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Burn the Amazon!
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Cut down the trees. Kill the wild animals. Burn the bush. Pollute the rivers. Pave over the grass. Raise more beef, pigs and poultry in cages.

That’s the credo of the new right. Hatred of Nature is an integral part of its politics. President Donald Trump is the high priest of such environmental vandalism. In his narrow land-developer mind, Nature is a left-wing liberal conspiracy.

Trump’s Brazilian wannabe, President Jair Bolsonaro, is now doing his mentor one better: he encouraged Brazilian farmers, loggers and miners, all key Bolsonaro constituencies, to accelerate their destruction of the Amazon rain forest, which provides 20% of the Earth’s oxygen.

The farmers, miners and loggers responded to his call by burning the irreplaceable forest, the world’s largest, at a rate over 80% higher than last year. Rarely has the world seen a more horrifying example of humans destroying the small planet on which they live.

Bolsonaro and his fellow Brazilian vandals say they lack the means to stop this incendiary epidemic. Nonsense. The Brazilian president is a former army officer. He must deploy the entire Brazilian Army to protect his nation’s most important resource, the Amazon. Neighboring Bolivia, Columbia and Paraguay should join in. Here is a perfect example for the UN Security Council to take action by declaring the 75,000 man-made fires a threat to all humanity and threaten to sanction Brazil’s exports if its does not take decisive action.

France’s president, Emmanuel Macron put it right at the current G7 meeting at Biarritz, ‘our house is on fire.’ France, Spain and Portugal all have their very serious dry season fires, but they send small armies to combat them. Climate change is playing a major role in sparking the raging fires. Unlike Bolsonaro, the European nations don’t absurdly claim the fires were begun by NGO’s (non-governmental environmental organizations).

Brazil’s army numbers 222,700 men, backed by reserves of 1,980,000. Mobilize them. Bolsonaro has been eager to send special paramilitary militia groups into slums in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Send them to the Amazon, which has three million species of plants and animals, and one million indigenous people.

The Amazon’s forests are being burned primarily to create more grazing land for cattle, one of Brazil’s most important exports. Producing meat is not only cruel, it uses up inordinate amounts of land and water. All those who adopt ‘meatless Mondays’ or purchase new plant-based burgers are directly fighting the destruction of the Amazon.

The slow death of the Amazon is an alarm call to us all of the importance of trees to mankind. I’ve been to many nations – such as India and Haiti – where most of their original trees were cut down – and the result has been an environmental disaster for mankind and animals.

We are wanton and prodigal in our over-use of wood. Trees must be protected – as the city of Toronto has so wisely done by fencing off trees in construction zones. I hope that a way will be found to convert plastic waste into building materials.


The wide-scale destruction of the great North American boreal forest is a crime that must end now. Fly over the ‘clear-cut’ zones of tree destruction in Canada and the US to see the full horror of the industrialized massacre of our trees. Brazil is not the only killer of forests.

Recycling all wood is the first step. Banning open-air camp fires is another sensible step. Those who make a living by killing trees and animals must be advised to find other work at a time when labor is short.

Trump and Bolsonaro are modern-day vandals. The gutting of America’s wildlife and environmental laws by the Trump administration is a shameful act of ignorance. But one supposes that our president, who appears to live on burgers and diet Coke, has zero interest in wetlands, trees, birds, animals or rivers.

Even Adolf Hitler was an arch conservationist and vegetarian who hated smokers and loved birds and trees. The Mongols destroyed every city in their bloody path to free up more grazing for their ponies. Bolsonaro and Trump would feel right at home with Genghis Khan and his boys.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Brazil, Environment 
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  1. Human dentition says we are omnivores. We are not vegetarians. We eat meat.

    Denying your physical makeup is stupid.

  2. You live in Toronto and New York City, “with frequent visits to Paris.” Sounds like a pretty high-carbon lifestyle.

    If you want a smaller human ecological footprint and less farms and mineral extraction in Brazil, then you need to advocate for less humans or less economic activity or both.

    • Agree: Sean
    • Replies: @anon
  3. FWIW, more of Africa is burning at the moment.

    We are wanton and prodigal in our over-use of wood. Trees must be protected – as the city of Toronto has so wisely done by fencing off trees in construction zones. I hope that a way will be found to convert plastic waste into building materials.

    The former head of Greenpeace is of a somewhat other opinion … you should hear him out…

    On trees as a renewable resource for building and carbon sinks:

    On climate change in general:

    • Agree: Chris Mallory
    • Replies: @anon
  4. Awake says:

    This is completely lacking in insight, understanding, maturity. It’s clutter in the Unz RSS feed.

    • Replies: @getaclue
    , @anonymous1963
  5. Blankaerd says:

    Environmentalism used to be a standpoint strongly associated with the right. Adolf Hitler is a very good example; the nazis:

    1. Pioneered many animal welfare laws. There are some known instances of people who were particularly brutal to animals in Nazi-Germany who were sent to the concentration camps as punishment.
    2. Reforested the country; Hitler Jugend planted many new forests. In fact, some of these newly planted forests had a couple of trees planted in such a way that it forms a swastika pattern when viewed from above. Just jewgle ‘Forest Swastika’
    3. Curbed air pollution
    4. Designed the Autobahn to allow Germans easier access to nature
    5. Made protecting nature a big concern when constructing new buildings

    In the United States Madison Grant (who was the writer of the now famous book Passing of the Great Race) was one of the greatest conservationist of his day, he had animals and trees named after him as thanks.

    I don’t understand this need to oppose environmentalism just because it is now more strongly associated with the left.

    However, let’s not distract ourselves too much with the whole amazon fire thing. Forest fires happen and they recover rather quickly. Additionally, most of our oxygen comes from the ocean, and even if all oxygen production would cease today, we’d probably have enough oxygen in our atmosphere for a couple of thousand of years, so oxygen should really be the least of our concerns.

  6. None of these problems started with the Trump administration, in fact, there’s lots more that he’s done than any modern predecessor. Yet, the left is quick to jump on the TDS bandwagon. We live in extraordinary times, and there isn’t anyone else this country needs at the helm on our current trajectory, a course which both parties are complicit.

  7. I have no idea what the true climate story is..and I wont believe any climate story unless I did the research myself to prove what is..or things, happenings environmental start to happen that tell us unmistakably whats going on.

    But Zionusa put Bolsonaro into the Brazilian seat to do as he is doing..and it clearly is not good for anyone..not even for Zionusa. and maybe that fact helps us in the end..even if we are brought to our existential knees before getting back up

  8. Your radical liberalism is showing again, Eric. Trump is in no way right-wing, though he often talks like it. He is a just another SJW Boomer. And “even” Hitler? Hitler was further right and more conservative than most Americans today, though your fellow travelers would never admit that. Conservation is part of a real conservatism, and a natural part of any right-wing vision.

  9. Hitler was further right and more conservative than most Americans today….

    Well, if you’re going to take that viewpoint, you may as well acknowledge that Stalin and Mao were also more conservative than most Americans, including Mainstream Conservativism, in that they defended public morals, defended the borders of their countries, and put the Soviet Union and China first. Unlike today’s globalism, the Global COMINTERN was never going to be allowed to subsume its biggest players, it was only there to subvert the rest of the world.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
    , @DB Cooper
  10. getaclue says:

    Sounds like it was written by a Jr. High Communist “Scout” from Cuba or something? Really shouldn’t be here–because? It’s stupid…. The Leftist NGOs are lying/using the Brazil fire bs (less is actually burning this year than in prevous years I read NASA etc. reported…) to go after the President of Brazil who Soros and the NWO Globalist creeps hate thinking he is interfering with their mission to destroy the world, enforce 3rd World “migration” on it, and put Western Civ peons/whiteys back into the Stone Ages under their “Elite” Masters i.e. them….

    • Replies: @anon
  11. getaclue says:

    It is agenda driven bs– Environmentalism is now used to drive in Socialism/Communism–this fact has actually been disclosed by NGOs and “Leaders” of the “movement” caught on tape– the idea is to drive Western Civilization peons into Stone Age conditions whereby they will be easier to manage by the “Elites” “saving” them from “Environmental” devastation, stripping their 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights is part of this….– it is all about power and nothing else but suckers who think it is about saving Bambi buy into it. Please do some actual and wide ranging research of numerous sources and you won’t be so quick to buy into what the MSM and Globalist NWO propagandists are selling. Turns out even the DDT hysteria of the past was total bs– the woman/writer who caused it was clueless but it was popularized and DDT was gone–causing untold millions to die of Malaria because of it. It was a lie but is still taken as the truth by uninformed idiots–“Silent Spring” and all that bs…. Most of the Ocean pollution is from the ChiComs these days but nobody is going after them — it is the West where the dreaded “whitey” resides that must go back to the Stone Ages….

    The Amazon is actually burning less than most years and it is the Soros’ NGOs who hate the populist President of Brazil who are pimping this hysteria/lies. The past Head of Green Peace totally disagrees with all this Environmental hysteria “New Green Deal” bs and has stated it is insanity and lies–which it is — as is “Global Warming” and now, failing that, “Climate Change”–the agenda is to impoverish the West, destroy Christianity, and give more to the “Elites” like Soros and his ilk…. As to Hitler, he appears at Exorcisms now as he resides in Hell, he should have worried less about “animal welfare laws” and more about his own soul and the ramifications of participating in Mass Murder on it….

  12. @The Alarmist

    Isn´t the globohomo ALSO there to “subvert the rest of the world”?

  13. In no particular order:

    – The reason the border between DomRep (green) and Haiti (brown) can be seen from space is Trujillo, temporibus illis, declared the jungle his personal property and the friendly inhabitants were scared shitless of him. Do you want to go there?

    – Using the army to protect the rainforest makes about as much sense as using ERs to care for illegals.
    Privatize the effort – write out a bounty on their scalps; $10 should suffice, far more efficient and less damaging to the environment.
    Come to think about it, this would also be dandy for US border enforcement – $200, triple that for gang tattoos, plus a third of market value for guns and drugs.
    The last time this measure was taken there was a certain element of fraud involved – it seems Mexes were easier to shoot than Apache.
    Uncomfortable already? Good. How many square feet of jungle is a darkie worth? How many basis points of a gorilla? Because sooner or later you will have to answer these questions.

    – Carbon “fixation” means sediment, carbonate or organic carbon (peat, sapropel, gyttja).
    Tropical rainforest accumulates, therefore fixates precisely zilch (this also means it produces NO net oxygen) – leading to problems when you burn it down similar to badlands formation.

    – Worst case? Melting pole caps -> coastal onlap -> larger shelf areas -> increased biological productivity -> increased carbon fixation; probably a green Sahara. Gaia will take care of herself – in a coupla hundred years at most.

    We have FAR more pressing problems.

    • Replies: @anon
  14. DB Cooper says:
    @The Alarmist

    That’s not true. Mao didn’t exhibit any strong sense of preserving China’s territorial integrity and has been conceding China’s territory left and right. This is the reason today’s China is much smaller than before the Communist took over.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  15. That’s not true. Mao didn’t exhibit any strong sense of preserving China’s territorial integrity and has been conceding China’s territory left and right.

    If you are referring to the largely Kuomintang 11-dashes of “China’s Maritime Treasures” and Mao’s decision to relinquish the two that represented the Gulf of Tonkin to fellow Communists in Vietnam, you are grasping at historical straws. He asserted Chinese claims in other places where they had more real history, e,g. the border war with India, because China was historically internally and land focussed rather maritime focussed. Mao was always more of a marxist revolutionary whose proletariat were the peasants on the land, the popular masses, not the working masses in the cities or on the seas.

  16. ‘…The Amazon’s forests are being burned primarily to create more grazing land for cattle, one of Brazil’s most important exports. Producing meat is not only cruel, it uses up inordinate amounts of land and water. All those who adopt ‘meatless Mondays’ or purchase new plant-based burgers are directly fighting the destruction of the Amazon…’

    So ban imports of Brazilian beef until Brazil takes satisfactory measures to combat the fires.

    But no one will do that. As usual with global warming, we’ll get a lot of arm-waving and virtue-signalling — but little practical action.

    No one wants to solve the problem. They just want to milk it for status points.

    • Replies: @getaclue
  17. That’s the credo of the new right. Hatred of Nature is an integral part of its politics. President Donald Trump is the high priest of such environmental vandalism. In his narrow land-developer mind, Nature is a left-wing liberal conspiracy.

    What are you on about, you raving lunatic!

    Get help immediately.

    OT: the DSM has just added Trump Derangement Syndrome to their Level I disorders. They recommend immediate hospitalization followed by at least 20 episodes of electro-shock “therapy.”

    After that, the patient will need to be put on a lifetime regimen of Ritalin.

    Yours Truly,
    The Hatred of Nature High Priest.

  18. @DB Cooper

    ‘…This is the reason today’s China is much smaller than before the Communist took over.’

    That’s a ridiculous statement. Modern China exerts real sovereignty over far more territory than any previous Chinese state. Regions such as Tibet, Sinkiang, Inner Mongolia, and Manchuria were usually at best tributary to China; their relationship could be compared to that of Mexico to the United States.

    Today, ‘China’ is a geographical colossus. Practically everything that was ever under even the most nominal Chinese authority at any time is now all ‘China.’ It’s as if modern Great Britain was defined to include Ireland, Aquitaine, and Normandy.

  19. @Blankaerd

    Forest fires happen and they recover rather quickly.

    As far as I know this is not the case with a forest like the Amazonian forest. Josef Reichholf has explained that the vegetation has to be kept in its original state, that the soil of the forest is relatively poor and that the vegetation of the forest only exists if the forest is kept intact. The reason for that is that there is a special ecology which depends on the interaction of the original species. If you change that, the soil is lost and after that not much will ever grow again in this area (see his book “Der blaue Planet”. I read it many years ago and don’t remember all the details).

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  20. muen says:

    Eric, you were doing, well. I was captivated by your sensible reactionary plea for saving the Amazon rainforest. But then you went TDS, nazi’s and Genghis Kahn and his boys, no less. What the hell does ol’ Genhis have to do with anything? Eric, Eric, Eric, what are we going to do with you? You could’ve mentioned how the EPA was begun by the greatest environmental President in your lifetime, Richard M. Nixon. See ya next time.

  21. anonymous1963 [AKA "anon19"] says:

    In other words a typical Margolis article.

  22. anonymous1963 [AKA "anon19"] says:

    A lurid article even for Margolis. As a Torontonian I can tell you there is really nothing to what he says about the city’s “tree protecting”. They just slap a little fence around trees often well away from construction areas and say they are “protecting” them. Stopping population growth by ending immigration would do far more to help the ecology of the area.

  23. Banning campfires when power generation plants burn tons of coal? I thought Mr. Margolis had more sense than that. And what does hunting have to do with destroying the rain forest? Hunting license fees pay for conservation and habitat preservation at a much greater rate than “animal rights” city-slickers like him.

  24. Anonymous[392] • Disclaimer says:

    I am not as extreme as Margolis, and I don’t think anyone needs to take meatless Mondays. But what the Brazilians are doing is pretty stupid.

    We can have meat and have forests. It is mainly the large industrial cattle farms that do environmental damage.

    But Brazil is sacrificing their future as a nation by letting their natural wonder of the world get burned up.

  25. @Blankaerd

    “Just jewgle ‘Forest Swastika’”
    Most appropriate and ironic usage, comrade.

  26. anon[308] • Disclaimer says:

    A jungle is just a jungle-seen one, you’ve seen them all.
    Planting pasture on the razed Amazon to graze cattle has got a future, though, if the aim is to rebuild the fertility of Brazilian soils.

  27. I suspect Margolis is largely correct, at least in general. What Bolsonaro’s responsibility is I don’t know. He appears to have been (prior to sending in the army) somewhat tardy, if not blase in his response to the fire. (to be fair, it’s not clear yet exactly how close to longer term Amazon fire averages this year’s fires are) In the US & Australia people seem to take wild fires a little more seriously.
    Regardless of all that I happen to be a bit fanatical about animals & especially birds. This thing for birds etc isn’t political, it’s purely selfish. I just really like them. So I’d hate to have to chose between a species of say, Macaw & a Bolsonaro. A Macaw is a thing of fantastic beauty & a Bolsonaro is something the world shits out every day. As a shaky sort of humanist it’d be a tricky choice…

  28. anon[396] • Disclaimer says:

    Forest fires happen and they recover rather quickly.

    Deforestation is happening rapidly all over the world. Where are any these forests recovering quickly? In your imagination? Do you know what “deforestation” even means?

  29. NASA says that the fires in the Amazon are less numerous and cover less ground than last year. Why then is this Amazon burning a story this year?

    The media has jumped on this with both feet and are hyping a non story. It’s more of the CO2 nonsense, the world is ending BS.

    The world has been losing forests for centuries and yet the oxygen level has remained relatively constant. Why? Could it be that the mantra of trees (plant life) is the only creator of O2 is simply incomplete and therefore misleading and wrong?

    • Replies: @anon
  30. @anon

    Do you have any information to refute my comments? Am I in error?

    Please enlighten me.

    • Replies: @anon
  31. Roger says:

    I have read some of Eric Margolis’ articles which I thought were spot on, completely reasonable, and level-headed. This, however, shrieks of emotion, hysteria, and political posturing, but is devoid of any hard facts which prove the author’s contention.

    Apparently, the rain forest is no longer a sovereign issue of Brazil, Congo, Indonesia, and others, but has become the property of the United Nations, which needs to “force” all others into doing what it deems best. Sanctions, meaning deprivation of common goods for the common citizen, will ensure that officials do what is right in the eyes of the few who really pull the strings. The problem is, if Brazil’s jungle becomes the property of the world, then what is to prevent anything at all from the same fate? What if someone decides that the fate of the world hinges on your surrender of your property to a common holding?

    Brazil, as a sovereign nation, needs to divest its interest in the rainforest, not to a collective group of do-gooders, socialists all, but to its own citizens who have boots on the ground. It needs to cede title of the land to those who are working it. It should privatize every acre and then tell every landowner that he can do as he pleases with HIS land, but may not harm anyone else’s. It should tell the busybodies of the world to consider their own sins before they attempt to correct someone else’s.

    The issue here is not one of world-wide survival and prosperity, but of control. Who will control the world’s resources? There are only two contenders–socialist groups and private individuals. Either a few privileged characters will control everything in the name of all or everyone will be responsible for what is theirs and theirs alone.

    For my part, I prefer the latter. The saying goes that if you take care of the small things, the big things will take care of themselves. I will take care of what is mine. You take care of what is yours. Together, this will take care of the planet. The alternative is that we give up what is ours and allow someone else to dictate how we shall live.

    Eric Margolis can pound sand.

    • Replies: @anon
  32. We are wanton and prodigal in our over-use of wood. Trees must be protected

    I know you are a city boy, but even you should realize that trees are a renewable resource. You cut them down, plant new ones and guess what? The new ones grow into trees you can cut down again.

    • Replies: @anon
  33. Sean says:

    The farmers are easily identifiable, the Brazilians need to use strong punitive measures. To make that happen, the country as a whole will have to be hurt.

  34. anon[396] • Disclaimer says:

    > This, however, shrieks of emotion, hysteria, and political posturing

    You’re projecting, and worse of all, with a thesaurus.

    > It should privatize every acre

    Oh, that explains why, you’re a Jew-addled LoLbertarian. Carry on.

    • Replies: @Roger
  35. anon[396] • Disclaimer says:
    @Chris Mallory

    Apparently you never heard of the terms deforestation and ensuing desertification. Where are the cedar forests of Iraq and Saudi Arabia? They’re in stories, and archaeologists have found vast beds of charcoal in the desert from the cut trees that were used as fuel for smelting. Now there are no trees within miles of those charred remains.

  36. anon[396] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s amazing how folks become completely inured to what were in the past regarded as “once-in-a-century” disasters that keep happening back to back, year after year.

    Throughout most of its history, the Amazon rainforest was relatively fire-resistant thanks to its natural moisture and humidity. Wildfires there today are caused by a combination of droughts and human activity; the intensity and frequency of droughts in turn, have been linked with increases in regional deforestation and anthropogenic climate change. In fact, the Amazon rainforest has experienced three major droughts, considered “once-in-a-century events” in 2005, 2010, and in 2015-2016.

    Fires in the Amazon Rainforest Seen by NOAA-20
    NOAA Satellite Information | August 13, 2019

    Historically, “fire-resistant.” Last 15 years, “This is fine!”

  37. anonymous1963 [AKA "anon19"] says:

    Margolis is like some unholy cross between Chicken Little and Captain Obvious. He always points out problems in his “water is wet” way.

    But note how he never, ever, ever offers any solutions or answers.

    • Replies: @anon
  38. Cut down the trees. Kill the wild animals. Burn the bush. Pollute the rivers. Pave over the grass. Raise more beef, pigs and poultry in cages.

    That’s the credo of the new right left.

    You gotta feed all those immigrants, you racists in the Sierra Club.

  39. A Texan says:

    Well, it’s always nice to hear from wealthy people like Macron and others who live in homes many times the square foot of most people in the world lecturing the rest of us about climate change. Sure wish I could afford a 7000 sq ft mansion with 30 acres of ocean front property. Or even have a home or two or three.

  40. @UncommonGround

    The problem with tropical (lateritic) weathering is it washes out ALL nutrients; there is no topsoil – the O horizon (dead leaves an sheet) lies directly on barren Fe and Al hydroxides.
    The jungle is a thin skin precariously recycling its own nutrients. Disturb it, and you get hardpan formation and gully erosion, meaning not only can you grow jackshit but the sediment clogs up the rivers too.

    The (extinct) raised bed gardener cultures of the Amazon are a painful reminder it CAN be done;
    they simply made their own topsoil (“terra preta”, lit. “black earth”), IIRC from river clay, charcoal and manure, plus they didn´t clear all the trees (“permaculture”).
    I´d add to that dolomite, raw apatite and low-quality bentonite; sewage treatment mud is good; charcoal can be made large-scale from wastes of the cellulose industry.
    (you have to add “field capacity”(water retention) and adsorptive capacity plus a minimum of nutrients and raise the pH)

    Here, the problem is that neither the slash-and-burn dregs of agriculture nor the even slashier and burnier cattle, soy and eucalyptus barons are much into soil husbandry – it´s so much easier to move on after two years and leave a desert behind.
    (I should probably note the US Midwest is not much better – just not as precarious)

    The only obvious solution is Nazi-style land reform (would do the Midwest good, too).
    It is imperative the landhold cannot be traded, mortgaged or divided; properties above a certain size or not worked by owner are forfeit; other than that, you get all the support that is feasible.
    Just look at the Baobab Farm for what CAN be done under impossible conditions 😀
    Is it “privatization”?
    Is it “socialism”?
    Frankly I don´t give a crap, but it is anathema to TPTB 😛

    • Replies: @anon
  41. anon[299] • Disclaimer says:

    You nailed it.

    The Supposedly Pristine, Untouched Amazon Rainforest Was Actually Shaped By Humans
    Over thousands of years, native people played a strong role in molding the ecology of this vast wilderness

  42. Roger says:

    “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”–Socrates

    So far, you haven’t offered anything but slander. According to Socrates, you have lost the debate. You really need to shut up. As for me, I will carry on. You betcha!

    • Replies: @anon
    , @nokangaroos
  43. anon[299] • Disclaimer says:

    Why are solutions and answers an absolute necessity when identifying a problem? Also, notice how you never, ever, ever offers any solutions or answers either.

    • Replies: @anonymous1963
  44. anon[299] • Disclaimer says:

    LOL! You started slandering in your second sentence on your first post, writing “shrieks of emotion, hysteria, and political posturing.” You’re displaying all the logical fallacies and stupid inanities I’ve ever encountered with you LoLbertarians. Do keep talking though, making an ass of yourself like you are is instructive to others.

  45. anonymous1963 [AKA "anon19"] says:

    1) Because anyone can identify a problem. Since he is writing about the subject in question he should offer some kind of insight.

    2) But i am not the one pointing out the problem.

    • Replies: @anon
  46. @Roger

    I agree on the need to take the goods out of the “commons” but privatization alone
    don´t hack it – it´s the incentives that kill.
    Look at Europe – the PIGS are burning down their last precious macchia to redeclare it as “pasture” (fat chance) so they can cash in on EU subsidies.
    Is anything more perverse imaginable? Mussolini´s edict to kill all goats in Sicily was profound wisdom by comparison.
    It´s too simple to say “the swarthies are just corrupt” (however valid).

    Human affairs and environment must be weighed against each other, and
    there are no absolutes – except Katharina the Great´s (German, what else 😛 ):
    The joo MUST NOT be allowed to own land.

  47. anon[299] • Disclaimer says:

    At least you’re admitting that razing and burning the Amazon is a problem.

    • Replies: @anonymous1963
  48. A few points in response to the article:

    It is clear the current fuss about the fires is political hyperbole–our author piles on, but to me he looks a fool because I learned how to use google.

    The “right” consists of many levels of conservationists, but the left consists of cultist enviro greenie weenies who fudge data, lie, disparage, rage, and indoctrinate. Their sheepdogs are not what they claim to be. Anyone capable of reason and logic (or knowledge of how to use a search engine) opposes them reflexively.

    My grandfather (who just died last year) was born in 1917. In just his single lifetime, the entire world has changed in ways no one at that time could have ever predicted. We live is historically unique times (for a reason, as noted below), and I don’t believe even the most passionate do-gooder knows what is going to happen next. Please, let’s keep armies out of their hands. There are a lot of reasons and pathways whereby this stuff just works itself out, no freakout needed, no socialism needed, no premature solutions needed.

    People are very capable of managing land/ecosystems/environment successfully. The author pretends we are not, and while there are instances in which he is right, the opposite is also true. I think what is more likely per the author’s perspective, mankind is not willing to manage the land in accordance to GREENIE WEENIE STANDARDS. This doesn’t bother me that much.

    The goose that is laying the golden egg– keeping 6 billion humans alive in better fashion than most have ever known as measured historically–is not socialism, veganism, environmentalism, central planning, or any of the other philosophy spouted by this author. Our path forward is liberty of the individual and the resulting dynamism and wealth of societies that respect it. Poor societies burn and pillage to just stay alive. The ideas of this author would kill billions if enacted tomorrow.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @nokangaroos
    , @Tony Ryals
  49. anonymous1963 [AKA "anon19"] says:

    Sure it is a problem. Pointing out a problem is not a solution to a problem.

    • Replies: @anon
  50. anon[299] • Disclaimer says:
    @Greg the American

    > It is clear the current fuss about the fires is political hyperbole

    The satellite data show you are nothing but an ignorant windbag.

    2019 Fire Season Updates:
    Fire Counts over the Legal Amazon

    Cumulative active fire detections of the fire season from May 1st through August 22nd, 2019 from MODIS and VIIRS confirm that the 2019 fire season has the highest fire count since 2012 (the start of the VIIRS record) across the Legal Amazon. In addition, fires in 2019 are more intense than previous years, measured in terms of fire radiative power, consistent with the observed increase in deforestation.

  51. anon[299] • Disclaimer says:

    > Sure it is a problem.

    Ya think, huh?

    NASA Satellites Confirm Amazon Rainforest Is Burning at a Record Rate

  52. @Greg the American

    I would say fair and balanced, but you underestimate these damages are well-nigh irreversible – much like the European Karst, the erstwhile cedars of Lebanon or Australia´s Red Center.
    This has the potential of turning everything east of the Andes into desert – and what then?

    • Replies: @anon
  53. anon[299] • Disclaimer says:

    Here’s looking at you, Mr. Fangs.

  54. anon[299] • Disclaimer says:

    > turning everything east of the Andes into desert

    Those cedar forests in the Epic of Gilgamesh were ugly and useless, and hindered human development. What is not to love about the beautiful Iraqi landscape?

    Photo source:

    Wax or chainsaw, it’s still a Brazilian. A forest of hair or trees is ugly. Barrenness is beautiful!

  55. anon[299] • Disclaimer says:
    @The Alarmist

    > “as if our forests are disappearing. They’re not.”

    Patrick Moore is lying out his ass, and you’re swallowing it.

    A new global map of deforestation reveals that 888,000 square miles (2.3 million square kilometers) of forest has vanished since 2000.

    Even in the US, which he cherry-picks as not being deforested, he doesn’t state the fact that the monoculture tree plantations or stands of younger trees take far longer to absorb carbon and reach the levels achieved by old-growth forests.

    Monoculture tree plantations are “green deserts” not forests, say activists

  56. jp says:

    I’m sorry to inform you that the Amazon florest is NOT the lung of the planet .
    It produces lots of O2 but it also consumes a lot of it.
    If you look for the real numbers in the INPE website, wich monitors the number of fires and other climate related info, you’ll also see that this 80% higher number of fires is totally wrong.
    I suggest you read this:

    • Replies: @anon
    , @anon
  57. anon[299] • Disclaimer says:

    Zerohedge? LOL! Does zerohedge have satellites orbiting the earth? NO? Huh. Ok, let’s go with someplace that compiles data from several different fire-monitoring satellite projects, called GFED (Global Fire Emissions Database) That’s better!

  58. anon[299] • Disclaimer says:

    > If you look for the real numbers

    They’re right here.

    Screenshot of

    The fire count and fire radiative power datasets from the MODIS and VIIRS satellites is public. You can even download the data in a .csv file and open it in your spreadsheet program, just like I did here:

  59. That was a rather cheap shot to compare Genghis Khan to Trump and Hitler.Both Trump and Hitler were rulers of Late Classic Industrial Era failed industrial states ripped up trees for dollars and Deutche marks as well as to clear the way for industrial agriculture.Genghis Khan hated cities and their effects on the land and his horses grazed mainly on natural pastures NOT by cutting trees!

    When did Trump or Hitler call for a halt to coal miuning or oil drilling ? Sure they both like to vacation among the most pritine environments or artificial versions of them that they can find.Trump loves to build his sleazy golf courses on beautiful land and have some vegetation around his hotels if he can.And Hitler didn’t vacation at a Krupp oal mine,he vacationed in the
    most forested country he could afford to vacation in.

    Gengis Khan was a busy man and didn’t have time to cut trees and wait for the area to hopefully turn into pastures on his flights across Uer Asia.He depended upon on planned his routes based upon pasures lands already available along hjis route.Viva Gengis Khan friend of the forests !

    Why Genghis Khan was good for the planet
    Laying waste to land scrubbed 700m tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

    His empire lasted a century and a half and eventually covered nearly a quarter of the earth’s surface. His murderous Mongol armies were responsible for the massacre of as many as 40 million people. Even today, his name remains a byword for brutality and terror. But boy, was Genghis green.

    Genghis Khan, in fact, may have been not just the greatest warrior but the greatest eco-warrior of all time, according to a study by the Carnegie Institution’s Department of Global Energy. It has concluded that the 13th-century Mongol leader’s bloody advance, laying waste to vast swaths of territory and wiping out entire civilisations en route, may have scrubbed 700m tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere – roughly the quantity of carbon dioxide generated in a year through global petrol consumption – by allowing previously populated and cultivated land to return to carbon-absorbing forest.

    • Replies: @anon
  60. @Greg the American

    In the Late Classic Industrial Era there is no ‘right’ or ‘left’ in a political sense,all that is delusion, something you ‘learned’ from the censors at Google.
    In fact the author is correct to espouse vegetarianism in our industrial era although birth control wouldn’t be a bad idea either.
    The food you eat requires the mining of our limited reserves of phosphates and potassium.A cow requires ten times more grains to make a pound of protein than if we just ate that protien in the form of grains and beans.Thus the cow requires we also mine ten times more phosphates to obtain a pound of animal meat protein and ten times more water.

    Below is a link and quote from my essay and editorial in the U.C. Berkeley Daily Californian from 1987 when the pope visited San Francisco pointing out the catholic church taught Aristotle’s four elements because the Old Testament or Torah was too primitive to have even that overly simplistic concept.But now we have discovered atoms and can say the pope eats and excretes about a pound and a half or 600 and so grams of phosphates per year or earth orbit and he is as confiuused about the atoms moving into and out of his body as the pope in Galileo’s time was about the movement of planets and stars.Since wtiting this the U.S. has become an importer of phosphates which themselves have many negative environmental impacts where ever they are mined.

    Pope’s Misconceptions about conception and science history – UK … › 2005/10
    Oct 29, 2005 – The pope’s apparent ignorance of science history and modern … Both the trade of grains and the direct trade of phosphates speed the

    The discovery of atoms in the last couple of centuries has totally transformed our concept of elements. The former “elements”, earth and air, are both composed of a variety of elements. We now know that even the ancient element “water” can be further divided into the elements of hydrogen and oxygen. And the element “fire” is now understood to be a form of radiation.

    Justus Von Liebig, the 19th century father of agricultural chemistry, and other pioneering chemists did to Aristotle’s Four Elements what the Renaissance astronomers did to Aristotle’s concept of the Earth as the center of the universe – they overturned it!

    Liebig first pointed out the for plants to utilize carbon dioxide in the air for growth, they must have adequate amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in their soil. Unfortunately, in popularizing the N,P,K concept of modern chemical agriculture, Liebig paved the way for overreliance upon energy-intensive fossil fuel consumption in the mining of phosphorus and potassium as well as in industrial production of nitrogen fertilizers.

    We now know that for every orbit of the Earth around the sun – one year – the pope, each member of the Catholic Church, and everyone else on the planet consumes in their food and excretes from their bodies approximately two pounds of phosphorus and various quantities of nitrogen, calcium, potassium, iron, and other trace elements. All these elements generally go unrecycled, often into rivers and oceans or even municipal dumps, further enriching fertilizer industries (who will sell the farmers more for a price) at the expense of the Earth’s non-renewable mineral nutrient resources.

    When the remaining fossil fuels, particularly natural gas, are exhausted, only bacteria and blue-green algae utilizing phosphorus, potassium, and trace elements in “soil-culture” and “aqua-culture” will be likely candidates to fix atmospheric nitrogen for agricultural fertilization.

    Both the trade of grains and the direct trade of phosphates speed the depletion of our limited reserves of phosphate rock in the United States, which comes mainly from mining operations in Florida. Deposits in Idaho are also being mined, at present, and Armand Hammer of Occidental Petroleum has eyed public land near Ojai, Calif. to strip-mine for phosphates.

    We should realize the need to conserve our dwindling reserves of phosphates for future generations. The United States not long ago was a net exporter of petroleum, but now we are importers. The same situation could occur with phosphates if we refuse to learn from the past. Some researchers have suggested that we may become dependent upon yet a new OPEC (or Organization of Phosphate Exporting Countries), such as Morocco, with its relatively large rock phosphate reserves. ……..

    The nutrients that subsidize the life of the pope, and everyone on the planet, are a finite resource. Unless the pope realizes the seriousness of the linear flow of elements through himself and the rest of humanity, he shall be partly responsible for contributing to the collapse of modern agriculture.

    To sum up, Pope John Paul II is as confused about the movement of atoms as the pope of Galileo’s time was about the movement of the Earth and celestial bodies. Based upon the rate of depletion of chemical fertilizers, the present pope does not have 300 years to re-evaluate his view on modern agriculture and birth control. The question still remains as to why the Pontifical Academy of Sciences has not made this disastrous movement of atoms clear to the pope.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  61. anon[299] • Disclaimer says:
    @Tony Ryals

    Good observation. You’re correct, Genghis Khan was the forest restorer (indirectly.)

    The answer to how this happened can be told in one word: reforestation. When the Mongol hordes invaded Asia, the Middle East, and Europe they left behind a massive body count, depopulating many regions. With less people, large swathes of cultivated fields eventually returned to forests, absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

    How Genghis Khan cooled the planet

  62. anon[299] • Disclaimer says:
    @The Anti-Gnostic

    If hypocrisy was the measure of truth, nothing would be true, especially the religion you believe. Now what is it that you say when people accuse your faith of containing hypocritical members?

    • Replies: @anon
  63. anon[299] • Disclaimer says:

    > are lying

    Actually,they’re not lying. The fires are real. The fires are extensive. The consequences of deforestation and ensuing desertification will be dire.

    > their mission to destroy the world, enforce 3rd World “migration” on it

    Did you consider that the indigenous peoples of the Amazon are watching their world being destroyed by third world invaders?

    • Replies: @getaclue
  64. Smith says:

    People here call the HK a protest a psyop yet the Amazon burning IS the psyop to take out Borsolino.

    Stand strong Brazil, the Amazon is not burning down, and no jews will come to Brazil to do that.

    Indigeneous people or CIA plant? I smell the latter.

  65. anon[152] • Disclaimer says:

    More to the point, what is it you say, since you actually have such a member right here?

  66. getaclue says:

    Actually they are lying. Proven liars. I don’t have a dog in it as I could care less about Brazil but it is easy to see this is a Globalist bs job. One of many. “Russis, Russia, Russia” hysteria being another….(The “lungs of the earth” propaganda is just a flat out lie– less than 5% Oxygen from there and new plantings provide more than old so it does not matter…total lies….) Do some research and don’t be a tool believing what you’re fed by the Mainslime Media and Soros and other Globalist bs artists and their NGOs.

    Lots more non-propaganda out there showing fires are much worse in Africa and in other places but they don’t have a President the Globalist NWO “Elites” hate. The whole “indigenous” thing is a bit much– some “indigenous” are more important than others? “We was here first” rules? Everyone came from somewhere the “Native” Americans have an oral history/record of murdering and displacing the people they found where they set up thereafter–the Mound Builders etc. were butchered (the true history of the Tribes is not the sanitized bs of “Dances With Wolves” etc.) so it is all politics as to whose historical victimhood is important….In the USA this “victimhood” is used by Leftists to get votes…around the world Globalists use it for their agenda….The Irish have a lot of “victimization” in their history but no one cares….

    • Replies: @anon
  67. anon[299] • Disclaimer says:

    You’re the arsonists’ apologist.

    • Replies: @getaclue
  68. anon[299] • Disclaimer says:

    To all Arsonists’ Apologists, regarding the 20% figure: 16% is more accurate, considering only land-based sources. The 20% figure mentioned in the article is rounded up to the nearest ten, but it is close.

    Tropical rainforests account for 34% of land-based global photosynthesis; Amazon Rainforest is almost half that, namely 16%. Total oxygen produced by land-based photosynthesis is 330 Pg, thus Amazon is 54 Pg. Ocean phytoplankton oxygen production is 240 Pg. Total global photosynthesis is 330 + 240 = 570 Pg of oxygen (58% land, 42% ocean). Amazon produces 54/570=9.5% of total global oxygen…

    Paul Beckwith (Physicist, Engineer, and part-time professor at the University of Ottawa)

    • Replies: @getaclue
  69. Either the author is mentally disturbed, or this is a great satire piece.

    Complete hysteria, fact free, and gibberish.

    “News reports about the Amazon fires strike a fear that one of the last great forests is disappearing. That’s completely untrue. Forests are making a comeback! More precisely, the tree cover of the planet is increasing. Since 1982, a recent peer-reviewed paper in Nature suggests, the planet’s tree cover increased by 2.24 million km2 (an increase of roughly 7%).” –Vincent Geloso, American Institute for Economic Research, 26 August 2019

    False Alarm Page:

    This is you:

    • Replies: @anon
  70. @Tony Ryals

    Half baked drivel and rubbish, scatterbrained and scrambled brains. Mining phosphate is essential to agriculture, eh? How is it people such as the Amish and Mennonites continue to farm-the original Organic Farmers-and remain completely self sufficient, huh? Recycling animal waste and manure creates a closed system of minerals and nutrients. The Pope is a Dope, and has nothing to do with anything. He is is merely a marionette, mentally disordered and most likely a psychopathic GloboHomo. He is the male equivalent of Alexandra Occasional Cortex.

    Vegetarianism is contrary to the evolutionary development of humans. For 90% or more on our existence and emergence, we ate meat, as hunter gathers. Surely a rope-a-dope like you believes in evolution as an ironclad religion that explains everything. All answers to life are found on the campuses of Berkeley and the Ivy League.

    You need to get out more, and see the world. Your bubblacious milieu will keep you stupid without even you knowing it.

    Start here, Grass Popper:

    And then read the lies-same as the Global Swarming Who-ers-about the wondrous benefits of grain.
    Pathetic and immoral.

    Finally, your palaver displays an enormity of intellectual sloth and lassitude.

    • Replies: @Tony Ryals
  71. anon[299] • Disclaimer says:
    @Poupon Marx

    Hmm, you reference NASA, but you quote from a denialist website. Then to muddy your tracks, you quote from all kinds of other websites but the NASA info that reference. How about going straight to NASA as a reference? Let’s try it and see! Here we go….

    At this point in the fire season, MODIS active fire detections in 2019 are higher across the Brazilian Amazon than in any year since 2010. The state of Amazonas is on track for record fire activity in 2019.

    Uptick in Amazon Fire Activity in 2019
    NASA Earth Observatory

    …see any difference? A screenshot of the graphs on the NASA webpage above, showing the MODIS and VIRRS satellites’ data:

    p.s. post another selfie!

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  72. @Poupon Marx

    Poop On Marx,

    I used to think the same thing about Mennonites until I found that somehow they have certainly backslid from anything that might be considered organic or stable agricultural practices.In southern Mrexico for a buck they are quite happy to buy the little remaining natural tropical habitats in and around indigenous Mayan communities and deforest the land that is used by natives for traditional bee raising,(apiculture), etc. and replace the last tropical forest not only with soy fields but gm soy heavy pesticide and herbicide soy production..
    I would discuss a few more topics wioth you but you are not a rational person.The pope francis by the way is a zionist and colluded with Israel as it sold weapons to kill Argentines and turn women into baby machines only to slaughter those poor women upon giving birth.He says if you don’t support Israel you are anti-semitic and yet no Eastern European,Polish or Russian Jews, which are the ones he surrounds himself with because they have money, are Semites – they are all whites who are of European origen but yet not concerned with killing others of catholic European origen for a profit in Argentina.
    So you’ll have tell your Mennonite friends in Mexico they don’t need fertilizers,pesticides and herbicides in Mexico,not me.

    Also Poop On Marx,about 20% of the phosphate you excrete per year or earth orbit,Groucho,I mean Poop on,is used to run and maintain your brain.What a waste,don’t you think ? And on top of idiots like you in this Late Classic Industrial Era,we now have ‘brave new mennonites !

    An unlikely feud between beekeepers and Mennonites simmers in Mexico
    Survival is at stake as Mennonite colonies’ illegal soy farms threaten the livelihood of Maya beekeepers.

    CAMPECHE, MEXICO“How did it start?” asks Everardo Chablé. He’s propped on a stool in his living room as the daylight fades outside. The only noise in this tiny Mexican town in the Yucatán Peninsula—where there’s no cell signal and little electricity—comes from the music his father is blasting in the yard. He speaks up. “For thousands of years the Maya people had bee culture. Then the Mennonites came with large machines and started to deforest large parts of land where the bees feed. We had virgin forest with very delicate ecosystems—deer, toucans—but most importantly bees that keep up life. When deforestation started they destroyed everything from millennia back.”…….

    Beekeepers say that the large-scale agriculture and the genetically modified soy, also called transgenic, planted by the Mennonites is killing their hives and contaminating the supply of honey with pesticides. In 2012, the beekeepers sued the government and won—resulting in a supreme court ban on transgenic soybeans four years ago. The win, with its David and Goliath qualities, made international news. But on the ground, little has changed…………………

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  73. getaclue says:

    You’re an Anti-Science Hysteria Apologist. Stop being a tool. Get a clue.

    • Replies: @anon
  74. getaclue says:

    Stop being a tool for the hysteria– we are told by many of these Clowns that there are more than 2 genders. That “Global Warming” is man made…and now this total bs that the Amazon is “The Lungs of the Planet”– it is debunked bs:

  75. @Tony Ryals

    So your counter point is that some people who call themselves Mennonites in a tiny corner somewhere abuse the land and the native peoples? And exactly what does that refute? You seem to want to project yourself as an intelligent person in this discussion. I have visited the Amish and Mennonites in Pennsylvania and Ohio. All I have seen is very traditional-some mechanization-but organic farming. Mennonites are all over the World. It would seem to be an extreme exception and wholly counter to their apostolic beliefs and teachings to use GMO or artificial pesticides and fertilizers. But you found one exception. That would disqualify a statement that “ALL mennonites are organic farmers”. But the real question would be, “What percentage do not”? <1%? Is that worth mentioning in this discussion and context? But I forgot, you went to USC Berkeley.

    But your comment is subject to question: did you verify that these people in Mexico are indeed Mennonites, and if so, what branch, root, or derivation/sect?

    You know, you sound like a tool of some crappy NGO George Soros off spring whose design and raison d'être is to disable and dissemble, so that chaos can invite control and ownership by NWO.

    National Geographic? How many know that the shameless shabbos ZOG bootlicker Rupert Murdoch bought the once reputable mag and prominently installed a SJW and (((Hostile))) Jewess, who bleated out that the entire existence of Nat Geo. was ray cyst.

    In sum, I present to you the logical fallacy of inferring the whole by describing a part. But you went to Berkeley…..

    • Replies: @Tony Ryals
  76. @anon

    What a stupid reply!! “On track” comparisons for partial years?? Which Soros-like NGO/NWO are you working for? Does it bother you to have sold your ass to predetermined agitprop and conclusions to suit what-a Global hegemony of experts, do-nothings, pet academics, and empty shells and shills of humanity like you? Truth to you is as a turd to most people.

    You will keep arguing not to edify, seek truth, or learn, but to dominate-so you think-the discussion.
    That makes you morally inferior, and strongly suggests you don’t have what it takes to accomplish something concrete and useful in the world.

    “Uptick” in fire activity, indeed!! For stewpid people. Like the dross of “hottest day on record”. Usually by a hundredth of a degree and compared to the decade.

    Is there a society somewhere that is absent these dregs?

    • Replies: @anon
  77. Tony Ryals says: • Website

    There is little doubt that the burning of fossil fuels is the chief contributer to additional CO 2 in the atmosphere and the manufacture of synthetic hydrocarbons has led the chemical industry to make new carbon based synthetic hydrocarbons that now contaminate soil,air and water.We more than likely have chlorinated hydrocarbons in our body and body fat that never existed in nature and in fact are the product of the ‘genius’ of some university chemical engineers who made them for the chlorinated hydrocarbon industry to be sold as pesticides, herbicides or plastics and can potentially be hormone mimics and growth disrupters,etc.The chlorinated hydrocarbons of ‘agent orange’ were specifically manufactured to mimic plant hormones.Nature itself never made any hormone with chlorine on their structures in the history of the biosphere.Only the brains of university academics would conceive and manufacture them for money.

    Recently reserchers monitored what was considered a pristine area of the Alps and found plastic in the air,so we are even breathing plastic now and not just chlorinated hydrocarbons such as pesticides or auto or industry exhast which can also travel through the atmosphere.

    Non the less the cutting and burning of trees whether they be in California or the Amazon should concern us even if the destruction of a mature forest doesn’t contribute so much CO2 to the atmosphere as burning fossil fuels.This is because of biodiversity and potential soil erosion.I haven’t eaten a Brazil nut for many years but when I was a kid I really liked them and in fact I wouldn’t mind some right now.My guess is they are a lot rarer nowadays for the very fact that the Amazon has been greatly decimated since I was a kid and when you find them they cost a lot more.Also although the synthetic pharmaceutical industry must be happy that any possible natural competitor to their synthetic pharmaceuticals is rapidly disappearing it is still a shame that we are losing not only amazing plants animals and insects that will never exist again as we make their genetic codes extinct but also the unique molecules they produced that might have had amazing properties that we will never even know existed.Who knows what not only plant and animal marvels but also molecular marvels existed in the Viet Nam jungles that we sprayed in order to detroy them so we could see our ‘enemy’.

    No I don’t think a mature forest such as the Amazon is contributing to too much scrubbing or removal of CO2 from the atmopsphere.No doubt there is a fair amount of CO2 into the atmosphere that is released as it burns though .I’m glad I’ve had a chance to see just a ,little of the tropical vegetation before it has all disappeared and glad I never had children to see what’s no longer there.Just imagine no son of a Rothschild or a Rockefeller or a Bush will see what I’ve no matter how much money they have they and there heirs will live in a wasteland.

    Below from National Geographic explains why mature forests such as the Amazon do not continue
    adding any significant amount of oxygen or srub any significant amount of CO2 FROM THE AIR.
    However that still does not take away from their value and it is likely as at least one commenter here pointed out,that the Amazon soil and biodiversity is fragil and oncle burned particulary a huge area,the soil and its previous genetic diversity will have a very hard time making a come back.

    If not for the ocean which has become a significant ‘carbon sink¡ for much of the CO2 we are producing iu the Late Classic Industrial Era,we would have even more CO2 in the air than we do today.But this is not contributing hreatly to phytoplancton growth or fish growth but it might be
    better than if it were in the form of plastics which we are also inundating the oceans with.On the other hand

    Kissinger led his well behaved doggie Nixon to China on a ,leash to tranfer our i ndustrial infrastucture so his banking and financing comrades in New and the City of London,etc. could make even more profits and now weare all breathing the results.Texas is now a ‘banana republic’ for oil to sell them or whoever will take it.Unless by some miracle fracking Texas shale whimpers out.

    A mature forest, for example, takes in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during photosynthesis and converts it to oxygen to support new growth. But that same forest gives off comparable levels of carbon dioxide when old trees die.

    “On average, then, this mature forest has no net flux of carbon dioxide or oxygen to or from the atmosphere, unless we cut it all down for logging,” Sarmiento said. “The ocean works the same way. Most of the photosynthesis is counterbalanced by an equal and opposite amount of respiration.”

    Today phytoplankton and terrestrial green plants maintain a steady balance in the amount of the Earth’s atmospheric oxygen, which comprises about 20 percent of the mix of gasses, according to Frouin.

    A mature forest, for example, takes in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during photosynthesis and converts it to oxygen to support new growth. But that same forest gives off comparable levels of carbon dioxide when old trees die.

    “On average, then, this mature forest has no net flux of carbon dioxide or oxygen to or from the atmosphere, unless we cut it all down for logging,” Sarmiento said. “The ocean works the same way. Most of the photosynthesis is counterbalanced by an equal and opposite amount of respiration.”

    Carbon Sink

    The forests and oceans are not taking in more carbon dioxide or letting off more oxygen. But human activities such as burning oil and coal to drive our cars and heat our homes are increasing the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

    Most of the world’s scientists agree that these increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are causing the Earth to warm. Many researchers believe that this phenomenon could lead to potentially catastrophic consequences…….


    If we continue to add carbon dioxide at current rates, seawater pH may drop another 120 percent by the end of this century, to 7.8 or 7.7, creating an ocean more acidic than any seen for the past 20 million years or more.Apr 30, 2018

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  78. anon[299] • Disclaimer says:
    @Poupon Marx

    > What a stupid reply!!

    Let me guess, you’re psychologically projecting, because a factual response, referenced to NASA, exposed your bullshit science-denialist lies.

    > Which Soros-like NGO/NWO are you working for?

    Oh boy, here comes the flood of even more lies. None. Of course, Liars like you aren’t interested in the truth, you’re just interested in smearing with your lies.

    > You will keep arguing not to edify, seek truth, or learn,

    Indeed, you’re psychologically projecting. Liars like you always do.

    > “Uptick”

    You’re quoting a real NASA website. Rather different than what your bullshit science-denial website said, isn’t it? You tried to misrepresent NASA, you got called on it, and now you’re pissed, liar.

  79. anon[299] • Disclaimer says:

    > You’re an Anti-Science

    No, that’s you. You haven’t yet presented one iota of science.

    > Hysteria

    Says the Arsonists’ Apologist.

    “Farmers and loggers also purposefully set fire to the rainforest to clear swaths of the Amazon for industrial or agricultural use.

    The Amazon Is Burning at a Record Rate, And The Devastation Can Be Seen From Space

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  80. @Poupon Marx

    I did not go to UC Berkeley I only lived there and had a hard time getting the hard headed and in my opinion not so well educated students to publish” the pope’s misconceptions about conception and science history’ which they changed to the simpler title ‘the pope’s stance lacks scientific basis’.
    I did however do volunteer work at the UC Richmond Field station with algae in an experimental sewage operation however and spent a lot of time in the now defunct Giannini agricultural library which I loved at the time particulary with all the info and no students there.Also I did on occasions meet some prestigious academics and interesting people on occasion.

    I’m glad at least you feel about Rupert Murdoch and his Fox ‘News’ and NY Post as I do.The NY Post did a disinfo article about me in 2006 titled ‘CIA Inc Stinks’ in which they still defrended the CIA against me who was investigating and posting on the internet about penny stock frauds. The NY Times of WMDs in Iraq infamy was inspired to attack the NY Post writer Christopher Byron for even mentioning me and attacked me and him in their dealbook blog.I’m aware Murdoch bought the Wall Street Journal and no telling how many U.S. newespapers but no didn’t know Murdoch bought the National Geographic too.However I was only googling ‘ oxygen co2 mature forest’ to find any article that would simply reiterate the fact that mature forests do not significantly generate extra oxygen which for your attempted arguments would be ‘good news’.I wish they did generate significant oxygen but they don’t,they have other value to me however and I would think to others as well and they are holding carbon until they are burned.

    Well if only it were possible to get the Mennonites to ‘excommunicate¡ their Meican bretheren…….

  81. @anon

    Notice the websites of these polemic shills and shells of humanity. They are created solely for bias, propaganda, and agitprop. These hand servants for the International Cartels NWO elites are handed talking points and don’t even know half the time what is in front of them. It’s all about money and taking over the world, discrediting, destroying order, and individual thought. Anon The Shameless is starting to sputter, his tank is running low of Manischevitz low octane.

    Notice he parrots **squawk, squawk** “Denialist” website. Omigawd!! Not that!! As if this is for all time got to be wrong, evil and ineluctable. A crime against humanity. Denial of the Illuminati’s pet project: massive wealth redistribution, collapse of civilization and the kageri-Coudahove pronouncement made into reality.

    Whose butt boy are you, “Anon”, Bloomberg’s, Soros’, Shumer, Zuck, Google Boys, Tim Cook, maybe?

    • Replies: @anon
  82. @Tony Ryals

    Can you-seriously-read?

    I could post more scientifically, morally, and empirically sound evidenced essays. But here is the point. It isn’t about science, but simple morality. Environmentalists shriek about the CO2 warming the planet, but the direct proof is missing. In the meantime, phytoplankton and ocean algae are blooming and feeding the lower life forms such as krill, which the baleen whales absolutely need to survive. Plankton is the foundation of all sea life, just as herbivores are for carnivores. You cannot have it both ways.

    The best advice to you is to man up, and start thinking for yourself rather than concede to groupthink or your odiferous “friends”.

    Get off your ass.

  83. anon[299] • Disclaimer says:
    @Poupon Marx

    > Notice the websites of these polemic shills and shells of humanity. They are created solely for bias, propaganda, and agitprop.

    You’re psychologically projecting about your own science-denying websites. You already got caught lying, and then you dare talk about morality, you damned liar. You tried to wrap your science-denialist website in the legitimacy of NASA, and then when I quoted and referenced an actual NASA website on the subject, you came completely unhinged.

  84. Bolsonaro and Trump would feel right at home with Genghis Khan and his boys.

    Mongols had some of the harshest environmental laws of all places and times. One could be put to death for peeing into water.

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