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It's Still 1945 in Europe --- In Washington's View
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Just how independent is the European Union? Given recent events involving the United States and its European allies, one really must wonder.

First, there was the US National Security Agency brazenly tapping German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s private cellphone and, very likely, many more vip’s in Germany, a key US ally and Europe’s most important nation.

Washington and the NSA shrugged off this horribly embarrassing incident with the usual “well, everyone does it.”

Not true. Imagine the stink if Germany bugged President Barack Obama’s Blackberry. Chancellor Merkel was humiliated but she downplayed the scandal, unable or unwilling to chastise the US by taking any real punitive action – like closing one of the 69-year old US military bases in Germany.

Next, Britain’s Mutual Defense Agreement with the US is up for renewal. This 1958 pact is the foundation of the much ballyhooed US-British “Special Relationship.”

This writer has reported for years that Britain cannot fire its nuclear-armed missiles without Washington turning the key via special codes. Now, we learn that Britain’s nukes also contain components that only the US can provide. France, at least, has an independent nuclear force.

In 2003, US CIA agents kidnap a Muslim cleric off the street in Milano. Italian courts indict and convict 23 US agents of this crime and orders them extradited to Italy. The US refused the legitimate extradition request.

US officials charge UBS bank with helping Americans avoid taxes – a perfectly legal act in Switzerland, the bank’s home.

The head of UBS wealth management, Raoul Weil, was arrested in Italy and sent to the US under house arrest where he waits trial. Washington shut down a second important private Swiss bank and sends others running. The Swiss banks, no angels, risked seeing their US operations shut down unless they violated the basic Swiss bank secrecy law by giving up many of their client’s names.

Now, France’s leading bank, BNP, is being forced to pay a mammoth fine of $8.79 billion for violating US and New York State sanctions against Sudan, Iran and Cuba. Such dealing was entirely legal under French and EU law, but the US was determined to expand its punitive laws to Europe -a process called “lawfare.” BNP’s business in the US was threatened. BNP’s humiliation was hailed as a victory by Israel against Iran.

Shockingly, France’s government made no more than a few peeps of protest, yet another example of abject weakness by President Francois Hollande who is often compared to a large jellyfish by French critics. Paris could have told the Americans “non!” and threatened to seize US assets in France. Instead, it groveled.

Of late, two Americans were caught red-handed spying on Germany’s government. The CIA station chief in Berlin was ordered expelled. Germany repeatedly asked the US to be included on its lilly-white list of allies supposedly not to be spied upon: Canada, Britain, Israel, Australia, New Zealand. The US refused.

No one knew whether President Barack Obama was actually aware of this espionage. He will, of course, deny being in the loop. But further serious damage was inflicted on US relations with Germany and the European Union.


Unwisely, Washington still deals with Europe and the EU as if dealing with minor vassal states: “foot soldiers for America’s nuclear knights,” in the pithy words of Germany’s late defense minister, Franz Josef Strauss. Washington’s arrogance and contempt for Europe was best illustrated by State Department neocon Victoria Nuland’s reply when asked if the EU should get more involved in US attempts to overthrow Ukraine’s pro-Russian government, “f-k the EU.”

Washington has never accepted any European state or the EU as an equal. While official US policy backs a united Europe, unofficially the US has sometimes tried to thwart or delay unification – particularly a European armed force. NATO – 76% financed and run by Washington – is still the EU’s police force and America’s big stick in Europe.

At times, it looks as if not so much has changed in Europe since 1945. The Soviets are gone, but the more amiable Americans are still around. But it often seems that Washington is almost trying to alienate its natural European allies by treating them like banana republics with old world charm.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Europe 
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  1. Priss Factor [AKA "Andrea Ostrov Letania"] says:

    Not the US. It’s the Jews who run the US that do this.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Eileen Kuch
  2. Don Nash says: • Website

    The Europeans are unable to stand. Lacking a spine will do that.

  3. Euro-federalists financed by US spy chiefs – who work for Israeli spy chiefs.

    Lets tell the whole truth everyone!

  4. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    Without Jewish help most Americans could not find most of these European countries on the map, much less the endless list of countries America has recently attacked. In Israel in the 1970s religious students used to stay up late into the night fretting about how the next holocaust was a sure thing. They said that as soon as the Communist boogyman gave out and the USA needed a new enemy to drive the war machine and the economy, their secular brethren in New York, who control the banks and the media, would push America into endless wars with the entire, poor, sleepy, Moslem world. Then the economy will crash, as all usury bubbles eventually do, and little Annie Frank will be left holding the bag again. This is already a done deal; many of the American Jews I knew then have moved to Japan, Australia, or Switzerland.

    • Replies: @Ahmed
  5. Yakov says:

    @Andrea Ostrov Letania

    Is there anything that the Jews don’t run? So in your opinion the US is not responsible for its actions it’s all the Jew’s fault?

    • Replies: @quercus
  6. quercus says:

    @Yakov. NO, NOT the “US” Yakov, individual people in the United States are responsible. Individuals wielding power and influence, Yakov. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE, my children are not responsible, most American citizens are not responsible. Ultimate responsibility lies with individuals, but many of these people are hidden from view, or at least their machinations are. Individuals who conspire together to effect their own agenda, while manipulating far too many unwitting and ignorant people into supporting an agenda that is against their own best interests most of the time. And yes, Yakov, many of these individuals are Jews, not all, but many.

    Remember, they didn’t hang “Germany” at Nuremberg, they hanged people. It is a fate well deserved by the individuals making policy in this country.

  7. mh505 says:

    Any state accepting to be treated like a banana republic is a banana republic

  8. Old Salt says:

    Weakness breeds contempt. They’ve enjoyed letting their militaries rot away to nothing while the USA picks up the tab for their defense. If they want respect then we need to have the feeling that as allies they are more than just dead weight.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  9. SFG says:

    “Remember, they didn’t hang “Germany” at Nuremberg, they hanged people. It is a fate well deserved by the individuals making policy in this country.”

    Yeah, but these ethnic things tend to spread to the group from which the evildoers spring. My grandma had to leave Berlin in the thirties, and she wasn’t a commie or even a leftie. Lots of Germans were expelled from their homes in Eastern Europe after WW2, and I imagine they weren’t all Nazi collaborators–and, really, when Stalin and Hitler are fighting over your country, I imagine collaboration is a matter of which dictator you think is less likely to kill you.

  10. Yakov says:


    ‘Remember, they didn’t hang “Germany” at Nuremberg, they hanged people. It is a fate well deserved by the individuals making policy in this country.’

    Can you provide a few examples of people that should be hung and their specific crimes?

    • Replies: @quercus
    , @Mannstein
  11. Priss Factor [AKA "Andrea Ostrov Letania"] says:

    FU-EU Nuland.

  12. quercus says:

    Far too many to name, and I’m not going to be lured into giving you names. I have no doubt you can guess who might be on the list.

    By the way, the word is “hanged” not “hung”. “The clothes were hung out to dry”; “the prisoner was hanged at 1 pm.”

  13. The NSA/US Army just completed a massive half-billion spy center at Wiesbaden, in the center of Germany. Pictured here:

    If the German government is serious about sovereignty, it would order that new spy base closed.

    • Replies: @Art M
  14. Yakov says:


    I believe ‘hung’ is a legitimate usage.

    Too many to name? So you envision mass hangings? If you cannot name the people, can you name the charges?

    Also, do you feel yourself a victim of the Jews?

    • Replies: @quercus
    , @Mannstein
  15. NB says: • Website

    I see that the Jew-baiting at never ceases with commenters echoing Nazi propaganda, which attributed Germany’s problems to the “machinations of a global Jewish conspiracy.”

    “According to German wartime media, it was German citizens who were targeted for extinction by a vast international conspiracy. Leading the assault was an insidious, belligerent Jewish clique, so crafty and powerful that it managed to manipulate the actions of Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin.”
    (emphasis added for both quotes)

    • Replies: @Mannstein
  16. Kiza says:

    Not a good article.
    For starters, it insists on the case of spying on the Angela Merkel’s mobile phone which is total nonsense. One would have to have rocks in the head to think that a head of state would not be spied upon. Therefore, this whole noise about spying on Merkel is a diversion from the reality that every German’s phone call, SMS and internet visit is spied upon by the USG. Merkel has to deal with German counter-intelligence for not preventing USG from spying on her. It is not a friendly gesture by USG, but “friendly” Israel has thousands of agents in the US and spies on every prominent member of USG. If I were German I would not worry about USG spying on Merkel, then whether BND works for the USG instead of the German Government.
    Secondly, anyone who knows even the basics about Europe would not read anything new in this article. EU is a total servant of the US, if not through pliant Germany and France, then through its Airport One, (UK) or even more through the Eastern Europeans (Poles, Czechs, LithEstoLats) who USG can buy dime a dozen.
    But, in passing, this article mentions a very important new tactic of the USG, even more important than trying to know everything about everybody by collecting all digital info – killings and kidnappings. Yes, the USG has started killing and kidnapping people anywhere in the world, people who it wants to kill, or torture, or blackmail. Even family members of influential people are a game for the USG criminal gang. There is no law on this Earth which applies to USG any more, it is a law onto itself.

  17. quercus says:

    1. I never said anything about mass hangings, that expression was used rhetorically, but I guess you didn’t get that.

    2. I think it crime for one nation (the United States) to attack another (Iraq).

    3. No, I don’t feel myself a victim of Jews; however, societies often do become victims of those who have the “will-to-power”, whatever their ethnicity.

    4. The verb to ‘hang’ can be a transitive or intransitive verb. The “man was hanged at 1 pm” is its intransitive form. Frankly, I don’t care what grammar-monster says, “the man was hung” sounds extremely stupid.

    • Replies: @Socrates
    , @Mannstein
  18. mike says:

    the american government is in the position any government finds itself when a foreign governement (israel) usurps its government–most of its moves are against its best interest. the u.s. is imploding. no secret here. it now exists merely to serve israel. it is a nation universally hated because it has lost control of itself and is little better than a proxy of israel. understand this simple truth and you understand current u.s. pathology.

  19. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Forgot to mention the German gold in US hands.

  20. Art M says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    Are you serious? Of that 500 million dollars for the new Spy Center, how much do you suppose found it’s way into the Wiesbaden economy? If Angela were to get all huffy and tell the US to just pack up their toys and go home (a move I would most heartily agree with), well, just how much money do you suppose Germany (and the rest of Europe) makes off of US “occupation”? And, at great added cost, the Germans and the rest of the EU would have to start paying for their own defense. How much do you suppose that would cost?

    Does this excuse our ham-handed approach to people in general? No. But it does remove the EU’s right to complain about it and be taken seriously.

    I shed no tears for Angela and her tapped phone. When you sleep with a beast, you best expect to be scratched every so often.

    • Replies: @Mannstein
    , @Mannstein
  21. Yakov says:


    Maybe you care for the Webrster’s dictionary?

    “The distinction between hanged and hung is not an especially useful one (although a few commentators claim otherwise). It is, however, a simple one and easy to remember. Therein lies its popularity. If you make a point of observing the distinction in your writing you will not thereby become a better writer, but you will spare yourself the annoyance of being corrected for having done something that is not wrong.”
    (Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of English Usage, 1994)

  22. @Priss Factor

    How right you are, Andrea. The US is definitely run by Zionist Jews through their agencies – AIPAC, ADL, etc. These Jewish agencies dictate both US foreign AND domestic policies; have Congress by the throat. Those lawmakers who stray from the Jewish agenda are driven out of office come election time.

    The only US President who had openly defied and confronted Israel in the Zionist Entity’s existence was John F. Kennedy; he was assassinated in broad daylight by Mossad agents and their allies within the gov’t (including Lyndon B. Johnson, the Vice-President) as a message to all future Presidents that the same would befall them if they repeated JFK’s actions.

    Even Supreme Court Justices were targeted for blackmail by Israel and its adherents. Current Chief Justice John Roberts was blackmailed into ruling a “law” known to be in violation of the US Constitution “Constitutional”, as were Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia, and one other. These five are Roman Catholics; the other four are Jews.

    Dept. of Homeland “Security” is a Jewish creation, in the model of the Bolshevik CHEKA, created by the Bolshevik Regime under Vladimir Lenin in 1918.

    • Replies: @Mannstein
  23. Socrates says:

    “Frankly, I don’t care what grammar-monster says, “the man was hung” sounds extremely stupid.”

    Not stupid at all, most men would prefer to be well hung as opposed to well hanged 🙂

  24. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    “Germany repeatedly asked the US to be included on its lilly-white list of allies supposedly not to be spied upon: Canada, Britain, Israel, Australia, New Zealand. The US refused.”

    Israel isn’t in the five eyes and is considered a legitimate spy target. It is however a very close partner of the NSA and gets access to raw intelligence data.

  25. Ahmed says:

    This is short but a brilliant analysis! I like it because I know this is what is going to happen much sooner than anybody expects. Thanks for delivering such effortless yet superb analysis.

  26. I learned the hanged/hung distinction in, of all places, ALM’s introductory high-school German textbook back in 1971.

    It’s not logical, but traditional (“hanged by the neck until dead”), so like most reactionaries I’m drawn to defend and preserve it. “Hung” comes across as degrading, as in “We hanged the Germans, then hung the Arabs.”

    Speaking of “drawn”, New Englanders both hanged and hung turncoat Joshua Tefft after King Philip’s War– the latter after they drew and quartered him. As an example to the townschildren.

  27. The EU is more properly termed a banana empire. With mostly imported bananas.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  28. Mannstein says:

    How about the guys that ran and managed the gulag death camps.

  29. Mannstein says:
    @Eileen Kuch

    How right you are. The first head of Homeland Security was Chertoff a Jew who hired Marcus Wolf former head of the Stasi as an advisor.

  30. Mannstein says:

    The “man was hung” is grammatically correct if you speak the Queen’s English.

  31. Mannstein says:
    @Art M

    And how much money has the German tax payer been shaken down for because of the alleged 6 million.

  32. Mannstein says:

    Ah yes the Kaufman Plan “Germany Must Perish” and the Morgenthau Plan were all cooked up by Hitler and Goebbels. And let’s not forget that International Jewry called for an economic boycott of German goods in 1933 just months after Hitler took power.

    Sorry but that Harvard book that you linked does not reflect reality. Jews were considered an national security risk in Germany during the war as were Japanese in the US and Canada.

  33. Mannstein says:

    Russians liquidated by the Cheka would certainly consider themselves as victims of the Jews. No one has been called to account so it will happen again.

  34. Mannstein says:
    @Art M

    The Germans according to your comment should feel thankful for being occupied and spied upon. US nuclear weapons are stationed on German soil as a result of this occupation. If a war breaks out between the US and Russia Europe will be the first to be vaporized and for that they should also be thankful because of all the money they are making in the meantime as a result of this benevolent occupation. Give me a break.

  35. @Old Salt

    Defense from whom?

    They were occupied by the worlds most vicious State.

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