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Tar Baby Ukraine
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A crime worthy of impeachment? Not really, just another unethical, improper, crass act by President Donald Trump.

Many Democrats are cock-a-hoop over the idea of impeaching Trump. They would bed down with the Devil just to get rid of the boor in the White House. But unless really damning information emerges regarding Trump’s efforts to dig up dirt on his presumptive presidential rival, Joe Biden, it looks so far as if Trump may survive this latest scandal. Unless, of course, the mounting pressure on him seriously affects his health. He is showing clear signs of stress.

In a recorded 25 July phone call, Trump, a former reality TV star, asked Ukraine’s new president, Volodymyr Zelensky, a former TV comedy star, to dig up dirt on Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. Trump’s request came after a fawning Zelensky, who called Trump ‘teacher’, asked for more US anti-tank missiles.

Trump and Zelensky deny there is any quid pro quo. But of course, there was. It just went unstated. This is how statecraft is exercised. Washington rules its empire – that I call the ‘American Raj’ (title of my second book) – using a well-tested combination of trade concessions, velvet gloved threats, special favors, military pressure and good old quid pro quos.

When word of this sleazy business got out, thanks to a CIA whistleblower, Trump claimed he ordered his minions to suspend almost US \$400 million in aid from Washington to Ukraine because of that nation’s ‘corruption.’

What a joke. The Trump administration has provided billions of military loans or grants to utterly corrupt Nigeria, Mexico, Kenya, India and Iraq, to name some of the most unethical recipients. Arms are lavished on Trump’s head-chopping Saudi pals. Israel gets carte blanche, no matter what it does.

Ukraine is a frontrunner in the world’s most corrupt marathon. I recall Soviet officials tearing their hair out at the stunning chicanery, malfeasance and gangsterism going on in Ukraine. One called it ‘the Soviet Sicily.’

I’m a long-time admirer and friend of Ukraine and its colorful, zesty people. But how dismaying it is to witness Ukraine’s political mud fight, its ubiquitous corruption, rampant oligarchs, neo-Nazi gangs and bitter squabbles with its Russian-speaking minority. Ukrainians deserve much better.

Ukraine is a tar baby of corruption. So what was Joe Biden’s son Hunter doing there on the board of an oil and gas business? Former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko was thrown into jail because of her dealings in this murky, crime-fraught business. The son of a vice president of the US had no business mixed up in this energy snake pit. Papa Joe should have ordered him home.

Detaching Ukraine from Russia has been a key US strategic goal since the collapse of the USSR in 1991. Ukraine was a key component of the Soviet industrial and commercial system, not to mention Moscow’s geopolitical Achilles Heel. Detaching Ukraine would be like removing Texas and California from the United States.

Many Ukrainians were happy to be out of Moscow’s control and, hopefully, headed for union with Europe. The US and EU have funded Ukraine with \$16 billion in aid that will never be repaid. Much of the money has vanished into Swiss banks.


But Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine’s industrial heartland in the east were violently opposed to rule by Kiev. So a low-grade war simmers between the two in which the US and Canada (with its large ethnic Ukrainian population) have gotten involved raising risks of an accidental war between NATO and Russia.

Trump, the master ethnic politician, was trying to capture the ethnic Ukrainian vote in the Midwest as he has successfully done with voters of Polish and Jewish origins. He has done the same with Evangelical voters by backing a Greater Israel and portraying himself as a later-day Biblical prophet.

It’s hard to believe the Democratic Party leadership – the people who rigged the last primary against the popular Bernie Sanders – believe they can unseat Trump. The math is totally against them. One supposes their hope is to whip up political chaos against Trump right up to next year’s election. That’s a feeble strategy and may help rather than hurt him.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Alfa158 says:

    Trump has captured the Jewish vote? Well he does maybe have a solid 25% of the Jewish vote so I suppose it is accurate to state that he has indeed captured a Jewish vote.

  2. The author’s obvious bias notwithstanding, to frame Hunter Biden as some babe-in-the-woods in need of rescue regarding his dubious Ukraine dealings is the silliest thing I’ll read today, if not this week.

    • Replies: @Jmaie
  3. Jmaie says:

    to frame Hunter Biden as some babe-in-the-woods in need of rescue

    Ordering Hunter home would not have been done to save Hunter…

    • Replies: @NoCriticHere
  4. A crime worthy of impeachment? Not really, just another unethical, improper, crass act by President Donald Trump.

    Virtue signaling disclaimer. No reason to read further.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @follyofwar
  5. Truth3 says:

    Eric Margolis needs to apologize for his absurd gatekeeping column ignoring the obvious Jewish / Israeli origins and execution of 9/11, before he deigns to write about New Khazaria on the Dnepr.

    We’re waiting Eric.

    It’s the biggest issue facing the world today… 9/11 Truth.

    It’s the key to stopping the Jew Neocon WWIII.

    It might be the key to our children having another decade to live.

    Apologize. Now. Otherwise, you have forever forfeited any credibility.

    • Replies: @Moi
  6. aela says:

    What a bunch of crap you’ve written. Are you auditioning for a hollywood square type appearance with Fredo on CNN?

    You ignore the Neocon regime change in Ukraine and the endless corruption of the Obama Administration. Worse, you ignore Biden’s boast of his mafiaoso-like threats that stopped a corruption investigation of his crackhead son?

    How is this crap you push, which is nothing different than the grand liar of MSNBC Rachel Maddow, on UNZ Review? You have a right to be a verbose utopian megalomaniac like Tom Englehart, who is at least honest, unlike you. Or is it Eric that you’re are only ill-informed, or worse, too lazy to write objectively. In any case, you have no credibility.

    • Replies: @AnonymousUkr
  7. Why is this lunatic posting on unz? This guy needs maga intervention help. I cannot understand why lunatics like this guy continue to spew their insane stupidities.

    Anyone who starts out any essay with this bullshit, immediately forfeits any credibility and immediately removes himself from any consideration whatsoever in anything he says.

    He is a total complete fool. He is a total complete insane individual.
    Anything he says is utter bullshit. Nothing he says is of any value at all.

    This person should be admitted to a mental institution for treatment. Hopefully, one day, 20 years from now, Eric will be able to live in the real world again.

    We pray for his recovery.

    But until Eric goes through extensive treatment for his mental disorder? There is absolutely no reason in the Universe to read a single word of anything he says. He is insane.

  8. “In a recorded 25 July phone call, Trump, a former reality TV star, asked Ukraine’s new president, Volodymyr Zelensky, a former TV comedy star, to dig up dirt on Joe Biden’s son, Hunter.”

    Eric, you write as though you heard the recording of the call. Since it’s very unlikely that you heard any such thing, why not just admit that you get your talking points directly from the same media controllers who disseminated similar claims to their lackeys in the US TV news outlets?

  9. With no general election votes to be cast until next November, it is irresponsible for opinion writers like Margolis to say that “the math is totally against” the democrats. Everything depends upon two main issues.

    1) Will Trump be able to prevent a US war with Iran, or any kind of wider war, from starting?
    2) Will the Big Media Fog Machine be able to convince a majority of voters that the democrats were right to impeach Trump?

    Sadly, I just found out that Tulsi Gabbard has given in to the Shrieking Mob and now is in favor of impeachment. She is taking a big gamble, IMO. No sucking up to the DNC and Big Media oligarchs will be enough to make them like her. And she may lose much of her support among the Antiwar Right. Perhaps her cynical ploy is designed to make her more palatable in the race for VP. I find it hard to believe that her change of heart is based on principle.

  10. @WorkingClass

    You should have read further. From an awful beginning, the article did get better.

  11. SteveK9 says:

    There is nothing improper or unethical about Trump asking a foreign leader to look into malfeasance by US actors in his own country. The whole Russia-gate hoax is about a ‘regime’ (that would be Obama’s) working through illegal means orchestrated by the CIA to affect the outcome of an election, and afterward to try to overthrow the results. This is the most dangerous threat to what is left of American democracy in my lifetime.

  12. Matra says:

    Since Eric Margolis is always quick to cast stones at so-called Islamophobes and other unPC people he doesn’t like I must take this opportunity to point out that “tar baby” is a racial slur. Shame on Eric.

    • Agree: Liza
    • Replies: @Sean
  13. @Jmaie

    Hunter Biden is daddy Joe’s personal “Clinton Foundation.”

  14. @aela

    You ignore regime change by pro-Russian Yanukovich (won because Western Ukraine didn’t show up on elections becuase they regarded his opponent as not nationalist enough)( Yanukovich was from Donbass, Ukrainian Sicily also often called Downbass by some nationalists, alluding to highest rate of drug adddicts and AIDS and criminality there, and voting for Communists in 90-es, leader of Ukrainian Communist Party is also from there). Yanukovch was elected as president of parliament republic . made a coup: changed to presidential, falsified election Donbass style in whole Ukraine, his cartel started robbing and taking over all businesses big and small. that’s why uprising took place. Ukraine has given up nuclear weapons in return for guarantees of sovereignty from Russia, USA and UK and China if i remember correctly.You can see what a joke is Russian guarantee, given Russian intrusion in Ukrainian politics all the time with apex in occupation of Ukrainian territories and using conflict to influence Ukrainian politics to stop fight against corruption. (which Russia was exporting by breeding mafia there by dirty Gas deals ).

  15. Sean says:

    Warren is too old for the first woman president. Biden had the best chance to able to beat him, but the Ukraine morass and his own big mouth means it cannot easily be him now. Nixon bombed a Third World country mercilessly and kept it a secret, but he could be impeached because he told people to commit perjury during the impeachment process, Trump is not going to make that mistake.

  16. Sean says:

    It maybe has been used out of ignorance as a racial slur by some, but educated people or those who know their brer rabbit know better, although they avoid its use in any relation to black people. Used to describe Ukraine I don’t think anyone could genuinely think it was a racial slur.

  17. nymom says:

    Trump thrives on chaos so if the Democrats think creating more chaos will unseat Trump, they are wrong.

    Actually it would probably be some very deliberate, orderly, well spoken candidate who could defeat him; but, I haven’t seen that sort of person from the Democrats yet. They are all on the Republican side.

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