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Hillary Haunted by Libya
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I went to Libya in 1987 to interview its strongman, Muammar Khadaffi. We spent an evening talking in his colorful Bedouin tent outside the Bab al-Azizya Barracks in Tripoli which had been bombed a year earlier by the US in an attempt to kill the troublesome Libyan leader.

Khadaffi predicted to me that if he were overthrown, Libya would break up into two or three parts and again fall prey to western domination. His efforts to bring the Arab world and West Africa out of subservience and backwardness would be ended, he foretold.

The Libyan “leader” was right. Today, after his death, Libya has splintered into warring camps. The US, France and Egypt are expanding their influence in Libya, lately also joined by Italy, Libya’s former colonial ruler. They have installed the usual set of yes-men to do their bidding. Old habits die hard.

We will be hearing much more about Libya after the big wins by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in last week’s Super Tuesday Democratic primaries

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will shortly face the return of a major threat that has bedeviled her since 2012 – the attack by jihadists on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya and the killing of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and his bodyguards.

Republicans have been trying to lay blame for Benghazi on Clinton. So far they have not been very successful. But brawler Donald Trump can be counted on to attack Hillary over Benghazi, her record as a do-little Secretary of State, and her legal troubles. What’s more, the true story of the phony “liberation” of Libya may finally emerge.

Neither the Democrats nor Republicans have so far dared reveal what really happened in Benghazi. The so-called 2011 “popular revolution” in Libya was an elaborate plot by France, Britain, the US, aided by the Gulf Emirates and Egypt, to overthrow Libya’s four-decade long strongmen Khadaffi and seize control of his high-grade oil.

Western intelligence and quasi-government NGO’s used the same tactics of subversion in Libya that they employed in the successful “color revolutions” Georgia, Ukraine, and Syria, but failed in Iran and Russia.

The French wanted to overthrow Khadaffi because he claimed to have helped finance former President Nicholas Sarkozy’s election. Sarkozy denied the charged. The Gulf Arabs wanted Khadaffi dead because he kept accusing them of stealing Arab wealth and being puppets of the Western powers.

French intelligence agents had tried to assassinate Khadaffi in the 1980’s. Britain’s MI6 sought to kill the Libyan leader with a massive car bomb in Benghazi. Both attempts failed.

The regime change operation begun in 2011 by the US, France and Britain by engineered popular protests in Benghazi. They were soon followed by covert military operation led by US, British and French special forces against Khadaffi’s rag-tag army, followed by heavy air attacks. The tame western media obligingly closed its eyes to this Western military intervention, instead hailing Libya’s “popular revolution.”

After Khadaffi was overthrown and murdered (reportedly by French intelligence agents), huge stores of stockpiled arms became available. Secretary of State Clinton, who had championed the overthrow of Khadaffi, decided to arm the West’s newest “color revolution,” Syria’s anti-Assad rebels.


Most of these Libyan arms were stockpiled in Benghazi, covertly flown to Lebanon or Jordan, then smuggled to the anti-Assad rebels in Syria. US Ambassador Stevens was overseeing the arms transfers from the US consulate in Benghazi. He was killed by anti-American jihadists battling the occupation of Libya, not “terrorists.”

Hillary Clinton, who is bankrolled by heavy-duty neocons, holds chief responsibility for two calamities: the overthrow of Khadaffi and Syria’s terrible civil war. Khadaffi had been restraining numerous North African jihadist groups. After his overthrow, they poured south into the Sahel and sub-Saharan regions, menacing western-dominated governments.

We also learn that Clinton’s State Department green lighted over $150 billion of arms sales to 16 repressive nations that had donated large sums to the Clinton Foundation – a sort of government in exile for the Clinton clan.

All very sordid business. No wonder so many Americans are furious at their political class. Lots of ammo for Donald Trump.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Greg S. says:

    On the better Margolis articles in quite some time, really spot on.

    This election, in its primary phases, is shaping up to be Trump vs. the Neocons. Trump stands alone in his corner, while literally every single other candidate is a neo-con. Even old Bernie Sanders apparently voted in favour of all the wars.

    Margolis seems to be hinting at some bizzaro future reality where Trump exposes the Libyan and Syrian wars for the crimes that they are, and more importantly, speaks this truth to millions of Americans, and MOST importantly, millions of Americans believe him. Could this actually come to pass? I tend to doubt it.

  2. dearieme says:

    People will miss O when he is gone: Hellary will be far worse.

    • Replies: @Argos
    , @Eileen Kuch
  3. Well, Benghazi has been pretty much beat to death without the truth being outed to the general public. But maybe Trump could make it stick or at least point people in the right direction.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  4. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I agree. The basic fact is that Americans care so little about world events (5th or 6th national priority per pretty much every poll) that, even though the ammo may be plentiful, it’s not the heavy-duty rounds needed to dent the Hillaryites’ ideological carapace.

  5. DES says:

    The Benghazi attack may be “old news” by now, but Trump has shown an ability to revive such stories. Witness his attack on Dubya’s Iraq invasion in the recent debate. A Trump-Hillary debate would be an excellent forum for a broadside against Hillary’s entire Libya policy (besides being great theater generally). Joe Six Pack might actually pay attention.

  6. Trump would do better to attack her storing classified materials and cronyism. Even if the slaughter of black civilians by Libyan jihadists were widely publicized, it wouldn’t move the ethnic vote in favor of Trump.

  7. I doubt there is anything that haunts Hillary on a personal level, and, as long as she has a D next to her name, electorally as well.

  8. The bullshit from the imperialists never end, does it?

    ” the attack by jihadists on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya”

    Libyans were kidnapped , illegally imprisoned and tortured in an illegal CIA blacksite (which Barry the the Kenyan had supposedly eschewed years earlier.)

    They were freed , and their captors rightfully killed by Libyan Patriots.

  9. The Libyan “leader” was right.

    Why the quote marks?

    He led his nation for four decades, and though reviled by the West for much of that time, his claim to leadership was never disputed by it. Nor was the fact that his vision for Libya was essentially secular, progressive, indigenous, and non-sectarian or tribal.

    Much of what the West has missed in the case of the Baathists, Saddam and Assad, and Arab Nationalists, broadly speaking, is that they were indeed secular, egalitarian progress away from the tribalist politics of the region—a necessary precondition to modern statehood.

    Their hands may be bloody, but no more so than the hands of those regressive forces they suppressed, or those right-wing dictators we supported for so long in Latin America and elsewhere, because the alternative would have been worse.

  10. KA says:

    Is she haunted? Doesn’t look like that it has any effect on the morally blank slate of her missing soul. She has not felt any remorse from the fallout of the Iraq war.She has been in pains to underscore the success in Libya so that it could be cited for use as a template in Syria.

    It is not that people are not redeemable or rehabitable. They are .So is she. But only a threat of long term incarceration in Hague can possibly make that happen . People say sorry and that could be the beginning .

    To prevent a future “Iraq war ” or “Libyan war” , the architects of the crimes have to be mocked,ridiculed,hauled before court and be tried as ordinary criminals .Only then the world would be spared of the repetition. Otherwise it will keep on repeating .

    She is not haunted She goes to bed everyday thinking how she came saw and he died .
    What a pathetic choice for future head of a country !
    Unhaunted she sees a Hitler in Trump!.

  11. Shafiq says:

    The neocons, MIC and Wall Street want no part of either Trump or Sanders. Clinton is their number 1 pick, Rubio number 2 and Cruz number 3. Trump will have only a plurality and the party grandees will outflank him and deny him the nomination, while the DNC will do the same to Sanders using superdelegate votes. After that, no matter who wins, they win–unless history is made by a third party candidate winning. In 1992 the country was in much better shape and both duopoly candidates were far more appealing than Clinton, Rubio or Cruz. Yet Perot was up to 39% in the polls and still got almost 20% after withdrawing. I believe it would be possible, especially with the rogue’s gallery of major party candidates put forth by the oligarchs.

    • Replies: @Jeff Davis
  12. Argos says: • Website

    The current US President a closet war criminal was most instrumental in the demise of Gaddafi and his country perhaps all that is being done to other countries will eventually come to roost in their country and its citizens

  13. Biff says:

    The Wicked Witch of the West is going to make the Bush administration look like neocon light.

  14. I wish someone would ask Trump, “If elected president, and the evidence supports it, will you have Hillary indicted and put on trial?”

    Of course, this is pointed very particularly at Hillary, because she is in the Campaign-for-Presidency “bullseye”. But after that very pointed question, the issue of indictments of the full spectrum of high govt and establishment figures should be broached: Bush, Cheney, Neocons, Congressional supporters of the Iraq war, “banksters”. Will Trump be willing to hold accountable all the Washington powerful who have previously been “too big to jail”?

    These are the two questions I want Trump to answer.

    And not surprisingly, the answer I want to hear is “Yes”.

  15. @Shafiq

    If both Trump and Sanders get cheated out of their respective nominations, they could team up for a Trump/Sanders third party ticket. I know I’m “just dreamin”, but this electoral season is so dynamic and so unprecedented that something like that just might be possible.

    The US presidential election has become a reality tv show starring Donald “I don’t do tone” Trump.

    Interesting times.

  16. @dearieme

    Dearieme, what makes you think Hillary the Hildebeast will succeed O as POTUS? Reports are already out that she’ll be indicted for treason for using her private server for receiving and sending emails with some 2,000 classified data, some containing SAP data.
    SAPs are the most sensitive classified data there is. Their classification tops even SCI classification; and inserting such data into a private server poses grave danger to national security. For this alone, Hillary deserves life in prison w/o parole .. mainly, in solitary confinement .. in a Federal prison.
    Once she’s indicted on these charges, her campaign is automatically ended, leaving Bernie Sanders as the only Democrat candidate left .. unless, Joe Biden is brought in to challenge Bernie.

  17. As is usually the case, Margolis’s analysis is spot on. The fact is, Hillary went in with eyes open, realizing that a jihadi-influenced failed state would be the result. The Queen of Chaos should face war crimes liability for her actions here and elsewhere. Anyone who votes for her in light of the information available has the same responsibility as the “good Germans” who supported that odious regime.

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