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The Russian Bear Growls
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Frankfurt, Germany –Could anyone in the Obama administration have been so slow-witted to imagine that Russia wouldn’t move hard to counter US efforts to overthrow Moscow’s ally, Syria?

The Syrian war began almost five years ago by the US, France, Britain and Saudi Arabia to overthrow Syria’s Iranian and Russian-backed government. The result so far: 250,000 dead, 9.5 million refugees flooding Europe and Syria shattered.

This is nothing new: the first CIA coup attempt to overthrow a Syrian ruler Gen. Husni Zaim was in 1949.

A combination of imperial hubris and ignorance has led Washington to believe it could overthrow any government that was disobedient or uncooperative. Syria was chosen as the latest target of regime change because the Assad regime – a recognized, legitimate government and UN member –was a close ally of America’s Great Satan, Iran. Formerly it had been cooperating with Washington.

After watching Syria be slowly destroyed, Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, moved his rook onto the Syrian chessboard. For the first time since 1991, Moscow sent a small expeditionary unit of 50 warplanes to Syria both to shore up the Assad regime and to reaffirm that Russia has long-standing strategic interests in Syria.

Few of the administration’s bumbling amateur strategists likely knew that Russia claimed during the 19th century to be the rightful protector of Mideast Christians. Russia watched in dismay the destruction of Iraq’s ancient Christian communities caused by the overthrow of their protector, President Saddam Hussein. Moscow has vowed not to let a similar crime happen again to Syria’s Christians.

Russia is also clearly reasserting a degree of her former Mideast influence. In 1970, Russian pilots tangled with Israeli warplanes over the Suez Canal during the “War of Attrition.” The flying time from Moscow to Damascus is about the same as New York City to Miami. Syria is in Russia’s backyard, not America’s.

A highly effective propaganda war waged against Syria and Russia by the US, French and British media has so demonized Syria’s President Assad that Washington will find it very difficult to negotiate or include him in a peace deal. The US made the same stupid mistake with Afghanistan’s Taliban and now is paying the price.

President Bashar Assad is no Great Satan. He was a British-trained eye specialist forced into the dynastic leadership of Syria by the car crash that killed his elder brother. The Assad regime has plenty of nasty officials but in my long regional experience Syria is no worse than such brutal US allies as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco or Uzbekistan.

President Putin has long been calling for a negotiated settlement to end this destructive conflict that is quickly resembling Lebanon’s ghastly civil war from 1975-1990 whose horrors I saw firsthand.

Who rules Syria is not worth one more death or refugee. Sadly, Syria may be beyond repair. The crazies we created are now running large parts of Iraq and Syria. Russia mutters about going into Iraq.


Vlad Putin keeps his game tightly under control. I’m not so sure about the Obama White House and its confused advisors. Better make a deal with Assad, a natural US ally, and end this crazy war before Sen. John McCain and his Republican crusader pals really do start World War III.

Washington refuses Russia any legitimate sphere of influence in Syria, though Moscow has had a small base in Tartus on the coast for over 40 years. This Russian logistics base is now being expanded and guarded by a ground force estimated at a reinforced company.

This week came reports that modest numbers of Iranian infantry have entered war-torn Syria. Lebanon’s tough Hezbollah fighters are also in action in Syria.

Opposing them are a mixed bag of irregular forces and heavily armed religious fanatics trained and armed by US, French and British intelligence and financed by Washington and the Saudis. This writer believes small numbers of US and French Special Forces and British SAS are also aiding anti-Assad forces.

Israel and Turkey, hopping to profit from a possible break-up of Syria, are also discreetly aiding the anti-Assad forces that include al-Qaida and everyone’s favorite bogeyman, Islamic State.

Howls of protest are coming from Washington and its allies over Russia’s military intervention. Don’t we hate it when others do exactly what we do. The US has over 800 bases around the globe. French troops operate in parts of Africa. Both nations stage military interventions when they see fit.

Washington accuses Moscow of imperialism as 10,000 US troops, fleets of warplanes and 35,000 US mercenaries fight nationalist forces in Afghanistan. Iraq remains a semi-US colony. Russia withdrew all of its 350,000 troops stationed in Germany in 1991; US bases still cover Germany and, most lately, Romania.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Russia, Syria 
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  1. Tom_R says:


    Thanks for the interesting article, Sir. I would like to add a few points. I am glad Putin decided to intervene in Syris and finish ISIS, which is a terrorist group sponsored by the world’s biggest axis of evil—Israel and its banana republic, USA (owned and operated by the Judaists, esp. the Jewish Oligarchs), and NATO, for Israel’s plan to topple Assad for the establishment of “Greater Israel” from the Nile to the Tigris/Euphrates.

    The Judaists are arming ISIS and treating them in their Israeli hospitals under the delusion that this “Greater Levant” is a “promised” land, “promised” to them by a fabricated regional deity called Yahweh who other authors have referred to as a “mentally deranged God” (–Paul Tice, in the book Jumping Jehovah) in the Torah, which is a rank “forgery” (“Forgery of the Old Testament” by Joseph McCabe). So if mythical Yahweh does not keep his “promise”, where will they sue him to enforce the promise—in the Court of which God?

    So Putin must finish ISIS and heavily arm Syria and Iran with short range missiles and nuclear weapons to maintain stability in the Middle East (and as retaliation for the US putting missiles in Jew-rope) so the insane Zionists do not act out on these delusions again.

  2. Kamran says:

    The West is going to pay for it’s stupidity and lack of a coherent foreign policy. It’s going to pay dearly…..

    I can smell it already, the fall of the Roman Empire, the Tiber foaming with blood. The Rhine shall be crossed. The wide fords of the Danube will make way to the hordes…..

    …….and Al-Nusra will come to Germany.

  3. well, the neo-conz got away with 9/11. Then hijacked and butchered Iraq. Then massacred Yemen. And grabbed (most of) the Ukraine. And are still hanging on in Afghanistan. And most recently butchered Libya and got away with that too. I don’t put it past them for a moment to attempt a “no-fly” zone against Russia in Syria. Then the Wheel of History will turn dramatically: toward either a northern hemisphere nuclear war…or a quick collapse of the ZOG Empire

  4. KA says:

    Russian entry in Syria are in so many different ways important and poignant with the unexpected unimagined possibilities. It is the reverse of what Soviet dd in Afghanistan. Russia waited and allowed western plan unravel with the broken eggs leaking on the Americn face some reality check truth serum . This is western stalemate .
    A new Middle East that Wolfowitz in 1991 didn’t imagine is now being ushered at the doorstep of Israel . This is the real birth pangs that C Rice refered to . Israel coud face an intifada . Hamas will possibly eventually learn who to rely on and stay with Syria . Hizbullah would amass more military powers and personnel ,now stationed in Syria as well as Lebanon . IS will target Saudi Arab because they have nowhere to go.
    Saudi doesn’t have the money to spread terror anymore and may not try anymore to coddle up with Israel . Bahrain may see a new upheaval. Iraq will also send with Kurd these IS back to Jordan and Saudi. America may be forced to come back with bases to Saudi soil . How IS will react to that?
    On the negative side ,Israel will ratchet up anti Muslim xenophobia in America and Canada . But that is all that in can do. One thing is sure. There will never be another mass slaughter of Gazan again by Israel . But logic doesn’t apply to mad dog . So chances are they would .
    Israel will shrink its operative base to areas near to its borders and forget Iran. America will be forced by the financial and reality of new global alliance , to cut losses and focus on home front . In some way America is Middle East is in same situation as Britain was in 1947.

    Any resurgence in American activities in Middle east will be likely met with strong resistance from China Russia Iran and Syria.

  5. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Well the west tried its best to bring Russia to it knees. It even went so far to try to economically ruin them by asking the Saudis to continue pumping oil at maximum rate so the PBB of oil collapses and with that the Russian economy. The Russians know this. Up to a few years ago they went along with almost all the Wests wars and didn’t interfere but now with Syria and Crimea they have drawn the line in the sand. I am no expert but I think the Russians are warning that if the west wants war then they will get it. This won’t be a simple war but the end of the world as we know it with no winners. The U.S. And its allies really have a real mess on their hands and the only solution is to negotiate a quick extraction from Syria. Going forward Russia will need to be treated as an equal partner for the sake of peace above all else.

  6. dahoit says:

    How will the MSM frame that we are going to help the terrorists who killed thousands of American citizens between 9-11 and the present(soldiers)?
    Goddamn traitors.

  7. Most Americans are not yet aware of it, but thanks to Russia, they have every reason to hope for better days.

    • Replies: @Weaver
  8. Weaver says:
    @Carroll Price

    Ms. Price,

    I don’t fully understand what you mean, but I like your comment nonetheless!

    Unfortunately, Russia is a petrostate. Putin needs to diversify the Russian economy and reduce corruption.

    He’s an excellent leader, but that mammoth problem needs to be solved for Russia. Petrostates are vulnerable. For example, Russians are known for having a good education system. Why doesn’t that translate into their developing solar panels and cheap cars that work (as opposed to cheap cars that don’t work)? I don’t know a great deal about Russia though.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Carroll Price
  9. bubbletea says:

    “Don’t we hate it when others do exactly what we do. ”

    what? the russians have been invited by the elected head of
    the syrian government to assist fighting terrorists.

    western nations have been training and arming terrorists
    to overthrow an elected government.

  10. This is as I see it a strange occurrence. We have seen the brutality of the Israelis as groups the Russians seem to cozy up with are butchered . Yet the Russians from where I seat have done virtually nothing. Even in Libya Russians did not bust a grape. Only in Crimea did Russia do something. So now with this Russian frontal assault maybe this will sober up America.

  11. Realist says:

    “I don’t know a great deal about Russia though.”

    That’s an understatement.

    There is few countries as corrupt as the US. All politicians are bought and paid for by the elite and special interest groups. Everyone of the assholes are in someones pocket.

    • Replies: @Realist
  12. @Weaver

    What I mean is that if Russia puts a stop to the US government meddling in the affairs of other nations, there is a very good chance that their tax money will be spent on providing education, health care, decent roads, bridges and other infrastructure that actually benefit the citizens of this country.

  13. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    NATO is crapping in itself right now. No fly zone idea in Syria is history. They’ll now have to deal with a real power not some poor defenseless weakened country like Iraq or Libya. They are masters of only intimidating the weak and paper tigers when it comes to Russia or China or even Iran for that matter.

  14. Realist says:

    Should read….There are few….

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