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Back to the 30's as France Rips Open Old Wounds
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PARIS – France is holding its breath as this weekend’s second-round presidential vote approaches. The first round vote on 23 April left two winners: National Front leader Marine Le Pen and centrist Emmanuel Macron.

Polls show newcomer Macron with an overwhelming 60/40 lead over Marine Le Pen. But many French are very nervous that a surprise electoral upset may occur if undecided voters and shut-out leftists throw their votes to Le Pen’s National Front Party.

Le Pen has vowed to ditch the Euro, pull out of the European Union and make life miserable for France’s five million impoverished, marginalized Muslims. She might withdraw from NATO and make nice with Moscow. The rest of the EU and the US are watching Le Pen’s rise with dismay. Call her Madame Trump.

Most French national elections are like bandages ripped off a long-festering wound. They produce painful memories from dark periods in France’s turbulent past, most notably the 1930’s and 1940’s, when Left and Right were at one another’s throats.

In this election, France’s traditional hard-line Left and Right parties have collapsed, being replaced by the National Front and the 39-year old Macron’s newly confected political party, ‘En Marche’, that has no presence in the National Assembly, France’s lower house of parliament.

Marine Le Pen is a very intelligent woman. She is the reincarnation of her father, Jean-Marie, whom I’ve interviewed, but with the rough edges sanded down. No more mentions of the WWII Jewish Holocaust being a ‘detail of history,’ as the old boy claimed. She is diluted far rightism. As a result, the Front’s ratings have soared: no more skin heads and hooligans. She projects maternalism and common sense blended into hard-line nationalism.

Last week, Madame Le Pen declared that ‘finance’ is a primary enemy of France. Bankers are now lumped with Muslims as dire threats to the republic. Outgoing President Francois Hollande made the same warning last year, but no one paid him any attention.

Coming from the hard-right Le Pen, it’s a bombshell. ‘Finance’ is really political code for Jews who dominate parts of France’s media, banking and industry. France has Europe’s largest Jewish population, followed by Ukraine.

Le Pen’s gun sights are trained squarely on the youthful Macron who may, it is rumored, have some Jewish background, and squarely on his former employer, the mighty French Rothschild banking empire.


The Front whispers that Macron was fabricated by the Rothschilds as a bland, malleable politician spouting platitudes and bromides. Traditional Catholic conservative Francois Fillon was not responsive enough for the French Rothschilds, it is said. French do not trust bankers or other financiers. During the 1940’s, France’s Vichy government repressed bankers and rounded up Jews for deportation to Germany. In 1937-1941, many if not most French saw Stalinist Communists as a far greater threat than Hitler’s National Socialist Germany. In fact, some French and other Europeans, including Ukrainians and Baltic peoples, waited to be ‘liberated’ by the Nazis from the Soviet threat.

Today, a lot of French wonder ‘who is Monsieur Macron, and from where did he come?’ One is reminded of silver-tongued US candidate Barack Obama, who rocketed out of obscurity to become president. Who bankrolled him and blazed a political path for him? The Deep Government, no doubt.

Who then is behind Macron if not the Rothschilds? Maybe the MEDEF big business association, maybe both. Are they making sure that the awful Madame Le Pen does not win, keep some of her promises and run France into financial and political ruin? If she wins, the hard right will surely blame the ‘financiers,’ harking back to the ugly 1930’s.

Whatever the outcome, France faces a rough ride. Macron vows to lower taxes and cut civil service employment and perks. The Left vows to fight any labor and social reforms tooth and nail. Every French president since Charles De Gaulle has failed to break the power of France’s surly unions. Though not great in membership, they can shut down France’s trains, roads, airports, food logistics, and power plants with a few phone calls. Militant farmers can block roads and thwart food shipments.

France’s labor unions have been at war with the government in Paris since 1948. Unless their inordinate power is broken, no significant economic and social reforms will be possible. The big question: who do the unions dislike the most, Macron or Le Pen?

Both claim they will shake up lethargic France. But French really don’t want to be shaken up. Seventy percent still spend their five-week annual vacations in France. They know there is no finer or more beautiful nation anywhere else, even with Madame Le Pen snorting fire and brimstone, and Macron offering don’t worry be happy placebos.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: France, Marine Le Pen 
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  1. She is diluted far rightism.

    She’s a left-leaning social democrat, but since she’s against uncontrolled, Muslim mass immigration, she’s ‘far right’, right?

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Quartermaster
    , @anon
  2. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Actually, the French Mainstream is now collaborating with the GLOB.

    If Vichy collaborated with Nazis, the French Establishment collaborates with Zionist-Imperialism, Homo decadence, Afro-Colonization, Islamic invasion.

    And just as French women abandoned French men and went with German invaders, French women now go for horizontal collaboration with Negro men from Africa. French wombs are now being colonized by Africans.

    It’s not about opening old wounds. It’s about opening French vaginas to Africa.

    It’s the end of France. Cuckois.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
    , @cipher
  3. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Felix Krull

    French are unaware that they are now under Occupation of Glob Rule and African Colonization.

  4. I stopped reading this when I got to “France’s impoverished, marginalized Muslims.” If a group has an average IQ of about 85, hair trigger violent tempers and have been raised in a grievance culture that tells them that all their problems are a result of the Français de souche, well, I guess they will be impoverished and marginal. Marine Le Pen quite sensibly wants to limit the importation of these people. Some successor will face the really challenging question of whether France should be partitioned or the Arab/African/Muslim population expelled, or France becomes an Islamic Republic with a caramel-colored metissage living under the Sharia. Civil war no matter what; Macron’s election will just make it worse when it comes.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Corvinus
    , @Thorfinnsson
  5. @Felix Krull

    The left calls anyone they don’t like a right wing extremist. That’s why Nazism is referred to as “far right.” That Hitler was a self identified Marxist matters not a whit to them as he invaded the sainted Stalin’s socialist homeland.

    • Replies: @Seamus Padraig
  6. anon • Disclaimer says:

    “..France’s impoverished marginalized five million Muslims ..”

    This begs the question. Why did France need or want five million impoverished Muslims? How are they an asset to France? Wouldn’t France be better off without them?

  7. anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Felix Krull

    Any white person anywhere in the world who does not cheerfully accept their racial replacement is a “far right” Nazi, Fascist. etc.

  8. anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    A Muslim, Arab or African in France is a square peg that simply cannot be put into the round hole of western civilization.

  9. hyperbola says:

    “”The first round vote on 23 April left two winners: National Front leader Marine Le Pen and centrist Emmanuel Macron.””

    Any article that describes Macron as a “centrist” immediately reveals itself as propaganda. Like Obama, he seems to be a “feel good” candidate that serves sects that wish to re-establish feudalism under their mandate. The sect did, after all, in very little time make Macron rich enough to play politician.

  10. Corvinus says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    “If a group has an average IQ of about 85, hair trigger violent tempers and have been raised in a grievance culture that tells them that all their problems are a result of the Français de souche, well, I guess they will be impoverished and marginal.”

    Amazing, you just described yourself! Of course, with the exception of course is that you blame all of your problems on Jews, elites, and globalists. You really enjoy virtue signaling. In-born trait or habit?

  11. @Diversity Heretic

    Eric Margolis’ mother is a Mohammedan (Albanian to be exact), thus he is always shedding tears for the invaders.

  12. Corvinus says:

    Thank you for the hilarious video. It was comedic gold.

  13. cipher says:

    Good find, Anon, thank you for posting it despite the the limp-wristed protestations it inspires.

  14. @Quartermaster

    That Hitler was a self identified Marxist …

    Really? You mean, Hitler was a follower of a Jewish economist? What a cuck!

  15. Anonymous [AKA "Better Days Ahead"] says:

    France has basically chosen 5 more years of the failed economic programs of the statist Socialists led by Francoise Hollande and now the banksters’ lap dog, Emmanuel Macron. Macron is “Trump Lite”. He wants to reduce the number of civil servants, trim France’s costly social programs, curb the unions, and decrease worker security. Macron also wants to reduce taxes on the wealthy and corporations. His new political party is called En Marche and holds not a single seat in the French Parliament. Elections in June will likely see this group of corporatist and liberal globalists, two sides of the same counterfeit coin, gain only a handful of Parliamentary seats. The main statist center left and center right parties are unlikely to pass many of Macron’s proposals and those they do will be greatly watered down and mostly meaningless. Marine Le Pen warned five years of a Macron regime means five more years of austerity, high unemployment, widespread poverty and bankruptcy with continued Third World invasion of France along with high crime and illegal drug use and frequent Islamic terrorist attacks. Likely she is correct. Apparently the French will have to learn the hard way that “business as usual” is a dead end street. Given France’s propensity for revolution and civil war one could easily erupt between the Far Left, Far Right, Establishment, and the “immigrant community” if things continue to deteriorate.For the record, sub polling by the National Front indicated that Le Pen won 2-1 among the French nobility (1% of the population) and among the peasantry (7% of the French population). Since many would consider these two groups the “soul of France” and its bedrock for centuries, it appears “Old France” embraced Le Pen as a second Joan of Arc which is her party symbol. At the end of Macron’s first and likely only term France will surely embrace either the National Front or the Far Left as the people wake up and demand real change and an end to the oppression and exploitation of France by the 0.1% global elite. Vive La France! Vive Le Pen!

  16. nebulafox says:

    France’s elite are never going to succeed in an engineering a whole new majority in the space of 5 years, no matter how hard they try. The harder they try, the stronger Le Pen gets.

    If you are an FN supporter, I’d feel pretty optimistic about 2022. Macron is basically your ideal enemy on everything from neoliberal economics to mass immigration to PC orthodoxy. Give it time. The prognosis doesn’t point to Le Pen going away. She still did massively better than anybody would have ever guessed the FN could have done 10 years ago, staggering from the legacy of Jean-Marie and his skinhead, Vichy-sypathizing Algerian paratroopers. She’s 48 years old, and a divorced mother of three who carries none of the ridiculous social conservative or free-market fetish policies Trump does-hence, Le Pen’s greatest strength among the young voters in France under 35. Le Pen is still very rough around the edges with debates and also needs to keep detoxing the party, truth be told. My prediction is that Macron will make a terrific mess of things, running straight up against deeply entrenched public sector interests in Paris, and end up boosting Le Pen, for the same reason that a Trump administration is going to be globalism’s best friend, both now and in 2020.

    (Another note: if Trump never ran, Obama’s approval ratings would have never in a million years reached the point they did, and MSM propaganda regarding him being anything approximating a “great” President would have far less credibility.)

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