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Muslim Haters Flock Together
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President Donald Trump’s 36-hour whirlwind visit to India this past week was designed to show Americans just how adored abroad their president really is.

Unluckily for Trump, his campaign stop at this behemoth nation of 1.3 or 1.4 billion proved a fiasco.

First came the terrifying Chinese coronavirus that so far has killed less people than the weekly toll on China’s dangerous roads, but the whole world went into a panic. The US stock market, the underpinning of Trump’s popularity at home, took a crash dive even though the all-knowing president-physician assured Americans that the Wuhan virus was only a cold.

VP Mike Pence, who believes in Adam and Eve and Noah’s Ark, was put in charge of combating the new virus.

Next, anti-Muslim riots led by Hindu fanatics in India left large numbers of mostly Muslims dead or injured. A not very well briefed Trump had just lauded India for its harmonious communal relations. The riots were sparked by a virulent anti-Muslim immigration bill enacted by hard-line Hindu Prime Minister Narendra Modi that has caused distress across the nation.

But all was not lost. Trump signed a deal to sell $3 billion of US arms to India and got a visit to the Taj Mahal. He will very likely want a copy built in Washington. The parade-loving president also viewed a fine display in Delhi of Indian martial prowess.

The latest US military helicopters will be sold on credit to India. They could be particularly useful in the high mountain regions along India’s tense northern borders with Pakistan and China.

US President Trump and India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi are both flaming populist leaders who play to two popular passions: hatred of Muslims and fear of China. Muslims make up roughly 14% of India’s billion-plus population, or some 172 million people.

Trump and American hawks dream of unleashing India against China. India and China have a long, disputed, ill-demarcated border across the high Himalayas and Karakoram mountains that divide them. They are rivals over Tibet, Ladakh and Burma, and Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan. India and Pakistan have already fought three wars over Kashmir. But Indians are clever and cautious and will not allow the US to push them into a big war against China.

For more on this topic, my geopolitical analysis of the region, ‘War at the Top of the World,’ is available through Amazon and used by general staffs, intelligence agencies, and universities.

As I’ve long warned, this little-known but highly strategic Himalayan region, the source of India’s and Pakistan’s major rivers, could well spark nuclear war between them – possibly joined by China. Many Americans could not even find Kashmir on a map and care nothing about a war there that could ignite a nuclear conflict and contaminate the entire globe.

But none of this matters at election time. Trump wants to show he is beloved by the outside world.


He has now forged a very close alliance with the Muslim-hating PM Modi, who is the front man for India’s powerful Hindu fundamentalist organization, the RSS, which was modeled in the 1920’s after Mussolini’s Fascists. Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is denounced as a ‘Jewish fascist’ by many on Israel’s left, has joined Trump and Modi in a de facto anti-Muslim rightist alliance.

At the same time, India has drawn very close to Israel, its principal supplier of arms and nuclear technology. Israel has opened doors for India across Washington. Interestingly, in a quid pro quo almost totally ignored by US media, the Trump White House has allowed massive Indian immigration to the US. There are now an estimated four million Indian immigrants in the US. Most are Hindus. They are designed to offset Muslim immigration and sway US politics in Trump’s favor.

There is nothing new in his immigration game. The Democrats encouraged large numbers of Latino and Irish immigrants who reliably voted for them. Many of the Indian immigrants are educated and fairly well-off. They cluster in IT, banking and journalism, bringing much value to both fields.

Instead of heightening tensions between India, Pakistan and China, the US should be helping calm India’s ethnic riots and promoting a fair settlement over the Kashmir dispute that has dragged on since 1947. Photo ops of the Taj Mahal are not going to help.

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  1. Alistair says:

    Dear Eric;
    Although is entertaining to read about Trump but I was hoping you would write about the sudden rise of Coronavirus cases around the world; particularly in China, Iran and South Korea — could this be a sort of mild biological warfare unleashed by the US on its adversaries with an acceptable level of collateral cases elsewhere ???

    I’m a bit skeptical of the origin of the Virus, and the fact that US and its main allies have not been significantly affected by it; even the next door to China and Iran; India and Pakistan with 1.6 Billion population, poor hygiene and sanitary practices — have not reported a significant rise in Coronavirus cases — Israel has none (Zero cases), a few in Europe, but Canada and Italy could be just the collateral damage; I found it quite suspicious that the US’s main adversaries; China and Iran have become the epicenter of the disease — could this be a sort of mild biological warfare unleashed on the US adversaries, with an acceptable level of collateral cases elsewhere ???

    In case of Iran, the center of infection is the city of Qom which is a sort of seminary for Shiai clerics education; Qom is the main ideological center of Shiai activism — could all of this be just a coincidence ??? — The Coronavirus has partially put China out of business with possible risk of disruption in the global supply chain, the Virus put a ceasefire on the US Trade War with China and South Korea – at least temporarily until the November US presidential election — China and South Korea are both economic adversaries of the US and subject of Trump Trade Wars – if they’re kept out of the supply chain, the gaps will be filled by American manufacturers, hence, the appearance of prosperity will be felt in the US right before the November election.

    Could the Coronavirus be a sort of mild biological warfare unleashed by the US on its adversaries, with an acceptable level of collateral cases elsewhere ???

  2. Instead of heightening tensions between India, Pakistan and China, the US should be helping calm India’s ethnic riots and promoting a fair settlement over the Kashmir dispute that has dragged on since 1947. Photo ops of the Taj Mahal are not going to help.

    How about we just stay out of it? The US government exists for the benefit of the American people. Period. And we can’t even manage that.

    • Agree: Alden, Dutch Boy, RVBlake
    • Replies: @Biff
  3. A123 says:

    Allowing Hating Muslims to Flock Together is a recipe for violence.

    Muslim faith requires Jihad against Infidels, and this includes Hindus. As a matter of self-defense, the Hindu government of India is restricting immigration of Jihadi murders. (1)

    The other law is the National Register of Citizens (NRC). Though it is being implemented in just one region of India to start, the government will eventually spread it out across the entire country. It requires residents to prove they or their ancestors are citizens of India— rather than “infiltrators”

    Again, this appears like common sense. Why shouldn’t a country be able to determine who is a legal resident and who is not? And why should it allow the children of illegals to benefit from their parents’ law-breaking? The children of burglars don’t get to keep stolen property.

    Trump’s visit to India is definitely a win for National Sovereignty. Of course advocates of ultra left, open borders theology will desperately misconstrue the events in a pathetic attempt to find fault where none exists.

    PEACE 😇


    • Agree: SBaker
    • Replies: @BDS Always
  4. I see that the Trump Derangement Syndrome Dementia has spread to most of Eric “Fruit Loop” Margolis’ brain, and now he believes that Trump should know or care about Indian politics and that Muslims that have been screaming in Delhi that they want to kill all Hindus and end all private property rights are a peaceful loving people.

    Seriously the depths of this loon’s idiocy have not been fully explored. We can only hope and pray that the sanitariums of old–the ones with the rubber rooms and the straitjackets–will re-open soon and that some pitying relative of Eric’s will mercifully commit him. In the meantime, Eric? Take your meds.

  5. The Sikhs should pray to whoever their god is every day Modi wasn’t India’s leader and Trump wasn’t president of the US back in 1984 during the persecution of their religion’s millions of folks in Punjab during the massacre of the Golden Temple in Amritsar…or else Sikhism would no longer exist in India (but certainly would in the US, UK, etc.). And when does India go after the Jains?

    But I don’t think it’s just Modi the movie “Slumdog Millionaire,” the mother of the main character was murdered in a pool and the two sons persecuted afterwards because the were Muslim. That movie was made in mid-2000s.

    I believe in Christ but am not religious, do not follow man-made doctrines which have caused Christian to fight Christian, or Muslim man-made doctrines causing Muslim to fight Muslim,or Jewish ones causing hard-core Talmudic Orthodox Chabad Lubavitch to consider secular Jews no better than gentiles. Christ, not religion, not denominations, not churchianity. Word of God, not word of man.

    • Replies: @orionyx
  6. Mr. Grey says:

    The Left’s odd fascination for Islam is due to the lack of genuine racism in the US (actual discrimination, not minding reading by narcissists). The demand for racism is never ending on the Left and one popular method to uncover “racism” is to interpret criticism of Islam as coded hate speech against brown people.

  7. @A123

    “Muslim faith requires Jihad against Infidels, and this includes Hindus. As a matter of self-defense, the Hindu government of India is restricting immigration of Jihadi murders.”

    Still spouting your usual Bollocks.

  8. Reminder that Eric Margolis’ mother is a mohammedan, specifically Albanian (perhaps the worst nationality in all of Europe bar gypsies). Unlike Eric Margolis, I do not worship mohammedans. Unlike his father, my father wisely did not betray his ancestors.

    Modi and Trump are insufficiently harsh on mohammedans, who should be pushed out of both India and the United States.

    In the case of India, it should be noted that mohammedans were only 7% of the Republic’s population in 1947. And it won’t be long now before mohammedans are an absolutely majority in the subcontinent. The mohammedans there are not even immigrants, but rather the descendants of invaders or the descendants of traitors.

  9. Biff says:
    @Craig Nelsen

    The US government exists for the benefit of the American people.

    Bwaaaah! Now there’s a real knee slapper!

  10. orionyx says:

    Modi was in charge in Gujarat sat the time of the riots referred to in Slum Dog Millionaire. Everyone in India knows him to be a violent Hindu fanatic, the polar opposite of Gandhiji.
    One line in that movie brought tears to my eyes. I paraphrase: “if there were no Ram and no Rahim, my brother would still be alive”.

  11. Hey.. why not take a look at this post before branding Hindus as a hardliners….

    • Replies: @BDS Always
    , @anonymous
  12. Renoman says:

    All over the World the assholes are screwing themselves into power. It seems the the lower the IQ the larger the number of Children. Biological War is the only hope for poor old mother Earth, killing off the Billionaires would be another good plan.

  13. @Satish Bendigiri

    You need to clean your own backyard out first before pointing fingers.

    India rape capital of the world?
    Rape in India is the fourth most common crime against women in India.
    According to the National Crime Records Bureau 2013 annual report, 24,923 rape cases were reported across India in 2012.
    Out of these, 24,470 were committed by relative or neighbor; in other words, the victim knew the alleged rapist in 98 per cent of the cases.
    According to 2012 statistics, New Delhi has the highest number of rape-reports among Indian cities, while Jabalpur has the per capita incidence of reported rapes.
    Several rape cases in India received widespread media attention and triggered protests since 2012.
    This led the Government of India to reform its penal code for crimes of rape and sexual assault.

    The caste system plays a part in this where the abusers think that those of lower caste are fair game and due to their status they believe that they are above the law.

    • Replies: @Satish Bendigiri
    , @Talha
  14. Realist says:

    VP Mike Pence, who believes in Adam and Eve and Noah’s Ark, was put in charge of combating the new virus.

    Yes, the sad truth about many Trump supporters is they are Christian-Zionists or Evangelicals.

  15. Anon[198] • Disclaimer says:

    “They are designed to offset Muslim immigration and sway US politics in Trump’s favor.”

    Bro. Did you even bother to check whether Indians in the USA vote Republican? They don’t, they are among the most reliable Democrat-voting blocks. Everybody knows this.

    I wonder how much more in this guy’s analyses is based in sloppy assumption?

    I notice a trend: the most extremely catastrophic, anti-American pundits get simple things wrong. I tend to disagree with the US foreign policy, even, but I don’t understand it either, and I do not know who to trust.

  16. anonymous[248] • Disclaimer says:

    Interestingly, in a quid pro quo almost totally ignored by US media, the Trump White House has allowed massive Indian immigration to the US. There are now an estimated four million Indian immigrants in the US. Most are Hindus.

    Lol! Take that, you MAGA scumbags!

  17. anonymous[248] • Disclaimer says:
    @Satish Bendigiri

    Lol! The webpage gives a good idea what to expect inside. It might as well be called www(dot)dindudeceit(dot)in.

    It simply appears that that muslim fellow wished to give back as good as his community gets… in other words, self-defence. Surely, nothing wrong with that.

    Does anybody engage in riots from atop terraces of their houses? Self-defence, you genocidal hindoo lowlife.

  18. VP Mike Pence, who believes in Adam and Eve and Noah’s Ark, was put in charge of combating the new virus.

    So tell us, how exactly will this affect anything a Vice President will do while in charge of a task force?

    Does he deny the germ theory of disease? Is he anti vax?

    You whine about people hating Muslims, but your own anti Christian bigotry is front and center.

  19. Alvin says:

    Trump hasn’t banned Chinese passengers from flying to America, but he still maintains a ban on some Muslim countries. In Trump’s view, even Coronavirus-carrying Chinese are better than muslims.

  20. @BDS Always

    @ BDS always…
    Fine enough. Let the Sharia Law become effective in Muslim Majority in US which is beginning shortly in New York, then let us observe who cleans their backyard. You have forgotten it seems nine eleven by OBL men.

    • Replies: @BDS Always
  21. Anon[171] • Disclaimer says:

    No one in the world who is half awake doesn’t hate Muslims or their Jewish creators, and rightfully so. These are two supremacist, murderous brothers from the same poisonous theological Mother.

    The author is an imbecile for trying to gain sympathy with a group who the Muslims used to forcefully circumcize, castrate, or enslave (especially our women, for sex) in high numbers whenever we were unfortunate enough to be captured in one of their locust like campaigns to take over Europe, driven by their Jewish murderous supremacy and zeal. We lost Iran, Anatolia, North Africa and even Spain to them for a long time: changing it forever. The author can fuck off straight to hell where he belongs.

    Blond, Tall, with Honey-Colored Eyes: Jewish Ownership of Slaves in the Ottoman Empire

    Hundreds of Hebrew written sources, dozens of official decrees, judicial records (sijillat), and reports of European travelers indicate that slaveholding – particularly of females of Slavic origin – in Jewish households in the urban centers of the Ottoman Empire was widespread from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries

    Slavery and slaveholding has been among the most outstanding aspects of life in the various and varying Muslim societies over the centuries. As is reported by hundreds of Hebrew sources, dozens of official ordinances, documents produced by the Shari’a courts, and the reports of European travelers, slaveholding was also common among Jews in Muslim lands. The ownership of women, in particular, was widespread in Jewish households in the Ottoman Empire on the threshold of the modern era. It was certainly far more common than in Jewish communities in North Africa or Europe.

    … The documents concern female slaves almost exclusively; I found only one case concerning a male. Slavery thus seems to have been limited to those who would provide household services of the kind exclusively performed by women, including sexual ones. This helps explain why nearly all the slaves were white females, principally of Slavic origin captured during Ottoman campaigns, or by their Tatar collaborators in Eastern Europe, with only a few of other provenance – Circassian, Caucasian, Hungarian, and Austrian.

  22. Medvedev says:

    – After the partition of India, Muslims carved safe space for themselves (nowadays Pakistan and Bangladesh) while India remained safe space for everyone else. Fact.
    – Share of religious minorities in Pakistan decreased from 23% in 1947 to slightly more than 3% today. Share of Muslims in India at the same time increased from 9.8 to 14.5%. Fact. Where is an outcry about discrimination and persecution of non-Muslim in Muslim majority countries when Muslims in India appear to flourish?
    – Millions of Muslims are willing to risk their lives, leave their safe spaces (Pakistan and Bangladesh) to move to India and become oppressed by “hateful” India. Why? I don’t see millions of Indians trying to sneak into Pakistan.

    Side note: as Pakistan breeds out of control and depletes its water resources I anticipate an ever-increasing pressure on “hateful” India to take in more Muslim refugees (just like African refugees in Europe) and more accusation of hate, intolerance and Islamophobia.

    • Replies: @ka
  23. @Satish Bendigiri

    “Let the Sharia Law become effective in Muslim Majority in US which is beginning shortly in New York.”

    Another load of Bollocks from yourself..
    It is not called “Jew York” for nothing.
    The usual deflection of the role out of Sharia Law instead of calling out the reality of Talmudic Law that is being forced upon the nation.

    With your 911 OBL men statement you have just lost any credibility that you may have on Unz except amongst the Rabid Zionists that post on here.
    It wasn’t Muslims in New York that danced and cheered on 911.
    You have the stench of a Zio Shill.

  24. Smith says:

    You know what Syria, Iraq and Iran have been killing for these 9 years? Muslims.

    Muslims hate their own kinds and openly brag about killing themselves, then have the balls to complain about non-muslims killing them.

    I especially hate the pakis because they are just the turk’s cock-sleeves.

    • Replies: @ka
  25. India is a piece in that jigsaw, that when the final piece is placed there will be a world war. Ostensibly it will be about many things: but at its heart is one reason no one likes to admit: power. It is what drives us and it is what destroys us.

  26. ka says:

    Indian Hindu fundamentalist RSS is resorting to the same playbook that its ancestors used to marginalize the Buddhist population that thrived between 200 AD to 800 AD in India . The atavistic trait of Hinduism is in full display. This time they have the tacit supports of Trump’s USA, Israel, and even of Russian media like RT. Muslims also have enemies like Saudi and UAE.

    Protesting against massacre by the Hindu bandits are being relabeled and being framed as sedition and anti national activities which can lead to death sentence in the court of law compromised by same Hinduvatta ideology.

  27. ka says:

    Yes,muslims were killing muslims in Afghanistan . USA was supplying the arms . Muslims have ben killing in iraq and Iran war USA was supplying the rams and was forcing saudi to instigate the war. Sauids ,had they not agreed would have faced the fate of King Faizal.
    If Shah didnt invade Saddam’s Iraq in 1970, he would have faced the fate of Mossadehgh.

    Hakim’s killer was saddam .Hakim was the elected PM of Iraq. First time saddam did not succeed . He was saved airlifted and taken out of the country with CIA’s help . Thats why Saddam ’s cabinet member told : we rode on the American train to the power.

    It was precisely forced and motivated by that same typical western trait – the UK and USA had been trying to cause coups in Syria from 1950 .
    What have the coups caused in Chile ,Argentina Brazil ? Why does Congo still suffer from civil war? Why Honduras?

    Dislocation deaths killings and breakdown of societies .

    • Replies: @Smith
  28. Smith says:

    The fact USA give you the arms didn’t change the fact it’s you who are killing each other.

    If not USA then the USSR/Russia and China, you muslims are retarded and evil enough to buy arms to kill each other. And if you don’t have guns, you can just get a kitchen knife to behead each other. And the moment you don’t kill each other, you serve the jew agenda (Turkey, Saudi, Pakistan) to attack other muslim countries (Syria, Iraq, Iran).

    Muslims, and specifically sunni muslim, need to be wiped out.

    • Replies: @ka
  29. ka says:

    You have not followed my argument or did not bother to check the facts.

    A few countries stood up to US’s belligerence and lost the lives or saw genocide or saw saw chronic disabling violence

    Indonesia ’s Sukorno’s violent fall orchestrated by USA. Result!
    Hakim in Iraq in 1958-60
    Mossadeghk in Iran in 1953
    Syria from 1948

    What could have they have done?

    They could have chosen suicide I guess . They could have understood the deep connection between Saudi and USA and turned to China n ad Soviet I guess . ( But who knew of saudi’s behavior until 2001. Saudi used to be adored by US evangelical by US press by US presidents and cabinet throughout the cold war and may wkly throughout Afghan war .)

    US is deeply embedded in the psyche of the military media and the politics in Europe. Can they prevent the torture of Assagne, trial of the rapper in ( ?Norway), stand up to F*Europe Nuland,or provide asylum to Snowden or keep their side of the bargain in JCOPA? – just a few of the examples of the events within last 1 year) Are you going to wipe out the citizen who voted for Blair (UK) second time? What about Bush 2nd term ? Why the worst murderers in history of recent times ( after Hitler ) are walking tall, getting heart transplant, increased popularity even and are being called statesmen? Have they been roundly condemned by the evaklgelical or Catholic ?

    The world is heading to unknot own territory . Will messiah come for the humanity ? Will common folks see the dangers on the wall ? Will citizen of the entire world see a pattern of destruction,obfuscation ,deception and of covert incitement by the lords of the finances ?

  30. ka says:

    Pakistan decreased from 23% in 1947 to slightly more than 3% today.”

    Hindus in west Pakistan numbered around 3 -4 % in 1951 . in 1951 East Pakistan had 30-35 % of its population belonging to the faith of Hinduism -( these are the Hindu Bangladesh who have infiltrated Assam Tripura West Bnegal over the years )

    West Pakistan now known as Pakistan still has 4 % of its population who are Hindu as documented in the last census

  31. Meena says:

    How did the Indian court argue in favor of the idea that God ’s best interest could be served by certain groups one of whom smuggled the God inside a precinct of a mosque in 1949 ( )
    and caused anti-Muslim violence thats now getting 4o years old ?

    – ” Then this “idol” was represented by judges court police teachers at various stages as rightful owners of the land and the idol was treated as a “juristic person” and those representers known as”next friend” defined the best interests of God.

    In court papers, Triloki Nath Pandey is described as the “next friend” of the infant Lord Ram.

    They spoke about how it was “manifestly established by public records of unimpeachable authority” that the disputed plot was actually the place where the deity was born. The petitions added that the deity’s spirit “can be experienced by those who pray there”.-.”

    India continues to create history, abuses its own religion and causes a murderous fascist movement and leader to rise .
    The idol that was in 1949 planted in the dead of the night by a corrupt man seeking lands and some fame gave rise to the movement of Babri Mosque construction in 1987 . This brought fascist out of the closet .They mushroomed . They had some less much less hateful persons as leaders in the beginning . But as rightwing moment show that the preceding leaderships are always challenged and then replaced by much worse hateful destructive followers who want to garb the power.

    In Delhi current violence e a man ny Misra who lost legitimacy in election found the pathway of orchestrating violence to get to to success very alluring tempting and sure shot . He took it.

  32. Muslim Haters Flock Together


  33. anon[147] • Disclaimer says:

    The latest US military helicopters will be sold on credit to India. They could be particularly useful in the high mountain regions along India’s tense northern borders with Pakistan and China.

    Serious statement or irony?

    the higher you go, the slower you wind up going because of reduced power available. At some point you are forced to slow down to a point where it actually takes more power to keep flying forward. (If you think that’s headache material, keep reading.)

    Going higher also means increasing the angle of attack on all of the blades (“collective pitch”) to keep generating the same amount of lift as the air gets thinner. This means that the rotor system will become progressively less efficient. At the same time, the “stall speed” of the blades will increase. That’s okay for the “advancing blade” (the one that’s spinning toward the direction of flight) until it gets to a high enough angle of attack to stall, but it’s terrible for the “retreating blade” (the blade on the other side of the rotation, going opposite the direction of flight), which almost always will stall first.


    Most of a helicopter’s lift is generated on the advancing blade side.

    When the retreating blade goes relatively slow enough (its rotational speed minus the forward speed goes below stall speed), all of the lift on that side of the rotor disk is lost, and the helicopter will roll. This effect is delayed by flying slower forward, but it always will happen at some point.

  34. Talha says:
    @BDS Always

    Breakdown of the various states and their increase/decrease of rape incidents over the last 17 years:
    Something is really, really going wrong in Goa..hopefully, they are able to turn this around.


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