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Madness in Helsinki
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Comedy? Disaster? Mental disorder? Hearing loss?

Even days after President Donald Trump’s bizarre appearance in Helsinki alongside a cool, composed President Vladimir Putin, it’s hard to tell what happened. But it certainly was entertaining.

In case anyone in the universe missed this event, let me recap. Trump met in private with Putin, which drove bureaucrats on both sides crazy. So far, Trump won’t reveal most of what was said between the two leaders.

But after the presidential meeting, Trump replied to reporter’s questions by saying he believed Russia had no role in attempts to bug the Democratic Party during the election. Outrage erupted across the US. ‘Trump trusts the Russians more than his own intelligence agencies’ went up the howl. Trump is a traitor, charged certain of the wilder Democrats and neocon Republicans. Few Americans wanted to hear the truth.

In fact, so intense was the outrage at home that Trump had to backtrack and claim he had misspoken. Yes, he admitted, the Russians had meddled in the US election. But then he seemed to back away again from this claim.

The whole thing was black comedy. Maybe it was due to Trump’s poor hearing or to jet lag and travel fatigue.

Hillary Clinton did not lose the election due to Russian conniving. She lost it because so many Americans disliked and mistrusted her. When the truth about her rigging of the Democratic primary emerged, she deftly diverted attention by claiming the Russians had rigged the election. What chutzpah (nerve).

Yet many Americans swallowed this canard. If Russia’s GRU military intelligence was really involved in the run-up to the election, as US intelligence reportedly claimed, it’s alleged buying of social media amounted to peanuts and hardly swung the election.

Back in the 1940’s, GRU managed to penetrate and influence Roosevelt’s White House. Now that’s real espionage. Not some junior officers and 20-somethings on a laptop in Moscow.

Besides, compared to US meddling in foreign politics, whatever the Ruskis did in the US was small potatoes. Prying into US political and military secrets is precisely what Russian intelligence was supposed to do. Particularly when the US Democratic Party was pushing a highly aggressive policy towards Russia that might lead to war.

For the US to accuse Russia of meddling is the ultimate pot calling the kettle black. The neocon former US Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, admitted her organization had spent $5 billion to overthrow Ukraine’s pro-Russian government. US undercover political and financial operations have recently been active in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen, Somalia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan, to name but a few nations.

Democrats and Republican neocons are in full-throat hysteria over an alleged Russian threat – Russia, whose total military budget is smaller than Trump’s recent Pentagon budget increase this year.


What we have been seeing is the fascinating spectacle of America’s war party and neocons clamoring to oust President Trump. Included in their ranks are most of the US media, led by the NY Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and TV’s war parties, CNN and NBC.

It’s also clear that Trump’s most ardent foes are the big US intelligence agencies whose mammoth $78 billion combined budget exceeds total Russian military spending. The bloated US intelligence industry fears that Trump may slash its budgets, power and perks.

The uproar over Putin has revealed just how fanatic and far to the right were the heads of the US national security state operating under the sugarcoating of the Obama administration. Straight out of the wonderful film, ‘Dr. Strangelove.’ We now see them on CNN, snarling away at President Trump.

Speaking of far right generals, one is also reminded of the brilliant film, `Seven Days in May,’ in which a cabal of generals tries to overthrow the president because of a peace deal he made with Moscow. Could there be a real plot against the president? Watching US TV one might think so.

Now, completing the childish ‘Reds Under Our Beds’ hysteria comes the final touch, the evil Russian temptress-spy who managed to infiltrate the National Prayer Breakfast, of all silly things. This dangerous Jezebel is now in the hands of the FBI. If this is the best KGB or GRU can come up with they need urgent help from Congolese intelligence.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Media, Donald Trump, Russia 
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  1. Why is this article entitled Madness in Moscow? The madness is located in Washington-New York.

    I wonder about Trump’s health. If he really is drinking 10-12 cans of Diet Coke a day, that’s not a good sign. He simply did not look good next to the obviously more physically fit and mentally sharp Vladimir Putin.

    • Replies: @Arnieus
  2. Margolis had better be careful with that final crack about the Congolese intelligence services. Could be construed as racist.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  3. Anonymous [AKA "Niels Engelsted"] says:

    Was the meeting not in Helsinki?

  4. In fact, so intense was the outrage at home that Trump had to backtrack and claim he had misspoken. Yes, he admitted, the Russians had meddled in the US election. But then he seemed to back away again from this claim.

    Trump got it right the first time. The DNC files were never hacked at all. They were leaked. The correction was a lie to placate the rabid mob.

  5. Greg S. says:

    The Russia-gate narrative is so entertaining. Russia are master spies! Evidence? See this young Russian girl was infiltrating the NRA!!!! Of course, that’s not actually the government, and not actually anything of importance, but still… Need more evidence do you? Well what about the Skripal case? There, Russian master spies successfully poisoned their target, a harmless retired spy. Of course, he didn’t die… wasn’t even permanently harmed. And I guess using a convoluted poison scheme that points directly at Soviet Russia (instead of say. a bullet) wasn’t too bright either… But there is more evidence…. there’s that dossier that talks about all the evil Russian meddling. It’s written by an ex-spy so it has to be 100% true. And um… a bunch of Russian trolls posted on facebook a lot. Obviously Putin goes down into the Russian troll dungeon on a daily basis to issue his personal orders of the day. Add it all up and you have quite a menace, capable of completely dominating the innocent lambs in American politics. Not even a fair fight, really…

  6. Anonymous [AKA "King Leopold\'s ghost"] says:
    @Nosquat Loquat

    I’m sure Mr. Margolis meant no disrespect to Congo’s redoubtable Civil Intelligence Service. CIA’s DO has learned a lot from them. Do you know who pioneered the technique of erecting a tongue-in-cheek statue to the political opponent you murdered? (You know, like all the ones of JFK, MLK, et al.) The original one was Patrice Lumumba! The CIA’s clandestine service also learned from Congo how reorganize and rename agencies every few atrocities. Congo’s Civil Intelligence Service, then ANR, subsumed under SNIP, succeeded by DGSN is the prototype of the 17-intelligence agencies-I-mean-parts-of-three-intelligence-agencies-I-mean-interagency-working-group or DHS or DNI or something.

  7. Renoman says:

    It’s hard to believe the way the US politicians acted, what a silly bunch. I guess they were just obeying their Military masters who were just obeying Israel. Americans, how can people so successful be so dumb?

  8. This RussiaGate is nonsense. As others have pointed out – they did not influence our 2016 election. The “proof” that the Russians spent a few million dollars on it is dwarfed by the billions that the GOP and the DNC spent. Hillary lost because many besides myself were angered by the Establishment DNC’s treatment of Bernie Sanders, plus there is a growing awareness by Progressives as to what dirt-bags the Clintons are. Bill Clinton’s term in office was a total sellout of the working class to the interests of Wall Street. The DNC must take fair warning – if they think that they can win in 2018 and 2020 by smearing Trump and by not ditching the neoliberal Clintons, Pelosis, Schumers, etc., and embracing the working class, they are repeating a badly failed experiment.

  9. Arnieus says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    It’s not. It is “Madness in Helsinki”.
    Helsinki is not in Moscow. The rest is spot on. The title should be “Madness in Washington”.

  10. rosemerry says:

    “Back in the 1940’s, GRU managed to penetrate and influence Roosevelt’s White House”
    Tell me about this. At the time, the USA and USSR were allies against the Nazis, were they not?

  11. Anonymous [AKA "Michael Shoen"] says: • Website

    The CIA is the enemy of all mankind. Read any history of the CIA. Read a dozen of them. The CIA is screwing countries left and right throughout the world and has been since 1947. They killed our own president in 1963 and then lied about it all these years. What more evidence do you want? Trump is a hero for standing up to our “intelligence” agencies. Heaven knows what blackmail is going on behind the scenes. Read the histories — turn off your tv. Mainstream media is bought and paid for by the intelligence agencies.

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