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Fire the Nutcases Leading Us to War
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President Donald Trump claimed this week that he does not want war with Iran. If he really believes this, the president ought to look into what his subordinates are doing.

Among their bellicose actions are deployment of the ‘Abraham Lincoln CVN-72’ carrier task force to the coast of Iran, massing a strike package of B-52 heavy bombers in Qatar, just across the Gulf from Iran, positioning more US warplanes around Iran, readying a massive cyber attack against Iran, and trying to stop the export of Iranian oil, upon which its economy depends.

Plus repeated attempts to overthrow the government in Tehran – something the US already did very skillfully in 1953.

If all this is not war, according to Trump, then what is? It’s war by another name. Just what the US did to Cuba, Iraq, Sudan, North Korea, Nicaragua, Syria, and, since 1979, Iran. Like a shark, the US warfare state has to keep moving. So it finds threats popping up all over.

The latest alleged grave ‘threat’ to America’s security was an ancient wooden dhow. Spotted by US satellites, this decrepit old sail-powered tub was claimed by Washington war promoters, led by the enragé John Bolton, to be carrying Iranian missiles. What unbelievable rubbish.

Many moons ago, I used to oversee dhows based in Dubai smuggling expensive Western luxury goods and small gold ‘ten tola’ bars into India and Iran. They would dodge Indian and Pakistani patrol boats; if caught, ‘baksheesh’ (bribes) were paid. Some of the smuggled goods even found their way into the Soviet Union, via caravans through Afghanistan.

All this was worthy of Sinbad the Sailor and the Arabian Nights. Great fun and profitable, but hardly of any strategic consequence. But now, Washington’s war-mongers claim the dhows will threaten ‘US interests’ in the Gulf region. ‘US interests’ are, of course, whatever and wherever Washington says they are.

This is yet another charade that will be amplified by the tame US media, and gobbled up by the credulous public unsure if the Gulf is off Texas or Iran. It joins the huge lies about World War I – ‘Belgian babies spitted to German bayonets’ – Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, anthrax attacks, and Saddam’s ‘drones of death.’ Some cynics would add 9/11 and Osama bin Laden to the cast of manufactured villains.

We now know that all the reasons cited for attacking Iraq in 2003 where false. Pure lies. War propaganda. President George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Tony Blair led us into a war by a campaign of lies that fed off one another. Media that supported the war with false news was equally guilty.

Yet we still see, for example, the Murdoch-owned media, New York Times and Washington shamelessly promoting more war in the Mideast. US media has made little progress since the yellow journalism era of William Randolph Hearst. As the great Mark Twain said, ‘if you don’t read the daily newspapers you are uninformed. If you do read them, you are misinformed.’

Which leads us to ask the question: given all these lies, is it not time for us to begin questioning the official narrative about World War II?


Trump is playing with fire by making threats against Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Libya, Cuba, North Korea and China. He appears well on the way to a major war by either plan or accident. He is provoking and trifling with two major, nuclear-armed world military powers, Russia and China. Instead of capable diplomats, Trump keeps consorting with men of low character and even lower knowledge. It’s like the hostess who will never invite to her party another woman who is younger and more attractive.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Military, Donald Trump, Iran, Neocons 
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  1. Alistair says:

    This is “the Sheldon Adelson’s Foreign Policy” that’s being fully implemented by the White House en behalf of Benjamin Netanyahu for Israel.

    The reality is that the US Government is totally infiltrated and hijacked by the Zionist Tribal interests; be it at home or abroad, virtually every US policy is aimed to satisfy the Zionist Tribal interests first.

    As such, we shouldn’t be totally surprised to see that International Zionist Tribe; shady characters like Sheldon Adelson and John Bolton are pulling the strings of the US Government on behalf of Benjamin Netanyahu for Israel – may God bless America or whatever left of it.

  2. Exile says:

    Personnel is policy. I cannot believe Trump is serious about putting Americans’ interests first when he continues to employ clownish chicken-hawks like Pompeo, Bolton, Nimrata Randawha, et al. If there are inside-baseball structural conflicts which make it impossible for him to employ subordinates who believe in what I voted for, it only proves that the Empire can no longer be reformed by “rule of law.”

  3. Anon[318] • Disclaimer says:

    You’ll have to start with Trump first in that case. He recently denied there was friction or disagreement within his White House. Taken at face value, that means Trump supports whatever Bolton and Pompeo are doing, and his outbursts are less because he’s in disagreement with their policies and more that he’s just mad regime change isn’t as easy as he was led to believe. Personally, I think Trump has been a massive failure and a sell-out on all levels, and this is in line with previous sell-outs.

    • Replies: @Realist
  4. If only the Nuremberg Tribunal had still been in session to prosecute and hang the criminals who used lies to attack Iraq in 2003 the US today would be a far better place.

    • Agree: Malla
    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @Jeff Davis
  5. anarchyst says:
    @Anita Patel

    The Nuremberg trials were a farce and disregarded “rules of evidence”. Even some of the American “judges” on the court KNEW that these were show trials of the highest order, most of which were run by the Soviet Union. Defendants were tortured and their families were threatened if they did not admit guilt to (nonexistent) “crimes”.
    The Nuremberg trials were used to legitimize the false claims of the “holocaust” and did more damage to true jurisprudence than just about any other judicial system.
    We are seeing the same situation today with the prosecution and incarceration of elderly women (Monika Schaefer, Ursula Haverbeck, Sylvia Stolz, and many others) for daring to suggest that the so-called jewish “holocaust” be properly investigated. Just as in the Nuremberg trials, TRUTH cannot be used as a defense. A flawed, dishonest tactic, “judicial notice” is used to disallow evidence favorable to the defense, if it goes against “commonly accepted beliefs”, even if these “beliefs” can be proven to be false.

    • Replies: @Stevelancs
  6. Realist says:

    Instead of capable diplomats, Trump keeps consorting with men of low character and even lower knowledge.

    Birds of a feather… Trump hired these assholes because of their lack of scruples and warmongering predilection. The suggestion that Trump didn’t know what these people were is silly bullshit. Trump is a member of the Deep State and is hiring the psycho dickheads to further it’s goals.

  7. Realist says:

    I agree with what you say except that Trump is a sell-out. Trump has been a Deep Stater for years. And I very mistakenly voted for him….never again.

  8. Fire the nutcases? Try them for treason!

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Miro23
  9. Heredot says:

    The US is implementing a siege strategy for China, Russia and Iran.
    In this menu there are terrorism, financial sanctions, proxy war, colorful revolutions and blows, every option …
    The United States is determined to blow up the planet …

  10. @anarchyst

    This is the Institute for Historical Review’s page on torture at the Nuremberg Trials, and while one instance of torture in Moscow is mentioned the rest are by American GI’s, Brits, and
    “American interrogators (most of them Jews) accused Pohl of killing 30 million people and of condemning ten million people to death.”

  11. anonymous1963 [AKA "anon19"] says:

    Its the Jewish lobby. Why won’t Margolis just say it?

  12. Hey, the elite running the show have really stepped up their game, going from circa 60k US dead in ten years in Vietnam to circa 5k US dead after nearly twenty years in Afghanistan and Iraq. Iran should be pretty much bloodless, so what the heck. This is one of our last big home-grown industries, after all.

    Too bad about the several million of the “enemy’s” guys and gals, but America First and all that.

  13. Realist says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    Fire the nutcases? Try them for treason!

    Very bold and brave of you when will this happen???

    Just bravado.

  14. The War Party in Vienna, 1914, was confident of victory against Serbia but blind to the reality of militarized Europe and that the consequences of a localized conflict would be global. In the nuclear age, as the pattern of history warns, world leaders today cannot afford to make the same mistake.

  15. Anonymous [AKA "Fun with Attribution error"] says:

    Purge the nuts. Purge the Jews. Feckless sloganeering.

    If you don’t like being led around by the nose, then take the ring out of your nose. CIA is the ring in your nose. You don’t have a staffing problem. Your problem is institutional impunity producing crime: torture, murder, proliferation, use of banned weapons, and of course illegal war propaganda and aggression.

    Before your criminal enterprise led you to war in Iran, they led you to war in Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Yugoslavia, Somalia, etc. etc. etc. The continuity is seamless. Who puts all those nutcases in power, year after year? CIA.

  16. Miro23 says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    Fire the nutcases? Try them for treason!

    That sounds like the Russians after the Jewish Bolshevik revolution of 1917. Fire the Bolsheviks and try them for treason.

    Unfortunately the public were not keeping up with events. Criticism of Jews after 1917 soon carried the death penalty and the Russian middle class were murdered or carted off to the Gulag.

    It’s the small minority in power who decide what happens.

  17. In the first two paragraphs, Margolis implies that it is Trump’s “subordinates” who are deploying an aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf and positioning more US war planes to further surround Iran. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but does crazed Zionist John Bolton have the authority to order such deployments on his own authority? Or is he just carrying out Trump’s orders, even if the idea came from Bolton himself?

    It’s time to quit blaming Bolton. We who follow these things know that Bolton has been a war loving chicken hawk psychopath since well before 9/11. If Trump didn’t know it before Bolton was appointed as National Security Advisor, then he is dumber than we think. And, if Trump is opposed to what Bolton is doing, then why has he not yet been fired?

    It’s time to put the blame where it belongs. None of this would have happened without Trump’s approval, and if he had not impulsively opted out of the JCPOA, which started this whole miserable chain of events. Even if the claims are true that Trump now wants to dial back this US provocation, it may be too late. There is little doubt at this point that there will be a big-time False Flag in our near future which will light the match and start the conflagration. And, as his two cruise missile bombings of Syria have shown, Trump is a sucker for false flags.

  18. Since, i think, ག i have been saying that US will not attack militarily Iran for at least couple of decades–if even centuries.
    I still expect that US will not wage war on Iran for decades to come; if ever. I thought US was willing to do that, but was scared then and is scared now.
    But i wonder who isn’t scared just imaging how and when would that war end and what it may cause.
    It looks to me that at least 50% of Americans do not want the deep state to wage any new wars.
    Not that it matters all that much; for the two top classes: the wealthy and its second servile class hold probably 98% of all political power.

  19. @Anita Patel

    I’m always amazed when they someone talks about how the United States is a country that observes and respects the rule of law. Total bs. The US is a rogue nation that has no use for the rule of law, domestic or International.

    Torture is a crime, an international crime, that is required to be enforced by, and can be enforced by any country on the planet, regardless of jurisdiction. There is no wiggle room for torture. None at all. And yet, we have a 6000 page torture report, which establishes without question that Dick Cheney, John Yu, Bybee and Addington authorized, and General Michael Hayden, as head of the CIA, directed, and Gina Haspel, now head of the CIA, took part in a US government authorized and implemented program of torture. Yet despite that fact, and the fact that every “officer of the court” around the country and the world have both the information necessary, the authority, and the duty to arrest these people, they walk around safe and free and unconcerned. So where’s this rule of law that everybody talks about?

    Then you have the US Congress. Because the United States is signatory to the UN Charter, threats of war and the making of war — except as specified by the UN Charter — are both US federal crimes. War crimes. Every Congresscritter that voted for the AUMF — Authorization to Use Military Force — in Iraq, or then voted — repeatedly — for follow-on funding for the war, are unindicted war criminals. So where’s this rule of law that everybody talks about?

    Ronald Reagan’s CIA Director William Casey infamously said,

    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

    We’re there. America is a rogue nation.

  20. Two things attributed to Lenin:
    1) nothing happens by coincidence; and
    2) everything is connected to everything else.

    The Mueller probe was going to wind up, because the Deep State had finally got all their players in place. Bar is a “Bushie”, a friend of Mueller, and not necessarily amenable to Trump. Mueller and his team will walk, despite the prosecutorial malfeasance, errors of fact in his political, not legal “report”, that allows the Democrats to continue. In all likelihood, Comey, Brennan and Clapper will walk. Bar will prosecute a few sacrificial lambs like McCabe, Strozk, and Page and the matter will be closed.

    The problem for Trump is how to regain some credibility for his campaign promises, before next year. He seems to have no problem with Putin, and Kim has made it clear that Pompeo and Bolton are the problem, not Trump. Venezuela? Is it a co-incidence that the plan on “invading” seems to have been drawn up Pompeo’s predecessor during Exxon’s man Tillerson tenure? Arse-kissing Israel is a pre-requisite for any politician seeking re-election.

    In some ways, putting war hawks like Pompeo, Bolton and Abrams in place is a stroke of genius. All of them are cartoon characters and have zero credibility. No one, except the best democracy money can buy – Congress – would pay heed to them. That is why Trump can continually make comments that run contrary to their blatherings, while throwing out the odd jingoistic nugget to placate the war crazies. Ending wars was always going to be a problem. Not starting shooting wars is a lot easier, and he hasn’t done that yet.

  21. Anonymous [AKA "Nicholas C."] says:

    He is paid by the word count, so saying it simply like you suggest will earn him only few bucks.

  22. Anonymous [AKA "william chandler michigan"] says:

    Inform the CHICKENhawk War Mongers that THEY will be forced to serve in the Front Lines of combat for the Duration of the War they are instigating……………..
    Then listen to the thunderous clap of SILENCE.

    Draft Dodging Bolton will be begging for PEACE.
    They only want War when THEY can be safe at home.

    • Replies: @anonymous1963
  23. anonymous1963 [AKA "anon19"] says:

    So do not sign up. There is no draft anymore.

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