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Iconoclasm in St. Louis
How Identity Politics Became Identity Theft
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Karl Marx once said that history repeats itself, first as tragedy and then as farce. Nothing proved the truth of Marx’s claim better than the farcical battle over the statue of St. Louis in, yes, St. Louis which followed hot on the heels of the tragedy of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

The battle over the statue began as an exercise in identity politics, and before long it degenerated into an example of identity theft. The main protagonist in this story is Umar Lee, who was born Bret Darran Lee in 1974 to a southern Presbyterian family and grew up in Florissant, Missouri just outside St. Louis. Lee may or may not be Black, which is an ideological marker based upon but independent of biological fact, because he claims, according to The Jerusalem Post that he “has two younger siblings who are half African-American.”[1]

On August 9, 2014, Michael Brown Jr., an 18-year-old Black man, was fatally shot by 28-year-old white Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the city of Ferguson, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis, leading to extensive rioting. After the death of Michael Brown, Lee got involved with the Black Lives Matter protests in Ferguson, and was arrested on two occasions and, in his words, “locked up.” After getting fired from his job as cab driver, Lee became a full-time, but little known activist. In 2015, Lee noticed that statues started coming down in St. Louis, largely because of agitation on the part of St. Louis Jews. At some point during this period, Lee made contact with Ben Paremba, an Israeli restauranteur who was “passionate” about promoting Israel and other Jewish causes. At this point Paremba was as little known to locals as Lee, but all of that changed after the Jewish press took notice of their petition to remove the statue of St. Louis and began promoting them as social justice crusaders, if you’ll pardon the term.

In a series of tweets, Lee tried to establish his position as an aggrieved Muslim, bringing up the Crusades as the cause of his grievance, but the underlying source of his complaint was inspired by a group of Jews, who were incensed that the city where they had come to study had erected a statue in honor of a king who had burned the Talmud.

Once Lee mentioned the term “anti-Semitism,” the Jewish press began carrying stories which lionized Lee as a crusader for Jewish rights. Because of his philo-Semitism, Lee soon found himself lionized in the Jewish press. Writing for the Jewish Telegraph Agency, Ben Sales described Lee as “a local activist who started the petition and also took part in a successful drive to remove a nearby Confederate monument in 2017. Lee, Sales continued, “is not Jewish but started the petition because of Louis IX’s anti-Semitism.”[2] Because Lee’s petition called St. Louis a “rabid anti-Semite” who “inspired Nazi Germany,” it began “drawing Jewish support” from St. Louis Jews like Rabbi Susan Talve, “the founding rabbi of the city’s Central Reform Congregation, who said taking it down would help advance racial justice in the United States.” According to Talve, St. Louis Jews have “been talking about that statue for a long time.” Talve then added that removing the statue would be “a very important part of reclaiming history, reclaiming the stories that have created the institutionalized racism that we are trying to unravel today. If we’re not honest about our history we will never be able to dismantle the systems of oppression that we are living under.”

“Susan Talve hated Cardinal Burke,” according to one Catholic familiar with the local scene. He went on to say that Burke told him that Talve had “an animosity toward me for reasons that I don’t understand.” Blinded by over 50 years of the failed experiment known as Catholic-Jewish dialogue, his eminence was evidently incapable of seeing that Talve’s animosity toward him was based on her ancestral animosity toward the Catholic Church, which he led in St. Louis at the time. Unsurprisingly, Rabbi Talve’s animosity toward the Catholic Church has turned her into an advocate of Lee’s attack on the statue.

St. Louis Catholics were determined to ignore the ethnic animosity behind the struggle. America Needs Fatima, a front group for the Brazilian cult Tradition, Family, and Property joined the fray, criticizing “limp-wristed politicians” who were giving in to “revolutionary extremists.” ANF Protest Coordinator Jose Ferraz, claimed that “American Catholics” who were “strong in their faith” were being “pushed around by anarchist revolutionaries,” but without identifying any of the actual players in the dispute.

After local activist Jim Hoft announced that a group of Catholics associated with his website Gateway Pundit was going to defend the statue, Lee issued a statement describing what he clearly knew to be a group of Catholics as “White Nationalists” along with “those on the alt-right such as those who held the infamous and tragic rally in Charlottesville.”

Hoft then responded by claiming that Lee deliberately misrepresented the Gateway Pundit rosary group as white racists: “We are Christians and Christian allies who believe we still have the freedom to practice our religion in America. We are organizing a prayer rally with Catholic and Christian men. And now we are being threatened — In America. We will not apologize for our Christianity. Not in St. Louis.”


The leader of a local rosary group, taken in by Lee’s propaganda, began to suspect that local Catholic activists at the rosary protest “might be backed by white supremacists” and warned his group off. He then retracted his first tweet after he learned that the Rosary rally was being sponsored by local activist Jim Hoft’s Gateway Pundit and TFP-America Needs Fatima. Neither group talked about the Jews. As a result, neither group was able to discuss the conflict’s most significant player. Both groups as a result became proxy warriors in an exercise in street theater which kept the true dynamics of the conflict hidden.

In his article, Sales found a local Catholic who made a valiant attempt to defend the city’s eponymous saint, only to be shot down later by Talve, who opined that “Asserting that your way is the only way I think is always wrong” with no sense that this was precisely the gist of what the local Jews and their Muslim front man were imposing on the citizens of St. Louis.

Hoft called Lee’s claim that “those on the alt-right such as those who held the infamous and tragic rally in Charlottesville,” were responsible for the demonstration defending the statue “a lie,” and added “There is no one from the Charlottesville rally or linked to the Charlottesville rally or who promoted the Charlottesville rally who will be at the prayer rally (that we know about).”

Lee’s determination to turn the statue battle into a racial conflict began to generate opposition from the Black community on Twitter, inspiring one observer to write “Fuck Umar Lee’s Bitch ass. He got fired for taking a company video to start racial tension. He’s white. Not Black. Sorry POS.”

Activist, Author and Ex-Cabbie Umar Lee
Activist, Author and Ex-Cabbie Umar Lee

By now it was obvious that the Black population of St. Louis, in spite of being dragged into Lee’s ad hoc coalition, had no dog in this fight. St. Louis, it turns out, never owned slaves. Once the racial element disappeared from the conflict, its religious dimensions began to emerge. The battle over the statue was a religious war between Catholics and Jews, in which both sides were eager to cover over the conflict’s true ethnic configuration. Both Lee and Hoft were determined to obscure the identity of their opponents as well as the identity of their backers. As one local observer put it, “Jews end up being in a win-win situation. Either Lee succeeds in toppling the statue or Hoft succeeds and becomes the gay-married, pro-Zionist hero to the local bishopless Catholics who are too fearful to organize on their own. Nowhere do Catholics, or Blacks, or Muslims get a win out of this. Being pro-Zionist on some level probably gives Hoft permission to misbehave sexually, since Jews are the authors of gay rights as a movement. It’s his way of paying them back, even though he is deeply conservative, like a typical Iowa farm boy, raised Catholic, in all other areas.”

Even after the Catholic-Jewish nature of the conflict became apparent, Lee continued to portray the pro-statue crowd as white racists. In the days leading up to the Saturday rally, Lee tweeted a picture of the blonde-haired Hoft with this text by way of explanation. “This is the guy behind the White Nationalist rally on Saturday at noon on Art Hill. This is why it’s important for us to show up at eleven. . . . Jim Hoft and the Gateway Pundit were absurdly wrong.”[3]

A few hours later, Lee tweeted: “I will never allow Nazis, racists, and White Nationalists to hold rallies in St. Louis without a response even if it’s just me.”[4] Hours later, Christine Eidson Christlieb tried to set the record straight when she tweeted “The people praying the rosary every night at the statue aren’t white nationalists. That’s just false. They are Catholics.”[5]

Ignoring Christlieb’s tweet, Lee continued to promote identity theft, tweeting on June 24 that “White Christian Nationalists and the alt-right have announced a rally on Saturday at the Louis IX statue. Please RT and share. We need to counter. Calling all Catholic and Christian Men and their Allies.” The bogus request for Catholic support when Lee knew it was Catholics who were on the other side of the protest saying their rosaries exposed the hidden grammar of Lee’s strategy, which involved denying his opponents their actual identity and turning them instead into “white nationalists,” a group which could then be deprived of their constitutional right to free speech and assembly. I discussed this ploy in my article comparing the Arbaeen march in Dearborn, which was considered legitimate because of its religious sponsorship, and the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, which was illegitimate precisely because the protesters were “white,” a designation which deprived them of any constitutional protection. Lee knew he was dealing with Catholics, but he insisted on calling them white supremacists because that was the category that would demonize them.

Lee’s tweets throughout the period leading up to the June 27 protest gave a clear indication that his real animus was against St. Louis’s Catholics, not white supremacists or nationalists. Lee tweeted “Mel Gibson is probably the most prominent traditional Catholic and critic of the modern church known to most Americans. He is also a raging anti-Semite who beat his wife. The Twitter army defending Louis IX I’m sure are huge fans of his.”

Umar Lee Leading a Protest at the St. Louis Statue
Umar Lee Leading a Protest at the St. Louis Statue

Umar Lee is not your typical Muslim. He said nothing about the plight of the Palestinians who were about to lose control over the West Bank. He failed to mention the connection between the knee hold which presumably killed George Floyd and ADL sponsored seminars which introduced Minneapolis police officers to Israeli instructors in Chicago in 2012. Instead he claimed that “Bringing down the Louis IX statue won’t be the [first] time Muslims and Jews coordinated in St. Louis to stamp out evil.” Then combining two contradictory tropes, Lee described his opponents as “alt-right Catholic fascists,” whose “favorite hobbies” were “burning and looting Jews and impaling heretics.” Instead of defending the statue of St. Louis IX, Lee felt that his Catholic foes could better spend their time studying Jewish history and volunteering “to help the many thousands of sex crimes victims in the church.”

Statues are a sign of hegemony. They help you identify the ruler, and if not the real ruler, the man those in power would like to have as their ruler. In a revolutionary era, the statues of the former ruling class must come down. The most striking instance of this was the statue of Stalin in Prague, which came down as soon as Communism collapsed in the period from 1989 to 1990. The removal of Stalin’s statue left an empty pedestal in its place, but just as nature abhors a vacuum, so pedestals will not remain empty. The first occupant of the empty Stalin pedestal was a statue of Michael Jackson, who brought his own statue to Prague when he played a concert there. He was the hegemon of the 1990s. The last time I was in Prague that pedestal was occupied by a weird crane-liked gnomon which moved in sync with some unheard rhythm of the spheres, making it seem like a metronome keeping time to an unknown melody.


The battle in Charlottesville in 2017 was ultimately a conflict over a statue, in this case a statue of Robert E. Lee, which celebrated the “redemption” of the South which occurred a generation after the Civil War, when the South drove the last remnant of Yankee soldiers from their soil. The Lee statue was erected, as were many others celebrating Confederate soldiers, to celebrate the new regime.

During the revolutionary spring of 2020, numerous statues were deposed. Not surprisingly, the statue of Lenin in Seattle escaped the mayhem which visited that city unscathed, as did the most recent addition to statuary in South Bend, Indiana, the statue of Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, CSC, president of Notre Dame University and civil rights icon Martin Luther King, Jr. The latter statue expresses better than any other the system of control which it symbolizes. The short-hand explanation of that system of control is the civil rights movement, which celebrates breaking laws with some higher purpose in mind. A recent article noted that 60 percent of people in their 20s believe it is okay to break the law for a good cause. Of course, who gets to determine whether the cause is good did not get mentioned in that article. That is why the Hesburgh-King statue is important. It was based on a photo taken in Chicago in 1966 (most often erroneously stated as 1964). When Martin Luther King arrived in Marquette Park, one of Chicago’s many ethnic neighborhoods, the Lithuanians living there greeted him with a hail of rocks and bottles, one of which staggered King as he got out of his car. Needing help to prosecute the ethnic cleansing of Catholic neighborhoods in Chicago, King gave Hesburgh a call and together the two icons sang “We shall overcome” at a rally at Soldier Field that summer.

The statue is, in other words, a celebration of two of American history’s most famous proxy warriors. As a pawn of Jewish money and Quaker organizing, King obliterated the traditional Black power structure in Chicago, symbolized by Bronzeville, which was the Black ethnic neighborhood. As a pawn of the Rockefellers, Hesburgh betrayed fellow Catholics in Chicago in order to get funding from their foundations, especially the Population Council run by John D. Rockefeller, 3rd. So the South Bend statue is in no danger of coming down because the descendants of the oligarchs which turned King and Hesburgh into political icons have found a new set of proxy warriors in Antifa and Black Lives Matter, who have arrogated the civil rights mantle to themselves in a bid to stamp out the last remnants of representative government in the United States. Pedestals will not remain empty. Prepare yourself for a Jeff Bezos statue. Just as King and Hesburgh were proxy warriors of the oligarchs in collaboration with each other, so Lee and Hoft are proxy warriors of the oligarchs in opposition to each other.

In the spring of 2015, the iconoclasts of St. Louis succeeded in getting the Jesuit-run St. Louis University to remove its statue of Pere Pierre-Jean De Smet, a Belgian Catholic priest who worked as a missionary to the Indians in the Mid-West and western sections of the United States of America.[6] The Jesuits caved in to pressure from “a cohort of students and faculty” who complained that the De Smet sculpture “symbolized white supremacy, racism, and colonialism,”[7] at least according to this news account, which and alumnus disputes, claiming:

Saint Louis University did not get rid of the statue of Father DeSmet. They moved it to the newly renovated Saint Louis University Museum of Art (SLUMA). There, the statue is prominently shown quite beautifully along with other artifacts and artwork from the early founding of St Louis and its Catholic heritage. One could argue that they removed it from its outside area because of the pressure that the university faced to remove it, but there was never a “cohort of faculty and students to remove it.” During my four years as a student from 2006 to 2009, I never heard one comment about the statue. I attended the university with a lot of people from various ethnicities who never mentioned it once. We would also pass it by on a daily basis. I personally think that this “cohort” was made up and that no one ever had a problem with it, whether liberal or not. It was made into a problem by those who would like to destroy Catholicism. The Jesuits should have left it where it was but at least they had enough sense to keep it and showcase it prominently in their museum, which I will repeat, is beautiful.

Protestors Argue at the Statue of St. Louis
Protestors Argue at the Statue of St. Louis

Two years later, St. Louis mayor Lyda Krewson caved in to the same sort of pressure when she removed a Confederate statue from the same Forest Park neighborhood where the statue to St. Louis is located.[8] The statue of Columbus was also removed in 2017, largely at the behest of Rachel Sender, a graduate student in biological anthropology at Washington University who claimed that Columbus “represents racism, colonialism, slavery and white supremacy and should not be given any honorable remembrance or be a symbol of Tower Grove Park.”[9] In attempt to give some background on Lee and his petition, local Catholic activist Jim Hoft described Rachel Sender as “some idiot . . . from New Jersey.” Sender, however, was much more forthcoming than Hoft in describing both her identity and motivation in wrecking that city’s statues. Buoyed by the iconoclasts’ success in removing the Columbus statue, Sender jumped on the bandwagon to remove the St. Louis statue, tweeting that “St. Louis was a crusader known for persecuting Jews. This is also the only city I’ve experienced [sic] blatant anti-Semitism. His legacy should not be honored! Lyda Kewson, City of St. Louis, Change the name of St. Louis. Sign the petition.”[10]

Lee was lionized in the Jewish press because even though Lee calls himself a Muslim, he not only talks like a Jew, he also got the idea of tearing down the St. Louis statue from Jews. In a recent interview, Lee told The Jerusalem Post “that he became aware of the statue’s history when Rabbi Hershey Novack of the Chabad on the Campus at St. Louis University held a Tisha B’Av gathering by the Louis IX statue to remember the atrocities he wrought on Jews in France.”[11] Lee was in effect only doing what he was told, after Novack and local Israeli restauranteur Ben Parembo said, “Hey, that statue needs to come down. Jewish kids going out with their parents to [park’s] [sic] art museum don’t need to be looking at this anti-Semite.”


Lee may be the only Muslim in the world who is not upset about the United States moving its embassy to Jerusalem, thereby making it the capital of Israel. In fact he’s planning a trip to Jerusalem, where he plans to “do a little dance. . . to commemorate the fact that loser [i.e., St. Louis IX] never made it to Jerusalem.” In the meantime, Lee “will be drafting a letter to @Pontifex asking for the decanonization of King Louis IX.” On June 21, Lee informed his twitter followers that he was “working on Lindbergh too. Must go. No Nazi named streets in St. Louis Couny [sic]!” In addition to being a descendant of Robert E. Lee, Umar Lee did time for some unspecified crime. It was during his stay in prison that he became aware of Jewish history and the fact that St. Louis “burned Talmuds and embarked upon two crusades.” He also learned that St. Louis was “a Catholic town,” a fact which led him to embark on a career as a reformer of the Catholic Church, forcing him to oppose “some hateful pre-Vatican II trends that are being repopularized.” At some point during his study of Jewish history, Lee discovered that “a group of Jewish students from Washington University and a rabbi gathered at the statue [of St. Louis] on Tisha B’av” [or this ninth of Av, the day on which the temple was destroyed].[12] From reading the article, Lee also learned that King Louis “organized the burning of 12,000 Jewish manuscripts in Paris, reasoning that the Jewish manuscripts might corrupt his good Christian soldiers.”[13] The book burning was small potatoes compared to the destruction of the Temple, but the statue gave local Jews a reason to feel aggrieved and test the local political waters to see how much clout they had. Lee discovered that Jewish clout had increased considerably over the past 11 years, and that, during the revolutionary spring of 2020, the time was ripe to press the issue.

Knowing that the Jews were itching for a battle with that city’s Catholics, Lee engaged in identity theft by claiming that the Catholic protesters were white because religion was a category which still afforded constitutional protection. Recognizing that any conflict between Catholics and Jews, with Muslims and Blacks playing minor roles, was unwinnable, Lee attempted to drag the mayor into a fight against “white nationalists” knowing full well that enlisting her in a battle against that city’s Catholics, a group which made up 26 percent of the population would have meant political suicide. Hence, Lee’s persistent efforts to turn the rally into something which it was not, as when he wrote: “Does St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson have a problem with alt-right White Nationalists having a protest at the Louis IX statue on Art Hill this Saturday?” Lee’s tendentious formulation of the issue bespoke a combination of identity theft and moral blackmail. The two issues are, of course, related and the link was America’s Civic Religion, otherwise known as the Civil Rights Movement, otherwise known as the Black-Jewish alliance. Anyone who had the Black-Jewish alliance on his side occupied the high moral ground and was on his way to winning the argument by default, because his opponents lacked a moral leg to stand on. Because of Hollywood and public education, support for the Civil Rights movement had replaced the ten commandments in America’s mind as the source of moral guidance.

But, as Anne Hendershott pointed out in her book The Politics of Deviance, deviance is constant. That means that for every precept of the moral law you subtract from your behavior, you have to add a precept of political correctness by way of compensation. Sexual sin is the usual motivation for subtracting precepts of the moral law from your conscience. The public school system in America as well as higher education has as one of its main goals the sexual corruption of every student unfortunate enough to enter its doors. The moral vacuum that education creates is filled by tales of the Civil Rights Movement, which proposes Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks as role models. The sense of grievance and contempt for the positive law which King and Parks stoked found fulfillment in the homosexual movement which invoked their name to stoke contempt for the natural law.

So one way to calm your conscience because of the abortion you had is by becoming a fanatical member of Antifa or a supporter of Black Lives Matter. The Civil Rights Movement of the ’60s was in many ways moral compensation for the adoption of contraception among Protestant sects. Unsurprisingly, 1964 was the year of both the pill and the Civil Rights Act. This is not a coincidence.

The battle over the statue served as an update on the Triple Melting Pot. Protestants were nowhere to be found in this conflict. Their place had been taken by Muslims, who were still negligible in terms of political power or cultural presence, but they could become significant if they allied themselves with the Jews, the part of the Triple Melting Pot which was still negligible in terms of numbers but whose cultural and political power had increased enormously over the past half century. St. Louis is the home to 60,000 Bosnian Muslims, who harbor animus against Jews that is now common in the Islamic world, largely because of how Israel has treated Palestinians. Umar Lee is the exception that proves the rule. Thanks to the state of Israel, Muslim antipathy to Jews is a widespread phenomenon, but it is not the case in the drama surrounding the state of St. Louis. If Umar had come out in favor of the Boycott Divestment and Sanction movement holding Israel accountable for its crimes against Palestinians, he’d still be driving a cab.

What began as an exercise in identity politics soon devolved into a case of identity theft. After Lee called the Catholics white nationalists, local Catholic activist Jim Hoft responded by calling Lee’s Jewish coalition “Marxists.” When it came to the battle of the St. Louis statue, the hierarchy of the Catholic Church was missing in action. Archbishop Robert Carlson, ordinary of the archdiocese of St. Louis, defended the statue, but his comments had little effect on public opinion because he is on his way out the door. His appointed successor, auxiliary bishop Mitchell Rozanski of Springfield, Massachusetts, had nothing to say on the issue. As a result, Hoft became defensor fidei by default, in spite of the fact that Jim Hoft’s relationship with Catholicism is even more troubled that Umar Lee’s relationship with Islam.

Hoft was born and raised in Iowa, but he got his start in local politics in St. Louis after he established a national internet presence by founding the Gateway Pundit website, which took the typically conservative line on issues as other websites began to engage in liberal waffling. Conservative, at this moment in time, had less to do with the Republican populism of St. Louis native Phyllis Schlafly, and more to do with the Neoconservatives who took over both the party and the movement over the course of the 1990s. Specifically, that meant that Hoft was rabidly pro-Israel, even to the point of posting a picture of him and Bibi Netanyahu on the Gateway Pundit masthead, and disallowing any criticism of Israel or Jews from its combox. Hoft’s loyalty to Israel has earned him Jewish friends, such as film producer Michael Rudin, who featured Hoft in a 2019 episode of the TV Series The Conspiracy Files and who is also featured in Hoft’s masthead.

In keeping with an even more recent trend in Republican-style conservatism, Hoft announced that he was a homosexual after the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando because he “just had to.” Not long after coming out of the closet, Hoft married a gay Filipino in what purported to be a Catholic ceremony at the rebel St. Stanislaus Church in St. Louis. Not content to keep his sodomy private, Hoft took out an elaborate wedding announcement complete with picture of him and the boy, who is about a foot shorter than Hoft.

Hoft’s Gateway Pundit has gone on to become a fact-checker’s dream, with article after article in mainstream outlets like the Washington Post describing Hoft and his website as retailers of conspiracy theories and fake news, but Hoft continues in his role as the Jews’ favorite dumb goy. Hoft’s fanatical, pro-Israel chest-thumping Catholicism is a compensation for homosexuality, and a manifestation of what we might call the Michael Voris syndrome. In addition to being useful to the Jews whenever they need someone to make the Catholic Church in St. Louis look ridiculous, Hoft has become defensor fidei by default because in St. Louis, as elsewhere, nature abhors a vacuum. Archbishop Robert Carlson’s defense of the statue was weakened by his status as a lame duck.[14] The Archdiocese issued a statement defending St. Louis as “an example of an imperfect man who strived to live a life modeled after the life of Jesus Christ” and a “model for how we should care for our fellow citizen.” His defense was further weakened by the fact that he did not identify the group responsible for wanting the statue removed. Catholics, as a result, were once more engaged in cultural shadow boxing against enemies they could not identify.

That means that the fate of the statue rests in the hands of Carlson’s successor, Archbishop-elect Mitchell Rozanski, who will be installed as St. Louis’s new ordinary on August 25, which is, not coincidentally, the feast of St. Louis IX. The fate of the statue rests of Mayor Lyda Krewson, who is both a Catholic and a liberal Democrat, which means she is pulled in two opposite directions. She has come out in favor of retaining the statue, but some Catholics are not sure she can withstand the political pressure pulling her in the opposite direction, since she has already presided over other acts of public iconoclasm. As a Catholic mayor presiding over the fate of the statue of a Catholic saint in a city with a large Catholic population, Krewson finds herself confronted with a revolutionary situation during an interregnum. The driving force behind that revolution is the Jewish revolutionary spirit. Because of that fact, the impending arrival of Mitchell Rozanski is not cause for optimism. Rozanski grew up in Baltimore and is a protégé of Cardinal Keeler, who is the patron saint of Catholic-Jewish dialogue in the United States and author of a document on Catholic-Jewish relations that was so heretical that even the notoriously philosemitic United States Conference of Catholic Bishops refused to publish it. On June 18, 2009, the USCCB took the unprecedented step of condemning its own document on Catholic-Jewish relations, warning unsuspecting readers that Keeler’s “Reflections on Covenant and Mission should not be taken as an authoritative presentation of the teaching of the Catholic Church. In order to avoid any confusion, the USCCB Committee on Doctrine and the Committee on Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs have decided to point out some of these ambiguities and to offer corresponding clarifications.”[15]

Archbishop-Elect Mitchell Rozanski
Archbishop-Elect Mitchell Rozanski

In an interview with Rozanski which appeared in the National Catholic Reporter, Keeler was described as “a legend in the field of Jewish-Catholic dialogue” and “one of Rozanski’s mentors.”[16] Eventually Rozanski succeeded Keeler as moderator for Catholic-Jewish relations. On February 24, 2017, Rozanski wrote a response to the shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh in his capacity as U.S. Bishops’ Chairman on Interreligious Affairs, expressing “deep sympathy, solidarity, and support to our Jewish brothers and sisters who have experienced once again a surge of anti-Semitic actions in the United States. I wish to offer our deepest concern, as well as our unequivocal rejection of these hateful actions. The Catholic Church stands in love with the Jewish community in the current face of anti-Semitism.”[17]

In an article which appeared in the Springfield, Massachusetts Republican, Rozanski was quoted as saying, “I fear that the current level of demonizing anyone of a different opinion sadly will only lead to even more levels of violence and affronts to our fellow human beings, created in the likeness and image of God.”[18] The article went on to say that the suspected shooter in the attack referred to Jews as “children of Satan,” which the paper described as an “anti-Semitic social media posting” with no indication that the term came from Jesus Christ in a confrontation with the Jews portrayed in the Gospel of St. John. I make the claim that there is a historical continuity between that confrontation in the Gospel and 2,000 years of revolutionary ferment on the part of the Jews in my book The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit.

Unlike Justin Rigali and Raymond Burke, “whose legacies remain divisive,” Rozanski plans to deal with the polarized situation in St. Louis by promoting “more dialogue, more understanding, more study of the way that police deal with different situations. And what happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis was totally, totally unacceptable, totally beyond the pale of whatever should be done to anyone who is being taken into police custody.”


There are, of course, Catholics in St. Louis who can provide a cogent defense of retaining the statue, but they are currently in hiding, fearing repercussions from Rozanski, whom one “local Catholic in a very sensitive position that requires him to remain anonymous” described as their “new super-ecumenical and politically correct Archbishop.” As I have said many times before, the Church can have good relations with the Jews, or she can have unity, but she can’t have both. Rozanski’s good relations with the Jews is a sign that local Catholics are in for a hard time if they try to contest the anti-Semitism label which has been imposed on them by Umar Lee and his Jewish backers in their defense of the statue. One such Catholic provided the following defense of the statue, while at the same time declining to give his name:

Saint Louis IX was a devout follower of Jesus, who was scrupulously honest, humble, a generous and unfailing lover and benefactor of the poor, and a peacemaker and unifier of factions within his kingdom. It is for these and other virtues that he was canonized by the Church. Just as we don’t eliminate the name and statues of Martin Luther King because he was a womanizer and a plagiarist, nor should we dishonor St. Louis because of his policies toward Jews and his crusading ventures. These need to be understood in their historical context of medieval Christendom – very different from today’s secularized world. We’re told his statue is “offensive” to Jews and Muslims. Tearing it down would be deeply offensive to hundreds of thousands of Catholics in this area, and to quite a few others as well.

As the intensity of the conflict surrounding the rosary vigils increased, the author of the above statement began to wonder if it had been strong enough in stating the case for St. Louis. When a local priest attempted to debate with the protestors, a shouting match ensued with no conclusive outcome. The author then brought up the issue of the Crusades by contexualizing it with a discussion of Zionism:

It’s a pity the priest leading the rosary and the other Catholics there didn’t defend St. Louis from the charge of being “genocidal” and a “murderer.” The Crusades were basically a defensive movement against constant Muslim encroachment on the west and Christendom, which they vowed to conquer and destroy, and to regain the Holy Places in Palestine which they had seized after the Holy Land had been under Christian control for over three centuries before the Muslim invasions of the 7th century. What prompted King Louis to embark on a crusade was that in 1244 Muslim forces invaded Jerusalem, massacred many Christians there and desecrated churches and holy places. So it wasn’t “Islamophobic” or “genocidal” for a Christian king to want to defend them! How can Jews condemn Christians for seeking to reclaim lands formerly under Christian control when they themselves (or at least the great majority, who are Zionists) justified their takeover of Palestine in 1948 for the same reason, namely, that it belonged to their ancestors until foreigners (the Romans) conquered it and dispersed them?

He then addressed the issue of burning the Talmud:

St. Louis was following the precepts of Lateran Council IV and the popes of his time in having copies of the Talmud banned and burned after it was found out that this volume (only then recently translated from Hebrew) contained repulsive blasphemies against Jesus and the Blessed Mother. Regarding Mary, “She who was the descendant of princes and governors played the harlot with carpenters” (Sanhedrin, 106a). As regards Our Lord himself, he is said to be now in hell, being boiled in “hot excrement” (Gittin, 57a). Why? “Jesus the Nazarene . . . and his disciples practiced sorcery and black magic, [and] led Jews astray into idolatry” (Sanhedrin, 43a). “He was sexually immoral, worshipped statues of stone. . . was cut off from the Jewish people for his wickedness, and refused to repent” (Sanhedrin 107b, Sotah, 47a). He “learned witchcraft in Egypt” (Shabbos, 104b).[19]The last three Talmud citations here were accessed 6/26/20 on the Jewish website, where they are quoted with approval in an article arguing Jesus was a “false prophet”.

Jonathan Greenblatt
Jonathan Greenblatt

Missing from this discussion is the role Jews play in getting people they don’t like de-platformed from social media, which is the modern day equivalent of burning the Talmud. On the same Saturday as the protests at the St. Louis statue, all of my books were removed from Amazon at the behest of the ADL, the main organization promoting Jewish censorship of the media. Unlike the ADL, the Inquisition gave the books it burned a fair hearing. Now, because of Jewish concepts like “hate speech,” anyone can lose his livelihood without trial or explanation at the hands of the same people who take umbrage at burning the Talmud. The only thing necessary is mention of the magic word “anti-Semitism,” which ends all discussion and leaves the accused person guilty without any possibility of clearing his name. St. Louis, according to our author:

was no “anti-Semite” (which properly speaking is a racial prejudice, like that of Hitler); but he was indeed anti-Jewish, i.e., against Judaism as a religion, for the reason that Jews bitterly hated Christianity (as the Talmud demonstrated) and often worked to undermine the faith of Louis’ Christian subjects, whose eternal salvation he sought to protect. The consistent position taken by the medieval popes was the Jews were not to be molested, and their worship was to be tolerated, provided they didn’t work to oppose or undermine the faith of the Christian majority. When punitive measures were implemented or authorized by the Church, it was because the Church judged that Jews were not abiding by that condition.

As his final point, our author points out that if the Jews had power over Christians to implement the Talmud which St. Louis ordered burned, Christians would have died. That’s because Jews only believe in tolerance when they are a powerless minority, and they believe in it only as a strategy to undermine the coherence and unity of the dominant culture until they get the upper hand, at which point they become ruthless persecutors of those who are weaker than they are. Israeli treatment of Palestinians is a good indication of how Jews act when they get the upper hand. Bolshevism in Russia is another example. Once the Bolsheviks seized power in Russia, the Jews who controlled that movement turned the instruments of state power against the Russian Christians whom they saw as their ancestral foes by creating instruments of terror like the Cheka, which was invariably a Jewish-run operation because Russians were reluctant to torture and murder other Russians, whereas the Jews who made up the majority of that organization had no such compunction. “St. Louis’s medieval methods,” our author continues:

were not such as we would find acceptable today, when a much greater degree of religious toleration and emphasis on individual rights has been a part of Western culture now for centuries; but we have to understand St. Louis and other great figures of Christendom and U.S. history in their own historical context. The idea of a religiously “neutral” or secular state was unheard of anywhere in the world until after the French and American Revolutions more than 500 years after St. Louis lived. No religion in those days gave much emphasis to religious toleration. The Jews themselves (never mind the Muslims!) would have been very oppressive to Christians if they had been in power, as the Jewish laws set out in the Babylonian Talmud make clear, even though most of them couldn’t be implemented. For instance, “If a gentile hits a Jew, the gentile must be killed” (Sanhedrin, 58b); “When a Jew murders a gentile there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a gentile he may keep” (Sanhedrin, 57a). Indeed, gentiles are dehumanized: “All gentile children are animals” (Yebamoth 98a); “Gentile girls are in a state of niddah [filth] from birth” (Abodah Zarah, 36b). If this, and the vitriolic Talmud slurs against Jesus and Mary cited above, are not “hate speech,” what is?”

As some indication of the parlous state which Catholic-Jewish dialogue has created in the Catholic Church, America Magazine turned to a Jewish Lesbian convert to Catholicism, who explained the situation in St. Louis to its readers in the following way: “King Louis IX, whom Catholics know as St. Louis, ordered the burning [of the Talmud] after a rigged ‘disputation’ in which a Jewish convert to Christianity debated a rabbi about whether the Talmud was blasphemous.”[20] So are the above passages blasphemous? Are they in the Talmud? If the answer to those questions is yes, in what sense was the disputation rigged? Eve Tushnet, who is the author of this article as well as the author of Gay and Catholic: Accepting My Sexuality, Finding Community, Living My Faith, never gets around to answering that question. Nor does she tell us whether the statue should be taken down or left in place, nor does she tell us in what sense someone who describes herself as a Jewish lesbian has converted to the Catholic faith.

The fact that the author of this eloquent defense of St. Louis chose to remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation from that city’s incoming bishop is a good indication that the violence will increase. America is now in the middle of a full-blown revolution because largely Jewish revolutionaries broke the Motion Picture Production Code in 1965 and inundated the country with pornography and other forms of sexual subversion, which left subsequent generations weakened, demoralized, and incapable of sustaining their own culture and institutions. The year 1965 inaugurated the failed experiment known as Catholic-Jewish dialogue as well. More than anything else, the sort of Catholic-Jewish dialogue which the incoming bishop learned at the knee of his mentor Cardinal Keeler crippled the Catholic Church’s ability to defend the moral order in American society. Repurposed as our “elder brothers” and friends, Jews qua Jews became the unopposed sponsors of virtually every subversive movement in American culture from abortion to gay marriage, from race-baiting political correctness to family destroying feminism, from warmongering neo-Conservatism to brutal shoot-the-protesters-in-the-back Zionism, alienating people who should have been America’s friends because of Israel’s barbarous behavior. The Jews have never abandoned their ancestral commitment to revolution, and now revolution has arrived at the gates of the Gateway, as the Black revolutionaries who have always been the Jews’ proxy warriors, from the founding of the NAACP to the infusion of George Soros money into the coffers of Black Lives Matter, broke down the entrance to a gated community two blocks from the St. Louis statue and continued the march which began after George Floyd died. Threatened by what looked like a home invasion and abandoned by the local police, who had been told to stand down by that city’s feminist mayor, Mr. and Mrs. McCloskey stood their ground on the front porch of their house brandishing the weapons that they were forced to exhibit because the cops refused to come to their assistance when called.

The rally at the statue ended up being much more violent than anticipated as brass-knuckled Black Lives Matter thugs beat up elderly Catholics who had come to say the Rosary.[21] Some of the Black Lives Matter demonstrators arrived with firearms. All of the Catholic demonstrators were unarmed. According to various reports, Black Lives Matter protesters attacked Catholics praying near the Apotheosis of St. Louis statue in St. Louis. And why did they do this? Were the Black thugs who took the cane away from a 60-year-old Catholic praying the Rosary and beat him with it upset about Louis IX burning the Talmud or his position on Albigensianism? I doubt it. You can view that attack at the link in this footnote.[22] Umar Lee’s portrayal of Catholics as white supremacists, fresh from Charlottesville, is responsible for that Catholic’s injuries. Lee is guilty of incitement. If he and the man who carried out the attack go unpunished, we can expect more violence.


In reaction to the violence at the statue on Sunday, the Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis issued a stunning rebuke to Umar Lee in a statement on Tuesday, June 31, saying that removing the statue of St. Louis “will not erase history.” The Islamic group went on to say that they remained “committed to work on interfaith relationships based on honest dialogue and mutual respect.” It did not recommend taking down the statue of St. Louis. Instead it was saying there were voices of reason in the Islamic community in St. Louis and that Lee’s campaign had no support among the people who did speak for Islam in that city. As one local Catholic put it after reading the Islamic group’s report, “The Jews have overplayed their hand.”

Mr. Greenblatt’s attempt to use the ADL to resurrect the Black/Jewish alliance has created problems of its own. With Israel’s annexation of the West Bank looming, the ADL is concerned that the backlash that the annexation is sure to cause, might spread to its proxy warriors in Black Lives Matter, as in fact did happen in England[23]

The “stakeholders analysis memo,” which was issued by the ADL’s Government Relations, Advocacy, and Community Engagement department and marked as a draft, warns that the group will need to find a way to defend Israel from criticism without alienating other civil rights organizations, elected officials of color, and Black Lives Matter activists and supporters. The memo suggests that the group hopes to avoid appearing openly hostile to public criticism of annexation while it works to block legislation that harshly censures Israel or leads to material consequences, such as conditioning United States military support.[24]

The ADL was not the only Jewish organization supporting Black Lives Matter. According to a a report in the Jewish Telegraph Agency, “More than 400 Jewish organizations and synagogues in the United States have signed on to a letter that asserts ‘unequivocally: Black Lives Matter.’”[25] Those groups represented a broad spectrum “of religious, political, gender, and racial identities. The list of signatories — from small congregations to major Jewish organizations — represents millions of Jewish people in the United States, the organizers,” according to the statement.

The problem in cities like Seattle, Chicago, and St. Louis can be laid at the feet of those cities’ lesbian and feminist public officials, a group which is incapable of enforcing the law because they see the law as a manifestation of patriarchal oppression. This encourages anarchy because it allows Jewish-funded thugs like Antifa and Black Lives Matter to act with impunity. It also encourages political opportunists like Umar Lee to mount assaults on the social order because they can blackmail those officials because of the guilty conscience which arises from abortion and sexual perversion. The Church is complicit as well when it appoints bishops who are known for their skill in appeasing Christ’s enemies.

The video of Mr. and Mrs. McCloskey’s confrontation in St. Louis garnered over 16 million views in less than 24 hours, not because violence ensued, but because violence was averted, at least for the time being.[26] But the assault on the McCloskeys continues as a signature petition to disbar them is wending its way to the Jewish head of the local lawyer’s disciplinary board. Planning to fight fire with fire, the McCloskeys have hired a Jewish lawyer to defend them.

As of this writing, St. Louis Circuit attorney Kim Gardner is considering filing charges against the McCloskey’s for defending their home. Gardner was elected in 2017, with the help of George Soros money.[27] In addition to supporting Gardner, Soros also funded the Ferguson riots.[28] During Gardner’s tenure as Circuit Attorney, felony prosecutions dropped dramatically. Of the 7,045 felony cases which the St. Louis Police Department brought before the circuit attorney in 2019, only 1641 were prosecuted, despite claims of significant evidence to prosecute presented by the police union.[29] After reducing the cash bond for numerous offences, or removing it altogether, Gardner announced that she was no longer going to prosecute “low-level” marijuana possession cases. At this point, Gardner declared war on the State of Missouri. In February 2018, Gardner indicted Missouri Governor Eric Greitens.[30] Three months later, the governor’s office filed a suit against William Don Tisaby, the ex-FBI agent Gardner had hired to investigate Greitens. Gardner then went all the way to the Missouri Supreme Court to block the appointment of a special prosecute to investigate her handling of the Greitens investigation but lost. That grand jury also brought charges of misconduct against Gardner but ultimately failed to hand down any indictments.

In 2019 Gardner pleaded guilty to repeated campaign finance violations dating back to her time as a Missouri State Legislator, but avoided conviction by reaching “an agreement with the Missouri Ethics Commission to pay a settlement of \$6,314 in lieu of a \$63,009 fine.”[31]

In January 2020, Gardner filed a civil rights lawsuit against St. Louis City and St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department on the basis of the Fourth Amendment, the Fourteenth Amendment, and the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1865 alleging a racist conspiracy. The City of St. Louis called the case “meritless,” and Jeff Roorda of the St. Louis Police Officers Association called it “the last act of a desperate woman.”[32]

On June 3, 2020, Gardner released all 36 of the rioters who had been arrested in the wake of the George Floyd protests.[33] Gardner is sympathetic St. Louis’s revolutionaries because ever since her election, she has been involved in her own attempt to overthrow the government. The fate of the McCloskeys, who have been told that the rioters are planning to return to their house, now rests in the hand of this woman and the police force she has beaten into submission with the help of George Soros.

Whether violence prevails in the future, no one can say at this point, but the best indication of its likelihood can be found in the fate of the statue which represents that city’s patron saint, and the fighting spirit it inspires in those who are determined to resist the Jewish revolutionary spirit, as St. Louis did in Paris eight centuries ago.




















[19] The last three Talmud citations here were accessed 6/26/20 on the Jewish website, where they are quoted with approval in an article arguing Jesus was a “false prophet”.















(Republished from Culture Wars by permission of author or representative)
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  1. The beard is really off now … thanks to this magnum opus from Dr. Jones.

    • Replies: @VICB3
  2. Jake says:

    Umar Lee is another example in a long line of post-Christian whites becoming some type freak.

    It is either Christ and Christendom or Chaos.

    Mike Jones is aware of that, except that he remains in denial that Vatican II is a key part of the Chaos.

  3. When something dies…

    1. Its spirit goes out first. White America lost pride and confidence. It lost the spirit.

    2. Its body goes limp and is fed on by others. White America is like a beached whale fed on by Jews and non-whites.

    3. The hard bones remain but in time they also also dry and crack and crumble. That is happening right now. White America is dead in spirit and body. And the remaining bones are being picked apart and cracked and destroyed as well. And nothing is done about this desecration because whites are dead in spirit and body.

    If you’re alive and strong, you fend off attackers.

    But if you’re dead in spirit, your bodies grow sick and weak. And when your body does, the flesh is eaten by others and there is nothing you can do when your remaining bones are smashed.

    When Notre Dame burned, it was like the destruction of an empty shell. No one really cared in the West. There were only jokes about rebuilding it into a green house.

  4. Great article, I had no idea of the background behind these various incidents. I saw each clip on various media channels, but never knew that they were all connected.

    Couple of comments:

    1) Jewish-Catholic dialogue appears to be a one way shouting match. I have yet to hear of Jews altering the Talmud to remove the anti-gentile and anti-Christian passages from that turgid tome.

    2) “nor does she tell us in what sense someone who describes herself as a Jewish lesbian has converted to the Catholic faith.” She’s obviously an infiltrator, like several of the major participants in Vatican II. I’m no Catholic, so I’m not about to lecture anyone on Church history, but there are a few volumes out there on the founding of the Jesuit order and how gentiles and jews battled for control of it over subsequent decades. Infiltration of Christian churches is as much of a Jewish tradition as Purim.

    3) It was from your work that I finally gained a better understanding of Jesus and his criticism of the Pharisees. Shame to see it disappear from Amazon, but I fear anything that even remotely offends Jewish sensibilities is going to be hard to find in future. I believe they even banned Jewish historian Leni Brenner’s book on the transfer agreement.

    • Agree: Pheasant
    • Replies: @Jake
  5. Interesting to know about the fake-negro and fake-Muslim Umar Lee or Talcum XX. There’s already a fake-negro from KY who’s known as Talcum X. He’s the one who is stationed at Haaaavaaahd who collects 20K a pop for speeches advocating that all non-black portrayals of Christ and Mary be destroyed and churches burned. His BLM followers seem to have been busy in the past week. Perhaps E. Michael Jones should do a follow-up on this noxious clown. This was a very informative article with a lot of insightful background provided.

    Interesting to note that the first ones to show any resistance to this atrocity were some Brazilian Traditionalist Catholics. Most of the ones from Murika are too busy fellating the BLM (Black Looming Monster) created and funded by nice folks like George Soros, who isn’t even a fake Nazi but an actual Nazi employee who (along with his father) aided the famous Adolf Eichmann in the asset-looting of Hungarian Jews in the wake of the Nazi overthrow of Admiral Horthy’s regime.

    Horthy’s government refused to send the local Jews to Hitler even though they were allied with the Germans in fighting the USSR. Isn’t there a special division of the Juctice Dept. devoted to hunting down folks who were involved even slightly with the Hitler regime?? Guess when you buy citizenship in the Rotten Banana Empire (Soros’ was via a special act of Congress – the finest money can buy), the fearless Nazi-hunters shy away.

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
  6. One of the worst things Giuliani did was bring back urban revival. If DEATH-WISH-style NY had continued, America would have been far more conservative.
    All that urban renewal and wealth made the city slickers more cosmo and snotty.

    This time, please let NY go to hell.

    • Agree: Father Coughlin
  7. GMC says:

    Sarc. Yep those nasty Russians – they keep interfering with our elections and our country – we need to sanction them some more! Hard to believe that the USAs population , can’t see past those big nose greedy suckers and their accomplices, that have totally ripped the country apart and stolen the wealth and future of the Nation. The best writers , in decades, are now riding Paul Revere’s horse, writing articles, books and making documentaries/videos, trying to warn the People , that their country is in huge Peril – yet only about 15% are aware of it. Thanks UNZ Review.

    • Agree: Emily, Father Coughlin
  8. gotmituns says:

    One thing you can take to the bank is that if the statue is taken down, it will be done by a White owned rigging company by White workers. Blacks could never do such a project.

  9. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    The Talmud is the absolute paradigm for racial supremacy, intolerance and hatred, a satanic bible compiled for psychopaths and pedophiles. Anyone who burns it gets my vote for a statue.

    • Agree: Father Coughlin
  10. Pheasant says:

    Umar Lee crypto jew.

    • Replies: @Jake
  11. Jake says:
    @Pure Coincidence

    And that explains why those directing Antifa and NLM sent the mob to their property.

    • Replies: @Pure Coincidence
  12. Emily says:

    The USA is now so wracked with immorality, perversion and identity politics – its difficult to see that it has a future.
    And having read about Lee and Holt, Talve and Gardner I was instantly reminded of the thread from yesterday. ‘Who Should be Shot?’.
    With the infestation of pure evil which is ripping apart the society and internal peace of the American people – are there no patriots left….?
    When there is no law, no protection for decency, fairness and justice – the time must come when citizens need to defend themselves.
    Obviously in St Louis that time has come…..
    But the brainwashing now is so deep seated, so professional and so ugly but well financed – it seems to me that the USA will be consumed from within, without the white population even turning off their TV sets until the killing, raping and looting hits their actual front doors.
    And it will.
    The barbarians are no longer at the gates – they are destroying and ‘cleansing’ all the concept of history and any ‘American dream’from inside the very heart of the country.
    Karma – perhaps.

    • Agree: TheTrumanShow
  13. Jake says:
    @Priss Factor

    1. The white Americans who are not WASP Elites have lost a sense of identity and meaning, pride and confidence. WASP Elites remain high on the hog. Yes, they now are clearly #2 behind the original Jewish junior partner in the Anglo-Zionist alliance. But that remains very high.

    And that lost pride and confidence was no accident, nor was it something directed just by Jews over the past 50 years. All WASP culture, back to its very beginning, operates precisely to strip non-WASP whites of every sense of identity, meaning, rootedness, pride and confidence they have, leaving them shells serving Anglo-Zionist Empire. When whites assimilate to WASP culture, that is the end game: they lose themselves and become serfs promoting Anglo-Zionist Empire.

    2. Non-Jewish non-whites are not feasting; they are weapons and tools used by WASP Elites and Jews to batter and bludgeon non-WASP whites into losing everything culturally and religiously that they require to resist being fully assimilated to service of the Anglo-Zionist Empire.

    3. The only way those bones revive is through working to rebuild Christendom. Anything other that that is wasted time, energy, and money, and most of it indirectly serves Anglo-Zionist Empire.

    For example: what Jews hate most are Traditional Christian identities and values that are or are becoming a revival of Christendom. That means that raving anti-Jewish alt-right atheists or Darwinists or Wiccans or Mohammedans, etc. are actually serving Anglo-Zionist Empire.

    Also, all Protestantism serves Anglo-Zionist Empire, as does Vatican II Catholicism, which in praxis is at least half Protestant. Thus ‘conservative’ Protestants – and not just the most vociferously pro-Israel ones – and ‘conservative’ Vatican II Catholics both serve the continuance of the global cultural overlordship of Anglo-Zionism.

  14. Gast says:

    Since E. Michael Jones endorses Christianity, it is appropriate to remind him that Christians destroyed the holy places of their rivals, destroying statues and libraries of antiquity, bringing down holy oaks of Germanic tribes etc..

    And you Americans did it in Germany not too long ago, even destroying completely unpolitical statues of Arno Breker and other artists.

    So it is all a bit hypocritical.

    Nota bene: I don’t endorse this destruction in America, and I even lament this, because I see it as a sign of weakness of the White race, and I identify as a White man, and I see those who are bringing those statues down as my enemies. But a bit more self-reflection would certainly be appropriate, if you want someone to sympathize with you.

  15. Emslander says:

    I guess it surprises me less that Jesus Christ is still being persecuted by the old Jewish remnant than that the remnant has found so many allies at this point in our history. I’m equally unsurprised that a much more effective coalition is thereby being formed to oppose the remnant. Satan, being a liar from the beginning, always makes the same mistakes. He/She turns a series of small victories, like rampant pornography and an army of weak, duped Christian leaders like Hesburgh, into a conflagration that demands a response from God, like the Resurrection.

    Mr. Jones, a hundred miles up the river from St. Louis a new Satanic brew is being cooked up. There has begun a movement recently to beatify and canonize the supposedly first black priest in the United States, Augustine Tolton, who came to Quincy, Illinois in the late 1850’s as a boy with his mother and brothers, freed slaves of Roman Catholic “owners”. The family was taken in by German Catholics of the parish of St. Boniface and its German speaking priests. He was found to have a gifted intellect and the German people of Quincy assisted him to a college education and a priestly vocation. He studied in Rome and was assigned by the Pope back to Quincy as an “apostle” to the black people of America.

    The 123rd anniversary of his death occurred just a week ago and various public events marked the date of his passing on to the afterlife. The bishop of Springfield, an ambitious cleric to say the least, quickly understood what a feather in his miter it would be to have a politically correct saint named in his diocese. Fine and good, I say, despite the absence of any supernatural evidence of Tolton’s presence in heaven for a century and a quarter.

    A closer look at the documents now being promoted, mostly by easterners who assume only the worst about white westerners, especially those of German heritage, reveals that the basis for the canonization has become the theoretically vile persecution by racist white German Catholics in Quincy that drove him to an escape to Chicago for the seven years of his priestly service, which ended in his death from “heat exhaustion” in the 1890’s.

    The actual written record seriously contradicts the racist accusations. An entirely fictional account of this past has been created in the fervid imaginations of badly educated rich white women and homosexual clerics. The source materials, including an account written by his supervising pastor at the time of his service in Quincy, shows quite the opposite of the Bishop’s documentation.

    It’s become clear that the ambitions of modern Catholics drives them past the truth about the early Catholics of the Mississippi River Valley, the poor Germans from Lower Saxony, many of whom could justly be put up for canonization. Injustice is permitted in any good political movement, apparently.

    I offer this to you, Mr. Jones, as another fine example of the Catholic Contraceptive Mentality and your examination of the effects of deviate behavior.

  16. Grow a beard/burka and you’re a Main Stream Muslim!

    What else is new…

  17. Jake says:

    1. Yes, it is a one-way street: Jews talk about anti-Semitism and racism and the evils of Christendom, and Vatican II Catholics take notes and agree to do better in silencing Catholics who smell the rats and the poison they bring.

    2. Eve Tushnet could just be a bimbo of the age, meaning she really thinks she can be and do all she is and does without contradiction. But I’m confident the odds are much higher that she is a plant, another in a long line of Jewish plants in the Catholic Church. Liberal Catholics LOVE Eve Tushnet, as do most moderate Vatican II Catholics and more than a few ‘conservative’ Vatican II Catholics. Even Rod Dreher, who drips with Liberalism all over race issues but is sound on homosexual issues, defers to Eve Tushent. That tells me that for Dreher, promoting non-white races is more important than protecting Christians from the predations of gays.

    3. Jesus on the Pharisees may be even more important than Plato on Socrates versus the Sophists. Each is essential.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  18. Anonymous[369] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    I always love your comments, PF, and your nice turn of phrase. Whenever I see your handle I know I’m gonna get a nice, humorous, black-pilled summation of an issue.

    • Agree: mark green
  19. Jake says:

    I assume you mean genetically. He may well be half or a quarter Jewish in ancestry. But much more important is that he has chosen culturally to serve the Synagogue, to serve Pharisees, to serve the dictates of the Talmud. Mohammedans serve all three because they provide an anti-Christ religion and identity for those (starting with Semites) who are, and intend to remain, anti-Christ but refuse to bow directly, openly, knowingly, to the Synagogue and the Talmud.

    The West is filled with young people who have been denied heritage and identity that have meaning. And they choose various paths of destruction trying to fill the void. Very few of them, even the ones who become Jews or Mohammedans, have any Jewish genetics.

    It is either Christ and Christendom or Chaos, which we see taking over everything all around us.

    • Replies: @Pheasant
  20. @Jake

    Jones talks all the time of Vatican II as a wrong turn.

  21. @Gast

    The only way Americans and Anglos can look into any mirror is when it’s their smartphone and some heavy deep faking photofilter is running.

  22. Anonymous[109] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    Speaking of a body going limp, Priss Factor, have a look at the St. Louis Jesuits, who gave us, according to the Carmelite magazine, the unofficial gay anthem for sodomites in the clergy and laity, “Here I am, Lord,” written by a gay ex-Jesuit named Schutte who apparently has a gay “partner.”

    And here’s an article about a gala farewell concert in St. Louis to these apostate Jesuit hippies using the trappings of the Church to push the homosexual agenda.

    I don’t know why I bothered commenting when this sort of mawkish, self-indulgent, virtue-signaling bilge apparently characterizes active Catholics in St. Louis. They couldn’t defend their ground in St. Louis from anyone.

    If “Here I am, Lord” doesn’t drive real men out of Mass on Sunday as intended, surely “On Eagles’ Wings” will. If you want to hear the bleatings of a spent force, try Mass on Sunday.

    • Agree: Hibernian
    • Replies: @Priss Factor
    , @Getaclue
  23. “But the brainwashing now is so deep seated, so professional and so ugly but well financed – it seems to me that the USA will be consumed from within, without the white population even turning off their TV sets until the killing, raping and looting hits their actual front doors.”

    I see no evidence that you are wrong. And Trump fiddles while America burns.

  24. Anonymous[330] • Disclaimer says:

    And you Americans did it in Germany not too long ago, even destroying completely unpolitical statues of Arno Breker and other artists.

    Breker was artist to the Third Reich, which was a political movement and hostile to Christianity. While Jones thoroughly condemns all aspects of Nazism he does believe the rise of Hitler and the Third Reich is attributable to Bolshevism.

    Jones writes in JRS:

    “In Mein Kampf, Hitler wrote ‘in 1918 it was still not possible to talk about programmatic anti-Semitism. I can still remember the difficulties one encountered as soon as the word Jew was mentioned. You were either looked at as if you were crazy or you encountered the stiffest resistance.’ In 1933 Hitler told Max Planck, ‘I have nothing against the Jews qua Jews. But the Jews are all communists, and these are my enemies, and it is against them that I am fighting.’ As evidence that anti-Communism trumped racism, von Bieberstein quotes Hitler’s saying ‘Lieber sind mir 100 Neger im Saal, als ein Jude.’ ‘Better a hundred Negroes in the room than one Jew.’ In a diary entry for February 10, 1937, Hans Frank wrote, ‘I confess my belief in Germany … which is in truth God’s tool for the extermination of evil. We are fighting in God’s name against the Jews and their Bolshevism. God protect us.’ Hitler always maintained the Jew was his enemy primarily because the Jew spread revolution. In a table talk entry dated June 7, 1944, he still maintained ‘without Jews there would be no revolution.’ ”

    E. Michael Jones, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and its Impact on World History (South Bend, IN: Fidelity Press, 2008), p. 750

    • Replies: @Gast
  25. @Gast

    But, But the Native Europeans didn’t have Logos.

    That’s why it was necessary to destroy the sacred groves and the ancient rites. Arno Breker again was a pagan heathen. Of course he was destroyed by the greatest generation.

    The best part about all this is that WHITES WILL SURVIVE and they will not be Christian. They may be some synthetic syncretic version. But turning the other cheek will not be a predominant feature of their belief. The surviving whites will be HARD and Race Realist, it’s almost tautological.

  26. Tick Tock says:

    “Mel Gibson is probably the most prominent traditional Catholic and critic of the modern church known to most Americans. He is also a raging anti-semite who beat his wife. The Twitter army defending Louis IX I’m sure are huge fans of his.”

    He left out the incest, child pornography and pedophilia. Umar is not very complete is he. Wife beating is so passe…

    Question, why do we allow ourselves to be controlled in part by the minorities who have only created pain for humanity? Blacks and Jews….

  27. @Jake

    When whites assimilate to WASP culture, that is the end game: they lose themselves and become serfs promoting Anglo-Zionist Empire.

    Fortunately the cultural record of the 20th century is quite full and easy to access. And what I see is, until the 60s, Catholics getting along just fi.

    The Motion Picture Production Code, before that the Hays Code, certainly pre-Lambeth, … when Protestants and Catholics worked together, America was a paradise, compared to today’s Godforsaken mess.

    They could have kept things that way. But the Jews gained game-changing power after WWII. And since you couldnt name them, you couldnt fight them. And since you couldnt fight them, you lost.

  28. @Gast

    appropriate to remind him that Christians destroyed the holy places of their rivals, destroying statues and libraries of antiquity, bringing down holy oaks of Germanic tribes etc..

    Nope. They Christianized them. Pulled out of them what was true, noble and beautiful and modified what was error.

    • Replies: @Gast
  29. Chu says:

    Jacob Lew under Obama wanted to get Andrew Jackson of the \$20 and replace it with Susan B Anthony.

    • Replies: @Chu
  30. Agent76 says:

    Jul 12, 2020 Tyrants HATE This 500 Year Old Trick for Ending Tyranny

    The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude, the 16th century treatise on tyranny and obedience by Étienne de La Boétie. James and Keith highlight some of the book’s key insights and detail how they apply every much to our situation today as they did when they were written.

  31. Agent76 says:

    Jun 29, 2020 Armed Couple Facing BLM Mob SPEAK OUT “We Were In FEAR OF OUR LIVES…The Agitators…WERE WHITE”!!!

    When an angry and unruly BLM mob trespassed onto private property homeowners Mark and Patricia McCloskey armed themselves to protect their lives and their property after the mob uttered threats that they would kill them.

    August 22, 2017 The racist origin of gun control laws

    Congress demolished these racist laws. The Freedmen’s Bureau Bill of 1865, Civil Rights Act of 1866, and Civil Rights Act of 1870 each guaranteed all persons equal rights of self-defense. Most importantly, the 14th Amendment, ratified in 1868, made the Second Amendment applicable to the states.

  32. @Anonymous

    gay ex-Jesuit named Schutte


  33. Gast says:

    Not sure what your point is. If I want to make sense out of your comment, I would construe the following argument (correct me, if I am wrong):

    1) There is no apolitical art, if an artist accepts working for a political party and shows some kind of sympathy for that party. So if Breker makes an allegory of the four seasons it is still “Nazi art”.

    2) The Nazis were “hostile” to Christianity.

    3) Christians are entitled to destroy the cultural heritage of a group that is hostile to them.

    Conclusion: Therefore the Americans were entitled to destroy most of Breker’s art after the war, even statues which seemed unpolitical like an allegory of the four seasons.

    I would say all of your premises are highly debatable, and I personally find all three premises false.

    The most controversial would probably be 2), since there is conflicting evidence. And even the evidence is debatable. The best “evidence” for Hitler’s hostility towards Christianity are the “Table Talks”. But it is far from clear that the “Table Talks” are not a post-war forgery.

    And if the Nazis were actually hostile to Christianity, they were certainly the most tolerant enemy one can wish for. To my knowledge the didn’t destroy any Christian art, and even funded the Christian churches in the most generous way. Their “Concordat” with the Catholic church is still valid today, because it is so advantageous for the Catholics! But the ungrateful Christians didn’t thank them for this tolerance after the war and destroyed almost everything connected to the Nazis who were slandered like no other group in history. And since Micheal E. Jones endorses the gas-chambers-hoax against the Nazis, he is certainly among the slanderers.

    And if you accept 3), then there is certainly a universal justification to erase the cultural heritage of all groups, who are seen as enemies by other groups. If a group becomes strong enough, it is entitled to destroy everything it sees as “offending” (and we all know how easy it is to construct sophistry to feel “offended”.

  34. Chu says:

    It was Tubman:
    4/20/2016 ​
    WASHINGTON – In a letter to the American people, Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew today announced plans for the new \$20, \$10 and \$5 notes, with the portrait of Harriet Tubman to be featured on the front of the new \$20.

    Secretary Lew also announced plans for the reverse of the new \$10 to feature an image of the historic march for suffrage that ended on the steps of the Treasury Department and honor the leaders of the suffrage movement—Lucretia Mott, Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Alice Paul. The front of the new \$10 note will maintain the portrait of Alexander Hamilton.

  35. Ray P says:

    If Louis IX could climb down off his plinth he would almost certainly execute both Jim Hoft and Umar Lee. He would let the jews live after imposing severe fines and perhaps banish them to East St. Louis.

  36. Gast says:
    @Father Coughlin

    This is a very stupid and uneducated reply. There is so much evidence of wholesale destruction of “pagan” heritage by Christians. No serious Christian scholar denies this. Read a bit on the topic.

    • Replies: @Getaclue
  37. Getaclue says:

    Go to the Traditional Latin Mass at an FSSP Parish — and you won’t see a “spent force” — just the opposite. Try it and see… I know people who travel from other States to get to our Parish on Sundays.

  38. @Jake

    It is amazing to me how adding that X-factor to the equation seemingly always makes the incomplete picture make perfect sense. Tucker led his show with the McCloskey story last night, but he can’t say outright many of the hidden variables. He does a better job than anyone in the MSM by far at leading the horse to water, but will they drink?

    • Thanks: Father Coughlin
  39. Getaclue says:

    You’re sort of clueless on this one? You haven’t come across any info on all the Priests, Nuns, Monks, and Religious that Hitler ordered murdered? Hitler hated Jesus Christ — there are various writings by him as to how weak he felt Christ was (I’ve seen some commenter here posting the same kind of slander/bs here constantly, seems he has the same type ax to grind for some reason….) — as to Catholic Priests — Saint Maximillian Kolbe is just one of many Catholic Priests murdered by the Nazis — he was beaten, starved, and then took another man’s place who was sentenced to death and finally injected with poison by the concentration camp guards. Many Priests, Nuns and Religious were murdered by Hitler — this is just a short listing of some:,the%20existence%20of%20the%20Poles.

    People these days, especially young people, think WW2 was all about the Jews and nothing else — for obvious reasons unfortunately…you don’t hear much as to the Catholics and others….

    Pope Pius XII did not “publicly” do more against Hitler as he was warned by the Germans if he did more publicly against Hitler then there would just be outright massive slaughter of Jews etc. (the Jews actually begged him to be silent due to this…historical fact) — this is the only reason — he actually opposed Hitler fervently, even assassination plans I understand, and then of course the Communists after the war went on to do a campaign of slander and libel against the Angelic Pope.

    Hitler has shown up in human demon form at several Exorcisms so it seems he called it wrong as to Jesus Christ as to the “weak” thing? Not the only one since Hell has nearly an “infinite number” down there now according to Ven. Mary of Agreda (that was back in the 1600’s when she was allowed to know that by Heaven) — I don’t think sentencing someone to burn in Hell forever really fits the description of “weak” I read of Christ by Hitler…yes he called that one very wrong, and really no other call in comparison mattered so much…forever in Hell burning and tortured by demons…– he should have had a better Catechism and took it to heart, few do these days either though, sad….God bless you and all!

    • Replies: @Gast
  40. Getaclue says:

    I’ve read tons on it and you’re dead wrong — the Pagans opposed Christianity viciously and were light years stronger and better positioned, your comment complete ignores this fact– the World into which Christianity emerged thru Christ was basically a totally Pagan world, how is it they were able to do “wholesale destruction” then? LOL — in Rome the terrible persecution went on for the better part of 300 years and Christians were tortured and persecuted in the worst way possible. Due to the fact so many miracles occurred witnessed in the Coliseum (Martyrs) and elsewhere there were so many converted that finally Christianity/Catholic Church became the dominant religion. We now see the Pagan re-emerging during these times where there is more demonic activity than ever before….

    There are any number of revisionist loser Communist historians these days lying about this (same as those “Professors” telling us all about that “white privilege” etc….) — the same who argue the Aztecs didn’t do human sacrifice although there is tons of evidence — these days you can just lie about anything contrary to Jesus Christ and be praised and published because of what has taken over the Universities etc. — Satanic/Pagan “worship” is now out in public again along with all the rest of the degeneracy we see now everywhere in every thing — but if you actually do some serious research you will find the truth. You have to want to find it and not have a preconceived agenda. It’s not that difficult.

    • Replies: @Father Coughlin
  41. An important ‘Tour de Force’ ….

    …though it should be remembered that our Republic was founded upon people saying no to unjust laws and compacts, hence the Declaration of Independence!

    Thus Martin Luther King Jr promotion of non-violent opposition to injustice should not be condemned, for it is part of the greater important tradition in this country, and it was precisely the fork-saluting weather underground marxist maoist thugs abetted by funding through the Ford Foundation, etc to Soros of this day, that wanted to stop King, through murder, to launch violence and race war as that strategy of divide and conquer is now being deployed once again.

    For it should be remembered that King, like Trump today, was calling out against the Vietnam war, as Trump was the only antiwar candidate in 2016 against the Obama Bin Bush Bin Clinton Bin Bush perpetual war machine, where the call for Trump’s assassination is by those who want to stay in Afghanistan, saw nothing wrong with destroying the African nation of Libya by a black President Obama, the destruction of Syria, etc and are hell bent on stopping cooperation for world development upon the McKinley American System Model which the Belt and Road and New Silk Road initiatives were modeled.

    Trump unfortunately is in bed with some very poisonous elements, but some of those elements even understand that no one will survive a nuclear war very much on the table and being provoked by various elements….

  42. Gast says:

    Well, since you refuse to give concrete evidence, and rely on the argument that “Hitler has shown up in human demon form at several Exorcisms”, it is hard to argue with you.

    Sure, if an priest was agitating against the Nazis, he could get into trouble. But he would be persecuted as an enemy of the current regime, not as a priest. The vast majority of priest, nuns etc. were left unharmed, even if they did agitate in a subtle way against the Nazis. And the case of Protestant Martin Niemöller shows how lenient the Nazis were to their fiercest enemies if they were Christian.

    As I stated Hitler made a very generous “Concordat” with the Catholic Church, which is still in place today.

    And the German soldiers even accepted military disadvantages to protect the cultural heritage of the Catholics, as the case of the Monte Cassino monestary shows (which was subsequently destroyed by the Allied bombers anyway).

    You seem like a completely dishonest Pole of the “Radio Maria”-type.

  43. If you oppose disastrous neocon wars in the Middle East, shouldn’t you at least be somewhat critical of the fact that Louis IX led his nation into 2 completely pointless and failed wars (the Seventh and Eighth Crusades) in the Muslim world? This is how the Ancient History Enclyopedia describes the humiliating end of the Seventh Crusade:

    In the chaotic and bloody battle which followed, Louis only just managed to hold his ground until reinforcements arrived from the main Crusader camp at day’s end. The Ayyubid army retreated to the safety of Mansourah but remained largely intact. In addition, by the end of February, the new Sultan and son of al-Salih, al-Mu’azzam Turan Shah, had arrived at Mansourah along with vital supplies and reinforcements. The Crusaders, on the other hand, had no means of resupply now that their camp had been cut off from Damietta by a fleet of Muslim ships, and soon starvation and disease were rife in their camp. Finally, on 5 April 1250 CE, Louis ordered a retreat. The western army, greatly reduced by disease, starvation, and constant attacks from the Ayyubid army, was, over two days, virtually wiped out as an effective force. The remaining Crusaders, only halfway back to Damietta, surrendered, and the French king, himself seriously ill with dysentery, was captured. Louis was released on 6 May but only after the payment of a large ransom for himself personally, a ransom of 400,000 livres tournoi for what remained of his captured army, and the surrender of Christian-held Damietta.

    Wow, this makes the terrible Iraq War look like a picnic in comparison.

    The same source on the Eighth Crusade:

    The army of the Eighth Crusade set off for the Middle East in groups, the first being led by James I of Aragon in June 1269 CE, which then, unfortunately, met a storm and disaster. Charles of Anjou set off in July 1270 CE while Edward I was even later and sailed in August 1270 CE. While the Crusaders were dithering, the situation for the Latin states was worsening. As mentioned above, Antioch as taken by Baibars in May 1268 CE after a bloody siege.

    Through July 1270 CE, the bulk of the Crusader fleet landed at Tunis and the army then moved to Carthage to establish a semi-permanent camp and await the stragglers to arrive. As was typical in medieval warfare, the two great enemies were lack of provisions and disease amongst such a high concentration of humans in the height of summer; the Crusader camp was hit by both, and especially problematic was the lack of clean water. Disease and illness struck indiscriminately so that Louis’ son John Tristan died, and even the French king himself, just like on his first crusade, had a serious bout of dysentery. Unlike previously, though, the king did not survive, and after a month of torment, Louis IX died on 25 August 1270 CE. Legend tells (but not his confessor, who was with him when he died) that the king’s last words were ‘Jerusalem! Jerusalem!’

    Charles of Anjou, who had only just arrived, took command of the Crusade after Louis’ death. The decision was made to withdraw after a deal was negotiated with the Emir of Tunis to hand over Christian prisoners, guarantee freedom of worship in the city and donate (literally) a golden handshake of 210,000 gold ounces. It was at this point that Edward I of England finally arrived in Africa, but the party was already over. The fleet sailed back to Sicily to regroup in November, but any plans to use the military force to do any good were scuppered along with most of the ships and 1,000 men in a violent storm. Only Edward wished to continue on to the Holy Land, everyone else abandoned the Crusade, the most crushingly disappointing failure of a long line of crusade catastrophes.

    This is just embarrassing no matter how you look at it. If you think these Crusades were just wars, Louis IX did a terrible job of prosecuting them and achieving justice. If you think that they were unnecessary wars, Louis IX—repeatedly!— led his men to the slaughterhouse for no reason. Either way, it’s not good.

    Are incompetent warmongers heroes?

    • Replies: @orionyx
  44. I have met a few not-so-bright “kosher Muslims” like Umar Lee.

    Mike and I discussed these issues on the latest False Flag Weekly News:

    E. Michael Jones protests YouTube ban—Live on YouTube!

    • Thanks: nickels
  45. @Gast

    There is no fixed identity for a white man

    Does your whiteness mean you have the same morality and creed as Mayor Pete or Gavin Newsome?

    Catholic identity has meaning owing to it being an exoteric faith with a fixed creed/faith

    If you identify your own self as Catholic, as Mayor Pete does, others can tell he is not a legit Catholic, that he is a heretic because sodomy, abortion etc

    Whites are too late to the identity politics game and are too lame in its praxis

    They should drop it as religion is THE crucial identifier because others know what it means to be Catholic

    • Replies: @Gast
  46. Emslander says:

    You can learn almost anything you need to know about Hitler’s thinking in “Mein Kompf”. I’d suggest to anyone to read it, if for no other reason than having ammunition for whatever position you take on him. He let it all hang out in that book and didn’t deviate much from those things for his entire life.

    He spent a lot of effort to differentiate his movement from the Pan German Movement that had badly failed in its early nationalist efforts on behalf of the German people. One of those differences is his position on Christian religions. He cautioned his followers to stay out of interdenominational battles. He thought that the Pan German Movement had badly hurt itself by making an enemy of the Catholic Church. In general, he toed the line he’d drawn on that matter.

  47. @Priss Factor

    America was never white

    It was Protestant

    I was born in Vermont in 1948 and I was raised Catholic after my grandfather converted from Methodism to Catholicism in the late 1930s in Springfield Vermont

    The local MKK burned a cross in his backyard after he converted

    Everyone involved was white

    There was then no solidarity amongst whites because white is not an identity

    The conflict that resulted in the cross burning was about religion but no matter how many times
    this is repeated I see men claiming they identify as whites

    Springfield was overwhelming white ( prolly 98%) but we Catholics knew the Protestant whites living on Cherry Hill literally and figuratively looked down on us white Catholics

    White Catholics were considered demented and ignorant by white Protestants

    White is not an identifier

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Father Coughlin
  48. God bless E. Michael Jones. He is a powerful truth-teller who will not be silenced.

  49. Chris Moore says: • Website
    @Exalted Cyclops

    Soros, who isn’t even a fake Nazi but an actual Nazi employee who (along with his father) aided the famous Adolf Eichmann in the asset-looting of Hungarian Jews in the wake of the Nazi overthrow of Admiral Horthy’s regime.

    To further the (Khazarian-Hebrew supremacist) Zionist (geoplitical organized crime) agenda and the creation of Israel.

    Anyone of any race or Golem orientation in bed with this Nest of Vipers is marked for justice. That’s how the culture war will be won.

  50. Mefobills says:

    Jesus first sermon

    Paraphrased partly from Hudson… and forgive them their debts, page 9.

    (Luke4:16ff) Jesus unrolled the scroll of Isaiah and announced his mission “to restore the Year of Our Lord.” The meaning of this phase referred specifically to the Jubilee Year, where certain types of debts are annulled. (Breakthroughs in reading cuniform and a key Qumran scroll provide a direct link to Jubilee tradition. Repeat, a direct link.)

    Christianity considered the debt bondage of this era, as the End Times. Sound familiar to today?

    Jesus was both revolutionary and conservative, similar to Unz readers if I must say.

    Jesus was politically revolutionary in threatening Judaic creditors, and behind them the Pharisees, who had rationalized their rights against debtors. Luke 16:13-15 describes the Pharisees as “loving money” and “sneering” at Jesus message of, “You cannot serve both God and Mammon.”

    The leading Rabbinical school of Hillel informed the Pharisee class. This class was determined to maintain an oligarchy of creditors over debtors.

    Hillel as founder of rabbinical Judaism wrote the Prosbul clause, in which creditors obliged their clients to waive their right to have their debts cancelled in the Jubilee year.

    Jesus was conservative in that he was “conserving” the economic ideal central to Mosaic Law: widespread annulment of personal debts.

    This ideal remains so alien to our modern way of thinking, that Jesus sermons are usually interpreted in a broad compassionate sense of urging personal charity toward ones own debtor and the poor in general.

    Vatican 2 is based on a mis-reading and mis-interpretation of the bible, and extending charity toward Jewish creditors, when Jesus said no such thing. Jesus said the opposite, that the “rich” would have a rough time getting to heaven.

    Rewriting the Bible with new words for “sin” where said word also includes debt connotations. Rewriting to also include the “logos” instead of “word” would go a long way toward clearing cobwebs out of the minds of Christians.

    I suggest a rewritten Bible, something like the Jewish funded Scofield Bible, with footnotes to help Christians re-interpret the Bible in alignment with what Jesus really meant.

    To fight against Jewish pillars of control requires a moral code for resistance.

  51. gay troll says:

    the suspected shooter in the attack referred to Jews as “children of Satan,” which the paper described as an “anti-Semitic social media posting” with no indication that the term came from Jesus Christ in a confrontation with the Jews portrayed in the Gospel of St. John.

    White supremacy and white nationalism are euphemisms used by Jews and Christians alike for what is really Christian supremacy and Christian nationalism. The term Christian is removed by the euphemists because Christianity is so simply discredited in the West, no reasonably well read person would give credit to either the threat or the promise of Christian supremacy. As you say, to be Christian is to be anti Semitic, since Jesus rebuked the Jews and foretold the desolation of Jerusalem by Titus.

    But there is no historical continuity between the life of Christ and Christian anti Semitism because there was no historical Jesus Christ. His existence is not attested to by any writer of his era, and the gospels attributed to pseudoepigraphic nicknames tell of impossible events while blatantly contradicting themselves, each other, and the actual Messianic movement of 1st century Judea. We are told that Jesus is the seed of David through Joseph, then we are told that Joseph is not actually the father of Jesus. Et cetera.

    Christianity is not an enlightened belief system because it is intended to deceive, not to edify. Whether to turn Jews into idol worshippers, or Pagans into Jews, it turns all into slaves of the Imperial power that usurped the Roman republic. It justifies Roman rule and glorifies destruction by the hand of God, who in Christianity is really the Emperor, although beset by a devil who can fabricate evidence and even discredit the legend of Christ by “anticipating” Him throughout Pagan mythology. Edification is considered Satanic precisely because it disproves that the Bible is the word of God.

    You don’t have to be a Christian to be an anti Semite, anyone can see that the Jewish scriptures are a hateful, violent, and theologically backwards blueprint for racial supremacism and sexual intolerance. However, to be a Christian anti Semite is to be a hypocrite who believes in the historicity of a fairy tale. Your attitude towards homosexuality is the case in point; you say that Jews are responsible for promoting homosexuality yet it is the Jews that were responsible for denouncing it in the first place, and it is the Jewish denunciation of homosexuality which informs and justifies your own. What kind of anti Semite would justify himself with the Torah? A Christian, that’s who.

    • Disagree: Emslander
    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  52. If whites have too much privilege, why should they blessed with the blessings of More Diversity, the most wonderful thing in the world? The world must deny this precious commodity from Privileged Whites who got too much good stuff already. No need to give them even more good stuff with Diversity, which is said to be the most valuable thing in the world.

    Keep Diversity away from whites. Whites are evil and got too much and therefore don’t deserve more good stuff.

  53. Gast says:
    @Mick Jagger gathers no mosque

    When I said, I identify as a “White man”, I didn’t mean that my whole identity revolves around being a White man. I just meant, that part of my identity is my belonging to a certain race, which is now under attack, and I want to defend is.

    I have other parts of my identity. I am German, my ancestors belong to specific tribes of the German nation. Sexual orientation and religious/metaphysical beliefs belong to my identity too. And this specifications could go on and on. Even my aesthetic preferences belong somewhat to my identity.

    Identification is a tricky philosophical issue, and I suspect even endless debates will not resolve all the problems of a identification.

    But in a certain way my identification is as a White man. Since this is here a political site, only the political relevant identification matters. My main political concern is the jewish tyranny we are living under. So my political relevant identification tries to generalize my identification far enough to be able to recruit an army to defeat the jewish enemy. I belief that the jews are much too powerful now to allow nationality and religious/metaphysical beliefs to be part of the political relevant identity. So being a “White man” is unspecific enough. But to identify just as a “non-jew” would be too unspecific since I feel that the dark races have been recruited by the jews to destroy the White race.

    Since I am not a Catholic (I was born as a Protestant), and I am not even a Christian now (I reject Christianity as a slave-religion the jews gave us), I cannot take up your suggestion to identify as a Catholic. But I think this definition would be to narrow, even if I was a believing Catholic. The enemy is too strong.

    And I certainly don’t believe that the Catholics have a clear-cut political identification, as you seem to suggest.

    In the political forums I have participated in, I have met three type of Catholics who would self-identify as “right wing” and somewhat antagonistic to our jewish overlords (there are certainly other kinds of Catholics who are “left-wing” and philo-semitic, but they are of no concern here):

    1) Catholics who believe that the Catholic church is now the last bastion against the jews and always has been the only relevant bastion against the jews in Western civilization.

    2) Catholics who believe that the Catholic church has been subverted at some point in history. The Second Vatican Council is the most often assumed event of subversion, but there are other assumed events of subversion in circulation (e.g. the Medici popes). But somehow the current leaders of the Catholic church are still legitimate and our only hope. This (absurd!) position is the position of E. Michael Jones.

    3) Catholics who believe that the Catholic church has been subverted at some point in history. Therefore the current leaders of the Catholic church are illegitimate and our enemies.

    So which is the camp you identify with?

  54. sahin says:

    you deserve it ,you deserve to go extinct for your own stupidity as much as you speak about iq and bullshit like that who in his sane mind let a people that declare thenselfs the chosen ones and see the rest as cattle to live among you for thousands of years and in the worst case scenario only expulse them startting the same process in another european country .

    • Replies: @neutral
  55. @gay troll

    “…you say that Jews are responsible for promoting homosexuality yet it is the Jews that were responsible for denouncing it in the first place…”

    Yes, but that was some 2500 years ago by religious Jews. Jewish promotion of homosexuality is a modern and secular phenomenon. In Israel itself both movements clash with each other.

    • Replies: @Father Coughlin
  56. VICB3 says:
    @Father Coughlin

    The one takeaway from all this is that there’s no possibility of polite or rational discourse with fanatics.

    If you’ve ever dealt with them, the extremist, crazed true believers, then it’s something you already know. At best, you avoid them, but if necessary, your best course is to treat them as bullies, i.e. beat them down unmercifully, inasmuch as they interpret kindness and tolerance as weakness and approval, a green light to obnoxiously intrude in others’ lives even further.

    Unfortunately, the radical left ant their enablers now seem to have the whip hand. But political climates change, something about which the extremists seem oblivious.* And when that happens, the proponents of these many and various “-isms” will discover that the silent middle, when backed to the wall as they are now, will turn and retaliate with a primal vengeance that will prove that our veneer of civilization truly is very thin.

    Just a thought.


    *Consider that the Hollywood Black Lists were a reaction to the decades long term prejudices against conservatives in the industry while the radicals were ascendant. The winds shifted, and revenge was had. That’s a piece of history that’s usually left out of the story.

    • Replies: @Achilles Wannabe
  57. @Gast

    “Since E. Michael Jones endorses” Catholicism, he does not subscribe to the moral relativism you impute to him. Having read him on so-called identity politics as de facto identity theft, all you can think to do is engage in same? This is called having an ax to grind and not an argument. Learn the difference between esse and videre. It leads to an appreciation of the difference between things like the Aztec people and holy rituals like ripping their hearts out; approving the former necessitates abolishing the latter.
    With “White guy” enemies like you, Jewish proxy-fighters like Antifa and the rest don’t need friends.
    And that , after all, is why the Jews do so love to promote White as an identity.

    • Replies: @Gast
  58. So long as the Christians fight among themselves, the Jew has nothing to worry about because he has overcome the quarreling Arabs. As to the Jewess, the only reason she would convert to Catholicism is to munch on some good looking goyishe girl. But there must be a brave policeman who would deal with Gardner …

  59. @Mefobills

    Thank you Mefobills for all of your excellent comments on this site. They are an education superior to anything in any school. God bless you.

  60. Anonymous[109] • Disclaimer says:

    I agree, Getaclue. There’s none of those women in short gray hair dressed up as Druids leading some gay priest into church, with one old bag carrying the missal on her head, no less, in a pagan ceremony complete with a bevy of vestal-virgin altar girls and, later during Mass, acting as Eucharistic ministers with that condescending look on their face as if they’re the priest and, instead of the Body of Christ, presiding over an emasculo-feminist submission rite of men to women. No thanks. Like the homosexual clergy, they use the Church’s institutions and trappings as a vehicle for political power and without a qualm of conscience for the straightforward reason they’re apostates with no concern for judgment not of this world. That sickly, disgusting music fits their personalities to a tee.

  61. Gast says:
    @Felix Culpa

    Sorry, I can’t understand your argument. What do you mean, when you say that Mr. Jones is wronged by me, because of “the moral relativism you impute to him”?

  62. Anonymous[378] • Disclaimer says:

    The Talmud is the highest form of HATE SPEECH…everyone should boycott jewish businesses..

  63. Wally says:
    @Pure Coincidence

    Your link from ‘Times of Israel’ says:

    “A St. Louis couple who gained notoriety last month for brandishing guns at Black Lives Matters protesters passing in front of their mansion have been reported to have previously clashed with a synagogue next door. ”

    – “Passing in front of their mansion”?

    – No! They were defending their home after the front gate had been smashed open and a belligerent, threatening mob trespassed onto their property.

  64. anon[191] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mick Jagger gathers no mosque

    ( prolly 98%)

    Very bad English. Correction: Probably 98%

  65. MrVoid says:

    I think that conservative Whites should just agree to disagree on matters of religion. Something life half of Jews abandoned Judaism and it doesn’t stop them from being Jewish. Why shouldn’t we emulate them? It’s OK to argue about the merits of various religions but none of that should detract from our central focus, which is to overthrow the present order.

    I think that Judaism is essentially devil-worship and Christianity was an attempt to reform it by turning it into something more like Buddhism. It’s impossible to know what the motives of the early Jewish prosetylisers were. Theories can never be backed up with facts because there is essentially no surviving history. We often hear conservative Christians claiming that Christianity serves as a bulwark against Jewish predation. It’s conceivable that Christianity did this to some extent, a long time ago but ever since the reformation the Jewish parts of Christianity have been weaponized against Gentiles by philo-Semites and Jews working in concert. Christians should admit that this would have not been possible had Europe simply rejected all forms of Abrhamic religion in the first place. It’s doubly ironic when we consider that Calvin was (by today’s standards) an anti-Semite. He was an anti-Semite who paved the way for total Jewish domination of the western world through his promotion of the idea of sola scripture.

    Anyway for all that I’m not an anti-Christian, but it rubs be the wrong way when believing Christians present a return to Christianity as the only option. That’s not how to win friends. That’s not how to win, period.

    • Agree: mark green, ziggurat
  66. R.C. says:

    Tempest, Teapot, Twitterati fools.

  67. @Getaclue

    Yep. And the leading “persecution was a figment of the Christians’ imagination” professor in the United States is at Notre Dame of all places. Candida Moss

  68. Truth3 says:

    The Jews have waged a War on the Christians since they arrested Jesus and beat him, and set up Pilate to take the heat.

    Screw the Jooz. Every God Damned One of Them.

  69. @Franklin Ryckaert

    Yes. And you always have to deal with a complicated question of whether a Jew believes that it is morally licit for a goy to do what a Jew cannot. And therefore you can use homosexuality as a tool to destroy goyim since they are not capable of sinning since they’re not the chosen people. IOW, God cares not a fig what a goy does, as long as he’s not harming a Jew (unless of course He’s punishing the Jews through the goyim).

  70. @Gast

    Quietists always accuse Activists of “hating Jesus Christ”. It’s their go-to move.

  71. neutral says:

    The jews moved from one area to another in Europe, the people eventually managed to see the jewish ways and when they did the jews fled to somewhere else, always finding a corrupt leader in need that let them settle in his lands.

    • Agree: Father Coughlin
  72. Hibernian says:

    You seem like a completely dishonest Pole of the “Radio Maria”-type.

    Classic Anti-Catholicism,

  73. Sounds like all these people who were involved with this brouhaha are bat-shit crazy…

  74. The American TFP is not a cult.

    There are some cult-like groups in Brazil, or crazy ones, especially the Heralds of the Gospel.

    But the American TFP, while a bit eccentric, are in good standing with the Faith and do strong work, especially behind the scenes in writing pro-life legislation. I do wish they would name the Jew. But their failure to do so is probably a tactical choice on their part. C’est la vie.

    Past that, this was another great article by E. Michael Jones.

    • Thanks: Father Coughlin
  75. @Gast

    As I stated Hitler made a very generous “Concordat” with the Catholic Church, which is still in place today.

    Which he subsequently broke…

    ‘Table Talk’ also makes it abundantly clear that Hitler hoped to deal with the Christian churches after the war.

    In any case, the problem with national socialism is the same as with virtually every other modern ideology: it wanted, or wants, to force Christianity to change to meet its demands, not vice versa.

    • Replies: @Gast
  76. @Emslander


    It depends on how you define “In general.”

    In fairness, it’s hard to find truly scholarly sources on the history of Nazi German relations with the Catholic Church. Wikipedia still has the audacity to cite Shirer as a reliable source.

    But in any case, Hitler certainly did aggressively disregard Concordat stipulations dealing with the rights of the Catholic Church to educate young Catholics.

    Those who sympathize with Hitler have a lot to prove if they’re going to attempt to argue that the anti-Catholic measures of the German government were initiated because of Catholic treachery.

    Contrary to those who emphasize the unique evil of the NS regime, I tend to view this Nazi activity as being more simply a somewhat radical continuation of Bismarck’s old Kultur Kampf. Not that I support either.

    For the record, though, I sympathize a great deal with the Germans and, yes, even with Hitler. I look at German night fighter pilots especially as the grandest knights of the Second World War, because they were dedicated to saving women and children from aerial terrorism.

    And it bears emphasizing that Bishop Von Galen, one of Hitler’s fiercest critics, nonetheless described Operation Barbarossa as a “crusade” against Bolshevism. He gave the German army his apostolic blessing.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  77. Gast says:
    @John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan

    “Which he subsequently broke…”

    In which way did Hitler broke the Concordat?

    “‘Table Talk’ also makes it abundantly clear that Hitler hoped to deal with the Christian churches after the war.”

    As I have written earlier:

    “The best “evidence” for Hitler’s hostility towards Christianity are the “Table Talks”. But it is far from clear that the “Table Talks” are not a post-war forgery.”

  78. Mefobills says:

    In any case, the problem with national socialism is the same as with virtually every other modern ideology: it wanted, or wants, to force Christianity to change to meet its demands, not vice versa.

    Modern Christianity, when the word “sin” is interpreted in the proper sense…. as relating to debt; the bible and Christianity becomes better aligned with NSDAP thought.

    National Socialists were in rebellion to Versaille debt, and Jewish creditor class who had bought up much of Germany during the hyperinflation. NSDAP Germany was trying to balance creditor and “laboring” debtor relations.

    Our (((friends))) had borrowed “bank credit” from their co-coreligionists in Wall Street and London, and bought up Germany. This ownership became evident when Jewish owned businesses were forced to put Star of David signs on their storefronts soon after Hitler was elected in 1933.

    A re-run of this “put a civilization into debt” scheme also was run on Russia in the 90’s. It should be no surprise that it was the ((((Harvard Boys))) who advised Yeltsin. Subsequent Oligarchy and extraction economy that formed in Russia should also be no surprise.

    The “capital” class is now looting the U.S.

    Harvard Jews Loot Russia

    What makes Western Civilization Western?

    The conflict is between social constraints on predatory finance, and the attempt by a rentier class to gain control. Oligarchies emerge and Tyrants (Tyrants throw off debts….like Hitler) rise up to throw off debts.

    In the end, it is large landowners, business interests, and creditors who become wealthy enough to decide elections.

    The West has an absence of Royal, Civic, or Religious debt amnesty. The West uses a concept of private property which permits mortgage creditors (private banks) to expropriate debtors life energy.

    Roman and Jewish pro-creditor legal principles, along with mortgaged private property, and allowing society to polarize are elements of what makes Western Civilization… Western.

    If Christianity had been interpreted correctly, the debt bondage means of Western Civilization and subsequent world wars might have been averted.

  79. KO says:

    [Totally off-topic crackpottery. Keep it up and most of your future comments will get trashed.]

    • Replies: @Truth3
  80. Truth3 says:

    Sometimes crackpottery is useful. Too bad we don’t get to see it. It can reveal somthing about the mud-spinner.

  81. Hibernian says:
    @John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan

    …a lot to prove if they’re going to attempt to argue that the anti-Catholic measures of the German government were initiated because of Catholic treachery.

    The same excuse used by the British.

  82. @Gast

    … And if the Nazis were actually hostile to Christianity, they were certainly the most tolerant enemy one could ask for. …

    Hmm… You’ve never heard of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, I see. Okay. Some people are astoundingly ignorant.

    But that you actually boast that the Roman “Catholic” sect collaborated with the Nazis is a step further.

  83. @Gast

    In which way did Hitler broke [sic] the Concordat?

    Among other things, the Concordat guaranteed continued Catholic control over their school system. Hitler broke this very quickly.

    As I have written earlier:

    “The best “evidence” for Hitler’s hostility towards Christianity are the “Table Talks”. But it is far from clear that the “Table Talks” are not a post-war forgery.”

    Carolyn Yeager is right and you are wrong: The evidence actually suggests that ‘Table Talk’ is real. Read her blog. David Irving also said the same thing.

  84. Gast says:

    “Among other things, the Concordat guaranteed continued Catholic control over their school system. Hitler broke this very quickly.”

    Well, this seems like a minor thing, and was possibly a reaction of some hostile teachings. One would need more details to make a judgement. I am still under the impression that Hitler was incredibly generous to the Catholic church, and this corrupt institution of homosexual pedophiles were ungrateful to the max and stabbed him in the back whenever it was possible (ironically Rolf Hochhuth and several jews peddled later the complete hoax that the Catholic church was somehow too supportive to the Nazis!).

    “Carolyn Yeager is right and you are wrong: The evidence actually suggests that ‘Table Talk’ is real. Read her blog. David Irving also said the same thing.”

    Nothing against bold assertions without any arguments, but this is a bit silly. If you would read the essays of scholars like Richard Carrier and Mikael Nilsson, you would realize how fishy the “Table Talks” are. It is a very convoluted story with the diverse editions, which are based on mythical original manuscripts nobody has seen (Trevor-Roper lied about his own involvement in the checking of the “source”).

    In the end it all boils down to the question how trustworthy François Genoud is, who allegedly had the original source from which the various editions came from. If you think about his alleged biography (several books have been written about him), you must come to the conclusion that this man was a “deep state” agent. It is a silly story that Genoud could act like a godfather of Islamic terror from Switzerland and travel around Europe, and the ever trigger-happy Mossad would not murder him. So one has to conclude that Genoud was protected by the powerful jews, who needed the narrative that Nazis and Islam had a common ground. And would Genoud alter his “source” to solidify this narrative? Of course he would! And so it is very curious to see, that “Hitler” praises Islam in his “Table Talks” to the high heavens, and has very nasty things to say about Christianity!

    I had the chance to talk here with Carolyn Yeager about the authenticity of the “Table Talks” and she admitted that she never investigated the findings of Carrier and Nilsson and never questioned Trevor-Ropers lies. David Irving who is a jew, because his mother is a jew (his fried Hochhuth revealed this) has zero credibility in my book. Don’t forget, that Irving made a complete fool out of himself when he declared the obvious forgery of “Hitler’s diary” in the 80s for genuine!

  85. chris says:

    I wonder if the French Revolution and its excesses didn’t already contain some pay-back for St Luis’ actions generation before.

    He might have been willing to forgive, but others may not have been, and seemingly won’t !

  86. @Gast

    I hold to the Faith once delivered and it has never become other than what it has always been

    Vatican Two was a pastoral council called to deal with a world that has undergone massive change since the first Vatican council ended

    Vatican Two taught no new doctrine because it was not a doctrinal council

    The Catholic Church was not renewed by Vat Two because those who implemented it wanted a new way of existing and the hierarchy can not admit it erred

    St Vincent of Lerins taught us Catholics that God allows prelates to introduce novelties as the way He tests us to see if we love Him

    Catholics are required to hold on to what has always been taught and to refuse novelties and that is the way one passes the test of God

    There is no need for a qualifying adjective added to Catholic (as Pope Benedict XV taught ) and so
    I am a Catholic and my race is immaterial

    Men forget that when the Jews told Jesus they were worthy because they were the children ( race) of Abraham He told them they were the children of Satan, not Abraham, because they refused to accept Him as Messias

    There is neither Greek or Jew in Jesus

    • Disagree: GazaPlanet
    • Replies: @GazaPlanet
    , @orionyx
  87. @Gast

    Well, this seems like a minor thing, and was possibly a reaction of some hostile teachings. One would need more details to make a judgement.

    Thankfully, we have experts like you here ready to provide us with details…………right?

    … this corrupt institution of homosexual pedophiles

    Ah, yes, bald assertions. It is incumbent upon you to prove that the Catholic Church in 1930s Germany was either “corrupt” or full of “homosexual pedophiles.” I suppose I should pass over in silence the rampant homosexuality of the SA, which Hitler used as long as it was necessary.

    And all of this from the guy who baldly asserts David Irving is a Jew? Makes sense.

    I’ve seen your “arguments” with Ms. Yeager. You don’t impress me. You are a rhetorical hypocrite, as the above shows. You accuse others of making “bald assertions,” which is what mostly makes up your own commentary.

    In any case, as I’ve said elsewhere in this thread, the fact that most hierarchs of the German Church supported the German war effort is indicative that they were willing to look past some of what I consider to be Hitler’s excessive secularism.

    • Replies: @Gast
  88. Gast says:
    @John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan

    Well, I only see empty rhetoric without any arguments (again!) of someone who has no knowledge but fancies himself as some kind of “expert”. And to deflect from your intellectual nakedness, you point out a typo ad nauseam! Haha, what a pompous clown you are. So at this point it is immaterial what “impresses” you or not.

    And you are a liar on top of your dumbness and ignorance. I said why I believe that Irving is a jew, so to say I made it up, is very silly. Check out the article of Germar Rudolf on the subject. Why would Hochhuth, who was a very close friend of Irving, lie about his mother in an official publication?

    And your whataboutism to deflect from the fact that the Catholic church is an institution that is run by homosexuals (a recent book that was reviewed at “Counter Currents” estimates that 80 percent of the clerus are homosexuals, which is probably a conservative estimation from my own observations) is very amusing too.

    Christians are often the most intellectually dishonest people, you certainly fit in that category.

    • Replies: @Fray Juan Crespi
  89. Pheasant says:

    Interesting but I have had conversations with hundereds of mischlings (some of whom who were close friends) who have a distinctly Jewish identity albeit a covert one.

    Jews are known for lying and crypsis when it suits them.

    I would not be so naive if I were you.

    • Troll: Morris Applebaum IV
  90. @Mick Jagger gathers no mosque

    Eh, cancel my disagreement with your post I didn’t read it properly.

  91. Chu says:

    I’ve spoke to people about this story in New York and they don’t know what I’m talking about. It’s like you have to scan local news to even hear about St. Louis. That’s our corporate media, pulling the wool over yer eyes.

  92. @Mefobills

    Jesus(‘) (F)irst (S)ermon

    This is GIGANTIC!!!

    Luke 4:16-30 has been undervalued for the volumes it speaks about Jew ultra ethnic supremacy and (((their))) mortal hatred for non-Jews.

    But here thanks to your reading of Hudson we learn that Verse 19 is Jesus’ reading of Isaiah’s declaration of a debt jubilee year to proclaim favor from the Lord.

    In Verse 20 He rolls up the scroll and sits down with all eyes on him, and in V. 21 announces “Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.”

    The key is V. 22:

    And he won the approval of all, and they were astonished by the gracious words that came from his lips. They said, ‘This is Joseph’s son, surely?’

    But notice how the Jews’ flip from approval to mortal rage toward Him minutes later as described in Verses 23-30 after He informs them He has come to benefit all of mankind, not just their fellow ethnic Jews.

    This is why Jews hate whitey. Whitey is the descendant of Christendom, Jews hate Jesus for serving all not just them, they consider it a betrayal, so Jews want white genocide to eliminate those of Christian lineage who (((they))) see as an ever-present threat to revive Christendom and the work of God Incarnate Jesus.

    • Thanks: Mefobills
    • Replies: @Gast
  93. Gast says:

    And what make you with Matthew 15, 24 where Jesus says “I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel”?

  94. I am a skeptic. I was raised a Catholic in the 50’s. That is perhaps why I am a skeptic.
    This was pre Vatican 2 but the rot was already there. I was told that I was in Christ’s true Church But when, at age 10 or so, I asked a nun teacher what happened to Jews after they die, she told me that anybody can go to heaven if they practice their religion faithfully. In other words Christ’s killers have a pass if they synagogue up. This did not induce any Catholic fervor in me. Or any kind of spiritual fervor at all By 15, I doubted almost anything metaphysical. By my first semester of college, I was an atheist and that went on. But today, reading E Michael Jones, I wonder what I’d be like if I had been raised in a Church that still knew how to preach against userers, and for the value of labor. Who knows? But back then I had no idea that the Church I was In EVER preached that way. A kind of Catholic amnesia had set in. I think the priests and nuns were already worrying about stepping on semetic toes. Also about offending the Jews’ Protestant protectors. So here I am My nation is being destroyed by the Christ killers – their mamonish spirituality, their woke lemmings and their hired thugs. Could it have been different if my erstwhile Church had stayed Catholic? Could America have had a front that stood against Judaization? Before reading Jones, I never asked this question because my vaunted and expensive “secular” higher education was too Jewish and Protestant to tell me about my real religious heritage. I thank Jones for filling in the GAPS. All those of Catholic origin should read E Michael Jones. He does ecumenical history instead of the judaized crap we all get taught.

  95. @Jake

    Well said but I would emphasize WASP more than anglo .Anglo’s are often the poor bastards who lose their jobs to Neo liberal Jew-WASP cheap labor interests. Many – perhaps most – white nationalists are Anglo

  96. @Getaclue

    Will you recommend something to read about this FSSP?

    • Replies: @Father Coughlin
  97. @VICB3

    Needs to be said more. I think these recent events are creating a NEW kind of woke among whites. It is a slow process and we are starting from near the bottom but solidarity is growing among whites as we watch this spectacle.

  98. @Gast

    Four verses later He expanded to include the Canaanite woman

    Matt 15:28 Then Jesus answered her, ‘Woman, you have great faith. Let your desire be granted.’ And from that moment her daughter was well again.

    as He indicated in His First Sermon there in Luke Chapter 4 was His mission.

    • Agree: Hibernian
    • Replies: @Gast
  99. anon[161] • Disclaimer says:

    I’ve got what’s called a Zondervan KJV Mass Market Edition, with the Preface.
    ISBN 978-0-310-904 16-8
    It’s nice to read, the Heb./Chaldean/Gk. word/phrase is footnoted, as are alternative meanings.
    Bible sellers must be licenced in Australia, I went into one of the big shops, Bibles everywhere, and requested they obtain another copy for me, and the bloke behind the counter said he’d never seen a Bible like that.
    That was about 10 years ago, still haven’t heard back from them.

  100. Gast says:

    So, jews are special again, and non-jews have to show special efforts to be included in the divine grace.

  101. orionyx says:
    @Stolen Valor Detective

    The Crusades did as much to destroy Europe as the Black Death. They were caused, not by a biological pathogen, but by a psychological one – Christianity.
    And the same sort of psychological pathogen is destroying the modern West.
    When will we ever learn?

  102. orionyx says:
    @Mick Jagger gathers no mosque

    St Vincent of Lerins taught us Catholics that God allows prelates to introduce novelties as the way He tests us to see if we love Him

    God, who is omniscient, needs to test us to see if we love him?
    And I presume that if we fail the tests, we don’t get into heaven, so we must go to hell?
    And you ask us to get on board with this God?
    How quaint!

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  103. Hibernian says:

    Mr. Orionx, you are as one with the Calvinists who cannot reconcile the sovereignty and omniscience of God with the gift of Free Will which he gave to man.

  104. @Gast

    “Christians are often the most intellectually dishonest people, you certainly fit in that category.”

    sort of like you ranting about pedophiles and homosex agents, all while propping up greg suck my johnson’s counter currents? are you a faj, dude? you got issues.

  105. Gast says:

    Not that this is relevant, but I have criticized Greg Johnson very harshly here at UR (you can easily verify that claim by looking at my comment history). Surely I am allowed to cite an interesting info from “Counter Currents” (in a review not written by him, btw). If this means “propping him up”, and therefore I must have “have issues”, and I surely must be a homosexual too. I can only laugh. This is lunacy of the highest order.

    Fact is the Catholic church is an institution run by homosexuals, many of them are pedophiles. Deal with it (and E. Michael Jones should do it, too).

  106. @Achilles Wannabe

    FSSP seems like a little bit of a sad sack… theyve been asking for a Bishop for 25 years and never getting one. SSPX and Institute of Christ the King seem stronger, somehow.

  107. Umar Lee challenged Jones to a debate after this article was published.

    Here it is. It’s enjoyable!

    Video Link

    • Agree: nature
  108. @Jake

    It is either Christ and Christendom or Chaos.

    Mike Jones is aware of that, except that he remains in denial that Vatican II is a key part of the Chaos.

    The first sentence is certain, as absolutely as Jesus is the Divine Son of God.

    The last clause of the second sentence sure seems likely to be true in light of what’s happened since, but what Leonard Feeney of the Society of Jesus wrote in his monthly newsletter The Point ( during the 1950s indicates The Church as protective Shepard of Jesus’ Flock was duped and failing as guardian before Vatican II was convened.

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