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Stop the Crazy War in Ukraine
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The brazenly biased western media is giving us the impression that the Ukraine fighting is some sort of sports competition. Russia’s media, now shamefully silenced in the west by the banning of Russia Today and Sputnik News, portrays the so far modest war in Ukraine as a renewed struggle against WWII fascism. Both views are totally wrong.

In reality, Moscow has been complaining about the West’s meddling in Ukraine for over 14 years. Russian forces are now waging a slow-motion offensive against parts of Ukraine and, so far, trying to keep down casualties. Compare this strategy to the utter devastation inflicted by Russia (with some US help) on secessionist Chechnya in 1990. Compare this to the wide-scale US destruction of Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia and Palestine. Where was CNN when these threadbare nations were being bombed back into the Stone Age? Or Yemen, poorest of Mideast nations, which is being turned to rubble by US and British bombing?

At least \$4 billion of mostly US and British-made arms poured into Ukraine before Russia invaded – and continue to do so now. Some western leaders actually seemed to believe that Moscow would do nothing in response to their intervention in Ukraine.

Imagine that Florida’s crackpot Republicans declared independence from the United States and began importing Russian or Chinese war material?

But far crazier than this has been growing calls by Ukraine’s leadership and many US legislators for old MiG-29 fighters stored in Poland to be refurbished and handed over to Ukrainian pilots for use against Russian targets. It seems America is ready to fight to the last Ukrainian.

This is crazy business. The minute Polish-supplied MiG’s go into action against Russian forces in Ukraine we will go from a minor regional conflict to a real war. Russia will riposte with strikes by their very accurate Iskander missiles against Polish air bases, government centers and logistic hubs. The outgunned Poles will call for military help from Washington – in an election year in which the deflated Democrats will need every ethnic Polish vote in the Midwest.

In any event, air wars have no neat boundaries. The politically powerful US Air Force will demand permission to strike Russian air bases, Black Sea ports and army bases in Crimea. US naval forces in the Black Sea will be choice targets.

US bases in Romania and Bulgaria will quickly join Moscow’s target list. Add NATO bases in Scandinavia. Russian forces are merely a taxi ride from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.


NATO’s eastern bulwark is in reality a house of cards. Fortunately, Moscow is too weak to re-invade the whole Eastern front. Moscow spends only one tenth as much on its military as does the US. Stalin’s once seemingly endless armies are now enfeebled. Yet they must defend a mammoth nation of 11 times zones stretching from the Baltic shores to North Korea. Before invading Ukraine, Moscow actually had to bring military units from Vladivostok on the Pacific which is a key potential target for attacks by the US Navy.

The best, fastest way to end the Ukrainian civil war is to partition off its Russian-speaking eastern regions, quench its surging nationalism, and promise Russia it will not join NATO or any other foreign alliance for 20 years. And tell CNN to refocus its hysteria on surging crime in New York City and Chicago.

So far, one of the few American politicians to get this right is Donald Trump.

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  1. Anonymous[949] • Disclaimer says:

    In any event, air wars have no neat boundaries. The politically powerful US Air Force will demand permission to strike Russian air bases*, Black Sea ports and army bases in Crimea. US naval forces in the Black Sea will be choice targets**


    *The airbases that those planes leave from will be immediately obliterated with conventional weapons.

    **Turkey has closed off the Bosphorus Strait.

    What’s troubling is that because Russia decided to go into Ukraine with a delicate approach the result has left many in the U.S. and NATO now interpreting this as Russia is a military middleweight or even lightweight. Two possible scenarios are Russia starts to get more aggressive in Ukraine or the U.S./NATO tries to test Russian resolve and challenges and crosses the red line. I think Russia has made it clear 10 ways to Sunday they are not playing around and any country involving itself in this operation will result in the most catastrophic response they have ever experienced as a starter.

  2. meamjojo says:

    C’mon Ron. Surely you can find at least one writer to pen an article that isn’t pro-Russian? Who doesn’t blame Russian military overrunning Ukraine as havin gbeen caused by the big, bad Ukrainians?

    Or is this lack of diversity in opinion on UNZ censorship on your part to appease the rest of your stable of writers?

    • Disagree: JR Foley
  3. big daddy says:

    As he showed in his books Mr. Margolis knows his facts. His article here is 100% spot on.

    USA is a fascist welfare state in collapse. Just pray we don’t take the whole world down with us.

  4. jank says:

    As usual, I scanned this article, as I do with all articles, before devoting time to read. You lost me at “crackpot Republicans.”

    • Replies: @HallParvey
  5. Alistair says:

    Stop the military escalation, Ukraine needs not to become the next Syria or Afghanistan: The fact is that Ukraine cannot win the war against Russia militarily, by every metric, Ukraine’s firepower is inadequate to match Russia’s by 10:1 ratio, as such, supplying a small patch of weapons or old Jets to Ukraine will only drag the conflict longer, turning Ukraine to next Syria or Afghanistan.

    Supplying a bit of weapons to the Ukrainian forces seems a ridiculous option when facing an unrestrained military Superpower like Russia; unbounded by democratic rules, unaccountable to its own people; the Russian leadership aren’t much concerned about the public opinion at home, or the risk of losing the next election; yet thus far, Russians forces have shown remarkable restraint in their invasion of Ukraine, perhaps that’s due to president Putin’s view that Ukrainians and Russians are the same people, brothers, not enemies, and that’s the historical fact.

    But NATO’s escalation of the war by arm racing against Russia will only turn Ukraine into new Syria, or Afghanistan between 1978-1988, when the Soviet Union invaded and occupied the country, although the Soviets have lost the war, but they have also destroyed Afghanistan in the process from which the Afghans have never recovered — Despite president Zelensky’s demand for NATO/US direct military intervention on his behalf inside of Ukraine, such action would only turn Ukraine to a playground for new Cold War, new “Arms Race” against Russia at its doorstep.

    Diplomacy and negotiation for peace should be the only option on the table, not military escalations by NATO or the US.

    • Agree: Max Maxwell
    • Replies: @lydia
  6. MarkU says:

    A Collection of Interesting, Important, and Controversial Perspectives Largely Excluded from the American Mainstream Media

    What part of that sentence are you having trouble with? Seriously, if you want an anti-Russian perspective you can look literally anywhere else.

    • Replies: @Derer
  7. “Partition off its Russian speaking eastern regions”..

    To become new countries? Or to join Russia?

    “Quench its surging nationalism”…

    But how?

    “Promise Russia it will not join NATO for 20 years”…

    Gorbachev was given promises NATO would not expand eastward. Promises will not suffice. And why 20 years? It has already been over 30 years since the USSR collapsed, Germany was unified and the Warsaw Pact dissolved and look at Russia’s current situation. Russia needs legal and unbreakable guarantees that Ukraine is to be permanently Finlandized.

    “surging crime in New York and Chicago”…

    We all know who is causing the trouble. Its not the Amish…

  8. Derer says:

    Nothing but the truth.

  9. JR Foley says:

    USA bombed Serbia 78 straight days but the Fake News in USA was following Pro Wrestling —Towers of Doom facing Diesel and Big Boss Man or was it Undertaker ??

  10. @jank

    They do exist. Some call themselves progressive.

  11. Alistair says:

    It’s astonishing to see how incompetent are the Russian Officials; Russia must weaponize its export of Oil and Gas against the West and NATO.

    Despite western hostility and harsh financial restrictions against Russia, the Russian officials are still reluctant to use their energy export to west as counterbalancing act– back in September 2008, we have all witnessed that when the spot price of Oil reaches near \$145 – \$150 range, the world financial system could effectively collapse, because the US dollar as the “Reserve Currency” cannot balance the rising price of the strategic commodities such as Oil, Gas, Uranium, Gold or Staple Foods, etc.

    As such, all Russia needs to do, is to cut its energy export by some 20% for a limited time, such action will rise the Oil spot price by some 50% or more – it will create huge turmoil in the global financial market that western leaders cannot ignore, that brings the west to its senses.

    It’s astonishing to see that Russia is willing to use nuclear weapons against the west and NATO if they interfere in Ukraine, but they are still reluctant to use their energy exports to the west as the deterring measures, is this a simple incompetency of Russian officials or betrayal ???

  12. @meamjojo

    Sorry so much of the commentary here offends you, snowflake.
    Tell you what, why not take watch CNN or Fox instead. I’m sure your tender little feelings won’t be so bruised watching the establishment media’s bullshit.

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