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Remember Stalin's Gulag
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Seventy-five years after the end of World War II, we remain fixated on some of its worst crimes. But only some. The incessant use of Holocaust remembrance has been cynically used by some on the hard right to justify Israel’s repression of the Palestinian people and the expansion of the Jewish state.

For example, Israel’s rightist government waited until the 75th anniversary celebrations of the liberation of the Auschwitz camp by the Red Army to announce it planned to annex 30% more of the Palestinian West Bank. Few outside the Mideast took notice.

We rightfully remember the horrors of the Nazi system. But what about a far larger, more murderous system that has faded from our memory, the Soviet Gulag? Who remembers Kolyma, Magadan, the White Sea Canal, the frigid winter steppes of Kazakhstan, the BAM railroad, and Vorkuta? Or the Soviet arctic mines where prisoners had to dig lethal uranium with their bare hands.

An estimated 10 million political prisoners were murdered in the Soviet Gulag during Trotsky and Stalin’s regimes. Some leading Russians historians say up to 20 million died in the Gulag. That’s well double the number claimed to have died or been killed in Nazi camps.

This campaign of mass murder and deportation began in the 1920’s and peaked in the 1930’s, though it continued until Stalin’s death in 1953. Entire peoples like Chechen and Ingush were massacred. An estimated four million Soviet Muslim citizens died. The Baltic States were decimated. Prisoners in the Gulag were worked to death and starved. An estimated 6 million Ukrainian farmers were starved to death by Stalin’s NKVD secret police and gangs of Red thugs.

The arch criminal who directed genocide in Ukraine, Lazar Kaganovich, was presented a Soviet medal for heroism. Stalin, speaking to Roosevelt, even called him ‘my Eichmann’ after the notorious Nazi killer of Jews. At that time, according to the late KGB general Pavel Sudoplatov, whose wife was Jewish and related to Kaganovich, Soviet Jews made up a large percentage of the Secret police and the officials who ran the Gulag.

None of the major Russian criminals who ran the security services ever faced legal charges for their role in the Cheka’s terrible crimes. Some, like Yagoda, Yezhov, Abakumov and Beria, were executed, but for reasons of murderous internal politics. Kaganovich, the murderer of six million Ukrainian farmers, lived into ripe old age in Moscow.

The Gulag camps were gradually shut down after Stalin’s death. But the draconian Soviet prison system remains down to our day. An important Russian organization, Memorial, still tries to keep alive the frightful history of the Gulag, as have many Russian writers, notably the great Alexander Solzhenitsyn.


But few in today’s Russia look back. Unlike westerners who see nightly programs about Nazi atrocities, Russians don’t see much of their past except for heroic programs on World War II. At least Russians know that their nation defeated Nazi Germany. Westerners still are falsely told that the Allies won the war at Normandy.

Equally important, the war propaganda keeps on flowing. At war’s end, British propagandists began a major campaign to emphasize the horrors of the German camps in order to divert attention from the horrors of the Gulag. Now, 75 years later, very few remember the Gulag, but everyone knows what Hitler had for breakfast.

The Allies were ashamed of having been allied to a regime far more murderous and cruel than the Third Reich. So Stalin’s crimes were played down while Hitler’s were accentuated and endlessly repeated.

In fact, we still have much to learn about the 1930’s and 1940’s as they are still obscured by veils of propaganda and half-truths. Franklin Roosevelt was fond of calling Stalin ‘Uncle Joe. What a fool.

Unlike Roosevelt, Stalin was no fool but a sharp-eyed realist. He rightly noted that the death of a single person is called a tragedy while that of millions is merely a statistic. This is precisely what the Gulag and Stalinism remain: statistics.

How about a moment of silence to remember the victims of Vorkuta and Magadan or Chechnya?

An inmate, or ‘zek’ sentenced to the Gulag for ten years, was asked what his crime was. ‘Nothing,’ he replied. ‘That’s a lie’ replied another zek. ‘The sentence for nothing is twenty years.’

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: History • Tags: Iosif Stalin, Russia, Soviet Union, Ukraine, World War II 
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  1. Alistair says:

    Capitalizing on “Victimhood Culture” and leaverging on that for political gain is the driving force behind the Holocaust Industry — Jews have monopolized the victimhood culture since 1930’s; they build the entire Zionists strategy on the “Holocaust Victimhood Culture”.

    Jews are expert financiers, they certainly know the value of a “Brand” as intangible capital, and how to leverage it — that knowledge served the Holocaust industry quite well over the last 80 years; Jews have now become a protected class in our society, albeit, the protected class in power positions — a trend fed by mass media, activists and TV talk shows so much so that even some Christian Televangelist programs have been running fundraising campaigns to help the Jews out of poverty, and bring them all to Israel, ́the Promised Land”.

    Capitalizing on the “Victimhood Culture” has been the driving strategy behind the Zionists’ success in the western countries, and Jews know that fact quite well.

  2. JasonT says:

    While we are at it, let us remember the sadistic brutality of every U.S. regime since 1776: displacing and destroying hundreds of native cultures in a lust for land and wealth; fire bombing cities until they burnt to the ground; wiping out two entire cities with A-bombs just to see how well they would work; leveling every building in a country and murdering 25% of its population in a geopolitical game; poisoning and burning people and land in three other countries out of spite for being told they were not wanted; and, destroying two and half countries while supporting terrorists in those countries to steal the oil wealth of those countries. Millions of people have been killed and millions more mutilated because of the greed of the so-called civilized Western world.

    • Agree: GuestAug, Kratoklastes
    • Replies: @Alistair
  3. Alistair says:

    ….. the Western world is dominated by a bunch of unelected Jews, who control its power centres, hence its foreign policy !!!

  4. It seems the old adage about the only thing heard more often than the Holocaust, is the weather report, is actually true. No one can write an article that says Stalin bad or Japanese POW camps bad, without referencing the “suffering” of the Jews in the “Holocaust”, even though none of the suffering can actually be proven.
    How many young girls named Anne perished in one night of bombing of Hamburg, Dresden, or Dusseldorf? Their suffering doesn’t count, apparently.

  5. Lets all agree that the murder of ANYONE without just cause (like a legal conviction) is an abomination. And, let’s also agree that the background, religion, color, gender, or politics of the victim abominably killed is irrelevant to the judgement we should all / uniformly make to condemn such senseless killings.

  6. Timely article.
    I was just thinking about how Hitler and Nazis are kept constantly in the Media.
    And how seldom Lenin, Stalin, and Bolsheviks are ever mentioned, if ever.
    An incredibly super evil Hitler is required to support the holocaust myth. Which is then used to support the need for a safe space in Palestine for the NAtional ZIonists.

  7. Biff says:

    Soviet Jews made up a large percentage of the Secret police and the officials who ran the Gulag.

    Probably why the whole affair is obscured into the memory hole.

  8. melpol says:

    Inmates in the Gulag labored at chopping wood for fuel. Food was gathered from hunting reindeer and bears. Guards were not needed because escape from the icey fields was impossible. Most died from the cold or starvation. The few that lived were mobilized into a fighting force and sent to Stalingrad. Millions left behind were preserved in ice. In the Spring thaw bears and rodents ate meat of 25 million dead inmates.

  9. There is actually substantial revisionist literature arguing a denial of the ‘Stalin killed tens of millions’ narrative, based on Soviet archives listing, e.g., about 10 million total arrested during thirty years of Stalin’s rule (The USA arrests 10 million people every single year these days!) …

    Russian documents about ‘tens of millions killed by Stalin’ are simply not there. Israel Shamir on Unz has talked about this

    The ‘Stalin murdered millions stories’ are traceable to Western propaganda by such as Cold War profiteer and UK intel agent Robert Conquest, using unreliable anti-Stalin emigrés and Nazi collaborators as his ‘sources’

    Some ground the motive for the ‘genocidal Stalin’ stories in the Jewish hostility to Stalin removing so many Jews from power in the late 1930s

    Stalin also terminated cultural Marxism and easy divorce, restoring a soft patriarchy, and outlawed homosexuality … supporting ethnic nationalism and socialism in one country, all of this against globalist and typically cultural-Marxist Trotskyites, who dominate Western commie discourse

    Canadian Marxist Douglas Tottle (1944-c.2003), published a 1987 book denying the ‘Holodomor’, as based on a mish-mash of Hitler-Nazi propaganda plus Hearst media fanatic anti-Bolshevism, Tottle’s ‘Fraud, Famine, and Fascism: The Ukrainian Genocide Myth’, free online here

    There is also an aggressive attack on monarchist, far-rightist, pro-Franco etc., Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008), whose first ‘Stalin gulag’ book in 1962 was sponsored by Nikita Khrushchev himself, Khrushchev always using anti-Stalinism as his power base against others, and hoping to stave off the coup that drove him from power in 1964 … Solzhenitsyn, first tasting fame and glory thanks to Khrushchev, then seeing the West full of ‘Stalin killed tens of millions’ stories, got fabulously rich going along with this, playing the ‘Soviet dissident hero’ for rapt audiences

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  10. Stogumber says:

    Dear Mr. Margolis,
    I can’t find a source for Stalin’s alleged assertion that Kaganovich was “my Eichmann”. Could you name your source, please?

    • Replies: @Andrei Martyanov
  11. GuestAug says:
    @Priss Factor

    As always, it depends on what you count and who does the counting. The vast majority of all wars, going back thousands of years, were fought for private gain of a few wealthy individuals who were either capitalists or feudal lords and monarchs. If you count victims of all wars, conquests, enslavement, etc. done for private gain of a few greedy individuals (or tiny groups of such) who only sought to expand their wealth, you will get a way bigger number than the number of victims of people who called themselves communists or socialists.

  12. Stalin, speaking to Roosevelt, even called him ‘my Eichmann’ after the notorious Nazi killer of Jews.

    Impossible. At that time, no one among movers & shakers knew about Eichmann

    • Replies: @Andrei Martyanov
    , @utu
  13. We use the past to justify the present – whatever that might be – and have not learned the lesson: the pattern of history and how it brings humanity back to holocaustic and catastrophic conflict. Drowned out are the cries: “Never again!”

  14. @Bardon Kaldian

    Impossible. At that time, no one among movers & shakers knew about Eichmann

    Impossible, but for completely different reasons.

  15. @Stogumber

    Could you name your source, please?

    He can’t, because none exists. The whole piece is an Exhibit A of a psychobabble characteristic of Western pseudo-intellectual class.

  16. @Priss Factor

    If we use the same methodology as was used in “Black Book of Communism” to count victims of capitalism (all who were killed in capitalist countries, all who died of hunger and poverty in capitalist countries, all who died in capitalist wars), the tally is in the billions (and the victims of feudalism would be even higher).

    • Replies: @Andrei Martyanov
  17. @another anon

    If we use the same methodology as was used in “Black Book of Communism”

    There is no “methodology” because this crap was created by people with agenda.

  18. you just outed yourself as a narrative gatekeeper and an exeptionalist, you are no longer on my reading list.

    You keep your writing and push the official narrative, i prefer historical facts.
    Now do the US Korea experiments on pow`s and civillians in your war of agression there, then do the rest of YOUR eternal imperial wars the last 70yrs+, the genocide that gave birth to your beloved empire and the few years that your terrorist regime have not been at war could be your next gatekeeping narrative lie… The years of war and peace in your county`s history needs to be switched around to make you look better, you seem to be the right guy for the job!!!!

    Putin just released a shitload of ww2 docs, the Gulag docs have been available since Sovjet fell…
    I suggest you study some numbers and do some math mr mockingbird gatekeeper traitor😉

    • Replies: @Per/Norway
  19. @Per/Norway

    pst,,, i just found this link on Martyanov`s site, he do not link to #science/scientists or lie about math(the Gulag docs are available)…
    i hope you know how google translate functions, but the facts will ruin the writers little exseptionalist racist narrative….
    idgaf tbh, i have given up murcans and pray that your war criminal government and country collapses. but here it is anyway.

  20. Viktor Zemskov. Political repression in the Soviet Union (1917-1990)
    (google translate needed)
    via Andrei Martyanov`s blog.

  21. Archbishop Melketsedeq who was imprisoned for 7 (or 8?) years by the disciples of lenin and stalin in ethiopia writes that the govt told them upon their release, “you were jailed because of suspicion, and are being released because you are pardoned.”
    they were pardoned for being suspected! they were the lucky ones, miraculously escaping torture and/or death.

  22. utu says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    [Beria] attended the Yalta Conference with Stalin, who introduced [Beria] to U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt as “our Himmler”. –

  23. Seraphim says:

    In the link to Mario Sousa one can detect a lie:
    “In 1974, Solzhenitsyn renounced his Soviet citizenship and emigrated to Switzerland and then the US”.

    Reality: “On Feb. 12, 1974, he was arrested. The next day, he was told that he was being deprived of his citizenship and deported” (to West Germany):
    The Politburo of CPSU debated (on 7 January 1974) the measures to be taken against S.: prison or deportation:
    ” Solzhenitsyn has grown insolent. He has insulted the Soviet system and the Communist Party, and raised his hand against the Holy of Holies, against Lenin. It is a question of time, how we deal with Solzhenitsyn: whether we deport him, or try him according to our Soviet laws, something must be done. To implement one measure or another against Solzhenitsyn, we must prepare our people and that must be done by deploying wide propaganda. We acted rightly towards Sakharov when we carried out the necessary propaganda work. There are no more bad-tempered letters about Sakharov. Millions of Soviet people listen to the radio and hear broadcast about these new compositions [by Solzhenitsyn]. This all has an effect on the people. We must issue a series of articles and expose Solzhenitsyn. That most certainly must be done”.

    “are we to convict him under Soviet law and make him serve his sentence here, or, as Comrade Andropov proposes, are we to deport him? It is beyond doubt that Solzhenitsyn is an insolent and vehement foe, who is leading the turncoats behind him. Everything he is doing goes unpunished, and that’s also clear to all of us. Let’s see which measure will be most advantageous to us: a trial or deportation. In many countries, in China, they hold public executions”.

    “Our laws give us every right to send Solzhenitsyn to prison because he has offended against all that is most sacred – Lenin, our Soviet system, the Soviet regime, everything that we hold dear”.
    “We must put Solzhenitsyn on trial and tell everyone about him, and then he can be sent to Verkhoyansk to serve his sentence. No foreign correspondent will travel there: it’s too cold. We have nothing to hide from the people. Articles must be published in the newspapers”.

    “For malicious anti-Soviet activities, as expressed by the transfer to foreign publishers and information agencies of manuscripts, books, letters and interviews that: slander the Soviet system, the Soviet Union, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, and their foreign and domestic policies; defile the radiant memory of V.I. Lenin and other leaders of the CPSU and Soviet State, and the victims of the Great Patriotic War and the German-fascist occupation; justify the actions both of internal and of foreign counter-revolutionary and elements and groups hostile to the Soviet system; and also for gross violation of the rules for publishing literary works in foreign publishing houses, laid down by the World (Geneva) Copyright Convention, Solzhenitsyn A.I. is to stand trial”.

    Finally they settled for deportation and a campaign to take the necessary propaganda measures (i.e. lies and slander) within the country to ‘expose’ Solzhenitsyn: “show [people] how he has defiled our Soviet system, slandered the memory of our Great Leader, the founder of the Party and the State, V.I. Lenin, defiled the memory of the victims of the Great Patriotic War, justified counter-revolutionaries, and directly violated our laws”.

    Fair enough. But why his supposed ‘sponsors’ submitted him to the vicious campaign that’s going on, appropriating the ‘arguments’ of the defunct Politburo of CPSU?

  24. The Allies were ashamed of having been allied to a regime far more murderous and cruel than the Third Reich

    No they weren’t; they simply realised that it would have problematic ‘optics’ if it became widely known, which risked reducing the yield on their grift by one or two basis points.

    The parasitic vermin of the political class are incapable of being ‘ashamed’; that is rank anthropomorphism (they are not like us humans: they are a mimicking parasitoid, like the cuckoo). Anyone who fails to recognise that homo politicus should be exterminated, isn’t properly focused on the problem.

  25. Iva says:

    I remember Stalin’s gulags. I listen to my father’s stories from gulag where he spent 4 years. He fought Germans during WWII occupation of Poland. After WWII, because British and US gave Poland under Stalin’s occupation he was arrested, 2 judges with Jewish names who hardly spoke Polish gave him sentence of 8 years because his underground army was taking orders from polish government on exile in London. 4 years later Poland and Soviet Union signed agreement and they sent people back to Poland this ended 4 years of my father’s hell on earth.  After fall of communism, my father got 2 medals from polish president on exile in London ( this gov , existed until Walesa become president), for his underground army actions. He saved life of 2 Jewish men, and 2 other Jews put this hero trough hell. Neither the USA or Britain take any responsibility for lives and suffering of Poles after WWII, but it was their decision to give Poland under Stalin occupation. This is why gen, Wladyslaw Sikorsky was killed so US and Britain can make this deal with Stalin.

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