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Hands Off the Iran Deal
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President-elect Donald Trump vows to either tear up or rewrite the recent international nuclear deal with Iran, calling it ‘disastrous,’ and ‘the worst deal ever negotiated by Washington.’

Iran, which has closed important nuclear facilities, shut down half its centrifuges, and neutralized its stores of nuclear material under the international agreement, must be wondering if it’s nuclear deal was not really, really disastrous.

In his rush to condemn the Iran deal, Donald Trump seems to be forgetting that the pact was co-signed by Britain, France, Russia, China, Germany and the UN. Backing out of the pact will be no easy matter and sure to provoke a diplomatic storm.

The outgoing CIA director, John Brennan, calls Trump’s plan to junk the Iran deal ‘the height of folly.’ Brennan warns that doing so would further destabilize the Mideast and embolden hard-liners on all sides. He could have added that if Iran resumes nuclear enrichment, Israel’s far right government will likely go to war with Iran in order to preserve its Mideast nuclear monopoly.

An Israeli attack on Iran could quickly drag in the United States and become a major Mideast conflict. The Pentagon is not anxious to get involved in yet another war in the Muslim world. Interestingly, some Iranian hardliners actually hope the US will attack Iran: ‘America will break its teeth on Iran, and that will be the end of its Mideast empire,’ as one overconfident Iranian told me.

Adding to tensions, the Iranian nuclear deal has been under heavy attack in the US that may sabotage the pact even without Donald Trump’s intervention. The US Israel lobby has made sabotaging the deal with Tehran a priority. Equally important, Israel’s extraordinary influence over the US Congress and media has been directed at overturning or at least derailing the nuclear accord.

Iran is loudly accused of sponsoring ‘terrorism’ for supporting the Palestinian cause and Lebanon’s resistance movement Hezbollah and Yemen’s shadowy Houthi tribal movement. This while the US is arming, supplying and financing ultra-violent anti-regime jihadists in Syria and waging war in East Africa.

US Congressmen and senators hypocritically blasted the late Fidel Castro for being a dictator while hailing Egypt’s brutal dictatorship of Field Marshall al- Sisi and, of course, China’s dictatorship. At least Castro was esteemed, even loved, by most of his people. One seeks in vain any traces of affection for US-backed dictators like Sisi or the Saudi royal family.

Meanwhile, Israel’s partisans have been waging what they call ‘Lawfare’ against the Iran deal by trying to obstruct it in many legal and bureaucratic ways, particularly by refusing to removed most of the US trade and financial embargo on Tehran stipulated in the agreement. Europe is also forced, unwillingly, to comply with many of the US trade sanctions against Iran.


One of the more egregious examples was recent efforts by Israel’s supporters in Congress to thwart the sale of some 200 commercial US and European jets to Iran. Over 30 years of US embargo have left Iran with a dilapidated and often perilous transport fleet that has killed large numbers of Iranians in crashes caused by mechanical failures.

Iran seeks to renew its civil fleet by ordering $25 billion of new aircraft from Boeing and Europe’s Airbus. But Republicans in Congress voted to block the sale, clearly choosing Israel’s demands over jobs for tens of thousands of US workers. Rarely have we seen so raw an exercise of power.

Abrogation of the international nuclear deal with Tehran would almost certainly undermine the dominant moderates in Iran’s government and boost the hardliners back into power. They have all along claimed that the US cannot be trusted. Besides, North Korea’s Kim Jong-un has nuclear weapons and no one dares attack him.

But Trump will need Russian and European support for America’s other foreign policy headaches. Europe is totally behind the Iran deal and fears its rejection will ignite yet another crisis on its doorstep.

Mr. Trump is strongly advised to leave Obama’s Iran deal alone. It’s one of the outgoing administration’s few real foreign policy successes.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Donald Trump, Iran, Israel Lobby 
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  1. It’s an international agreement. Can the US really break it? If the other nations-participants (the EU, Russia, China) refuse to uphold anti-Iran sanctions – and I’m pretty sure they will refuse – what would be the point, and the effect, of the US ‘tearing up or rewriting’ it? No effect, it seems to me… So, isn’t all this talk just hot air?

    • Replies: @moi
  2. I hope Trump smashes the Iran deal to itty bitty pieces.

    Iran signed the deal under duress.
    It places their nation under the spying eyes of the Israelis; Iranians know this.
    Iranians have not gotten the bargained-for relief from sanctions — no surprise, as USA and the zios never intended to honor the bargain: it would set a bad precedent.

    If Trump breaks the Iran deal, Iran will be free to kick the spying bastards out of their country.

    Go for it Trump.

    • Replies: @TomSchmidt
  3. @SolontoCroesus

    Hadn’t ever considered this perspective. Thanks for the insight.

  4. the lion says:

    Quote “This while the US is arming, supplying and financing ultra-violent anti-regime jihadists in Syria and waging war in East Africa.”

    Why are you not calling the United States exactly what they actually are State sponsors of the Terrorist group formerly known as AL QAEDA IN IRAQ because that is exactly who Al Nusra front are and it was this group that Senator John Mc Cain went to visit in Syria in 2013 and which shortly after his visit split to form ISIS as well, there are even Photographs of the Senator with leaders of the later ISIS in them! The same group who just a few scant years before were killing US Soldiers and Marines! We should also note that ISRAEL have been providing medical assistance for Al Nusra Fighters, they even boasted about it although they declined to call them Al Nusra front fighters but injured people from Syria and claiming it as a humanitarian gesture!

  5. During the primaries, Rubio and other candidates were promising to “tear up” the Iran deal on their first day in office.

    Trump, on the other hand, promised to strictly enforce the deal.

    Trump took a lot of flak from neocons over this difference. This is one of the reasons they considered Trump insufficiently hawkish.

    Can Margolis tell us exactly when and where Trump allegedly promised to “tear up” the Iran deal?

  6. moi says:
    @Mao Cheng Ji

    Bef0re signing the agreement, it would have been wise of the Iranians to have consulted with Native American on the value of the USG’s signature–which, in a word, is worthless.

    • Replies: @Father O'Hara
  7. @John Gruskos

    Agreed. My recollection is that our President-Elect said he was going to “police” the deal. I don’t recall hearing him say he would tear it up.

  8. @ superhonky
    The legal police officer of the deal recognized by all signatories and the UN is the IAEA. The Trump government is not authorized to police the agreement hence Trump’s statement is worthless bluff.
    What could he do to police better whatever that means ? Demand that the IAEA police officers be replaced by US police officers? That would be tantamount to ask for ripping up the deal. Send drones into Iran over nuclear sites? The Iranians have already downed one US drone. With the help of Trump’s friend in Moscow they will down even more and thereby increase Putin’s knowledge of our technology.
    All Trump can do is read the police reports of the IAEA, twitter that they are false, and fume.

  9. @moi

    But the frozen money IS being unfrozen,isnt it? As the head Mullah of Iran,the Holy Awanna Rokkonyamomma,said,”Bitch its all about da Benjamins! We wants dat chedda!” Indeed.

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