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Red Hysteria Engulfs Washington
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President Dwight Eisenhower’s warning about the dangers of the military-industrial complex made half a century ago ring as loud and clear today. The soft coup being mounted against the Trump government by America’s ‘deep state’ reached a new intensity this week as special interests battled for control of Washington.

The newly named national security advisor, Lt Gen Michael Flynn, was ousted by Trump over his chats with Russia’s ambassador and what he may or may not have told Vice President Pence. The defenestration of Flynn appeared engineered by our national intelligence agencies in collaboration with the mainstream media and certain Democrats.

Flynn’s crime? Talking to the wicked Russians before and after the election. Big, big deal. That’s what security advisors are supposed to do: keep an open back channel to other major powers and allies. This is also the job of our intelligence agencies.

There is no good or bad in international affairs. The childish concept of ‘good guys’ and ‘bad guys’ comes from the Bush era when simple-minded voters had to be convinced that America was somehow in grave danger from a bunch of angry Mideast goat herds.

The only nations that could threaten America’s very existence are nuclear powers Russia, China, India, France, Britain and Israel (and maybe Pakistan) in that order.

Russia has thousands of nuclear warheads targeted on the US mainland. Any real war with Russia would invite doom for both nations. Two near misses are more than enough. Remember the 1962 Cuban missile confrontation and the terrifying 1983 Able Archer scare – near thermonuclear war caused by Ronald Reagan’s anti-Russian hysteria and Moscow’s panicked response.

Margolis’ #1 rule of international relations: make nice and keep on good terms with nations that have nuclear weapons pointed at you. Avoid squabbles over almost all matters. Intelligence agencies play a key role in maintaining the balance of nuclear terror and preventing misunderstandings that can cause war.

Gen. Flynn was a fanatical anti-Islamic wing nut. He was, to use Trumpese, a bigly terrible choice. I’m glad he is gone. But Flynn’s sin was being loopy, not talking on the phone to the Russian ambassador. The White House and national intelligence should be talking every day to Moscow, even ‘hi Boris, what’s new with you guys? ‘Nothing much new here either besides the terrible traffic.’

The current hue and cry in the US over Flynn’s supposed infraction is entirely a fake political ambush to cripple the Trump administration. Trump caved in much too fast. The deep state is after his scalp: he has threatened to cut the \$80 billion per annum intelligence budget – which alone, boys and girls, is larger than Russia’s entire defense budget! He’s talking about rooting waste out of the Pentagon’s almost trillion-dollar budget, spending less on NATO, and ending some of America’s imperial wars abroad.


What’s to like about Trump if you’re a member of the war party and military-industrial-intelligence-Wall Street complex? The complex wants its golden girl Hilary Clinton in charge. She unleashed the current tsunami of anti-Russian hysteria and demonization of Vladimir Putin which shows, sadly, that many Americans have not grown beyond the days of Joe McCarthy.

As a long-time student of Cold War intelligence, my conclusion is that both sides knew pretty much what the other was up to, though KGB and GRU were more professional and skilled than western special services. It would be so much easier and cheaper just to share information on a demand basis. But that would stop the Great Game.

It’s sickening watching the arrant hypocrisy and windbaggery in Washington over alleged Russian espionage and manipulation. The US has been buying and manipulating foreign governments since 1945. We even tapped German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cell phone. This week Wikileaks issued an intercept on CIA spying and manipulation of France’s 2012 election. We live in a giant glass house.

The Russians are not our pals. Nor are they the evil empire. We have to normalize our thinking about Russia, grow up and stop using Moscow as a political bogeyman to fight our own internal political battles.
Right now, I’m more worried about the far right crazies in the Trump White House than I am about the Ruskis and Vlad the Bad.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Media, Donald Trump, Russia 
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  1. The title to this wrongly implies that the leftists are in hysterics because the “Reds” are in charge in Russia, which they most definitely are not. : “Red hysteria engulfs Washington”

    Simply because if the Russia was now under the rule of ” Reds” : communists, the MSM, the democrats, the leftist academic nut-cases, they would all be thrilled to death and there would be no “Hysteria”.

    The actual reason for the rampaging hysteria is VPs viewpoint on gays, period.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” society member of forty-plus years and pro jazz artist.

    • Replies: @The Big Red Scary
  2. Indeed the author must have mist M. Stanton Evans’ great book on McCarthy “Blacklisted by History”. Otherwise he would have understood that McCarthy was facing the same fake news media and deep state that Trump and friends are facing right now. At McCarthy’s time they had been using the Comintern as their relay and wanted desperately to cover that up. Now they are using various networks of pseudo NGOs and media for similar purposes. Maybe George Soros can even claim to be the master of that archipelago that comrade Stalin had been previously. And Soros is of course fighting against the Whites (= conservative Russians) now. He has his own Russia strategy that was intercepted recently.

  3. “Right now, I’m more worried about the far right crazies in the Trump White House than I am about the Ruskis and Vlad the Bad.”

    If you had any sense, you’d have more fear of the neocon deep state apparatchiks trying to oust Trump to return the world to their preferred order.

  4. Mark Green says: • Website

    This is a very thoughtful and balanced article. Thank you, Eric!

  5. Anonymous [AKA "JimLaserBeam"] says:

    You’re going to look foolish soon enough

    Trump’s campaign was COLLUDING with Russia.

    Trump’s neck-deep in connections to Russian oligarchs through Bayrock and elsewhere.

    You’ll see.

    Dont say I didnt warn you.

  6. @Authenticjazzman

    No one really cares much about VP’s viewpoint on homosexuals, since it is actually rather mild. (Compare the legal situation for homosexuals in Russia to that in, say, Turkey, and beyond, to that in the Gulf monarchies.) This is just another smoke-screen to distract from the real issue, which is that Russia is the link between China and Europe, and so a strategic threat to US hegemony. Different US political groups will choose their preferred smoke-screen.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  7. @Anonymous

    Who cares if Trump has Russian connections? The Clinton’s and John Podesta CLEANED UP during their Russian reset. But, being the back stabber Hillary is, she turned on Russia and Putin to try to cover up how much money the Clinton Foundation made peddling influence. The truth of the matter is the USA is a terrorist nation; but, the American people are duped by the neoCONs calling Russia what they are themselves, megalomaniacs who want to dominate the world.

  8. @The Big Red Scary

    ” No one really cares much about VP’s viewpoint on Homosexuals”

    You are dead wrong on this issue. If you think for one moment that the US leftists, US academia, the MSM, the Democrats, the nut-cases out burning down cities while sporting “Pussie hats” if you think that this collection of unread fools, starting with Lena Dunham, the most disgusting person walking this planet at the time, is concerned with geo-political power scenarios involving Russia and China, than you had better start again from go, and reinvestigate your own viewpoints.
    These groupings, these rabid crazies most definitely are concerned with VP’s stance on gay issues, and they see it as the point on which the world turns.
    As far as they are concerned the gay “Question” represents the crux of all human travail.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” society member of forty-plus years and pro jazz artist.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  9. Anonymous [AKA "nodenet"] says:

    “Mensa” didn’t bother applying for the last fifty years and amateur synth head
    Anybody politician with a brain will just go populist on this issue and probably have no opinion on this either way.
    The issue is not LGBT rights but the maintenance the trough for the military industrial complex. Israel is a much nastier country then Russia. Maybe they want the Russians to buy their overpriced invisible planes. (They will sell ” invisible” planes in the future.) Just get Amazon to deliver the bombs.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  10. @Anonymous

    [Virtually none of your comments are substantive; they’ll almost all just low-IQ name-calling. You have ignored repeated warnings. You should transfer your ranting to RedState or Breitbart or FoxNews.]

    Authenticjazzman ” Mensa” society member since 1973, and pro jazz artist.

  11. ” The soft coup being mounted against the Trump government by America’s ‘deep state’ ”

    That is exactly what is going on.

    Many participating in it, approving of it, don’t even realize what they are doing.

    When they finally are forced to see what they’ve done, it would be too late.

  12. carlton says:

    Greetings from a Cold War dinosaur. You know, back in the late 50s with Mig-17s off my wingtips along the Kamchatka Peninsula, leading up to the BerlinWall, the Bay of Pigs and the the U-2 incident, when things were really tense. I even have a couple of years’ seniority on John McCain as a Naval Aviator, one of the partners of the daring “dubious duo” (McCain/Graham), who got his national security experience in a pit in the ground as a prisoner after he was shot down by a Russian missile in Viet Nam (that’s why he doesn’t like Russians, not because the Zionist Neo-Cons are telling him to). As Vladimir says, they really messed up his mind.

    When is this farce going to end. The joke is so stale. Russians are our white Christian European brothers (not zionist evangelicals, and they are also against the head-chopping Saudis and their Israeli friends), who have been attacked by loser Europeans over the last 200 years like Napoleon and Hitler. They sent the invaders packing, though. Recently, they have been assaulted again by, you guessed it, the U.S. State Dept and Victoria (“Fuck the EU”, yes, she said that) Nuland who helped some Ukrainian neo-nazis oust the legitimately elected President with \$5 billion of our money. Killary Clinton, also of the State Dept, interfered with Vladimir’s election in 2011, and, can you believe that the usual suspects are now accusing Russia of interfering in our election? That’s hypocrisy of the most elementary sort, but I don’t want to emphasize that TOO strongly. Of course, no one knows Russia is just “taking back” Crimea, which Khruschev gave to Ukraine (symbolically because Ukraine was then-1954-part of the Soviet Union), because we are a people with historical amnesia. Russia had held Crimea since Peter the Great’s time in the early (1703) 18th century. But this is info that the “deep state” (the guys with the white hats) never tell you , because it looks “bad” for their cause, which it totally rotten and scurrilous, you might have gathered by now) As what I call a “real” American (I realize that may sound a bit hubristic, but, when you get past 80, you’ve got to tell the truth), i.e. one who got here back even before Peter was even a glint his father’s eye, my America is not what you now see everyday when you walk out your front door.

    Like, when the morons talk about how “evil” Iran is because of what the Revolutionary Guards did to our hostages when they took over our embassy in 1979, they never mention that the CIA staged a coup in Iran in 1953 in which they overthrew a democratically elected Prime Minister and reinstalled the hated Pavlovi Monarchy, aka the Shah, after it had been thrown out by the People (Iranian, that is). So, all the historical amnesiacs can readily see that the hostage treatment was really just “PAYBACK”.

    Bottom line: America, wake up and start to think for yourself and stop looking at the world through Israeli and Saudi eyes.

  13. and demonization of Vladimir Putin which shows, sadly, that many Americans have not grown beyond the days of Joe McCarthy.

    Even sadder is the fact that Americans have degenerated since that time. Given the stated intentions of the Comintern and the antics of the Reds, McCarthy at least had a point.

    In contrast, today’s hysterics are utterly deranged.

  14. Anonymous [AKA "CobrA"] says:

    The Same left Hysteria that denied Russian involvement promising an HRC win. Same Left who has failed to prove Russian Collusion multiple times already. And claimed numerous times to end Trump’s Career? THE same Left that is severely pouting that By buying The MSM to steal an election. Only to lose by Wikileaks busting them and now need a scapegoat. Good luck with that

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