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Amid surging tensions over Ukraine, the head of Germany’s navy had the courage to voice Europe’s fears over this totally unnecessary, contrived crisis.

In a speech to an Indian think tank, Vice-admiral Kay-Achim Schonbach proposed the Western powers ‘respect’ Russian leader Vladimir Putin and accept that Crimea would remain in Moscow’s hands.

The German admiral’s remarks produced a major uproar in Washington and tut tuts in Europe where hatred of Russia has become a state fetish. Most aggrieved were the British and Americans who deeply fear an alliance or at least entente between Germany and Russia that might undermine US domination of the continent.

Germany, Europe’s leading military force and mainstay of NATO, has hollowed out its military power. Thanks to unqualified female defense ministers, Germany’s armed forces have degenerated into parade troops. Armor and aircraft, once hallmarks of German military power, have become feeble toys, lacking in munitions, spare parts and capable crews.

Polls show Germans have very little interest in confronting Russia. Memories of World War II are still raw. Today’s Germans live in a nation that was 50% destroyed by US and British bombing. Millions of Germans come from families driven out of eastern Europe.

There is not a lot of sympathy for Ukraine’s current government that was installed by a US-financed and stage-managed coup in 2013-2014. Germany’s US-dominated media and government support Washington’s hard line on Ukraine but many ordinary Germans and French don’t agree.

America’s media and politicians strongly support the military confrontation with Russia, a low-cost way of being loudly patriotic without actually doing anything serious.

Only Poland, the Baltic states and American neocons really hunger for war – provided it is waged by the US. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, a rising star among the pro-war neocons, is pushing the confrontation with Russia – yet another bureaucrat with no military experience.

Military men quickly understand the logistic and climactic problems of fighting in the Black Sea region, but not Washington’s desk warriors and their European satraps. The US has been unwise to provoke a confrontation with Russia in its backyard. Though Russia has lost much of its Soviet-era military power, it would be a mistake to underestimate its combat capabilities and overestimate those of NATO.

Remember, Napoleon (who was seriously defeated in Russia) prayed ‘oh Lord, if I must go to war, please make it against a coalition.’


Washington’s sofa samurais are playing with fire. The neocons’ latest effort to overthrow President Putin risks backfiring badly by drawing China into the fray and undermining US domination of the continent. Let’s say US-led NATO forces thrash the 106,000 Russian troops around Ukraine’s borders. What then? An advance on Moscow? An assault on Crimea? Might Romania join the war to recover Moldova lost in WWII? Or tiny Finland? The Russians are unlikely to be quivering in their boots. Romanian troops, let’s recall, were defending the flank of Germany’s 6th Army at the Stalingrad disaster.

We are not going to see a rerun of the Great Northern War of the early 1700’s. What we are seeing is the re-birth of Russian power in its traditional sphere of influence. Admiral Schonbach is quite right. Russia will never relinquish Crimea any more than Germany would give over Hamburg or the US cede Baltimore to Cuban control.

Luckily for us, Russia is currently being run by hard men from the old KGB who are experienced and cautious. It is well that they are because Russia has thousands of nuclear weapons pointed at the US and its allies. No one in their right mind should contemplate a nuclear confrontation. Russia has repeatedly made clear that if backed into a corner, it may well use tactical nuclear weapons. China is coming around to the same thinking.

Beaten in Vietnam, Iraq and now Afghanistan, the US is seeking a cheap victory in Ukraine. But the northern rim of the Black Sea is not known for its low-hanging geopolitical fruit. And Russia always surprises.

Mr. Blinken, be cautious lest a hypersonic Russian missile comes flying through your office window.

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Military, NATO, Russia, Ukraine 
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  1. Notsofast says:

    ….who deeply fear an alliance or at least entente between germany and russia….they want to make it impossible for the germans to do business with the russians and scuttle the n.s.2 forcing u.s. lng onto the e.u. at much higher prices. the recent spike in european gas prices was engineered to accustom european consumers to the higher prices after the russians are driven out of the market.

  2. Alfa158 says:

    They’re not just parade troops, they’re parade troops wearing what looks like high school ROTC uniforms.

  3. Wyatt says:

    Cuba can have Baltimore. Anything more than 15% negro they can have.

    • LOL: Irish Savant
    • Replies: @anon
  4. When have the Germans, in the last 200 years ever had interest in confronting Russia? General populations, with the exception, perhaps, of the UK and US, seldom favour wars or confrontations, but politicians do. The Kaiser, as protector of the Austro-Hungarian Empire begged cousin Nikky not to mobilize, because it would require him to mobilize. Even with WWII, and all the bs about “hating Slavs”, the NSDAP were opposed to the Jewish communists running the country, not Russians.

  5. Tucker Carlson had an excellent opening monologue on his show last night. Basically, he contrasted the Beltway idiots of both parties willing to defend the sanctity of Ukraine’s borders to the death while caring not a whit for the disaster they have created on our own Southern border.

    And, how idiotic must the leaders of Poland and the Baltic states be to “really hunger for war – provided it is waged by the US” when it is their own citizens who will be the first ones slaughtered when the shooting starts?

    • Agree: Realist, 36 ulster
  6. Mr. Blinken, be cautious lest a hypersonic Russian missile comes flying through your office window.

    Mr. Blinken, be cautious lest a hypersonic Russian missile COME flying through your office window.


    There, fixed it for you. Geez, Sister Mary Joseph is rolling over in her grave. Whatever happened to the proper use of the subjunctive in a hypothetical scenario. I dunno.

  7. Alistair says:

    Membership to NATO is not synonymous to democracy or prosperity; in fact the most democratic nations of Europe: Sweden, Finland, Austria and Ireland have all rejected membership to the NATO.

    On the other hand, Turkey one of the oldest member of NATO since 1952, is becoming a tyrannical republic under President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who’s yearning the restoration of the old Ottoman Empire in south-eastern Europe and the Middle East – all with the blessing and military support of his beloved NATO membership.

    Ukraine doesn’t need NATO to become a democratic nation, Ukraine should be treated like Finland which has the longest borders with Russia but is not member of NATO, while maintaining a peaceful – neighbourly relationship with Russia.

  8. Realist says:

    Beaten in Vietnam, Iraq and now Afghanistan, the US is seeking a cheap victory in Ukraine.

    You didn’t mention at least a partial beating in North Korea (1953).

  9. anon[163] • Disclaimer says:

    They don’t discriminate among the dimwits and will definitely take you .

    Another thing on a dissimilar vein- Russians need to teach American before the Negroes ,non-Negro idiots ,,woke or anti- vexers Trump lackeys , and house Negroes teach the neocons the same lessons. Under the Neocon we are all Negro some deeper some lighter ,some brown some yellow some square swarthy thick accented with heavy burden of history from eastern Europe.
    Then the neocon hunting by center like Simon Wiesenthal starter’s program will start . Think of the show- neocons ratting out fellow neocons !

  10. Athena says:

    ”Ivan Timofeev: Russia now has just three options left on Ukraine”

    See scenarios 1, 2, and 3:

  11. Alistair says:

    Mr. Putin is right; war over Ukraine has nothing to do with Ukraine but containing Russia; the US and its Western allies couldn’t care less about Ukraine or whole eastern Europe for that matter.

    Mr. Putin said: “It seems to me that the United States is not so much concerned about the security of Ukraine… but its main task is to contain Russia’s development; in this sense Ukraine itself is just a tool to reach this goal. Imagine that Ukraine is a Nato member and a military operation [to regain Crimea] begins,” the Russian leader said. “What – are we going to fight with Nato? Has anyone thought about this? It seems like they haven’t.”
    ( Source: BBC Online News ) —

  12. GeneralRipper [AKA "BlockadeRunner"] says:

    STFU Margolis! The (((Neocons))) are the exact same animal as your beloved Leftoid Democrat Filth.

    The Uniparty. The Deep State. Same fucking thing.

    Like Fred Reed, you used to speak some truth. But you bitched out and swallowed your nut sack during the Trump years.

    Showed your true colors.

    You’re worthless.

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