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Trump and Korea: I’m Also Scared
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President Trump’s ability to trigger a nuclear war is “pretty damn scary” said former US intelligence director James Clapper this week. Remember when Trump vowed to “bomb the shit” out of his enemies?

I don’t have much respect for Clapper, who brazenly lied to Congress and is a ringleader of the deep government’s efforts to overthrow Trump. But this time, Clapper is 100 percent right. He’s scared and I am too.

This week, Trump proclaimed he would continue the pointless, stalemated US colonial war in Afghanistan and might ask India to help there – a sure-fire way to bring nuclear-armed India and Pakistan into a terrifying confrontation.

Meanwhile, Trump has backed himself into a corner over North Korea. His threats and bombast have not made the North’s leader Kim Jong-un stop threatening to launch nuclear-armed missiles at the US island of Guam, Hawaii, Japan and South Korea. That is, if the US and South Korea keep up their highly provocative annual military war games on North Korea’s borders that each year invoke North Korea’s fury.

The Pentagon insists these war games are just a routine military exercise. But that’s not the view in Pyongyang, and, as a long-time Korea military analyst, not mine.

North Korea, which faces the 500,000-man South Korean Army (ROK) most of which is just down the main highway, has good reason to be nervous. I’ve been with the 1st ROK Division up on and under the Demilitarized Zone. The South Koreans are heavily armed with top line equipment and tough as nails. They are backed by massive US/South Korean air and naval power.

North Koreans are well aware that Egypt deceived Israel in the 1973 war by using frequent military exercises to mask its plans to storm the Suez Canal. It worked. Israel was caught flat footed by the surprise Egyptian attack on the canal.

By refusing a peace to end the 1950-53 Korean War, and by continuing economic and political warfare against North Korea, the US has only itself to blame for North Korea developing nuclear weapons and missiles to deliver them. Kim Jong-un saw what happened to Libya’s Khadaffi (thanks to Hillary Clinton) and Iraq’s Saddam Hussein.

Trump is now in a serious fix over North Korea. Jong-un has called Trump’s bluff and sneered at the Donald’s fire and brimstone threats. So Trump’s choices are to back away from the Korean crisis he created or else attack North Korea. But the North’s weapons and leadership are very well dispersed and deeply dug into the mountains. A US conventional attack on the North is estimated to cost 250,000 American casualties.


The US can certainly knock out some of Kim’s medium and longer-ranged missiles in a major blitz, but it can’t be certain that a few nuclear tipped N. Korean missiles won’t survive to strike Japan, South Korea, Hawaii, Okinawa or Guam – and maybe even Los Angeles and San Francisco. It is unlikely that South Korea and the US can decapitate North Korea’s leadership by using conventional weapons – starting with Kim Jong-un.

Unless, of course, Trump, who managed to avoid Vietnam era military service because of a bump on his foot, decides to go nuclear. This would mean hitting North Korea with a score or more nuclear weapons, large and small, before the North could riposte. North Korea would be totally destroyed, and its 25 million people left dying, maimed or starving. Japan, the world’s third largest economy, would also be shattered.

Nuclear fallout would shower South Korea, Northern China, and Pacific Russia – and eventually blow east to the US and Canadian west coasts. If the Trump administration decided to use nuclear weapons against North Korea, then why not in Afghanistan? The temptation will be obvious.

President Dwight Eisenhower refused pleas by France to use nuclear weapons to rescue the besieged French garrison at Dien Bien Phu. Trump may not be as cautious. He can’t afford to be seen backing away from the Korean crisis. His aides clearly did not think through the ramification of his bellicose threats against North Korea. Bullies tend to grow lazy.

That’s why I’m as nervous as Lt. Gen. Clapper.

(Republished from The Ron Paul Institute by permission of author or representative)
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  1. I don’t have time to itemize all the obvious examples of bias in this article. It all reduces to this:

    Psychopathic billionaire-dictator Kim Jong-un = GOOD

    Republic of Korea (hence the Korean people) = BAD … or maybe ROK is just another victim of

    United States of America (hence the American people) = ROOT CAUSE OF ALL EVIL

    I say “Humbug!”

    … or maybe the American people are just all victims of the Devil incarnated as Donald Trump ?

    I still say “Humbug!”

    ‘humbug’ means “language that is meant to deceive”

  2. North Korea is no threat to the U.S.. The Zempire wants to kill him because he will not follow orders. Everyone on Earth must obey or die. It’s who we are.

    • Replies: @Grandpa Charlie
  3. @WorkingClass

    “The Zempire wants to kill him because he will not follow orders. Everyone on Earth must obey or die. It’s who we are.” — WorkingClass

    So there are no ordinary (“working class”) Koreans who would find news of Kim Jong-un’s demise a cause for celebration?

    “It”s who we are”

    What you mean ‘we’, Kemo Sabe?

    BTW: I doubt that I am the only one who has duly noted the smiling friendly face of the homicidal billionaire-dictator paired with the dour expression of Donald Trump at the top of this article.

    It’s not all that difficult to identify obvious propaganda as … propaganda.

    What more can I say … unless it would be my confession of America’s history of white guilt?

  4. nsa says:

    Zero chance of an attack on Korea for one simple reason….there is nothing in it for the jooies . Why would the clever conniving jooies waste their most useful idiot’s assets on a stupid pointless war in far away Asia, when those same assets could be used to destroy more of the ME?

    • Replies: @robb
  5. Not much to be concerned, scared or nervous about.
    Duck and cover techniques were developed in the early fifties and tweaked to perfection.
    You are very safe.

  6. Actually, the US is worse than the Nazis. Torture that not even the Nazis could do. They were nice people compared to the US. Our dear ally, The Great Satan. Birth defects are worse in Fallujah than they were in Hiroshima because of Uranium weapons. In Panama City they killed about 6000 unarmed civilians when they kidnapped the president. In Ukraine they spent 5 billion dollars to organize the coup. It would be a better world without the US. Doesn´t a nuclear attack on N.K. produce Nuclear Winter so you can´t grow anything in United Bluff ?

  7. robb says:

    Wrong. There is benefit to Israel. It gives them license to use nuclear weapons in their own region.

  8. AP says:

    Kim Jong-un saw what happened to Libya’s Khadaffi (thanks to Hillary Clinton) and Iraq’s Saddam Hussein.

    He also saw what happend to Ukraine, that gave up its nuke arsenal.

    • Replies: @Grandpa Charlie
  9. Anonymous [AKA "Full Screen Fool"] says:

    Take some penicillin for your case of the clap. The generals will again persuade Trump to accept the status quo plus a 15% increase in troops, equipment, and/or live drills, prompting all but anti-war voices to proclaim progress.

  10. @AP

    Yeah, poor baby, Kim Jong-un! He was frightened and so he wanted nukes to play with … wah! wah! quick help him to develop nukes! … and of course the poor baby could not rely on China (with its nukes) as South Korea relies on the USA so that South Korea hasn’t and doesn’t need to introduce nukes into the hitherto nuclear-free zone of the Korean Peninsula. It’s a lesser case, of course, but Kim is as guilty of nuclear terrorism as are any of the world’s nuclear militaries … so let’s help him become even more guilty of introducing nukes into a former nuclear-free zone.

    These apologies for a homicidal psychopathic billionaire-dictator are pathetic!

    • Replies: @Stephen R. Diamond
  11. Renoman says:

    He wouldn’t have to go nuke to do the job and I doubt very much that he will bother to do anything. The only thing over there is a big head ache, no money.

  12. mr meener says:

    I guess you missed it when George “magog” bush included NK in the axis of evil. pissrael bombed a half built Syrian reactor killing 10 NK scientists who they knew were there. it is all about Israel cause they are now saying Kim is allying himself with Syria. NOTHING HAPPENS IN US FOREIGN POLICY UNLESS IT IS GOOD FOR THE JEWS

  13. PeteGG says:

    The real enemies of USA are the Mexicans not the Koreans. And Mexicans have already 20 000 000 soldiers” in USA” – Democrats are working for Mexico. IF USA or some other country destroys Mexico, the world will be better and safer.

    • LOL: Talha
  14. @Grandpa Charlie

    Very logical. You’re against them, so you favor nuclear threats against contenders.

  15. Trump has gone further in his threats against Korea than any war-mongering Democrat.

    Trump was never a man of peace. He’s just against wars the U.S. is losing.

  16. anon • Disclaimer says:

    The USA should just leave South Korea. Should have done it a long time ago.

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