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Fat Women Are Not a National Priority
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Good work, Democrats! In the Las Vegas debate, you blasted every target but Donald Trump. Instead of quivering in his Gucci loafers, the man who would be king was left dancing on air.

The man who should have been king, newcomer Mike Bloomberg, was left looking like a beaten-up cigar store Indian. He had not prepped for the debate and failed to dodge the obvious incoming missile attacks on him launched by a hissing Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg.

Many veteran Republicans fear that TV promoter Trump will steamroll Warren, Buttigieg, Biden and Amy Klobuchar. They may be right. Trump had to be delighted by the no-prisoners Democratic debate that bloodied his opponents before he could even get to them. Bloomberg was totally unprepared for the savage attacks launched against him. He looked like a neophyte suffering from camera fright.

I got a good read on Bloomberg when I had an intimate dinner with him some years ago. Rather than the stiff, unsmiling man we saw on TV in Las Vegas, in real life Bloomberg is clearly brilliant yet understated, charming, and endowed with a sharp sense of humor and quick wit.

Bernie Sanders, who has three homes, blasted Bloomberg for being ‘rich.’ This is a big sin to the Democrats who, like Hillary Clinton, pocketed millions in political support from big banks, unions and businesses under the cover of night or via bogus speaking fees and her fake foundation – a scam emulated by Trump.

The deeply corrupt Democratic National Committee, controlled by Hillary Clinton, rigged the vote that blocked Bernie Sanders during the last election. When news of this scandal emerged, Hillary kicked off the anti-Russian hysteria to divert attention from her chicanery.

Yes, Bloomberg may be the 9th or 10th richest man in the world. But his net worth comes from ownership of one of our most successful and reliable financial news organizations that he built up from nothing, and that employs important numbers of men and women. The use of Bloomberg terminals saves forests of trees.

Ignore Elizabeth Warren’s cheap shots about women being called names like ‘horse-faced lesbians’ or ‘fat’ at his firm. Many men speak this way to one-another in casual talk. Women often do the same regarding men. The answer to this is to totally segregate the sexes, as in Saudi Arabia. Trying to whip up a war of the sexes is not going to make angry Elizabeth Warren president. She should stick to her commendable work with banking and voting rights.

It’s pretty clear after the shootout in Vegas that Joe Biden has used up his last chance. Black voters and unions won’t save him. He looked old and very tired. But not as tired or off the mark as Mike Bloomberg. By contrast Bernie looked old, to be sure, but was full of beans.


As a foreign affairs specialist, what really dismayed me was that there was only one significant mention of international policy. That’s when the abrasive, loud-mouthed Sen. Amy Klobuchar could not remember the name of the president of Mexico. For God’s sake, she on a senate committee that deals with Mexico.

While our presidential debate focuses on overweight women and health care, the US and Russia have come terrifyingly close to open war in the Mideast.

But barely any mention of this in the debates. Trump and his big money men from New York and Las Vegas are trying to push Iran into an air war. The US is seeking to overthrow the governments of Venezuela, Cuba, Syria, and Iran. Clashes between China and the US are a major danger. Former defense chief Sam Nunn warns the US and Russia are closer to a nuclear conflict than any time since the 1960’s Cuban missile crisis. No matter.

Americans want entertainers for their made-for-TV politicians. Poor, dignified Mr. Bloomberg didn’t know he would face professional actors, not legislators.

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  1. The only people in the US that are deemed deserving of or able to radiate “dignity” are old negros. Think Barbara Jordan, at least until they realize she was a tough-on-all-crime believer in hard borders and little immigration. White people are entirely unable to act with dignity, and Jews? No dignity for Jews!!

  2. melpol says:

    Cutting the trillion dollar defense budget and using the savings to create healthcare for all Americans. Free college tuition and more taxes on the wealthy. Vote for Bloomberg and Sanders. Trumps prosperity is only for the privileged, most Americans have been disenfranchised. Two Jews will provide the needed support for struggling Americans. The privileged can take care of themselves.

    • LOL: nokangaroos
    • Troll: Chris Mallory
    • Replies: @Joe Wazzzz
  3. Alistair says:

    I wish the best for all Democrats, but for them to win the presidency is a bit far-fetched; because Americans are essentially “Apolitical” and that’s why Evangelist-Christians find the messiah in Donald J. Trump. who is actually agnostic; a womanizer–rich boy from the early 1970’s.

    Trump will be re-elected simply because he is White, Blonde, Blue eyes, Tall, German descent, and appears to be Wealthy — nothing else matters — the GOP loves him, they may even amend the US Constitution to allow him to remain President for life, in the newly formed American Throne.

    Trump will be re-elected, he’ll designate his daughter, Ivanka as his successor and heir to the American throne, so Ivanka Trump will become the First Woman President of the USA — and Senator Mitch McConnell will be awarded the “Presidential Medal of Freedom” for destroying the American democracy.

    • LOL: follyofwar
    • Replies: @PhilK
  4. TG says:

    I find it offensive that just because someone is rich, it is assumed a priori that they must be virtuous and productive and that we all owe our livelihoods to them. Rubbish.

    Modern finance is increasingly parasitic. It is rent extraction without adding anything to the real economy. Look at the explosion of the fraction of the economy that is going to finance: if modern finance were really efficient and produced real gains in the real economy, that fraction should be stable or declining, yes?

    We spent/are spending tens of trillions of dollars bailing out and subsidizing big finance since 2008 (yes really. TARP was hardly even the tip of the iceberg). For example, regular people now get zero interest on their savings and checking accounts, because the government loans the big banks money at effectively zero percent interest so they don’t have to pay you any interest, do they? Oh, but you have to pay them, yes indeed. And increasingly, when these banks make investments that fail, they get bailed out at taxpayer expense. Or they can just borrow money at zero percent interest, and loan it back to the government at 3 or 4%. Nice deal.

    Bloomberg and all the other billionaires that got rich from finance areis the world’s biggest welfare queens. The notion that all of our jobs depend on his royal grace is insulting to anyone who actually does anything useful.

    If it weren’t for his open-borders immigration plan, I’d vote for Bernie.

    • Agree: Dutch Boy
    • Replies: @mark green
    , @Morton's toes
  5. PhilK says:

    Trump will be re-elected simply because he is White, Blonde, Blue eyes, Tall, German descent, and appears to be Wealthy — nothing else matters

    If this is true, and if nothing else matters — then how was Obama elected and re-elected?

    • Replies: @Alistair
  6. Alistair says:

    ….Obama’s election was exactly the reason behind Trump’s free ride to the Presidency; America had in fact rejected whatever Obama represents, so they went to the Obama’s antidote – the white supremacists or some version of that – the opposite side — and Trump represents that opposite side !!!

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  7. renfro says:

    So is this a free ad for Bloomberg or did you get paid for it?

  8. Anonymous[187] • Disclaimer says:

    Let’s be clear about something Mr. Margolis, the creepy little girl sniffing supermax candidate of maximum corruption, Joe Biden, should be in prison, and there’s no way he ever had a chance of being President.

    But, to address your choice of numb, clueless, woektard-snowlflake, dumb, ass-kissing candidates, Bloomberg, who also has no chance of being (the first openly Jewish) President, who is as racist as any wealthy liberal, black or white, is a billionaire who no doubt has committed crimes along the way – please don’t give me any tips at the racetrack. He’s not going to beat Trump, none of them are.

    Why do you TDS people not see Trump is a masterful politician who expertly rallies his ever widening base, who has skin as thick and strong as the strongest substance know to humanity, who actually cares about our country and who is going to get re-elected.

    Re-join your country, be proud to be American, put America first – vote for Trump!

    Have a nice day Eric.

    • Agree: Female in FL
    • Replies: @animalogic
  9. @TG

    If it weren’t for his open-borders immigration plan, I’d vote for Bernie.

    Your comments are on the mark. Zionist Bernie should stop promising to inundate the US with impoverished aliens who are here solely for economic gain. Bernie should also quit promising totally free college tuition and totally free health care for all. Instead, he should be striving to find a way to reduce the costs of education and health care. If he could achieve just that, it would be an impressive and responsible step forward. When something scarce and expensive becomes ‘free’, waste and profligacy follow.

    You are also correct that the financialization of the US economy is a disgrace as well as a burden. Oddly, few talk about it. Financial chicanery and manipulation are forms of economic parasitism. Innovators and actual workers should rewarded most, not hedge fund operators who use their financial clout to strip mine wealth from productive companies.

    • Agree: Mustapha Mond, Dutch Boy
    • Replies: @animalogic
  10. Margolis:

    ” . . . That’s when the abrasive, loud-mouthed Sen. Amy Klobuchar could not remember the name of the president of Mexico. For God’s sake, she’s on a senate committee that deals with Mexico.”

    As a Minnesotan, I’m a constituent of hers. I dislike her, I’ve never voted for her, so don’t blame me for her, OK?!

  11. “Americans want entertainers for their made-for-TV politicians.”

    The US citizens wants competent mangers.But apparently, they aren’t applying for the job.

    • Agree: AWM
    • Replies: @AWM
  12. correction:

    The US citizens want competent mangers and leaders. But apparently, they aren’t applying for the job. And with all of that I still stand behind my vote for the candidate Trump.

  13. AWM says:

    “The US citizens wants competent mangers.But apparently, they aren’t applying for the job.”

    Would you?

    Ooh the damage is done
    And now I feel it’s too late
    The damage is done
    It’s over
    Now I’m on the run
    And baby you and I know
    The damage is done

  14. The Scalpel says: • Website

    Damn! Bloomberg bought off Eric Margolis too!!

  15. “By contrast Bernie looked old, to be sure, but was full of beans.”

    That isn’t meant as a complement is it? “full of beans” is actually an insult, meaning full of hot air, or flatulent. It’s about the same as saying someone is full of shit, which describes Bernie perfectly, BTW.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  16. To the author of this piece. I just don’t Understand how you are completely missing the incredible good that trump is doing. You’re so focused on saving trees that you completely miss the forest. We don’t have a climate change that was created by man. Our impact is so small and yet dems are completely convinced that the threat was caused by man and we have the solvent. There is no way no way we caused it or can solve it. Yes be good conservationists yes be good and responsible at improving our footprint wherever we can but it is nothing compared to the globalist threat the Communist threat that is real and that have been taking advantage of this country for 40 or 50 years. Trump is truly the only man who is setting this country back to conservative principles that matter the keep us together. Obama divided us not trump. Obama is what’s causing the division from what he did when he was in office. It is not trump. Trump is the one who wants to bring us together. He does the media people like you and others who lie deceive and tell Americans that trump is a racist that hes dividing us that he is trying to destroy America that he is a dictator and all this other bullshit. Please please go and watch on YouTube several videos on trump for the last 40 years you will see that his message has been consistent and good and what America has been needing for a long time as opposed to these selfish self righteous Criminal globalists who been running our country sonce Bush #1 on. And to those veteran republicans you Mention being concerned about trump winning again. If they are really concerned that trump is going to win again then they are not republicans they are not conservatives they are rhinos that need to go. I know you can’t see me when I give you this message but I sincerely believe that If it were not for trump, this country would be in hell with Hillary. I hope you will watch Agenda, the grining down of America. unless u are an athiest or among those who deem themselves elite over the rest, you will be enlightened as to the genesis of, and real objective of progressivism, which surely is not about progress for the people of this country.

  17. This is a big sin to the Democrats who, like Hillary Clinton, pocketed millions in political support from big banks, unions and businesses under the cover of night or via bogus speaking fees and her fake foundation – a scam emulated by Trump.

    Dear Eeic “Fruit Loop” Margolis:

    In what universe did Trum emulate corrupt Demonrat witches by taking money in the middle of the night? In what universe did Trump get a speaking fee?

    How can anyone reading your careless lying swipe at Trump up there in the first few paragraphs continue to read your loony drivel?

    Change your pen name to Eric “TDS” Margolis,, you lying loon.

    • Replies: @Biff
  18. Atle says:

    Remarkable. I find myself commenting.

  19. This is a lie: “a scam emulated by Trump”

  20. @melpol

    You forgot the Russia part.

  21. @Anonymous

    I agree Trump is a likely shoe-in — tho, i would give bernie a chance….
    As for Bloomberg, what is wrong with him ? An Epsilon-minus-moron would have known that the other candidates would go for him, red in tooth & claw — so why wasn’t he better prepared ? Or worse, is that the best he can do ? And worst of the worst, he didnt even have to be there …?

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  22. @mark green

    “Bernie should also quit promising totally free college tuition and totally free health care for all. Instead, he should be striving to find a way to reduce the costs of education and health care.”
    Yes, he should stop promising “totally” free health & college education. Theres no reason such services couldnt have a carriable cost. Health care — why not a small 1.5 % tax on all income ? (let the wealthy keep their private care. Universal care is for basic care — cancer, surgeries, broken bones, flu’s, GP visits, etc, not fucking botox injections). College ? How about the Gov pays for some of the cost & individuals the rest ? Let students pay when they can pay — say when they hit \$ 40K a year ?
    Done correctly the US will save trillions over the years. The US pays the most for care & gets some of the worst in health outcomes.
    As for Bernie’s open borders ? Sheer madness. Cant believe he’d ever get it through.

    • Replies: @Orville H. Larson
  23. @Twodees Partain

    “full of beans” is actually an insult,”
    “full of beans”:
    full of beans
    phrase of bean
    lively; in high spirits.
    “she was laughing and shouting and generally full of beans”
    From Oxford
    (Google search).
    (i think its more UK English, than US English, so perhaps you are unfamiliar with it)

    • Agree: foolisholdman
    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  24. Biff says:

    Change your pen name to Eric “TDS” Margolis,, you lying loon.


  25. I liked your column. Once again, plain, honest, straight-forward stuff. And I’m sure the private Mike Bloomberg is actually the upright, well-meaning kind of guy you got to know personally. Probably his army of grateful employees would agree. I’m just not sure that his signature achievement — the launching of yet another opinion-news-advertising outlet, even if named Bloomberg — is what the country and the world really needed from his billions.

    If invited to dine (ha!) with honest Mike, I’d ask whether his “neophyte suffering from camera fright” moment might have betrayed a debilitating tacit awareness. Namely, was mighty Mike embarrased to be pointman on feckless ruling-elite rescue expedition against the strange lineup of Democrat political pygmies destined to be demolished by “socialist” Bernie, who can only go down in flames come November?

    While you are certainly right that “many veteran Republicans fear” a Trump unchained, you don’t say why. Aren’t you talking here about the same status quo Republicans who found common cause with the like-minded DNC, spiking every Trump initiative to question the value of NATO or downsize the untenable empire of bases from the Korean peninsula and Afghanistan to the Balkans, Africa and the Near East? That, apart from a fatal mismatch in charisma, strikes me as the meaningful divide between turncoat exRepublican Bloomberg and turncoat exDemocrat Trump.

    To my recollection, Trump is the only president since Eisenhower who has ever had the courage to point to that \$1 trillion-a-year imperial third rail which has now effectively hollowed out the U.S. real economy over the past six decades, wrecking the middle class. Can you really then toss billionaire Trump into the Hillary/Biden swamp with a remark like “a scam emulated by Trump”?

    At the risk of seeming naive, I suspect the lonely current office holder is actually still working on the theme he laid out in his 2016 campaign. As a common-sense economist, he knows that technically bankrupt Uncle Sam can have either guns or butter, not both. Maybe it’s his genius to use the only Oval Office tactics available against towering odds and a stacked deep-state deck.

    At the flashpoints — Russia, Korea, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Israel — he has succeded like no other to sharpen the slumbering issues, leaving lesser intellects, including his own Neocon aides, to explain why continuing to persue all the same old policies will somehow bring forth a satisfactory result without triggering a third world war. That alone is an amazing achievement.

    As matters now stand, we probably will unchain Trump come November. Only then can we know what he really has in the back of his mind: more kicking the rusty can down a dead-end street or a true revolution in national policy and identity.

    • Replies: @Polemos
  26. Bernie can’t be a “socialist” because he’s not poor? What a brilliant non sequitur. Bet you really believe you figured that one out for yourself, and haven’t been spoon-fed that lie your entire life.

    You have a few million dollars, you buy a nice home or two, a nice car, a nice lifestyle.

    You have a few billion dollars, you buy a nice government or two.

    That’s the difference.

    Chief Justice Holmes said it years ago: you can have great wealth, or you can have democracy. You cannot have both.

    It’s time to set things right. Bernie’s not a real socialist. He is returning the Democratic Party to the New Deal principles, or trying. The billionaires who control both parties and the media will do everything in their power to sabotage the effort. The majority of the American people, including many Republicans, agree with Sanders’ reform platform. It will be an interesting contest.

  27. @animalogic

    Why didn’t Bloomberg’s many highly paid handlers advise him to forego that horrendous debate? Or are they just highly paid yes-men? Or did they, and the little mayor just ignored them?

    In any case, Bloomberg had nothing to gain and a lot to lose by subjecting himself to such ridicule from the likes of the insufferable Senator Warren. Unlike Trump he couldn’t come up with his own Rosie O’Donnell. Now, after stupidly entering the last debate, he will be forced to enter them all.

    Mr. Margolis is right that the moderators not forcing these candidates to answer questions on foreign policy is maddening. I have no idea where Bloomberg stands, other than that he is a friend of China.

    Yesterday, though, Bloomberg got his biggest endorsement to date when Clint Eastwood endorsed the mega-billionaire. Does the old Americon icon still have enough life left him in to join the Mayor on the campaign trail?

  28. @TG

    These words are on the TL/DR of Sanders’ vocabulary:

    capital levy.

    They say it means the capital of people like Bloomberg but it means yours and mine. Do you have a couple hundred K squirreled away? The socialists want it.

  29. @animalogic

    ” . . . Universal care is for basic care . . . not fucking botox injections).”

    OK, but don’t tell that to Nancy Pelosi.

  30. Antiwar7 says:

    Bloomberg entered the race only to try to steal it from Sanders. And he did that only to prevent the working class from having its fair share of the pie.

    Bloomberg was able to charm Margolis in private. So f*cking what?

  31. Polemos says:

    The true revolution in national policy and identity will be what? What will it look like?

    Not that this is related specifically to you, St Germaine, but I am unsure how anyone can really believe Trump is a USA nationalist when his behavior and policies in office have been for the betterment of a Netanyahu Israel. There are no USA nationalists running for any major, probably even minor (as in state level), office. He’s not even playing a game against “deep state” agents. He’s providing all of them cover for determining which of us citizens are the influential ones to take out in the next three years when COVID-19 makes people fearful to open their minds and doors.

  32. Thomasina says:

    “America had in fact rejected whatever Obama represents, so they went to the Obama’s antidote – the white supremacists or some version of that – the opposite side – and Trump represents that opposite side !!!”

    LOL. Americans voted for Obama because they were NOT racist, they actually wanted him to succeed. They were hoping against all odds that “Mr. Shucks, Golly Gee, Folks” was one of them, that at least he would have their back.

    Unlike Trump who stayed neutral during the Charlottesville riot (where he said both sides were to blame), Obama took sides several times, especially during the Trayvon Martin death where he immediately said, “If I had a son…” Hey, maybe we should call him a black supremacist.

    Obama is a member of the elite. That’s how and why he got the job. If the elite didn’t want him, he surely would have been screwed over like Sanders was in 2016.

    No, Obama toed the line. He bailed out the banks, no one served any jail time. He took out a sovereign leader (Gaddafi) and destroyed countries (Ukraine, Libya, Syria). He and his team plotted and then did spy on Trump and the Trump campaign. He let Hitlery off the hook, and the list goes on and on. Just as corrupt as the rest of them.

    Obama is sitting pretty now, laughing all the way to the bank, but he sure fooled some people, didn’t he?

    • Agree: El Dato, RadicalCenter
  33. El Dato says:

    Bloomie should have told Warren and Butty that they are two faggots, one of them literally, and that he doesn’t take advice from lying schoolmarms off their meds.

    That would have set the tone.

  34. @animalogic

    No, I’m very familiar with it, having heard it for as long as I can remember. UK English differs widely from the American English dialects.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  35. Corona virus will favour Warren. People will want an adult in charge. A planner not a visionary.

  36. Dutch Boy says:

    What I know about Bloomberg so far: He is a gun control fanatic who is now apologizing for his successful disarming of the black and Latino punks who were terrorizing NYC. He is also a pro-abortion fanatic Everybody will get health care if he wins. I have heard nothing in his TV ads about foreign policy. I am quite sure he will get it done because he says so. Yawn.

  37. I am offended by the title right off the bat. Mexican women should be a top priority.

  38. @Twodees Partain

    The English are the only people who can’t even speak their OWN language properly.

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