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The Mother of All Messes in Syria
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What a mess. The imperial cooks in Washington have turned poor Syria into a poison pit of warring factions, with disastrous results for all.

Henry Kissinger once quipped that it is more dangerous being America’s ally than its enemy. A good example is how Washington used the Kurds in Syria to fight ISIS and then ditched them to face the wrath of the mighty Turkish military alone.

A great hue and cry has gone up from the US corporate media and Congress that the Kurds are being betrayed. The evangelical far right and Israel’s supporters are leading this charge. Israel has secretly been arming and aiding Kurds in Iraq, Iran and Syria since 1975 as a dandy way of splintering the fragile Arab Mideast.

But President Trump was right when he said that the Kurds had been richly paid by Washington for their services, adding ‘they are no angels.’ Some facts ignored by the US media:

– Kurds, a tribal, non-Semitic people of Persian origin are, like Palestinians, a stateless people who are sand in the eye of the Mideast. They inhabit the uplands of Syria, Iraq, Armenia, and Iran. Kurds are a handsome, warlike people renowned for their fighting abilities and courage. They have long battled neighboring Arab and Iranian tribes over pasture land and water resources.

– The Obama administration got talked into arming and financing the extremist Islamic State group by the deep state and Israel as a way of overthrowing Syria’s secular government, an ally of Iran. The US-equipped Iraqi Army sent to fight IS ran for their lives. When Islamic State threatened Baghdad, the US Air Force intervened and crushed it. Rogue elements of Islamic State ran amok, creating all sorts of atrocities. Some IS units still receive covert Israeli cross-border support.

The US found it expedient to pay Kurdish militias, known as YPG, to fight remnants of the rag-tag IS, an armed mob whose danger was wildly exaggerated by western media. IS was a perfect excuse to keep US military forces in the Mideast. Turkey helped arm IS.

– Turkey’s Kurdish minority is 15-20% of its 80 million people. The dangerous Marxist PKK movement has been calling for an independent Kurdish state since the 1980’s. I covered the war in Turkey’s southern Anatolia between the PKK and the Turkish Army, a bloody affair of bombings and massacres that left over 40,000 dead. Turks go ballistic at the very mention of an independent Kurdish state, calling Kurds ‘mountain Turks’ and Marxist `terrorists.’

Kurds were harshly repressed by various Turkish governments and their generals. But when the Ottoman Turks marched tens of thousands of Armenian prisoners to Syria during World War I, Kurdish tribes raped and massacred them in great numbers. In the 1920’s, the sainted Winston Churchill authorized use of poison gas against ‘unruly’ Kurdish and Afghan tribes.


– US attempts to overthrow Syria’s government created national chaos. The scrubby eastern third of Syria had a mixed tribal population, but the Kurdish YPG militia declared it independent from Syria, declaring a new Kurdish state called Rojava. To no surprise, a confusing melee developed between Syrian forces and Arab tribal fighters, US units, Kurdish militias, IS and tribes aligned to Damascus. Turkey, aghast at the prospects of an independent Kurdish state next door, decided to send in its army which had been demanding action against armed Kurdish groups.

Into this maelstrom strode Donald Trump, who knew nothing about Syria. There were only about 1,000 US troops in Syria, but they could call down the US Air Force based in nearby Qatar. These token troops are being withdrawn to neighboring Iraq, which remain a US-occupied nation with a puppet government, an American garrison of at least 5,000 troops, and oceans of oil.

In short, Syria is being ground up by wars for no good purpose. Turkey made a grave error by joining efforts to overthrow Syria’s Assad regime. The US, France, Britain and Israel have no business at all there. Only Russia has a legitimate geopolitical interest in Syria, which is close to its southern border. So far, Vlad Putin has played a very skillful game of big power chess in Syria while the US has blundered time and again.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Vere factual and simple article. Good article. Although US military activities described are a little bit foggy. But still good. And some new facts. That is extremely valuable.

    • Replies: @Urban Moving
  2. unit472 says:

    I question the validity of Russia’s presence in Syria but if it wants to try and sort out the mess there and can bear the cost ( it really can’t) its welcome to it.

    As to the Kurds they’ve been betrayed by everyone as none of the regional states wants to see a Kurdish ‘nation’ as it would dismember their own ‘country’. The US could have allowed Iraq’s Kurds to set up an independent country after our invasion. They already had a defacto statelet but Bush was into ‘nation building’ and didn’t want to break up Iraq.

    As noted ISIS became a problem ( for Damascus, Baghdad and Tehran ) when they overran Mosul and secured huge stocks of US armaments we had supplied to the Iraqi military to keep Iraq from falling apart. As ISIS had a cadre of experienced Sunni military officers it knew how to use the equipment and overran large parts of Iraq and Syria. Other than trying to extort money from Western nations by threatening to murder any of their nationals they managed to hold hostage IS never posed a threat to the US or Europe. They wanted to fight Shia’s not the West.

    • Replies: @red rose
    , @romar
    , @Curmudgeon
  3. “Syria is being ground up by wars for no good purpose.”

    Please expand on “war for good purpose.”

    Wars always begin with lies. “The first casualty is Truth.”

  4. anonymous1963 [AKA "anon19"] says:

    So what is the answer?

  5. Good article.
    Hope Trump does actually withdrawal all troops from Syria (ie not just move them around here & there until things quieten down).
    I still can’t believe the Kurds really thought they could set up an independent state in Nth Syria. Did they actually think the Turk’s (the Turk’s!!) would just sit & watch?

  6. red rose says:

    Finally, an article that reminds the world how the Kurds slaughtered millions of Christians (Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians, Chaldeans, & Syriacs) during WWI. Once they killed those innocent people, they stole their properties and lands, just like they did to the Iraqi Christians once we overthrew Saddam. Just a reminder, they have been doing the same to the Syrian Christians since we tried to overthrow the Syrian government. The Kurds have always been nomads until the Brits & French came to the region and started carving out states. That is why they are called the “Bedouins of Persia.”

  7. red rose says:

    ISIS was created by the CIA/Mossad. The US armed ISIS and trained them. They were even given medical treatment by the Israelis.

    The wars in the Middle East have always been about the OIL and the Greater Israel Project.

    Do you think the Israelis will help a group of Muslims (Kurds are Sunni Muslims) and require nothing in return? Please. Israelis pushing the Kurds to have their own country because that would require dividing four nations: Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Turkey. Why does Israel want this? Because it will allow them to steal lands and expand their country. Take a look at the ‘Greater Israel’ map and see which lands they want.

    • Replies: @anon
  8. Bob Gwen says:

    US love for the Kurds, like US love for any minority group in a region not controlled by the US, is merely due to their willingness to help the US destroy that region. Like the Ukrainians, ISIS, Libyan Islamists, and the Hongers, they’ll all be left to deal with the people in their region whom they’ve abused with the help of US arms, funds, and most importantly, propaganda.

    I will have no sympathy when pictures of dead Kurd kids hit the internet.

  9. “Kurds are a mixture of Islam, Communism and feminism.”

    Andrew Anglin

  10. romar says:

    So, unit472, according to you, it’s good for the US to try and keep Iraq from falling apart (after having torn it apart in the first place) but “questionable” for Russia to try and keep Syria from falling apart?
    Sound logic, eh! You must be a citizen of the “exceptional nation”…
    As for Russia not being able to afford the effort, in case you haven’t noticed, Syria is already saved from falling apart, whatever else happens…
    I hope you’re not sorry.

  11. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    what about the assyrians who have been genocided by ZOG in Iraq and also Syria what about the majority of kurds not participating in the juden commie zio death cult of kurdish YPG/PKK erc fags who are not women,,,there are no “Female fighters” that jewish ignorant propaganda all those crypto kikes burning farms are men causing poverty and starvation to terrorisze shia, sunni, Christians and Syrians out of their land

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  12. @Urban Moving

    I do hear you. But my greatest pity is for Chaldeans who were the greatest civilization in the middle east

  13. @unit472

    I question the validity of Russia’s presence in Syria

    The validity? The country’s President and legislative body agree to ask for Russian assistance in fighting the foreign funded, recruited “rebels”, and you question the validity of their presence?

    ISIS is a foreign creation. You don’t show up with 100 brand, new Toyota trucks and have no supply lines without being somebody’s creation. Somebody paid for the trucks, and somebody was supplying them with fuel ammunition, and food. You don’t think Toyota would know who bought 100 pickup trucks?
    This is all part of the Yinon Plan towards Eretz Israel.

    • Agree: Ilyana_Rozumova
  14. If Margolis were an honest journalist rather than a dishonest CIA hack, he would lay the blame where it belongs: Obama and the Deep State combined with Israel to destroy Syria.
    The countries playing a constructive role have been Russia and Iran. Turkey has legit security concerns but exploited the situation to profit off of Syria’s oil. The Kurds are, mostly, Marxists. Cry me a river.
    The real story is the compromise of the U.S. security apparatus by the Deep State and Israel. They murdered millions in the Middle East since 911.
    Too bad Margolis takes his money from the dark side.

    • Agree: anonymous1963
  15. anon[250] • Disclaimer says:
    @red rose

    “On August 5, 1981, Menachem Begin picked Ariel Sharon to replace him as Defense Minister. As Israeli historians have long documented, for the next 10 months the Begin government engaged in military operations, from the air and the ground, in order to goad the Palestinians into a military response that would be used to justify a major military offensive into Lebanon.

    As Rise and Kill First documents in detail, the FLLF bombings were an integral part of this Israeli strategy of provocation. Indeed, the new Defense Minister immediately decided to “activate” the FLLF operation and sent Eitan as his personal emissary to “keep an eye” on the clandestine operation. Remarkably, at the time Eitan was serving as Begin’s “counterterrorism” adviser.

    Sharon “hoped that these operations would provoke Arafat into attacking Israel,” Bergman writes, “which could then respond by invading Lebanon, or at least make the PLO retaliate against the Phalange, whereupon Israel would be able to leap in great force to the defense of the Christians.”

    “By mid-September 1981,” he explains, “car bombs were exploding regularly in Palestinian neighborhoods of Beirut and other Lebanese cities.”

    Several of these bombings were covered in the US press at the time.

    On September 17, 1981, a car bomb exploded outside of the command center shared by the PLO and its Lebanese leftist allies in the port city of Sidon, killing over 20, most of them women and children who lived in nearby apartment buildings, John Kifner reported in the New York Times.

    Two days later, another “terrorist bomb” killed four in a crowded movie theater in West Beirut, Kifner reported. The FLLF claimed responsibility, but Palestinian officials immediately insisted that the group is “fictitious,” a ploy used by Israel to hide its hand in these attacks.

    On October 1, a car exploded near PLO offices in a crowded street in Moslem west Beirut, killing 90, as Kifner and the UPI reported. Several other vehicles loaded with explosives were found and defused in Beirut and Sidon “in what was intended as a devastating blitz against Palestinians and leftist Lebanese militiamen by rightist terrorists.”

    The FLLF claimed responsibility, but a PLO official blamed Israeli agents for planting the bomb in “sort of a secret war” against Palestinians. Lebanese Prime Minister Chafik Wazzan agreed. Because the cease-fire was preventing Israel from “persisting in its acts of destruction and killing in Lebanon through its air force or other attacks,” he argued, it was “looking for other tactics, the cowardly ones to which it is currently resorting either directly or through agents.’ Israeli officials rejected such claims, insisting instead that the bombings were part of a ‘war among gangs which make up the PLO.”

    A RAND report on ‘recent trends in international terrorism’ published in April 1983 describes a few of these bombings in some detail. The death toll from these few bombings adds up to 120. By comparison, and according to the same RAND report, in 1980 and 1981 combined Palestinian ‘terrorists’ killed a grand total of 16 people. As UPI journalist Fred Schiff wrote at the time, over just two weeks the FLLF’s ‘wave of terror bombings’ in its totality claimed 308 lives.

    Portion of database compiled by Rand on the Front for Liberation of Lebanon from Foreigners

    Importantly, at the exact same time Israeli officials were conducting an extensive public relations (or ‘hasbara’) campaign aimed at convincing the rest of the Western world, and especially the United States, of the seriousness of the threat posed by “terrorism.” In this narrative, Israelis were the main victims, and never the perpetrators, of “terrorism,” while the Palestinians were the main perpetrators of “terrorism,” never its victims.

    This campaign was extraordinarily successful, and since the mid 1980s the American and Israeli discourses on “terrorism” have been virtually indistinguishable. A number of actors, from elected officials to “terrorism experts,” played a central role in this deeply ideological process of meaning production.

    The military censor’s decision to ban Sarna’s and Tal-Shir’s story, and thus to cover up the fact that senior Israeli officials were, at that exact same time, conducting a largescale campaign of “terrorism” in Lebanon, was just as central to this process.

    The censor’s decision made it possible for Israeli leaders to insist, in June 1982, that the invasion of Lebanon was justified in the name of fighting “terrorism.” Remarkably, it made it possible for Ariel Sharon to take to the pages of the New York Times in August 1982 and insist that Israeli troops “were greeted as liberators for driving out the terrorists who had raped and pillaged and plundered” the country. They had followed the Jewish doctrine of tohar haneshek, “the moral conduct of war,” Sharon added, a policy that stood “in vivid contrast to the P.L.O.’s practice of attacking only civilian targets.”

    ISIS was created by Israel – a mini ISIS with financial ,training , ideological supports from Israel diplomatic cover from Israel and New York Times . Not much different what Israel started doing against Iraq Libya and Syria later . Its role in Syria in 2011 has been tested and tried before in Lebanon in 1979.

    Even kibbutz was used

    This link exposes a lot but also leaves a lot unexplored .

  16. anon[390] • Disclaimer says:

    Poor Baghdadi was “ crying and cowering when he activated the suicide vest “


    Can the neoconservatives do that without crying ?

    Democrats are unhappy because the killing was done without congressional knowledge . Democrats were not unhappy for many wars started without their participation

    Poor Baghdadi was born in 1971 . 8 yrs before Israel created first a local terrorist organization
    Otherwise he would have been an Israeli hero of Operation Grapes of Wrath
    1979 when mini -Al quiada and prototype ISIS was created by Israel to fragment another neighboring country – Lebanon .
    That was 20 years after Zionist had conducted Lavon Affair but without using any IS or Al Quaoda or American military .
    Why did the Zionist endanger then their own lives instead of the patsy ? It’s a question that the banking , money , bribing , media like NYT and organization like Labor Friends of Israel , Conservative Friends of Israel , Republican Friends of Israel , members of defunct PNAC a Bernard Lewis and Podihoretz, , Kristol, Kagan family and Clinton crime beureu and beneficiaries of Maxwell- Epstein would be able to answer .

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