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Macron's Tough Message to Washington
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France likes to call itself America’s oldest and closest ally. Indeed, the American Revolution might never have succeeded without strong French military support.

However, France bankrupted itself supporting the American Revolution. This, in turn, helped ignite the French Revolution that cost poor King Louis XVI his head. The United States twice intervened in Europe’s wars to rescue France, amply repaying the debt. As US General ‘Blackjack’ Pershing nobly proclaimed on the arrival of US troops in France in World War I, ‘Lafayette, we are here.’

This past week, France’s new, young, president, Emmanuel Macron, came to Washington to give guidance to his American allies who are afflicted by farcical governance and chaos worthy of an unstable banana republic. He was greeted with fanfare by President Trump.

Diplomacy, like spring, is bursting out all over. In addition to Macron’s visit to Washington, mighty forces were at work in Asia. The meeting of Korea’s two leaders to discuss peace issues was a truly historic, even moving event that augers well for peace. Washington even played a positive role in this demarche.

India’s dynamic prime minister, Narendra Modi, met in Wuhan with China’s leader, Xi Jinping, in a very important effort to defuse rising border tensions between the two nuclear-armed giant Asian rivals.

Only the bleeding Mideast was left out of the spring peace offensive.

Europe was hoping that Macron might be able to use French Cartesian logic and traditional French diplomatic skills to talk some sense into the flailing Trump administration.

After delivering kisses and hugs, Macron then went before the US Congress and threw down the gauntlet. He told America’s legislators tough truths they were not used to hearing in the Trump era. Namely: that the right’s political and economic nationalism is stupid and toxic; that Trump must stick to the nuclear treaty with Iran or possibly face a new Mideast war; that it’s essential for the US to join the Paris climate accord; and that the US must resume its role of multilateral world engagement.

Here was Europe – and much of Asia – telling Trump to stop acting like a petulant, amateur monarch and start acting like the president of the United States.

Macron also had other important objectives. His dramatic visit to Washington was designed to stake out his new role as Europe’s political and diplomatic leader, a traditional French conceit.

Macron’s timing was excellent. Britain, historically the counter-balance to French power, is off sulking in pre-Brexit confusion. London’s voice goes almost unheard. Most Europeans expect Britain to end up even more a forward base for US strategic power than it already is.

Europe’s other powerhouse, Germany, is also depressed and introspective. Its leader, Angela Merkel, arrived in Washington right after Monsieur and Madame Macron. The Macrons got a fancy state dinner, Merkel got little better than microwaved leftovers. The air has gone out of the Angel Merkel balloon. She looks tired, confused and demoralized.

Germans are moving to the right because they want new, younger leaders who are not so obviously under Washington’s thumb. They want to end the national guilt complex over WWII and become a normal, independent nation.


Voila! This leaves the youthful, dynamic Macron as Europe’s unchallenged leader. France, to steal a Trump slogan, will be great again. He will also spend more energy reforming France’s ailing economy, which shows signs of renewed vitality in spite of bitter labor strife, and re-ordering France’s post-colonial interests in Syria and Lebanon (the Levant), and the immensity of what was once – and largely still is – French West Africa.

The leaden spirit of what French called ‘la morosité’ that provoked a national depression may be drifting away. French are by nature either up or down. Under former president Francois Holland they were definitely down in the dumps. Macron now offers that prospect of highly intelligent, revitalizing leadership.

That is, at least until the abrasive nature of French politics, labor wars, and financial hanky panky derail his meteoric rise. No one yet understands where Macron came from or who is really behind him. The French Rothschilds, for whom Macron used to work as a banker, are the most obvious suspects. But we don’t really know for sure.

Think of another ‘stupor mundi’ President Barack Obama who, like Macron, emerged out of deep obscurity to amaze Americans and the world. Now, it’s France’s turn for another star, debut performance.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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  1. While I agree with the characterization that the Trump Administration is flailing, there is absolutely no reason for anyone in Washington to listen to Emmanuel Macron. France is being demographically swamped by Arabs and Africans. Forty percent of the newborns in France are now tested for sickle cell disorder, indicating at least one parent from Africa or the Middle East. The figure is over 75% in the Ile-de-France. Paris is on its way to becoming an Afro-Arab city. I was in Paris in March–an acquaintence of many years said, after only a few hours in Paris, “There sure are a lot of blacks here.”

    If Donald Trump wants to listen to any European leader, I’d suggest Victor Orban.

    • Replies: @aleks mici
  2. Ma Laoshi says:

    I think I figured it out but just to be sure: this is a parody, right? Macron is presiding over an ailing French economy; to distract from it, he has now made himself a war criminal by illegally attacking Syria. In doing so, he has been suicidally reckless with France’s few naval assets, which could (and frankly, should) have been sunk at a moment’s notice. He went to Washington where he was supposed to deliver the “tough message” that Trump better not think about destroying the Iran nuclear deal. Instead, this big child turned like a leaf in the presence of his master, and is now firmly on the jew-approved, anti-Iranian track. The only problem with that of course is that that track leads to war, and more specifically a war of such proportions that the resulting refugee flows will wreck Europe, including the country for which Macron was supposed to be responsible–and that is the good outcome, if China and Russia would interdict an attack on Iran we’d be pretty close to going nuclear.

    The French people will need to rid themselves of this Zionist scum before these catastrophes come to pass.

    • Agree: Godfree Roberts
    • Replies: @Paw
  3. there is clearly so much over hyped bullshit lacking all basis in reality as he describes macron and obama its hard to ascertain if he is writing sarcastic parady or he actually believes this nonsense.

    macron is clown and a boy like trudeau. no one takes him seriously except, perhaps, his mother, err, his wife!

  4. LondonBob says:

    Macron is Blair with a shinier suit, his antics on foreign policy can’t hide the deep seated problems in France from a stagnant economy, the leading indicators in France are deteriorating, to a low level civil war between immigrants and the French. He is like a vision from a discredited and bygone age. Macron was un danser at Rothschild, he seeks to sell further US involvement in Syria to Trump.

  5. gsjackson says:

    Ditto. I eventually came to the conclusion it was satire, but am not 100 percent sure. Margolis is a pretty hard-nosed realist, and unlikely to be sending valentines to the likes of Macron.

  6. KenH says:

    The only thing Macron got right was keeping the nuclear deal with Iran. The rest was just the usual globalist, one world mumbo jumbo. Macron can man up and send thousands of French troops to Syria if he feels so strongly in a Western presence there.

    Here was Europe – and much of Asia – telling Trump to stop acting like a petulant, amateur monarch and start acting like the president of the United States.

    On the contrary, Macron was imploring Trump to betray his base and serve the interests of Israel and the world’s elites.

    Macron and Merkel are both trying to destroy their own people and remake their nations by welcoming a mass influx of Afro-Islamic invaders. At minimum they should be met with boos, jeers and bullhorns wherever they go. At most their people should working towards another Bastille day for them and other traitors complete with guillotines.

  7. Tick Tock says:

    Wow. Who hacked your ‘puter and wrote this BS? CIA most likely.

  8. Eric Margolis has such a crush on Macron that it’s pitiful. Margolis is a leftist, of course, so that may have something to do with it, but I think he’s going gay in his dotage. I had to stop reading for fear that Eric was going to try to perform an unnatural act with Macron right on the pages of his latest libtard screed.

  9. Indeed, the American Revolution might never have succeeded without strong French military support.

    A grave understatement. The American Revolution was mostly a proxy war between France and Britain.

    However, France bankrupted itself supporting the American Revolution. This, in turn, helped ignite the French Revolution

    Lessons to be learned, there.

  10. Paw says:
    @Ma Laoshi

    Better economy with millions of illegal barbarians flooding into France and EU. Author Must be joking and choking.
    By, by , yes, France freedom fries …

  11. Macron has become the darling (and the property) of unelected globalists in Brussels. Macron is a piece of shit. He is not even a Frenchman. He is a “European”.

  12. @Diversity Heretic

    I fully agree with you !
    I know precisely the same as you do ! Macron is a pathetic figure , trying again and again the same laboratory tests expecting every time other result= the definition of absolute imbecility !
    The French made always only perfect catastrophe. Not more not less.

  13. anonymous[365] • Disclaimer says:

    and re-ordering France’s post-colonial interests in Syria and Lebanon (the Levant), and the immensity of what was once – and largely still is – French West Africa.

    This essay tells me that white racist degenerates will simply take turns in trying to play “god” wherever they can.

    It appears that white self-“genocide” is the only solution, so may you get swamped from everywhere. 😀

    India’s dynamic prime minister, Narendra Modi…

    More like, India’s bloody-handed prime minister, Narendra Modi…

  14. Bless my soul! Here comes another globalist apologist/propagandist bragging on French President Emanuel Macron, who actually said the U.S. must defend the “New World Order” in his speech to Congress a few days ago! This is the One World/New World Order that has brought Western civilization to the brink of catastrophe with endless wars, environmental degradation, de-industrialization, crushing public and private debt, and of course mass Third World migration invasion into Western nations. Macron made his fortune as a financial hit man for the infamous Rothschild banking klan and is their political puppet, along with being the chief bootblack and lick spittle for the German banksters and crapitalists, and now is running a collaborationist Vichy regime in Paris for the Fourth Reich headed by Fuehrer Frau Angela Merkel. Rump is a worthless con man, liar and thief and should be run out of Washington on a rail, but the last person he needs to take any advice from is the 21st Century’s Pierre Laval clone Emanuel Macron. The cretin is a race and nation traitor who wants to rob France blind for the 0.001% and overrun it with Third World proles.

    At the behest of the globalist elite, Macron is trying to abolish worker security, reduce wages and pensions and destroy the unions in France as Reagan did in the U.S. and Thatcher did in the U.K. No thanks Monsieur Macron. The French people are on the verge of revolution over his economic and financial depredations with wave after wave of public and private sector strikes and riots in Paris and other French cities today, May Day. Down with Macron! Up with Le Pen! Vive La France!

  15. anon[146] • Disclaimer says:

    I would hardly take any example from France to follow. Just look at its demographics. Btw, America’s intervention in WW1 was a terrible mistake. France and Europe would have been far better off had America just minded its own business.

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