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The Mafia Would Have Been Proud
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The US drone strike at Baghdad airport that killed Iran’s top commander, Gen. Qassem Soleimani, and a senior leader of Iraq’s Shia militia, has set the Mideast on fire. The Trump administration, which authorized the assassination, called it a ’pre-emptive’ strike. Iran branded it ‘outright murder.’

Soleimani was Iran’s second most powerful figure and a national icon. He headed up the Quds Force, the elite branch of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, a key player in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and the Gulf region. Soleimani was also the most capable, intelligent and effective military leader in a region of third rate generals.

The 62-year-old general distinguished himself in the long Iraq-Iran War, the dirty war in Lebanon, and operations in Iraq. He played a key role in defeating the ultra-radical Islamic State movement in Iraq, working in tandem with the US. Soleimani helped turn the tide of battle in Syria, saving the regime of Bashar Assad.

As a result of his battlefield and political successes, Soleimani earned the enmity of the US, Israel and the US media. So many assassination attempts were launched against him that Iran’s spiritual leader dubbed him a ‘living martyr.’

His luck ran out this week, no doubt as a result of an intelligence leak in Iraq. His two car convoy was incinerated by US missile strikes. Along with Soleimani, a leader of Iraq’s Shia militia was also killed by the US attack as well as some ten other senior Iraqi and Iranian officials.

President Trump proudly took credit for authorizing the assassination, a brazen violation of international law. He seemed unfazed that most of the rest of the world sees the US as ‘Murder Inc.’ For Trump, the killing will boost his standing with Republican/Evangelical voters in this year’s elections and promote his faux tough guy image – this from a man who repeatedly dodged Vietnam era military service and called for an end to America’s Mideast wars.

Iran’s cautious leadership may hesitate to retaliate directly for this murder. Tehran may choose an indirect method of revenge to avoid giving Washington the reason to attack Iran that it has been seeking for the past two years. US forces are spread across the Mideast and thus easy targets.

Israel has long been itching to attack Iran’s nuclear and military installations. An excellent new book, ‘Rise and Kill First,’ by Israeli author Ronen Bergman, exhaustively details the long record of Israel assassinating Palestinian leaders and militants. As Stalin famously quipped, ‘no man, no problem.’

A large portion of the Palestinian leadership – notably the most intelligent and moderate – was killed by Israeli hit squads, leaving ‘no one to negotiate with,’ in Israel’s words.


Israel’s decisive influence over the Trump administration means that the US has fully embraced the same kill policies. Trump may now have the war with Iran he so obviously craves and that Israel and Saudi Arabia want. Any Iranian retaliation will be branded ‘terrorism’ by the administration and its media sycophants.

General Qassem was in line to become president of Iran. He was widely respected for his wisdom, religious faith, and clever diplomacy. He has now been removed. Trump’s reckless policy may help his re-election, but it also makes it much more likely that the US will sink ever deeper into the morass of the Mideast.

America has always demonized troublesome Mideast leaders that defied its imperil writ. The region’s complex problems were simplified into cartoon characters that were labeled ‘bad guys’ or ‘terrorists.’ Think of Iran’s Mossadegh, Nasser, Assad, Arafat, Khomeini, Ahmadinejad, Saddam Hussein, Turkey’s Erdogan and most lately Soleimani. More are sure to emerge.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Alistair says:

    I agree with Margolis statement that “Israel’s decisive influence over the Trump administration means that the US has fully embraced the same kill policies”; — the real question is how far the US Foreign policy has been hijacked by the Israelis and International Zionists tribe.

    Americans should think of Israel for what it truly is; a controversial “Illegitimate” state, a small and insignificant country in the Near East that live-off its undue influence in the US political institutions — infiltrating and shaping the US foreign policy for the sole benefits of the international Zionists tribe.

    Israel is an ally that no one needs; it has nothing to offer to the USA but dragging America into the mudds of the post colonial conflicts in the Middle East, which brings nothing — absolutely nothing — no benefit at all for America.

  2. “Trump may now have the war with Iran he so obviously craves…”
    The lesson no great power has ever learned from history is that it eventually gets the very war it seeks to avoid: utter destruction. Events in the Mideast, and elsewhere, do not augur well for the future.

  3. djm says:

    General Qassem was ………….widely respected for his wisdom, religious faith, and clever diplomacy.

    In which parallel universe do you live ?

    • Replies: @barr
    , @getaclue
    , @Curmudgeon
  4. Gunga Din says:

    Sounds like the author’s sorry he never got to give the guy directly responsible for hundreds of American deaths a blowjob.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
  5. Truth3 says:

    Oh for God’s sake Margolis it’s simpler than that.

    Jews totally run America. Trump is their puppet. The Jews ordered the hit.

    Say it plain, and come clean. Obfuscation delays the recovery of our country and the end to the Zhyd Nightmare we suffer from.

    • Agree: Republic, Colin Wright
  6. Insightful piece as usual from Margolis.

  7. barr says:

    The universe from which the murderous treacherous ungrateful Zionist has been banned .

  8. Anonymous[806] • Disclaimer says:

    Is it me or do the American people need a second fight for independence? But most of them live obliviously in a virtual reality fed to them by their controllers. Does the 4th of July “Independence Day” warrant to be celebrated when the USA is not really independent but a thoroughly-controlled host body?

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  9. @Anonymous

    Considering that Australian and Europe and UK are all Washington’s basement gimps and economically if the US farts then people in New Zealand get the runs, I’d say that the issue is bigger than the American people.

    Most of us are too poor, too busy, too old, too drugged on meth or Opoids.

    And revolution is not possible when the Pentagon can be ordered to drop bombs on rioters. Make no mistake, the US is a police state. Unlike Australia, where soldiers are reluctant to fire into crowds in the US this does not matter. In the past, the army has massacred rebelling miners and railway workers on behalf of the corporations.

  10. Anonymous[188] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Agreed, much of the Western world is also under the same influence, but as you point out, the rest of the Western world are vassal states to the US. The US is the chief command & control point and and serves as the enforcer over the rest of the gimps/hosts.

    To go with the analogy Ron Unz has presented, the US is the infected central nervous system, or the brain stem, that in turn controls the vassal states.

    So the part of the rest of the world that’s awake, but subject to US control and influence, keeps hoping that enough Americans can wake up and one day reclaim sovereignty, liberty, and democracy within their own country.

    A new American revolution and a new independence day seem to be needed.

  11. This murder does not raise Trump’s standing with all evangelicals. Not all evangelicals have drunk from the poisoned well of premilleniral dispensationalism and have an idolatrous attitude about the political entity called Israel.

    And while I consider myself a refugee from the evangelical/fundamentalist sub-culture in regards to political and cultural issues, I still hold to the historic doctrinal positions which helped mark the distinction between modernist theology and “the faith once delivered to the saints.”

    Trump has proven himself no different than any other politician who says he will do something during the campaign then does the opposite once in office.

    • Agree: SeekerofthePresence
  12. getaclue says:

    Actually it is a bit much, he literally directed the campaign of planting bombs to blow people up and bomb vests etc. — what is generally known as “terrorism”– Israel may suck but the tears for him are just a bit much….

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
    , @Bill Jones
  13. @Jeff Stryker

    Unlike Australia, where soldiers are reluctant to fire into crowds in the US this does not matter.

    It’s unclear to me why you would think that Australian military would be any more reluctant to fire into crowds than their US counterparts. It’s true that the Australian military has greater fire discipline than the US, but they still shoot whatever they’re told to shoot. Our sociopaths are just as ruthless as the Yanks’, but somewhat higher-functioning.

    There has never been a government in human history that was unable to reliably expect its military to fire on its own civilians. Likewise there has never been a military in human history that did not contain a significant number of people willing to do so. That holds true until the government is in its last throes.

    It’s primarily due to self-selection: the military selects for stupidity and authoritarianism.

    Taken as a group, soldiers are very stupid and very malleable. They are the economic detritus of the education system and the labour market.

    That goes double for Infantry.

    In the Australian military, infantry is the corps allocation of recruits who fulfil fitness targets, but are dumb as fuck – even compared to other recruits (which is a relatively low bar).

    Hence the term ‘grunts’.

    Kids who go to Armoured (turret-heads) or Artillery (drop-shorts) are less stupid, but still pretty stupid.

    And when grunt-recruits go to their IET (Initial Employment Training), they are indoctrinated to such an extent that inter-platoon and inter-company rivalry can become violent; inter-regiment rivalry is almost always violent; rivalry with other Arms corps is almost always violent, and non-Arms are just cooks, drivers and zoob-measurers.

    This is not accidental[1]: they are taught to think of the world as a series of concentric circles, and their section is the centre.

    That is why there is such overwhelming ‘buy-in’ from grunts (and “turret-heads”, and “drop-shorts”) to all aspects of military propaganda. Plus, they benefit directly from military hagiography.


    The only “Arms” branch that gets non-stupid kids is Signals (my corps when I was a soldier).

    Most Signals-bound recruits are ‘corps-enlisted'[2] – i.e., are recruited on the specific condition that they get to go to Signals if they complete basic training to a satisfactory level. If they don’t, they can choose to go home. There were three Signals corps-enlistees in my platoon at Kapooka[3], the two others deliberately failed their PT tests and went home to finish high school.


    Anyone who relies on some inherent nobility of Australian grunts as some sort of social guarantee that there could never be a Kent State, is fucking kidding themselves. That goes for the grunts of any society.

    Grunts are more stupid than cops, but less gutless[4].

    [1] The same mechanism is used in Signals: when 2Sig Regiment existed, if used to share Simpson Barracks with the School of Signals. There would be almost weekly brawls between every new IET intake and the ‘proper Sigs’ of 2Pig.

    Guys whose first posting out of IET was to 2Pig did not identify with new IETs. And it went deeper than that: IET intakes were quarterly, each IET intake had the same view of prior and subsequent IET intakes, as 2Pig had of IETs generally. Intra-IET rivalry seldom got to brawl level, but the ‘us’ and ‘them’ was deliberately amplified by the training staff.

    [2] Signals is the only Arms branch that corp-enlists non-officers. Of the Services branches, Intelligence, Medical and Psych also corps-enlist. Catering used to, but catering has all been outsourced now.

    If a recruiter is faced with a silly gung-ho child who wants to be a grunt, they will tell the child that he’s being ‘corps-enlisted’ to Infantry… it’s like telling a mongoloid kid that their finger painting looks just like Mummy.

    [3] Kapooka is the location of Blamey Barracks, the home of 1RTB (1st Recruit Training Battalion). Nowadays it’s a suburb of Wagga Wagga (just ‘Wagga’ will do)… in my day it was a few kilometres outside of the Wagga city limits.

    [4] There is some overlap: really dumb ex-grunts join police departments or the prison service; they stand out relative to other cops because they’re more prone to abuse authoritaaaah.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
    , @York
    , @Curmudgeon
  14. @getaclue

    he literally directed the campaign of planting bombs to blow people up and bomb vests

    The IDF’s First Chairborne Division has to do better than that in a venue like this, habib.

    • Replies: @getaclue
  15. Vaterland says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Wrong. Europe is no longer dominated by the USA. Jews have power, the American Empire does no longer. It’s never been clearer. US force projection is an empty husk for the Jewish substance which runs it. And even in the UK the excitement for Uncle Schlomo’s next war is in decline. Economically the USA has become even more irrelevant for Europe; the common EU market is immeasurably more important and next is China, significantly ahead of the USA, growing ever more important.

    I don’t think that the EU-USA relationship will survive this decade. The constant violence, threats, insults, sanctions, tariffs, color revolutions, warmongering, the lack of credibility and trustworthy contracts, the erratic and exploitative nature of its “elite”, the bullying of its foreign policy, are just too much.

    • Agree: Colin Wright
  16. Hibernian says:

    If a recruiter is faced with a silly gung-ho child who wants to be a grunt, they will tell the child that he’s being ‘corps-enlisted’ to Infantry… it’s like telling a mongoloid kid that their finger painting looks just like Mummy.

    Similar to American recruiters recruiting high school graduates into the enlisted ranks with the promise that they’ll learn to fly – only possible if they complete their enlistment, get a baccalaureate on the GI Bill, get into and complete OCS, and get into and complete flight school. IOW, very unlikely for any but a very few.

    The kids wanting Infantry, I suspect, in contrast, have a reasonable likelihood of getting it.

    In the US you can get, if you qualify, an enlistment contract, equivalent to the option to “corps-enlist” in your system, in any or almost any Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), including Infantry. These are subject to change without notice, but, at least in peacetime, they tend to be good for at least half of a term of enlistment.

  17. ko says:

    You misspelled imperial (imperil)

  18. York says:

    Spoken like a true worm. An expert in wikipedia and starbucks. If you know nothing about the military, bugger off and write about whatever is your field, such as anal intercourse or being cucked.

    Fu**king troll

  19. ‘The Mafia Would Have Been Proud’

    The Mafia would not have been proud. Even they could understand you don’t invite a rival to a sit-down and then whack him when he shows up.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
    , @Hibernian
  20. Dumbo says:
    @Gunga Din

    the guy directly responsible for hundreds of American deaths

    What evidence is there of that? Trump called him responsible for the death of “millions”, maybe you believe in that too?

    If he was killing American soldiers, it is because American soldiers invaded Iraq and were killing shiites there. Soldiers are ready to kill and die. Well Americans prefer to use drones from far away now. Who cares if some peasants in a marriage ceremony due by mistake. Those deaths don’t count.

    What about the death of Qadaffi, and Hillary laughing like a bitch from hell?

    How easy it is to manipulate the American public. Just tell them that whoever is a “bad dictator” or an “evil guy”, responsible for “millions of deaths” or “chemical attacks”, and they lap it up and cheer. Go, Amurrica!

  21. @Colin Wright

    The mafia would “whack” everyone around Trump for incompetency in a week. First to go would be Mike Pence. “Hey Mikie, how’s the docks”…Pence would be stumped for an answer and veer into some religious diatribe…”He’s gotta go”.

    If the mafia ran Trump’s party…there’d be none of them left.

    Donald Trump was regarded as a fool and a low-level irritant by the Mafia in NYC and threatened from opening his casino in Atlantic City.

  22. @getaclue

    Got any proof of that?
    Other than the Rachael Maddows?

    • Replies: @getaclue
  23. getaclue says:
    @Bill Jones

    Yes–Wikileaks nailed them/him on this! — In Iran he was in charge militarily — including this (he murdered at least 600 US Military by these type devices– some people here think he was a “great guy”– Israel “Leadership” is putrid/terrorists but he lived by the sword and he died by it…):

    • Replies: @Chris Mallory
    , @Bill Jones
  24. @getaclue

    Gateway Pundit? Really that is your source? Wikipedia not have the article you were looking for?

    But really so what? Say Iran at the invitation of the UN invaded Mexico to put an end to the cartels. Do you really think the US would not arm the Mexican resistance with any and all explosives they asked for?

    Care to discuss the US support for the terrorist group MEK? What about the assassination of Iranian scientists, in Iran, by CIA/MOSSAD terrorists?

  25. getaclue says:

    Yes the Gateway Pundit — more reliable than the NYSlimes and the Mainslime Media the past 3 years– laughable where people who don’t like the true information conveyed always try attacking the source while pimping liars like the NYSlimes and WaPo etc. Also you’re all over the place. The narrow question was as to the IEDs and there is no doubt they come from Iran and the General was the architect of all of it — so you move on with the other straw man bs– I never brought up or disputed any of that yet you pretend I did– poor argument tactic– I firmly believe the USA should never have invaded Iraq and that Bush, a NWO clown, should be prosecuted for it — as to the CIA, Israel etc. I have no warm “feelings” — Israel is a rogue state run by terrorists — however many in Iraq are not happy that Iran is now there calling the shots and killing people at will, nor is the oppressive regime of Iran some great gift to that country or the world, but all that aside my original point as to the “General” was proven by Wikileaks– he blew up many with IEDs and was involved in much carnage in many theaters worldwide and finally he suffered the same fate of being blown up himself. Live by the sword die by the sword even if the NYSlimes pimps you as some kind of great “poet” or whatever…he got what he gave so many — finally.

  26. @djm

    It’s not parallel universe. It’s in a reality outside the reach of Zion.

  27. @Kratoklastes

    There has never been a government in human history that was unable to reliably expect its military to fire on its own civilians

    Not so. Eventually, even the Shah’s army refused to do so, at which point he left.
    Don’t believe the bullshit about Tianamen Square, either.

  28. Hibernian says:
    @Colin Wright

    In Chicago they lured a victim to his death by telling him they were going to make him a made man.

  29. RupertH says:

    Soleimani + the US are most certainly not the ones responsible for “turning the tide” and saving Assad’s Syria. Margolis must be going senile. It was most assuredly the Russian intervention that saved Assad’s Syria.

  30. Murder Inc.,
    Executive branch of the USA:
    Idol King
    They serve with blood and bombs in evil’s day.

  31. @Jeff Stryker

    “And revolution is not possible when the Pentagon can be ordered to drop bombs on rioters. ”

    …and cut off your social security, invalidate your medicare, instruct the banks and wall street to freeze your accounts. At the click of a screen, probably.

    Who you gonna call?

  32. getaclue says:

    It came out in 2010 and this summary has not been criticized — if you google you can find others — so I guess if you question the summary you can access the documents back then, I don’t question it: The Truthout article is stupid — Iran backs Hezbollah and supplies them– the deceased General was very involved with them– there is literally tons of evidence as to this from day one even the Leftist WaPo but all kinds of other sources: I don’t see the Truthout author having much credibility arguing the opposite…Wikileaks documents obviously go against what he is claiming. As a personal side note, a friend of mine served multiple tours over there and he has stated they absolutely knew the copper IEDs blowing up US servicemen came straight from Iran–zero doubt– many maimed and killed….

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