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The Best Congress Money Can Buy
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Be proud, America! You have the very best Congress that money can buy.

It’s no secret that many in the House and Senate have long been corrupted by money and special interests. The constant need to advertise on TV makes all politicians slaves of the money lenders and other big donors.

The great Mark Twain called Congress “America’s only native criminal class.” Nothing much has changed.

Members of Congress are held in even lower public esteem than murderers, lawyers and…journalists. It’s often cheaper to buy a legislator than a second-hand car.

One of the biggest outrages has been the way Wall Street money lenders swindled the public and wiped out the nation’s retirement savings – yet escaped all punishment thanks to their huge political contributions to Congress and the White House.

But then came the triumphant visit to Congress by Israel’s rightwing prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Congress put on a truly revolting display of sycophancy, servility and brownnosing for Bibi that included 23 rapturous standing ovations.

This for a foreign leader who had come to insult and humiliate America’s president and drive the US into war with Iran.

Not since a groveling Roman Senate voted to approve Emperor Caligula’s favorite horse, Incitatus, as imperial consul has there been such a embarrassing spectacle.

Like the Roman senators, members of the US Congress were motivated by fear and greed. They know that basic truth of US politics: failure to follow instructions of the mighty Israel lobby means certain loss of your next election, attacks by the media, and the end of your political career.

Former Rep. Paul Findley’s book, “They Dare To Speak Out” is a textbook for what happens to politicians and journalists who put America’s interests first. I keep a copy near my desk.

Just as Caligula reportedly watched the Senate vote from behind a screen, so America’s political Golem, casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, watched the Senate proceeds from a balcony perch. Adelson, one of America’s richest men, made his fortune through gambling, something Dr. Johnson aptly called “a tax on fools.”

Gambling preys on the poor and addicted just as much as do drugs. Thanks to his huge profits, Adelson has managed to buy most of the Republican Party. Its presidential candidates flock to his palace in Las Vegas to kiss his feet and vow eternal allegiance to Israel.

Adelson, who has reportedly called for nuking Iran, is also Bibi Netanyahu’s primary political and financial sponsor. So Adelson can say he owns the US Congress and Israel. Some Israelis, who will vote next week in a very tight election, are uneasy that Netanyahu is “owned” by the American gambling mogul Adelson. Is this the Zionist dream of a state built on morality, social fairness, and honesty?

Democrats are now largely owned by Israeli-American billionaire Haim Saban who calls himself somewhere to the right of the late Ariel Sharon. Saban, a media mogul, recently gave $5-10 million to the Clinton Library and is Hillary’s principal backer.

Bibi’s visit to Congress was clearly intended as pre-election political grandstanding. Marketing fear of Islam, Iran, ISIS, Hezbollah, Syria, al-Shebab and Boko Haram are now the stock in trade for embattled politicians in Israel, Canada, Australia and France.


Fear sells. Moderation does not. But cash always talks. Forty-seven Republican senators clapped like trained seals when urged to send a nasty letter to Iran asserting the next president would veto any nuclear deal with Tehran. The letter was widely condemned as dumb in the US. Iran rightly termed it an example of the moral decline of American politics. Sen. John McCain allowed he should have read the draft letter more carefully but was in a rush to leave due to an impending snow storm. On such stuff hangs the fate of the Mideast.

Many Israelis are more concerned by their economic and social problems than the bogeyman of Iran. So there’s a possibility that the opposition Zionist Union (formerly Labour Party), led by Isaac Herzog, may win more votes than Netanyahu’s rightwing Likud Party and its further right allies.

But forming a coalition in Israel’s ever fractious politics will be very difficult. A handy, last-minute “crisis” with one of Israel’s neighbors might tip the election to Likud. A few rockets from Gaza could swing the election.

Herzog says he favors creation of a viable Palestinian state on the Israel-occupied West Bank after some border rectifications. Netanyahu came out last week and finally admitted he totally opposes a Palestinian state and is determined to hold on to most of the West Bank, including the Jordan Valley, and Syria’s former Golan.

Israel’s right, led by Likud, is not only determined to continue colonizing the West Bank and Golan, but many of its members harbor expansionist impulses. Syria is in turmoil and largely destroyed. Some Israeli rightists look at Syria as a tempting target for Israeli expansion. Now that Israel, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia are increasingly tacit allies, and the subservient US Republicans almost in power, why not create Greater Israel-Adelsonia.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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  1. the subservient US Republicans

    Not that the Democrats aren’t subservient.

  2. Mr.Adelson is benevolent owner of “voters” in today’s America, just helping them by making choice for them, thus freeing them from thinking.
    This way they will have more time for foozbal, bezbol and other recreational activities

  3. We give Israel billions of dollars in foreign aid each year, so they can turn around and buy our politicians. And you blame Israel? Its time we all look in the mirror.

    • Replies: @Tom Dee
  4. If only ordinary Americans knew that Israel is actually 51 st of America. Only reason it is kept under wraps, so that UN legally does not go after USA. Once Israel gets what it wants–Israel will be a recognized state of America-just as is Hawaii.

  5. moi says:

    Margolis: ” Is this the Zionist dream of a state built on morality, social fairness, and honesty?”

    No country built on land snatched from another people can have “morality, social fairness and honesty.”

    • Replies: @Cameron
  6. You can’t say that AIPAC, the non-registered foreign agent, and Sheldon “drop a bomb in Iran’s desert” Adelson, and Haim “I’m a one issue guy and that issue is Israel, er Hillary, er Hillisrael” Saban don’t drive a hard bargain.

    According to the Congressional Research Service, the sanctions imposed on Iran are a finely woven network as complex as a Persian rug but with all the elegance of a scorpion riding on a frog.

    CRS has catalogued the network here.

    The executive branch has the power to waive various sets of sanctions, but only after presenting and defending certain certifications. For example,

    SEC. 401 [22 U.S.C. 8551]. GENERAL PROVISIONS.

    (a) SUNSET.—The provisions of this Act (other than sections 105 and 305 and the amendments made by sections 102, 107, 109, and 205) shall terminate, and section 13(c)(1)(B) of the Investment Company Act of 1940, as added by section 203(a), shall cease to be effective, on the date that is 30 days after the date on which the President certifies to Congress that

    (1) the Government of Iran has ceased providing support for acts of international terrorism and no longer satisfies the requirements for designation as a state sponsor of terrorism (as defined in section 301) under

    That is, the Government of Iran must achieve the same status — removal from the state sponsor of terrorism list — as was granted to Mujahedeen Khalq (MEK) after a prolonged campaign that saw hundreds of thousands of dollars lining the pockets of dozens of legislators and lobbyists.

    Regarding the benchmarks for such certification —

    the authority to delist Iran resides with the President, and generally requires him to find that
    • there has been a fundamental change in the leadership and policies of the government;
    • the government is not supporting acts of international terrorism; and
    • the government has assured that it will not support terrorism in the future.

    In other words,

    -regime change
    -prove a negative
    -promise never to engage in acts that piss off the USA & Israel, such pissing off designated as “terrorism,” whether they be legitimate acts of self-defense or assassinations such as Israel carries out as a matter of routine.

    Back to the requirements —

    (2) Iran has ceased the pursuit, acquisition, and development of, and verifiably dismantled its, nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons and ballistic missiles and ballistic missile launch technology.


    The president of the USA must certify the Netanyahu option; Iran must dismantle (non-existent) nuclear weapons technology.

    Of course, the spanner, “dual use” will be thrown into any such attempt at certification.

    For men who have made their billions through gambling and cartooning, this is not a bad job of hamstringing the American people and their (ahem) elected representatives.

    War IS the Answer.
    Bomb Israel.

  7. Tom Dee says:
    @Lee Luttrell

    I agree. I do not think we should blame Israel for using the system to their advantage. I think the situation is very close to a hooker and john with John being our senators and congress. It is against the law to be a prostitute but does anyone really blame the hooker? In this case is different with both Israel and elected ones being prostitutes. It is the money which is really the cause of the problem and Israel and our elected are junkies for money. Our supreme court with a really large number of one religion for the amount they represent as a percentage of our population has only made the matte much worse. One cannot look towards the Federal Reserve to do anything to control the massive money since that organization is totally owned by one religion who finds the present situation to be no problem. It is only the 98 percent of the United States not part of the money people who pay and suffer the pain of it.

  8. zhu bajie says:

    No mention of the Religious Right, Christian Zionists or John Haggee. Yet it’s fundamentalist Protestants, thinking they need Israel to end the world, bring Jesus back, who mediate between the Israel Lobby and the US Congress.

    • Replies: @solontoCroesus
  9. Cameron says:

    “No country built on land snatched from another people can have “morality, social fairness and honestyy.”

    That includes our own.

  10. @zhu bajie

    Hagee & the Christo-zios as creations of the Israel lobby just as surely as is Zionist organization of America, or the American Jewish Committee or ADL

    The Israel lobby as a concept has many, many faces; just as every successful spy and army understands, the most successful infiltrator and subverter looks like the target population & speaks their language, but they are handled by the invader.

    In the case of the Christo-zios, it’s useful to understand that they were easy to persuade by relying on a common mythos, the Old Testament or Hebrew scriptures. These tales of plunder, pillage, domination (i.e. imperialism) and genocide as “religiously” sanctioned and commanded by Yahweh formed a common language between Christo-zios and Israelite Jews.

    But Hagee and all his spin-offs & look-alikes are but one branch of the so-called Hebrew-Old Testament tree. It is equally important to examine the extent to which so-called mainstream Protestant Christian denominations are committed to “evangelical” notions that elevate Hebrew-Old Testament themes and permissions, even entitlements, to plunder, pillage and slaughter on a mass scale.

    For example, Donald Lewis’s book, “The Origins of Christian Zionism: Lord Shaftesbury and Evangelical Support for a Jewish Homeland”

    shows how Protestant philo-Semitism had roots in seventeenth-century Calvinism and, in parallel, in Prussian Pietism. He argues that, notwithstanding their aim to convert the Jews to Christianity, Christian Zionists were respectful, even admiring of the Jews.

    … the book suggests that philo-Semitism was part of a Protestant identity as the representative of the one true religion, having originated in Bible reading and the rediscovery of the Old Testament.

    Though early nineteenth-century Christian Zionism had a strong prophetic, pre-millenarian side, the movement had amazingly wide popular appeal and resonance. The London Society for Promoting Christianity Amongst the Jews, founded in 1810, remained well-funded throughout the nineteenth century. It became prominent in lobbying the British government for establishing a consulate in Jerusalem, which it did in 1838, then for building an Anglican church there and founding an Anglican-Lutheran bishopric in the 1840s. Its goal was the return of the Jews to Palestine, which was to be followed by their conversion to Christianity, and this to bring about the Second Coming. It published journals such as Jewish Intelligence (you have to love the title). The movement was to a large extent mainstream, moreover, Anglican not nonconformist and encompassing post as well as pre-millenarian evangelicals. Through Shaftesbury and others, it was politically very well connected.

    Jewish scholars such as Martin Goodman have claimed that the Old Testament is the “British national epic.”
    David Goldman (aka Spengler), whose schtick is to warn that this, that or the other “civilization” is facing demographic extinction, wrote in How Civilizations Die (And Why Islam is Dying Too, that

    “American Christians have no such culture to confuse with religion. They have only the Bible, the American national epic.”

    (‘Spengler’ may also discuss the exodus of Jews from zionist Israel, but I’ve not come across it. Uri Avnery treated the topic here — Why are so many Jews Leaving Israel? .)

    But just as American Christian zionists were heavily influenced by the Scofield bible, which was funded by zionist Jews, so the “philosemitic” movement in England was not accidental. In The Making of the Modern Jewish Bible: How Scholars in Germany, Israel, and America Transformed an Ancient Text, Alan Levenson traces the work, beginning with Moses Mendelssohn in the late eighteenth century (Mendelssohn died in 1786, so his ideas would have been in the atmosphere when the British were “rediscovering the Old Testament”), to link Hebrew scriptures with the New Testament in the minds of the masses (as well as of influential politicians such as Palmerston and Shaftesbury).

    One review of Levenson’s work states that

    “The real story, however, begins with Mendelssohn in the late 18th century. The Bible became the touchstone for a Jewish German community, in which one could be both fully Jewish and German.”

    In the Weimar and WWII and even post-WWII era in Germany, German theologians and scholars led by Walter Grundmann sought to de-couple the Germanness as well as the New Testament from Hebrew entanglements. This movement is condemned by zionists as “antisemitic.”

    But it is an effort of which Thomas Jefferson would have approved: in a letter to Dr. Benjamin Rush explaining his project to extract the “Life and Morals of Jesus” from the various biblical texts, Jefferson compares the ethics of Jesus to that of other scriptural and philosophical traditions. Of the Jewish system Jefferson wrote:

    1. Their system was Deism; that is, the belief of one only God. But their ideas of him & of his attributes were degrading & injurious.

    2. Their Ethics were not only imperfect, but often irreconcilable with the sound dictates of reason & morality, as they respect intercourse with those around us; & repulsive & antisocial, as respecting other nations. They needed reformation, therefore, in an eminent degree.

    Jefferson was not a trail-blazer in this regard. In Roger Williams and the Creation of the American Soul: Church, State, and the Birth of Liberty, author John Barry traces the dual tracks of the American interpretation of the Old and/or New Testament. Williams fought for a government situation where one’s religious beliefs were enforced only by his own conscience, in contrast to the Puritanical situation where the State enforced religious beliefs, and those beliefs were derived from the Old and New Testaments as interpreted by the conjoined church and state authorities.

    Post-World War II, the USA became the center of Jewish and zionist influence. The phrase “Judeo-Christianity” was introduced into the lexicon, a self-conscious attempt to create a climate “in which one could be both fully Jewish and American.” This coupling has, as in Germany in the late-nineteenth and first half of the twentieth century, produced the situation where the “Christian” part of the hyphenated god was injected, as if that hyphen were a hypodermic needle, with Judeo-> notions of chosenness and dominance.

    In the USA, we are told, Jews and all groups are free to promote their creeds and speak freely.

    So are Christians.

    Christians who seek to de-couple their tradition from Jewish and zionist demands and colorations and interpretations have got to step up and fight for their beliefs and values just as passionately as do zionists.

  11. […] to insult and humiliate America’s president and drive the US into war with Iran.   More here, ==================== At least 17 people reported killed in Saudi-led airstrikes in Sanaa, as Iran […]

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