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Race Is a Fiction: My Debate with Jared Taylor
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Our topic today is “Is race an important topic or a fiction?” And so, I’d like to begin our discussion of the concept of race with a reminder that historically race referred to ethnicity as well as physical characteristics.

But before I do that I’d like to explain the difference between categories of the mind and categories of nature or reality by describing the biggest crisis to hit Indiana since the Civil War. I’m talking about the decision to put Indiana on daylight saving time:

On April 29, 2005, with heavy backing from Governor Mitch Daniels’ economic development plan, and after years of controversy, the Indiana General Assembly passed a law stating that, effective April 2, 2006, the entire state of Indiana would become the 48th state to observe daylight saving time.[1]

What no one knew at the time is that Indiana had weathered a similar crisis in the 1970s by refusing to reset their clocks twice a year. The unsung heroine in the time change battle of the 1970s was a woman who called in to a talk show and opined that her lawn was already brown, and one more hour of sunlight would kill it completely. That argument carried the day in Indiana for almost 40 years, and it was in that woman’s honor that I wrote what is probably the only song in existence on Daylight Saving Time.

The more philosophically minded among you may have noticed that there is a flaw in her argument. She made a category mistake by confusing categories of nature or reality with categories of the mind. The day is divided into hours based on a category of the mind, which can be changed. The year is based on a certain number of days, which is fixed and cannot be changed.

What does all this have to do with race? Race, as we now understand the term, is a conflation of categories of reality and categories of the mind. I have been asked to defend the proposition that race is a fiction, as opposed to an “important reality.” Those of us who have studied philosophy will recognize that the topic of this debate is based on what philosophers would call a false dichotomy.

In order to demonstrate what I mean I would ask you to contemplate what I am now holding in my hand. It is a copy of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel The Scarlet Letter. It is what you would call “a piece of fiction.” It is, in other words, real. Fiction, in other words, is not a fiction. If you think about characters like Hamlet or Shylock or Hester Prynne, the fact that we know their names after centuries and can write books about them, as I did when I wrote The Angel and the Machine, means that these fictions are in some sense more real than any Jew, prince, or Puritan lady you ever met in the real world even though they are categories of the mind and Shylock et al never existed as real people. Fiction in this instance means category of the mind, and that brings me to my thesis: race is a fiction, by which I mean that race category of the mind which gets imposed for political purposes. To be more specific, race, as we now understand the term, is a category of the mind which gets imposed on subject peoples as a form of marginalization and control.

According to the OED, race refers to “a group of persons, animals, or plants, connected by common descent or origin. The offspring or posterity of a person; a set of children or descendants. A limited group of persons descended from a common ancestor; a house, family, kindred. A tribe, nation, or people, regarded as of common stock.”

In Europe in the Middle Ages, everyone belonged to one “limited group of persons descended from a common ancestor” or another, but “the white race” was a completely unknown concept. The earliest example of a European author referring to fellow Europeans as ‘white people’ didn’t occur until 1613 when an African King in Thomas Middleton’s play The Triumphs of Truth looks out on an English audience and declares, “I see amazement set upon the faces/Of these white people, wond’rings and strange gazes.”[2]

When I refer to myself as bi-racial, meaning that I come from Irish and German stock, I am simply making use of what was once the accepted meaning of the term according to the OED, which defines race as “A group of several tribes or peoples, forming a distinct ethnical stock.” In 1883 Green wrote in his Conquest of England that “Courage was a heritage of the whole German race.”

The term “race” was also used to describe “One of the great divisions of mankind.” Race, in this instance meant “having certain physical peculiarities in common.” In 1861 Blumenbach grouped those “physical peculiarities” into “five races: 1st. The Caucasian; 2nd The Mongolian; 3rd the Ethiopian; 4th the American; 5th the Malay.” But this was only one use of the term.

So what do we mean when we say that race is “real”? We mean that ethnicity has always been a category of reality. We also mean that physical characteristics are real and that they differ depending on what part of the planet you come from. The shape of your nose and the color of your skin are categories of reality. The virtues or vices associated with them, however, are categories of the mind, which get applied for political reasons.


So, to get back to our original example, does the fact that the 24-hour day is a category of the mind mean that there is no difference between night and day? No, of course not. The 24-hour day organizes night and day; it does not replace them. Similarly, categories like “the white race,” whether they are cited by Jared Taylor or Noel Ignatiev, mobilize biological characteristics for political purposes in a way that is independent of the characteristics themselves.

Had “the white race” been known in the Middle Ages, it would have been called a universal. A universal is something outside of nature which is brought to nature in order to organize nature and make it, as a result, comprehensible. Universals can also be used to weaponize nature for political purposes.

To give a recent example of the manipulation of universals for political purposes, there is a group of people, and I happen to be one of them, who voted for Donald Trump in 2016. This is a category of reality. These people have real identities; they have names and addresses, and presumably all of them are registered voters, and if they’re not they should be.

Hillary Clinton, who lost that election, described this group of people as “a basket of deplorables.” Now what type of term is that? I think everyone here would agree that it is a weaponized category of the mind. More specifically “deplorables” is a word which describes a category of Hillary Clinton’s mind which has no relation to anything else but Hillary Clinton’s mind. Are those people deplorable? Only in Hillary Clinton’s mind. Deplorable is a category of the mind based on a category of nature. It is similar to the term feminism, another term which is based on a category of nature, namely, woman, but which has been weaponized for political purposes. This becomes apparent when we move from “women” to “women’s rights” and from “women’s rights” to abortion. By commandeering the term “woman,” which is a category of nature, feminists hope to coerce agreement to propositions which are nothing but categories of the mind.

The term “deplorable” is also a form of identity theft of the sort which took place last summer in St. Louis, when Umar Lee, who started off life as a white boy, became a Negro when he went to high school, and ended up as a Muslim, described the people who wanted to prevent the removal of the statue of St. Louis as “white supremacists.” When they gathered around the statue, that group of people could be seen praying the Rosary, which indicates that they were Catholics. If Lee had identified them as Catholics, however, he would have lost that battle. In fact, when I identified them as Catholics in an article in Culture Wars, he did lose the battle because Catholics still have rights and white supremacists don’t. “White supremacist” was a category of the mind, but Catholic was a category of reality.

Critical Race Theory is based on sociology; white racism is based on biology, but both ideologies are forms of identity theft which manipulate categories of the mind for political purposes. The only difference between these two groups is the value judgments which they place on the categories of white and black. In both instances, what began as a description of physical characteristics based on a category of nature gets magically transformed into a category of the mind whose purpose is to justify economic injustice. This is true of 17th century Virginia, where the planter class decided to divide the working class according to skin color, thereby ensuring a docile workforce in which working class whites were considered superior to working class blacks. And it is equally true of Critical Race Theory in the 21st century, which simultaneously reversed and maintained the original good/bad dichotomy based on “race” and used it as a justification for Affirmative Action, which is also a form of economic injustice.

If I asked everyone watching this debate if they were white, most would agree they were. But if I asked them if they were a Mzungu, I would probably get a different response. If you ask me if I am a Mzungu, I would have to say yes, but only when I am in east Africa, because Mzungu is the Swahili word for white guy. You’re a Lithuanian if you speak Lithuanian and/or live in Lithuania, but you’re not a Mzungu until you arrive in East Africa.

This, mutatis mutandis, is precisely what happened to Europeans when they emigrated to America. Before their arrival, they had no understanding of themselves as white, because both black and white, as categories of the mind, are dependent on geography and culture even though the features that make up our understanding are categories of nature which are independent of context. Because there were no black people in Lithuania, Lithuanians did not consider themselves white. In Vilnius, they were known as Lithuanians, but when Martin Luther King showed up in the Lithuanian neighborhood in Chicago known as Marquette Park, they became white, largely because they dared to oppose King’s attempt to take over their neighborhood. “White” is a category of the mind, which even then in 1966 had been weaponized to dehumanize the people it got applied to in order to defeat them in an undeclared war.

Unlike race, which is based on characteristics which are undeniably real but insignificant, ethnicity is a universal which is based on man’s most important characteristic, the one which distinguishes him from every other animal on earth, namely, language, which is the commonest manifestation of logos and the essence of what we are as rational creatures.

Lithuanians come from a certain part of the world. They eat certain kinds of food, but, first and foremost, Lithuanians are a group because they speak a particular language, which few people outside Lithuania understand. The universal known as ethnicity is based primarily on language. The universal Lithuanian, to give just one example, is more like sex than “red-head,” which is real but insignificant or “deplorable,” which is totally a category of one person’s mind. Lithuanian refers to a language, which is a significant category of reality because it is the basis of ethnic identity and rational discourse among that particular people.


There are 76 different ethnic groups in Tanzania, and all of them are indistinguishable when it comes to “race,” as that term is currently understood. The universal known as Kikuyu has a content that is both objective and significant, because language plays a significant role in transmitting the values which determine behavior. The universals known as “black” or “white,” on the other hand, while based on the objective realities we have already discussed, have no significance or meaningful content because superficial racial differences have no effect on behavior or identity other than what gets projected on them as categories of the mind.

Categories of the mind can become universals which determine behavior. I once wrote an article on motorcycle culture in America after visiting the famous biker rally in Sturgis, South Dakota. At the high point of that festival, I was told, someone yelled, “Hey, asshole,” and everyone turned around. Is “asshole” a universal based on a category of nature or a category of the mind? Well, it’s both a part of the human body and a category of the mind, which gets used as an insult.

Why do I bring this up? I’m saying that if you identify as white, you are like the biker who turned around at the biker rally when someone yelled, “Hey, asshole” because like “asshole” white is a derogatory term that allows those in power to deprive those who identify as white of their rights. In the wake of what happened in Charlottesville, it is clear that “white” is not only a category of the mind, it is also a clearly derogatory term somewhere between “deplorable” and “asshole.” Anyone who adopts the term is internalizing the commands of his oppressors and asking for trouble.

Compare what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia with what happened in Richmond more recently in the same state. There the “universal” was gun owner, and because of that no one went to jail in spite of the fact that many of the same people showed up at both rallies. The difference lies in the universals which got applied to them. “Gun owner” is a universal which is based on a category of nature, which entails rights still guaranteed by the Constitution. “White” is a universal which has some insignificant connection with reality if we are talking about skin color, shape of nose, etc., but that universal has become a category of the mind or fiction, which now gets applied with a political purpose in mind. White people, unlike gun owners, have been deprived of their right to free speech and right to assemble. Charlottesville is proof of that. This leads me to my conclusion: race is a category of the mind which gets weaponized for political purposes.

Part II

Like feminists in general and Hillary Clinton in particular, race theorists in like Mr. Taylor base their arguments on a sleight of hand which switches in a deliberately deceptive manner from categories of reality to categories of the mind based on an equivocal use of the same word.

Jared Taylor demonstrated this intellectual sleight of hand at the Scandza Forum in Copenhagen in 2018 by marshaling facts like: “The illegitimacy rate among blacks in the United States is 77 percent. In some areas in the United States marriage has simply disappeared in Black communities. Whereas the illegitimacy rate among whites is 30 percent.” After citing “These. . . remarkable differences,” Taylor then asks disingenuously “How do we account for them?” and then mockingly answering his own question, he goes on to say that “The only explanation must be white racism.”

Race theorists believe in things like “science” and “IQ,” but they never cite studies that contradict the foregone conclusion that “race” is the fundamental social reality and the ultimate cause of social pathology. Studies not cited by Taylor indicate that family and faith are more important than race in determining intelligence.

Considering studies like this, Taylor’s facts raise more questions than they answer. Did the number of out of wedlock births in the black community always stand at 77 percent? The same could be asked of the white illegitimacy rate. Was it always 30 percent? Was the ratio of black to white illegitimacy always roughly two to one?

By bringing up the issue of Black illegitimacy, Taylor invokes, deliberately or not, the Moynihan Report, named after then Undersecretary of Transportation Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who reported in 1963 that Black illegitimacy had reached epidemic proportions because 21 percent of all black children were born out of wedlock.

If we look at the percentages over time, the differences become even more striking. According to a report from The Brookings Institute: “In 1965, 24 percent of black infants and 3.1 percent of white infants were born to single mothers. By 1990 the rates had risen to 64 percent for black infants, 18 percent for whites.”[3] This means, of course, that white illegitimacy is now higher than black illegitimacy was then. What does this tell us about race? The answer is that it tells us nothing, but it does tell us a lot about cultural change.

Upon closer examination, the real question would seem to be, not so much why are Black illegitimacy rates three times what they were in 1965 but why did white illegitimacy rates increase ten-fold over the same period of time? In 1965 black illegitimacy was eight times higher than white rates. Now it’s only double white rates. If race is the main factor in predicting illegitimacy, why do we now have a situation in which whites now bear more illegitimate children than blacks did then? Taylor gives no indication that race has changed over this period of time, but something has changed. What then?

The answer to that question is that the culture has changed, and 1965 was a crucial year in this regard. In the spring of that year, the Supreme Court handed down its Griswold vs. Connecticut decision striking down Comstock-era laws banning the sale of contraceptives. At around the same time, Hollywood broke the Production Code which prohibited nudity, blasphemy and obscenity, by releasing its holocaust porn film The Pawnbroker.

Race played no role whatsoever in either of these important events, but ethnicity did, especially if we define ethnicity in America according to the Triple Melting Pot theory which specifies that after three generations, religion becomes the source of ethnic identity in America. America is made up of three ethnic groups based on three religions: Protestant, Catholic, and Jew. Estelle Griswold was the extremely white wife of a Yale Professor. Birth Control was a Protestant crusade, which got its initial funding from the equally white Rockefeller family.


Hollywood was a Jewish creation from its inception, as was pornography. The Catholics fought both groups on these issues. Race played no role in that conflict, and if race is superimposed on that conflict as its ultimate explicator, then what happened then remains forever mysterious. The cultural revolution of the ‘60s which led to skyrocketing illegitimacy rates among both black and white populations took place totally within the purview of the triple melting pot, which specified religion, not race, as the matrix of cultural conflict in America.

Race, in other words, does not explain the statistics Taylor himself cites. By using race as his criterion of social pathology, Taylor in fact provides cover for the real perpetrators of cultural decay. After talking about illegitimacy, Taylor then switches gears and complains about “fierce private limitations on what we can say” which have been imposed on internet platforms,” claiming that “Google, Facebook and Twitter are . . . censoring our ideas” when in fact the main actor in Internet censorship and, in fact, the inventor of the term “hate speech,” which gets used to justify censorship, is the Anti-Defamation League, which is a Jewish organization.

Which leads us to our first question: Are Jews white?

This question has already been answered for us by another Jewish organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center, which heaped praise on Taylor’s organization American Renaissance. I pointed this out in Culture Wars in 2007 in an article describing how both organizations manipulated race to cover up the real actors in America’s ongoing saga of cultural tribal warfare. The Southern Poverty Law Center is a Jewish defamation operation similar to the ADL, which demonized John Sharpe as a racist anti-Semite because he attended one of Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance conferences.

Yet, if we log on to the SPLC website and type American Renaissance into their search engine, we find that the SPLC has good things to say about that organization. In fact, a quick search of the SPLC web site informs us that AR president Jared Taylor is “an opponent of anti-Semitism.” Shawn Mercer, the man in charge of the American Renaissance’s web discussion group, we are told, “deletes most postings excoriating the Jews.”

This only confirms what we have learned from other sources. In an obit on Sam Francis which appeared in the American Conservative, we were told that Jared Taylor wanted to do for white nationalism what William F. Buckley did for conservatism. And what is that? Well, to subvert it for the benefit of Jewish interests. One of the entries at the SPLC site claims that “It is well-known that the American Renaissance does not allow anti-Semitism; it is uptown, 100% clean WN [white nationalism]. Call it a first step if you like, but it is a very important first step, and Jared Taylor has had success.”[4]

So, congratulations Jared for making Jews fit for polite company. This transformation, however, has serious consequences for anyone involved in fighting the culture wars. As soon as Jews become white, they become invisible, and as soon as the revolutionary Jew becomes invisible, we run into serious difficulties in providing a convincing explanation for any of the pathologies that have afflicted the West for over 50 years now—from unlimited weaponized immigration to pornography to abortion to wars in the Middle East.

In one of his You Tube videos, Taylor says “If we do nothing, we will be shoved aside by people who hate us for what we have built and despise us for letting them take it away from us.”[5] Who are these people who “hate us for what we have built?” Who gave us pornography, gay marriage, endless wars in the Middle East, and weaponized migration in both America in the ‘60s and in Europe as we speak? Was it the nameless sharecroppers from Mississippi and South Carolina or was it “white people” like John J. McCloy of the Ford Foundation who used Black ministers like Leon Sullivan to engage in the ethnic cleansing of Catholic parishes in Philadelphia? Was it nameless boat people from Libya or was it “white” people like Barbara Lerner Specter, who defended the weaponized migration wave sweeping over countries like Germany and Sweden by saying that: “Europe must become multicultural in order to survive…. As the Jews will be at the forefront of that huge transformation, the Jews will be resented for their leading role”[6]

Barbara Lerner Specter is not the only Jew expressing animus toward traditional European cultures. Johns Hopkins Professor Yascha Mounk has stated that Jews “are currently involved in carrying on a unique experiment, whereby we are transforming a monoethnic democracy into a multi-ethnic multi-cultural society.”[7] „Wir führen ein historisch einzigartiges Experiment durch, indem wir eine monoethnische Demokratie in eine multiethnische und multikulturelle Gesellschaft verwandeln In an interview on Westdeutscher Rundfunk’s Presseclub, Mounk stated that “The state must punish anyone who ‘out of hate’ opposes the creation of a multiethnic society.”[8]

Im Presseclub des WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk) sagte Yascha Mounk den schweigenden, ins Leere schauende Gesprächsteilnehmern: „Der Staat muß diejenigen bestrafen, welche `aus Hass´ sich gegen die Erschaffung der multiethnischen Gesellschaft stellen

On the eve of Ireland’s citizenship referendum in 2007, the Israeli academic Ronit Lentin proposed “an interrogation of how the Irish nation can become other than white (Christian and settled), by privileging the voices of the racialised, and subverting state immigration, but also integration, policies.”[9] Those who are unfamiliar with the situation in the United States can view Mr. Greenblatt, head of the ADL, explaining on You Tube why more internet censorship is necessary.[10] Is Mr. Greenblatt white? Is Barbara Lerner Specter white? If the answer is yes, the current situation becomes completely incomprehensible because the main promoters of weaponized immigration in Europe and censorship on the internet are suddenly on the same team as the people they are trying to censor and destroy. Which doesn’t make sense.

Clearly, something is wrong here, and the problem lies with Jared Taylor’s mendacious use of the word race. Race, as Taylor uses it, is a category of the mind very similar to Hilary Clinton’s use of “deplorable.” It weaponizes categories of nature for political effect. This become obvious in his use of the term “white,” which includes Jews but excludes people like Kevin MacDonald, who has never been invited to an American Renaissance conference because he criticizes Jews.

The same is true of David Duke, whose attempt to get elected governor of the State of Louisiana was derailed by Taylor’s “wife” Evelyn Rich. Taylor preaches racial solidarity, but he practices the exact opposite, acting as a commissar for Jewish interests in making sure that the term “white” conforms not to categories of nature but the category of Jared Taylor’s mind. Once the revolutionary-minded Jew becomes white, he becomes “one of us,” which means that he becomes invisible, and free to wage war on the cultures of the West by promoting culture destroying phenomena like abortion, gay marriage, usury, and pornography.

But that is only half the story. By making Jews white, Taylor simultaneously makes whites Jews, turning them into unwitting accomplices in the destruction of their own culture and their own lives, as happened at Charlottesville. Anyone who claims that Jews are white is the enemy of the “white” people he claims to lead. Like the Mahdi who inspired thousands of his followers to charge Kitchener’s Maxim Guns, waving scimitars astride their camels at the Battle of Omdurman, racial apologists like Jared Taylor inspired Richard Spencer to hand out spears to the white boys and point them in the direction of the legal machine gun nest in Charlottesville, where they all got mowed down by a self-described “chubby Lesbian kike” named Roberta Kaplan.

Is Roberta Kaplan white, Jared?

Is Jennifer Rubin white, Jared? If so, why did she just tweet that the coming minority status of “whites” is “fabulous news.” If Jews are white, why does Jennifer Rubin feel the need “to prevent minority White rule”?

I think I know the answer to that question. If Jews are white, then whites are Jews. Since Jews have power and whites do not, this means that the whites who follow Taylor’s understanding of race end up internalizing the commands of their oppressors and being controlled by the very people they need to oppose. Jared knows this, but do you? Do you turn around when someone yells, “Hey, asshole”? Are you willing to ruin your life for a category mistake?








[7] „Wir führen ein historisch einzigartiges Experiment durch, indem wir eine monoethnische Demokratie in eine multiethnische und multikulturelle Gesellschaft verwandeln


Im Presseclub des WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk) sagte Yascha Mounk den schweigenden, ins Leere schauende Gesprächsteilnehmern: „Der Staat muß diejenigen bestrafen, welche `aus Hass´ sich gegen die Erschaffung der multiethnischen Gesellschaft stellen



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  1. I’m rather unconvinced there aren’t real differences between the races, but Jones is right to point out the holes in race realist arguments.

    I’d also like to ask, if America used to be Catholics, Protestants, and Jews, what is it now? Certainly Protestants have split into two tribes by now, at least. This is just an observation.

    Where the article really shines is pointing out the Jewish influence on so much of what is happening. Although, one may also find plenty of malignant old-money WASP influence, I think it’s clear there’s a special Jewishness to the rottenness in the West. But, Jones’s ascribing of collaborationism to Taylor is a bit much for me. I might be naive, but I can’t help but feel Taylor is sincere and trying to do good. I would hope Jones would pray for Taylor to see the light, instead of attacking him in such a hurtful way.

    • Agree: Liosnagcat
    • Replies: @AndrewR
    , @Publius 2
    , @Anonymous
  2. Richard B says:

    Our topic today is “Is race an important topic or a fiction?”

    I would humbly suggest that that question be reframed to:

    Is Race an instrumentally valid category?

    The interesting thing about this is that one might be able to argue that the word Race is a logically empty category. But that wouldn’t mean that it isn’t an instrumentally valid one.

    In fact, consider this quote from EMJ from the introduction.

    Fiction in this instance means category of the mind, and that brings me to my thesis: race is a fiction, by which I mean that race category of the mind which gets imposed for political purposes. To be more specific, race, as we now understand the term, is a category of the mind which gets imposed on subject peoples as a form of marginalization and control.

    The fact that, by EMJ’s own admission above, the word Race is used for political purposes, makes it obvious that the answer to question Is Race an instrumentally valid category? is Yes.

    In short, when we use the word Race we’re actually talking about something.

    Further proof, of course, is this article itself and the debate between Taylor and Jones. Which essentially amounts to a debate on the meaning and use of a word. In this case, the word Race.

    That’s the best part of these kinds of discussions, that they direct attention to the nature of meaning, and in so doing make it clear as day that meanings are determined by people. After all, words don’t refer, people do.

    In the end, the purpose of language is behavioal control. EMJ even uses the word in the above quote. Just as he uses the word God to control his own behavior.

    Ultimately, it’s a question of how are those referred to as White, and therefore as the first Global Scapegoat in history, going to respond to the word Race so as to ensure their survival. Since it’s obvious the hostile elite are using their response to that word to ensure that their designated Scapegoat is either rendered powerless or driven to extinction.

    Words Matter. But, what matters most is our response to them.

    • Agree: Astuteobservor II
    • Disagree: Liosnagcat
  3. How do you explain BAMMAMA factor or blacks-are-more-muscular-and-more-aggressive? That accounts for black pathology and criminality in the West. It’s why blacks usually attack and beat up weaker/slower/softer whites.

    Blacks were under Christian influence in the US for savages but with freedom are reverting to their oogity-boogity jungle nature.

    Also, it’s wrong to compare Germanic Barbarians with black savages. Germanics were backward relative to the Romans, but they still had culture and semblance of complex societies.
    In contrast, blacks were ass-shaking jungle-jivers or savannah bunners.

    But even among savages, we see differences. American Indians were savages, but their racial character is different from that of blacks. Indians are stone-faced fellers who barely say ‘juicy fruit’ whereas blacks be ragging and rapping all the time.

  4. Malcolm X says:

    The problem is that in the USA and places like South Africa and Australia, white is defined in opposition to Black. In the US context, it is defined particularly against Black descendants of American chattel slavery. Whiteness was a way to confer socio-political status and power to whites and deny such to Blacks for whatever reason is fashionable. This is why sans the presence of Blacks, whites defined themselves by ethnicity. Since politics follows economics, Blacks were and are systematically denied participation in, and the development of, economies of scale which would transform their social status and political power. This enduring relationship is what Jared Taylor exploits which helps the Jews use Blacks as boogey men to scare whites into conforming to sociopolitical dead-ends such as civic nationalism, Judeo-Christianity, IQ, and criminal and social statistical analyses. This shift in focus disallows whites to see that constantly harping on the cultural failings of Blacks prevents the problem of Blacks persistent and historical existence in the USA to be rectified. The lack of rectification has resulted in the Jews exploiting these ideological dead ends by adding evermore marginalized groups to assuage the sensibilities of whites. Asians are brought in and the Jew media propagandizes whites to believe that they are a model minority. They are told to believe that Asians have higher IQs, the women are more desirable, and they most importantly, aren’t like Blacks. Other groups have the same propaganda machine influencing whites’ view of them. So, whites vary from not caring about the browning of America, to wanting a “white ethno-state” which is an oxymoron in and of itself. The real solution to this problem is to solve the socio-political problem of Black descendants of American slavery. This is the only non-white group with a legitimate claim on the US government. The native American tribes don’t even have a claim because they have treaties which should be enforced. All other immigrant groups have no claim on the US government at all and only serve as economic opportunities for various boondoggles of well-connected officials, corporations and contractors. I know this website is for heritage American issues, but unless I am banned, I am not going to stop talking about this issue. Black descendants of American slaves need reparations in order for heritage Americans to go forward with your political project. There is no other way around it. Unless you can remove the ability of Jews to use Blacks as a cudgel to accept the sob-stories of various other disaffected groups coming to America “looking for a better life”, you will lose!!

    • Disagree: Liosnagcat
    • LOL: thotmonger
  5. Anon[381] • Disclaimer says:

    I truly enjoy much of EMJ’s work but he loses me on his definition of race. If you call yourself white you have a target on your back, well so be it.

    • Agree: Liosnagcat
  6. I once engaged in a livestreamed debate with race-denying senile dipshit E. Michael Jones, who has attempted to argue that America’s main three ethnic groups are Catholics, Jews, and Protestants. Yes — he’s really THAT deluded.

    — Jim Goad

    “Senile dipshit” – I hate insults and ad hominems, and favour always being courteous but, dang, I couldn’t but laugh!


  7. KenH says:

    The shape of your nose and the color of your skin are categories of reality. The virtues or vices associated with them, however, are categories of the mind, which get applied for political reasons.

    The disproportionate black homicide rate of 54-55% and their disproportionate violent crime rates are categories of the mind? What about their demonstrably lower IQ’s?

    Jared Taylor clearly won the debate when it came to race and why it’s a biological reality. E. Michael Jones could only offer bizarre explanations as to why race is just an artificial construct and a “state of the mind”. However, when it came to the subject of Jews, E. Michael Jones did have Taylor on the ropes for a bit and I was surprised when Taylor conceded that overall Jews have had a negative influence on America and the West.

    Previously, Taylor would tell us that the Jews are huwhite because they look huwhite to him. End of story.

    Most everyone on this site knows that while some Jews do look phenotypically European it’s their psychological makeup which makes them averse and implacably hostile to all things non-Jewish and this will forever set them apart from not only white Europeans but the rest of mankind. Not only that but if white Americans and Europeans continue to blind themselves to what diaspora Jewry is doing to white, Western societies and implement strong countermeasures then there’s little hope of things getting better.

  8. Cutler says:

    His position on race bonkers and has no basis in reality, Bizarre.

    • Agree: jamie b., RichardTaylor
    • Replies: @Ruckus
    , @Stan d Mute
  9. Chensley says:

    Dr. Jones, I have a lot of respect for you but you appear to have tied your mind into quite a few knots in your attempt to square the circle of race into your understanding of the world.

    1. Small things first. Dr. Jones, with all due respect, I think you need to work on your sense of humor or at least your ability to detect it.

    Taylor then asks disingenuously “How do we account for them?” and then mockingly answering his own question, he goes on to say that “The only explanation must be white racism.”

    This is how Mr. Taylor presents information in a more light-hearted way. Perhaps you’ve watched enough of his AmRen videos but I suspect you haven’t. I don’t blame you for this as you probably have more productive things to do, but if you were more familiar with his delivery method, you would understand that he’s not being truly disingenuous as it’s a rhetorical device.

    I once wrote an article on motorcycle culture in America after visiting the famous biker rally in Sturgis, South Dakota. At the high point of that festival, I was told, someone yelled, “Hey, asshole,” and everyone turned around.

    Again, this wasn’t being used as an insult but more as an in-group joke that everyone there was an “asshole.” Maybe I’m not detecting that you understood this but it’s quite clear to me. Apologies if I’ve misread you.

    2. Race is not just a social construct or some designation that is arbitrarily handed out, although it has been wrongfully used that way as a cudgel against Whites where we are simultaneously both a group that is responsible for everything wrong in the world and a group that doesn’t exist! Everyone else gets to have a racial identity but not Whites. Racial differences are ubiquitous throughout our entire self, they are not superficial. fMRI, X-ray, biomarkers, IQ tests, sports performance all support these innate and unique differences within and between different racial groups.

    Your argument seems to stem from a continuum fallacy. Our race is in our blood (genetics). Europeans are the White race. Migration to a country does not change a persons race. DNA testing supports this as does history and our unique geographical distribution to the continent of European and our migrations to North America, Australia, South Africa and elsewhere. DNA analysis has allowed us to zoom in deeper than ever to examine our ancestral ties and your citing of previous definitions does not override modern changes in nomenclature. In fact, they support one another. Europeans are the White race. We evolved on the continent of Europe. We have shared ancestry and this makes us unique.

    For someone to move to a country and start having offspring that are eventually absorbed into that groups genetic profile would eventually mean that foreign outlier is erased from the history of that group as if they were never there. Their offspring may eventually merge into that ethnic group, but not so long as their racial/genetic profile is sufficiently different. This would make having an ethnicity an oxymoron and defy genetics and ancestry. Perhaps in the future a person may be able to change their genetics and then their race but not today.

    In Lithuania, the phenotype of the White race, the expression of our DNA, has evolved into the Lithuanian people with their language. Yes this makes them unique, but that doesn’t change the fact that we’re still part of the same family, cousins if you will, perhaps more distant or more proximal depending on where a person traces their ancestry. The same is true of all the European ethnic groups. We are a family, the White or European family. The same is true of the other peoples of the world.

    The deracination that has occurred to Europeans outside of Europe is why many of us now categorize ourselves as White. Yes it has been forced upon us. We live in proposition nations that no longer have a racial or ethnic requirement so we have been forced to find one for ourselves. This is what being White/European in our countries has been reduced to. It is a tragedy and one that you should acknowledge in it’s proper context.

    Race, as we now understand the term, is a conflation of categories of reality and categories of the mind.

    If race is not a category of nature/reality, then I don’t know what is. Your denial of this is absurd.

    Biology is upstream of behavior gives rise to all those so-called “social constructs.” Those contributions of environment/nurture have an origin in nature. The White/European phenotype has expressed itself throughout the world, often in very similar ways as would be expected. Just as the African or Asian phenotypes have as well. Your suggestion that a person’s innate behavior can be overridden by a different religious subscription may be well-meaning, but will not manifest into anything constructive while we’re around or even still alive in the memories of our descendants. The timeline is too long and it’s doubtful that the religions of today will still be around thousands of years from now. Hopefully White people still will be. Africa has never been more Christian and all the Christian Africans in the world will not behave or express themselves like Europeans do.

    3. Regarding Mr. Taylors aversion to openly naming Jews and the harm that some of them are doing, I think it’s quite obvious that he’s aware of Jewish power and seeks a way to get his message out to the masses without losing all ability to do so. This is an unfortunate situation, however, I think it’s clear why this is the case. Others, like yourself, fill the role of naming and pointing out their subversive actions. You’ve even mentioned some of the groups responsible for the attacks on Whites and the development of White racial consciousness, the ADL and SPLC. They aren’t attacking Whites for being Catholic Dr. Jones.

    4. Your suggestion that Whites are Jews by accepting race realism is nonsensical. As I stated above, Whites are simply not being attacked for being Catholics.

    Regarding “Jews becoming White”, this is not something that Whites actively encourage, although the fallacious history of the US being a “melting pot” for the entire world has brainwashed many into thinking this is true and adopting a worldview of colorblindness.

    See here for the shapeshifting nature of many Jews when it comes to masquerading as and denigrating Whites. They’re not pretending to be Catholics, Dr. Jones.

    They become White when it’s convenient to do so, e.g. when attacking us, and they suddenly become a minority to shield themselves from justified criticism, again when it’s convenient to do so. If you flip through that archive, again I think you’ll notice that they aren’t attacking us for being Catholic or masquerading as Catholics.

    The other part of this that I find rather baffling is your willingness, as a bi-racial Irish-German, to submit so readily to what is and will always be a Semitic religion. You seem to be quite wary of Whites becoming Jews but simultaneously have no problem subscribing to what will always be an offshoot of their religion.

    So White’s being Jewish is bad, okay sure, but Whites tethering themselves to a Semitic religion that will always be the child of Judaism is good. You can’t have it both ways. I do think Whites need a religion but it isn’t Christianity, not any more.

    Dr. Jones, thank you for your contributions elsewhere, but you are dead-wrong on your denial of race and it’s importance. Race is upstream of everything that a person is and is presently immutable during a single lifespan.

  10. Hitmarck says:

    “My fellow whites”

    This alone should demonstrates Jones point.

  11. anarchyst says:

    E. Michael Jones is wrong about race.

    All one has to do is to observe the differences in efficacy of medical drugs and treatments, which are more effective in one race than another. Although this concept is well-known, medical professionals are loathe to admit that these differences are fact.

    This observation also applies to differences in IQ as well as the ability to rationalize and recognize the existence of spatial differences. For example, African black language has no term for proportion. Yes, there are definitions for “up” and “down, “left” and “right”, but there are no definitions for “how much” in each “direction”. Measurements do not exist in African languages. There is no definition for distances, the future, or exploration. Such concepts are alien to the African race.
    There are quantifiable differences in each race and are an indicator of the successes of each race.

    Africans do well in their own African societies, only have to be worried about being food for predators, both of the animal kingdom and their fellow humans. Africans thrive under a “strongman” type of dictatorial structure where “the man at the top” makes all major decisions for the tribe. Individual status is determined by proximity to the “chief”.

    Whites and Asians do better in colder climates where survival is dependent on the ability to plan for the future where group cooperation is necessary for survival.
    Domestication of plants and animals is a large part of the ability of Whites and Asians to survive in harsh climates.

    While EMJ follows church precepts concerning “equality of the races”, the truth is that leaving race out of it, “no one is equal to anyone else”

  12. Angharad says:

    Jones is engaging in the same type of mendacious wordism that he accuses Taylor of. Race IS real. Because DNA is REAL. Rock bottom reality. No matter what word trickery any one deploys, DNA is REAL. Biology is REAL.

    Jones is a Catholic, and Catholics ONLY care about making everyone into a Catholic. Which means revenue and control for the Catholic Church. Catholic websites are rotten with images of Blacks and Browns. They don’t care about Whites, because Whites are the true global minority, and the Catholic Church want to keep the shekels rolling in. Jones’ Catholicism is the only thing that really matters to him, so he shouldn’t be debating any one about Race. He won’t care about the Race of any population, just as long as they are Catholics.

    I do applaud him for calling out the subversive deceptive Golem that Taylor is. I don’t understand why Taylor’s followers don’t see him for the fraud he is.

    • Troll: Hitmarck
    • Replies: @Hibernian
    , @chrimony
  13. Angharad says:
    @Malcolm X

    Whites MUST demand reparations from negroids for the utter damage, mayhem, and horror they wreak every single day. But I’d be satisfied is every last one was booted OUT. We Whites don’t beed any one else but each other.

  14. Don’t play word games. We all know that “White” is shorthand for “of European descent” and “Black” for African descent. There’s some gray area around the edges, but so what. We’re also aware that these categories have been manipulated for political power. Again, so what. These categories still define biological realities, extended families of peoples.

    • Agree: ziggurat
    • Replies: @mc23
  15. Both Taylor and EMJ are giants. They really are. Both of these men fight for the white race and suffer greatly for it.

    Taylor knows very well that jews are subversive and destructive…..but he has calculated that normies will listen if he avoids the JQ.

    EMJ quibbles about race….but openly criticizes jews for their subversion, particularly in regards to porn and sexual deviancy, insane wars in the ME, etc.

    I think perhaps EMJ ‘s religious faith, a universal faith, pulls him in the direction of race denial.

    jews are not white; jews are anti-white.

    Putting aside EMJ’s analysis of how we became white…..we ARE white now. It’s a label that has been in use for quite some time. I can go to a job interview and insist that I’m Irish….but the fat HR lady will still check the box for “white.”

    • Agree: Hitmarck, ziggurat
    • Replies: @thotmonger
    , @Suncoastcraig
  16. Trinity says:


    I have members in my family who are Catholic, but the TRUTH IS THE TRUTH. And I sure don’t have much admiration for the English.

    RACE IS VERY REAL AND GOD INTENDED FOR THE RACES TO STAY SEPARATE. Uh, maybe that is why the races were separated by hundreds if not thousands of miles and oceans for starters. “Race is a fiction?” Sheesh, what is this Jew horseshit 101? “We all bleed red,” and “there are good people of every race, creed and color,” blah, blah, blah……..

    And then we have good ole JT, the guy who won’t touch the Jewish role behind the destruction of America with a 1,000 foot pole.

    Didn’t this guy debate that New England backwoods hippie, Styxhexnhammer once? The dude with specs and some douchebag leather jacket and no shirt?

    The “debate?” No thanks, I think I will switch on some music.

    Cue: Nothing From Nothing by Billy Preston

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @Fur baby
  17. @KenH

    Jared Taylor clearly won the debate when it came to race and why it’s a biological reality. E. Michael Jones could only offer bizarre explanations as to why race is just an artificial construct and a “state of the mind”. However, when it came to the subject of Jews, E. Michael Jones did have Taylor on the ropes for a bit and I was surprised when Taylor conceded that overall Jews have had a negative influence on America and the West.

    Previously, Taylor would tell us that the Jews are huwhite because they look huwhite to him. End of story.

    Most everyone on this site knows that while some Jews do look phenotypically European it’s their psychological makeup which makes them averse and implacably hostile to all things non-Jewish and this will forever set them apart from not only white Europeans but the rest of mankind.

    Mostly true.

    Race is mostly looks plus culture. But, although genetics dominates, culture is not of negligible importance.

    Secular Jewish activists, as a group, don’t identify with white European civilization & are frequently opposed to it. So, I would say yes and no: most ordinary Jews are white; most self-conscious Jewish activists, journalists, .. are not.

    Then, there is a death wish among real, European whites. How else to explain Fallonl’s & his audience’s bullshit behavior- and he is not Jewish.

    With Wild Applause on the Tonight Show: Great Replacement Celebrated on Jimmy Fallon’s Show, as 400 U.S. Counties Now Majority Non-White

    • Agree: TKK
    • Replies: @Angharad
    , @lavoisier
  18. The entry for Human Race in the 1914 edition of the Catholic Encyclopedia describes different races and their unity.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  19. @Jack McArthur

    I am willing to acknowledge that God has love for all of mankind.

    However, when you discover what organized jewry has done in terms of weaponizing a rainbow coalition of all the races against white people to destroy Christendom……you have to become a race realist to SAVE Christendom.

    Marxism (jewish internationalism) is dedicated to the destruction of Christianity, family, nation, and all forms of human unity…..but this is very difficult to explain to a grug level Christian who suffers from terminal jewbrain.

    This always goes back to the obvious problem of the naive, gullible, and trusting nature of whites that function under a Christian value system that has been corrupted by jewish subversion and race denial.

  20. E. Michael Jones: “So what do we mean when we say that race is “real”? We mean that ethnicity has always been a category of reality. We also mean that physical characteristics are real and that they differ depending on what part of the planet you come from. The shape of your nose and the color of your skin are categories of reality. The virtues or vices associated with them, however, are categories of the mind, which get applied for political reasons.”

    I’ve found both EMJ and Taylor are slippery characters, abundant sources of misinformation. Taylor is certainly not above twisting or even inventing facts if he thinks it will help his arguments (or increase donations), and here EMJ does the same thing. Either deliberately or from sheer ignorance, he’s misstating the racist case. Biological racists argue that human behavior, like any animal behavior, is substantially influenced by the genetics of race. EMJ here, writing that the “virtues and vices” associated with race are categories of the mind, is implying that they are not properties of races themselves, i.e., not “real”; or in other words, that race doesn’t play any role in determining behavior. While this accords perfectly with a Christian worldview, it’s at variance with reality.

    Also, let’s note that refuting Taylor’s rather hazy conception of race is obviously not the same thing as proving race is a fiction. That’s another bit of sophistry in which EMJ here is indulging.

    The sad truth is that both of these guys are second-rate intellects, and that’s probably being too generous. But then, “white nationalists” get the intellectuals they deserve. EMJ’s 4600 words can be summed up in just 12: “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit.”

    • Agree: Wizard of Oz
  21. @Dr. Robert Morgan

    Taylor and EMJ are first rate intellects as well as being first rate human beings.

    Both men have written magnificent books that everyone on the right should read. Both men, in their own way, have been fighting for white people for most of their lives.

    To go public as a white advocate takes a huge amount of courage as this put a target on their backs, and surely causes problems for their family members and friends as well.

    In addition, both Taylor and Jones are very effective as public speakers and they lend a certain gravitas to the movement.

    In any case, Taylor and Jones are sincere activists and they do their best to help our cause.

    I fail to see what good can come from denigrating people who are both sincere and effective as white advocates.

    And….if you think they suck…..then write your own books, start your own pro-white website…..and dazzle us with your brilliance.

    • Agree: Hitmarck, St-Germain
    • Thanks: Nancy
    • Replies: @Alexandros
  22. @Vergissmeinnicht

    jim goad is a scared “white” boy who went to jail for felonious cocksucking. there he got roughed up by the blackies. and you know what they do to scared white boys in jail, right? jim goad has a chip off his ass errrrr shoulder, about those darkies. he also only hides behind other weak men, such as the gay racist anti-christian author of counter currents. jim goad is also incredibly intellectually dishonest, as he couldn’t wait to…uhhhh…hop on….with the homosexual liar greg johnson just to bash, as he put it, a “senile” old man. what a “white” racial warrior jim is hahah! it’s always 4v1 with jim goad as he hides behind other retarded keyboard racist gay warriors, just like the kneegrows he so much hates (the 4v1 part; jim is an honorable “white” man). jim would never fight 1v1. jim goad is such a small man it is hilarious. gay white racists who hate jesus. lmao.

    • LOL: AndrewR
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  23. Children notice race several years before adults want to talk about it

    Forensic anthropology and the concept of race: If races don’t exist, why are forensic anthropologists so good at identifying them?

    Anybody know the link to Taylor’s equity-equality slide?

    White is a category of the mind somewhere between deplorable and asshole.

    That’s a pretty good one.

    • Agree: Bernie
    • Replies: @Chensley
  24. Chensley says:
    @Morton's toes

    Anybody know the link to Taylor’s equity-equality slide?

    This one? From 23 min?

    Also here

    • Replies: @Hitmarck
    , @jamie b.
    , @Anon
  25. @fray juan crespi

    Jim Goad is funny af.

    A great writer.

    “The Redneck Manifesto” was one of my first redpill books and I remember laughing outloud many times reading that book.

    I’ve seen him interviewed many times and he ALWAYS delivers humorous and thought provoking material.

    And….he is VERY precise in his work. We corresponded on Twitter many years ago regarding the exact percentage of young blacks, 15 to 30, doing most of the violent crime. I said it was 2% of the black population….he corrected me, said it was 4% and he’d just completed research on an article.

    Like I said before…..any white man that speaks out on behalf of white people deserves a bit of respect.

    • Replies: @Nancy
  26. Rambam says:

    Just be aware that fiction can get you killed if you end up in the wrong neighborhood.

    • Replies: @anon
  27. Is Mr. Greenblatt white? Is Barbara Lerner Specter white? If the answer is yes, the current situation becomes completely incomprehensible because the main promoters of weaponized immigration in Europe and censorship on the internet are suddenly on the same team as the people they are trying to censor and destroy. Which doesn’t make sense.

    EMJ forgets here the difference between reality and fiction is reality does not have to make sense. Still, he has drawn a clear line in the sand. If Mr. Taylor refuses to give straight answers, he will lose much credibility. Will he finally speak a little truth to Jewish Power?

  28. @Robert Dolan

    Mr. Jones insists race is insignificant while Mr. Taylor avoids any mention of Jewish power/crime.

    Scene: A wounded man approaches some village in present day Hungary, 900 AD.

    “Halt! State thy purpose!”
    “We bring news to the Chief. The slavers are raiding again! Three villages burned. Many killed.”
    Murmurs and commotion among the villagers.
    “How many did they capture?!”
    “An hundred girls at least. Many young lads too… all bound for sale and their doom as White gold.”
    A woman shrieks “The Jews will castrate them before they are loaded on the ships to El Islam!”
    Louder murmurs. Groans too.
    “Silence!” Bellows the chief. His new aid with a bow tie whispers something in his ear. He continues “Take this olive branch. Give it to the raiders. Tell them nicely that our children are not White, whatever that means, or gold. Once they understand this, surely they will stop this nonsense. Go on.”

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  29. Anon[254] • Disclaimer says:

    The jist of the argument is that good whites identify as being “good” because they never, ever, identify as being “white”.

  30. Hibernian says:

    …Catholics ONLY care about making everyone into a Catholic.

    List of people whom I’d rather not see convert to Catholicism:

    Hilary Clinton

    Angela Merkel

    Bill Clinton

    Chuck Schumer

    etc. etc.

    • Replies: @Hitmarck
  31. @thotmonger

    While I do not agree with Jones regarding race….he has done magnificent work in other areas. His analysis of how we became white, as opposed to Irish or English or Italian, makes perfect sense.

    Taylor is aware of jewish influence but has calculated that it’s too hot for many people to handle. He might be right about this. In any case, he provides a pro-white stance that is probably easier for normies to swallow, as he focuses on black crime, etc.

    I defend white advocates as a general rule, because they take huge personal risks on our behalf. The only person I would not defend is Matt Heimbach.

    Consider that while some of you throw stones at Jones and Taylor…..the jews must think these men are effective or they wouldn’t have been targeted for censorship. My position is that they are both VERY effective.

    If you’re looking for the perfect advocate for white people….you will never find such a person. And if you think you can do better, then go for it.

    I don’t think people have any idea just how difficult it is to be pro-white in the public sphere. Lana and Henrick (Redice) have talked about some of the problems they have faced. Mike Enoch’s life was shattered when he was doxed, lost his job and his wife. (Of course, persecution just makes people more determined)
    David Duke has not only been kicked off of social media, demonized for years, but recently he was rejected by his own family doctor.
    Nick Fuentes is on the no-fly list, and the government stole half a million dollars from his bank account.
    Kevin Macdonald was shunned at his university and forced to retire early.

    These people make major sacrifices because they want to try to save our people from destruction. The least we can do is show them a little respect.

    • Replies: @ziggurat
  32. anon[254] • Disclaimer says:

    I had my tire shot out whilst driving while white through the wrong part of my old neighborhood. Surprisingly, they didn’t bother asking if I was catholic or not.

    fiction can get you killed if you end up in the wrong neighborhood

  33. Possibly the most interesting take on the subject I’ve read so far.
    No surprise here that whomever is speaking on behalf of wn is prolly just another grifter selling us out.
    It seems to me that the people with the most to offer want nothing to do with wn and i can’t say i blame them.
    When was it not every man for himself?
    Survival of the fittest? I guess Stacy Abrams is the future.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  34. Evgenis says:

    Jews are White. I mean Natalie Portman and Jerry Seinfeld are not White?

    But they are NOT European. They have hostility to the survival of of Ethnic Europeans.

  35. @Richard B

    Excellent comment.

    • Agree: Nancy
    • Thanks: Richard B
  36. Panadechi says:

    The term race is already very politicized, discredited and manipulated, due to people like Franz Boas (Jewish anthropologist who said that races did not exist), in opposition to Charles Darwin. So the most appropriate term would be the one associated with the theory of evolution. “Different Evolutionary Lines between species and subspecies”. Therefore the white, black or Asian race are different evolutionary lines that have diverged or differentiated from each other. Evolution is divergent but the Jew wants to transform it into convergent, to weaken or exterminate the whites.

  37. @Angharad

    The best reparation would be repatriation.

    • Agree: Angharad
    • Replies: @ziggurat
  38. @anarchyst

    Race realists such as Taylor (and myself) believe that there are significant behavioral, intellectual, and physical differences between various human groups. This common-sense view produced the concept of ‘race’.

    Up until a century ago, the belief in innate racial differences was a commonly-held view that was embrace by most of humanity; even by the vast majority of academics and intellectuals.

    ‘Race’ came from the undeniable fact that numerous human populations have evolved separately from one another. This eons-long separation produced evolutionary differences. They were also easy to see. Still are.

    Genetics explain why ‘race’ is a viable construct. Evolutionary pressures have produced differences in human phenotype and human genotype.

    Racial distinctions are logical. They remind us of why dog breeds are commonly (and appropriately) distinguished from one another. The shoe fits. A Labrador is not a pit bull. Similarly, a Zulu is not Japanese.

    By contrast, ‘nationhood’ (and citizenship) can be changed overnight. But race endures. The Jews understand this. Common-sense distinctions of this kind explains why Jews fight for their people (race) no matter where they (Jews) happen to live. After all, borders and nations come and go rapidly. Not genes.

    Whites however are scolded for thinking that way. European-derived peoples are no longer allowed to notice enduring human differences. Our peoplehood is also not supposed to matter. Yet it does to others.

    Our enemies accuse us of ‘racism’ for noticing and comprehending these enduring facts.

    For example, African black language has no term for proportion. Yes, there are definitions for “up” and “down, “left” and “right”, but there are no definitions for “how much” in each “direction”. Measurements do not exist in African languages. There is no definition for distances, the future, or exploration. Such concepts are alien to the African race.

    Yes, race exists. It’s an expression of nature and evolution. Race explains why children tend to naturally self-segregate along racial lines. CRT links this near-universal orientation to toxic white ‘racism’. That however is not a satisfactory explanation. Far from it.

    Below is a brilliant meditation on racial differences written by a man who spent decades in Africa.

  39. It is pure fantasy that the major races were not recognized as distinct types throughout history. This thing advanced by EMJ is not a Catholic idea, either. 100 years ago, would anyone advance such a ludicrous position? Even 50 years ago, you’d be hard-pressed to find this sort of ridiculous talk. The idea that Europeans do not or did not recognize themselves as “white” (white being just a name for a clearly recognizable group of people, a reference to their skin tone compared to other groups, but not at all defined merely by that skin tone) of the until they came to America is of course a commonly spread lie that politically correct people will spread to signal their submission and support for the power structure. But it’s just that, a conscious lie. Race is a 100% biological reality that slaps you directly in the fact, especially little children, especially babies. There was never a time when different races came into contact and men said “the genetic differences between your people and my people are just an arbitrary division of the mind.” The absurdity of speciously claiming that because a collective group did not meet another group they did not think of belonging to their own group until they met the separate group is not only false as a matter of simple fact (certainly Europeans were aware of Christendom, Moors, the Indies, Cathay, etc, and were aware of racial differences) it is also logically absurd, the idea that you cannot know that nations around you are related to yours until you cross the ocean and find very alien peoples is just a patent absurdity on its face, to advance such an idea is sophistry, to accept such an idea is a sign of crippled cognitive capacity. The idea that because nations exist that race does not exist is just an in your face, aggressive lie that NO ONE would have dared advance before the dawn of political correctness. Your ancestors would never have bought it, including your medieval ancestors who supposedly didn’t know of other races existing! It is just shameless in the extreme and is a mark of a mind fractured and infiltrated with degenerate leftist rot. And it is rot that cannot be tolerated in polite society. When Leftist degenerate pseudo-intellectuals speak of “whiteness” is is simply a flagrant insult, a totalitarian assault on reality, related to the pretense that sex does not exist. It is a similar type of “reasoning.” – the boastful adherence to logical falsehood.

    Of course, this heuristic test is very simple. If they wouldn’t have bought it 100 years ago, or 500 years ago, or 1000 years ago, or 2000 years ago or 2500 years ago, THEY’RE RIGHT, AND YOU’RE WRONG. The same thing goes for anyone who accepts the post-conciliar sect, its flagrant sacrilege, blasphemies and heresies.

  40. @Trinity


    Quakers built Pennsylvania and much of New Jersey. Catholics built Maryland and Louisiana. Most of the Founders were barely Christian.

    The colonials who were Protestant, in their very varied ways, would not recognize either the rainbow flags or the snake handlers of today.

    Englishmen were a minority in Pennsylvania and New York for many years. And let’s not even mention the mountain folk…

    You know what else Catholics, specifically monks, invented? Minuscules. You should make more use of them.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Joodie
  41. Anon[833] • Disclaimer says:

    If “race” is a tenuous philosophical concept, to speak of “European stock,” as opposed to Middle Eastern, North African or Central Asian origins (additional applicants to “Whiteness”) would be an objective reality, if one cared enough to ferret out his or her genealogy, as can realistically be done these days through computer searches and DNA testing. For example, I know that my forebears have inhabited the coasts of the Baltic and North Seas since at least the 1600’s. Know their names, villages and even parishes they were born into and buried from.

    The “Jews” have traditionally been rooted amongst the three aforementioned “outside” groups composing either the Sephardic (NA), Ashkenazi (CA) or Palestinian (ME) branches of Judaism. They may be “white” but they are not European stock, though I would never discriminate against them for that, and if they ever lived in Europe they were “European” in that sense, which, like their gene pool, is an additional objective fact or not.

    Practically speaking, the “White race” has pretty much become a synonym for “European” irrespective of religion–though historically religious conflicts were even much bigger deals in Europe than in the US, especially when one tosses in Orthodoxy as an additional major faction. I would venture to say most Americans care not a hoot if a white-looking person can trace his ancestry to this or that European kingdom, duchy, republik or empire. If he or she looks the part, we assume they are “White” and “European.”

    Heck, even the Iranians, Armenians, Northern Indians and Afghans are pale skinned and have “Caucasian” facial features–they are from the Indo-Iranian branch of Indo-European language centers. All assimilate well in the USA, often take Anglo names, intermarry and simply merge into the gene pool within just a few generations. Catholic Arabs from Lebanon, Syria and Iraq commonly integrated into the Mediterranean clans of Italy and Albania who later migrated to the US. Many of those folks are as “industrious” and socially mobile as the Jews. Just answer this: of what ethnic group is your family physician? Hardly ever a Marcus Wellby WASP any longer.

  42. Hitmarck says:

    Equity, would you do family without it?

  43. jamie b. says:
    @Dr. Robert Morgan

    Taylor is certainly not above twisting or even inventing facts if he thinks it will help his arguments…

    Could you give an example?

  44. jamie b. says:

    These don’t show the two little men standing on the big man.

    • Replies: @Morton's toes
  45. klesko says:

    is everything he writes this pedantic? i couldn’t get through half of the article

    • Replies: @gotmituns
  46. gotmituns says:
    @Priss Factor

    How do you explain BAMMAMA factor or blacks-are-more-muscular-and-more-aggressive? That accounts for black pathology and criminality in the West. It’s why blacks usually attack and beat up weaker/slower/softer whites.
    Sir, I’ve lived extremely physical life. In that time (I’m old now), I’ve watched blacks etempt to do what I and many other White men (Some American Indians as well) were doing. Except in a very few cases, blacks fell far short of what a White an could do, physically speaking. In that there was a lot of mental activity required to do the work I did as well as what we called “heart,” that left the blacks completely on the outside looking in. The idea of White physical inferiority is a complete a fiction. The TV and all other sources of propaganda and brainwashing are portraying blacks as something they’re not – physically stronger. Yes, they look stronger, but that is far from the case. What they are though is completely slaves to their emotions (very much like women). They easily become hysterical and lose all control over themselves. Of course, their overall low IQ doesn’t help matters much. Here they are in this high tech society without any marketable skills so what does it matter what they do, or don’t do? Why not burn and pillage. There’s really no way of punishing them.

  47. @Priss Factor

    It might be interesting to know what interesting conclusions you might draw if you studied Africa in relevant ways and were for example to take into account that there is indeed some Neanderthal DNA in Africans, that Africa has greater human genetic diversity than the whole of the rest of the world put together – including cast differences in some West African tribal groups, etc.

  48. @KenH

    When Jamaica gained independence in 1962, the murder rate was 3.9 per 100,000 inhabitants, one of the lowest in the world. In 2005, Jamaica had 1,674 murders for a murder rate of 58 per 100,000 people. That year, Jamaica had the highest murder rate in the world.

    Jamaicans were blacks then as they’re blacks today. What’s murder rate got anything to do with it?

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
    , @KenH
  49. @Malcolm X

    The credibility of everything you have to say is immediately undermined by your ignorant and careless tossing in of Australia in your first sentence. Total rubbish. Australia has an almost negligible black population (basically a small inoculating dose of refugees from South Sudan in the early 2000s). Of the 2 or 3 per cent who claim the advantages of being Aboriginal the striking fact is that most don’t appear black because the Aboriginal genes for skin and hair colour aren’t dominant. True, some very black Aborigines live in the top third of Australia but are so rarely seen by most Australians that they play no part informing Australians’ identities.

    • Replies: @JM
  50. geokat62 says:

    I take issue with both participants in the debate.

    E Michael Jones is right to call out Jared Taylor on the issue of Jews being white. Even though they may be biologically Caucasian, Jews themselves don’t identify as being white. That’s because racial differences are not meaningful in Judaism. The big distinction in Judaism is that between jew and goy. If the goys are white, yellow, red, black, brown or purple is of no concern to them. It’s Jews against the rest of the world, period.

    That said, Jarod Taylor is right to call out E Michael Jones on the issue of race. Jones wishes to diminish the importance of race and places greater emphasis on ethnicity. He argues that racial differences are “insignificant” and uses the issue of illegitimacy to make his case. Why didn’t he choose intelligence, instead? Because while differences in illegitimacy rates are indeed in large part cultural, differences in intelligence is not. The government has spent billions over the past few decades trying to narrow the grades gap between blacks and whites, with little success.

    Jones also likes to reference his Triple Melting Pot (TMP) theory. After the floodgates were opened by Jewish Supremacist Organizations in 1965 via Hart-Celler, flooding the country with Hindus and Muslims, he’ll have to soon upgrade this theory, to the Quintuple Melting Pot (QMP).

    And, finally, with respect to the “category” white being less significant than the “category” ethnicity. Please explain why the first Congress of the United States passed a Naturalization Act in 1790 that granted citizenship to “white men of good character” rather than referencing each ethnicity from northwestern Europe?

    • Replies: @White Elephant
  51. drogger says:

    EMJ is a fiction. He doesn’t exist. But there is an idea of EMJ. You can shake his hand and feel muscle and bone. But he’s not really there.

  52. Hitmarck says:

    the two wasp programmings


    both cant be helped, too late, we have more important things to care about

    • Replies: @Angharad
  53. Ruckus says:

    But it makes sense given he’s an Irish Catholic. His fee-fees are blinding him.

    • Replies: @HenryB
  54. The nonsense that EMJ espouses in regards to race is directly as a result of the insane teachings within the bible on race, that is, that all the races on this world stem from three brothers – Shem, Ham & Japeth. So, of course, EMJ is going to take the stance that there aren’t any races because we all come from the same progenitor. Madness.

    I remember when EMJ hit the scene, speaking out against the jews, in his books, but then it became apparent about what was to be done with them when he continually promoted the Roman Catholic Church’s teaching (that’s the infiltrated RCC by jewry) that (paraphrasing) “the jews must not be harmed but in turn they must not interfere with Christian way of life”.
    We see the RCC holding that up, partly that is. They do their best, accommodating all the wishes of the Sanhedrin, prostrating themselves before the religion of holocaustianity, but have done NOTHING to stop the rampage of jews in the western civilization and destruction of Christian nations. Conclusion – the RCC is heavily controlled by jews.

    What lost me, with EMJ, was when he stated that a black man, from Nigeria, who represented Poland in boxing, was in fact Polish, because he was a Catholic and spoke Polish. Yes, the two things required, to belong to any nation, regardless of ancestry, are conversion to Catholicism and to be able to speak that nation’s language. Nothing but absolute insanity.

    I’ll pass on any more nonsense from EMJ on race and nationality.

  55. gotmituns says:

    Yep, when a writer goes on like that, he shows he’s full of sh*t.

  56. In the end, applying stringent philosophical criteria, you cannot prove that anything is not fiction. This may be called idealism, or solipsism, or Zen, or the notion that our world is a simulation, or whatever. All irrefutable… and absolutely meaningless outside academia. This is the world we live in; for all intents and purposes it must be considered as real. The difference between a piece of steel and a piece of styrofoam is not a matter of philosophy.

  57. AndrewR says:
    @J. Jonah Jameson

    Perhaps Taylor secretly agrees with mainstream WNs about the JQ but he thinks it’s wise to fool Jews into thinking that not all WNs detest Jews.

    This would be the most flattering possibility

    • Replies: @G J T
  58. megabar says:

    There are some bad arguments here. Consider that:

    1. Socially constructed categories arise depending on the context. The fact that they change does not necessarily mean that there is no underlying truth, but that the context has changed. If all you know are Europeans, than you’ll focus on European differences. When you mean Asians and Africans, the true, immutable differences between the various Europeans become less important compared to the larger real, immutable differences between Europeans and them.

    2. Immutable characteristics do not create fixed outcomes. All traits vary in their expression by environment. As an example, if the crime rate for each race changes as the environment changes, that does not mean the crime rate for the races will be equal in any environment.

    3. Arguments that boil down to “members of group X are evil” are doomed to fail in the long run. Few people like to hate on a person merely because of group membership, and in the modern global world it is increasingly difficult to be definitive about what a person is. Furthermore, bad and subversive behavior exists in all groups of people. It is better to focus on how to create structures that aggressively find and punish (and thus weed out) antisocial, degenerate, and unproductive traits. Yes, I understand this is very difficult, because these behaviors are almost always hidden with a more appealing veneer.

    For #3, it’s important to realize that while different groups of people have different trait distributions, all groups of people have all of these traits. If you cultivate bad traits in any people, you will get more of them. Therefore, focusing on the cultivation is more important in the long run than anything else.

  59. AndrewR says:
    @Richard B

    People outside of the West generally don’t scapegoat white people. Many quite admire and look up to us, and others consider themselves to be white even if few Americans would consider them white (specifically Persians, and Arabs to a lesser extent).

    • Agree: Richard B
    • Replies: @Richard B
  60. @geokat62

    “E Michael Jones is right to call out Jared Taylor on the issue of Jews being white. Even though they may be biologically Caucasian, Jews themselves don’t identify as being white. That’s because racial differences are not meaningful in Judaism. The big distinction in Judaism is that between jew and goy. If the goys are white, yellow, red, black, brown or purple is of no concern to them. It’s Jews against the rest of the world, period.”

    And this shows the madness of the jew.

    The bottom line about the jew is simple – they’re not a nation and never were. The ‘original’ jew came from the mixing of an Israelite and a Canaanite. And then we move onto the 8th century and King Bulan converts his Turkic-Mongol mixed people to worship talmudism. And from thence on, the majority of jews, aren’t ‘racial’ jews but effectively anyone who wants to be one.
    We are told that the line of jew runs from the mother, yet what if the mother is a recent, Christian convert to judaism, that is nothing to do with Judah and Khazaria? What if she’s a blonde haired, blue eyed inhabitant of Sweden? Her children will be classed as jew, simply because their mother, with no jewish ancestry, converted to judaism. The whole concept of ‘jewish’ is laughable to say the least.

    That said, what has happened though is jewish bankers infiltrated with western monarchy and sewed their seed within, creating a very powerful jewish/goyim line ruling over the goyim. It is believed, for example, that Queen Victoria was a Rothschild. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

    • Replies: @Johnny Johnny
  61. AndrewR says:
    @Malcolm X

    There was a case for reparations in the past but, during the last 55 years or so, blacks have more than whittled that debt down to nothing. I would argue that all the crime and subsequent property value devaluation – as well as handouts like affirmative action, welfare, and make-work government sinecures – over the last half century means that blacks presently owe a debt to the rest of Americans. You and other black nationalists might point fingers towards whites or even Jews on this one, and you might make some valid points, but unless you at least admit that you are owed less than your grandparents were owed at your age, we cannot have a constructive dialogue. Far too few of you have spoken out against the worse ills. Maybe we can compromise by giving more compensation to people who have a proven track record of speaking out against Democrat polichave . But as a black nationalist you have to own all the behavior of your people.

    • Agree: bomag
    • Replies: @G. Poulin
  62. Dr. Jones is an interesting, of prolix, writer but he is wrong about race and The Jew Thing is so played…

    Here are links to race in the Bible

    • Replies: @Anon
  63. @Cutler

    His position on race bonkers and has no basis in reality, Bizarre.

    He believes, fanatically believes, in an invisible Jewish sky fairy who loves, loves, loves him more than anything.

    And yet we are supposed to be surprised that he can’t tell the difference between a Bantu and a Blonde.

    Two pathetic deluded boomers arguing about whether hills exist or are a social construct..

  64. It will be interesting to see when the first black Jews are elected to the Knesset and selected for the Israeli cabinet. It will be interesting to see when rabbis around the world started promoting more diversity within Judaism. It is time that Judaism opens up a bit and welcomes all into the fold–believers in Y***H but still waiting for a suitable Messiah.

  65. HenryB says:

    Do they not have leap years in South Bend Indiana?

    • Replies: @White Elephant
  66. HT says:

    Spend a year in Somalia or Haiti (if you can survive that long) and then spend a year in Switzerland or Norway and then tell me race is just a fiction.

    • Replies: @White Elephant
  67. bomag says:
    @Malcolm X

    The USA has made significant efforts to integrate Blacks, with sketchy results.

    The goodwill gets mowed down by immutable differences.

    Why keep trying harder for something that won’t happen?

  68. Anon[360] • Disclaimer says:

    “Are Jews white?” isn’t the devastating kill shot that EMJ and others think it is.

    In an interview with Jared Taylor, CNN’s Fareed Zacharia asked “Who are whites?”, and Taylor responded that whites are people whose ancestors lived in Europe 500 years ago. I love that answer, because it’s so simple and it’s obviously true. It fits, more or less, with the genetic analysis and with the physical traits that any eight-year-old can observe. It cuts through the BS and the attempts to deconstruct whiteness.

    A race is basically a really big extended family, and it’s easier to understand when you think about it using analogies to family life. Many families have dysfunctional members whose actions harm their relatives and weaken the family overall. Their relatives are pained by their behavior and try to help them change, sometimes successfully and sometimes not. In severe cases, the wisest option is simply to keep them away so that the rest of the family can function.

    Jews are very disproportionately likely to fall within the destructive category of white people, and their actions often harm white people as a group. Not only Jews: a host of gentile white leftists are defiantly waving BLM flags and cheering for their own demise. Jewish intellectual movements play a role in that behavior, but there’s also a self-destructive impulse within many white gentiles: a fanatical altruism that appears in other contexts. You can see it clearly when you read about the abolitionists, for example.

    Implicit in the “Are Jews white” question is the premise that the family is an illegitimate category if certain family member are hostile to the rest. But that is false. You can still care about the family even if the behavior of certain of its members need to be suppressed.

    • Replies: @anon
  69. HenryB says:

    Jones has yet to explain how he acquired a Welsh surname. His stated ‘ethnicity’ may be as false as his reasoning.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  70. saggy says: • Website

    EMJ ‘believes’ the complete idiocy of Christianity and he is an active holohoax promoter and he argues that race is a fiction.

    And yet, we know that EMJ is intelligent, incredibly learned and industrious, and no doubt sincere. Conclusion – we have no idea how the mind works, we think it’s ‘logical’ and ‘reality based’, but .. there are many indications to the contrary.

  71. “White” as a political category has run its course. We need a new identity.

    • Replies: @ProudBLM
  72. @anarchyst

    If someone stood up at the biker rally and yelled “ice cube tray”, everybody would still turn around to see who the asshole was who was yelling.

    • Agree: Tony massey
  73. jo6pac says:

    2 white guys talk about race. WTF

  74. conatus says:

    The US Government Mandates we procrusteanly(SAT word) shoehorn ourselves into Race categories.If they really wanted us to all get along the US Gov would abolish racial categories but they encourage it instead.The USGovernment creates RACE by insisting we become part of a race.

    The Census mandates it:”In 1997, OMB issued a Federal Register notice regarding revisions to the standards for the classification of federal data on race and ethnicity.[8] OMB developed race and ethnic standards in order to provide “consistent data on race and ethnicity throughout the Federal Government. The development of the data standards stem in large measure from new responsibilities to enforce civil rights laws.” Wiki ‘Race and Ethnicity.

    How about who is ‘socially disadvantaged’ in the eyes of the USGov simply by virtue of the color of their skin?
    US Code of Federal Regulations
    § 124.103 Who is socially disadvantaged?(a) General. Socially disadvantaged individuals are those who have been subjected to racial or ethnic prejudice or cultural bias within American society because of their identities as members of groups and without regard to their individual qualities. The social disadvantage must stem from circumstances beyond their control.(b) Members of designated groups. (1) There is a rebuttable presumption that the following individuals are socially disadvantaged: Black Americans; Hispanic Americans; Native Americans (Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, or enrolled members of a Federally or State recognized Indian Tribe); Asian Pacific Americans (persons with origins from Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Japan, China (including Hong Kong), Taiwan, Laos, Cambodia (Kampuchea), Vietnam, Korea, The Philippines, U.S. Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands (Republic of Palau), Republic of the Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, Samoa, Macao, Fiji, Tonga, Kiribati, Tuvalu, or Nauru); Subcontinent Asian Americans (persons with origins from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, the Maldives Islands or Nepal); and members of other groups designated from time to time by SBA according to procedures set forth at paragraph (d) of this section. Being born in a country does not, by itself, suffice to make the birth country an individual’s country of origin for purposes of being included within a designated group.
    The US Gov mandates race, celebrates race and encourages us to think in race terms to keep us divided.”Diversity is our strength!!”
    Ask Yugoslavia about that, how did that work out for them?
    Ask Czechoslovakia. Ditto

  75. @Robert Dolan

    Jared has already been deplatformed from Twitter, YouTube, PayPal and every other payment platform on the planet. Who does he think is behind all this? Blacks?

    • LOL: mark green
  76. I think Jones’ beef with “whiteness” is that rallying behind that banner is 1. racist and 2. a wedge issue that fragments the natural rainbow coalition that should be supporting his proposed Anti-Jew Party.

    I completely agree with Jones and wish him every success.

  77. TGD says:

    EMJ starts his writings with simple or clear statements and then goes off the rails with pointless philosophical asides and specious arguments. That’s where EMJ loses me and I suspect most other readers.

    EMJ brings up Lithuanians and John J. McCloy in his desultory essay. For the record, the Lithuanians were the most enthusiastic Jew killers in all of Nazi occupied Europe. They murdered at least 200,000 of their Jewish neighbors and the Nazis allowed them to confiscate the Jews’ property. I’m sure that a smile comes to EMJ’s face when he thinks of Lithuania.

    The half German John J. McCloy was the one who convinced President Eisenhower to amnesty just about all of the imprisoned Nazi war criminals. Amongst those amnestied were Joachim Piper, the SS officer who ordered the murder of 120 US POWS at Malmedy in 1944 and Alfried Krupp. Krupp’s armament factories utilized hundreds of thousands of European slave laborers in the most horrendous conditions. Thousands died or were killed when they got sick or too weak to work. Not only was Krupp freed but all of his properties were restored to him now rebuilt with Marshall Plan funds. Wunderbar Mr. Jones!

    • Replies: @ivan
  78. @HenryB

    Are you sure it isn’t ‘Round the Bend’ Indiana?

    • Replies: @HenryB
  79. @HT

    The problem is that EMJ would put the differences down to ‘culture’ and not race. He would promote that you could take blacks from Haiti and Somalia and integrate them into Switzerland and Norway and by converting to Catholicism and learning to speak Swiss/Norwegian they would now be Swiss/Norwegian.
    This is the insanity of EMJ.

    Interesting because having lived in London for nearly 20 years (and thankfully no more) I watched precisely what happens to the descendants of the Wind Rush, living in a land, not of their own race. There is literally no integration whatsoever and with the recent BLM nonsense, they are all doing their best to have streets and buildings renamed, proving colonization if anything to THEIR culture, which is certainly not British.

    • Replies: @HT
  80. Richard B says:

    People outside of the West generally don’t scapegoat white people. Many quite admire and look up to us, and others consider themselves to be white even if few Americans would consider them white (specifically Persians, and Arabs to a lesser extent).

    That’s true. And it’s certainly been my experience Andrew.

    But, the two most powerful groups in the world today Jewish Supremacy Inc. and The CCP, who are pretty much dividing up the world between them, are both on the same page in using their considerable power to prohibit positive white identity in any way, shape, or form. Though, naturally, they might go about it in different ways.

    And they’re doing it while at the same time, of course, reserving their right to maintain and promote positive racial identity themselves. In any event, this is what I meant by the term Global Scapegoat. I hardly need to tell you that evidence of this is everywhere, whether or not others see whites in a more positive and even admiring light. I also don’t need to tell you that of the two JSI is by far the worse offender.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  81. Mike Tre says:

    This “debate” is useless, self serving intellectual masturbation.

    Race is not a social construct, society is a racial construct.

    • Agree: Bernie
    • Thanks: Charles
    • Replies: @Charles
  82. Dumbo says:

    Race is just a form of classification of human beings. They could be classified in another way. Someone long ago classified the main races as White (Caucasian), Black (African), Mongoloid (Asian), Amerindian and Australasian (Aborigine). It made sense, as they are visibly different.

    Unfortunately, Blacks can breed with Whites, so they are not separate species. They are all homo sapiens. But they are also not exactly the same. So races is a useful concept. (Perhaps the mixture with neanderthals and denisovans explain? or perhaps, not).

    But race can be too broad a category. “Whites” can englobe a lot of people that have little in common (including, for some, Arabs and Jews), and Blacks the same (from Pygmies to Zulu).

    And this classification of course does not take into account other groups, such as groups like the mestizos, who are themselves a mixture more than a specific race.

    But, if the original races are the result of mixtures (neanderthal, denisovans, other “ghost” populations), then we are all mixtures in some way or another. The concept of “pure race” is a chimera, a Platonic ideal.

    So I agree that the concept of ethnicity is more useful. Ethnicity is both biological and cultural. And it is more specific than just “race”. We can easily identify and differentiate Germans from Italians from Poles. And even Black Africans from African-Americans.

    However, the concept of race has its uses. When you say “White”, or “Black”, or “Asian” everybody knows what you’re talking about. It’s a shorthand for a specific broad group.

    Anyway, I haven’t read the full thing, but, I think both are right, and also wrong. EMJ is mostly wrong on race, while JT is mostly wrong (or silent) on Jews, and, while EMJ is mostly right on Jews and JT is righter or race.

    • Replies: @gastao
  83. G J T says:

    The question of why Ancient Greek civilization reached levels modern so-called Christian civilizations in non-white areas have still not, can be explained very easily by Christian Identity. In fact, Christian Identity easily explains all the gaps in the narratives of both these men. Christian Identity is the absolute truth that both secular WNs and right-wing so-called Christians simply cannot bring themselves to acknowledge. And therefore they will always lack real answers to the most important questions.

    EMJ and Jared Taylor are perhaps the perfect, polar opposite examples of this either/or false dichotomy these two groups on the ‘right’ operate within.

  84. G J T says:

    If I’m not mistaken, he is married to a kike. In which case he’s just another gatekeeper.

  85. I think EMJ makes the more powerful argument…are there really about 40M blacks in America? Or are many of them white, since most are some combination of both. Why would you call someone black who is half-white and half-black? Why not call them white? Are Quadroon and Octaroon races? Is Elizabeth Warren Native American? Are Germans with dark hair Oriental from the Hun invasions? Are Slavs a different race than Scandinavians than Italians than Spaniards? Are Jews a race with their own supposed distinguishing DNA markers, and if so, how can they be be white or black or Oriental or Indian? How are some races able to subsume other races and maintain their racial supremacy, or alternatively, how are some races able to contaminate other races and maintain their racial supremacy? Why was Bill Clinton called the first black president? Are tall northern Chinese a different race than short southern Chinese? Why are some Asian Indians almost black but others are almost white, is Indian or southwest Asian a race? And what the heck kind of a race is Hispanic supposed to be?

    • Replies: @UR2
  86. The last two years, humanity learned -or should have learned- that races exist not only in dogs, cats, horses or vine, but between viruses too. For the differences between the alpha, beta, gamma or delta variations of the corona virus are caused ba slight, tiny changes of the genetic setup which result in differences in behaviour, aggressiveness, reproduction rate – which is exactly the definition of race.

  87. @White Elephant

    I disagree that Jews are not a nation and never were – that is all they are, although I think Old Testament Judaism was a religion, but that disappeared 2,000 years ago and today it is a talmudic cult. They are not a religion since they can be, self-proclaimed, Messianic, atheist, JuBu, whatever, and claim jewish if one or other parent is and they “grew up jewish”. They are not a race since they can be white, black, Indian, Oriental, convert which would have no supposed claimed DNA markers, whatever. The only thing Jewish is nationality, always a nation within a nation. With their own national holidays, customs, and traditions, posing as religious holidays, customs, traditions. Some people make distinction between being jewish and being a jew….anyone can convert to being jewish, but can’t be a jew.

  88. @jamie b.

    Yeah the one where the tall guy is trampled under is the one I liked the most.

  89. HT says:
    @White Elephant

    I know and most people in America still seem to be falling for that insane argument. Blacks have been given every advantage possible the last 50 years to attempt to assimilate them into what used to be American culture. The more freedom and choices blacks have, the more they embrace their sick and dysfunction culture, not ours. The only reason blacks seemed even halfway civilized 70 years ago is because they were kept under tight control by segregation and Jim Crow. Now they are forcing their violent insane tribal culture on us!

    • Replies: @geokat62
  90. macilrae says:

    Quite fascinating and Jared Taylor made his argument forcefully and in clear terms while E. Michael Jones tended to obfuscate and lapse into the kind of opaque terminology so beloved of the liberal university set.

    But then Jones seemed to come off the rails and completely lost the thread of the argument he was trying to make – careening into a diatribe – a rant, that called out the Jewish Conspiracy. Thereafter, though the essence of what he had to say was in line with what most thinking people can see for themselves, the actual style played right into the hands of propagandists who often seize upon such outpourings to invoke the second coming of Adolf Hitler – and well has this served them. Jones went so overboard with this that the the host had to check him, else he would “harm my channel”.

    Forced to confront this new and quite unexpected topic, Taylor was appropriately restrained and evidently by no means in disagreement.

    What I found remarkable was that the prevailing social engineering project on the part of a Jewish elite – in which people of colour are artificially and selectively elevated in status in order to degrade the white majority – is recognized and deplored by somebody who, at the same time, denies the existence of race.

  91. helgerry says:

    If gender is a fiction, so is race.

  92. Bernie says:

    The problem is, EMJ just doesn’t know a lot about race. He did not respond to any of JTs points about genes being able to accurately identify race and racial differences. At one point, EMJ used adoption studies to try and point out that race doesn’t exist. In fact, adoption studies show the opposite. Blacks adopted and raised by whites had IQs matching blacks, not whites.

    I lost a lot of respect for EMJ after hearing him try to present his case.

  93. aandrews says:

    Amazon has delisted The Slaughter of Cities. I guess it’s a book that shouldn’t be read.

  94. HenryB says:

    @ 1:30.00 Jones pulls his usual trick of inserting fiction as fact. He says the words and idea of race didn’t exist in German until about the advent of National Socialism! This is dangerous nonsense and ignores (for instance) the miscegenating dream of Moses Hess as described in his 1862 publication: Rome and Jerusalem. The Last National Question

    Sixth Letter


    [And] yet, on the basis of my long experience, I feel inclined to assert that Germany as a whole, in spite of its collective intellectuality, is in its practical social life far behind the rest of the civilized nations of Europe. The race war must first be fought out and definitely settled before social and humane ideas become part and parcel of the German people, as was the case with the Romance peoples which, after a long historical process, finally defeated race antagonism.


  95. Jared Taylor doesn’t fully understand what Michael Jones position really is…

    And it is this:

    Michael Jones is enthusiast for importing Negro African Christians into towns across America without any concern for the consequences for the Native White Christian Working Class….Jones’s is demanding that the Native White Christian Working Class surrender to the Nigerians…..Jones said just this to Mike Peinovich and Eric Striker on the Right Stuff two years ago…

    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Replies: @Bernie
    , @Deep Thought
  96. This guy with the beard talked so long I gave up. Why do so many internet people waste so much of our time?

    • Replies: @Pierre Simon
  97. Race doesn’t exist for Jones because he doesn’t want it to exist. The Nigerians that Jones wants to import into your Native White Town are highly racialized Democratic Party Voting Bloc…is Jones not aware of this?…Jones is living in a fantasy world…it’s the same disease that afflicts

    D0n’t ever think that Jones is a friend of the White Working Class…Jones is onboard with post-1965 race-replacement immigration policy…and providing Jeff Bezos with a massive Hindu scab labor subsidy….Really, Jones is just beyond the pale…

  98. @Commentator Mike

    “…Jamaicans were blacks then as they’re blacks today. What’s murder rate got anything to do with it..?”

    Remove the constraints of White rule and their real racial nature comes to the fore.
    This is true for all formerly White ruled countries. Watch the film Africa Addio for a graphic impression of that.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  99. BaronAsh says:

    The prose meanders somewhat, especially at the beginning, but the author is putting forward a very important topic, one that is behind and above so many things happening today including the pandemic and upcoming Middle East war with a freshly weaponized and independent Taliban.


  100. @Robert Dolan

    Hitler was a first rate intellect. These guys pale in comparison. Even second rate is generous.

    A guy like Revilo Oliver towers above them both. That’s what you should read.

  101. Anon[122] • Disclaimer says:

    “The universals known as “black” or “white,” on the other hand, while based on the objective realities we have already discussed, have no significance or meaningful content because superficial racial differences have no effect on behavior or identity other than what gets projected on them as categories of the mind.(44:35)

    This is the very core of this fellow’s argument – and it is not only totally unsupported by his statements, but utterly ridiculous, and counter-factual. There is a vast amount of research showing huge difference in behavior between “racial” groups.

    • Agree: Bernie
  102. G. Poulin says:

    Not sure that there was ever a legal basis for reparations, as (legally speaking) chattel slaves were property and not contracted employees. The case for reparations rests on a legal fiction, namely that the slaves possess rights after the fact, rights that they didn’t possess while they were slaves. It would be like suddenly declaring, after the fact, that the rights of farm animals had been violated by all farmers, so that the descendants of the farm animals were now owed reparations.
    Another problem with the idea of reparations is that it rests on a false economic theory, which is the notion that labor magically imparts value to the things produced by it. In fact, labor has zero intrinsic value and has nothing to do with the value eventually agreed upon by the market. The laborer is entitled to whatever wage he and his employer have settled on, and if that wage is “nothing”, then nothing it is.

    • Replies: @bike-anarkist
  103. Fur baby says:

    Humans of all shades must accept the fact that not everyone is like them and it’s important to have peaceful relations with people who are not necessarily like yourself. The country can’t survive otherwise.

    The sad tragedy is that we have race hustlers that create disunity and exploit for sensational news purposes any thing they can find that can have a racial component attached to it whether it’s true or not.
    Example in today’s morning paper a story appeared on the front page about a state cop beating a black motorist on camera from two years ago.. These crazy social justice warrior news reporters must wish to get trouble in the streets or why else publish it ? It’s time for the news media to be held accountable and take responsibility and any liability for damages when half the town goes up in smoke from unjustified violence and civil strife that they the media provoked.

  104. “In Europe in the Middle Ages, everyone belonged to one “limited group of persons descended from a common ancestor” or another, but “the white race” was a completely unknown concept.”

    Pre-Columbus, American Indians would not have seen any racial similarity between their various tribes. But context is everything.

  105. AndrewR says:
    @Richard B

    Idk about how the CCP is doing this, but certainly they love having a fifth column in the US, many of whom are eagerly anti-white. I think China loves how Koreans and other non-Chinese East and Southeast Asians in the US are starting to identify more as “Asian” than anything else (including American), and how the US media and the Democrats conflate any criticism of China (specifically the government) as “anti-Asian.” And implicitly the media blames whites for the anti Asian violence committed overwhelmingly by blacks.

    By the time China goes to seize Taiwan, any criticism of its actions will likely be condemned as “anti Asian” and get bug people of all ethnicities to condemn such criticism.

    • Replies: @Richard B
    , @Malla
  106. So Jared Taylor is finally called out for the subversive gatekeeper he is. We should not be compromising with our own side. They are either for the truth or they are not.

    Getting half the message right makes them an enemy, not an ally. This may seem paradoxical prima facie, but it is not.

  107. @White Elephant

    Sad current truth:

    We see the RCC holding that up, partly that is. They do their best, accommodating all the wishes of the Sanhedrin, prostrating themselves before the religion of holocaustianity, but have done NOTHING to stop the rampage of jews in the western civilization and destruction of Christian nations. Conclusion – the RCC is heavily controlled by jews.

    But God Incarnate Jesus’ Church will yet prevail for good:

    Luke 4:16-30 as illuminated by Dead Sea Scrolls (1956 find) 11QMelchizedek deciphered by Michael Hudson in his landmark “…and forgive them their debts” (2018);

    John 8:44 (((relentless liars and murderers))).

    • Thanks: White Elephant
  108. @Tony massey

    Taylor and Jones are NOT “grifters.”

    I think the reason EMJ refuses to recognize race is due to his Catholic faith, that says that all men are the same in the eyes of God. Of course, EMJ is not alone, as this is probably what most modern Christians believe, and this exposes a deep problem in Christianity……because massive third world immigration has been weaponized to destroy Christendom. (So, the Christian begs people to accept/love the invading hordes that are being imported with the express purpose of national destruction) Christians that think this way need to be shown that the spiritual and political realms are separate…..Christ said, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, but to God what is God’s.”

    Jews are NOT white….and DNA supports this assertion. Perhaps Taylor hoped to get jews on board to help save our people, but I don’t see this happening. Jennifer Rubin’s maliciousness exposes the general anti-white hatred endemic to the small hats. Ask lovely Jennifer if she identifies as “white.”

    Taylor is formidable in debates…..his mind is encyclopedic and he retains mountains of facts and figures. Yet, some call him a sellout. Sure, a “sellout” that has been kicked off of every jewish social media in existence because he’s brilliant and EFFECTIVE.

  109. Angharad says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Jews are NOT White. The DNA is very different.

    • Replies: @anon
  110. geokat62 says:

    Now they are forcing their violent insane tribal culture on us!

    Slight correction…

    Now (((they))) are forcing their violent insane tribal culture on us!

  111. Each of these two gentlemen say countless things which we know to be true and are important.

    But as to this debate, EMJ nailed the important take-away bottom line:

    In an obit on Sam Francis which appeared in the American Conservative, we were told that Jared Taylor wanted to do for white nationalism what William F. Buckley did for conservatism. And what is that? Well, to subvert it for the benefit of Jewish interests. One of the entries at the SPLC site claims that “It is well-known that the American Renaissance does not allow anti-Semitism; it is uptown, 100% clean WN [white nationalism]. Call it a first step if you like, but it is a very important first step, and Jared Taylor has had success.”[4]

    So, congratulations Jared for making Jews fit for polite company. This transformation, however, has serious consequences for anyone involved in fighting the culture wars. As soon as Jews become white, they become invisible, and as soon as the revolutionary Jew becomes invisible, we run into serious difficulties in providing a convincing explanation for any of the pathologies that have afflicted the West for over 50 years now—from unlimited weaponized immigration to pornography to abortion to wars in the Middle East.

  112. anon[238] • Disclaimer says:

    While whites being those whose ancestors lived in Europe 500 years ago is a decent rough and ready answer to the question, who is white?, Jews don’t fit into that category very easily. Yes, the Ashkenazi lived in Europe, but they practiced endogamy, which is what led to their extreme separation from Europeans. In the same way, the gypsies are not white, but have also lived in Europe for generations.

    • Replies: @Treg
  113. anonymous[438] • Disclaimer says:

    I thought Jared Taylor was doing great until about 1:06 when E. Michael Jones raised the Jewish Question and proceeded to slaughter Mr. Taylor for the next 15 minutes. Way to go E. Michael Jones! You’re my new hero.

  114. HenryB says:
    @White Elephant

    LOL….Sorry I missed your reply. I was busy mowing my “brown lawn”

  115. Charles says:
    @Mike Tre

    “Society is a racial construct” explains it better than Jones or Taylor (in my reading of their work) ever have.

  116. Taylor won the debate on race, but Jones is totally right about Jared’s weird association with Jews.

    Extraordinary journalist Michael Collins Piper, now deceased, showed in one of his books available on line for free, Juda’s Goats. The enemy within, that Taylor is a Mossad asset:

    Taylor seems to be affected with double thought. He’s able on the one hand to denounce the war against Whites, but is unable at the same time to name the Jews that are responsable. He even sides with them and claims they are just as White as he.

    It’s preposterous.

    • Replies: @Druide
  117. Bernie says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Ironically, EMJ ends up taking the exact same position on race as the people he criticizes.

  118. @Tono Bungay

    It’s pretty normal for a catholic like Jones to think races don’t exist and that everyone is equal. He also thinks the meek will inherit the earth, so for him it is perfectly normal to import the meek in every developed White country. Dr Pierce talks a lot about this topic.

    • Replies: @gastao
  119. Anon[238] • Disclaimer says:

    Jones claims to have been raised in an Irish Catholic neighborhood in Philadelphia, but this is impossible, based on his doctrine of ethnicity. For to be Irish, properly speaking, one must be both Catholic and speak ancient Irish, which Jones apparently does not do, nor do the vast majority of those present day Catholics living in Ireland.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  120. Trinity says:

    Protestant and Catholic churches have been (((infiltrated))) as bad as academia. I left a church because they were always taking up collections for Haiti while just down the road were Whites living in squalor.

    I was watching a program on SBN aka Swaggart Broadcasting Network and they had a Jew father and son combo who allegedly converted to (((Christianity))), the two Jews DOMINATED the whole conversation and instead of learning about the book of Daniel the whole conversation was directed towards muh Israel and anti-Semitism in America and abroad.

    I remember back in the 1990s I was cruising down highway 60 in Brandon, Florida on a Sunday morning after a night of “dranking” and tom-catting, Cue: Sunday Morning Coming Down by Johnny Cash. I look over at a Catholic church and I must have seen at least a hundred East Indians milling around the Catholic church. I personally have known or met several Vietnamese or Laotian refugees who were brought over here by the Catholic church. Oh, the church that I was attending and the one that neglected poor Whites for Haitians? They were something called, “Freewill Baptist,” whatever the heck that is, so in the past it was MAINLY the Catholics doing this caca but now it is the Catholic and Protestant church that are willing to flood Browns, Blacks and Yellows into America, set them up with all kinds of freebies while they totally ignore their own White American that is homeless and hungry.

    IF you attend any Christian church that says race doesn’t exist or has loads of Christian Zionist who cater to Jews and nonwhites over their White brothers and sisters, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY.

    • Replies: @babu
    , @Johnny Johnny
  121. @Bernie

    Yes…bad White People for revolting against post-1965 race-replacement policy…Jones is well aware of what’s going on…and he approves of it…

    • Agree: Trinity
  122. anarchyst says:
    @Robert Dolan

    EMJ is missing one important fact, perhaps the most important.

    Racial differences are real and are innate.

    EMJ has been “poisoned” by the jewish led and run “multiculturalism and diversity” scam.

    Spreading Catholicism should not require “multiculturalism and diversity”, but quite the opposite…should encourage and promote stable monocultures, free of jewish influence.

  123. Jared was anointed by the “progressives” in the circumcised tribe to lead the “white” opposition into oblivion.

    E.M. Jones states the following which should sound alarm bells with everyone who understands the Cass Sunstein approach to infiltrating opposition. “Yet, if we log on to the SPLC website and type American Renaissance into their search engine, we find that the SPLC has good things to say about that organization. In fact, a quick search of the SPLC web site informs us that AR president Jared Taylor is ‘an opponent of anti-Semitism.’”

  124. gastao says:

    when whites lower their guard down -> “kill whitey!!”

    when whites gain racial conscious -> “oy, vey, race is just a fiction”

    • Agree: Rosie
    • Thanks: Trinity
  125. gastao says:
    @Pierre Simon

    if you notice there’s pretty much no difference between christianity and communism.
    they are both internationalist, which is designed for whites to lose their racial/ethnic solidarity and awareness, and they are both geared to “help the poor” which always translates into “help the africans”.

    • Agree: TTSSYF
    • Replies: @Quartermaster
  126. @War for Blair Mountain

    Native White …

    The Whites are no more “Native” to America than the Blacks, Browns, or Yellows!! Only the Reds are true Natives.

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Mike Tre
  127. gastao says:

    ““Whites” can englobe a lot of people that have little in common (including, for some, Arabs and Jews)”.

    No, it doesn’t. White means European. When jews, blacks, etc say “kill whitey” they are talking about Europeans, not Persians.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
  128. KenH says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Jamaicans were blacks then as they’re blacks today. What’s murder rate got anything to do with it?

    A lot. Black majority nations have higher murder rates than white nations. Blacks in America have always been more violent than whites. Blacks are genetically prone to violence.

    Like Franklin said when Jamaicans became independent and ruled over themselves their true nature revealed itself and crime exploded. The same explosion in violent crime happened in S. Africa after the white apartheid government abdicated to the black nationalist ANC which continues to this day.

    Every majority (or plurality) black U.S city with mostly black government officials is an urban hellscape.

  129. @gastao

    There is a massive difference between Communism and Christianity. Communism is spread by force and subversion as it can not be spread any other way. It’s goal is to take over the world. The plan is to impose a system that will result in utopia and, no matter how many times it has been tried, it fails to produce anything but violence and poverty.

    Jesus Christ, on the other hand, commissioned the Apostles to make disciples of every nation. The goal of Christianity is not take take over the world, but to persuade others to come to Christ for forgiveness of sin. Christ is the one who will return to rule and He will overthrow the evil system we endure now. No one can bring about the return of Christ to the world. That time is determined by God alone.

    • Disagree: TTSSYF
  130. Something about “white” has to deeper than mere skin color? If so then what? If an antifa in your face rainbow warrior is white at the skin level does that qualify as entry into whitedom?

    • Replies: @gastao
  131. @Vergissmeinnicht

    I did watch such a debate back before all the best content on YouTube got cancelled. It may have been on Richard Spencer’s podcast. Goad dressed for the occasion wearing a funny hat and a clown suit, no doubt to mock EMJ, who didn’t seem to get the joke.

    To Jones, it seems you are a logos practicing Roman Catholic or you are wrong (perhaps I’ve simplified it too much). In any case, I looked up an article from NPR (3-30-21) which reported that over half of US adults do not practice ANY religion. And, many of our Founding Fathers were Deists, skeptical of Christianity. EMJ’s hypothesis that the US is divided into Cath/Prot/Jew is far too narrow. I’d agree it is delusional.

    BTW, even as a non-believer myself, I’ve always enjoyed listening to Jones. I used to watch him all the time on YouTube. Goad was ignorant to call him a “senile dipshit.” That honor belongs to Joe Biden.

  132. @Robert Dolan

    You’ve identified the internal difficulty the Church must overcome so as to avoid contributing to white genocide and thereby the slaughter to the flock while doing the work of Christ:

    …this exposes a deep problem in Christianity……because massive third world immigration has been weaponized to destroy Christendom. (So, the Christian begs people to accept/love the invading hordes that are being imported with the express purpose of national destruction) Christians that think this way need to be shown that the spiritual and political realms are separate…..Christ said, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, but to God what is God’s.”

    • Replies: @S
  133. phil says:

    Very interesting article, but “races” in the sense of continental ancestry groups do have a biological dimension. Globally, there are genetic clusters; the degree of genetic similarity inside a cluster is different than it is across clusters.

    In a similar vein, Ashkenazi Jews are biologically distinguishable from ethnic Europeans, who can be divided genetically into northwest Europeans and southeast Europeans. Differences in average IQ across these groups may have a genetic component. Whether or not Jews are called “white” is a cultural matter. In any case, on average they behave differently than other groups of “whites.”

    • Agree: eah
  134. Trinity says:

    I knew a Vietnamese “refugee” who was sponsored over here by the Catholic church, she “attended” the church I think OCCASIONALLY but still practiced Buddhism. LMAO. In other words, she was playing the role.

    Just like the CUCKservative argument about being “legal” or illegal, I don’t give two shits about whether a nonwhite is “legal” or illegal, White America doesn’t need any more nonwhite immigrants here to game the system, take money and food from poor Whites, etc.

    NEARLY ALL of these “refugees” or nonwhite “immigrants” start hating America and Whitey as soon as they get all their freebies and become an official citizen. America was NEVER intended to be Brazil, and while the Catholic church hasn’t done the damage the Jew has done, they have done enough harm already. And now the good ole brainwashed Protestants are parroting the same horseshit.

    • Replies: @Anon
  135. Trinity says:
    @Deep Thought

    Yeah, but WHITES BUILT AMERICA UP FROM NOTHING. The Black, Brown, Yellow and Jew have done little if anything to contribute to the building of this nation other than leeching off Whitey.

  136. There’s more than one definition of the word “race.”

    All those that identify themselves by their skin seem to think that the only definition is, “a tribe, nation, or people, regarded as of common stock.”

    Another definition of race is, “a group of persons, animals, or plants, connected by common descent or origin.” With this definition, all ethnic groups are variants of a single race.

    A better word to use when describing variants in the human race is “species.” This word is defined as, “the outward appearance or aspect, the visible form or image, of something, as constituting the immediate object of vision.”

    It seems that the majority of Whitey’s pushing the race narrative are assimilated Americans who have completely lost their region-specific European ethnicity and have nothing else to grasp on to except their semi-white “Epsilon” buttocks. Barbara Lerner Spectre, doesn’t give a shit about whiteness. She specifically stated that “Europe will not survive…..” What’s an American Diaspora Fake Jewish Princess doing in Sweden anyway???

    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  137. @Franklin Ryckaert

    Maybe White rule of yesteryear. I don’t know if today’s White society manages to restrain them much.

  138. ivan says:

    Of course when Jews, sorry the “Communists” defenestrated Lithuania and the other Baltic states, they had tears streaming down their faces like the Walrus in Lewis Carroll’s poem. Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind, said another Jew.

    And your story about the Krupps wouldn’t pass muster either, they were indeed ruthless capitalists, but a few hundred thousand slaves? I don’t recall reading that in William Manchester’s book.

  139. @Priss Factor

    the Numidians who were admixed Taureg/Sub-Saharan Africans had a higher degree of civilization than the Germans in the classical era. The most civilized, cosmopolitan city in medieval Africa was Gafsa in southern Tunisia, which spoke its own dialect of Vulgar Latin and had an active Catholic bishop until the 14th century. Ibn Khaldun, who Taylor starts off with mentioning makes an exception to his own statement when mentioning Gafsa.

  140. gastao says:
    @Jack McArthur

    white -> European.

    that’s all there is to it.

    yes, there are white people who are completely brainwashed to hate their kind.

  141. @Robert Dolan

    Perhaps a poor choice then.
    I’ve always been very well informed on an anecdotal level but frankly until recently i had never heard of really any of these people.
    Duke i was semi aware of and i agreed with 30 years ago when i think he ran for(or gov?)Congress in la. I was in college at the time and i didn’t understand all the vitriol coming from my peers because it sure seemed to me he was dead on.
    But it wasn’t practical for me to listen to…advocates of whiteness.
    Its like when I’m reading say iSteve and he’s saying well .11 gets you this but over here you have .17 and looking at these coefficients well you can clearly see…that’s all non sense to me.


    Debates on IQ psssst. Having a higher IQ than an entire gang of aspiring rappers(even the honor students) ain’t much gonna help me. Who cares?
    Do we really. need to take tests(written or dna)to prove what my eyes and ears have alwaystold me was true? Maybe some do.
    Hey i appreciate the replyand I’ll stop rambling. I want to understand it all as best as i am able and i usually get more from the comments section than i do from the Articles. Much Much thanks to Mr Unz for such a wonderful thing. I’d never get a chance to engage in discussions routinely found here anywhere else but here. I cant even talk to the people I’ve known in some cases my entire life because it’ll get heated quick and words start getting exchanged and we all basically agree for crying out loud. Yeh all convo has stopped. I’d be a bigger fool than i am to speak freely where i live to any but just a few of my neighbors about race. It’s that fucking crazy. And the one’s i could speak freely without consequence to wouldn’t be necessary and any thing we might possibly agree on wouldn’t matter in the least to the world.
    To end i will say that imo anytime Catholic doctrine(or any religion) is brought into the race debate you just lost me because i mean come on i get it’s important to some but is it wise to introduce church doctrine to strengthen your argument that aspiring rappers are good/bad for White folk?
    Some people’s kids believe everyone is equally equal(and for those that believe that they would. becorrect) and some people’s kids believe God knocked up a virgin and said virgin produced a half jew half God(how do you be half a god?) And i dont much believe it is worth listening to much coming out of the mouths who do for a fact believe those 2 things.
    Hey ya know in the end we’re all fucked. I can’t prove it to ya but that’s my only for sure rock solid belief.
    I hope I’m wrong. 72 virgins would. be fantastic(i do agree with Dennis Miller that after the first 3or4 you’re gonna be looking around for a pro) i think alot better than having your own planet. Having your own planet is cool to.
    Again gracias

  142. anon[166] • Disclaimer says:

    I look forward to the next vid, in which E. Mike Jones will show that because the surface of the Earth is a continuum, mountains are a fiction. In fact, for that matter, so is dry land.

    Jones is a midwit.

  143. anon[250] • Disclaimer says:

    I seriously thought EMJ would be dropped from all serious publications after this disastrous debate.

    He showed he does not understand nor can he apply logic. He quickly jumped into personal attacks showing his inability to debate facts and data.

    He is a disgrace to serious journals.

    • Replies: @Anon
  144. Dumbo says:

    Until recently for the U.S. government, Arabs were White.

    Jared Taylor says Jews are White.

    I don’t know. As I said, it depends on your definition of “White”. For instance, there are some radical Nordicists that argue that Sicilians, Sardinians or even Spaniards are “not white”. Even though they are and have always been European (despite some small and overhyped genetic contribution of Moors).

    Just for the looks, many Persians appear pretty White to me. (And weren’t Iranians the original “Aryans”?)

    But I suppose, being European (and euro-descendants) is partly cultural too, so it’s not just about skin colour or the shape of the face. It’s about the whole package. Language, culture, religion and ancestry.

    • Replies: @gastao
    , @S
  145. @Trinity

    The “Native Americans” from Siberia…..who enjoyed their neighbors American Injuns infants brains for some of that YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY MANCORN IN MY INJUN TUMMY!!!…Hey..I got me self a bubble gum pop tune here!!!!…Top of the Charts!!!

    • Replies: @Trinity
  146. Anon[238] • Disclaimer says:

    I’ve known many pious Vietnamese Catholics. Some even spoke French (refugees from North Vietnam). It only occurred to me after reading Jones’ theories that these were Frenchman and not Vietnamese! trời đất ơi!

  147. Petermx says:

    A great debate. Two very interesting speakers. Dr. Jones is very convincing and makes me question my own beliefs.

    Regarding ethnic slurs, I think the “N” word has been the most demeaning ethnic insult for at least 80 years but at some point (maybe in the 1980’s) “NAZI” replaced “Nigger” as the most hateful insult you could call someone and now it’s used against all Whites, including those whose grandfathers killed as many Germans as they could in WW II. This ethnic/racial insult was popularized and given its current level of hatred emoted by those oh so sensitive, decent and fair minded Jews. They may have also invented the insult.

    • Thanks: mark green
  148. Trinity says:

    As a Christian I would rather live in a neighborhood full of White atheists than a neighborhood full of nonwhite so-called “Christians.”

    • Agree: Rosie
    • Replies: @gastao
    , @Truth
  149. @anon

    And Michael and his Family get the Bantu Justice…Michael shrieks out:”but..but I am not European…my daughters are not European..” As the Bantus toss the Jones Family into a large black pot of boiling oil…..”

    • Replies: @Truth
  150. Trinity says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Oh boy, my mom had that 45 and I remember it well.

    Cue: Yummy, Yummy, Yummy by Ohio Express

    Of course do not mistake Ohio Express for The Ohio Players.

    Cue: Skin Tight by Ohio Players, yo.

    Or even the song, “The Express,” by BT Express. Here comes the express…..

  151. anon[388] • Disclaimer says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    the white racists I read in these pages are a small minority of whites I imagine? otherwise there would be no hope at all for whites, maybe for the whole human species if all white people were so idiotic.

    all of the nonsense that is the source and basis of all these opinions are a consequence of white centuries long domination of the world, led by the English/Anglo Saxon Americans, piggybacked-on by the Jews who are the real perps of human degradation and extinction, the literal asphyxiation of decent human evolutionary cultures

    but we do have nature and the true human story that nature tells about outside of Anglo/American/Jewish 3-4 centuries lies comprehensive human history. the great reset that looms must be one of revolutionizing those lies, and resolving the English, American and Jewish power in the world. humanity has no chance of resuming sanity and life in nature, arbitrated as it always is by nature and proceeding indefinitely nature, to see the permanence if any we can make of this life

    • Agree: bike-anarkist
  152. Patricus says:

    If an average individual is given 100 photographs of people from around the world he or she should be able to identify which race these people belong to with pretty good accuracy. Those from Africa have a distinct appearance even though there are a lot of variations among Africans. Asians also vary but our average viewer is not likely to mistake Asians with Africans or Europeans. The indigenous Americans probably came from Eurasia 15,000 years ago. They have a recognizable appearance even though the people of Bolivia are quite different from the North Americans in Canada. Our viewer will almost certainly recognize indigenous Americans as distinct from Africans, Asians or Europeans. The Australian aborigines are distinct from Africans even though they share skin colors.

    We can split hairs about what constitutes a race but we can’t dismiss what we can plainly see. Race might be an unscientific term but it clearly describes people pretty well. We call these winged flying creatures birds. We call the scaly land creatures lizards or reptiles. None of these are official scientific terms but it helps to have words to distinguish a bird from a lizard.

  153. Indoctrinating whites and other non blacks with American black hoodrat lifestyle is one of the primary reasons whites and non black cultures around the world have embraced rap, booty shaking and BLM as a model to follow.
    Everywhere you look, globalists are pushing Magic Negros and GlobalHomo as if it magically was around for the last few thousand years and we just happen to wake up today to it’s existence. Now that’s (((Hollywood))) Magic.

    Nothing says FTL (faster than light) targeted influence peddling than the current forced CRT being pushed across every platform known and unknown. By FTL I mean the time it takes a propaganda hit piece signal to reach orbiting satellites and bounce back into every living room, computer and mobile device on the planet before the light of day.

  154. profnasty says:

    Jews are liars.
    Whites are cucks.
    It’s a symbiotic relationship.

    (rimshot. Bam. I got a thousand of ’em.)

  155. S says:

    Sure, help others, but within the context of it not being harmful or destructive to yourself, your family, or, people.

    That is how the healthy individual/people does things.

    Destroying one’s self, family, and people, by taking away from them the necessities of life, ie food, shelter, and land, and giving those necessities away to others, supposedly to ‘help’ them, is simply murder/suicide, and is ultimately not helping anyone.

    KJV 1 Timothy 5:8: ‘But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.’

  156. TheMoon says:

    Blah blah blah let’s all play pretend and mince about in a pseudo-intellectual dance.

    In 10,000 years this era will be depicted as a pack of over educated people walking into walls and tripping down stairs, if they bother to depict it at all.

  157. BorisMay says:

    Ignorance of history is no excuse for writing an ignorant, arrogant and out of touch article like this, even though the writer has cleverly redefined ‘race’.

    More than 4000 years ago in the Frisian confederation in Western Europe ‘race’ was a prominent aspect of their written history that we know today as the ‘Ora Linda’.

    It clearly states that there are three races: white, yellow and black. It is categorically specifies that each race is different from the other.

    This was at a time when the Frisians not only sailed the world, but there was also a substantial settlement of Frisians in northern India.

    Alexander the Great commissioned them to build a fleet for his army to use.

    The Ora Linda is quite clear on the differences of the races and although Black Africans were employed as oarsmen on Frisian ships, which resulted in blacks settling in southern Frisia (modern day Belgium) they were adamant no race mixing should take place.

    So the author is wrong about race not being mentioned in Europe until the 15th century. Race was part of west European culture from at least 2250 BC, when Aldaland sank below the North Sea in just three days.

    I do wish these writers did proper research before destroying their position out of pure ignorance.

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @Marcion
  158. @anon

    the white racists I read in these pages…
    all of the nonsense that is the source and basis…
    but we do have nature…

    Why don’t you and Trinity trade minuscules and majuscules? That way you’d both be more readable.

    • Replies: @anon
  159. babu says:

    Here we have two whites discussing racism in the US without referencing any Black commentator or sociologist of the caliber of Amos Williams or Dr. Welsing . That is racism for you.

  160. Race doesn’t exist?

    Just what the fuck do you call that subhuman Amazonian deep forest monkey Jeb Bush married? Swedish?…Norwegian?…

    The Bush Family still hasn’t been able to paper train this little brained forest monkey….You can imagine the white haired Bush Family Matriarch Barbara waking up in the morning at Keneebunkport….stepping on some monkey shit screaming:”FUCK!!!!!!!”

    • Thanks: Robert Dolan
  161. Publius 2 says:
    @J. Jonah Jameson

    Race throws white toddlers off of the third floor of the mall but barely gets mentioned in the (((news))).

  162. Bruno says:

    I can’t decide wich one is the more moderate in the pair.

  163. Mr. Ed says:
    @Priss Factor


    I generally enjoy your comments, but you seem a bit obsessed with ‘muscular black men’; you mention it nearly every day. Most large black men are just obese.

  164. gastao says:

    based. same.

    and so would EMJ.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  165. Anonymous[111] • Disclaimer says:
    @J. Jonah Jameson

    THIS debate is USELESS/Futile/wasteful/pointless…TO (our overlords) there are only TWO categories of human beings: JEWISH and NONjewish=Goyim=savages=UNgodly. While we debate endlessly such irrelevant issues, the JEWS will give us Viruses/lockdowns/WARS/hunger/financial crisis/debt slavery/etc ….the DEBATE MUST BE about: the JEWS vrs Humanity/goyims..Sadly Mr. Jones , a devout catholic. forgets that catholicism before the spilt(s) meant Universal in the context of universal human covenant with God. Jones also forgets that CHRISTIANITY both catholic/non catholics MUST carry out their main task/mission/objecetive TO CONVERT THE JEWS to accept Christianity..thats what Paul/Peter/ said and thats the bases of the main theological tenets of Chtistainity (Paul) for It is your duty as christian to convert the jews,,,so as to save your soul and theirs…the universality of salvation…

    • Replies: @Nancy
  166. @Jon Baptist

    Lions don’t mate with chimpanzees or with other species. Nature should be the canary in a coal mine for CRT now being used against us.
    My ancestral lineage did not come from “Out Of Africa”. That bs is why we’re in this mess in the first place.
    You’re just another lying hoodrat like Truth and Demand and Supply, using your white masters language against him.

    • Replies: @Jon Baptist
  167. gastao says:

    what’s idiotic about caring about your people, your race, etc?

  168. babu says:

    The whites you claim are poor and in need are two time losers. This country was established on stolen land, slavery and genocide exclusively for the benefit and in the name of white people. You should stand up and fight for the rights of the white people.

    • Troll: The Griffins
  169. AReply says:

    “Our topic today is “Is race an important topic or a fiction?””

    GO ON….!

    Read Unz’ “masthead” statement, and note the little part about how he covers alternative views he “doesn’t agree with” but he can’t cover all the alternative views because there are just so many. So wonder what is Unz’ selection criteria for alternative views? He doesn’t say, so all you’re left with to take what’s published as the statement, as you should, because if he consistently published only views he disagrees with with no critique, those are his views.

    So now all you have to do is scan the site! And consider this Article; it’s one of many in a cacophonous refrain:


    Ron Unz has this other little angle where he lauds his own work, which is supposed to provide a sort of vague measure of the intellectual distance between him and all the batshit crazy white-shiite grievance, fear mongering and old-school bigotry. My sense is that Unz genuinely sees no connection between these spaces in the same way people with low-grade aspergers don’t see any connection between body language and what’s being said. But it’s a tough call to give an editor a pass on ignorance when his main game is touring how smart he is.


    Except for the blood-purity thing

    “La-la-lah! (clang, clang, bang)”

    • Troll: Tony massey
  170. gastao says:

    “Until recently for the U.S. government, Arabs were White”.

    So? Arabs are still genetically different from Europeans. The US government also considers some men as women. So?

    “Jared Taylor says Jews are White”.

    Yeah, but jews don’t. Only when it’s convenient, of course. “Fellow white people (…)”.

    “As I said, it depends on your definition of “White”.

    There is only one definition of white. It means racially/genetically European people. Everything else is just divide & conquer to prevent Europeans from uniting. When jews and blacks say “kill whitey” they are always talking about Europeans. Not Persians.

    “Just for the looks, many Persians appear pretty White to me”.

    So? There are asians who are also very pale skin. So? They are still genetically different from Europeans.

    “But I suppose, being European (and euro-descendants) is partly cultural too, so it’s not just about skin colour or the shape of the face. It’s about the whole package. Language, culture, religion and ancestry”.

    No. It’s entirely genetic. An European living like an indigeneous from south america is sill European.

  171. It pains me to see people shitting on Jones. Jones is a fine man and he believes in what he is saying. You can disagree…no need to get nasty about it.

    The man has done some excellent work. In fact, his explanation regarding how the jews implemented the sexual revolution as a form of goy control is absolutely brilliant.

    I think he’s wrong on race, but…..I still admire the man.

  172. @anon

    Let me clarify who and what YOU are; you are a hate filled anti-white bigot.


  173. Treg says:

    “…Taylor’s “wife” Evelyn Rich”.

    Is Michael trying to say that Jarod Taylor’s wife Evelyn Rich Jewish or that she only pretends to be a wife?

  174. @follyofwar

    To Jones, it seems you are a logos practicing Roman Catholic or you are wrong (perhaps I’ve simplified it too much).

    1. You are almost exactly correct.
    2. I cut him some slack because he is torn to pieces over what has happened to the institution. The pope would rather get anal-fisted than preach about traditional sexual values.

  175. S says:

    It’s about the whole package. Language, culture, religion and ancestry.

    Yes, quite right.

    Individuals and peoples are products of both nurture and nature, ie environment and genes.

    The idea that identity stems from only one, or, the other, I would submit is a false dichotomy.

    Presumably Jones was (and is) a big fan of the 1983 movie Trading Places.

  176. anon[388] • Disclaimer says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    ‘aren’t white people so intellectually superior they can figure anything and everything out. all one needs is a modicum of clarity and there they go! figuring everything out.’

    seriously I could not imagine anyone here would have a problem with that comment of mine. now that I know next time I will be careful, slow, simple and detailed

    • Troll: Richard B
  177. Treg says:

    “Cultural exogamy is marrying outside a specific cultural group; the opposite being endogamy, marriage within a social group.”

    I am curious if there is any statistical data, broken down by the many subethnic groups of man, showing that there is either an inherent genetic bias or a cultural genetic predilection towards exogamy and endogamy. Data something like this:

    Native Northern Americans:
    Apache —- 4/100 exogamy and .1 endogamy
    Hopi, —- 1/100 exogamy and .4 endogamy
    Navajo — 15/100 exogamy and .1 endogamy
    Maricopa, 5/100 exogamy and .1 endogamy

    European Whites:
    Irish — 5/100 exogamy and .1 endogamy
    Welsh — 1/100 exogamy and .4 endogamy
    Dutch — 5/100 exogamy and .1 endogamy
    French — 4/100 exogamy and .1 endogamy
    Scottish — 5/100 exogamy and .1 endogamy

  178. Ruckus says:

    Jews do have some reptilian DNA. Along with a higher degree of neanderthal genes than most Europeans.

  179. Trinity says:

    LMAO. You know damn well EMJ would. As long as my neighbor is W-H-I-T-E and reasonably cool and easy to get along with, I could care less what their religion or belief system happens to be.

    My guess is EMJ and JT are really on the same team. haha. Let one of these two clowns debate David Duke.

  180. Nancy says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Really? even the ‘senile dipshit’ Dr. Jones?

  181. Jihadijew says:

    Why Arnie so pissed. Did he loose he pension and life savings?

    Where is ADL? Anti Semite Anti Semite. They go after weak and cowards.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  182. Wokechoke says:
    @Priss Factor

    Ceasar’s cavalry bodyguard were all German. Cavalry are a technologically sophisticated warrior class.

  183. Wokechoke says:

    They certainly don’t live in an American counterfeit facsimile of a Greek city. Baltimore is a bit closer to being pseudo Irish though.

  184. Trinity says:

    Lest we forget that Arnie was brought over and set up by (((Uncle Joe Weider.))) Don’t know IF the story is real or phony but there are rumors that either (((Weider))) was/is a homersexual. ( Not sure if the cat is still alive.))) I remember seeing pictures of his wife back in the day, she would often pose with Arnie or some other muscle dude for protein shake adds or some other type of bodybuilding pics. Betty Weider was her name IF I am not mistaken. She was a hawt looking babe for sure in her day. Probably was a beard unless (((Uncle Joe))) swung both ways. Arnie might be Austrian but he has been a shabbos goy all along. From what I have heard, he is a pompous jerk from way back.

    A lot of Austrians/Germans have been so cowed over the years that they are some of the worse shabbos goys out there, even worse than John Hagee or JT when it comes to not wanting to talk about the J-E-W. Worked with two Germans once, both still had heavy accents like Arnie even though they both had been here for awhile. One time I brought up Hitler to one them, and the guy looked like he had saw a ghost. “Hitler was an asshole” was this dude’s response. lolololol.

    • Replies: @Jihadijew
  185. S says:

    While no doubt noting the similarities, the ancient Greeks had no problem also noting the differences between peoples, such as in the light humor of the drinking vessel below manufactured circa 500 BC.

  186. Jluker says:

    Arguing a losing proposition that race is a fiction would test the skills of the most erudite logistician. It is a great a challenge as it is an impossible argument to win. It necessarily follows that any attempt to do so will devolve into mere sophistry as the facts are so one sided and self-evident.

    To deconstruct the sophistry in the authors argument I always use the rule of the opposite. It is an old trick of the sophists to use the opposing argument for their position and redefine words and maxims to construct a new supposition. For example, the author states, “To be more specific, race, as we now understand the term, is a category of the mind which gets imposed on subject peoples as a form of marginalization and control.” But his is absurd. Race is self-evident. Its genesis occurs naturally to the being. And how exactly is race “imposed” upon people? In fact, it is anti-race that is imposed, such as the authors attempt to create a fiction that race is a fiction. Hence, the rule of the opposite. The bread and butter of sophistry.

    “Category of the mind,” is a nonsensical, politically correct phrase that has no meaning. The actual marginalization and control technique is the proposition that race is a fiction. This argument is an old elitist trick. The object of this trick is to place the subject peoples under a central elitist rule. “Out of many, one.” The amalgamation of subject peoples under one single tyranny.

    The author defines a universal as, “A universal is something outside of nature which is brought to nature in order to organize nature and make it, as a result, comprehensible.” This description is incorrect. A universal is the total category of all things. If the discussion were about pencils, the universal is all writing instruments. Race is not a universal, human begins are a universal. Race is the categories of human beings. Race is inherently natural, as opposed to the politically correct, but nonsensical argument that race is a “category of the mind;” whatever that expression means. Race is an observable phenomenon. The fiction is the fiction that race is a fiction, or a simulacrum, meaning, “likeness or semblance.” Race is the real and the fiction is the imaginary.

    The authors historical knowledge is simply a misconstruction. He says, “This is true of 17th century Virginia, where the planter class decided to divide the working class according to skin color, thereby ensuring a docile workforce in which working class whites were considered superior to working class blacks.”

    There was nothing “docile” about the white working class of 17th century Virginia (e.g., Bacon’s rebellion). Insurrections were common and most farmers were independent. The negro race was bonded to service just as whites, only there were fewer blacks. The labor status of the negro race was altered via a court case ironically, involving a black slave owner (Casor v. Johnson ). This civil status did not create “slavery” it added the conditional of heredity and race. This was the correct ruling as it is the white race who owns the property, not other races. At any rate, this civil legal status led to the marginalization of white labor in the future, not black. This condition is self-evident upon examination of the labor prices of negro bondservants (erroneously referred to as slaves) until 1860. Compare this to the price New England slave traders paid for their negro slaves from Africa until 1865 (when the 19th century New England slave trade ended) and it’s clear that division by race was not a benefit to the dominant race, except for the New England slave traders. It was cheap, unskilled white labor that was marginalized in favor of higher priced and well-trained black labor.

    The author tries the trick of applying an old doctrine, … mutatis mutandis, to explain race as a conditional. He says that Englishmen had no concept of white. But “white” is one attribute of the racial category of the human universal. His application of the medieval Latin phrase mutatis mutandis is incorrect. According to the literature, Englishmen as well as other races, clearly observed the self-evident and natural truth of different races. Color being one of many attributes.

    Indeed, volumes were written about the peoples of the new world and their distinctive features in contrast to the Anglo-Saxon race. These analyses were written by all the European races in their studies of the new world. There are no counter factuals; the attributes studied and recorded are just that, observable facts. To make the blanket statement that these peoples had no idea of their race as defined by at least one attribute, color is patently false.

    The authors understanding of arithmetic proportions is lacking. He states,” If we look at the percentages over time, the differences become even more striking. According to a report from The Brookings Institute: “In 1965, 24 percent of black infants and 3.1 percent of white infants were born to single mothers. By 1990 the rates had risen to 64 percent for black infants, 18 percent for whites.” This means, of course, that white illegitimacy is now higher than black illegitimacy was then. What does this tell us about race?” The answer is that it tells us nothing, but it does tell us a lot about cultural change.”

    There are undoubtedly several factors of causation, there usually is but the obvious and simple answer is proportional growth. As the population grows and causal factors have not been addressed the effects, that is black or white bastardization will grow proportionately. Nevertheless, under certain conditions, or lack of conditions black families have broken down disproportionately to whites. Is this inherent to their race? Perhaps or not, but the causality is pre-existing and has risen proportionately. The white proportions are correlated with nominal growth and blacks are exponential.

    I agree with the authors assertion that contraceptives and aggressive pornography are causal factors in societal degradation. It is simply a technique of the ruling elitists to undermine the morality of society and make them more docile and subservient. But societies have been through this situation many times and survive it. The more desperate elites get the more desperate their actions. The increased perversions explain a marginal rate of increase in bastardization but not conclusively.

    The word change is used to justify any adverse effect or action by the ruling despotism. But the word is often used incorrectly. Correctly said, cultural change is a cultural variation. Change occurs when the state of a thing changes to another state of the thing, such as from life to death, or wood to paper. Variations are mutations in between changes. Societal degradation is a variation, not a change. If the introduction of perversions into society was a change, then no humans would exist as the change is ultimately destructive. Society can re-vary by throwing off the yolk of tyranny and rebuilding its values base.

    It is undoubtedly true that there are forces attempting to create some type of multi-ethnic and anti-white society. The author asserts it is Jewish influence. I can’t comment, I have no data to support the contention one way or another. The authors transition from the “race is a fiction” argument to a Jewish conspiracy to subvert white Christendom appears ham handed. But again, I am out of my dept in this regard. But the fact that there is a distinct species of white and black races under the universal biological human is self-evident and beyond dispute, though not beyond debate.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @geokat62
  187. Joodie says:

    Anyone who is too cowardly to deal with the Jewish Question should shut up and go away. More and more our freedom of speech is being suppressed by Jewish interests and their perfidious Gentile allies.

  188. Ron Unz says:

    For anyone interested, here’s a column I wrote on this topic about seven years ago:

  189. Vigilius says:

    Error : Concept of physiognomy in the past is the similar error
    of the concept of the race nowadays.
    Yes , race is a fiction – new one .

  190. jamie b.: “Could you give an example [of Taylor twisting or even inventing facts]?

    There are plenty of examples in his essay here:

    He writes:

    I’d like to turn now to the abolition movement, which I think is one of the most misunderstood movements in American history. Most Americans today think the abolitionists wanted to free the slaves and make them equal to whites. Not at all. The huge majority wanted to free the slaves and send them out of the United States, in a process that they called colonization.

    “A huge majority”? LOL. This is pure invention; an outrageous lie contradicted by the historical fact that, far from wanting to round up the negroes and eject them from the country, immediately after the Civil War white Christian America made them full citizens and gave them the vote.

    Taylor continues:

    Nor was the movement to free the slaves an early expression of a desire to disregard race. The vast majority of Americans, including Abraham Lincoln, favored abolition only if it led to colonization. William Lloyd Garrison and Angelina and Sarah Grimké were exceptions. The majority view was that of Henry Ward Beecher, brother of the author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, who wrote, “Do your duty first to the colored people here; educate them[,] Christianize them, and then colonize them.”[xv]

    More lies; more twisting of the facts. The Beecher quote does indeed appear in one of his speeches collected in the volume Patriotic Addresses, but the context makes it clear that Beecher’s meaning was the opposite of a desire to expel all the negroes. The Christian abolitionists, of which the Rev. Henry Ward Beecher was one of the most notorious, looked upon it as their religious duty to help their fellow Christians, the freed slaves, return to Africa, but only if they wanted to go. No one ever spoke in terms of rounding them all up and forcibly sending them all back for the benefit of whites! No, such a course of action would have been sinful. Henry Ward Beecher speaks directly to this. Quoted in context, in Patriotic Addresses, on page 186:

    I am for colonization. If any one wishes to go to Africa I would give him the means of going, and for the sake of the continent of Africa, colonization is the true scheme; but if colonization is advocated for our sake, I say, Get thee behind me, Satan, thou savorest not of the things that be of God but those that be of men. Do your duty first to the colored people here, educate them, Christianize them, and then colonize them.

    So we see that even in the 19th century the Christian point of view was that whites having any racial concern for themselves was grievously immoral. “Get thee behind me, Satan!” he says to anyone so sinful as to think of white racial interests. The remainder of Rev. Beecher’s sermon is devoted to bemoaning the fact that the negroes have been treated, as he thinks, so unjustly, how they ought to be given the vote, be regarded as the equals of whites, and so on.

    Taylor’s treatment of Abraham Lincoln, which also appears in this essay in a passage immediately following the ones I quoted, is likewise a treasure trove of lies. Lincoln never had any plan to forcibly round up and expel the negroes, and indeed he was vehemently opposed to such a thing. It’s a matter of historical record that in his last public address before being assassinated, he called for them to be made citizens and given the vote.

    • Replies: @Jluker
  191. @G. Poulin

    chattel slaves were property and not contracted employees…
    It would be like suddenly declaring, after the fact, that the rights of farm animals had been violated

    Slaves are NOT human.

    Thanks. I’ve been fooled my whole life.

  192. jhan says:

    It starts with ‘Race Is a Fiction’

    That’s when you know you don’t have to read it, because it only contains nonsense.

  193. UR2 says:
    @Johnny Johnny

    Agreed. And race will only be harder to determine as time goes on. Our overlords are using race to conceal their wicked hand: to create hatred and violence and chaos. Their lying voice connected to every ear worldwide, that tremendously successfull propaganda project. Many of these commentors could stand to analyse what deceptions they have fallen for. I. Q. is laughable. Evolution is disproved by the hard facts of paleontology. Anyone who is believing that our DNA is mixed with neanderthal is also falling for the deceptions which are there for a reason. Those overlords are censoring actual scientists and allowing ONLY what they want us to think, to fool us. You all know that right? And if you can’t follow along with reasoning, like categories of the mind and catagories of nature, then maybe you should hit the books instead of typing out a comment.

    • Disagree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  194. Anonymous[111] • Disclaimer says:

    RACE is real….A Biological/DNA reality…BUT the speakers are confusing words like RACE with Ethnicity…Nationality..Being Phillipino en the Phillipines is a nationality, Being Phillipino in the USA is an ethnicity..and Asian ethnic group….According to Medical drs even human organs have markers for Race…so that looking at a kidney a dr can tell weather it comes from a black or white person. I am puzzle when I see dark Italians/Greeks/Turkish being called whites..!!! and even more puzzled when I see Indians/Hindus being as dark/darker (than USA Blacks) and yet MUCH more succesful why? For me the whole debate is useless…for JEWS there are two categories Jews and NON jews…and we the goyim must act on those basis also. PD what is a Black born in Brazil? a Brazilian/AfroBrazilian/AfroAmericanBrazilian/AfrolatinAmericanBrazilian????? you see the debate is useless…in the NWOrder humanity will belong to two and only two categories JEWS/oligarchy vrs Goyim LABOR…

  195. Truth says:

    We Whites don’t beed any one else but each other.

    I tried that word with an “l” and with an “r”, then I dropped an “e” but none fit.

    • LOL: ziggurat
    • Replies: @ziggurat
  196. @CelestiaQuesta

    The argument for identifying as white is the same as it would be for a dog that thinks it is a noble beast because its father was a wolf and its mother a poodle. That dog is nothing more than a mutt.

    We’re in this mess because America was and is a Masonic/Solomon’s Temple project that uses Satanic principles to spread the Great Reset/Globohomo agenda worldwide. But please, go ahead and keep worrying about maintaining your whiteness. Maintaining an acceptable variance in skin color is the answer to combating the agenda of and the (((leadership))) of the

  197. Trinity says:

    Is race a fiction? No. Are these two goobers debating really relevant? No

  198. @UR2

    IQ is solid science, real science.

    You can track success via IQ… can track crime with IQ.

    You might want to read “The Bell Curve” and then get back with me.

    • Replies: @UR2
  199. @Alexandros

    Dr. Jones keeps pretty silent on Hitler, and that silence is pretty interesting.

    • Replies: @The Griffins
  200. Mike Tre says:
    @Deep Thought

    The humans known as Amerindians migrated to North America from Asia. In historically technical terms, they are no more or less native than the Europeans who arrived later.

    The definition of the word “native” is “belonging to a place by birth.” So by definition, anyone born in America is “native,” but what makes a true “native American” is not a singular definition.

    First, when some 3incher’s 9 month pregnant wife arrives from China just in time to have a tourism baby, that baby is by law and definition a citizen and native, respectively. But racially, culturally, ethnically, and essentially, that baby is an alien.

    Secondly, Amerindians are not “Native Americans” because there was no America before Europeans arrived. America is a place of European creation, on a piece of land previously inhabited, by primitive humans who had yet to discover written word, and thus had no history before Europeans arrived. Amerindians made no distinction between sovereignty and savagery, occupation and ownership, or possession and property. Thus, ethnically, racially, and culturally, only Europeans can be “Native Americans.”

  201. I agree with this post by a Catholic blogger, who takes issue with Dr. Jones:

    As a Catholic myself, I wish Mike would read that and respond to it.

    That said, anyone who dismisses Jones as a second rate intellect is full of it. But, again, Dr. Jones should respond to the points in the OO article above.

    I do thank Dr. Jones for exposing Taylor’s annoying philo-Semitism. You all should read ‘Wade Hampton and the Negro’ by Hampton Jarrell to see how whites and blacks can get along better when white men don’t allow Jews to dictate the terms of our dialectic.

  202. Jihadijew says:

    Interesting background.

    I wonder if ADL or alike are going take any notice. Probably not. Just lion’s false teeth. Propaganda. how powerful the lobby really is! These parasites thrive on such overblown free press/propaganda. This obvious case will not be registered in Anti Semite counting machine.

    I hope someone who is a subscriber of The JewYork Times and Washington compost could put the link on their comments section. I am going to put this link in Zionist Ilana Mercer post in UNZ so she could pass on to all vultures with a click of a button.

    • LOL: Trinity
  203. @Mike Tre

    They say that the ‘native Americans’ (indians) arrived circa 12,000bc, from the Russian Steppe. They have also discovered arrow heads, in America, dating back to 19,000bc. These arrowheads were found in one other place – modern day France, dating back to 22,000bc. Bottom line was, European peoples migrated to North America during the Ice Age, across the then frozen Atlantic Ocean. They were known as the Solutreans. The ‘native Americans’ when they arrived genocided the Solutrean peoples and intermixed with them – hence their appearance, a mix of white and Asian. So, ironically, the Europeans were the original inhabitants of North America, before the native Americans. The Europeans, took back, what was first theirs.

  204. Smith says:

    Ye old christcuck at it again.

  205. @John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan

    Yes, and of course Dr Jones and the rest of the “academics” would be just as comfortable living in a black majority area, since race is a fiction.

    • LOL: Trinity
  206. Maddaugh says:

    I am sure I can find some Academic with a Phd to debate that a clump of shit with peanuts covered in hot chocolate and a spoon stuck in it………. is a sundae. With a little bit of prodding the fellow may also produce a 700 page earth shattering research paper for others to study.

    I think that for most whites they know they are white, that race is important and so is their culture. If anyone else of any other race want to classify themselves as this or that as is so fashionable these days, if they feel race is unimportant and their culture irrelevant, I dont really care.

    Hence, this debate and the 4600 word article means nothing to me and is just another useless turd being examined and debated by a bunch of idlers with not much else to do.

  207. Angharad says:

    Catholics are totally Anti White.

  208. When does Taylor get his go? Or did I miss something? Will there be a show of hands at the end?

  209. This is frightfully bad stuff by E. Michael Jones. It’s practically nonsensical. When I saw the title of this article I was very curious to read it and I would have appreciated a thoughtful defense of the position, but this is just gibberish.

    • Agree: Wizard of Oz
    • Replies: @Henry's Cat
    , @buckyinky
  210. J1234 says:

    I can appreciate that Dr. Jones is approaching this debate from a philosophical (and, at times, historical) perspective rather than the somewhat overused scientific perspective (that can devolve into pseudo-science.) However, as others have said, I remain unconvinced by his arguments at some essential level.

    I say this while admitting that I haven’t listened to the debate. I’m basing my opinions of his opinions on statements from this article. Why haven’t I listened to the debate? Because I’m less interested in a discussion about whether race is real or not than I am in the current real-life power struggle between those two different perspectives. Specifically, I’m more interested in whether one of those perspectives can actually become so socially or politically powerful as to eliminate the other from all manner of discussion. It appears to me that this is the direction this “debate” is going, and that’s ultimately the real issue.

    The vast majority of people on the planet believe that the world is round and orbits around the sun, and I’m guessing that view didn’t become prevalent because astronomers all got together and used their influence to make it happen. After 1492 (or sometime thereabouts) the discussion became pretty well settled for obvious reasons. With this in mind, an enforced perspective is usually enforced because it lacks confidence in its ultimate truth (and no, fanaticism and confidence are not the same thing.) A lack of confidence doesn’t bode well for the credibility of any argumentative perspective.

    Whether the “race is fiction” perspective comes from a thoughtful person like Dr. Jones, or a hivest brained antifa type, here’s what I have to do to buy into it: I have to believe that my eyes are constantly deceiving me with regards to one of the most general trends of human ancestry. If I’m walking down the street, I can’t tell for sure who has heart disease and who doesn’t, who is artistically gifted and who isn’t, who is smart and who isn’t, and those are all profoundly important traits.

    I can only tell three basic biological characteristics relatively accurately (in most cases): Whether the person is male or female, their general age and what continent their distant ancestors came from in a general sense. When these three traits have the prominence in individuals to convey this kind of information at ten paces, it’s plausible that they would come with secondary traits that go along with essential traits. Yes…some 80 year olds can run marathons. Yes…some women can bench press two hundred pounds. But we all know the general tendencies in this regard. Pretending that we don’t for moral reasons is – quite ironically – very immoral (for as long as honesty is a part of morality.)

    To be fair – and more importantly, honest – it’s probably true that there is less variance between groups of people based on race than there is based on gender or great differences in age, but there are racial differences. That’s not something to be ashamed of.

  211. Anonymous[466] • Disclaimer says:
    @White Elephant

    If Americans comprise people of every hue, then to say that a black person cant be a Pole is myopic, ignorant and arrogant. Things have changed. Why are only Americans allowed to contain multitude of colors?

    • Replies: @White Elephant
  212. @follyofwar

    I believe that Mr. Goad was cultivating a Harold Lloyd look when he did that debate with Jones.

  213. Anonimko says:

    In which language the word ‘race’ originated and what is its meaning?

    • Replies: @Smith
  214. Fur baby says:

    Your onto something there… English and protestants did arrive first and did some serious building and conquering of land often using others to work it.

    I suppose Europeans such as the Irish Molly McGuires getting killed in coal mines or the Italians, Poles, and others being exploited to death in horrible work conditions in mills, mines railroads didn’t contribute to the greatness of the nation. Let’s suppose your correct and it’s the WASP who built the country and who we owe the biggest debt of gratitude towards.

    Then it can be deduced that it’s only fair that the wealthy privileged descendants of those WASPs who remain large land owners and titans of industry be the people specifically singled out to atone for any injustices and to pay out any reparations that are now being demanded by the groups who claim to have been used and abused by them.

    I think we need to be cautious when going down unknown roads because they can lead potentially into dead ends or worse over cliffs.

  215. @Anonymous

    “If Americans comprise people of every hue, then to say that a black person cant be a Pole is myopic, ignorant and arrogant.”

    So tell me if I plant a pear tree in an apple orchard, does it become an apple tree?
    When that tree bears fruit are they pears or apples?

    To be of the Polish nation you have to be of the race. You can be an alien, living in Poland, speaking Polish but you can never be Polish. Why? Common sense dictates that to allow something, not of that something to be that something, you negate the very concept of that something’s existence. If a pear can be an apple and an apple a pear, there is no need to define one as apples or pears, for neither, exists, for the other has cancelled out the other’s existence.

    A black man is not a Caucasian. A Pole can only ever be a Caucasian. Ergo, a black man cannot be Polish.

    You either get it, or you don’t get it.

    As for the USA? Well, I hate to break it to you, but the USA is not a nation. The minute it granted citizenship to slaves, to become Americans, they destroyed the nation, again, because something that is not of that something cannot be that something. If you believe it so, you negate that very something’s existence. America is a multiracial, multinational, globalist state. You cannot compare the USA to any European nation. Both are completely different to one another.

    You either get it, or you don’t get it.
    I’m not here to debate truth, which I’ve just written.
    If you want to debate whether a black man can be Polish, get in touch with the moron EMJ and you can sit and discuss your nonsensical belief until EMJ turns black and you turn white. Either way, I’m not interested in what either of you have to say.

    • Agree: Fur baby
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  216. Truth says:

    Then you’re not a Christian, you’re a “white guy.”

    Christianity is either fundemental and primarily-integral to who you are, or you are not it.

  217. @Angharad

    Catholics are totally Anti White.

    Actually a majority of American Catholics voted for Trump.

    Catholics have ALWAYS been anti-abortion and anti- pornography etc…

    The first legal abortion clinic in the US was started by a white Baptist “minister”.

    The Catholic Church actually favored the Confederacy during the War of Northern Aggression. Even though the Pope did not recognize them, he did not recognize the “Union” either.

  218. Truth says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Michael shrieks out:”but..but I am not European…my daughters are not European..”

    I would estimate from being here, that a slight majority of Unzistas has done the latter by marrying Asians.

  219. @Angharad

    “Catholics are totally Anti White.”

    Sadly….there is some truth to this.

    Catholics tend to be loony liberals (and I know quite a few of them)

    And liberalism is a cover for the naked self interest of the jews.

    Years ago, WASPS and Catholics were enemies, and there is some lingering resentment yet today.

    The idiot whites on the Supreme Court are Catholics and they seem to make anti-white decisions very consistently.

    However, I do not think that EMJ is anti-white.

    • Replies: @The Griffins
    , @Trinity
  220. Jluker says:
    @Dr. Robert Morgan

    Dr. Morgan,

    I commend on your impassioned reply, however your facts are simply erroneous in assessing Mr. Taylor’s essay. I will respond directly to your responses.

    1. ““A huge majority”? LOL. This is pure invention; an outrageous lie contradicted by the historical fact that, far from wanting to round up the negroes and eject them from the country, immediately after the Civil War white Christian America made them full citizens and gave them the vote.”

    This is patently false. Christian America did not give anyone anything. They were too busy burying a million dead and paying for a perpetual debt. The committee of 15 on reconstruction drafted and a pretend congress illegally ratified the 14th amendment that created a national citizen class repugnant to the Constitution for the United States of America over the objections of all the Southern states, Ohio, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey. It is an illusion that blacks or anyone else has suffrage in national elections. Indeed blacks were confiscated as contraband of war under the 1863 Confiscation Act. There status after the illegal 14th Amendment is wards of the municipal government in Washington (House Congressional Record, June 13, 1967).

    Even a cursory examination of the periodicals, letters and books, beginning with the charter of the American Colonization Society c. 1816, reveals a clear majority of the people South and North supported colonization of emancipated bond servants and freedmen to Africa. It was Thomas Jefferson in 1777 who proposed the establishment of a colony for freedmen in the western lands which was Southern strategy even after the end of the war in 1865. It was the so-called abolitionists who attacked and ultimately prevented freed and bonded-servants from possessing their own wealth and political states. Instead their goal and what they achieved was the abolition of the constitution of 1787 and European colonization in Africa (M.Carrey, Letters on the Colonization Society, etc., April 26, 1832).

    2. ” Lincoln never had any plan to forcibly round up and expel the negroes, and indeed he was vehemently opposed to such a thing.”

    Again, patently false or intentionally misleading. The quote your responding to never used the word “force.” It is irrelevant in any case. Force was not a requirement to colonize blacks to Africa, yet Lincoln was a life long proponent, to wit:

    -December 31, 1862, Lincoln connected his name to a document that many of his adherents and later apologists would gladly forget: a contract with Bernard Kock, an ambitious and unscrupulous venturer, to use federal funds to remove some five thousand black men, women, and children from the United States to a small island off the coast of Haiti. It was Lincoln’s last effort at colonizing blacks outside the United States, executed only one day before he was to sign the illegal emancipation proclamation.

    -Lincoln first proclaimed an interest in colonization during his eulogy for Henry Clay in 1852, when he admitted his allegiance to the esteemed Kentuckian’s dual creed of gradual emancipation coupled with colonization. If slavery could be eliminated and the slaves returned to “their long-lost fatherland,” claimed Lincoln, “it will indeed be a glorious consummation.” Impressed by Lincoln’s commitment to colonization, the members of the Illinois Colonization Society repeatedly asked him to speak at their meetings, and he obliged them in 1853 and again in 1855.

    -Francis P. Blair, Jr., of Missouri, a longtime advocate of colonization, defended Lincoln’s policy in the House of Representatives. On April 12, 1862, the day after slavery was abolished in Washington, D.C., Blair admitted that Liberia had “failed to attract the freed negro population in any considerable numbers,” but proclaimed his optimism about the possibility of Negro colonization in Central America. “There is a vast difference,” he said, “between the idea of being colonized on our own continent, under our own flag, and being buried in Africa.” Blair not only believed in colonization as a remedy to present and future racial hostilities, but also well understood how the promise of colonization could help undercut the political power of slaveholders in the Confederacy: “We can make emancipation acceptable to the whole mass of non-slave-holders at the South by coupling it with the policy of colonization. The very prejudice of race which now makes the non-slaveholders give their aid to hold the slave in bondage will induce them to unite in a policy which will rid them of the presence of negroes.” The arguments of Blair in the House and Doolittle in the Senate helped lead to a congressional appropriation of \$100,000 to be used by the president for colonizing the freedmen of the District.

    -Three months later, on July 16, 1862, Congress appropriated \$500,000 more for the colonization of any other freedmen under the Second Confiscation Act, which allowed military commanders to confiscate as contraband of war the bond servants or slaves as held by Confederate civilians. Thus, only six months after suggesting a colonization policy, Lincoln had received \$600,000 in congressional appropriations.

    Though hardly comprehensive these three facts alone disabuse any notion that Lincoln was an emancipator or even liked blacks. It is simply historical fact that he loathed blacks and desperately wanted them out of the country. But not for the same reasons as the founders of the American Colonization Society, who sought to give blacks their own nation. As for the vote, that is hardly a boon as it matters nothing to anyone black or white as the so-called 14th amendment, actually an article of the newly revised constitution has substance only by force and not as an organic act of the people.

    • Thanks: mark green
    • Replies: @S
  221. @Trinity

    Agree. The “Church” in America is a whited sepulchre full of dead mens’ bones, just like the Pharisees Jesus denounced in the Bible, they want to get new members and when they do they make them as bad off as themselves.

    A megachurch or some group brought over a Chinese underground pastor a few years ago, and after a month or so of touring America and seeing our churches, he was asked what he thought, and he said “I’m amazed how much the church in America can accomplish without God.”

    The churches are so blind it is incredible.

  222. Nancy says:

    Has anyone read Jones’ ‘Slaughter of Cities’ about the deliberate disbanding of ethnic neighborhoods in Philadelphia, using the ‘weaponizing’ of civil rights (by the Talmud Termites) to introduce the black culture?

  223. @Robert Dolan

    The idiot whites on the Supreme Court are Catholics and they seem to make anti-white decisions very consistently.

    And who made up the the majority of the Supreme Court during the bulk of this Nation’s history?

    This “blame it on the Catholics” stuff is pretty funny.

    America is a thoroughly Protestant nation. It’s not Mexico or Italy or Spain.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  224. anon[985] • Disclaimer says:

    Africans thrive under a “strongman” type of dictatorial structure where “the man at the top” makes all major decisions for the tribe.

    Russia was run on similar system for over a millennium.

    Except that — Africans had local “dictators,” tribal chiefs.

    Not sure if there was a hierarchy of dictators in Russian society.
    The Orthodox Church had tremendous power, not quite Vatican but very closely linked to up-most echelons of Russian government.

    African tribal chiefs = similar to bishops similar to rabbis?

  225. First off, we need more debates, splendidly done!

    However, too many words to describe something very simple. The purpose of a living organism is to reproduce. Hence, more lojalty to closer related people. Thats all. So, “race” is important if you have proximity to a lot of people of another “race”. If you do not, ethnicity, if not, clan. Simple, no?

  226. Dr. Doom says:

    Jared Taylor is a race mixer himself and therefore has no claim to White nationalism.
    The Jews created Critical Race Theory or Racial Marxism to attack Whites.

    Whites are unique in that they fight against slavery.
    Slavery is what the end goal of Jews actually is really.

    Global slavery where 2800 slaves for every Jew “serves” them.
    Probably up for dinner since neither Jews nor browns can FARM.

    The Jew is the enemy of ALL LIFE. They are delusional.
    Their attempts at control end up wrecking and building NOTHING.

    The Jews must be destroyed before they kill everyone with their delusions.
    They are NOT SANE or rational therefore talking to them is pointless.

  227. Smith says:

    From French, also written as “race”. So it probably comes from Latin.

    It means people sharing the same ancestors/descent.

  228. @The Griffins

    You are totally fos.

    This used to be a Protestant nation but that is LONG gone.

    I stand by what I said. The SC is Catholics and jews and they screw up every decision….no, let me correct that….they DELIBERATELY make decisions to harm white people…..I could list a dozen such decisions off the top of my head.

    Dumbass Ted Kennedy was the shabbos goy that helped the jews open the borders to wreck our country.

    Like I said, I know quite a few Catholics and they are ALL loony liberals, and this makes ZERO sense if you simply consider the single topic of abortion.

    I bet if I did a quick search regarding the worst of the shabbos goy shitheads in public office…..slimeballs that helped the jews’ subversive agenda…..the majority would probably be Catholics.

    Catholics have had a hard on for WASPS for a very long time. It’s not front and center anymore, but it’s still there.

    The Catholic Church has been totally subverted…the current Pope should be crowned the Head Shabbos of Globohomo.

    As I’ve been writing this….I’ve thought about all of the Catholics I know, some of whom are in my own family, and NONE of them are conservatives.

    • Replies: @The Griffins
  229. Jluker says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Thankyou for the references. I will review them with great interest.

  230. Richard B says:

    Idk about how the CCP is doing this

    I think the rest of your comment captures perfectly what I was referring to (regarding the Chinese) in my previous comment.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  231. @Robert Dolan

    No Robert YOU are totally full of shit, my friend.

    It’s so fucking obvious a kindergartner could comprehend it.

    America was founded by Protestants. A particularly virulent weirdo brand of the strain, to be exact. Puritans. And it goes without saying that they were completely enamored with Jews and the Old Testament.

    I don’t suppose you realize how fucking ridiculous you sound yakking about how Catholics ruined America, if you take the time to investigate how many Catholics have been Presidents or Senators or Congressmen or SUPREME COURT JUSTICES etc…etc… during it’s history.

    Maryland was the one and only Catholic colony, and the Protestants pretty much took it over in short order.

    We hear lots of bullshit about Catholics and immigration. As if the shit tons of weirdo Protty universalist cult fucks haven’t been doing the exact same thing for at least as long as the Catholics, if not sooner.

    Get a grip, do some reading and grow up.

    • Agree: Fur baby
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  232. nickels says:

    All I know is that I would rather live in a country full of rednecks, Orthodox Christian Ethiopians, Southern Baptist blacks and Catholic Hispanics that with a bunch of atheist jews, blue haired fat white lesbians, fat hairy marxist whites and jews, etc… etc….

    I go round and round with this.

    E Michael Jones view is right and Christian, but feels dangerous.

    Jared Taylor’s view is cynical and mired in annoying evolutionary nonsense, but could describe the direction the war is evolving.

    I appreciated this debate, what a great meeting of minds. I feel like I have witnessed something very civilized, something worthy of the great European Christian tradition.

  233. nickels says:

    Yes, absolutely death blow at the end of the video by EMJ when he points out that Jared Taylor basically cultivated white nationalism for the benefit of Yid.
    I cant believe that stupid host tried to censor EMJ.
    What a piece of garbage.
    EMJ is right.
    Jared is a jew weiner sucker. And so is the little host.

  234. nickels says:

    I think the obvious thing is that Jared Taylor is not white. He knows he is not white.
    Jared Taylor is a WASP.
    And, as a WASP, he knows he has to suck jew root in order to get his \$.

    WASPs are trash. WASPs destroyed America and committed mass ethnic cleansing of the one peoples who kept America from descending into the abyss; Catholics.

    Hitler might have been an [email protected]@hole, but what a shame he didn’t wipe them from the face of the earth.

    • Replies: @Sin City Milla
  235. Hibernian says:
    @White Elephant

    Yes, the two things required, to belong to any nation, regardless of ancestry, are conversion to Catholicism and to be able to speak that nation’s language.

    Conversion to Catholicism is relevant to belonging to a Catholic nation, which Poland is.

  236. UR2 says:
    @Robert Dolan

    It is solid as you can track success and crime by it but what it actually measures and how that is connected with race is, as you know, very complex. The existence of any high intelligence black such as Clarence Thomas defeats the idea of innate inferiority.

  237. Hibernian says:

    He mentioned Irish and German heritage, which does not rule out the possibility he also has Welsh heritage. Not all Catholics have surnames like Gallo or Kowalski.

    • Replies: @HenryB
  238. @The Griffins

    You are a dipshit dumbass, and you have ZERO intellectual integrity.

    Sorry I offended you, you nation wrecking LOSER.

    The number one nation wreckers are jews.

    The number two nation wreckers are Catholics.

    Catholic churches have gone out of their way to assist “refugees.” This is WELL KNOWN by anyone involved in immigration activism. (I’ve been an immigration activist for the last fifteen years and have risked life and limb on the FRONT LINES)

    Catholics are shabbos goy SELLOUTS, as disloyal as the slimy jews they work for.

  239. Jungle Fever and Jungle Faith will destroy the West.

  240. The long debate didn’t resolve the central question of the Jews. Taylor, a soft spoken guy, avoids it completely and Jones, the abrasive one, wallows in it. Nevertheless, until the Jewish question is resolved, the downward trajectory of the European ethnic groups as a singular unit will not abate for they’re after the jugular and like a leopard that has caught a gazelle midair and won’t let it go, the Jew isn’t about to let go the one thing that has made him supreme in the affairs of the Western civilization.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  241. @A Half Naked Fakir

    KMAC resolved the JQ in 1998 with the CofC.

    • Replies: @A Half Naked Fakir
  242. S says:

    Thanks for an informative and well thought out post.

    It was the so-called abolitionists who attacked and ultimately prevented freed and bonded-servants from possessing their own wealth and political states.

    It would be interesting to know what a financial forensic analysis of the US abolition movement, largely centered in New England (in particular Massachusetts) might find if it was conducted. Did large amounts of financial support come from New England industrialists, often early on being textile producers, and banks, even London banks perhaps?

    I’ve posted previously how Lawrence ‘Immigrant City’, Mass, and it’s infamous sister city, the ‘abolition center’ of Lawrence, KS, had each had their mid 19th century construction financed by the same Lawrence family of Massachusetts textile factory magnates.

    I’ve also posted the 1863 London economic calculations of former ‘Bleeding Kansas’ territorial governor Robert Walker, who was the financial representative of the Lincoln administration in London mid-war. Walker’s calculations had been republished in a March, 1864, US journal as part of a ‘why we fight’ article for Northern consumption.

    Taking numerous variables into account, Walker had compared the productivity of chattel slave dependent South Carolina with wage slave (ie cheap labor/mass immigration, so called) dependent Massachusetts, and had effectively found that Mass wage slave labor was four times more productive.

    The New England textile plant owners no doubt hated paying the incredibly expensive and inefficient chattel slave labor costs which picked the cotton which in turn fed their New England textile mills. They wanted a recalcitrant South to adopt the wage slave (cheap labor so called) system, as exemplified by Massachusetts’s ‘Immigrant City’.

    I think these industrialists original intent was that after the Civil War concluded the former Black chattel slaves would stay in situ on the Southern plantations, now as wage slaves, being paid far below what they would be if they were Anglo-Saxons, ie anything but anything than pay your own the prevailing real time local labor costs.

    If these same New England textile plant owners were financially sponsoring the abolitionists, it might explain the abolitionists opposition to the African slaves being returned to their Motherland.

    • Replies: @Jluker
  243. E.Michael Jones is a beautiful and clarifying wordsmith of the English language.
    I found the debate with Jared Taylor very stimulating, and E.M.J.’s thesis that “race is a product of the mind” creditably argued. I took note that E.M.J.’s devout Catholicism has imbued him with a fearlessness with regard to the question of Jewish power.
    The “race realism” of Jared Taylor is compelling, but there is no doubting that it has been contrived as an ideological weapon. Its adherents shout menacingly, but with their backs to the wall.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  244. AndrewR says:
    @Richard B

    Glad you think so.

    There is a tendency from some in our circles to refuse to condemn China for anything because China is allegedly our ally against ZOG. One would think this argument is ludicrous on it’s face, but apparently not.

    ZOG and the CCP work together whenever they need to, as would be expected. ZOG is stronger for now but this won’t last long. CCP’s long term goal is total global domination, but some so-called “pro-white” advocates deny this out of some sort of pseudo-Jewish pilpul, or just pure childish opposition to any GOP-adjacent beliefs.

  245. @Robert Dolan

    Robert, I really hate to rain on your parade, but I’d have say that you are delusional if you believe that American Catholics have ever wielded a fraction of the political power of either Protestants or Jews in the US.

    Let’s look at the religious breakdown of the Courts, the Congress and the Executive in the last 75 years for starters.

    I’m only going back that far to be generous, mind you.

    Your premise is silly and emotionally overwrought and does not stand up to scrutiny.

    For every Kennedy or Biden or Pelosi or Roberts, I can reel off ten or more white Protestants and Jews who have done the exact same if not worse.

    I might add that it’s rather convenient that Protestants are diced up into so many different retarded universalist cults…lol

    Much more difficult to pin down as compared to those Catholics, heh?

    Taken as a whole, the Catholic contribution to US history is an OVERWHELMINGLY positive and patriotic one. That much is certain.

    You would do well to examine your own “intellectual integrity”.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  246. Race is a poor word for this discussion, as it is subject to too many interpretations (e.g., ethnicity, language, culture, etc.), as EMJ’s strained arguments have shown us.

    The proper taxonomical term is sub-species.

    Sub-Saharan Africans differ from Eurasians by more than just skin color & the shapes of their noses, Mr. Jones; they differ in scores of traits spanning categories such as hard and soft tissue, reproductive strategy, behavior, diseases, intelligence and civilizational characteristics.

    There are several different methods of determining whether or not life forms belong to he same subspecies, or species for that matter, and they are all, at some point, contradictory and rife with exceptions. All, that is, except genetic distance, a determination made possible by the advances in DNA analysis. By this measure, sub-Saharan Africans are not merely easily categorized as a different sub-species from Eurasians; their genetic distance from the rest of humanity qualifies them as a different species all together.

    EMJ’s strained, pilpul arguments denying this simple reality are, sadly, characteristic of the Jews of which he is so critical.

    While it is refreshing to see Jared Taylor (gradually) come to terms with the Jewish question, it would be far more gratifying to see EMJ abandon the Jewish mindset to which he has become enslaved. Race as a social construct indeed!

  247. Anonymous[466] • Disclaimer says:
    @White Elephant

    What’ s a Pole? Even your Pole is, if you go back far enough, comprised of different tribes. Same for every nation[ I bectcha]. In a few hundred years if there were to be a significant amount of Black skinned people or people who are part Black, who self identify as Poles , [ assuming Poland exists as a country] there would be nothing un Pole or controversial about outsiders recognizing a dark skinned Pole as a Pole. Just like there’s nothing un Italian about either dark skinned Italians or light skinned Italians .
    If they’re’ speaking Polish and Poland is a country, they’re Poles! Poles whose ancestors were of different tribes, colors “races”. That’s how all ethnicities emerge. Ethnicities keep emerging as people keep migrating. Today people speak English in England. Yet once some people there spoke French. Before that Romans there spoke Latin . You had Celts speaking Celtic. Different tribes intermingled and became one nation state speaking one language. What emerged is called the English! The color or original tribes, [ethnicities] the ancestors came from gets lost to history once you have a named unique identifying group united as one tribe or nation state, by language[usually].Today most people regard Indians from India living in England as more English then say a child of an Iraqi refugee. Why or how is that? because over time and much cross influence, Indians from India are part and parcel of todays Englishness. Iraqis no but in a hundred years or so if they keep coming in, that could happen too.

  248. @Australian Lady

    No….race realism has not been “contrived” in any way.

    In fact, race realism was common knowledge prior to jewish subversion in the early 20th century starting with Boas ad other slimy marxist liars.

    I’ve posted world maps that correlate race/IQ with GDP and race/IQ with crime.

    “The Bell Curve” deals with race and IQ. Your 90 IQ cannot refute it.

    Medicine supports race differences as races respond differently to medications, and races are prone to different kinds of diseases.

    You appear to be rather obtuse. The ideological weaponry comes from organized jewry and their unlimited supply of cash… has nothing to do with truth.

  249. @Malcolm X


    Sub-Saharan Africans are of a primitive species, related to but not belonging to the rest of humanity. The American descendants of slaves have it better than any group of blacks anywhere else in the world. Their reparations consist of their being allowed to remain in the US after slavery was abolished, and, in retrospect, that was too high a price for the US to have paid for the “privilege” of their company.

  250. @The Griffins

    You talk about doing a breakdown…..and then you provide nothing.

    Like I said, you have zero intellectual integrity.

    In fact, you harm your bullshit argument by listing Catholic sellouts….Pelosi…..Biden…..Kennedy…..Roberts…..

    Nice job!

    Let me add John Boehner and Paul Ryan, two despicable pieces of shit, and you should be included with them.

    Catholics are stupid leftist jewbrained filth, for the most part. All of the Catholics I know are hypocritical lowlife scum.

    They vote LEFT, always, they virtue signal, they preen, they pretend to be sooooooooooo moral…..
    as they help do the work of the jews to help the nation wrecking.

    Fuck off. You’re an asshole. You are not able to deal with the truth. Sorry for being so uncharitable,
    but your lying pissed me off.

    I bet EMJ would be the first to agree with what I have said, as he is well aware of the jewish subversion of the Catholic church…..while you prefer to pretend that Catholics are pure as the driven snow.

    Oh! Dumbass! I gave a LONG list of the filthy Catholic groups helping to import “refugees” and help the jewish nation wreckers. You ignored it. Why would you ignore it? Because you have no fucking way to defend such malicious DISLOYALTY.

    • Agree: profnasty
    • LOL: Truth
    • Troll: The Griffins
  251. Shel100 says:

    If race is a fiction how does the Congressional Black Caucus choose its members?

    • Replies: @Liosnagcat
  252. “race is a fiction, by which I mean that race category of the mind which gets imposed for political purposes. ”

    Race is something which can be detected genetically and by facial-recognition AI. Unless genes and computers have political motivations, your proposition fails by definition.

    • Replies: @anon
  253. @Robert Dolan


    You’re upset and probably drinking.

    I understand that the truth hurts. but you really need to settle down, Robert.

  254. HenryB says:

    ….or English heritage. The man is absurd as are his abstractions. He also tells lies. I’m not a fan of Taylor.

  255. anon[221] • Disclaimer says:
    @gutta percha

    Race is something which can be detected genetically and by facial-recognition AI.

    Even more fundamentally, forensic pathologists can look at bones that have been dug up out of the ground & state which race the dead person happened to be.

    E. Mike Jones is a midwit.

  256. Trinity says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Good point about the Supreme Court. hahaha. My brother is Catholic and it isn’t as if I am anti-Catholic but I am all for THE TRUTH.

    I have already mentioned the Vietnamese and Laotians I knew who were brought over here AND SET UP BY THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, but the Protestant churches are becoming just as bad. Seeing all those East Indians milling around a Catholic church was surreal, man.

    What I find WEIRD about the Catholic church is how they worship a man of flesh and blood like the Pope. He is only a man, a man that goes around and kisses Black feet I might add. smdh.

    This whole “debate” is Jewish horseshit. Kind of like “Hispanics are natural conservatives.” You retards who believe this go out to California and vote for Larry Elder. Hell, that is what leftist and POC do, they travel to different states and vote. lololol. White people, man. WHEN WILL THEY EVER LEARN.

    To be fair, many Protestant churches have become just as bad with their sappy worship of the PHONY Jew doctrine of worshiping POC and helping them over their White brothers and sisters in need. Doesn’t the Bible say something along the lines that a man who will help outsiders before his family is worse than an infidel?

  257. UR2 says:
    @Robert Dolan

    You both are resorting to disgraceful language thereby degrading your points of view; furthermore l am embarressed for us in front of the Australian Lady. A main point you are missing is that Pelosi, Biden, Kennedy, etc., are not actual Catholics. They have all incured automatic excommunication when they publically supported abortion and they know that. Their “catholicism” is a farce put forward to fool unsuspecting voters or to try to gain moral credence.

    • Replies: @anon
  258. You have no answer for this….because it’s indefensible, traitorous, disloyal.

    As I said, I’m an immigration activist. And all of the activists know what the Catholic church has done in regards to helping the jews with their open borders/nation wrecking agenda.
    I can list countless Catholic groups engaged in “refugee resettlement.” Truly despicable behavior….every bit as bad as the HIAS.

    No….you can’t justify this, so you will ignore it and pretend you didn’t see it.

    Catholics are jewbrained retards, for the most part. They vote 75% left. One of the primary reasons that the countries south of the border are so fucked up is because they are Catholic/marxist strongholds.

    I’m dealing with the awful truth here…..but you’re triggered (and not very bright) so you take it personally.

    If you had half a brain, you’d listen and maybe try to do something to change the diabolical policies of the Catholic church. But that would be too much work.

    • LOL: Truth
  259. It’s common knowledge in the anti-immigration movement that the Catholic church is a major offender to the defense of national sovereignty.

    The Catholic leadership wants butts in the pews, and they do not CARE what race is tithing on Sunday.

    So….the Catholic church is complicit with the jews in the effort to open the borders of every western nation.

    When not actively engaged in sodomizing young boys, Catholic bishops are devising new and ever more clever ways to fill the pews by promoting massive third world immigration.

    So, if you get down to it….the Catholic church is anti-white, and is actively engaged in the destruction of Christendom.

  260. @nickels

    Hitler might have been an [email protected]@hole, but what a shame he didn’t wipe them from the face of the earth

    Show me your evidence that he ever wanted to or tried. The holocaust myth was nothing more than wartime propaganda that the Allies felt they could not retract without huge political cost since they would then have to admit that they started WW2 for no good reason.

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @nickels
  261. @Trinity

    Yeah, but WHITES BUILT AMERICA UP FROM NOTHING. The Black, Brown, Yellow and Jew have done little if anything to contribute to the building of this nation other than leeching off Whitey.

    The whites are the biggest leechers:

    In fact, this approach should not come as a surprise, as the ongoing racial tensions in the US, started by the brutal killing of George Floyd by police officer Derek Chauvin, have exposed the true colors of the nation, which built its might on the back of slaves from Africa brought to a land formerly belonging to indigenous peoples who were now residing in reservations and had no real influence in the land taken from them.

    The white supremacist identity, which gave birth to the so-called “New World,” appears to be the US modus operandi not only in its internal dealings with non-Caucasian inhabitants (including Asian-Americans), but also external conduct toward countries like the Middle Kingdom.

  262. “Critical Race Theory is based on sociology; white racism is based on biology, but both ideologies are forms of identity theft which manipulate categories of the mind for political purposes.”

    Uhhh CRT is the immediate response to ‘racism’ which would mean that it is dealing with biology if one juxtaposes one against the other

    However, that is me granting some salience to this rather complex mash of rhetoric. Failing to explicate the self serving meanings that shift from advocacy to in time and space of what is meany by race it’s safe to say — sense making of this article is a trifle hard

    but both racism and crt are deciphering the meaning as to the socialization of people via skin color. (by passing the game played about how its more than that.)

  263. The Catholic church is totally corrupt and supports globohomo and the destruction of western civilization.

    The Catholic church does NOT support national sovereignty, and instead supports jewish internationalism.

    The main reason why so many countries south of the border are such shitholes is because they are Catholic/marxist strongholds.

    Catholic leadership decided that putting butts in the seats on Sunday and revenue enhancement from tithes was more important that respecting the borders of any given nation.

    So, in this light, the Catholic church is anti-white and is actually helping the jewish effort to destroy all of Christendom.

    • Replies: @Jack McArthur
  264. Jluker: “[Y]our facts are simply erroneous in assessing Mr. Taylor’s essay. I will respond directly to your responses. ”

    Your verbose reply provides only more concealment of the reality that it was white, Christian America that gave negroes the vote and citizenship. You make the usual whiny response that the citizenry was somehow strongly against this, and yet we must note that they had just fought a protracted and bloody war which achieved just this objective. More, they also had plenty of time to reverse course and repeal those Amendments, but never did. In fact, white Christian America never made even the slightest effort to do so. How do you explain this if they were as opposed to them as you claim? You can’t, because they obviously weren’t.

    You follow this up with even more squid ink, writing “Force was not a requirement to colonize blacks to Africa …”. This is delusional; completely laughable. Of course it was a requirement for any serious effort to rid the country of negroes, as the ineffectual results of Lincoln’s completely unserious “efforts” at “colonization” show. It should be obvious to anyone who has studied the matter that Lincoln expected such efforts to fail, and only undertook them as a political sop to Christians like Beecher, who felt it was their religious duty to serve the negroes, and help them return to Africa if they so wished. Lincoln was canny enough to know that few of them would. That’s obviously why, in his last public address, Lincoln proposed giving them citizenship and the vote! It’s clear he had harbored such opinions for a long time.

    “My friends, I have detained you about as long as I desired to do, and I have only to say, let us discard all this quibbling about this man and the other man – this race and that race and the other race being inferior, and therefore they must be placed in an inferior position – discarding our standard that we have left us. Let us discard all these things, and united as one people throughout this land, until we shall once more stand up declaring that all men are created equal.”
    – Abraham Lincoln, Speech at Chicago, July 10, 1858

    Christianity itself is racially egalitarian, so it’s quite natural that a Christian nation should come to this conclusion, and quite predictable that a politician like Lincoln, who was trying to appeal to them for votes, should cater to their beliefs.

    Taylor’s lies at least lack your tedious prolixity.

  265. geokat62 says:

    The author asserts it is Jewish influence. I can’t comment, I have no data to support the contention one way or another.

    Read The Culture of Critique.

  266. JM says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    True. And I’m pretty old and this category wasn’t generally used in Australia till the last couple of decades. The native people were commonly identified by their origins – ‘aboriginal’/’aborigines’. And in the public school I was educated in, the message was respect for them as an almost mystical people highly adapted to their environment. I used to get a feeling of their presence in the bush when I ventured there. Hatred was non existent. Were it otherwise, I’d be the first to admit it because I despise the denial of the truth going under the name of ‘PC’ which characterises the modern world.

    Of course all of this was very gradually eroded as left liberals of assorted ethnicities and political creed grafted the US experience onto our own…for their own career trajectories and other motives, usually associated with border destruction.

  267. JM says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Dirty Frank a Communist? As a man who spent a lifetime advocating a rationally planned economy – requiring either heavy control or nationalisation of monopolies and money issuance, I resent that. The footwasher never manages to squeeze in anything that might encourage a fundamental attack on the wealth and power of the Global Plutocracy, rather than pushing their carefully guided nation subverting plan leading to a World Government run by them with a degraded Catholic Church as a purely ancillary controller of the slaves. That’s what this bastard is about.

    Drop this stupid ‘Communist’ allegation and attack his ilk for what they really are: Neo-liberal components/shills, part of the logical ‘development’ of Monopoly Capitalism/Finance Capitalism.

  268. @Mike Tre

    The humans known as Amerindians migrated to North America from Asia. In historically technical terms, they are no more or less native than the Europeans who arrived later.

    If so, then the Blacks, Browns and Yellows are “no more or less native than the Europeans who arrived” before they did!!! Get your logic right.

    The definition of the word “native” is “belonging to a place by birth.” So by definition, anyone born in America is “native,” but what makes a true “native American” is not a singular definition.

    Then, all the non-whites, who were born in the US before now, and those who will be born there from now, are also NATIVE to America by your definition!!!

    You are merely confirming my earlier statement that ‘The Whites are no more “Native” to America than the Blacks, Browns, or Yellows!!’ Does your brain work?

    Secondly, Amerindians are not “Native Americans” because there was no America before Europeans arrived. America is a place of European creation, on a piece of land previously inhabited, by primitive humans who had yet to discover written word, and thus had no history before Europeans arrived.

    Whether the true Natives were “yet to discover written words” I don’t know but they certainly had spoken languages which they used to pass on their histories verbally. I am pretty sure that ALL human histories began that way. So, they HAD history before the Europeans arrived.

    If ‘Amerindians were not “Native Americans” because there was no America before Europeans arrived’, then white murrikans canNOT be “Native Americans” either because “there was no” present-day America before the Blacks, Browns and Yellows arrived. By your logic, with every arrival in America of another white or non-white, by immigration or by birth, it becomes a new and different America!!!

    If being displaced by the whites made the true Natives “primitive” and not worth claiming their land as their own, then the whites who are now being displaced by non-whites must ALSO be “primitive” and must NOT be allowed to claim America their own.

    Your view is not only white-biased but also not self-consistent!

    Amerindians made no distinction between sovereignty and savagery, occupation and ownership, or possession and property. Thus, ethnically, racially, and culturally, only Europeans can be “Native Americans.”

    Thief calling “thief”– typical white double-talk!

    It is the whites/Europeans who “made no distinction between sovereignty and savagery, occupation and ownership, or possession and property”. Otherwise, they would NOT have gone to the American continent, which they KNEW did NOT belong to them, and colonised it!

    And that still does not count the countries murrika has invaded– and whose sovereignty murrika had violated– since.

    The European colonial powers had also invaded and colonised many non-European countries, e.g. parts of China, India, Middle-eastern countries, African countries, which DID make “distinction between sovereignty and savagery, occupation and ownership, or possession and property”, all over the world!!!

  269. Dr. Jones’ contention that religion is the most important determinant of a society, if analysed and checked on an empirical basis, proves true beyond a shadow of a doubt. The smoke and mirrors of the race relations that dominate the zeitgeist of the West are intended to deprive the Western society in general and the American society in particular from the required social unity that is a must for any socio-political entity from exercising its natural rights of prosperity, freedom and stability.

    Throughout history, politics and wars were the derivatives of religion rather than the other way around. To give a practical example that would support the empirical suggestion, I would bring to the fore Lebanon with her eighteen sects spread over an indigenous population that numbers less than four million. This country was once at the vanguard of the ascending third world countries back in the sixties and the early seventies with a very robust economy, freedom of the press and a remarkable security managed by a very small army and police force. This was when two sects, the Christian Maronite and the Sunni Muslims, had a power sharing arrangement that worked well but would create mild tensions from time to time as the Christian president and the Sunni prime minister jockeyed for more influence. But within the mid seventies, international Zionism decided to pull Lebanon, hitherto bound by an armistice treaty with Israel, into the Arab Israeli conflict by stirring the dormant tensions of a society that was essentially multi religious rather than what the Lebanese pretended to be multi cultural. And all hell broke loose when every religious sect started clamouring for its share of the power pie. Following the long civil war, Pope John Paul II visited Lebanon in 1997 and declared that Lebanon was more than a country, ‘ it was a message’ meaning by this an example of coexistence among different religious sects. Alas, as events later proved, Lebanon proved to be the wrong message for it turned out to be a living hell courtesy of her religious diversity, whose only solution is extreme decentralisation based on religious demography rather than the elusive secularism that many Lebanese and foreign thinkers advocated.

    Israel on the other hand declared boldly to the world that it is based on religious affiliation ( never mind Israel’s treatment of African Falashas as second class citizens through naked discrimination including sterilisation). Here Zionism is playing a dual game, where it is promoting chaotic societies in the West based on uncontrollable immigration and faked secularism and the cracks are starting to clearly show in many European societies especially in France where the demographically rising Muslim minority has by and large followed a cultural communitarianism mode of living which resisted integration within the wider French society under the banner of secularism. That the French decided for the separation of church and state after the Dreyfus affair at the beginning of the twentieth century, in a by and large Catholic country with two minorities of Protestants and Jews, proved to be a boon for the minorities at the expense of the Catholic majority. The latest Muslim contender on the French scene proved Dr. Jones theory that religion is always the prime determinant of the character of a certain society no matter what false sense of democracy enhancement secularism should theoretically provide.

    Going back to the matter of race as being a construct of the mind, Dr. Jones claims in his book “ Logos Rising” that scientific research proves that the human race descended from one couple “Adam and Eve”. At the same time Dr. Jones denies, rightly so IMHO the principle of evolution. Then how can we explain the different biological differences that marked the Oriental Asians from the White Caucasians from Black Africans? if we say that environmental factors accentuated these biological differences, wouldn’t we be risking to support the theory of evolution or risking an endless speculation about the biological structural DNA of Adam and Eve that could produce such a variety of humans?

    • Thanks: utu
    • Replies: @UR2
  270. @Intelligent Dasein

    This is how they used to debate stuff in the Middle Ages.

    • Replies: @Intelligent Dasein
  271. @Robert Dolan

    I believe that all of the Catholics Charities’ lawyers are Jews.

  272. @Robert Dolan

    For your own self-respect, you really should think before writing silly things.

  273. “Race” is an Italo-French word meaning breed. Breeds are a concrete reality—NOT a category of the mind, Dr. Jones. You’re an idiot.

    Socrates would ask that if that is true that race is a category of the mind—then it would be the same thing in the Agrarian field.

    I’m a farm hand, the difference between Herefords and Holsteins—is NOT a category of my mind.

    Nation, Ethnos, Race all mean the same thing—Breeds of Mankind, Tribes of Mankind that are segregated by language. Language differentiates Breeds of Mankind and THAT IS NOT a “category of the mind”, you blithering idiot.

    Debate me,

    The Tower of Babel, The Philosophy of Race and the Genocidal Ideology of Social Justice/Political Correctness

  274. Jluker says:

    The major interference with the American Colonization Societies efforts came from the British. New England textile mills were certainly not pro-abolitionists.They depended on Southern cotton and there were mass layoffs and closures during the war.That wage labor increased margins is beyond dispute but hardly the point. Productivity is a result of many factors.Replace a northern wage-slave with a black bond servant and vice-versa and neither will produce as much as the other. Northern factory workers output from a mechanical operation. Plantations employed a wide set of skills and blacks were highly trained labor. Cultivation of cotton was only one of many tasks.

    Comparing the productivity of bonded slaves to “wage slaves,” is comparing different outputs. Cotton production is unlimited. Even if sales decrease the extra inventory is an asset for loans. Factories must have new markets and technological development. Cotton is cotton. To this day the South is the largest exporter of cotton in the world to the tune of more than \$40 billion per annum. Plantation managers were the best in the world so that any variation in productive rates were simply adjusted by varying management techniques. If bonded servants were working in New England factories that would be a different story altogether. But plantations are still farms, not factories.

    Incidentally, blacks in the South were paid wages.Their labor was rented from plantation to plantation, and they were allowed to keep that rent as a supplement to their allowances.This reduced upkeep costs to the original owner. Blacks bought products in stores just like whites.

    New England textile owners did not suffer a profit loss from the labor system of the South. Indeed, by 1860 the market was becoming glutted.However, competition from the British and other Europeans was an obstacle to their profits.Wages for New England workers may have been low but not as low as the overpopulated Europeans whose workers lived in extreme povery. Europeans undercut the sales price on the international market, and they were closer to those markets. New England textile mills simply wanted to command the market resource from the South as a competitive advantage against Europe.

    The Southern perspective was demographic not market oriented. Yankee or European didn’t matter. Cotton was King! They had markets and credit no matter what. This demographic problem was wicked and included several converging aspects. By 1860, here were 1.5 million poor whites in the South who would kill you just as soon as look at you. They lived at near subsistence levels and were a lower class than blacks. That’s why they endured the suffering in the war so well. It wasn’t much worse than living at home. But they needed work. Something had to be done. Whites will pick cotton, but there must be jobs available.

    The problem was more acute though. Bonded labor was simply too expensive. By 1860 a prime field hand sold for \$1200 on average, in gold! Convert that to today’s dollars. A blacksmith in his prime \$3600. A carriage driver, \$1500. A white man couldn’t have sold himself into bondage for a nickel. They had no skills, no value. The transition to wage labor had begun a decade earlier especially in Louisiana and Texas. But the problem was what to do with the Negroes. Mass emancipation? So, they starve to death, start killing, robbing, and whoring? Not a clever idea. That was the demographic disaster the South was desperately trying to avoid.

    But it was worse still. By 1860, medium to large plantations on average netted about 4.5% profit. Small plantations mostly broke even if they were lucky. This was due to the overhead costs of managing a plantation but primarily, cost of labor. But plantations did generate a lot of revenue, just low margins. The banks extended the owners all the credit they wanted. Credit is what matters. However, the margins were tightening. Bankruptcies were becoming more common. Large plantations were fine, they could borrow anything they wanted, but there was only a few of them. What if you have mass bankruptcies, recession, depression, etc. Millions of blacks now thrown off the plantations where their sustenance was and joining the ranks of millions of whites descended from the Indian fighting, bear wrestling frontiersmen of prior generations, armed with muskets and rotgut whiskey. A bit of a dramatic description but one can see what Southern politicians were concerned about.

    Therefore, there had to be a transition from black bonded labor to white wage labor. A transition that had been going on already. By 1860 there were 250k black freemen in the South. They became freemen by emancipation. The problem was foreseen and the solution was initially proposed by the most famous abolitionist and indeed, first black nationalist, Thomas Jefferson in 1777. Give blacks their own state, or political society in the western lands. As an alternative colonization to Africa was proposed. The problem again was the British Empire.

    The primary funding for the abolitionists came from London and Glasgow sister abolitionist organizations. British colonial policy since the 17th century was to colonize Africa. The American Colonization Society was a severe obstacle to that Geo-political goal, especially as colonized Southern freedman spoke English and were Christianized. William Lloyd Garrison, the public leader of the abolitionist movement was a British citizen. He never became naturalized in the United States (ABOLITIONISM EXPOSED! by W. W. SLEIGH, F. R. C. S. L. Philadelphia, 1838). He was a member of the free trade league. Fee trade is a British commercial strategy as opposed to the tariff strategy advocated under Henry Clay’s “American System.” The British went all out to prevent Southerners from colonizing Africa and securing that continent for the United States. And they succeeded. The American Colonization Society dissolved in the 1870s but never received the necessary support to achieve its aims.

    It wasn’t New England or Northern people who supported the abolitionists, they hated them (New York anti-abolitionist riots (1834). It was banking and wealthy families in Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, and New York who were supporting the British during and after the failure of colonization. Just as they did in the War of 1812. They were the financiers for the extremely lucrative slave trade. More importantly, they wanted the western lands to remain for whites and more so for collateral. To this day, 2/3rds of all lands in the west are held in trust managed by the BLM. That land was the collateral for all government loans.

    That land and the labor of the Northern states was pledged to borrow the paper needed to build the armies to invade the South. The income tax was the lien on the capital stock of the country. By 1865, 65% of all bonds were owned by Europeans, a strategy in accordance with the 1821 Treaty of Verona. The last so-called Civil War debts were not paid off until the 1920s (Secretary of the Treasury report, 1921). The political effects were far worse.

    The propaganda campaign to prevent the South from emancipating their bond servants and emigrating them to the west was branded as preventing the “extension of slavery.” But most people saw through this, especially in the North. You can’t spread or extend slavery. If you take from one place it’s a subtraction, not an addition. People aren’t butter, you can’t spread them. Furthermore, Labor is created under the laws of the source state. Once a border is crossed the laws no longer apply. Therefore, defacto emancipation. More importunately, you can’t grow cotton in the West. No cotton, no expensive blacksmiths, carpenters, etc., not to mention medicine, clothing, and all the necessaries for a healthy workforce.

    Furthermore, upon secession all bond servants in the South were de facto emancipated for another reason. The South repudiated over \$300 million in debt to Northern banks. This was intentional. Their credit was now gone. Without credit, no expensive black labor. Now they have to emigrate them out West. Not even the big plantation owners can get credit. But that was perfect, now they can hire cheap white labor and see that 4.5% margin go to about 50%. The more skilled blacks can be hired at wages until white labor is trained. The rest are emigrated to the West to farm grain, desperately needed by the South.

    A comparison of different labor systems was more of a political argument like the mostly useless ramblings of modern-day politicians. Real issues are demographic, currency or profit related. The other stuff is just political speak. Of course, it should be pointed out that there are far more slaves today than in the past. Apples iphones are manufactured by the ugur slaves in China. Nestle chocolate are or were made by black slaves in Africa. Nike and Addidas have their shoes made by Indonesian slaves. The U.S. government hasn’t killed a million people to “emancipate” these slaves. But they will take their money.

    What gets me incidentally, is why there has been this controversy over why the South seceded. It was never a secret. From the debates in Congress, to the speeches at the Federal, State, and local level everyone in those days knew the South was going to emancipate their bond servants and settle them out west. But no one except the banking interests who paid for the politicians cared. Well, the westerners did, they didn’t want to compete with the cheaper grain from cheap black labor. But still it was never a secret. It does prove the power of propaganda. It cannot destroy but it can obscure the truth.

    • Replies: @S
  275. ronehjr says:
    @Malcolm X

    While you make some decent points, the fact is blacks are used as boogeymen because the are more violent, and disgustingly so, often to the weakest in society. The fact that you ignore this, and also capitalize black while lowercasing White, just leads me to believe you are another in a long line of black hucksters who simply use the modern hate whitey theology to advance yourself without desiring to seek truth.

    • Replies: @Truth
  276. @Henry's Cat

    This is how they used to debate stuff in the Middle Ages.

    No, it’s quite the opposite. I am a Traditional Catholic myself and I read quite a bit of Scholastic philosophy. They took logic and metaphysics quite seriously. The dreck the E. Michael Jones wrote in this column would have been justly laughed to scorn in any medieval discussion.

  277. @Robert Dolan

    Perhaps! But JT seems to be followed more than the learned KMAC… just my take on it.

  278. SteveK9 says:

    This seems to boil down largely to a nature vs nurture argument. Both matter, but I think nature (genetics) is the somewhat more powerful force. Michael Jones adds in his powerful belief in Catholicism and fear and hatred of the Jews. Those beliefs have a big effect on how he sees everything. Is he right? Don’t know.

  279. @Robert Dolan

    During negotiations for the Concordat between the Catholic Church and Germany in 1933, Hitler said to Bishop Wilhelm Berning: “I have been attacked because of my handling of the Jewish question. The Catholic Church considered the Jews pestilent for fifteen hundred years, put them in ghettos, etc, because it recognised the Jews for what they were. In the epoch of liberalism the danger was no longer recognised. I am moving back toward the time in which a fifteen-hundred-year-long tradition was implemented. I do not set race over religion, but I recognise the representatives of this race as pestilant for the state and for the church and perhaps I am thereby doing Christianity a great service by pushing them out of schools and public functions”.

    Nazi Germany & the Jews: The Years of Persecution 1933–39, Saul Friedländer, p. 47

    Do not let them play you as a performing monkey. The virulently anti-catholic is often the star of david judas waver.

  280. Bernie says:

    Good take from Ramz Paul on Jared Taylor v. E. Michael Jones debate on “is race real”?

    • Agree: ziggurat
    • Replies: @anon
  281. ziggurat says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    Repatriation remunerations to help blacks (and other races) to relocate to their ancestral homelands, which are optimized for their kind. It sounds nice when put that way.

    Any non-white who complains about unfairness or anything like that, we can say:
    “We’re sorry this society is not for you. Let us help you move to a society that is better for you. In fact, we insist, as we hate to see you suffer. Thus, no jobs, loans, or charity for you, but only remunerations to repatriate.”

    In fact, the phrase “African-American” is still acceptable. Mentally speaking, it’s like blacks are already halfway in Africa, as it is.

    • Replies: @UR2
  282. Truth says:
    @Sin City Milla

    Schikelgruber was a Jewish puppet who’s purpose was to galvanize world opinion and the Jewish people into a united group.

    They sacrificed a hundred thousand (or so) for the greater good, just as they are doing in South Khazaria now.

  283. ziggurat says:

    We Whites don’t beed any one else but each other.

    I tried that word with an “l” and with an “r”, then I dropped an “e” but none fit.

    Try “need”. A fat finger hit the “b” instead of the “n”.

    • Replies: @Truth
  284. Truth says:

    While you make some decent points, the fact is blacks are used as boogeymen because the are more violent, and disgustingly so, often to the weakest in society.


  285. ziggurat says:
    @Robert Dolan

    There’s a great song called “Sacrifice” that was recently released by a lady in the “white art collective”.

    You can listen to song 14 “Sacrifice” at this site:

    The artist is “Hiraeth”:

  286. E. Michael Jones is giving Traditional Catholicism a bad name with this garbage. I wrote about how “race” should be handled within an essentialist system. The full version is published on the Unz Review here.

  287. nickels says:
    @Sin City Milla

    Well, he could have destroyed England at least.
    However, you are right. Hit&er kept trying to make peace with ChurchDevil as long as he could.
    He admired the English too much for his own good.
    Shame-he should have realized the Slavs were the truly superior race (Ethnos) in intellect and bravery, despite their savagery.

    • Replies: @Alexandros
  288. Truth says:

    Lol, I know Buddy, I’m just having fun.

  289. @The Griffins

    Not my point.

    Dr. Jones has hinted many times that the real story of WW2 is incomplete.

    There were quite a few Catholic prelates who sided with the Reich. Even Cardinal von Galen praised Barbarossa.

  290. hillaire says:

    Jones ought to take a basic biology class and then look around for spare organs of a mixed ‘race’ origin for mixed race specimens who are biologically a mix of different races and then re-examine the taxonomies of various species to see if his brown bears and polar bears and various foxes agree with him…

    you see to an imbecile like jones who conflates greek philosophy and middle eastern devil gods…

    the only distinction to be made is whether jeffrey sheckelstein accepts some roman imbeciles deliberate mis-interpretations of the teachings of Jesus Christus (to control the ‘masses’ baby) and whether you have contributed to the ‘collection’..

    hopefully God will wipe such self regarding and smug hypocrites from the face of the Earth…

    and torment them in the hell they have created…

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  291. anon[352] • Disclaimer says:

    A main point you are missing is that Pelosi, Biden, Kennedy, etc., are not actual Catholics.

    “Catholic” is just a category of the mind.

  292. S says:

    Thanks for the response. You bring up some interesting angles. Hadn’t heard about Southern plans to emancipate their slaves in the West or about Britain not wanting colonization in Africa by former US slaves out of concerns for their empire.

    The victors write the history books.

    The commentary about the US abolitionists being supported by the British banks fits my hunch.

    Are you sure about the New England textile plant owners not being for abolitionism, and, with abolition, the expected more efficient and lower cost wage slaves (ie ‘immigrant’ ‘cheap labor’, so called) taking the chattel slaves place? What of Lawrence ‘Immigrant City’, Mass, and its infamous sister city, the abolition center of Lawrence, ‘Bleeding’ KS, each of whose construction was financed by the prominent Lawrence family of Massachusetts textile factory magnates?

    Are you aware that, tellingly, the term ‘cheap labor’ literally disappeared from all US corporate media during the course of the US Civil War, only to magically re-appear once the war concluded in 1865? That is, with the exception, if the subject is the Civil War, where the war era euphemism for cheap labor, ‘free labor’, is still used to this very day. [A word search at the two Making of America online libraries bears this out.]

    About Walker’s 1863 London economic calculations, he took pains to take numerous variables into account when he compared wage slave (ie ‘cheap labor’) dependent Mass productivity, with that of chattel slave dependent South Carolina. Bear in mind the context of these calculations, Walker, a former US treasurer and territorial governor of ‘Bleeding’ Kansas, the financial representative of the Lincoln administration in London, was there to obtain loans to finance the Union war effort, which he was eminently successful in doing.

    I submit that a major cause of the war, though generally unspoken, was the desire to force upon a recalcitrant South the wage slavery system of the US North, ie the so called ‘cheap labor’/’mass immigration’ system, the economic and political basis of the modern supposedly ‘progressive’ Multi-Cultural society.

    Is this due to shame?

    Might have to agree to disagree on a few of the latter points.

    Again, thanks for the response.

  293. Marcion says:

    And so, White Consciousness has been going on much longer than Jones submits, thank you.

    It took too much war and the discontinuation of serious enlightenment-seeking over the last couple centuries for the White Man to degrade to this point: We now have this weakened patriarchy along with an incompetent race-denying, science-evading, anti-philisophical, emotionalized social order. This is what must be overcome and replaced.

  294. anon[339] • Disclaimer says:

    RamZPaul has the right of it, E. Michael Jones argumentation is mainly sophomoric junk at the level of a college dorm room bull session.

    Let’s take two core parts of Jones statements: race is just a category of the mind, and people use the term “race” to hurt people

    Well, as somebody said, “Catholic” is just a category of the mind, and people use terms from religion to hurt other people, so following E. Michael Jones own direction “religion” is just a category of the mind and “Catholic” is a fiction. I’m sure Jones would be angry at this line of rhetoric, but since it comes right out of his argument about race, he could have no real objection to it. Unless he chooses to demolish his own position, of course.

    Jones is not as smart as he believes himself to be, and the stench of hypocrisy is strong in his talk.

    This is a failed effort on his part.

  295. @nickels

    Those Slavs were under the rule of Jewish Communism and helped them work towards world revolution.

    Hitler can not just destroy England. He is not a magician. Only way to do it is to scale down the army and devote all resources to a crossing. Double the Luftwaffe, triple the Kriegsmarine.

    Stalin will totally not take advantage of this situation like he did every other time Germany was at war. With all of Wehrmacht over in England there is literally nothing stopping him from overrunning all of Europe. That’s why his army was sitting as close to the German border as possible with speed tanks created for European highways, ready to go to work.

    So you tell those mighty Slavs to not ally with Jewish plans for Europe next time.

    • Agree: nickels
    • Replies: @nickels
  296. I forot the exact words used in the question, but I think the essence was: Taylor asks Dr. Jones to explain how Jews be racist when they preach diversity and assimilation. Dr. Jones’s answer was unclear. What he should have answered is this: As a goy, emigrate to Israel and marry a Jew. It won’t happen. It’s against mosaic law.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  297. Jluker says:

    Abolitionism had nothing to do with abolishing so-called “slavery.” The goal was to abolish the Constitution of 1787. It’s an old political trick, a facade. For example, the same thing is done today with the accusation of white supremacy. Of course, whites are supreme, it’s our land. The landlord is supreme on his own land. Our ancestors took this land by conquest, discovery and or treaty, and bequeathed it to us by treaty (“…for us and our posterity”). To be supreme on one’s land is a given, but it’s presented as an accusation. Some simple-minded people get defensive at being accused of white supremacy. I reply that of course I’m supreme on my land. If the accusation of white supremacy implies it is not our land, then that is the problem.

    The correct term in the context of a labor system is emancipation. The word applies to parents and children. The Plantation owner by law, was a guardian and the bonded servants were wards. This is how the laws were arranged in the South to ensure there was no slavery. Therefore, they were bonded servants (labor was bought, not the human); wards of their guardian or master (master means boss); and institutionalized (just like a university, insane asylum). This arrangement was little understood in the North and Southern politicians explained it, but you must read the debates in Congress, case law and their speeches to understand the distinction.

    The word abolish has no definition in the common law, but it does in civil law. That was the essence of the debate. If the precedent was established that the Federal government can abolish a state institution, then the states do not exist except in name only, for anything can be abolished by the government in Washington. That was the “states’ rights” the South was defending, but on behalf of all states, unless one assumes that all the Northern states wanted to voluntarily abolish their rights to a central tyranny in Washington. Hardly the case if one reads the Massachusetts Constitution of that period. The “abolitionists” were the banking and corporate elements allied with the British. Among other reasons, the Brits wanted their property that the rebels took back in 1776.


    Cotton is an unlimited or renewable resource. A plantation owner is going to get the best price for his resource. Wage compensation is irrelevant, market price is what is relevant. New England profits were affected by their competition with Europeans, not Southern bond servants. Southern plantation owners’ profits were affected. They wanted wage labor to increase their net margins.

    Compensation can be made in many ways and as I previously pointed out, blacks were often paid wages as their labor was rented from plantation to plantation. New England textile owners didn’t need wage labor in the South even if they agreed with it politically or not. They needed the base resource, and in the South it was unlimited. Market price is what mattered to them.

    Southern plantation owners wanted wage labor because the profit margins were higher. But you must solve the demographic issue. Adding to the problem is that frankly, white wage labor is problematic, and it still is. For example, in 1855 in Metairie, Louisiana, a plantation owner sold his “slaves” and hired local German and Irish labor at high wages. When it came time to cultivate, they had unionized and demanded more money. The plantation owner said no and they “walked out.” He lost \$10,000 net (in gold). Many white Southerners preferred blacks as labor because whites are often a pain in the ass.

    Textile mill owners and others may support a political solution for any number of reasons. “Abolitionism” to use that term began in the South with Thomas Jefferson, and the South was filled with them. Indeed, all the plantation owners, politicians, everyone. Again, the problem is what to do with the blacks. This isn’t their land. So, the only thing left is the common territory, the west.

    I’ve reviewed Walker’s calculations, in fact all arguments in this regard. My background is finance. There are many calculations made for and against the Northern or Southern labor system in those days. Report after report. Debate after debate, and all irrelevant. Southerners had a monopoly, plain and simple. That is what irritated Northern industrialists. Southerners could borrow whatever they wanted or not. They could negotiate any interest on a loan they wanted. When a Southerner went to New York or Boston, banks rolled out the red carpet. The loans were based on the asset value of their labor which produced the cotton. That’s why census records calculated the value of “slave property.” They didn’t calculate the value of wage labor. A wage laborer is no asset because he is replaceable.

    And that is why Southerners never bought or solve slaves, they bought and sold labor. Hence, bond servants. A bond is the contractual obligation, servant is service, or a service contract.

    Slaves are cheap and useless. When New England slave traders bought slaves in Africa, they paid on average between \$25 to \$50 per head in cheap goods bought in New England. African Kings enslaved their people, not New Englanders. Slaves are created by conquest, it’s the only way. But when sold in the South, they received labor prices (in gold). That’s why the trade was so lucrative. Southerners paid labor prices because that set the asset value of the labor and consequently, the asset to loan value by the bank and census appraisers.

    Under a wage labor system, the banks command the interest or you don’t get the loan. As a result, higher interest, lower wages. Banks couldn’t do that with Southerners. If bank A refuses terms, then the Southerner goes to Philadelphia, Chicago, London, or Paris. Someone will loan at the terms they want. As a result, banks answered to Southern demands regarding loans. Banks don’t like that. They want to set the terms of loans. As they do today. We are at their mercy and have been since 1861.

    And at any rate, Northern industrialist could not compete with the compensation paid by Southerners who at least for a few decades were willing to accept lower net margins. The plantation was blacks’ home and sustenance. A black living on a plantation had everything from the best food, medicine, vacation time, and retirement plan. No Northern business owner could compete with that level of compensation. So of course, they resented a Southern monopoly. That’s why all the propaganda attacks claiming mistreatment of blacks on plantations. The opposite was true. All one must do is read the “slave narratives,” to understand the actual conditions.

    Northern industrialists and international bankers wanted a monopoly based on wage labor. They got it, at massive costs, politically and materially.

    • Replies: @Tony massey
    , @S
  298. anarchyst says:

    Catholic beliefs ARE compatible with the separation of the races.
    Nowhere in the New Testament or in Catholic doctrine is there any statement encouraging or requiring integration of the races. It was expected that one would strive to be a good person in one’s respective society, regardless of what racial group one belonged to. Catholic “universality” was about behavior towards others as well as one’s self-nothing more.
    THIS one factor about Catholic universality is where EMJ “misses the boat”.
    Until the jewish bolshevik takeover of education and entertainment, it was perfectly acceptable for every race to prefer its own kind. Vatican II “sealed the deal” for Catholicism throwing modern-day Catholicism “off the rails”, making it more like Protestantism or judaism.

    • Agree: Liosnagcat
  299. anarchyst says:
    @the grand wazoo

    You are correct. The only way a “goy” and a jew can legally marry is to get married in another country. This “forces” the israeli government to recognize such a marriage.

  300. anarchyst says:

    Even Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) was against miscegenation. In a televised interview, he used a good example–dogs. He noted that although it was “possible” for a German Shepherd and Chihuahua to “mate”, such a mating was unlikely to occur, as dog breeds tend to prefer “their own kind” as well.

  301. UR2 says:
    @Joe Levantine

    Biological differances but still species, i.e. offspring is produced of the same species no matter what two different races mate. If evolution were true, black, yellow, red and white man would be differant internally. Mitochondria eve is a theory, one rash idea in the face of the bewildering, vast and very much not yet discovered meanings of the the genome. It is a golden opportunity right now for deceivers to claim that DNA supports their theory. I was sorry to see Jones declare so much crappy science in his 1st chapter of Logos Rising. Bad science has always been his weak point and l’m sure I haven’t been the only one sorry to see those misadventures in Culture Wars. As for Adam and Eve, there is no doubt that the spiritual meaning is essential.

    • Thanks: Joe Levantine
  302. UR2 says:

    The thing that shocked me a couple years ago when I had to spend time at a large community college in s. Phoenix was that 75% of the student body was a mix of mexican, negro, oriental and, no doubt, white. They were so thoroughly mixed, like a new race of people l had never seen before but with individuality… short, tall, beautiful, ugly, etc. Which country will you send them back to?

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @ziggurat
    , @Alexandros
  303. lydia says:

    But what is certain is that Jones is a KGB operative, fully cognizant of the plan to destroy Western civilisation and replace it with a Jewish neo-Soviet Eurasian-centred multipolar world order and he is guilty of immeasurable treason. This needs to be widely exposed, as well as the complete conspiracy.

    As regards the West, which the Eurasian propaganda is working full spectrum to delegitimize, we must still defend our lands and civilisation, however decayed they are. The West, as with the world, can and must be healed eventually by the Gospel and we must recognise and communicate the trap that has been set for Westerners to assent to the hidden communism of the Eurasian multipolar world. We must not be deceived by statements such as Jones has made “God is using Donald Trump to bring about the end of the American Empire.” to brainwash that the West is finished – even according to God’s will. (169).
    3) Confrontation of unipolar West v the multipolar rest of the World, from Eurasian propaganda website Evrasia.

    4) The design of the Multipolar world is provisional, as it hides that Western Europe is to be absorbed into the East and also the creation of Greater Israel.

    • LOL: mark green
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @buckyinky
  304. @Robert Dolan

    Jesus is a straight talker (Matt 5:37) – a musical version from 50 years ago is below. Though Francis is a pillock and instrument for the ruination of the West I suspect that even as the curtain is coming down the final words that come out of his mouth will astonish and honour the promise Jesus gave.

    • Replies: @Jack McArthur
  305. @Jack McArthur

    That the record is on Trojan records may give you an excuse – Jesus also has a sense of humour 🙂

  306. @Jluker

    How would a system like that be broken?
    Has their ever been one like it before that was?

  307. ProudBLM says:
    @Magic Dirt

    How about “Blue eye Devils” ? Jared was on the money when he said Africans would bring their toddlers to get a sight of him in West Africa and the lil ones would start crying in fear.

  308. Trinity says:

    Well obviously muh Israel would welcome those people with open arms so that would be a good choice.

    Hmm, some other nations that would take in these people would be in no particular order

    El Salvador
    Any nation in Africa

    oh hell, lots of nonwhite and non racist nations in this group.

  309. To use the expression “category of the mind” is like a chess patzer throwing a dumpling on the board rather than making a move.

  310. Jluker says:

    Not sure I understand the question?

  311. S says:

    True, Southern slave holders didn’t much care for the term ‘slave’, preferring the term ‘servant’ as you’ve elaborated upon.


    I think this was simply semantics, ie word games, and not wanting to admit to themselves the horrible truth that they were indeed engaging in slavery.

    However, Northerners were also playing semantics with their so called ‘cheap labor’, much more accurately referred to as wage slavery. They, too, were engaging in slavery.

    I don’t use the term ‘wage slavery’ lightly, or, as hyperbole.

    In the South, the systematic theft of the value of the individual’s labor, ie the ‘slavery’, was accomplished via physically owning a person as cumbersome property, ie a ‘chattel’, and hence the term chattel slavery.

    In the North the systematic theft of the value of an individual’s labor was accomplished much more efficiently by paying an imported ‘immigrant’, often enough of a broken and defeated people such as the Irish, or French Canadians, etc, far below whatever the prevailing real time local rates for the labor was, or had been, without the immigration taking place, or the immigrants being present.

    The systematic theft of the value of the individual’s labor is directly from the person’s pay, their wages, and hence the term wage slavery.

    True, a person under the latter system could quit, but that’s perfectly okay as the employer/exploiter of such will simply replace them with another one of the hordes of immigrants being allowed in (by diktat) annually, it not being called mass immigration for nothing.

    North or South, anything but anything than pay your own Anglo-Saxon people (initially) the prevailing real time local costs of labor. Import either a chattel slave or a wage slave ‘immigrant’ instead to do the work in their place for much less.

    Much is made that the North was using at least ‘White’ imported labor, ie European, but even amongst Euros there are real and significant differences, some good differences, some not so much, which was causing major social ills in Northern cities, ie riots.

    Mid-19th century they were getting away with whatever they thought they could at the time regarding the mass immigration. At the start of the US Civil War in 1861 they were already importing directly from China many thousands of wage slaves annually in thru the ‘back door’ of California, a US state. These Chinese were often being paid only about a third of whatever the local rates for labor were as determined by the California state legislature in 1877.

    I’ll let a Southern woman, Eliza Andrews, whose family was one of the self declared ‘privileged 4000’ who ruled over the US South prior to the Civil War have the last word on this subject. As an adult she had lived through the war.

    She says in words exactly the same thing that the Northerner Robert Walker had said in numbers with his 1863 London economic calculations comparing the productivity of wage slave dependent Massachusetts with chattel slave dependent South Carolina.

    ‘Our Southern States, being still in the agricultural stage, on account of our practical monopoly of the world’s chief textile staple, were the last of the great civilized nations to find chattel slavery less profitable than wage slavery, and hence the “great moral crusade” of the North against the perverse and unregenerate South.’

    ‘It was a pure case of economic determinism, which means that our great moral conflict reduces itself, in the last analysis, to a question of dollars and cents, though the real issue was so obscured by other considerations that we of the South honestly believe to this day that we were fighting for States Rights, while the North is equally honest in the conviction that it was engaged in a magnanimous struggle to free the slave.’

  312. Anon[406] • Disclaimer says:

    Ok loomer

  313. ziggurat says:

    Actually, one aspect of my proposal was merely a fanciful effort to jog the imagination, not something that could be implemented. We cannot SEND anyone anywhere due to their non-white heritage and anti-white opinions.

    However, it’s not unimaginable to provide remunerations to support a VOLUNTARY repatriation to the non-white country that they most strongly identify with. It could be their choice, but it just has to be a non-white country, because if the person is complaining that the USA is racist, then they will likely feel that way about every white country. Even Canada is being called racist, despite their rather pristine history. Same with Sweden and Iceland.

    We don’t have to use the word “repatriation”. We could all it “Separation Remunerations”. (Another idea: relocation reparations). In this way, we avoid the confusion about where they regard their origins to be.

    Thus, we could make available separation remunerations for non-white anti-whites to move to the non-white country of their choice. There is nothing “discriminatory” about this. It’s a benefit just for non-whites. Of course, it discriminates against whites, but that’s just par usual in today’s world.

  314. Ranchpig says:

    I don’t understand why everyone seems to be taking “sides” with this debate. They weren’t debating at all. They couldn’t even come to a common understanding of what the word RACE meant.
    Jones at least tried to define what he was arguing about that our CURRENT definition is in fact a category of the mind.
    Taylor is arguing something completely different. Species (or more accurately, sub-species).

    Bottom line for me was Taylor never addressed the differences that were implied in Jones’ re-definition but kept holding that there are genetic/behavioral differences that ‘prove’ race is real without acknowledging the weaponized definition of race.

    I think the most important part is overlooked when we fail to see how culture is being destroyed by using race as a weapon (among many other ways). Jones main objective is identifying that war and who is responsible. And whether Taylor is sincere or not and despite aggregating lots of data, he fails to identify the source and the broader implications.

    • Replies: @buckyinky
    , @Jack McArthur
  315. cortesar says:

    Brilliant expose of Dr. Jones indeed, shutting mouf of these raciss
    True salvation lies in converting everybody to catholicism
    Just look at he following thriving countries as proof of the success and genius of christianity
    Ethiopia one of the oldest christian countries (4th century)
    Brazil the most catholic country in the world
    Haiti what to say about this pearl of civilization and the bastion of the true faith

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  316. @cortesar

    Indeed, race is a “category of the mind” and therefore not real. What is real however is religion and especially Catholicism, which is the single-most civilization creating force in the world.

    As a proof I add here a picture from Catholic Haiti. Notice how it is Catholicism which has inspired the man in the foreground to invent a type of car that runs entirely on environment friendly energy:

    Jones has “won the debate”. No doubt about it!

    • LOL: Tony massey
    • Replies: @HenryB
  317. Smith says:

    Why don’t these whiteys invite some black, arab or asian guys to debate with them?

    Let’s see how they say.

  318. @Vergissmeinnicht

    Say what you want about Jim Goad but he is both honest and hillarious.

  319. Jones cites “weaponized immigration”, but since he is a Catholic and views societal divisions in terms of religion, there is no reason that he should view immigration as a problem. He should focus on the fact that, as a Catholic, he is a minority in the U.S.; by his own criteria, he probably should either be expelled or lose political rights, or be forcibly converted to Protestantism, or whatever measure he considers appropriate for people who tend to “weaponize” their minoritarianism.

    So, mass immigration of Catholics (e.g. from Latin America) should be viewed as a solution to his own problem. If Jews are helping with that — that’s apparently his opinion –, they are actually helping him.

  320. buckyinky says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    I for one would be interested in an elaboration on this if you care to. It seemed to me that the debate went poorly precisely because EMJ was arguing largely on metaphysical terms while Jared Taylor, and also the moderator, didn’t seem to be aware of a category of knowledge called metaphysics, much less were they going to allow concessions of (what I took to be) metaphysical points EMJ was making.

    EMJ didn’t make a whole lot of this, but near the end of the debate he seemed to express frustration at the materialistic presuppositions driving the arguments of both Taylor and the moderator. They were (or at least the moderator was) suggesting the weighty influence of biology on intelligence, and when EMJ conceded the ancillary point that the brain you receive has much to do with biology, they (or again, at least the moderator) seemed dumbfounded that EMJ was insisting that the brain is however not to be conflated with the mind.

    This type of exchange was typical for the debate, very unsatisfactory.

    • Replies: @Intelligent Dasein
  321. buckyinky says:

    Yes, Taylor was fixated on materialistic concerns, but it seems clear he has not thought about the metaphysical concepts EMJ was raising. And yet, so I understand, it is called metaphysics because it is supposed to be understood prior to approaching physical/material/biological questions.

  322. buckyinky says:

    Jones has addressed this in a fairly recent interview he gave:

    It’s a long video, but I believe the interviewer asks him a question fielded from a listener about Alexander Dugin. It’s right around the 1:11:29 mark.

  323. @buckyinky

    I for one would be interested in an elaboration on this if you care to.

    I’ve written a (rather long) essay on the subject. My point in that essay was to demonstrate that race is real and that one can in fact be a race-realist without being a biological determinist or a Darwinian. The middle section of that essay includes a long discussion of the inadequacies of Darwinism and why it needs to be replaced by a new paradigm. If you’re interested, you can read it here:

    Like E. Michael Jones, I am also a Traditional Catholic; but unlike him, I actually seem to understand something about Aristotelian-Thomism and modern science.

    • Replies: @buckyinky
    , @anon
  324. HenryB says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    Looks like they’ve finally found a use for those octagonal wheels they invented!

  325. @Ranchpig

    “I think the most important part is overlooked when we fail to see how culture is being destroyed by using race as a weapon”

    Exactly, with race being the distractor away from the true target which is culture founded on Christian values. The Jewish texts hate Jesus, hates Christianity and its spirit wants it all utterly destroyed. This a spiritual war on cultural battlefield under cover of the race smokescreen.

  326. @UR2

    Do you ask the exterminator where the termites will be lodged once they are removed from your house?

    In all seriousness though, America seems to be shaping up nicely to be the recipient of all these people. Enough room for all of Europe to send its problems. The rest of the world are already doing it

  327. @Robert Dolan

    Well Robert is still hard at work Googling…lol

    If I had a dollar for every instance that I’ve had the same argument with the Catholic blamers on the internet over the years, I would have a tidy sum. It invariably starts out with the same ridiculous accusations you make with regards to immigration and quickly devolves into a simple shit-slinging exercise towards the Catholic Church in general.

    First off, you’re fond of using the term “Christendom”. Well my friend, there would be no such thing as Christendom, or for that matter a Bible if not for the Catholic Church. Numerous Protestant heretics have in fact admitted as much during their more lucid moments over the years. Also you may wish to inform some other posters on here that Catholics do not “worship” the Virgin Mary, the Pope or “graven images” etc… Those are a few of the more prominent hare-brained accusations tossed around by many Protestants against Catholics.

    Secondly, I did not feel the need to give you “proof” of the makeup of the Courts, The Congress and The Executive over the past 75 years, because it is starkly obvious to everyone who has the most rudimentary knowledge of US history. But since you’d made an issue out of it, I’m more than willing to take a closer look.

    You wanna interpret those numbers, or would you like me to?

    And guess what Bobby? The further back you go, the more stark the numbers become as far as the predominance of WHITE PROTESTANTS. That goes for the Courts, The Congress and the Executive. And I’ll go a step further and add most probably the vast majority of State Legislatures and Governors since the beginning of the US to date.

    The US has had exactly TWO Catholic presidents, if you’re counting the senile potato who was fraudulently placed in the White House in 2020. In addition the first one didn’t even serve a full four years. Not a very impressive record to hang the title of “nation destroyers” on, is it?

    So the next logical question is who made the vast majority of the decisions and passed/enforced the vast majority of laws which have put us squarely in the situation we’re now in?

    Pro Tip: It wasn’t the Catholics…lol

    How about the makeup of the 89th Congress who passed the infamous Hart-Cellar Act? Sure we all know about the role of Ted Kennedy, as you’ve bravely noted. But shouldn’t have all those other WHITE PROTESTANT guys held the line against the invading hordes instead of salivating over the thought of that bargain basement labor? And of course LBJ was President, why didn’t he veto it? Pretty sure he wasn’t a Papist…lol


    How about the makeup of the Supreme Courts which handed down the most important and far reaching decisions affecting Americans today? Roe v wade, Brown v Board of Education, Engle v Vitale etc… You know exactly what you’ll find, and so do I.

    That being said, I certainly don’t excuse the individual Catholics or Catholic organizations that you or I have mentioned, but I think you tend to lack perspective, and it sounds as if you’re doing so intentionally.

    For the purpose of perspective, lets take a look at this breakdown.

    And then connect the dots…


    And lots more…


    And plenty more…


    And plenty more…


    And plenty more…


    And plenty more…

    I think you get the picture.

    As far as the torrent of other ridiculous insults you vomited out towards Catholics, “Jew Brained” has got to be one of the best…lol

    Nobody even comes close to the fawning and ass-kissing towards The Chosen compared to Protestant Americans. That’s not even up for debate. Billy Graham, John Hagee, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and shit tons of evangelist and “televangelists” have consistently taken the cake in that regard.

    Furthermore, your assertion that Mr Jones would support the bulk of what you’ve stated about American Catholics is a pretty far reach to be sure.

    In summation, put down the Jack Chick tracts, get your head out of your ass and think before you pop off.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  328. buckyinky says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    Thank you, I’ll take a look at your essay. I seem to have more faith in Jones’ abilities than you, nevertheless I’m somewhat baffled by the dichotomy he appears to have set up on this subject of race. It does appear, as you allude, that he has determined that the only two options to chose from are either (1) those features of your predetermined biology have absolutely no bearing whatsoever on your personal morality, or (2) your personal morality is predetermined function dependent entirely upon your predetermined biology. If he doesn’t actually embrace this dichotomy it is a wonder to me why he doesn’t ever go to any lengths to acknowledge any middle ground between them.

    • Replies: @UR2
  329. anon[335] • Disclaimer says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    “Traditional Catholic” is a category of the mind.

    • Replies: @Intelligent Dasein
  330. Robert Dolan: “In any case, Taylor and Jones are sincere activists and they do their best to help our cause. ”

    Sincerity is no virtue in itself. Jews and negroes sincerely want white people dead. Is this a sign of their virtue or their malevolence? Likewise, Taylor, with his distortions and outright lies about US history, may be sincere, but spreading such lies accomplishes nothing good, and in effect is just as malevolent as anything the Jews or negroes do. The fact of the matter is that a few white, Christian Americans of the nineteenth century somehow worked up the courage to politely ask the negroes if they would like to depart these shores, and Taylor twists this into a raging desire of the “vast majority” of whites to “expel” them. It ought to be obvious that if they really had such a desire, then they surely would have acted on it. But just like Jones, these good Christians had faith that race was only a “category of the mind”, and in lieu of forcibly shipping the negroes out of America they gave them citizenship and the vote instead.

    No doubt they were sincere, and we can still see the disgusting result of their Christian sincerity all around us today.

    • Agree: HenryB
  331. UR2 says:

    It seems this dichotomy comes down to: do we have free will or not? That is why there is no middle ground. There is no decision that could possibly be made in the moral sphere that is determined by biology. Those unwilling to submit their emotional judgements to the discipline of reason are legion and they would love to have a biological excuse for their dereliction.

    • Replies: @anon
  332. anon[403] • Disclaimer says:

    It seems this dichotomy comes down to: do we have free will or not?

    No. It doesn’t.

  333. nickels says:

    Maybe if he hadnt pulled his punches and let the anglos flee at Dunkirk.
    That was a stupid mistake.

    Yes, Stalin left Hi&&er no choice but to fight.
    I’d say 25Million dead was a pretty good German punch in the nose, but with the result of wasting the two best races for the win of the nasty little stupid WASPs and their sniveling little gold loving butt buddies.

  334. @anon

    No, it is a category of person.

    • Replies: @anon
  335. E.M.J lost like a dog.

  336. Malla says:

    The CCP has already bought up many politicians in the USA especially among the Democrats, few among the Republicans too, bought up Hollywood, NBA, some of the media, some of the social media as well as some politicians in South Korea and Japan. They have bought up some politicians in Taiwan as well. They have bought up some politicians in India but that is totally useless as being pro-China in India is politically suicidal. The masses will smell a rat and never vote for that person. India for them is impossible to crack, probably the only country in the World because the masses are so angry with China.

  337. anon[336] • Disclaimer says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    “Person” is just a category of the mind.

  338. anarchyst says:

    Traditional Catholicism and the World

    There is a lot of misinformation about traditional Catholicism that needs to be addressed. In order to do so, one must look at the “roots” of traditional Catholicism in which the Roman Catholic Church was not formally commissioned until centuries after Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection.

    To start, many people have the mistaken conception that all jewish sects were the same and that Jesus Christ was a member of the dominant jewish sect, the Pharisees.

    Actually, Jesus Christ’s bloodline was a part of the Essenes, a minor jewish sect, looked down upon by the Pharisees, but which espoused many Christian-like principles, which were contrary to Pharasaic doctrines. For example, the Essenes did not look down on or negatively on “outsiders” or gentiles, unlike their Pharisee brethren.

    This is where much of the hatred for Catholicism comes from especially from those who have a negative jewish animus. This is understandable, as today’s Catholicism not only absolved the jews of responsibility for Jesus Christ’s murder, but created another fiction, the jews being “our elder brothers”, thereby giving the jews “respectability” in Catholic circles, despite the vitriolic hatred that jews still have for both Catholics and Christians worldwide to this day. Pre-Vatican II Catholicism did not absolve the jews for Jesus Christ’s death. That all changed with the “coup” of Vatican II.

    The Vatican II Ecumenical Council did much to (attempt to) destroy traditional Catholicism, to which they have been partially successful. Those Catholics who came of age or grew up under Vatican II have no idea that the changes wrought were both encompassing and destructive to traditional Catholic teachings and doctrine.

    There are many Catholics who have never attended a Tridentine Mass, which is much more expressive and beautiful than the Novus Ordo Mass that is prescribed for today’s Catholics. In fact, the present “Pope” is attempting to restrict and eventually prohibit the celebration of the Tridentine Mass.

    This is a result of Vatican II which was actually a coup by both jews and to a lesser degree, Protestants.

    Fortunately, there are Catholic sects that still subscribe to pre-Vatican II teachings. Despite attempts by Rome to both marginalize them and eventually prohibit their practices, they are thriving.

    There are a few falsehoods about Catholicism that need to be corrected.

    One being that Catholics pray to saints…nothing could be further from the truth. Catholics venerate and honor saints but do not pray to them. Saints are looked upon as living exemplary lives, being good examples to emulate. Those who have been martyred are especially honored as they gave their lives for the faith.

    Another fallacy is that Catholics have “graven images” in their churches which are biblically forbidden. Nothing could be further from the truth. Graven images are not biblically prohibited.

    It is said that Catholics do not follow the bible. Catholics do reference the bible, but do not follow it literally. Let’s not forget that the bible was written by men and that many passages were changed in order to espouse a certain viewpoint, a good example of the King James Version being established (and rewritten) to promote and codify the “rights of kings”–royalty over the rights of commoners.
    In more recent times, a charlatan named Schofield wrote his interpretation of the bible which elevated the jews to their present-day supremacist position.
    Sad to say, Protestants have bought the Schofield interpretation of the bible, “hook line and sinker…not good. This is why Catholics recognize that the bible is to be used as a reference, not as the literal word of God as it has been written by men, and interpreted and reinterpreted by men.

    Let’s look at “indulgences” which are considered by some to be “get out of jail free” cards or permissions to “sin”. Although they were abused in the past, indulgences depend on those receiving them doing “good works”. Indulgences are not a fast track to heaven and should never have been thought of as such. Yes, there were abuses in the past and in certain situations to this day they still exist, one being marriage annulments. Since the Catholic Church expressly prohibits divorce, annulments are an easy way to get around the prohibition on divorce. Annulments, when successful declare that a valid marriage did not exist, most of the time immaturity being declared a reason. Of course, a large “donation” (indulgence) to the church can “grease the skids” and get an annulment approved. This is one area of Catholicism that needs to be researched.

    Another departure from Protestantism is the command for Catholics to do “good works”. Protestantism teaches that only the grace of God can assure “salvation” and that “good works” have absolutely no place in assuring salvation. Under Protestant doctrine, a person can be a ne-er-do-well shyster, one who takes unfair and criminal advantage of his fellow man all of his life, and then on his deathbed proclaim his request for “forgiveness” and he will be “saved”. Something is definitely wrong with THAT picture…

    What Protestants seem to forget is that it was the Catholic Church that established hospitals, institutions of higher learning such as colleges and universities, and adopted scientific principles to guide humanity utilizing scientific observation and principles for the good of all mankind. Even if “good works” are not applicable to salvation, they can’t hurt.

    When it comes to unbridled capitalism, many of the successes of the Protestant leaders of capitalism (who became very wealthy beyond most people’s dreams) exercised their power ruthlessly without regards for their fellow man. Dog-eat-dog capitalism was the rule of the day—pay your workers the bare minimum, even not enough to exist on, while raking in the wealth for yourself. This is one reason why Catholics have not been as successful as Protestants in business. Catholic teachings required tempering unbridled capitalism with the need to look out for one’s fellow man—not a Protestant ethic.

    As to the primacy of the Pope, infallibility is a more recent phenomenon which deserves to be questioned. Infallibility is only supposed to apply to articles and doctrines of faith—not social issues. The pope cannot change the basic precepts of Catholicism. Recently, the mainstream media was taking the pope’s pronouncements on social issues as being under the blanket of infallibility—not true at all. The pope is a man just like any other and is subject to making errors in judgment when it comes to social issues of the day. However, Catholic doctrine cannot be changed.

    I have attempted to correct misconceptions that many good people have about the Catholic Church and faith. I welcome responses to my assertions and statements.

  339. @anarchyst

    The Roman church is a category of the mind.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  340. chrimony says:

    I do applaud him for calling out the subversive deceptive Golem that Taylor is. I don’t understand why Taylor’s followers don’t see him for the fraud he is.

    This is purity spiraling at its worst. Taylor, when asked about “the Jewish problem”, acknowledges the undue negative influence Jews have had on white society. But he’s taken a strategic position to not be seen as a crank on too many issues. He’s already out on a ledge for his advocacy of white nationalism. But he doesn’t go around defending Jews. Now compare that to E. Michael Jones, who attacks Taylor for not calling out Jews, but then makes the most ludicrous arguements that race is a just a “construct of the mind”, and rails against people who deal in race reality.

  341. I doubt there’s a genetic hardwiring of secondary cultural characteristics such as the propensity to bear bastard offspring and such like; note the shifting in these behaviors over the recent decades across racial and ethnic lines. But the psychological forces at work within racial and ethnic communities is so pervasive and powerful they might as well be hardwired. When an “identity” like “Black” becomes ingrained the way it has, there’s probably no practical difference bothering whether it is in the DNA or in the brain cells and ganglia.

    • Replies: @anon
  342. anon[346] • Disclaimer says:
    @James Solbakken

    I doubt there’s a genetic hardwiring of secondary cultural characteristics such as the propensity to bear bastard offspring and such like;


  343. It is a great mistake to think that other Jews in majority support the views of Barbara Lerner Spectre. There are many Rabbis who voice Jewish supremacist opinions and it is a mistake to think that they represent Jewish majority opinion as well. Post WWII, Jews in Western Europe have enjoyed free and prosperous lives. Only with the great floods of Muslim immigrants has that way of life been endangered in 21st century Europe. I find Ms. Spectre loathsome and despicable. How dare she pretend to speak for most Jews! Why should most diaspora Jews want to soil the European nest that they live in?

    • Replies: @mark green
    , @anarchyst
  344. ” I doubt there’s a genetic hardwiring of secondary cultural characteristics such as the propensity to bear bastard offspring and such like;” I doubt there’s a genetic hardwiring of secondary cultural characteristics such as the propensity to bear bastard offspring and such like;

    Why? ”

    I said why, in the subsequent sentence, ” note the shifting in these behaviors over the recent decades across racial and ethnic lines.”

    The white rate of bastardy is higher than the previous black rate of bastardy. How do you explain that in terms of white & black race? Whites are getting more black, yes, but not because of changes to white DNA. Whites are reverting to the same primitive forms that blacks were closer to and now whites are more primitive and savage than blacks used to be. I call it “Devolution,” in honor of a band I used to like back in the 1980’s.

    A lot of post moderns can’t understand what John Locke was trying to explain when he said that human understanding was a “blank slate.” Locke was most certainly not saying that race and breeding have no impact on individuals and their personalities, nor was he saying that race and breeding have no influence on the shape and form and substance of civilizations. What he was trying to explain was a theory of epistomology: We are not born knowing what the City of London is, where it is, where it came from, or why it’s important. We learn such details by “experience.” We are told or if we are civilized and educated we read about The City of London and then form opinions about it. A person of English stock will likely feel more affinity for the place, whilst someone from the land of Eire is more likely to hate the place once he finds out what went on for centuries before he was born.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Hibernian
  345. @jojodancer

    I find Ms. [Barbara] Spectre loathsome and despicable. How dare she pretend to speak for most Jews! Why should most diaspora Jews want to soil the European nest that they live in?

    Most religious Jews (and many ‘secular’ Jews) believe that Jewish prophesy foretells (and requires) a mixing-together of the goyim before the G-d-ordained coming of the (Jewish) messiah. These prophesies proclaim that only Jews are to retain their distinctiveness as a people. It is written. This religious view explains why secular Jews as well as religious Jews favor massive non-White immigration into the goyish world (but never in Israel.)

    Many Jews (including Gideon Levy and Israel Shahak) also believe that many self-proclaimed Jewish ‘atheists’ secretly hope (and believe) that the Jewish people are first before G-d. They privately believe that G-d favors Jews over gentiles. This explains why are Jews (religious and secular) are so uncompromising and ruthless when dealing with non-Jewish adversaries. Jews are special. They are God’s Chosen People! And most Jews (religious as well as ‘secular’) secretly cling to this worldview. To them, being dominant over gentiles underscores this maxim.

  346. Rocha says:

    It wasn’t Blacks or Asians that starved the Irish Catholics to death. It wasn’t blacks and Asians that put whiteDutch Protestants into concentration camps in South Africa, and it certainly wasn’t Catholics. It wasn’t Blacks or Asians that firebombed German cities, and starved innocent civilians to death by continuing the blockade well after the end of two world wars.
    It wasn’t blacks or Asians that dropped atom bombs on the two cities in Japan that had a large concentration of Catholics. It wasn’t Blacks or Asians that sided with the Ottomans against white Russia in the Crimea or who pushed opium onto the Chinese . It is not Blacks and Asians that through illegal invasions are destroying the millennial civilizations of the Middle East the birth place of Christianity.
    There is one race that has been responsible for the death of more white Christian European ( they calculate that 100, million died in the 2WW) and that is White Anglo Saxon Protestants who have provided the muscle for the usurers for the past 300 years. Without the WASPS and Muslims the Jews would be impotent.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Hibernian
  347. anon[254] • Disclaimer says:

    Catholic Community Services is has been quietly flooding red state America with South and central American catholic illegals, paid for by US taxpayers. No wonder EMJ is ready to throw poor, working, and middle-class whitey under the bus like his ruling class WASP Woke neighbors.

    • Replies: @Rocha
  348. anon[277] • Disclaimer says:
    @James Solbakken

    I said why, in the subsequent sentence, ” note the shifting in these behaviors over the recent decades across racial and ethnic lines.”

    I suggest you learn about r / K strategies. Then consider the difference between agriculture north of the Alps vs. agriculture south of the Sahara. Where must a plow be used? Where will a hoe suffice? How does a man in a hoe economy out compete other men? How does a man in a plow economy do the same?

    Look up r / K and the Hajnal line.

    A lot of post moderns can’t understand what John Locke was trying to explain when he said that human understanding was a “blank slate.” Locke was most certainly not saying that race and breeding have no impact on individuals and their personalities, nor was he saying that race and breeding have no influence on the shape and form and substance…

    Please provide some quotes from John Locke supporting this claim. I note that Locke never married, and never had children, thus limiting his knowledge base.

    The precious tabula rasa has been cherished in the US for over 50 years, and every policy has been bent to the Procrustean bed of “Nurture Rules, Nature Drools”. Has it worked? Head Start has been around for over 50 years, study after study after study after study shows that Head Start kids are no more knowledgable or good at learning by the 3rd grade than non-Head Start kids. How can that be? The precious Tabula Rasa is written on for years by caring, kind Head Start teachers with their enriched curriculum. Yet what they write on the blank slate fades in a couple of years.

    A difference that is not a difference is no difference.

    Would you like to go into the dog breeding business? I suggest you secure a quantity of chihuahuas and a few greyhounds. Make sure all the pups are raised together in the same field. If you are correct in your faith, the chihuahuas will learn to run as fast as the greyhounds. They must! Think of the money you’ll make entering your chihuahuas in dog races!

    It must work that way, because the Tabula Rasa of the little yappers will be written all over by the speed of the racing dogs. It must be true, because the precious Tabula Rasa cannot have reality any other way.

    What could go wrong? How could you not get rich?

    • Replies: @James Solbakken
  349. Druide says:
    @Pierre Simon

    Please take note that there is a section of The Judas Goats which Piper was forced under court order to excise from the book. This censored portion of the book was about Jared Taylor and his close friend Mark Weber being crooks and intelligence assets, connected to the ADL and the CIA, as with known scientologists associated with the Mossad (since the cult in now is Israel’s hands via the Bronfmans). This censored portion of the book is available for free on the internet under the title “Coup d’Etat”, by Michael Collins Piper. Carolyn Yeager discussed it on her program and blog after Piper’s death.

  350. @anon

    “The precious tabula rasa has been cherished in the US for over 50 years, ”

    The error was interpreting tabula rasa to mean there was no difference between the tabulas. Think of it as one computer versus another computer. Not all computers have the same hardware, the same memory capacity, the same processing speed, etc. But the computer, no matter how powerful, knows nothing in particular until you provide the input. Same with people. There are vast differences of an innate nature, but nobody knows anything at all in particular until the input comes in from what Locke called “experience.”

    If this philosophical principle is over your head then sorry for annoying you with it. If you think tabula rasa means that chihuahuas can be taught to outrun greyhounds I truly feel sorry for you.

    • Replies: @anon
  351. Rocha says:

    It is WASPS that have killed more European Christian people than any other group Perhaps if you hadn’t destroyed their countries to impose central banks like you did and are doing in the Middle East, they would not feel the need to migrate. The sins you WASPS have committed in the name of the bankers and democracy!

    • Replies: @anon
  352. anon[561] • Disclaimer says:
    @James Solbakken

    The error was interpreting tabula rasa to mean there was no difference between the tabulas

    That’s racist. All tabulas are exactly the same. This is why any difference in outcomes between black people and white people can only be due to depraved, prejudicial racism….white racism. You don’t want to be a racist, do you? Of course not.

    If you think tabula rasa means that chihuahuas can be taught to outrun greyhounds I truly feel sorry for you.

    Logic is a category of the mind.

    I note you did not bother to provide a reference to your interpretation of Locke’s Tabula Rasa. Is it perhaps because you cannot do so?

  353. “I note you did not bother to provide a reference to your interpretation of Locke’s Tabula Rasa. Is it perhaps because you cannot do so?”

    There is no particular reference other than the writings of Locke, which I have read. So, read his works, especially his treatise on human understanding, and that will explain where the idea came from.

    • Replies: @anon
  354. anon[324] • Disclaimer says:
    @James Solbakken

    There is no particular reference other than the writings of Locke, which I have read

    So if I re-read Two Treatises of Government I’ll somehow find something supporting what you claim?


    “Muh reference is this entire book!”…lol.

    You are not even at the level of a sophomore paper in Survey of Western Civ II. Standards in the liberal arts have slipped badly, but even today you’d get red ink on your essay and a “See me in my office” note attached.

    Dude, you made the assertion. Either you support it with facts, or it is obvious you can’t support it at all.

    Elementary logic may be a construct of the mind, but you are failing at it.

    Got your dogs yet?

  355. ““Muh reference is this entire book!”…lol. ”

    Some people think in words, some in sentences, others in paragraphs. I think in libraries. Sorry you can’t keep up.

  356. Hibernian says:
    @James Solbakken

    …whilst someone from the land of Eire is more likely to hate the place once he finds out what went on for centuries before he was born.

    My grandfather, an Irish rebel who came to America in 1902 at the age of 16, used to take delight in saying, when we kids asked him where he was going (It was invariably to a small local grocery store.) “I’m going to London to see the Queen.”

  357. Hibernian says:

    Try to be a little less stereotypical. The people commonly called “WASPS” are a small portion of those who happen to be White, Anglo-Saxon, and Protestant, many of whom have long mixed in with German and Scandinavian Protestants, German Catholics, and horror of horrors, Irish Catholics.

    • Replies: @Rocha
  358. Rocha says:

    I mean white anglo saxons who since the establishment of the Bank of England in 1694 have provided the military force for the usurers to impose their debt based issue of currency in every country of the world. WITHOUT THE SUPPORT OF THE ANGLOSAXONS THE JEWS WOULD BE POWERLESS.

  359. anon[254] • Disclaimer says:

    you WASPS

    I’m not a WASP. The point was that EMJ is drifting into WASP-like Wokery.

  360. anarchyst says:

    Your question: /”Why should most diaspora Jews want to soil the European nest that they live in?”/ can be answered as follows:
    There is a psychopathic “eternal victim mentality” that exists in the jewish psyche where they are never satisfied with the “status quo”, no matter how favorable it is to them. Jews are always attempting to destroy the dominant white gentile-run societies in which they reside, always reserving the “right” to “do things their own way”, even if they are criminal in nature. Jews HATE the concept of gentile whites running successful societies and do what they can to destroy such societies from within. In the middle ages, jews poisoned wells and kidnapped gentile children for their blood rituals (which they still do).
    All one has to do is look at the “jews-only” community of Kiryas, Joel, New York in which every “civil-rights” law and statute is ignored and flouted with impunity. If you are not of the “tribe” you cannot purchase property, send your children to the “public (jews-only) schools” or participate in their politics. In addition, many taxpayer fraud schemes and scams are run out of that (and other jews-only) communities such as medicare fraud, welfare fraud and other criminal activities.
    On a national level, look at the publicly-funded “holocaust™ museums” (actually jewish freak shows) and the abundance of jewish menorahs displayed on public property during the holiday season. Hell, even the White House displayed a large menorah. It seems to me that jews were at the forefront of the “separation of church and state”, (which doesn’t exist) filing lawsuits against communities who dared to allow Christian displays on public property. Now that (((they))) have been successful in eliminating Christianity from the public square, they openly flout their “success” in pushing Christianity out of the public sphere while promoting their own “religion”.
    Jews must be kept on a short leash, prohibited from certain occupations (banking, etc.) and prohibited from holding any public office or government position. It must be assumed that jews hold “dual loyalty” (to israel) and cannot be trusted to look out for the best interests of their adopted country, the USA.

  361. Hgfbk83 says:
    @Dr. Robert Morgan

    “Biological racists…” Dunning Kruger + massive brainwashing = this ignorant bottom-feeder.

    Reality is what it is, you aren’t fooling anyone.

  362. mc23 says:
    @Maximo Bianco

    Europeans and European Americans, white is a description

  363. lavoisier says: • Website
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Then, there is a death wish among real, European whites. How else to explain Fallonl’s & his audience’s bullshit behavior- and he is not Jewish.

    Indeed. Liberal deluded white fools are a clear and present danger to civilization.

    I think their poison comes from wanting to be “cool.” So they drink the Jewish kool-aid, the flavor today being hate whitey.

  364. For years I have understood Jared’s tactic of steering clear of the JQ as a method to appeal to a broader audience.

    But at 1:47:55 into the video Jared seems to actually defend and absolve jews for their poisonous behavior.

    That is an entire different stance to take and one that is unacceptable for anyone who is anything close to a white nationalist. For years I have supported Jared Taylor but this may be a turning point. I am very unsettle by him asking this question.

    The question Jared asked was along the lines of:

    If jews are the ones who weaponized race initially, how can jews simultaneously be the ones who are now trying to convince us that race doesn’t matter?

    To anyone who doesn’t know the answer to that question…it is that jews play both sides of the same card to inflict as much destruction on the white race as possible. On the one hand they spread their poisonous propaganda in the form of weaponizing race to stir conflict, shame whites to put them on the defensive, to justify their civil rights movement, etc. On the other hand they deny the existence of race to rationalize open borders and mass non-white immigration, to promote race mixing, to deny white people a foundation to have a collective identity, etc. The combination of playing both hands has resulted in the total moral disarmament of most whites to resist the onslaught of the jewish campaign to destroy white societies.

    Jews playing both sides of this race card is analogous to them identifying as white people at certain times and as jews at other times depending on the situation. It is textbook underhanded, deceptive, and subversive jew behavior.

    And Jared just defended them? Am I interpreting this correctly?

  365. Newhouser says: • Website

    I wrote an overview of Jones’ beliefs last year. He states that his mission is to convert racists and “nazis”, hence some his evangelizing on this site. Let us not forget that Jones also believes that IQ tests are a fiction and that Germans would be living like Africans if it wasn’t for logos. How can such a man be taken seriously on these topics? These are the arguments of a died in the wool liberal.

  366. profnasty says:

    Dr. Jones proposes Catholicism as a moral/national foundation. The RC Church has many historical problems (Roman paganism). It is no better foundation than the more general ‘Race’ standard.
    Race integration is miscegenation.

  367. Anon[134] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mick Jagger gathers no Mosque

    Look carefully at each of these references in your link, and you will get Mr. Jones’ point a little more clearly, whether you then decide to agree with it or not.

    Which of the following refers to the “white race”, which the “black race”, and which the “caucasoid”, “negroid”, or “mongoloid” race?


    a) the “race of Aaron”

    b) the “priestly race”

    c) “Every man of your race, that approacheth to those things that are consecrated”

    d) the “race of Israel”

    e) the “race of Enac”

    f) the “race of the giants”

    g) the “Levitical race”

    h) the “race of Dan”

    i) the “race of Arapha”

    j) the “race of Agag”

    k) “the race of him, that was first made of the earth”

    l) “your race [the Gabaonites]” who will be “hewers of wood and drawers of water”

    m) the “race of women”

  368. And race is such a fiction that when it really matters, like for bone marrow transplants, it’s the first thing they screen for.

  369. Mr. Jones, I do appreciate your efforts and work on the JQ. You can most certainly “school”
    Jared Taylor on that subject, one clear to all but him. Be warned, he is intractable in his
    inability to grasp or admit grasping that Jews are not Whites.

    Similarly, he can school you on biological racial differences and possibly on the impossibility of alchemical transformation.

    That is, if a Jew undergoes a conversion to Christianity through sprinklings of Holy Water,
    ritual and incantation, his genes and fundamental personality traits remain identical before
    and after.

    Further, any person who is or has been forced to, or claims to, convert to Christianity DOES
    NOT mean they actually become bona fide Christians no matter the extent or intensity of conversion
    processing involved. Religious conversions have historically been widely nothing more than a matter of expediency. In Islam, it was convert or die (unless the infidel tax was paid). Conversion there was not a matter of love, will or faith, but survival. I suggest then that those who paid the infidel tax were silently more respected by Muslims for not selling out their own religious beliefs given the choices available.

    I support you, Mr Jones, in one area of your expertise but do not regarding the other.

    p.s. By the way, are you familiar with the Dilbert character “Loud Howard”?

  370. WOW this was an eye-opener! Don’t just read Jones’ one-sided transcript of himself, WATCH THE EMBEDDED VIDEO so you’ll see what he’s “refuting.” Before seeing this I thought he was an important voice of opposition to the “Jews” West-hating, West-negating, West-annihilating subversions, but no he’s actually an exponent of them, maybe even a corrupt agent for them, like pretty much every other Catholic I ever met. I won’t be calling him “Doctor” any more, just “Jones.” He no longer rates that honorific from me.

    It says everything that he starts out building his argument from a patent delusion that “fiction is real.” This is a man who has become lost in the fantasy worlds of pure ideas and no longer understands that Reality is different from “dialectic” and always trumps it. His yammerings about “Logos” always did strike me as over-intellectualized religious fanatic rot.

    Biology is Reality. Eugenicists, social Darwinists, etc., have been 100% correct all along. We ignore them at our peril, and people like Jones who lead in doing that are a menace.

  371. Nancy says:

    Shining a little more clarification…. a recap of the EMJ vs JT debate…. (in case your still confused by categories of mind and biology… : )

  372. Nancy says:

    I agree on the total Dual Morality that Termites serve, and successfully hide. Re: on ‘how’ to accomplish ‘salvation’ of USA, at end of the debate recap on The Crucible (Odysee), when a strategy is solicited, EMJ starts with the elimination of government employment of any dual citizens. A no brainer, but…. again whose going to lead this parade? Got any good ‘memes’ (apparently this is the new name for ‘political cartoons’… a very effective communication device that often incorporates incisive humor 🙂 A picture really is worth 1K words for newbies.

  373. Nancy says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Robert, as a cradle Catholic, I suspect you live in Seattle… as I do. And check with EMJ (Bitchute) in his interviews re: the Second Vat Coun, and it’s Jewish subversion. And say a prayer for all God’s children…. we need every single one!

  374. Anonymous[208] • Disclaimer says:

    How does Jones expect anyone to ever believe that he is actually stupid enough to believe the nonsense he spews when he keeps slipping up and showing everyone that he clearly is intelligent?

  375. anon[390] • Disclaimer says:

    Ever heard this?

    Israeli NATION (Lesson) with Rav Michael Laitman:

  376. eby says:

    Until we are able to discuss religion in the context of fraud and “race” in the context of intelligence, the future will have no light at the end of the tunnel.

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