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Putin Trumps Trump
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In December, 2002, President George W. Bush proclaimed that the US would unilaterally pull out of the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty that had curtailed the development of nuclear missiles and anti-missile systems to defeat them.

The arrogant, dim-witted Bush believed that US space technology was advancing so rapidly that it would neutralize Russia’s force of ICBM missiles. Bush was just a puppet. The real power behind him was Vice President Dick Cheney, the leading neocon who sneered at Russia, dismissed it as a mere ‘gas-station,’ and was determined to see the US achieve global dominance.

In Cheney’s view, the ABM Treaty was holding the US back from this goal. Bankrupt Moscow would never be able to stand up to the mighty USA. Moscow warned that reneging on the ABM Treaty would re-ignite a ruinous arms race. A then little known politician, Vladimir Putin, vowed that Russia would never bend its knee to the US nuclear colossus.

This week, President Putin stunned the world by revealing a new arsenal of nuclear-armed weapons that have stolen a march on Washington and left the warlike President Donald Trump looking foolish.

Russia’s new arms include the RS-28 heavy ICBM, called ‘Satan 2’ by NATO. This big brute of a liquid fueled missile can carry up to ten nuclear warheads over 10,000 km (6,000 miles). What makes it very different from other ICBM’s is its ability (Russia claims) to carry nuclear-armed hypersonic vehicles through low earth orbit that can attack North America from multiple directions unseen by the radars of anti-missile systems.

President Putin also revealed a new nuclear-armed cruise missile propelled by a miniature nuclear engine that can stay aloft for very long periods and fly over Latin America and the South Pole to attack North America from the south. The US has been trying to develop such a nuclear engine since the late 1950’s, but with no success. During the corrupt Yeltsin era, the Kremlin accepted huge amounts of cash bribes to sell a miniaturized reactor to the Americans designed to power ocean surveillance satellites.

This miniature reactor will also power Russia’s new unmanned submarine which can carry a very large nuclear explosive – even up to 25 megatons – to the North American coasts or US aircraft carrier groups.

Putin also unveiled a new hypersonic glider deployed from space (the US and China have been working on one, so far unsuccessfully), and an aircraft launched Mach-10 missile called ‘Kinzhal’ after the deadly dagger carried by Caucasian mountaineers. And, on top of this, a combat laser system that is being deployed. The US has been working on one since the Vietnam War.

All this is a bombshell. Maybe Putin was boasting and exaggerating, but he usually tells the truth, unlike our politicians, and rarely embellishes. As he said in his speech, ‘nobody wanted to listen to us,’ referring to Moscow’s failed attempted to restore a strategic arms agreement, cut nuclear forces and lower tensions with the West. ‘Now,’ said Putin, ‘you listen.’


But will Washington listen? Trump has just announced a huge modernization of America’s nuclear forces and a big increase in the military budget from $634 billion to $716 billion, with an additional $69 billion to fund ‘foreign wars.’ The real US military budget is close to $1 trillion (that’s 1,000 billion), not including the US intelligence budget which is larger that Russia’s entire annual defense budget, a meager $42.3 billion.

Washington’s war party has convinced itself that Russia can be intimidated and once again spent into the ground. But Vladimir Putin is too smart and deft to allow this to happen. He has neatly trumped Trump’s arms buildup and shown up Trump’s empty bullying. So, for that mater, has North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.

One hopes Washington’s deep government that has been promoting a run-up to war with Russia in the Mideast, Ukraine, Baltic and Black Sea will be sufficiently sobered by Putin’s show this week. They should be. The multiple warheads on one new RS-28 missile could destroy Texas or France. Russia’s new missiles and space gliders can outflank America’s anti-missile radars in Alaska and Romania, rendering them as useless as France’s Maginot Line.

War must never, ever be allowed to occur with Russia and China and the United States. Will we risk the life of the planet over a stupid quarrel over some one-tractor town in Ukraine or a Syrian village no one has ever heard of? Yes, if the neocons have their way.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Military, Neocons, Russia 
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  1. Actually, the real power behind Bush Junior was Wolfowitz, and his boss, Sharon. A Harvard dropout from Wyoming does not become “the power behind the throne” in Washinton, District of Columbia. Grow up.

  2. rmm says:

    Michael McFaul is very upset that Trump is keeping mum on Putin speech, twitting:
    “30 years ago, even 10 years ago, Putin’s speech today threatening to attack America in new ways with nuclear weapons would have been sensational news, demanding a response from our president. Today? Nothing. Amazing. Disappointing. And scary.”
    But what can he say, professor? He didn’t see any of this coming…

    • Replies: @CK
  3. Beckow says:

    I doubt there will be a climb-down. Russia has waited for years before escalating. Now Washington has to match them. That’s the nature of the game, you don’t walk away. So it will get worse. Both sides have a lot of tools to make each other’s lives miserable. The economic and financial warfare will escalate, attacks on allies, using any global institution against each other. We just might be f…ed.

    Nothing strategically changed yesterday – both sides could had destroyed each other and the planet before. What has changed is the inevitable escalation that is coming. These are the fruits of stupidity and overreach (almost all coming unfortunately from the West). Misunderstanding the world, trying to change reality, bombastic and lazy self-celebrations, all of that has led us to where we are today. We better hope the more rational leaders in power today stay in charge. If either one is replaced, the escalation will be unstoppable.

  4. Check it out Donald. Putin puts Russia first. He doesn’t just talk about it.

  5. AnonFromTN [AKA "Anon"] says:

    Anon from TN
    I do hope that neocons (or, rather, their sponsors, making huge profits on Pentagon contracts) are smart enough to understand that they can enjoy their spoils only as long as they are alive. Hope springs eternal.

    • Replies: @Realist
  6. @Beckow

    Nothing strategically changed yesterday

    Have to politely disagree–everything changed yesterday.

  7. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Andrei Martyanov

    If Putin tries anything, Trump will slaughter the Russians and there’s nothing Putin will be able to do about it.

  8. The United States and Russia have no genuine differences that require settling by crossbows, let alone nuclear weapons. There is no historic enmity between Russia and the United States. The U.S. leadership has been guilty of horrible strategic miscalculations vis-a-vis Russia.

    • Replies: @Bianca
  9. I always respect Mr. Margolis’s viewpoint because it is usually dead on, as it is in this instance. Unfortunately, the power structure seems to believe its own propaganda too readily, so I suppose it is now eat, drink and be merry, etc. in the immediate future.

  10. Mike P says:

    Of course the U.S. government and military know that the jig is up, and not since yesterday. Some details in Putin’s presentation may have been news to them, but the general idea that the Russians have them beaten is not new. The Syrian conflict is evidence of it:

    1) The very fact that they have let the Russians not only roam the country but even defeat their puppet “freedom fighters.”

    2) This tidbit from the conversation between two American officers, before the American “counterstrike” after the fictitious gas attack last year (as quoted by Seymour Hersh in ‘Die Welt’):

    “We are likely to get our asses kicked by the Russians. Fucking dangerous. Where are the goddamn adults?”

    They knew then that they were at the mercy of the Russians, and they even tried to assuage them by giving them warning about their tomahawks ahead of time.

    Now, will the U.S. emperors admit to having no clothes? Of course not – if they did, how could they justify their ongoing insane military spending and adventurism? Instead, they will huff and puff and acknowledge just enough of a shift in the strategic balance to justify flushing yet more billions and trillions down the drain. Expect the propaganda to become even more hysterical and divorced from reality.

  11. Anonymous [AKA "H1N1"] says:

    The most absolutely essential words in Putin’s address:

    “or an attack with other weapons of mass destruction”

    The Russian government knows perfectly well that the US is developing illegal biological warfare agents for use against the Russian population. Russia has made this clear in ministerial-level statements in international forums. If mushroom clouds wake you up one night, briefly, it will be because CIA started it with illegal bioweapons in a sneak attack. The US can’t fight a developed-country enemy without illegal warfare and banned weapons. Someone better clean out CIA and fast.

  12. Realist says:

    I do hope that neocons (or, rather, their sponsors, making huge profits on Pentagon contracts) are smart enough to understand that they can enjoy their spoils only as long as they are alive.

    The Deep State lives for greed and power.

  13. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Are we back to ‘muh missile’?

  14. Anonymous [AKA "Ehasa"] says:

    Escalation may be unstoppable, the question is whether the United States can survive the escalation as its internal problems continue to get worse and its international image has never been lower. Nobody foresaw the collapse of the Soviet Union when it occurred. The rot within the United States is so deep, it may destroy itself. For one, imagine the public reaction to a NEW cold war vs the Russian public. They are with Putin to the hilt, whereas Americans hate their government and are weary of being international policeman for principles they don’t even believe their government represents. The American voter is cynical and demoralized. The big question is whether our leaders decide to flip the chessboard rather than lose.

    • Replies: @Beckow
  15. Renoman says:

    It’s not a problem all America has to do is Fuck off. Go home and pave your roads, get a health care system and put a lid on the guns. Join the civilized World.

    • Replies: @TomSchmidt
  16. CK says:

    Assuming that everything Putin has said about these new weapons is true, this is a most abject failure of US intelligence gathering ever. And if the intelligence gatherers had no clue then they could not have clued in their boss now could they?

  17. KenH says:

    The propaganda masters in the U.S. will of course spin this as a case of Russian aggression and bellicosity. There still crypto-communists bent on world domination!! Notice how the simulated Russian nuclear attack was against Florida where Trump spends a great deal of time.

    We’ve brought this upon ourselves by acting in bad faith towards the Russians from the end of the cold war until today, the implied threats, the regime change on their borders and revising our nuclear weapons doctrine to use them as offensive weapons.

    • Replies: @CK
  18. Caution says:

    Putin is defeating the USA using the same methods the neocons claim to have defeated the Soviet Union. Forcing the other side into massive overspending on the military that eventually crashes the whole nation.

    Its easy to see the predictable response from the DC Beltway. Now that we’ve wasted hundreds of billions of dollars on now useless missile defense and giant aircraft carriers, we’ll be told that we now have to spend much more to counter Putin.

    Trump’s wall is dead. Trump’s infrastructure plan is dead. Both will be sacrificed to the needs of the military. I wonder if Putin let DC pass its giant tax cut for billionaires first? Knowing it can not be politically reversed, thus adding to the bankruptcy of an America that is now certain to massively increase its wasteful and corrupt military spending.

    America is running giant deficits at what appears now to be the top of the economic cycle. Interest rates are rising on America’s massive debt. The DC government has added another 2 trillion dollars to the planned debt in its actions of the last few months. Now America will be told that our Empire demands a massive increase in military spending to counter the evil Russians.

    • Replies: @Mike P
  19. Beckow says:
    @Andrei Martyanov

    Both sides could had destroyed each other completely on 2/28. And the same is true on March 2nd. So how has strategically anything changed?

    I agree that on tactical level this was a point for Russia, but the game goes on, same dilemmas, same players, some new tools.

    • Replies: @yurivku
  20. Beckow says:

    New Cold War would stiffen the spine and internal problems are manageable for decades. West’s most powerful weapon is resiliency. They know how to lose and go on.

    I also think at this point it is rather obvious that it is not about ‘voting’ – on either side. Voting in elections is a ceremony, a ritual. It is used to affirm and to help decide minor personnel details. It is also used to fill up the public space, choosing between 2-3 personalities is amusing but in a 100-million plus countries also pointless. What exactly do you think people are ‘choosing’?

  21. Mike P says:

    “Putin is defeating the USA using the same methods the neocons claim to have defeated the Soviet Union. Forcing the other side into massive overspending on the military that eventually crashes the whole nation.”

    Your point is well taken. However, the fact remains that the U.S. have a much larger population and GDP than Russia. If the U.S. government and military were actually in control of their own research and procurement agenda, they could easily have kept pace with the Russians. The real problem with military spending in the U.S. is that it is abysmally inefficient – the state no longer really has a say in what gets developed or purchased, or what the price should be.

    It will be interesting to see if and to what extent the U.S. can take corrective action after this entirely self-inflicted fiasco.

  22. I hope there will be someone professional who will be capable of posting all relevant information in orderly professional manner to once and for all bury this nonsense of USA making Soviet union spend itself into oblivion on arms race. This is obvious nonsense. USSR economy was far larger and more geared towards security interests of the state with extremely large manufacturing sector planned economy and huge scientific research centers connected to industry. It was actually USA that had to open her credit card in vain attempt to match Soviet military might and which entered this debt death spiral exactly with Reagan build up. It was failure of the soviet elites who sold the country for USA to have this ilusin of spending ussr into oblivion. In reality it is USA that is spending itself there and it is for all to see now that both Russia even in this bastarditized state and ussr had far more efficient MIC than America.

  23. Now to drive the point home I would paraphrasi Reagan and tell Putin: ” Mr.President, place those Dagger missiles in Cuba “.

  24. @Andrei Martyanov

    “Have to politely disagree–everything changed yesterday.”

    I have been reading online reactions form z “partners”. While in reality everything had changed, now it is extremely important to drive the message home is such manner that there is no doubt absolutely.

    • Replies: @Mike P
  25. @Anonymous

    throwing tantrum? you really do not want to go there.

  26. Miro23 says:

    One hopes Washington’s deep government that has been promoting a run-up to war with Russia in the Mideast, Ukraine, Baltic and Black Sea will be sufficiently sobered by Putin’s show this week.

    They don’t care, they’re the nut cases who fabricated WMD, did 9/11, smashed up the Middle East and walked away scot free. All that matters is Israel, and right now Syria, Russia and Iran are getting in the way, so they’re going to run a new False Flag, and get the US to destroy all three. They’ve already proved that they don’t care about bankrupting the US or murdering US citizens, so why hope for anything “sober” from them now?

  27. CK says:

    Our bad faith toward the Russians started way before the beginning of the Russo-Japanese War, through Teddy R’s screwing of the Russians at Portsmouth in 1904, continued on through our invasion of Russia in 1917 siding with the Czarist side in our efforts to make the world safe from democracy, through Franklin R’s attempted screwing of the USSR at Yalta.
    It is sad to remember that Catherine the Great sided with the Revolutionaries during our war with England, that the Russian Czar was the only European power to side with the North during the Civil war, and that Russia sold us Alaska and all the rest of their North American possessions for bupkis.
    But Great Britain hated the Russians for their ability to peacefully colonize all of central Asia and Siberia and feared that the Russians would make friends with the Afghanis and thus threaten the Jewel of the commonwealth that was India. So we sided with our “special friends” and snubbed Russia. And since 1928 the animosity of world Jewry and especially the failed Bolsheviks and communists that were the parents of our Neocons has ridden guard that no American will be allowed to be realistic toward Russia. Eventually the Neocons believe that they will overturn the decision of the xv party congress that expelled Trotsky and exiled him to a life of ease in Mexico.
    The oligarchs shall rise and Russia will no longer be an Orthodox nation.

  28. @Renoman

    Ow. “Go home and pave your roads” is devastating. You live here or visit? The potholes keep me alert.

  29. Lana Kane says:

    I can’t resist:

    Sir Humphrey: It’s not fair! With Trident we could obliterate the whole of Eastern Europe.

    Prime Minister: I don’t want to obliterate the whole of Eastern Europe.

    Sir Humphrey: It’s a deterrent!

    Prime Minister: It’s a bluff. I probably wouldn’t use it.

    Sir Humphrey: Yes, but they [the Russians] don’t know that you probably wouldn’t.

    Prime Minister: They probably do.

    Sir Humphrey: Yes, they probably know that you probably wouldn’t. But they can’t certainly know.

    Prime Minister: They probably certainly know that I probably wouldn’t.

    Sir Humphrey: Yes, but even though they probably certainly know that you probably wouldn’t, they don’t certainly know that, although you probably wouldn’t, there is no probability that you certainly would!

    Yes Minister, The Grand Design (1986)

  30. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Of course the neocons are largely Jews. It is this fact as well as the hugely powerful Jewish lobby that accounts for America’s crazy wars in the middle east.

  31. yurivku says:
    @Andrei Martyanov

    Have to politely disagree–everything changed yesterday.

    Well, actually not (sorry), in long term, Russia made its step, now we’re waiting for US’s step. Clear that all the way is to nowhere.
    But in short term yes, West appeared to see that its ass is naked.

  32. yurivku says:

    Both sides could had destroyed each other completely on 2/28. And the same is true on March 2nd. So how has strategically anything changed?

    Strategically US has lost the illusion of disarming preliminary nuclear strike on Russia which of course makes a big difference between February and March of 2018.
    They have now to think what to do with anti-missile programs and where to go now. The clear chance for US (and they , being stupid, always choose the worst one) to switch to development of offensive nukes.

    • Replies: @Beckow
  33. Beckow says:

    Strategically US has lost the illusion of disarming preliminary nuclear strike on Russia

    But it was an illusion, so how can it matter strategically? The people in Washington who had the illusion of a first strike will continue to have illusions. Now they are busy convincing everyone that Putin’s speech was a ‘bluff’. Next they will escalate. But their ideology is incurable.

    Changing strategy would mean the goals have changed. I don’t see it, the illusionists will continue dreaming about world domination. I give you that the means will even more move to non-nuclear areas like using global institutions, finance, sport, media.

    It has been fun, it will be even more so. The mental twists have become beyond belief. I can’t wait for the World Cup and a CNN ‘journalist’ finding a toilet that won’t flush… This is a historical level of stupidity, but the strategy has not changed one bit…

  34. @Anonymous

    I’ve noticed that you, like another reader named “Tiny Dick” or something like that, have a habit of posting things that are outlandishly stupid. I suppose you guys crave attention. But you really should stick to subjects you understand (if there are any).

  35. @Anonymous

    Will you volunteer to be on the frontline? Will you be willing to have your dam, sire, mate, litter-mate(s) and spawn, if any, not to mention your nest and bank account, reduced to radioactive ash? If so, please go ahead. Nobody will miss you.

    • Agree: RobinG
  36. Bianca says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    US leadership? Zionists have plenty of historic enmity with Russia. Going back to at least 8th century. Having been convinced that Russia cannot develop modern technology, they proceeded with preparations for attacking Russia. Wholesale attacks in its economy, gobal interests, energy sales and distribution, followed by cultural denigration. And if Russia was unable to respond, the demonization would have escallated to calls for genocide. We are already listening to attacks on Russia that helped Syria rid itself of terrorism. Now that inly pockets are left, all out effort is in place to protect them and demonize Russia. We are doing everything to help Nusra/HRS aka Al -Qaeda to hang on and keep these small pockets for negotiation purposes. What shameful end to the war in terorism. By doing everything in our power to protect these Islamic cults, headchoppers and their sponsors — we are making ourselves ridiculous in the eyes of the world.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  37. Anonymous [AKA "JoeBeer"] says:

    US “intelligence” services are for spying on and propagandizing Americans – and not for understanding what is going on in the world

  38. @Andrei Martyanov

    “Have to politely disagree–everything changed yesterday.”

    I agree completely with this statement, and I’ll explain why.

    It’s been obvious to me almost since the day he was inaugurated that Orange Clown is a con man. From the beginning, his whole presidential campaign was a calculated “bait and switch” scam.

    This poses the question: If he did not run for president to “make America great again” (i.e., if he is not actually putting America “first”) then why did he run for president?

    And based on everything that’s happened over the last 14 months, the only plausible answer, IMO, is: He’s a “deep cover” or “sleeper” agent who’s been groomed and “waiting in the wings” for the call to serve his jewish-supremacist masters. And with everything looking grim toward the end of Obama’s second term, Orange Clown answered his masters’ call.

    With the “deep state” agenda exposed like never before, with “the people” getting sick and tired of the imperial agenda, with the U.S. on the decline militarily, economically, morally, politically, etc., with Russia and China rising, the “deep state” and their agenda of world domination and control were in big trouble. Enter deus ex machina Donald John Trump (aka Orange Clown). Unfortunately for “the people” however, the man who pretended that he was going to save America from the “deep state” had exactly the opposite intention; i.e., he was going to save the “deep state” and its agenda from the awakening people.

    I believe that the political ascendancy of Orange Clown reflects the utter desperation of his deep state masters. Considering his many provocations against Russia, his provocations against China, his provocative “National Security Strategy”, etc., I believe Orange Clown’s masters are at a “now or never” moment, and the whole point of the Orange Clown administration is to present his masters’ ultimata to Russia and China: either surrender, cede your sovereignty, disarm and start taking orders, or it’ll be war.

    And Vladimir Putin’s “state of the nation” speech apparently provided Russia’s unambiguous answer to the ultimatum presented by Orange Clown.

    I took Putin’s meaning to be something along the lines of: “Since you will not be restrained by law, reason, moral compunction, etc., then the only thing left to deter you from your agenda of world conquest is sheer force, i.e., destructive power. Here’s what you will deal with if you persist.”

    Everything changed because Trump and his handlers now know that Russia understands that they’ve been presented with an ultimatum, and Russia formally announced that it will fight rather than surrender to the Satanists.

  39. rta says:

    Ah, George W Bush. He of %61 approval rating. Need I say more? What a country!

  40. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    By doing everything in our power to protect these Islamic cults, headchoppers and their sponsors

    Compared to the Satanic Evil of the white race, these imperial puppets are practically “saints.”

    Hey, maybe we true Muslims should also co-opt the brilliantly deceitful concept of “sainthood” coronation. Osama, Bhagdadi, etc., would be shoo-ins for the halo effect! 😉

    Hahahaha! Deplorables indeed!

    When you fellows get an intense feeling of exultation due to your accomplishments, including *cough* the satanic pursuit of your incredible weapons of mass destruction, you should take a moment and introspect about your batshit crazy polytheist beliefs.

  41. @Anonymous

    Anon, didn’t you read Beckow’s post? First of all, Putin’s Russia’s not going to attack the US/NATO first. Secondly, Putin was quite serious when he revealed the latest weapons and military equipment to the world. Truth is, Trump won’t slaughter the Russians; but if he tries to attack Russia, Putin will slaughter all the US/UK/NATO troops, as well as nuke strategic cities such as Washington, DC, NYC, Chicago, LA , San Diego and San Francisco, slaughtering nearly half the US population. Is that what you want? Certainly, Putin doesn’t want to do that, and I don’t think Trump does, either.

  42. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    And both of these people are Jewish working in white house for Israel’s higher interest.
    Who says that” all the wars started because of the Jews” Mel Gibson said that,and cost him a-lot to telling the truth. Even mentioning the truth is anti-Semitism,poor Mel Gibson, although he looks pretty good on Jewish head gear he put on while he was counseling by rabbies.

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