down the toilet and turned it into a crony capitalist state. It was luckily left to Putin to resurrect a failed Russian state and he earned the enmity of Jewish American Neocons and their political puppets ever since.

    What goes around comes around and now it’s Trump’s turn to flush America down the toilet turning it into a failed crony capitalist state, if it isn’t one already!

  8. Miro23 says:

    An excellent article. I hadn’t thought about it this way but it does make sense.

    The Russian Nomenklatura coup failed, but under Yeltsin (another drunkard) Russia was looted by the Oligarchs.

    The 9/11 Coup also failed but the old US Nomenklatura are still in power albeit with a shakier hold than previously. Either they try another Coup (False Flag) or grab what they can before power changes hands. The Russian Nomenklatura overnight turned into Capitalists but I can’t see the US Nomenklatura turning into US Nationalists and Constitutionalists.

    More likely they’ll create some final confusion, loot the country for a last time and take one-way flights to London and Zurich.

  9. @hbm

    You’ve not bothered to read my email. Over 80% of Evangelicals voted for Trump, not because some Jews told them to. But because they were acutely aware that their own religious freedom was dependent on it. A Clinton Administration would have further curtailed Freedom of Religion and Conscience like no other.
    I have spoken to many Evangelicals over the years. Nearly all have expressed their admiration for President Putin and his support for Orthodox Christianity. If only we had a President who would do likewise and support Christianity, they say.

    • Replies: @Aaron Aarons
  10. Svigor says:

    And of course, even though the American people spoke, and Trump won, it’s not going to stop, because Jews never, ever stop

    That seems to be a lesson of history. They don’t stop until they’re run out of town on a rail. A commenter here recently posted a quote from a Jew kvetching about how he now sees anti-semitism everywhere, since Trump’s election. He admitted it was paranoia, but he still managed to lay the blame at the feet of Trump voters. Jews’ angst is always about getting you to do something, or a call to action to other Jews; it’s never about Jews taking a personal inventory and questioning their own behavior, with an eye toward backing off. Ever. Unfortunately, “is it good for the Jews” often seems synonymous with “can we get away with it for now?”

    Jews are psychologically intense, aggressive, stubborn, and practically devoid of introspection, at the group level. I tend to think The Authoritarian Personality was more Jewish projection than anything else. Given all of this, it’s easy to see why they keep getting into trouble, why their ethnic narrative is tailored to reinforce the described personality, etc. It’s no wonder they keep getting into trouble.

  11. KarlMarx says:

    The Jews are true to their tribal order of conduct in all walks of life and in every imaginable situation. Just to give you an example. Back in time when I was still in college, we were visiting our professor at his home who was just released from the hospital. One of the students was a skinny Jewish girl. Just about 30 minutes into the visit she took me aside and suggested I asked the professor’s wife to make sandwiches for us. There was another Jewish girl in our group, but she chose me, the non-Jew. That’s a Jew for you.

  12. Not to pick nits but Margolis writes that he was in Moscow/USSR in August 1991 and then after his drunken vignette goes on to state that “two years later” the failed Kryuchkov coup took place.

    Georgian moonshine does have quite a kick to it apparently. The coup took place on August 18 1991. Poor Eric must have been sleeping it off for a very long time.

    It puts a new meaning to the dangers of a “swallow”.


    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  13. @Timur The Lame

    Like a lot of Eric’s “recollections”, they seem to come through a glass ( of wine ) very darkly. There’s usually at least one glaring historical error per article. What do you expect: he’s in his mid-Seventies and doesn’t use a fact-checker.
    Dear Eric,
    I am an ( underemployed ) IT professional, with post-graduate qualifications from one of the world’s better known universities. I offer to do your fact-checking for a reasonable fee. Mr Unz can supply you with my email address. CV and References can be supplied.
    Looking forward to hearing from you sometime never,

  14. @ Verymuchalive,

    Yes, you are right and the bloopers are becoming more frequent. I like Margolis. He is like a voice of reason that is as close to you can get without stepping over the PC line. It is because of his establishment connections and being a multimillionaire that he is allowed to present his opinions somewhat unmolested. However I had noticed that he is often invited to be a guest on TV forums as the obligatory retard. That is for amusement purposes so the mob can see that the ‘extremists’ are not unrepresented in a fair and honest discussion. Maybe he is getting dotty or his ego is clouding his perception but in the western media (and on I have noticed that he is not now considered as much more than a pet monkey.

    A while back he wrote a very mild article on the possibility that maybe there was more to the 911 ‘ terrorist attack’ than meets the eye. He was predictably excoriated by his hack friends in short order with hints that he had lost control of his faculties and of course he went back to the fold by re-embracing the official line.

    At this point I stopped taking him seriously. It was obvious that the people he drinks wine with were more important than his readership (and one would think his concern about his legacy).

    Something about the keeping your soul being more important than all the riches or accolades in the world comes to mind. I hope that he reads the comments here.


    • Disagree: Dan Hayes
    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  15. duglarri says:

    I’m disappointed to see Mr. Margolis falling into the same trap that occasionally seems to trip up The trap is this: both sides are bad. There are no good guys.

    The fact that Mr. Trump is a target of the deep state doesn’t make him less of a maniac, and the fact that he seems intent on steering the United States away from a senseless and potentially civilization-ending conflict with Russia doesn’t alter the fact that he seems to be intent on charging headlong into a civilization-ending conflict with China.

    We knew going into the election that a Hillary victory meant risk of war with Russia.

    Trump and Tillerson’s remarks on China match or exceed anything Hillary said about Russia. Even Hillary didn’t propose blocking Russian access to Syria or to its proxies in East Ukraine, or Kaliningrad, as Tillerson proposes preventing China from access to those islands in the South China sea.

    We seem to have had a choice; nuclear war with Russia under Hillary, or under Trump, nuclear war with China.

    I can understand that it’s tempting to be sympathetic to Mr. Trump as he is taking positive approaches to Russia, and defying the idiotic consensus of the Washington security elite.

    But it doesn’t help us much if he substitutes his own idiocy on the other side of the globe with respect to the other nuclear-armed world power.

    There are no good guys, and regardless of who wins – Trump or the “deep state” – we seem to have a big war coming.

    • Replies: @alexander
  16. @Timur The Lame

    I agree with every word. In his prime, Mr Margolis was an interesting and informative journalist. Now he seems less than able to defend these views. A lot of it has to do with what I call the Neoconning of the MSM and journalism.
    Journalists are subject to the same social pressures as the rest of us and it can affect even the most pugnacious. Robert Novak, with his collaborator, Rowland Evans, were behind the nationally syndicated Inside Report. They even had their own CNN programme in the 1980s. They were heavily anti-Israeli and pro-Palestinian. Needless to say, they would not have appeared in the MSM today.
    Mr Novak was a famously pugnacious man. Yet, even he, at the end, recanted many of his views and try to place the blame partly on Mr Evans.
    I’m sure many old journalists feel intimidated or have been silenced by the present Neocon mindset in charge of the MSM

  17. alexander says:


    The very reason why Trump has become the bitter enemy of the “Neocon Deep State” is for making his enormously popular statement and commitment to the American people.

    “No more wars, folks.”

    Of all the candidates running for office, ONLY HE, made this declaration.

    Even Bernie Sanders uttered no such thing..but stated only that going to war should be done as a last resort.

    Might I add, that it is generally accepted the United States has had some form of “deep state”, since its inception.

    And there are quite a lot of constituents within our “deep state” that are opposed to our policies of endless war.

    So it is important to qualify we are discussing our “deep state Neocons” or our “Neocon Deep State” as those most adversarial to President Trumps policy of ending our wars and creating peace and stability in the world.

    It is our “Neocon Deep State” most determined either to oust President Trump or bend him to their will.

    So what is the solution for President Trump ?

    If the American people want “peace” and the Neocon Deep State wants “war” then President Trump could satisfy both constituents quite easily by making the “Neocon Deep State” pay, UP FRONT, for All the wars they wish to fight and all the wars they have made us fight.

    President Trump should set up a “Belligerent War Escrow Account” and it should be made retroactive to 2002…all the Neocon Deep State “advocates” should be forced, by law, to cough up “ten trillion” dollars for all the past wars they started, and another “ten trillion” dollars, for all the future wars they choose to start.

    So that is “20 trillion US Dollars” the “Neocon Deep State” would put up, in advance, to get their way .

    I think this a very fair and just solution, don’t you ?

    Once they have written the check, and it has ” cleared”, then all Americans can at least be assured that they do not have to bear the burden of the costs of the wars that ONLY the Neocon Deep State wishes to start.

    There we go….problem solved.

  18. Don G. says:

    Eric, It seems that most of what you are basing your story on is what Trump has said. The problem with that is that he’s said the opposite too. And as for his hints that he will clean up the spook agencies, that was before he found out they would all be his friends after he took office.

    None of them are going to betray Trump or say a damn thing to irritate him and so their jobs will all be safe, except for maybe a token 2 at the top. And really Eric, he is smart enough to understand that he doesn’t know enough to mess with the spooks.

    • Agree: Aaron Aarons
  19. @Verymuchalive

    These evangelicals are very much the heirs of the European Christians who, by exterminationist genocide, conquered the land now occupied by the entity known as the United States. They actually have the nerve to claim that land as their own!

    As Michael Bakunin said, if god existed it would be necessary to destroy him. Fortunately, “he” (or she or it) doesn’t exist, but the myth of “his” existence has provided the rationale for much of the murder, mayhem and plunder that takes place in the world.

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