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President Donald Trump and the neocon sofa samurais who surround him seem determined to pick a fight with China or Russia, or both at the same time.

Later this month, the US and China are due to try to end their long-running trade war which has damaged the economies of both nations. At the heart of the trade dispute are soya beans and pork, the two principal American exports to China, as well as China’s efforts to grab US technology.

I find it amazing that, in 2019 high-tech America, the most important exports to China, aside from aircraft, are the humble soya bean and pigs. Of course, they come from farm country, the heartland of Trump’s political support.

Not a thought has been given to the hellish mistreatment of the pigs themselves, intelligent animals who are turned into inanimate objects known as ‘pork’, or the foul conditions their industrial breeding creates.

China will likely be the first to blink in this test of national wills. It imports less from the US than it exports and is thus vulnerable to trade pressure.
But history amply shows that it’s a bad idea to push China into a corner and make it lose face.

Suave diplomacy is the way to deal with the proud, prickly Chinese. They have refused to play by world trade rules, it is true, and need some serious arm-twisting. But not at a time when the Pentagon is ostentatiously planning a war against China in the western Pacific. The fuse has already been lit.

Meanwhile, the far right neocons, led by the unbalanced John Bolton, have convinced Trump to break the 1987 US-Soviet short and intermediate missile treaty signed by Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev. This landmark agreement led to the removal of all US and Soviet land-based missiles from Europe. The pact was regarded as the first major step in reducing nuclear weapons.

The 1987 treaty was a godsend for Europe, which would have been ground zero in any nuclear exchange. It was also a huge relief for Moscow which rightly feared that the highly accurate US Pershing missiles based in Europe could deliver a devastating surprise strike, known as decapitation, on Soviet government leadership targets. Moscow’s retaliation would have razed Paris, London, Frankfurt, Brussels, Amsterdam and other important targets.

Over recent months, Russian leader Vladimir Putin has been responding to growing US nuclear threats by vaunting new developments in his nation’s missile technology. If accurate and actually deployed, these new hypersonic and nuclear-powered missiles with immense range will make obsolete all of US anti-missile defenses, a topic much loved by Trump.


Now, Trump & Co. are preparing to junk this crucial piece of Cold War architecture and resume the arms race with Russia. Pentagon sources say the real reason is to counter China’s missiles, which were not a factor in 1987, and have proliferated in recent years. Increasingly accurate, these Chinese tactical and strategic missiles are a major source of concern to the US Navy and US Asian bases.

But the US still has ample land, air and ocean-based nuclear forces to inflict immense damage on China. Violating the bedrock 1987 treaty with Moscow hardly seems worth adding some US nuclear-armed missiles in Guam, Japan or South Korea.

We must also suspect that the Trump White House has resurrected the old Cold War notion of bankrupting the Soviets/Russia by drawing them into a ruinous arms race. The US and its NATO satraps and Japan had a five times larger military capability than the old Soviet Union or today’s threadbare Russia. ‘We’ll spend them into the ground,’ went the old battle cry in Washington. This at least is preferable to a nuclear exchange.

Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev just denounced the Trump administration’s nuclear policies as a gigantic mistake and threat to mankind. NATO, showing its subservience to Washington, bleated its support for US plans to deploy new medium-ranged missiles in Europe. But, in truth, Europeans are aghast at the prospect of a nuclear war fought in their backyards.

When the history of our era is written, Trump’s reincarnation of Cold War nuclear missile rattling will surely rank as a monumental historic folly. No amount of soya bean or pig sales can make up for that.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Excellent article by Margolis. However, I’d like to ask, since when are Israel-first neocons like John Bolton “far right?” They are in fact Trotskyites who advocate world domination under the thumb of US/Israel. They care nothing about shrinking the Welfare State, or illegal immigration.
    The anti-war “dissident right,” otherwise labeled as “far right” racist fascist homophobes by our lyin’ “far left” media, is the exact opposite of Ziocons like Bolton.

  2. John Bolton is NOT Far Right. He is a Trotskyite Israel-first Neocon. The Dissident Right (who are usually called Far Right) want nothing to do with this scum.

    I’ve just had two longer comments that were expunged, so I assume the site was not working.

  3. Gruben says:

    The end of the INF treaty leaves the European allies of the US only one possibility if they do not want their strategical situation to worsen significantly: They will have to conclude a treaty with Russia with which they will give a guaranty to Russia that no intermediary nuclear forces will be stationed on their territories. In such a treaty the Russians might be prepared giving a similar guaranty that they too will not deploy any intermediary nuclear forces on their territory threatening the EU-countries. The problem with such a treaty will be eastern European states like Poland, the Baltic countries or Norway always much too frightened about an
    imagined Russian aggression.

  4. The US administration seems to thinks we are in a New Cold War. The Cold War was the peace, a post-world war environment: we are now in pre-world war environment. Humanity has experienced long periods of peace (or relative peace) throughout history. The Thirty Years Peace between the two Peloponnesian Wars, Pax Romana, Europe in the 19th century after the Congress of Vienna, to name a few. They all ended: followed by war. The Congress System finally collapsed in 1914 with the start of World War One. That conflict was followed by the League of Nations. It did not stop World War Two. That was followed by the United Nations and other post-war institutions. But all the indications are they will not prevent a third world war. The signs are ominous.

  5. Alistair says:

    Humanity is devolving when a nation chooses war as a source of economic growth, and that’s exactly what America had chosen to do since the end of WW1,

    Since 1915, the US economy had become heavily dependant on military deficit-spending and wars as a source for its economic growth; the WW1 had provided a large market in Europe for American companies in the US, as such, American industry had become heavily dependent on military deficit-spending which tips the balance of military power and often leads to unnecessary war – that’s choosing war as a source of economic growth.

    It’s a sad reality that leads to devolution of the human race when nations choose war as an economic strategy.

  6. HBM says:

    The difference is that in the old Cold War, the Russians were the Communists. Our current Russia hatred is driven by Jewish animus towards Putin for outsmarting the kosher robber barons of the 1990s, as well as for his disruption of their YHWH-sanctioned looting of the Jews’ old oppressor. And last but not least: a Putin-led nationalist Russia stands in the way of the Globalists’ project. The media will continue to make no distinction between Putin’s Russia and the old Soviet enemy, as agitating the historically ignorant masses and stampeding them off to fight is the goal.

    • Agree: anon1
  7. El Dato says:

    If accurate and actually deployed, these new hypersonic and nuclear-powered missiles with immense range will make obsolete all of US anti-missile defenses, a topic much loved by Trump.

    Uh… there are no US anti-missile defenses which work against the good old ICBM and SLBM. None. And even if there were, the discussion that it’s rather impossible to test them was had back in the days of S.D.I.

    Anyway it’s all completely stupid. There is still enough nuclear capacity to make the local planet rather hellish: “survivability” is apparently defined as having the politicians and generals and some whores and assistants in a cushy bunker looking at blibs on a screen and making plans to reinvigorate the economy before the life-support systems fail.

    Asshat clowns may show up declaring with complete assurance that Nuclear Winter Is a Myth and/or Survivable. They must be Aliens who have seen it all before. Fuck them, they should go back to their home planet.

  8. Moi says:

    “But the US still has ample land, air and ocean-based nuclear forces to inflict immense damage on China.

    No, Eric, a nuke war would be an end of China AND the US…and possibly all humanity. America, thanks substantially to Israel, is a dying empire. But America refuses to accept the writing on the wall. That means our fall will be hard.

  9. Too bad that eric’s sometimes well written articles also appeal to that part of the population that loves conspiracy and hates israel .
    To those of you whom I have just described, please give Israel full credit for getting the planet’s biggest and baddest body guard as its protector in the upcoming barroom brawl….🚀…not so easy to do!!

  10. AWM says:

    Well, since we in the good ol’ USA are going down, we might as well do it in style.

    That MIC that doesn’t need wars anymore should just go ahead and launch a full scale production and deployment of a modernized Pershing missile, MIRV, hypersonic, stealth, air and ground mobile, and 3 W-88 “medium yield” (don’t you love that designation for a 475kt weapon) warheads on each one.

    Train mobile Trident D5 missiles would be another good upgrade. And definitely incorporate the latest “superfuse” capabilities into these as well.
    And definitely add the capability for nuclear weapons release to every aircraft in our inventory short of a OH-6 “Loach.”

    All this talk about sinking our “Supercarriers” could be avoided by returning them to nuclear weapon delivery vehicles. Any attack upon them or any of our other MK 41 equipped naval ships would be an attack on our nuclear weapons infrastructure and justify a reply in kind.

    Of course nothing would be better than orbital nuclear weapon platforms, and since it is already known the Chinese intend to place their WMD even on the Moon, deployment in both low as well as geosynchronous orbit would be desirable with kinetic, nuclear and nonnuclear warheads, EMP specific weapons such as CHAMP assets.

    Also a return to nuclear EMP “enhanced” air to air and ground to air missiles for at least 50% of the inventory would add real credibility to our deterrent, and would simultaneously add capability for air to surface and surface to surface “missions.”

    It is said a new nuclear Small Diameter Bomb has already been developed with the latest guidance systems employed on the conventional version, as well as a “neutron” warhead weapon which would prove very useful in built up areas not slated for total destruction.

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