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Paris Is Burning
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France is under siege. Some 90,000 security forces are being deployed across France with particular attention to always combustible Paris and Marseilles. Armored vehicles are moving into the capital. Certain military units are on high alert.

The storm that is hitting France came out of what looked like a clear blue sky. The angry demonstrators, known as ‘gilets jaunes’ (yellow jackets), for the warning vests all motorists must keep in their cars, inundated Paris last weekend in peaceful protests over the government’s planned increases in fuel prices, which were already among Europe’s highest.

As too often in France, violent vandals known as ‘the breakers,’ infiltrated the demonstrators and sought to put the most beautiful parts of Paris to the sack. I watched with horror as the magnificent Arc de Triomphe, France’s premier war memorial, was befouled by spray-can graffiti. The majestic Champs Élysée was ravaged by hoodlums, who smashed showroom windows, burned cars, looted luxury stores and set scores of fires.

For people like me who love and esteem France, it was like seeing your mother or daughter being raped by barbarians. The forces of order in France were overwhelmed and outpaced by the fast-moving bands of ‘breakers.’ Media called them anarchists of far right and far left. But anarchists have at least political philosophy. We remember how the Spanish anarchist POUM ruled Barcelona during that nation’s bloody civil war.

The vandals who attacked Paris and other French cities had no philosophy. They were simply scum of the gutter reveling in an orgy of burning and looting. These sewer rats poured out of the back alleys and bleak, suburban housing projects, garbed in masks, goggles, iron bars and jars of gasoline. They are the frightening, violent underclass that has plagued French cities since the Middle Ages.

President Emmanuel Macron appears to have ordered his police forces to go easy on the ‘breakers’ as well as the peaceful yellow jackets. This allowed the rioters and vandals to run amok and overwhelm the police. More of the same impends for this weekend. This was a mistake.

The French Army should have been called in to protect monuments and key thoroughfares. Army troops already patrol airports, train stations and important tourist locations like the Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum. They should be heavily reinforced. More important, anyone setting fires, as happened last weekend, is a dangerous criminal and should be shot on sight by the police or army. Arson is not a democratic right. It’s a grave crime.

However, the ‘yellow jackets’ should not be confused with the breakers. What we are seeing is a justified national revolt in France against impossibly high taxes that were ignited by the unwise fuel price increases. After the riots, the price hikes were hastily eliminated. This was a necessary move, but it also undermined the authority of President Macron, whose popularity rating was at rock bottom even before the uprising.


The underlying problem is that France’s taxes are far too high. France has the highest taxes in Europe, almost 50% of gross domestic product, and twice those of the United States. But the French at least get their money’s worth from their sky-high taxes. Historic buildings are lovingly maintained; France’s rail system is splendid – when not on strike. Medicine is top drawer though hospitals need more funding. Streets are clean, highways in top shape.

France is one of the world’s most beautiful nations. There are special inspectors for rivers and streams to ensure their cleanliness and ecology. Pensions are generous and often available to those over 60.
Education is ‘par excellence.’ French high school graduates are often better educated than American university graduates.

It’s superb, but unaffordable. The fuel price increases were the proverbial straw that broke the French camel’s back. Taxes are just too high compared to incomes. Besides, French are being nibbled to death by swarms of taxes that lurk almost everywhere.

King Louis XVI faced the same fiscal problem and lost his head as a result. President Macron, a former Rothschild banker, now faces the angry bourgeoisie and mobs of gutter vandals calling for his head.

With the departure of the UK from the EU and the end of Angela Merkel’s long tenure in Germany, it appeared that Macron would become Europe’s leader. Now, there is even talk of a coup in Paris. Mon dieu!

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Emmanuel Macron, France 
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  1. This entire dynamic mirrors what will eventually become a USA problem. Riot may be the only alternative and answer to the slow violence of an incremental impoverishment of the masses, it’s various daily stresses both physical and mental. This poisoned atmosphere devours stable family life and individual longevity, multiplies vices, illnesses and addictions, promotes fascist ideals and in the end destroys the fabric of society itself. The Italians know all about such “austerity” policies, the rise of Mussolini, union busting, arming (weaponing) one side and not the other, such as arming the rightists against the left. In this particular case, the police vs an unarmed citizenry. Political issues are many, the most egregious of which is the suggestion for military intervention on domestic soil. In the USA, the Posse’ Comitatus Act of 1878 forbids such an intervention but the National Defense Authorization Act repeals this restriction, coupled with many attempts to seize guns and ownership under the guise that the gun is the problem when , after all, a gun doesn’t kill, people do. During an armed insurrection, be it a just motive or not, this general discontent(s) and movement will precipitate a constitutional crisis within the USA, possibly France as well. Further, our linguistic, religious and democratic ideals are closely tied to our brothers and sisters in France. We must all, here in the Western Occident, take up the call, don the Yellow Jacket, show a proletarian disdain for the slow violence of Goldman Sachs austerity, who’s advocate and leader now, undeservingly has the title, President of France. Join in the chant, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity! Let us all say in unison, Viva La France!

  2. Alistair says:

    France and the West are looking for their next act while Russia and Israel are prospering; under president Trump’s leadership the west appears like a fish in troubled waters.

    The social unrests in France and the West look a lot like the early 1930’s which had led to WW2; here are some evidences of disintegration of the world social orders: The pending collapse of the E.U; uncertainty around the NATO and OPEC’s future; Trump’s trade wars against the entire world, the Brexit, France’s social unrest, Spain and Catalonia separation, Greece’s bankruptcy, the mass migration crisis from Africa and Latin America; starvation in the Oil rich Venezuela and war torn Yemen; the ongoing wars in the Middle East and Africa, the Iranian economic sanctions, not to mention fermenting of the “Constitutional Crisis” in the United States, and recent crashes of the world Stock markets over the last two months, pending a global recession.
    I wonder could all of these be by some “Evil Design”, so, leading the world to planned-chaos while ripping the benefits from it all.

    Under president Trump’s leadership the world appears like a fish in troubled waters; and while the West is looking for its next act, Russia and Israel are steadily moving toward more stability and prosperity; perhaps we all have to look for inspirations in Moscow and Tel Aviv just as Donald Trump once did some thirty years ago – See the link;

    • Replies: @Baxter
  3. From Elmerfudzie to Alistar: So glad you mentioned Venezuela. This is a country and people that the USA should have closely bonded with long ago. The US government could have negotiated, on the foreign service level, to ensure a continuous bartering of oil in exchange for high tech, gold, silver and other U.S. commodities. A formal treaty could have transformed Caracas into the new “Fort Knox” for both Americas (releasing or withholding reserves of oil as the spot market dictates) . However, there’s even a greater story of financial and political absurdity to tell. In short, a quick over view; Germany in WW II found it necessary to destructively distill coal (heating without oxygen combustion) and convert coals’ complex chain of various carbonaceous materials into gasoline or related petroleum products. Instead of applying solar and wind together to harness the required electrical energy for destructive coal products, we turned against our coal producing brothers (usually in very poor states) and launched a water intensive, environmentally dangerous and earthquake producing alternative, oil shale. Even Thorium based commercial reactors would have been far more desirable than shale or filthy oil sands! ! Any residual CO2 from coal gasification could have been pumped into worked out and abandoned coal mines, most likely, nearby the new conversion facilities.. I don’t know, precisely who is responsible for this faulty corporate leadership but on reflection, the citizenry at large should get a big net, throw it over the lot of them, hall the entire bunch of incompetents, and deport them to a third world country or better still the south pole!

    • Replies: @Alistair
  4. TG says:

    Nothing will happen. Nothing will change.

    The rich are too powerful. The protestors will eventually be driven down and worn down and exhausted, just as they were in Greece. Macron will reign for quite some time, it doesn’t matter if his approval rating is 1%. During this time he will deliver to his wealthy patrons and the average French worker will continue to lose ground. Likely in the next election Macron will lose overwhelmingly to some populist white night – of the ‘left’ or the ‘right’, it doesn’t matter – who, immediately upon taking office, will betray all of his or her promises and do exactly as they have been paid to do.

    End of story.

  5. Alistair says:

    I agree with you; I always believed in multiple sources of divers energy; every nation should use its own energy sources before importing energy from the overseas.

    The addiction to Oil is more about politics than economy and much less about the environment; GM had made its first electric cars EV1 in early 1990’s, but Oil lobby forced it to scrap them all; see the link, these are all brand new EV1 that GM has destroyed to please the Oil industry.

    It’s certainly not economical nor practical to import Crude Oil from the middle east – tankers crossing the oceans with ever risk of major environmental disasters, we should use some “Converted Coal to Liquid Fuel” from our own coal reserve, it’s just common sense.

    • Replies: @Fidelios Automata
  6. Biff says:

    Nothing will happen. Nothing will change.

    I completely agree —- until you hang the bankers in the public square.
    Don’t count on pussy-foot Americans to get that done. If anyone it would be the French, and even that is a big maybe.

  7. tac says:

    Eric Margolis’ quote:

    More important, anyone setting fires, as happened last weekend, is a dangerous criminal and should be shot on sight by the police or army. Arson is not a democratic right. It’s a grave crime.

    No, Eric shooting protesters ON THE SPOT may be your wet-dream but if that is your true desire, then it is YOU who should be privy to a similar fate!

    Unbelievable, is the realization that all of the Trump Zionist puppets are being exposed for who they truly are!

    Shame on you for promoting such a reaction! …. you should, in the end, be the benefactor of such said desires!

  8. Mike G says:

    Eric shows his jackboots protecting precious Paris. Let them eat cake.

  9. Dear Eric,

    Methinks your mind is going back into the box not that it was fully out in any event. Your article appears to concentrate on scolding nasty “breakers” identified as “scum of the gutter” who defile your beautiful Paris. Really?

    Look up the French translation for ‘inciting agent”. It is a common term. Can you not fathom that it is a ubiquitous tactic used by powers that be to discredit genuine demonstrations?

    If that is beyond the pale for you to consider let me mention a few facts that you may relate to seeing that we come from the same neck of the woods. In 1997 at the Montebello (Montreal) demonstration a number of “breakers” emerged and started vandalizing storefronts in an otherwise civil gathering. Unfortunately for these “scum of the gutter”, they neglected to remove their police issue boots and some demonstrators took pictures. In the ensuing scandal police actually ended up admitting the guilt of incitement!

    The same happened at the 2010 G20 demonstrations in Toronto. Here they also went into clever pyrotechnics as in removing fuel and expensive electronics from a police cruiser, setting it on fire and preventing the fire department getting through long enough that it became the enduring visual of the demonstration. Do you think that “breakers” could or would do that?

    I have no proof that the vandals in Paris work for the police or the gendermerie but seeing that the history of the term ‘agent provocateur’ dates back to the French Revolution I would be extremely surprised that this entirely effective countermeasure was not in use in the present situation. Seriously, pepper spray, club, and arrest but under no circumstances discredit!

    I thought at least that you might have cocked you own ear when you wrote “.. Macron appears to have ordered his police force to go easy on the “breakers”….” Piggy see, piggy do…


    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
  10. It is said that those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.

    Does anyone remember the “color revolution” (using modern terminology) that brought down the last French President who deserved the capital “P” in his title, De Gaulle, in 1968? It happened right after he left the military structure of NATO and demanded the return of French gold from the Empire. How hard is it to connect the dots?

    Now, as soon as Macron mentioned European Army, another color revolution is unfolding in France. Am I the only one who can connect the dots this time?

    • Replies: @Alistair
  11. Alistair says:

    You’re right; I can see Trump’s “Hooligans” all over the French uprising, yet the good news is that the “BIG GUY” himself is on a shaky ground, we shouldn’t forget that Mr. Trump is not a politician and never held a public office before becoming president; his New York-Mob style of operating the White House will soon backfire, because he’s playing his heavy hands too often – alienating too many very smart and powerful people who can eat him as a snack and eat the lunch too, it’s just a matter of time to see the end of reckless Trumplomacy.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  12. Anonymous [AKA "Yellow bellies"] says:

    Well, AnonfromTN, if CIA’s making an example of Macron, they’ve certainly scared the crap out of the utterly subservient Briton pedos:

    Would anyone care to help this individual get some documentation out? It would be a hoot to watch official panic escalate.

  13. RobinG says:

    The “Purple Revolution:” U.S. Hybrid Warfare Coming Home To Roost?

    A deep dive into color revolutions and their blowback.

  14. dvorak says:

    They are the frightening, violent underclass that has plagued French cities since the Middle Ages.

    Horseshit. ‘Breakers’ are antifa, i.e. avowed communists. Ph.D.s and college dropouts, no ‘underclass’.

  15. I have forgotten the name of the person who posted this on Twitter as much as anything because I was trying to copy and paste from numerous Tweets, but there does seem to be more than “scum of the gutter” involved..

    The #GiletsJaunes #YellowVest movement consulted 30,000 of their people about why they were demonstrating and what changes they wanted the government to make. Here’s the list of the demands they sent to the French government:


    1. Housing for all homeless people

2. A more progressive tax system
    3. Minimum wage of 1,300€/month
    4. Measures to protect small businesses (stop building malls, no more “big box” stores), more parking spaces in downtowns
    5. Government program for insulating homes & other buildings
6. Big businesses (McDonald’s, Google, Amazon…) should pay big taxes & small businesses pay small ones
    7. Same health insurance system for all (including self-employed)
    8. Keep retirement system the way it is now (working people pay the pensions of retirees)
9. No more increases on fuel taxes
    10. No old age pensions below 1,200€/month
    11. All elected officials should earn French median income + reimbursement of travel costs if justified + meal tickets
    12. All salaries & government benefits must be indexed on inflation
13. Protect French industry, outlaw delocalizations
    14. End the European system whereby workers from other European countries are paid the lower salaries and benefits of their respective countries rather than French wages and benefits
15. Job security. Larger businesses should be obliged to give more employees permanent contracts (CDI)
    16. Create a French industry of hydrogen powered automobiles
    17. End the politics of austerity
    18. Better treatment for asylum seekers. Provide lodging, food, security & education for minors. Work with the UN to build camps in many countries to hold asylum seekers until their papers are processed
    19.Treat the causes that are forcing people to migrate.
    20. Accompany those who are not granted asylum back to the countries they came from
21. Create a program for integrating immigrants. Living in France entails becoming French (certificate program in French language, history, civics)
    22. Maximum salary fixed at 15,000€/month
    23. Jobs for the unemployed
    e24. Increase disability pensions
    25. Rent control. More social housing and in particular housing for college students, contractors, gig economy workers, people without steady jobs
    26. Outlaw the sale of French public property (dams, airports…)
27. Allocate much more money to the justice system, the police and the armed forces. Pay police officers overtime or allow them to take the corresponding hours off
    28. The totality of sums collected at toll booths should go to maintaining the countries highways & roads and to road security.
    29. As the prices of natural gas & electricity have risen since these sectors were privatized, we demand the re-nationalization of these industries and the lowering of prices
    30. An immediate end to the closings of smaller train lines,…
30. (cont.) … post offices, schools and maternity wards
    31. Well-being for our elderly. Outlaw for-profit elderly care. The time of “gray gold” has come to an end
    32. A maximum of 25 students per class from nursery school through high school
33. More public financing of psychiatry
    34. Write a popular referendum system into the Constitution. Create an on-line referendum site where citizens can propose new laws, overseen by an independent body. If a proposition receives over 700,000 votes it should be introduced into Congress, accordingly completed, amended and discussed before all citizens are allowed to vote on it (within exactly one year of obtaining the 700,000 signatures)
    35. Return to a presidential mandate of 7 years (currently it’s 5) with interim elections of reps
36. Retirement for all at 60 years old and at 55 for people in professions that are hard on the body (construction work…)
    37. Extension of public aid to parents paying for daycare for children up until 10 years of age
    38. Incentivize transportation of merchandise by rail
39. No withholding of income tax
    40. Presidents should no longer receive a salary for life
    41. Outlaw the tax paid by shopkeepers each time a client pays by credit or debit card
    42. Tax kerosene, air and maritime fuels

    The End? No, ….


This list, say the #GiletsJaunes #YellowVests, is non exhaustive. “The voice of the people should be heard through a referendum system that should rapidly be put in place.”

  16. Heymrguda says:

    It seems to me that for decades the French have demanded a huge government presence with high-paying government jobs (the goal of French youth was said to be, get a government job), large pensions, subsidies, minimum wage guarantees etc.

    No French leader is going to stay popular for very long, because it’s impossible to reconcile this urge for an ever larger state with lower taxes.

  17. tanabear says:

    Streets are clean, highways in top shape.

    Are these the clean streets of Paris that you are referring to?

    Maybe they aren’t getting so much for all the taxes they pay after all.

    • Agree: AWM
  18. @Alistair

    Great comment, Alistair. But on the other hand, why are efficient diesel cars under attack when they could be fueled with recycled biodiesel? Electric cars still can’t break even economically speaking and the production of the necessary rare earth metals has caused environmental devastation in China.

    • Replies: @Alistair
  19. @tac

    Hey, I’m surprised that usually EU-ophilic Eric’s article is as balanced as it is. For a change, I agree with him.

    • Replies: @tac
  20. @tac

    He wrote that “anyone setting fires” should be shot on sight, not that “PROTESTORS should be shot on sight.” Huge difference legally and morally, no?

  21. Alistair says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    Fidelios: I don’t know why they’re attacking Biodiesel, it’s a great fuel, but for a large scale production we need a lot of food, vegetable oil, corn or other crops by-product to turn them into Biodiesel, that’s what they do in Brazil, they convert most of their corn crops into Ethanol fuel. I think feeding the population should get a higher priority over filling a tank and driving around on an empty stomach !

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  22. anon[355] • Disclaimer says:

    Newsflash: A government big enough to give you everything you want is going to have to also be big enough to take everything you’ve got.

  23. “But the French at least get their money’s worth from their sky-high taxes. Historic buildings are lovingly maintained; France’s rail system is splendid – when not on strike. Medicine is top drawer though hospitals need more funding. Streets are clean, highways in top shape.

    France is one of the world’s most beautiful nations. There are special inspectors for rivers and streams to ensure their cleanliness and ecology. Pensions are generous and often available to those over 60.
    Education is ‘par excellence.’ French high school graduates are often better educated than American university graduates.”

    Author conveniently neglects to mention that France isn’t France anymore because taxpayers didn’t get their money’s worth in security from forced Shitholezation by Third Word riff-raff.

    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
  24. @Alistair

    Most ethanol fuel production requires more energy inputs (and spoilage/consumption of other natural resources) than it yields in net energy on the drive axle of a vehicle or piece of machinery.

  25. @TG

    Marine le Pen would have been so much better.

  26. @Timur The Lame

    could there be a conspiracy here..Margolis in the pages published and the police in the ground in the cities..setting the people up…eh! ?



  27. @Jim Bob Lassiter

    Jim Bob Lassiter eh!..a serious clown

    oh mi! they are coming out of the western wood works now.


  28. Immigration? What’s that got to do with anything? I never mentioned immigration!

    “Lovingly maintained”?! Not these days! And what about the Lovingly Maintained ghettoes / no-go zones … also funded by the state? The future for French people is bleak.

  29. @TG

    Yet Definite, Clear, Simple Principles, Ideals By Which To Operate, Advance For “The People”

    I quite sympathize w. ur pessimism, BUT things ARE indubitably “happening,” u can’t deny. First: look now at the Trump victory of stated theses, “nationalism” vs. globalism, then the Brexiteers, and now the “yellow vests”–there’s un-questionably a coalescence/convergence of patriots and nationalists which will soon enough engulf Christianity and Western civilization–which is significant. These ideals also operate in such as Italy and Hungary too.

    But for the moment, and as Trump has brilliantly established, there are compelling anti-theses, nationalism vs. globalism, and this is quite significant by itself, which all people can comprehend.

    Consider further what Kelly Ann Conway, Trump’s cabinet-level assistant, has given as alternatives for American politics, for the moment, regarding gov. shut-down over funding for border wall: open gov. vs open borders–this is excellent and poignant alternatives for all people–I suspect Trump will benefit quite a bit.

    Don’t forget Trump’s nationalism vs. globalism is perfect and exact parallel to 1860s Confederate states-rights ideal vs. the centralized state dictatorship–what is sovereign? Trump has sure and certain winners if he only plays it right, his only problem being he’s so subservient to Jews and Israel, his one weak-spot.

    Eventually, as American economic conditions continue to deteriorate, the debt problem becoming evermore dire and critical, the dichotomy of anti-theses will come down to most BASIC Christianity vs. satanism, hence Judaism, and continuing slavery to terror-state of Israel getting Jew S A to fighting wars for Israel, with the concomitant heavy spending, taxation, etc.

    Hence for we, the people, we only need continue w. ideas of states-rights, nullification, and real money system consisting of gold/silver–against the genocidal big-brother of monolithic, central gov. of Wash. DC which oppresses the people in favor of Israel/Jews, aside fm globalist genocidal imperialists. But for the short-term, Trump can win well enough w. nationalism vs. globalism, consistent w. Brexit and “yellow vests.”

  30. Baxter says:

    You nailed it. The rot is too deep. There is only ‘buying time’ both here in America and Western Europe.
    Mark Steyn said it years ago “I’ll state this as baldly as I can, most of what we call the western world will not exist in a hundred years.” Of course Steyn focused on Islamic immigration. I don’t recal him talking about mass non white immigration. Which is just as devastating.
    How long America? I think 3 years.
    Thank god I don’t live in a major urban area.

  31. tac says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    I agree with him

    You agree with this?

    “anyone setting fires” should be shot on sight, not that “PROTESTORS should be shot on sight.”

    Really, is that what SHOULD be done to ANYONE? Sweeping generalizations about groups of people …. where have we seen this before?

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