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America's Longest War Gets Longer
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Anti-Russian hysteria in America reached its apogee this week as Democrats tried to divert attention from embarrassing revelations about how the Democratic Party apparatus had rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders by claiming Vlad Putin and his KGB had hacked and exposed the Dem’s emails.

This was rich coming from the US that snoops into everyone’s emails and phones across the globe. Remember German chancellor Angela Merkel’s cell phone being bugged by the US National Security Agency?

Unnamed US ‘intelligence officials’ claimed they had ‘high confidence’ that the Russian KGB or GRU (military intelligence) had hacked the Dem’s emails. These were likely the same officials who had ‘high confidence’ that Iraq had nuclear weapons.

Blaming Putin was a master-stroke of deflection. No more talk of Hillary’s slush fund foundation or her status as a subsidiary of Goldman Sachs and the rest of Wall Street. All attention was focused on President Putin who has been outrageously demonized by the US media and politicians.

Except for a small faux pas – a montage of warships shown at the end of the Democratic Convention is a blaze of jingoistic effusion embarrassingly turned out to be Russian warships!

Probably another trick by the awful Putin who has come to replace Satan in the minds of many Americans.

And what a joy for the war party that those dastardly Ruskis are now back as Enemy Number One. Much more fun than scruffy Arabs. The word is out: more stealth bombers, more warships, more missiles, more troops for Europe. The wicked Red Chinese will have to wait their turn until Uncle Sam can deal with them.

I always find conventions depressing affairs. Rather than the cradle of democracy, they remind me of clownish Shriners Conventions. Or as the witty Democratic advisor Paul Begala said, `Hollywood for ugly people.’ What, I kept wondering, is the rest of the world thinking as it watching this tawdry spectacle?

One thing that that amazed me was the Convention’s lack of attention to America’s longest ever war that still rages in the mountains of Afghanistan. For the past thirteen years, America, the world’s greatest military and economic power, has been trying to crush the life out of Afghan Pashtun mountain tribesmen whose primary sin is fiercely opposing occupation by the US and its local Afghan opium-growing stooges.

The saintly President Barack Obama repeatedly proclaimed the Afghan War over and staged phony troops withdrawals. He must have believed his generals who kept claiming they had just about defeated the resistance alliance, known as Taliban.

But the war was far from being `almost won.’ The US-installed puppet regime in Kabul of President Ashraf Ghani, a former banker, holds on only thanks to the bayonets of US troops and the US Air Force. Without constant air strikes, the US-installed Ghani regime and its drug-dealing would have been swept away by Taliban and its tribal allies.


So the US remains stuck in Afghanistan. Obama lacked the courage to pull US troops out. Always weak in military affairs, Obama bent to demands of the Pentagon and CIA to dig in lest the Red Chinese or Pakistan take over this strategic nation. The US oil industry was determined to assure trans-Afghan pipeline routes south from Central Asia. India has its eye on Afghanistan. Muslims could not be allowed to defeat the US military.

Look what happened to the Soviets after they admitted defeat in Afghanistan and pulled out. Why expose the US Empire to a similar geopolitical risk?

With al-Qaida down to less than 50 members in Afghanistan, according to former US defense chief Leon Panetta, what was the ostensible reason for Washington to keep garrisoning Afghanistan? The shadowy ISIS is now being dredged up as the excuse to stay.

This longest of wars has cost nearly $1 trillion to date – all of its borrowed money – and caused the deaths of 3,518 US and coalition troops, including 158 Canadians who blundered into a war none of them understood.

No one has the courage to end this pointless war. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of Afghans are being killed. Too bad no one at the Democratic or Republican Conventions had time to think about the endless war in forgotten Afghanistan.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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  1. tbraton says:

    James Clapper, head of the DNI, sounds a cautious note about the Russians hacking the DNC.
    Just speculation on my part, but I think its certain that the one party who has those missing emails is the NSA. That means that Clapper knows what’s in those emails. Since it is reasonable to suspect that Russia or some other foreign player likely hacked Hillary’s private server and has the missing emails, there is a good chance they will be released before the election. If that happens, it is also likely that the revelations will be so damaging that they will doom Hillary’s candidacy and Trump will win the election. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I gather that Clapper doesn’t want to offend a possible President Trump.

  2. Rehmat says:

    The war in Afghanistan will not end during the next presidency of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump because US-NATO forces in Afghanistan serves Israel (drugs) and India’s agenda (war along Pakistan and China borders).

    Israeli poodles in Congress fears that like Iraq, once the US-NATO forces withdraw from Afghanistan, the country would come under Iranian influence.

    Historically, Afghan Muslim armies invaded Indian sub-continent more than a dozen times, and ruled India for more than 1,000 years. Afghans never attacked or ruled Persia (Iran). Therefore, logically, Afghans should have more religious, ethnic, and cultural influences over Indian people. Not only India has much larger Shia community than in Afghanistan, Persian language had been India’s official language for over three centuries under Muslim rulers.

    During Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, India sided with Moscow while Islamabad and Washington supported Afghan Mujahideen.

    According to professor C. Christine Fair (Georgetown University) Afghanistan has great strategic importance for India to contain Pakistan-Iran influence in the region. Fair is senior member at Jewish-controlled Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS). She is considered an “expert” on US foreign policy concerning Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Iran. She wrote several articles in support of American drone war in Pakistan which has killed over 2,000 civilians so far. She labels Pakistan a “greedy state” that doesn’t want to live in peace with its powerful neighbor India. She claims that even if India give-away disputed Jammu and Kashmir Valley to Pakistan, Islamabad will continue its warmongering against India.

  3. Except for a small faux pas – a montage of warships shown at the end of the Democratic Convention is a blaze of jingoistic effusion embarrassingly turned out to be Russian warships!

    This happened back in 2012, not at the current convention.

  4. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    `Hollywood for ugly people.’

    These days, Hollywood is the place for Ugly people.

    Look at new Star Wars. Look at Ghost Busters.

  5. ‘long war profits no nation’ – sun tzu.
    we are in the throes of a national sickness. one that reeks of the stench of death. we kill & maim children – children! – in afghanistan. and in many locations.
    if the nuremberg principles were enforced, every president since ww11 would have been hanged.
    we blunder into afghanistan after we blundered into viet nam. millions die, but ho hum.
    too few americans are appalled.
    perhaps we’ll bankrupt the empire. perhaps americans will suffer the suffering we’ve brought to the many.
    empires go extinct. that’s what empires do. there are always signs, clues, to an impending collapse.
    we’re to busy with breads & circuses to notice.

  6. Anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website

    It will cost me $20 million and take me one year to kill everyone in Afghanistan.
    It does not cost a trillion dollars and take fifteen years to conquer Afghanistan.
    This is just another fake war to justify massive theft and fraud.

    • Replies: @WorkingClass
  7. Afghanistan is strategically located, Muslim & resources rich. All three characteristics make
    it PRIME TARGET of WHITE RICH & EURO-AMERICAN PLUNDER. But the Taliban have fought hard and well to preserve their freedom, homeland & to drive the White invaders out.

    It’s vital to understand the White Racist content of this conflict. The Euro-Cons have NO RESPECT for BLACK, BROWN, YELLOW OR RED PEOPLE especially if they have MINERALS OR OIL O GAS they want to STEAL. Their lack of respect is reflected in their slaughter of civilians and THE CIA POPPY PRODUCTION & HEROIN PROCESSING PROGRAM so the WHITE CIA can have BLACK OPS MONEY from HEROIN SALES.


    • Replies: @anon
  8. @Anonymous

    It does not cost a trillion dollars and take fifteen years to conquer Afghanistan.

    Thank you. How deep down stupid does a person have to be to fail to understand this?

  9. anon • Disclaimer says:

    The Taliban “preserving freedom”? WTF! Freedom House rates Afghanistan as amongst the least free countries on earth.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
  10. Nuke says:

    America’s “Longest War,” Never forget!

  11. The opportunity for America to reform its self from within has long past. Peace in the Middle East will only be achieved by a Russian styled collapse in America. We have resigned ourselves to this fate.

  12. America’s longest war is the War On Drugs. Considering the gigantic gulag, collateral damage (families of the incarcerated) and huge expense over so many years it is the most disastrous war for Americans themselves with the exception of the War of Northern Aggression.

  13. Rehmat says:

    Forget Jewish ‘Freedom House’ – What about Amnesty International which claims that Israel is the only country in the world where sex-slavery is legalized.

    Daniel Pomerantz, a US-Israel dual citizen has launched the Hebrew version of famous men’s sexy magazine Playboy. Like a typical Israel-Firster, Pomerantz too believe that his Israeli porn-filled magazine will help to improve Israel’s international image which has nose-dipped since Israel’s 2006 defeat at the hands of Hizballah guerilla fighters. “For me this is an opportunity to show the world the nice side of Israel, the culture here,” he said.

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