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A Vile Crime...But Productive
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Whoever bombed the Russian airliner that was destroyed over Sinai last week must be having a hearty laugh watching the ensuing chaotic reaction of the great powers.

As of this writing, it increasingly appears that the Russian Metroliner A321-200 Airbus was indeed downed by an explosion. Curiously, no traces of explosive residues have yet been found –or at least yet reported. There remains the much smaller probability that the aircraft’s tail may have fallen off as the result of metal fatigue caused by a ground collision over a decade ago.

Egypt, whose vital tourist industry has been battered this year after bloody repression of opponents of its brutal military dictatorship, refuses to admit a bomb was involved. The crash was due to poor maintenance, claims Cairo.

Sharm el-Sheik, the Metroliner’s departure point, is Egypt’s primary resort for low-budget travellers. An estimated 20,000 Britons and 40,000 Russians were at the isolated resort or in Cairo. Even so, Egypt’s once thriving tourist industry is down by over 50%.

Briton’s Prime Minister, David Cameron, urgently ordered all of his nation’s tourists at Sharm el-Sheik home. But the cheap charter flights to evacuate them were denied landing rights by Egypt which was eager to downplay the crisis. This mess will eventually be sorted out but the damage to Egypt’s tourist industry was done.

After refusing to admit that a bomb had downed the Russian A321, and rebuking US President Barack Obama for suggesting sabotage was involved, Russia’s president, Vlad Putin, caved in and ordered the 20,000 Russians in Egypt home. A huge airlift operation is under way – though the travellers will have to leave their luggage behind for ‘later shipment’ – ie kiss your bags goodbye.

Egypt’s dictator al-Sisi is furious at both Britain and Russia. Western media is filled with stories about Egypt’s loosey-goosey airport security. Some years ago, when my luggage didn’t show up at Cairo, I went out on the tarmac, climbed into the baggage hold of the aircraft, and actually retrieved my bag, which had been forgotten in the dark interior.

Actually Egypt is one of the world’s harshest police states with a huge army, police force and secret police, the dreaded ‘mukhabarat.’ Whipping with electrical cables and anal rape are two of its favorite techniques.

It would be hard for Cairo to further increase security.

The most likely scenario at Sharm el-Sheik was the bomb was secreted aboard the aircraft by a baggage handler or catering staff member. Sinai is in armed rebellion against the Cairo military regime, with attacks and bombings occurring almost daily. Many inhabitants of Sinai look to the local branch of Islamic State as a legitimate liberation movement against Egypt’s US and Saudi-backed military junta which has lately been also getting very chummy with Moscow.

What better way to poke the eye of Cairo, Washington, and Moscow than by downing a Russian airliner over Egypt. A terrible, despicable crime, to be certain, but effective.

Russia’s air offensive against rag-tag Islamic State forces in northern Syria is intensifying. Russian, American, French and British bombs are killing Syrian civilians, so why not give the unbelievers a taste of their own medicine?


This presents a 64,000 ruble dilemma to President Putin. He came to power by promising to “kill the Chechen terrorists in their sh*t houses.” He is the consummate no-nonsense strong man. Putin may be forced to take harder measures against IS: more bombing or shelling of its main base, Raqaa; use of Russia Spetsnaz special forces directly against IS, or even dispatch of main force army units to Syria.

Putin has made clear he does not want a wider conflict in Syria and is only trying to add punch to President Bashar Assad’s beleaguered army. But ‘mission creep’ lurks in all wars, particularly Syria where US special forces are already involved.

Let’s hope Putin’s famously steely nerves restrain larger involvement. Meanwhile, the criminals of IS must be laughing and back-slapping over just how much they have sown discord in the ranks of their infidel foes.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: KGL-9268, Russia, Terrorism 
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  1. J Yan says:

    Sisi’s lawless regime has only increased insecurity.

  2. Tom_R says:


    The Judaists/Zionists/Jewish neo-cons who own and operate Obama ordered Obama to bomb a Russian plane in Sinai as retaliation for the Russian involvement in Syria, as an alternative to attacking Russia directly militarily, which was deemed too risky.

    So Obama obliged and had Al Sisi help him by allowing a bomb to be slipped into the Metrojet Russian jet.

    This is explained in further detail in my other comment, here:

  3. Kiza says:

    I am not sure why Ron Unz publishes the sewerage of this American-Canadian-Prussian “journalist” working for the CIA.

    He was ordered not to gloat about the Russian dead like the rest of the Western media, but to equate the Russians who are truly fighting ISIS with the Americans and the British who are pretending (ISIS is their creation and they keep arming it): “the message is being sent to all of them”.

    For this smelly turd, the most important thing is that the crime is “effective“:

    What better way to poke the eye of Cairo, Washington, and Moscow than by downing a Russian airliner over Egypt. A terrible, despicable crime, to be certain, but effective.

    And in which way is this “effective” Margolis? Are the Russians going to leave Syria and Assad to your employers, the CIA and their ISIS?

    Well Margolis, I strongly wish that you are on the next plane which gets shot down, or, even better, someone from your family. That would be so terribly effective to stop you writing similar paid garbage.

  4. Rehmat says:

    It seems my fellow Canadian war reporter Eric Margolis has missed the obvious. Both London and Moscow have not only banned flights to Sinai – they’re in the process of bring 20,000 British and 45,000 Russian tourists home. But why Tel Aviv has not shown any concern for the 85,000 Jewish tourists who have visited Egypt during first six month of this year? According to Israeli tourist data, 72,000 Israeli visited Egypt in 2014.

    The answer could be found by the popularity of Gen. Sisi in Israel and United States.

    Since Gen. Sisi staged a military coup against democratically elected president Dr. Morsi more than a year ago – al-Sisi has been depicted as “defender of democracy and secularism” by the Jewish-controlled western mainstream media. Many top pro-Israel American lawmakers including Sen. John McCain, John Kerry, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton , Henry Kissinger and Madeline Albright have dined with al-Sisi in Cairo.

    Gen. Sisi has also received praise from several Israeli leaders including prime minister Netanyahu. On January 31, 2014, Alex Traiman at JNS quoted former Israeli defense minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer saying that Israel supported el-Sisi, but “we shouldn’t go out on the roofs and cry out in favor of el-Sisi. But what is going on in Egypt is positive for Israel, and you cannot deny it.”

    “Abdul Fattah El-Sisi is Egypt’s strong man right now and has been fighting against radical Islam and against the Muslim Brothers (members of the Muslim Brotherhood). This is very positive both for Egypt, but also for Israel and the entire Middle East,” said former Israeli Ambassador to Egypt Zvi Mazel.

    • Replies: @Moi
  5. Avery says:

    Agree with [Kiza] above.

    I too detect a subtle malodorous tone of satisfaction in Mr. Margolis’s article.
    The title itself is offensive: “..Productive”.
    ‘Productive’ how ?

    Would you use the same adjective if the victims of the crime were not Russians ?
    Would you use the same adjective if the victims of the crime were Muslims, your favourites ?

    The vile gloating – overt or carefully camouflaged – over the deaths of 200+ Russian civilians shows how deep into the putrid swamp Western leaders and their commentators have sunk.

    Mr. Margolis: please view this short video: this is what you are calling ‘Productive’.
    [‘I’ve lost everything’: Families, friends of Sinai plane crash victims share grief]

    You, Sir, owe an apology to the Russian people.

  6. Kiza says:

    The latest is that a British airliner has dodged a missile fired at the same airport in August. But the British secret service never told anyone about this, only the 5-member crew knew.

    Dear British citizens, your vile regime has been hiding something that could have cost you your life when going on holidays/vacation. They continued flights from the same airport despite such known danger.

    Naturally, this is a pure totalitarian lie. Lying has been invented by the British. This is only to confuse the story and to answer a question that many people have been asking: if US, Canada and UK (pilots in US bombers) have been bombing ISIS for several years now, how come none of their civilian planes have been attacked, the Russians just started a few weeks ago and their civilian airliner gets bombed.

    Of course, to the people in-the-know, the answer is obvious – because ISIS belongs to US, Israel, Turkey, Saudi+Qatar, and the US allies (UK and Canada). They pretend to bomb ISIS, whilst they actually bomb the Syrian Government. When they ask for authorization to bomb ISIS, they will attack the Syrian Government.

    The whole story of Syria is simply about dividing up Syria between Israel and Turkey, and passing a gas pipe between Qatar and Turkey. This is the core of the crime that the “humanitarians” are up to this time.

  7. argos says:

    Do not interfere with them just leave them alone the brits the yanks and now the Russians will only continue to destroy destabalize and in the end leave.Stealing Palestinian land and giving it to the zionist

  8. Why does it have to be either an on-board bomb or a mechanical failure? It could have been an air-to-air missile – I’ve seen claims from credible sources that this was what happened. Regarding this early conclusion that the deed HAD to be done by Arab terrorists, I get suspicious when the neocons want to establish means and guilt until full investigation.

    • Replies: @AnAnon
  9. Shame on Eric! Believes everything he reads.
    In a nut shell–Bombing of the Russian airliner is to get the Russians war crazy. However Putin hasn’t taken the bait like drunk GW Bush did after 911 self attacks

  10. Moi says:

    I don’t know why Jewish journalist and Middle East “expert” Margolis gets the idea of “unbelievers” as an Islamic notion. The Arabic word “kafir” does not translate as “unbeliever”–rather a kafir is someone who covers up the truth (the truth that there is a God/Creator).

  11. One Negative aspect on Unz is the comment section, this comment section is no exception. Anyone thinking that Margolis is CIA is unfamiliar with his work. I do agree that it is premature to critique Putin on his lack of response. No one knows yet what happened.

    • Replies: @Quartermaster
  12. @Positive Dennis

    The comments on Unz are pretty much a fever swamp. I don’t care for Margolis, but anyone thinking he’s a in the employ of CIA is smoking some seriously harsh stuff.

  13. Kamran says:

    Wow, so many butthurt pedants in this comment section.

  14. AnAnon says:
    @richard vajs

    an air to air missile means launched from another aircraft. that’s quite a bit more sophisticated than anything ISIS has done. The same is true for surface to air missiles. a bomb being responsible is Occam’s razor in action.

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