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How Joking About Life Turned Life Into a Joke
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Pornography is the unacknowledged subtext of Todd Phillips’ film Joker, which is a mash up of two films by Martin Scorcese, Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy. The scene of revolutionary violence which brings Joker to a close is a remake of Times Square during the era of Taxi Driver, which is to say, the 1970s, in which all of the cinema marquees advertise pornographic films. Director Todd Phillips’ recycling of Scorces’s material in Joker, however, makes the nihilism of Taxi Driver look benign by comparison. Similarly, The King of Comedy, which Roger Ebert described as “one of the most arid, painful, wounded movies I’ve ever seen,”[1] comes across as warm and light-hearted compare to Philips’ appropriation of Scorcese’s material.

When Hegel insisted that “the owl of Minerva always flies at twilight,” he indicated that cultures produce philosophy only in the terminal stages of decline. What is true of philosophy is a fortiori true of stand-up comedy, which became conscious of itself when Martin Scorcese directed The King of Comedy, which premiered in January of 1983. Robert De Niro got the idea for The King of Comedy by hanging out at open mike night at Catch a Falling Star, the comedy venue opened by Budd Friedman, the man David Brenner referred to as “Shylock,” because “He never stopped being a bastard.”[2]Zoglin, Comedy at the Edge, p. 89 Catch a Falling Star promoted the new, nihilistic comedy which turned life into a joke. Catch a Falling Star in 1979, according to Bill Maher, who wrote a roman a clef about his days there:

was not the Village Gate in 1963; in the audience there were no poetic types hoping to be challenged by Lenny Bruce. It had a lot of tourists and bachelor parties from Brooklyn and New Jersey hoping to hear dick jokes. The more the non-cognoscenti took over the club scene, the more the comedians tailored their acts along crowd pleasing lines to survive. And the more the comedians did that, the more the people in berets stayed away.[3]Zoglin, Comedy at the Edge, p. 104

Needless to say, it didn’t take a genius to tell dick jokes to the bridge and tunnel crowd. In fact, the main joke at Catch a Falling Star was “how bad the jokes were,”[4]Zoglin, Comedy at the Edge, p. 114 something De Niro eventually worked into the script of The King of Comedy. Tonight show host Johnny Carson had become the broker for comedic talent, or the lack thereof, and because of that fact he became the model for Jerry in The King of Comedy. Stars appeared overnight like mushrooms after the rain. Freddie Prinze became famous at the age of 19 after his Tonight Show debut in 1973.[5]Zoglin, Comedy at the Edge, p. 144

By the time The King of Comedy made it onto the screen, it seemed that everyone was famous, but that no one had talent. The best example of this phenomenon was Andy Kaufmann, who was performing in New York when Robert de Niro was frequenting comedy clubs and could have been one of the models for Arthur Fleck, because “when no one laughed at his jokes, Andy started blubbering about how badly he needed the work, then suddenly pulled out a gun to shoot himself.”[6]Zoglin, Comedy at the Edge, p. 171 In Joker, Arthur shot the host, played by Robert de Niro, but in real life, the host grabbed the gun and, after the show returned from a commercial break, continued with the interview. Kaufmann could also have been the source for the refrigerator scene in Joker because “one time he had a refrigerator delivered onstage; when audience members came up to open the door, Kaufman was inside balancing a checkbook.”[7]Zoglin, p. 176.

The King of Comedy premiered in 1983 at the height of the national comedy glut which followed the New York comedy strike of 1979, but the idea for it began in the early ‘70s, when a writer for Newsweek by the name of Paul D. Zimmerman became fascinated by Johnny Carson’s ability to confer instant stardom on anyone who could tell a joke, no matter how badly, and how one man became obsessed with cashing in on the fame Carson conferred so effortlessly.[8] Zimmerman worked initially with Milos Forman, who had developed similar material when he directed One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. When Forman dropped out of the project, Zimmerman was able to attract the interest of Robert de Niro, who then persuaded his friend Martin Scorcese to direct it in spite of his initial reluctance based on “the deliberately cringe-worthy material in the script,” which Scorcese found “unpleasant even from behind the camera.”[9] Scorcese’s attitude didn’t improve as the project developed. The material was “so unpleasant and disturbing” that Scorcese had to struggle through the filming. He found the film so unsettling once it was completed that he avoided seeing in the theater after its release. The fact that the film earned only early a little more that $2.5 million by the end of its box office run only confirmed Scorcese’s negative opinion of the film.


Ebert went on to say that The King of Comedy lacked all of the “big city life” and “violence and sexuality” which Scorcese put on the screen in movies like Taxi Driver and Mean Streets. Ebert described The King of Comedy as an exercise in “cinema interruptus,” in which the director “doesn’t direct a single scene for a payoff.” The cringe worthy characters spend their time in front of the camera “waiting for the other person to stop talking so they can start.” No on listens to anyone else, “and everybody’s so emotionally isolated in this movie that they don’t even seem able to guess what they’re missing. . . . The whole movie is about the inability of the characters to get any kind of a positive response to their bids for recognition.”[10]

That was then. Now, as some indication of the moral and cultural decline I just mentioned, reviewers are claiming that Todd Phillips’ appropriation of Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy material makes Scorcese look warm and “empathetic” by comparison:

Whereas Scorsese always reveals himself to be an empathetic filmmaker first and foremost, Phillips has shown in his first foray into dark, character-centric storytelling that his disposition as a filmmaker is much more cynical and cold than the famous Italian-American screen giant. By presenting us with a narrative bereft of comedy, without a clear voice of reason, in a world that is as un-ironic as it is disturbing, Joker functions as a Scorsese movie devoid of Scorsese’s most important quality: humanity.[11]

Even after he abandoned the Catholic faith, Scorcese never stopped celebrating the values he abandoned. This made him incapable of directing horror movies, a fact he made clear in a conversation with the Jewish Canadian horror-meister David Cronenberg, because, unlike Cronenberg, Scorcese never lost his sense of moral causality. Scorcese, according to Cronenberg, was an ex-Catholic who “does deal with good and evil in very proto-Catholic terms, and I’m sure that what he meant was that when he saw my films.” Scorcese, on the other hand, told Cronenberg that he didn’t understand his own films. Scorcese, according to Cronenberg, “saw the struggle” between good and evil “being played out. I don’t see it quite that way because I really don’t see the lines drawn in those terms.” Scorcese spends his time rebelling against a moral order he cannot ignore. Cronenberg, on the other hand, does horror because he has lost his grasp on moral causality. “I have difficulty thinking in terms of good and evil,” Cronenberg continued, “I’m sure if I had been raised a Catholic I would have no trouble because those issues are raised at a very early age.”[12]E. Michael Jones, Monsters from the Id, p. 275.

Joker’s Jewish director Todd Phillips has a similar problem when it comes to Scorcese’s material, something that the reviewers found puzzling. Writing for Esquire, Dom Nero found that Phillips drained all of the characters Phillips had appropriated from “the already thoroughly upsetting world of Taxi Driver” of their humanity. As a result, “all the shooting, stabbing, killing, carnage, crying, and laughing presented without morals in Phillips’s film,” deprives the viewer of any sense of redemption he might have derived from a Scorcese film and leaves him feeling that “all the references in Phillips’s film don’t feel like they’re homages–they feel like blasphemy.”[13]

Those who grew up in the nihilistic world of Taxi Driver and Mean Streets found themselves incapable of comprehending the immensity of its depravity because they lacked any cultural referents outside of the world it portrayed. As a result, what might be termed a generation gap emerged in the reviews of Joker, with the younger generation applauding what the older generation deplored.

The prize for the most tone deaf review goes to Black Zoomer Lawrence Ware, who explained in a review which appeared in The New York Times, that Joker, which is a movie about the quintessential white loser, “is essentially a depiction of what happens when White Supremacy is left unchecked.”[14] If there is one thing Arthur Fleck doesn’t have, it is white privilege. Philips had a very specific audience in mind: white incels (involuntary celibates) in their twenties or thirties who live with their mothers. In fact, the point of Phillips’ remake of Scorcese’s material is to appeal to and simultaneously ridicule the very audience of white losers which Lawrence Ware demonizes as bearers of white privilege.

Phillips accomplishes this by introducing the only element which diverges from his otherwise slavish replication of Scorcese’s material, namely, the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit. Rupert Pupkin, the loser who is the main character in The King of Comedy succeeds when he becomes a successful stand-up comic after serving time in prison for kidnapping his idol Jerry Langford. On the other hand, Arthur Fleck, the “hero” of Joker, succeeds by becoming a revolutionary after following a trajectory of random acts of violence. The message which The King of Comedy conveyed to loser Boomers in 1983 was kidnap Johnny Carson and you will become famous. The message which Joker conveyed to the looser Zoomers who live in their mothers’ basements is clear: if you want to be a success, go out and kill someone, and some Jewish director will valorize your nihilism as revolutionary behavior.


Owen Benjamin arrived in Hobart Indiana on October 4, one day after the premier of Joker. There was, as William Blake might have said a “fearful symmetry” linking those two events. The name of the link was stand-up comedy. The differences between Owen Benjamin’s routine and Joker were as striking as the similarities. Joker attempted to drive the Zoomers into the abyss of revolutionary violence. Owen Benjamin attempted to pull them back to the real world of Logos, a world in which order prevailed over the chaos that had ruled the lives of those in attendance. I spoke with many of these people, many of whom were wearing “Logos rising” T-shirts, before and after his show.


Aside from student loan debt, the main problem facing incels is pornography. Zoomer incels are young men in their twenties. As such, the main challenge they face is finding a mate and starting a family. The main roadblock that the culture has created to inhibit a successful transition from being single to being married is pornography, which leads naturally to the state of isolation that the oligarchs see as the ideal form of control. Joker adverts to the Zoomer pornography problem in an oblique way by giving fleeting glances of the porn in the notebook he shows to his social worker. By dealing with the porn issue in the subliminal way that film does so well, Phillips gets the Zoomers on his side without allowing them to address the problem.

In this he differs from Owen Benjamin, who addresses the porn issue directly in his stand-up routine. When his viewers tell him that the world is coming to an end, he asks them if they are watching pornography, and they invariably admit that they are. Pornography, in other words, is one of the chief engines driving this generation into a sense of despair, and despair is one of the chief engines driving them to violence.

Athena is the exception to the rule only because she is a woman. Sexualized as a child when she inadvertently stumbled across pornography, she entered a life of sexual addiction at puberty which was completely compatible with the ideology of feminism which she learned from being in school. Feminism pushed her in the direction of engineering, which she pursued at MIT. During her first year there, she met an older student who explained to her that the only world view compatible with science was atheism, and so in addition to sleeping with her mentor she checked her religious beliefs at the door and stopped believing in God. She eventually married her mentor, but the relationship was so lifeless and cold that it eventually led to divorce. Divorce led to malaise in general and a feeling of disgust at science divorced from any rational or metaphysical foundation led her to give up engineering and move to California, where she made a living by growing marijuana. Eventually, she stumbled onto Owen Benjamin’s YouTube videos, which led her to read my book Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation and Political Control, which led her to drive from Washington, DC to Hobart to attend his concert.

Owen Benjamin was born in 1980 to two professors at Oswego State University in New York State one year after the great comedy strike of 1979 put an end to the era of revolutionary comedy which began with the career of Lenny Bruce at some point in the 1950s.

By the time Benjamin arrived on scene in 2008 when he landed a supporting role in The House Bunny, comedy had gone from a sacred cause to a big business on its way to becoming a racket. The New York comedy strike of 1979 paved the way for the boom of the 1980s by shutting down comedy in New York and spreading it across the rest of the country, where there were now over 300 comedy clubs nationwide hosting over 1,500 full-time comedians. During the 1980s:

The New York clubs that started it all went national: the Improv had as many as sixteen outposts around the country at one time; Catch a Rising Star had nine. New chains spread, with names like Zanies, Giggles, the Punch Line, and Funnybones. Chinese restaurants and bowling alleys began booking stand-up comedians. Discos stopped the music and turned on the punch lines. Jay Leno, king of the road, told of working places like the Rodeo Lounge in Atlanta, where he performed inside a cage of chicken wire as drunk patrons threw beer bottles at him, and another gig in the middle of a Canadian lake, where the audience had to be rowed out in a skiff four at a time. Towns as small as Ozark, Alabama, and Kalamazoo, Michigan, had their own comedy clubs. Big cities had enough of them to foster their own local stand-up communities, traditions, and stars. Atlanta’s roster of clubs expanded to six during the peak years of the ’80s. The Boston-Cambridge area boasted ten, four of them within 150 yards of each other on “Comedy Row” along Warrenton Street.[15]Zoglin, Comedy at the Edge, p. 205.

In the 21-year period which stretched from 1995 to 2016, a period which was one of the low points in the recent history of comedy, comedy was responsible for the highest box office revenue of all film genres in North America, bringing in $41.49 billion in revenue.[16]Jennalee Donia, Taking Comedy Seriously: Stand-up Dissident Potential in Mass Culture (New York: Lexington Books, 2019), p. ix. In an article which recently appeared in Vulture, Jesse David Fox claimed that “There has never been a better time to be a comedian.”[17]Donian, Taking Comedy Seriously, p. 17. After 2009, “the year many readily associate with the beginning of stand-up’s revival, comedians could repeatedly do stand-up comedy at sold-out venues like Madison Square Garden, whereas before that time large venues were rare. Beyond that:

the live comedy industry generates $300 million annually, more comedians than ever are playing the 1000-plus seat theaters, and Matt Beringer―a talent buyer for the Pabst theater group―argues that booking comedy talent has become more sustainable than other live entertainment markets, such as music. Undeniably, we are living in a golden age of comedy.[18]Donian, Taking Comedy Seriously, p. 17.

Owen Benjamin arrived on the scene at the beginning of the “second comedy boom.” Given Benjamin’s ability to tell a joke combined with his talent at playing the piano and writing satirical songs, success seemed inevitable. And for a while, he was successful on the industry’s terms. In 2009, he landed the leading role in the romantic comedy All’s Faire in Love with Christina Ricci as his co-star. In 2010, he landed a spot on Comedy Central Presents. For three seasons, from 2012 to 2014, Benjamin portrayed Owen Walsh on the TBS original comedy Sullivan and Son.[19] As some indication of the role that he was to play in the comedy world of the 21st century, Benjamin played the health inspector who measured the urine level in the swimming pool in the 2015 sex farce Staten Island Summer.[20]


At this point, Benjamin stepped out of character and began to use stand-up comedy as a vehicle for criticizing the absurdities of gender ideology, claiming that the transgender rights movement was part of a eugenics program funded by Bill Gates. In October 2017, Benjamin’s stand-up act got cancelled at the University of Connecticut after he criticized NPR host Jesse Thorn of child abuse for “supporting a 3 yr old child in diapers choosing gender which will lead to hormone blockers.”[21] Benjamin was also accused of using “many anti-LGBT slurs” in his comedy routine.[22]

In an official statement, UConn said that Benjamin’s comedy show was canceled because his comments were “increasingly negative in sentiment.” The university went on to say that it “respects Mr. Benjamin’s free speech rights along with our student group’s right to determine who it wishes to host on campus,” and in an attempt to head off legal action it announced that the “contract’s cancellation clause is being honored and he will receive his appearance fee.”[23] Benjamin responded by saying that the student group had exercised its free speech rights when it contacted him because they liked his comedy, implying that they backed down under pressure and were “also pissed [that] this happened.” He concluded by ascribing the cancellation to “the PC political environment that makes these people silent.”[24]

After losing his agents and being barred from Hollywood projects, Benjamin restarted his career on the Internet, quickly garnering over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. That venue came to an end as part of the censorship campaign which the ADL conducted over the summer of 2019. Unlike the University of Connecticut which paid his fee after cancelling his performance, YouTube pocketed over $50,000 from his escrow account after canceling his Superchat.

At this point, Owen Benjamin and the comics of his generation were in a bind. In order to be funny, they had to have the freedom to ridicule sacred cows, but over the course of three generations the nature of those sacred cows had changed from the middle-class mores of the 1950s which Jews like Lenny Bruce loved to ridicule to the politically correct beliefs of the 21st century which the ruthless Jewish commissars at organizations like the ADL imposed on everyone else as part of their campaign against “hate speech,” which was another word for speech Jews did not like. The obvious had become too big to ignore: political correctness had killed comedy. Even a nebbish like Jerry Seinfeld was complaining that it was impossible to do comedy on college campuses.

There is a certain amount of irony here that needs to be explored. The same group of people which applauded Lenny Bruce as a courageous revolutionary was now in the business of punishing anyone who deviated from the most fundamentalist interpretation of the Talmud of political correctness. How was this possible? The downturn in Owen Benjamin’s career is only understandable in light of the forces which Lenny Bruce’s revolution unleashed.

[The full article is available in the February 2020 issue of Culture Wars]



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[16] Jennalee Donia, Taking Comedy Seriously: Stand-up Dissident Potential in Mass Culture (New York: Lexington Books, 2019), p. ix.

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[18] Donian, Taking Comedy Seriously, p. 17.







(Republished from Culture Wars by permission of author or representative)
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  1. One must always remember the role of Jewish predatory practices to co-opt and dominate the up and coming comedy scene of the 1970’s and 80″s. In the documentary Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of the National Lampoon, you realize that the beginning of the modern comedy scene began with the success of the NC 17 rated MAD magazine targeted to 18 to 35 year old Boomers the National Lampoon, which came out of the Harvard Lampoon magazine.
    According to wikipedia National Lampoon was started by Harvard graduates and Harvard Lampoon alumni Doug Kenney, Henry Beard and Robert Hoffman in 1969, when they first licensed the “Lampoon” name for a monthly national publication. The Harvard Lampoon was established in 1876 as a long-standing tradition of the campus, influencing the later National Lampoon Brand in its evolution from illustration heavy publications to satirical wit, ranging from short fiction to comic strips. The magazine’s first issue was dated April 1970. The company that owned the magazine was called Twenty First Century Communications.
    This magazine founded by two WASPS and a German would capture the minds of million of young men during the 70’s and 1980’s. Thomas Carney, writing in New Times, traced the history and style of the National Lampoon and the impact it had on comedy’s new wave. “The National Lampoon,” Carney wrote, “was the first full-blown appearance of non-Jewish humor in years–not anti-Semitic, just non-Jewish. Its roots were W.A.S.P. and Irish Catholic, with a weird strain of Canadian detachment. . . . This was not Jewish street-smart humor as a defense mechanism; this was slash-and-burn stuff that alternated in pitch but moved very much on the offensive. It was always disrespect everything, mostly yourself, a sort of reverse deism.”
    The magazine was an outlet for some notable writing talents, including Douglas Kenney, Henry Beard, George W. S. Trow, Chris Miller, P. J. O’Rourke, Michael O’Donoghue, Chris Rush, Sean Kelly, Tony Hendra, Brian McConnachie, Gerald Sussman, Ellis Weiner, Ted Mann, Chris Cluess, Al Jean, Mike Reiss, Jeff Greenfield, John Hughes and Ed Subitzky.
    Comedy stars John Belushi, Chevy Chase, Gilda Radner, Bill Murray, Brian Doyle Murray, Harold Ramis, and Richard Belzer first gained national attention for their performances in the National Lampoon’s stage show and radio show. The first three subsequently went on to become part of Saturday Night Live’s original wave of Not Ready for Primetime Players, Bill Murray replaced Chase when Chase left SNL after the first season, and Brian Doyle Murray later appeared as an SNL regular.[9] Harold Ramis went on to be a prolific director and writer working on such films as Animal House, Caddyshack, Ghostbusters, and many more. Brian Doyle Murray has had roles in dozens of films, and Belzer is an Emmy Award-winning TV actor.
    The magazine is responsible not only for the creation of SNL but essentially the SNL to movie pipeline that was started by Chevy Chase Dan Akroyd and Bill Murray
    The saddest story of this era seems to be what happed to comedy writer and co founder Micheal O’Donoghue. Michael O’Donoghue (January 5, 1940 – November 8, 1994) was an American writer and performer. He was known for his dark and destructive style of comedy and humor, was a major contributor to National Lampoon magazine, and was the first head writer of Saturday Night Live. He was also the first performer to utter a line on that series.
    Micheal O’Donough was invited by Lorne Micheals to bring the star talent from the Lampoon to create a new comedy show for NBC which would later be known as SNL. In what can only be described as a planned betrayal and purge O’Donoghue was fired after only one season and Lorne Micheals would be know as the man behind Saturday Night Live. This seemingly horrific act caused a understandable bitterness and hatred that O’Donoughue would feel for the rest of his life. In a series of behaviors that can only be described as self harming acts of revenge O’Donoughue purposely created sketches and dialogues for his former colleagues that he must of known would never air.
    O’Donoghue was released from the show after writing the never-aired sketch “The Last Days in Silverman’s Bunker”, which compared NBC network president Fred Silverman’s problems at the network to Adolf Hitler’s final days.[4] It was planned that John Belushi would return to play Silverman, and a great deal of work had been done on creating sets for the sketch (which would have run for about twenty minutes), including the construction of a large Nazi eagle clutching an NBC corporate logo instead of a swastika. Another unaired O’Donoghue sketch from around the same period, “The Good Excuse”, also involved Nazi jokes. In the sketch, a captured German officer berated by his captors for Nazi war crimes explains that he had a good excuse, which he whispers into their ears, inaudible to the viewers. His captors are quickly persuaded that the unheard excuse was, in fact, an acceptable reason for the crimes of the Third Reich.

    On October 26, 1986, O’Donoghue was further connected to SNL by virtue of his marriage to the show’s musical director, Cheryl Hardwick,[5] in the late 1980s. The union was fodder for a “Weekend Update” joke in which Dennis Miller noted that the couple was registered at Black and Decker.

    O’Donoghue was one of several original writers rehired by Lorne Michaels upon his return to produce the show in 1985. O’Donoghue’s intention was to write and direct short films for the show; however, none were completed and he wrote little else, apart from a monologue seemingly designed to humiliate Chevy Chase when he hosted the second show of the season. (The monologue began, “Right after I stopped doing cocaine, I turned into a giant garden slug, and, for the life of me, I don’t know why.”) The monologue never aired, and O’Donoghue was fired a month later after telling The New York Times that SNL had become “an embarrassment. It’s like watching old men die.” His final contribution to the show was a song, “Boulevard of Broken Balls”, co-written with his wife Hardwick and performed by Christopher Walken on the October 24, 1992, episode.
    It seems Lorne Micheals stole the idea, the effort and the talent form O’Donoghue to create SNL, then fire him, then attempt to hire him 8 years later and expect him to be grateful. In a sad twist of fate the entire comedy world of the past 40 years probably never heard of the man who created the industry of today mainly due to the Machiavellian actions of Lorne Micheals and executives at NBC back in 1975

    • Agree: thotmonger
    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  2. Hmmm,

    I would beg to differ on this point,

    ” . . . after following a trajectory of random acts of violence.”

    If you mean the acts of violence committed by the lead character, then i don’t bite. Those acts each one was deliberate and done in accordance with some manner of intent to redress a wrong. Even the murder on live TV was to redress the hypocrisy, mean spiritedness, and bullying that the main character believes is targeted not only him, but anyone with an insider’s seat at the table.

    The guys on the train, they were assaulting him. And any self respecting gun rights advocate would deny the right to self defense.

    His former co-worker, had thrown him under the bus over the issue with the handgun.

    His mother he believed had given him over to the hands her husband or boyfriend’s abuse and may have manufactured a case about who his father was bestowing on him a sense of hope via lineage.

    Mr. Wayne in this film is a “jerk” of the first order, though in terms of owed violence is the least contemptible target.

    The moral order is very much in play, but the arbiter is not one we are acustomed to dispensing justice. It’s a view of justice from down the hill to the place where even excrement must eventually come to a halt. And in that mire, is born eventual justice.

    A tad long winded, but the performance of Mr. Pheonix was full enough to tap into those streams of human frailty and complexity quite well.

    In his wake, there is very little random violence, if any. Perhaps the murder of Mr. Wayne, but other than that . . .

    However, if one wants to be lifted the dark places visited on that road trip I reccommend the movie


    Absolutely full of delightful and creative surprises and uplifting.

    • Replies: @guest
  3. Catiline says:

    Pornography is the unacknowledged subtext of Todd Phillips’ film Joker…

    This creep is literally obsessed with pornography. Anyone care to speculate?

  4. Behold!!!

  5. I think that Jones is way off base on “Joker,” but I’m not going to comment on that.

    In the second half, Jones abruptly switches to his friend Owen Benjamin. I discovered Owen a year or so ago on YouTube when he was on his rant that “we didn’t go to the moon,” which I found hysterically funny but also eye opening. Did we really go?

    Owen then proceeded to go too far in ridiculing Jews, with little Ben Shapiro as his favorite target, and it was a matter of time before the ADL/YouTube speech police shut him down.

    I don’t know what Owen is doing today, but hope that he’s ok. I just checked Bitchute, and found no new videos there. When he was a king on YouTube, I felt I got to know his wife and son. They had a lovely small farm, drank goats milk, and grew their own veges.

    Owen gave up a lot for his principles. That’s what real men do.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Anon
    , @Stan
  6. just listened to a couple Owen Benjamin clips on YouTube. Not impressed.

  7. Saggy says: • Website

    This creep is literally obsessed with pornography

    Well, if you watch HBO or Amazon it’s difficult to avoid. I went searching for a Stormer article published yesterday I think where AA goes into a long rant on the evils of porn, which I couldn’t find, but I did find this … if you haven’t seen it, it’s from 2013 …. check it out

    • LOL: Jim Christian
  8. “Well, if you watch HBO or Amazon it’s difficult to avoid.”

    interesting and on point. it’s hard to convince many people that the real influence on youth is mainstream entertainment . . .

    networth 160 million

    highest female

    30 million

  9. @kerryman86

    National Lampoon sucked and Saturday Night Live really sucked. Just in case you were interested.

    • Replies: @kerryman86
    , @JimDandy
  10. @obwandiyag

    your opinion is noted but the point is not whether national Lampoon and SNL appealed to every single person in the world but rather the power dynamics and ethnocentrism behind the scenes of Hollywood that outsiders rarely see

    • Replies: @G. Poulin
  11. Anonymous[392] • Disclaimer says:

    Owen Benjamin is just an E-Celeb and a third tier comic. The fact that Jones is using him as an example only hurts him.

    I think Jones just needs to get laid.

    • Agree: Catiline
    • Replies: @Saggy
    , @d.deacon
    , @4justice
  12. Saggy says: • Website

    Benjamin was a phenomenon on the internet for a brief moment. A perfect example of what was happening with free speech on YouTube, until the Jews shut it down.

    • Agree: Catiline
  13. Better to listen to the rebuke of a wise man than the song of fools.
    – Ecclesiastes 7:5

    Humor is good. But the First Amendment is better. So I do not understand why extremely hostile, shocking and obscene comedy clips (example below) are permitted to remain on YouTube but then the staid and somber lectures by Christian authors Michael Hoffman (Judaism’s Strange Gods) and E. Michael Jones get pulled down as “hate speech”.

    Jewish Privilege? More like Judeo Lese Majeste.

    My question to E. Michael Jones (from whom I have learned a lot) is: if Catholicism is the only thing on par with and capable of reigning in the excesses of Jews and capitalism (along with?) in American society, why have largely Catholic regions like Latin America and Philippines remained quite messed up, rather violent and highly corrupt?

    • Replies: @d.deacon
    , @bjondo
    , @Jake
  14. @EliteCommInc.

    Correction highest female pornography actress

    30 million

  15. jsigur says:

    Few ppl were aware of the JQ when Bruce was a comic. Also,Bruce likely knew his Jewish role in driving society towards that agenda. 911 changed everything because it exposed the Jewish fingerprints all over that staged event..

    Then the herding process began with those not willing to bypass Jewish culpability, herding them into White Nationalist movements to define them as haters of all things not white.

    911 exposed Noam Chomsky as a gatekeeper for TPTB with his irrational claims 911 was no big deal
    Jew sees true except when it comes to the Jew and another hero bites the dust.

    the Jewish blood in Owen too makes him hold back and it was likely that Jewish blood that helped him get those initial breaks

    I liked the Joker.
    There was little violence in it but what was there was very believable. For some reason that seems to worry the intelligentsia.

    Look at the low pro critics score on Rotten Tomatoes and then look at the reader scores. The public no longer buys the bullshit reality fed to them by their secret Jewish masters and let me tell you,

    that’s a world that feeds on HATE (in their eyes)

  16. The name of Budd Friedman’s club was the Improv, not Catch a Falling Star. Bill Maher’s novel wasn’t about that club though. He worked at Catch a Rising Star, which was owned by Rick Newman.

  17. Anon[182] • Disclaimer says:

    He’s on DLive & still hilarious:)

  18. d.deacon says:

    there’s enough of it around.

  19. d.deacon says:

    eh, both are ok, not excellent, as alt-lite figures go.
    Benjamin eventually went homesteader, a more honest living.
    Jones has been incredibly right bout Buttigieg and some other things.
    I do half-disagree about Joker, although I can see where he’s coming from. The movie has elements both alt-right and antifa incels love, ergo causes confusion in the white male youth, which helps to keep them in the dazed state they are in now.

    For example, it is true, gun owners, race-realists, and antifeminists find much to laud in the movie. Aside from the whole thing getting started by colored kids stealing Arthur’s sign and beating him (if that’s not based, what is?), the black side characters are dull and useless like they tend to be in real life, inspiring some pity but also the sense that they cannot help themselves anyway. But, what are the chances some Wall Street frat-guys wanna rape a Latina on the subway, 1/20? At most they were flirting badly; #metoo and Kavanaugh-Haven-Monaghan syndrome pandering there. And Arthur’s laugh irks them; of course, it is a reversal of that Jewish guy shooting thieving blacks in the subway in the 80s and being lauded for it, but now the baddies were rich white Gentiles doing jock bullying. so I can see Jones’s points about Jew subversion there. On the other hand, the murder of De Niro’s character was much more satisfying and climactic than that of Thomas Wayne. The subversion seems too muddy to work, it seems?

    At any rate, the key of the movie is in the scene in which Fleck recovers his mother’s asylum papers and sees the picture of Thomas Wayne, which may have either been stolen by his mother and scribbled on by her, or gifted to her by him. Remember, Arthur’s recollection is unreliable, and therefore when he goes to face Wayne, he seems to be in the wrong and loses the argument as Wayne convinces him he’s not the father even when Arthur says it’s not for money. Wayne acts like a jerk, perhaps in a way showing that he tried to impose his truth like a fash; and that in general the rich act authoritarian towards the poor and disguise it as calls for order and prudence. But, he was not wrong when he said wanton excessive violence was uncalled for (Fleck’s last shots were square to the face, and would have made him a hate crime committer and rightwing illegal carry gun nut had the victim been black) and counterproductive to the poor people which he wanted to help (granted, he said this in a Trumpian backtracking fashion, hinting at Trump’s backtracking from “Mexican rapists”, which was true anyway), while also wanting to solve things by running for office and in the right about punching Fleck for him harassing his then boy son Bruce. btw, Arthur seems much older, at least 20 years; wouldn’t it make sense that Bruce Wayne had more older brothers? Thomas could be his grandpa (specially if the setting was a Catholic country lol). Thus, perhaps Thomas was way too young to father Arthur, and his mom was wrong, or? Again, the subversion is so muddy it may work, or not.

    So far then, the movie has wanted you to hate Wayne so far; but only circumstantially, because he didn’t know how the fratboys were acting and thus defended them, and the shots to the face were unneeded – showing Fleck was not just a Robin Hood. So up to here, if Wayne is also shown to be right about Fleck’s fatherlessness and his mom’s craziness, he’d be shown to be right about everything (the scandal also kinda mirrors Trump’s Stormygate, anyone remember that? I know, who cares).
    Thus, if this Dear John picture of “T.W.” that Fleck’s mom kept is legit a gift and her Pornhub fantasy was real, then Fleck would be in the right, and in effect blank-slatism (ergo liberal-leftism) would be in the right: as Fleck being of elite blood but then becoming a loser would disprove the hardcore “g-IQ=40-80%genetics” hypothesis believers, while also proving that Wayne Sr’s sexism against his maid consigned her and her son to misery. One could only argue that nature made Mrs. Fleck weak and prone to falling for Mr Wayne, and birthing dumb Arthur and raising him terribly and hooking up with abusive boyfriends anyway (some smarter girls would go to the nuns at least). Or, that endogamy in the elites eventually made them unstable such as the philanderer phony Wayne (who then again, only has one legal child? maybe a subliminal mention of waspy birth-control-induced sterility and degeneracy? Plus his son as an adult is a bachelor and either celibate or womanizing or homoerotic depending on portrayal – but never married, heh). But these are indirect arguments, and environment would seem a larger factor in the short-term situation in the movie.
    If, however, the picture is false, then Fleck is indeed a nobody, probably of even lower genetic stock than his mother as unwanted sons tend to be, and both him and his terrible mother naturally had their bad life coming. The film’s anti-single-motherhood stance sharpens as Fleck’s mom isn’t just a maid screwed by her boss (weak but pitiable to a degree) but rather a dangerous loon for having adopted anyway in spite of her unfitness to be a mother (perhaps also a very subliminal hit against LGBT “parents” and feminists who become single moms on purpose and date terrible men?). Also IIRC she had bad pregnancies and unhinged desires of bearing children before as well (think this showed in the asylum medical records scene?), making her seem unfit even physically. Plus, let’s be real – early twentieth century prog-philanthropist WASPs like the Waynes may have sent the girl to have an abortion somewhere; then again, lacking monasteries and convents, they had to build asylums… At any rate, Fleckmom’s death by smothering really makes sense only if Arthur felt she was in the wrong; if she’d been right, Arthur would have pitied her at least slightly, as the torments she put him through had at least partial root causes outside her control if Thomas Wayne indeed had been the absentee father. But again, there is no full confirmation either way, and the Waynes’ deaths seem either a senseless martyrdom, or a justified blood sacrifice of the elites if you wheel, to resurrect Joker after the car crash at the end. Again, confusing subversion that just keeps you spinning the wheel and not doing anything either way.

    The unreliable full on Joker narrator at the end makes it all seem like a dream. How could they catch him and lock him up in an asylum after that uprising? They couldn’t when he was running Looney Tunes style down some steps (hilarious scene), nor when he ran past the TV studio security after sneaking in his already discovered gun (wouldn’t he be detained on the spot by hospital security in that also funny scene?) and murdering the equivalent of Johnny Carson on national TV (which I thought wasn’t live?). At any rate, I also slightly disagree with Jones’s view that the Joker is emptied of warmth – it does have some, if only because of the grim comedy (such as the nightclub cringe-jokes, or the scene where he doesn’t shoot the dwarf because he laughed at seeing him scared, bigoted funny antidwarf humor of course) that feels warm against the dark arthouse background.
    Of course, this means the subversion has to be as desensitizing as is profitable. Relatedly, millions of nerds waste their time and money coming up with stupid alternate theories; mine is that Joker was lying about Murray inviting him on the show at all, so as to give himself a nice justifying and even sanctimonious alibi that disproves that it was him that killed the Waynes in the alleyway (as the canonical Batman stories tend to say he killed them, and he already knew they frequented that theater), while also approving of their fate and describing it as a literal revolutionary moment of liberation in the form of the death of establishment figures and posterior peoples-revolt. This is also perhaps closer to the reality of violent incels, whether on the left or the right, in that the bloodshed they create is limited and senseless, and sparks no revolutions other than those in their head. Also, the fact that the movie does not finally say whether Joker’s an elite bastard or an adopted loser means that in Joker’s head this conflict is not resolved: which probably means his mom was painfully in the wrong (again, he smothered her with repulsed anger) and he compartmentalizes it by coming up with the muddled memory of the Dear John picture that could go either way.

    Again, either this is brilliant subliminal writing meant to hit many spots, or it is confusing subversion, or both. Judging from the pro-liberal plattitudes mouthed off by director and actor before and after the film (even if some of it is PR damage control to appease the lefties), it’s clear that they intended this movie to subvert first and entertain after, but it came out so muddled that the alt-right and even some alt-left finds much to agree on in the film. Kind of like Taxi Driver making people empathize at least a bit with Travis Bickle, when Scorcese had not wanted to happen. His intention was a cautionary tale, but subconsciously the empathy for Bickle came through. Likewise, Phillips is a centrist Jew liberal, one who certainly puts on his spin on his cautionary incel tale, but one who also probably subconsciously empathizes to a degree with Benny Gaetz – and thus, with Arthur Fleck.

    In short, I’d thus argue we should keep taking it right back to them and subverting their precious Hollywood art. While if you get down to brasstacks Joker could partly be a symbol of antifa or incels in general, in the general picture and feeling he is more easily claimed by the alt-right. A leftwing viewer may have half cheered for the Waynes’ death, half-believing Arthur’s mom (because #believeallwomen!) but wouldn’t approve shooting a stand-in for Stephen Colbert – even if he made fun of them. The reverse is true for an altrighter, in that he’d concede that Fleck’s mom may have been telling the truth, but notice that nature had a role in her and her son’s fate anyway; while conceding that Gotham’s elites were going degenerate and something needed to be done, but acknowledging that Thomas Wayne was more right than wrong and that his death isn’t necessarily celebratory (not too dissimilar to Tsar Nicholas II’s muddled legacy as a ruler that either allowed communism to happen or was martyred by it); and, being utterly happy to be able to shoot a late-night-liberal-phony-talk-show-host-played-by-liberal-phony-De-Niro in the face quite violently. Specially if the host mocked them on national TV.

    Relatedly, it could be argued that the comedy biz grew tons financially (and lost tons morally) the last 20-30 years because blacks and others came up with many increasingly outrageous comics since Richard Pryor. Blacks are specially naturally more entertainment-friendly, and many are natural tales-tellers. Plus the influx of Hispanics meant paying humorists that catered to their sensibilities. Meanwhile Jews remained on top however, which meant that these minority comedians took their crass anti-Gentile cues from them, and were allowed to be even more crass because not allowing so would be racist (plus, again, browns may be on average a bit crasser overall, due to nature/nurture, less time being fully Christian, etc). Besides, these minority comedians could be paid less and usually are into lesser drugs than the more depressive white comedians (though they are just as crazy if not more, see Katt Williams) and therefore can spread degeneracy faster without killing themselves like Mitch Hedberg*. Thus, in this age in which Jews in entertainment are starting to be lumped in with the other white tribes and thus discriminated against by the brown-Marxist-Islamist ascendancy (that so far have been their friends against the Gentile/Christian), no wonder Phillips channels Gaetz into Joker. Does that make him an ally? Maybe not – but who knows; the Church still prays for his conversion.

    *A similar thing happened in music, although in that field rap replaced rock in the charts because it was cheaper to record a single hoodlum in a booth yapping to a beat (or get another one from the street if the first one got shot or stoned) while rock bands had to inconveniently have more instruments, bandmate drama, heavier drug abuse, slightly better command of contract law, better lawyers, more musical skill…
    True, rock was born degenerate anyway. But, so much of rock oeuvre can be at least secular literature, and melodically and historically composed by Caucasians and post-Christians, and thus rescued; that killing its mainstream viability leaves whites who liked it homeless musically. Or, stuck in degenerate depressive druggy niches, like punk or soyboy-filled indie. Meanwhile, country/folk has been progressively defanged and derooted since the days of Greenwich Village, until the modern fake Brooklyn hipsters of today. Pop made to dumb down and horn-up teen girls; and electronic music made for ever more degenerate dancing and fornicating. Though at least that last genre reflects some European inventiveness with synthesizers (which bled into rap production, even if blacks won’t admit it), as well as some melodic and aural European traditions (even if usually too pagan/secular); but, these rhythms were originally evolutions from brown and gay house disco, and there’s consequently been huge degeneracy in past and current electronic music festivals.

    • Replies: @d.deacon
  20. d.deacon says:

    Because only Catholics dared go into brown nations to live in them and convert them.
    You might say this was harder, more thankless work than the cleansing or more segregationist policies of Protestants. On the one hand, converting browns rather than trying to murder or corral all of them was easier, which created a more civilized buffer between relatively empty North America and the more crowded Central-South-Caribbean; on the other hand, Catholic countries didn’t have peasants fleeing due to the absence of Prot-caused religious wars, so Catholic colonial whites couldn’t be a ruthless majority in most colonies anyway. When they were, such as in the Southern Cone, they did well. Catholic European peasants only started fleeing when liberals started messing around in the 19th century.
    Also, Catholics are more Mediterranean, so they have to deal with some admixture, which explains the corporate-agrarian makeup of their societies, and the few errors inherited from the Greco-Roman world (example, giving peasants families land forever, but keeping them illiterate). Protestant societies are more decentralized and bourgeois, due to their Viking-Germanic individualist-naturalist residue seeping through the Lutherian heresy (example, letting peasants read Bible, but letting lands be taken by evermore rapacious bourgeois interests). If Christendom had remained united, both trends would have balanced themselves out, as Catholic doctrine is all encompassing, and any partial shards of truths that other gods or heresies or cultures may have, are all already made full in the doctrine. Thus, you have countries with low-IQ that may never touch the West but do better with Catholicism than they’d do without; and countries with any-IQ that are fading away into either primitiveness or into overconsumption without Catholicism (usually after passing through Prot Christianity and/or Enlightenment influence, which makes these societies more materially wealthy at first but also more prone to decay), and being taken over by local and foreign low-IQs. The ideal is Hungary, both high IQ and Catholic, which under atheist communism was languishing; the Philippines may never reach them in IQ, but they’d be in quite worse a standing without Catholicism.

    • Agree: utu
  21. Thank you for that answer. It does explain a lot.

    Taken from a broader perspective, of an industrial human race furiously powered by fossil carbon, it does seem like the once great jungles of the Philippines were just another rib on the barbecue. And Brazil’s Amazonia being the last “lung”? Oh boy. On that level, I wish the major religions, including the Catholic church, had been more honest about the ecological implications of exponential population growth.

    • Replies: @4justice
    , @d.deacon
  22. 4justice says:

    If the climate scare is something other than the repackaging of the eugenics population control movement, then you might be correct. If not, then the Church was right all along. Perhaps degrading our humanity by calling for less of us rather than figuring out how to live well more efficiently on less is not the correct approach even if it could be proved that human-made carbon is an important factor in climate change.

  23. True, big shifts in climate would = crop failure = food shortage = famine = mass death. + inundated coastal cities and whatnot = considerable hardship for those people. But I was not thinking so much about that.

    I am going on the destruction of the once great forests of the world. I have seen the stumps. The collapse of the wildlife, the disappearance of the big fish and decline of the great fisheries, the depletion of aquifers, the rapid thinning of soils… Worldwide. These are the sorts of indicators that alarm me. And our gross over dependence on Haber Bosch, and domestic livestock* spells trouble.

    True, it should only take five hundred years to grow back some 500 year old forests. But where is that being permitted, if ecologically possible? The Fertile Crescent is not what it once was. Where once there was rich loam in Iraq now you will pick up a fist full of sand. The great oak forests of Ancient Greece are now where goats and scrubby olive trees struggle on bedrock.

    Maybe the giant garbage patch of plastic in the Pacific will harmlessly settle down as a thin layer at the bottom of the ocean. Maybe we should not worry ourselves if all the sea turtles choke to death or get drowned in our nets, and add no more bones to their two hundred million year fossil record.

    But when you add these sorts of things together, it looks problematic. I think the word is overshoot. Followed by draw down and collapse. I do not mean to blame Christianity for that. Because of course the real modern priesthood are (#!!!+$%&!!) economists and their booster technocrats that keep telling us growth is ordained and forever. BUT the church has been remiss and should have spoken up much sooner and more vigorously on behalf of all of God’s creations. The improvidence is undeniable. And hubris has a very bitter aftertaste.


  24. bjondo says:

    why have largely Catholic regions like Latin America and Philippines remained quite messed up, rather violent and highly corrupt

    How were these regions before
    US took control?


    • Replies: @d.deacon
    , @thotmonger
  25. JimDandy says:

    I’ve always enjoyed the publication this piece was written for, and it is a very well-written, interesting essay, but am I reading this correctly?

    “By the time The King of Comedy made it onto the screen, it seemed that everyone was famous, but that no one had talent. The best example of this phenomenon was Andy Kaufmann, who was performing in New York when Robert de Niro was frequenting comedy clubs ”

    If the author is saying that Andy Kaufman lacked talent… this is the drop of poison that kills the entire article. Kaufman was a comic visionary. Philosophical difference with the man don’t change that fact.

  26. JimDandy says:

    I like caviar and you might think it’s yucky, yucky fish eggs ew! So what? National Lampoon had some truly hilarious and super-smart content, in my opinion, which is the only one that matters. Just in case you were interested.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
    , @JimDandy
  27. d.deacon says:

    the “implications” were only hypothesized recently, and have yet to be proven, specially with regards to carbon. it could also be true that carbon follows sun cycles, although some anthropomorphic change is caused in certain saturated regions such as California. That place, and few others such as Australia, may burn up a bit (thanks hippies for not allowing clearing up dead brush) – on the other hand, Florida has had a chilly winter lately. Polar bears are coming back. Idk… like I said in other subject, the subversion is quite muddled either way.

    furthermore, the Church preached a more rooted order based on land and limited tech. It was WASPs who invented the steam engine, the oil well, the Turing machine (full of semiconductors you are using now, dragged out of the earth by quite polluting mining ops, probably using coolie labor in China).

    Furthermore, speaking of minerals, up until very recently there was a limit on what could be done on that mineral-chemical front, which of course eventually generated tons of air pollution at first (coal in the steam age) and then tons of disposable plastics (perhaps the biggest real ecological threat) after they could be derived from oil. So it’s not like Aquinas or even Pius X could have commented on whether oil exploitation was net harmful to Creation, they simply didn’t know anything about oil! The Holy Spirit can illuminate the path to wisdom but not reveal the prize behind the door right away. That’s why the Lord gave us #science! for the material world.

    Relatedly, Catholic colonies usually went where there was bullion, spices, and/or arable land (even better if converted brown labor came with it), because of several reasons.
    The Catholic effort wasn’t a private effort of peasants fleeing Prot-civil-wars, or barons playing the influence game setting up spice trader companies in the City of London; but rather of Catholic throne and altar and their subjects (noble, commoner, priestly) who so chose evangelize/civilize/occupy the New World. True, some trading posts were also set up, but the higher skill of Protestants there got Catholics kicked out (example the Dutch taking over the East Indies, Britain keeping Portugal as a junior partner).
    Since Catholic society was less focused on trade (and, to be fair, the Hapsburg dynasty was not thrifty, nor won too many wars), they needed more gold; and, since Catholic peasants weren’t fleeing as much, the colonizing effort was overtaken by lesser nobles (sometimes too lesser) and rowdier male peasants (instead of the many families who went to New England). Even some former crusaders against the Moors then went to be conquistadors in the New World, with varying degrees of behavior. Cortes was much more learned and humane than Pizarro.
    At any rate, many of these men searched to become feudal lords exploiting land/labor/minerals in the new viceroyalties; one of the few inherited Late Roman vices in Catholic societies was that the aristocracy barely liked work even as managers, while on the other hand the Prots cancelled every holiday they could get away with. (The world would have been much better off without the divorce). On the other hand, we have Latin America’s relatively more rugged, inhospitable areas, and less arable land, a land more full of Indians and jungle (where only monocultures and fruit grow) and high peaks and deserts, with hard to defend coastlines… such a land was never going to be exploited as well as the US’s vast flat farming and resource land, full of WASPs working up until 6pm on Thanksgiving day (nowadays, 6am in the shopping malls). No wonder that until oil was discovered, the Western Hemisphere was pretty much just a recollection of sugar fruits for theUS, with some countries being a little more selfsufficient and successful (Argentina/Uruguay and their cows), but not much else
    And then was also the religious aspect: Catholics went to convert, and therefore had no shame about recognizing race differences; they needed to, in order to integrate the Indians enough, recognize how they were different and in what areas they needed separateness. For example, the priests didn’t mind that the natives love the Virgin because She reminds them of Pachamama, as long as the natives don’t forget it’s really the Virgin. Meanwhile Protestants went to save themselves and establish the shining city on the hill; and on one hand adopted segregationism, on the other they adopt universalism to attempt to invite everyone into the city, eventually collapsing it like it happens now.

    • Agree: thotmonger
    • Replies: @Bubba
  28. d.deacon says:

    with some reform, the Catholic order was preferable to the unstable US-funded liberal republics that came along.

  29. d.deacon says:

    about the Crescent, or Greece, it could be argued that farming in general denatures the soil, and that cattle is regenerative of it; and that, well goats are not the best to keep up a desert even. also, other areas have been made fertile, though it is harder, so cannot truly say we can reverse every damage right away.

    which is why the European-Catholic system of soil rotation between cattle/forest/meadow/crop, in part inspired by Catholic liturgical year and pagan seasons (and sure, the white Faustian genius had a role or whatever), worked much better to preserve at least some nature. True, even with these cares there’s less wildlife and more domestic animals now; but only in the material secular birth-control loving age do these domestic animals get funerals (not green) and strollers (not green), while literally any cheap infrastructural development for the masses can be slowed and/or stopped by any petty wildlife creature – newts even – that may be barely endangered.

    Sadly, in the materialist age, all care is thrown out the window, all extremes adopted, because they can be. And, since the secular birth-controlling urban dwellers you seem to propose as examples are way too far away from living in the countryside and nature in general (unlike the Church’s Distributist thinkers proposed, a nation closer to the land, keeping cities smaller), then in effect no one cares when this countryside/jungle/glaciers/whatever gets polluted by not only fossil fuels, but also and more so: either big-Ag dumping chemicals on riverbeds and pumping cows with hormones/antibiotics, or big-Migration giving these corporate farms even cheaper labor, or big-Pharma pumping the depressed locals with opioids, or big-Media pumping them with Netflix propaganda, or big-Climate giving awards/money to these same awful corporations if they fund/host some climate summit somewhere to waste time, and/or putting on a few solar panels on the farm that need to be connected to the grid anyway.

  30. 4justice says:

    Modernity brought in the idolatry of technology worship and other forms of materialism and hedonism and has targeted the Church. Yes, the Church should have been stronger, but now that we know the end result of nihilism and materialism (degradation and tyranny), we could use humility and respect for creation to chart a new course which will require restoring the Church (God willing), society and the earth.

    • Agree: thotmonger
  31. 4justice says:

    (sorry – reposting because this should have been a reply to Anonymous[392] )

    Billie Eilish was an e-celeb and is now topping charts. The difference between an e-celeb and a celeb has at least something to do with whether you play inside the lines drawn by the oligarch owned mainstream media. Of course talent is in the eye of the beholder and you may not like Owen Benjamin, but he definitely has a sizable devoted fan base and has decided to direct his energy toward freeing people from the sickness that the corporate masters are pedaling.

    Your repulsive comment about E Michael Jones only demonstrates your own degradation from what we humans are capable of. I suspect this was intentional on your part. But I agree with Jones claim that people in a state such as yours are right where the oligarchs who seek to enslave humanity want you.

  32. @d.deacon

    Your comments here in this thread are excellent and I agree completely.

    • Replies: @d.deacon
  33. @JimDandy

    Anyone who says “super-smart” is not smart.

    • Replies: @JimDandy
  34. JimDandy says:

    Says the guy with third-grade level retorts.

  35. d.deacon says:

    as has been any post-industrial revolution place of the earth. combined with the fact that industry and technology in the hands of browns isn’t used as efficiently as in Wasp hands. but Wasp hands did clear off lots of nature in their homelands in the first place.

    true, some Wasps like TR really did like nature, even more than agrarian-pastoralist Catholics (who sometimes also took nature for granted, and also due to excessively-charitable spirit sometimes didn’t do much out of the littering problem that browns in Catholic societies have in their areas), founding the modern conservationist movement. but, in Prot fashion, the Wasp natural-conservationist spirit is out of either sterile segregation (“keep nature untouched, even by few visitors that would pay for upkeep, or even if Keystone XL would solve America’s foreign oil problem”) or chauvinistic universalism (“let’s tell the Brazilian Indians they cannot prosper with even some slight industrializing, which would be less harmful relatively than what we did in Europe and US rivers and forests in the 19th and early 20th century, because Brazilians have more than enough forests while ours we wiped away happily – but we don’t care, we are the gliteratti hippie rulers of the world, and we shall flood your youth hostels and keep your tourism unprofitable”)…
    and of course the other half of Wasps just believes in the invisible hand somehow caring for nature, when it only cares for gold, and thus causes or pays others to cause massive deforestation and other damages. Continental seculars follow a similar dual pattern, perhaps more statist in details (only low church Anglo/Dutch-Prots are natural capitalists, Nordic and Mitteleuropa Prots tend to be mixed economy civnat types, and seculars are either fash or commie or whateverist materialists).

    most importantly, both sets of Wasps and near all seculars believe that eliminating unwanted births solves the problem not only of preservation but of wealth distribution; forgetting that without limiting abstaining from nonprocreative sex as much as possible, the material gains per person eventually turn society into desiring less and less procreation and less building up of both the individual and the society towards God; more and more short-term sterile fun that eventually leaves the whole society indebted, the young toiling into increasing sterility to pay for the robots that care for the increasingly many old AND sick (apartment+cubicle living with soylent food, which ironically would destroy the forests you love much more than any cattle or human); until the robots get paid themselves to eventually replace both young and old (and/or, wouldn’t be surprised if elites started adding cyborg parts to their increasingly sickly bodies).

    also, Catholics pretty much are not the same and have gone urban-modern too. sadly after the many defeats between Luther, the Armada, 1789, and several other more local ones (France losing its last traditional Catholic ruler after the embarrassing defeat against Prussia, Spain losing her Empire to a former Prot colony, Italy unifying under a liberal monarchy causing mass exodus, Austria-Hungary shot and killed by godless anarchist Gavrilo Princip for trying to incorporate Orthodox and Muslim heretics without converting them), and tons of slow and steady infiltration from dark factions (heretics/schismatics, freemasons, commies, Jews, homos, feminists, universalists/ecumenists), the Catholics eventually became materialistic, in order to keep up with the secular Right-Left establishment, and thus followed the rest of whites and other formerly somewhat civilized peoples and cultures into modern perdition.

  36. d.deacon says:
    @John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan

    thanks a lot, i appreciate it.
    though to be fair, i need better sleep.

  37. d.deacon says:
    @John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan


    though if not a troll, then i never understood the “if you don’t consume it, why should you care” mentality. it’s as if porn, or heroin, or a spouse dying of cancer, were some sort of Schrodinger’s cats that did not exist if i did not look at them. not to mention, Schrodinger’s cat is much, much, easier to close the lid on.

    the billions of people desensitizing everyday to porn do exist, and they walk among us in increasing numbers and decreasing sensibility; they cannot put the cat in the box. i know, (((they))) always give the “only a small minority are addicted/dangerous” fake caveat; as if the increasing radicality of those on the edge of the overton window didn’t push the rest alongside them.

    people forget, those who run these “adult content” rackets tend to be the worst of the (((elites))) vying for attention from the less-pervy (((elites))), and using the populace as toys and/or paypigs to swell up their clout and bank; sinking Gentiles along the way is a bonus. these “sex workers” usually claim their weirdo defects and/or past sins/crimes are just personal peculiarities and they “just wanna be left alone, not harm anyone” – but saying this so loudly, constantly, yelling it in the ear of everyone else in nearly every phone and computer – that they definitely cannot be left alone… and so they pied piper everyone…

  38. d.deacon says:

    a small correction, after re-remembering and reading and watching:

    Fleck’s mom, called Penny, didn’t have bad pregnancies or anything like that. The docs showed Fleck was her only son, adopted after leaving Wayne Manor due to her crush on Tom Wayne, “name unknown” mysteriously. While it could be argued he was found abandoned, if not this is another small hint pointing to Wayne’s supposed paternity denial scheme? Specially since Penny’s picture with his note and initials was found by Arthur after he killed her, making the picture seem like a coping mechanism for this unreliable narrator? Then again, he did kill her before finding the picture, mistakenly assuming Penny /was totally in the wrong; but, again, why would he not be more upset at Thomas Wayne after the picture was found? If he killed his mom, then he sure would have killed his dad who caused it all to begin, knowing the movie theater he frequents to even. True, Arthur does remember vividly his mom hurting him and not Wayne; she is put in Arkham Asylum later for her accomplice role in the vicious abuse of her child by her boyfriend, not before. Then again, how does she return to live with Arthur? Was 1981 Child Protective Services this bad (with whites even)?
    In short, more subversive muddle.

  39. @d.deacon


    I’ve been saying for years that, “Keep politics out of the bedroom!” is one of the most insipid and subtly dangerous phrases in our political language.

    My 6 PM Angelus will be dedicated to you, friend.

    • Replies: @d.deacon
  40. d.deacon says:

    oooh numbers argument.
    scads of them don’t get laid. not many on the internet this much time do, even if not on porn.
    porn of course funds the internet too, so even non-porn internet addicts are harmed.

  41. d.deacon says:
    @John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan

    it is insipidly dangerous, specially because the bedroom eventually comes to you. heck, even if you wanna be secular about it, sex is one of the core physiological functions, and ergo cannot be ignored. similarly we have dietary recommendations (wrong ones, mind you, but that’s another subject), why cannot we recommend what we do with gonads and organs?

    and thank you very kindly, it seems the Virgin’s intercession to Our Lord helped me finish a forgettable day. haven’t prayed an Angelus in a while btw, was taught it was at noon though? i won’t pretend to be a prayerful good Catholic, but have to try, have wasted so much in so much secular mental wasteland. at any rate, since I read this way too late, will do a Compline for you, friend. God bless you and loved ones.

  42. G. Poulin says:

    That thought is a little too complex for Obie-wan. He just wants to know whether something sucks or not.

  43. @d.deacon

    Yes, I was saved from a life of sin by the BVM. God knows I couldn’t get out of wickedness without aid.

    Where Dr. Jones gets things wrong is with his insistence that race/ethnicity is basically a non-issue – or purely a matter of language (it astounds me that an Irish-American like him could obstinately stick to that opinion). On the other hand, what the secular Alt-Right gets wrong is in believing they/we can win without the sacraments.

    That is why I personally hope Dr. Jones is reading these comments, and will see this article! I think you also will enjoy it:

    I highly recommend the more traditional forms of the Mass, if you can access them. The Tridentine Mass, done properly, is what can save the world. As mankind continues to waste and destroy the natural world, a natural place of solace and contemplation, it is little wonder that Satan has worked so hard to make our Catholic sanctuaries less quiet, less prayerful, less reverent, less glorious, and, in a word, less godly. That is the real pity of Vatican 2 – it was supposed to be a counter-revolution. Instead we ended up allowing the Modernists to run rampant.

    I thank God for men like Evelyn Waugh, who suffered so terribly in the 1960s and onward. No doubt they must have asked God to accept their suffering as a means to gain graces for people like us!

    (Now, not all of it was bad – I am very pleased that Vatican 2 condemned strategic bombing, because the Anglo-American bombing of Europe and Japan was truly one of the worst crimes ever committed.)

    P.S. Traditionally, the Angelus was prayed three times a day: at dawn, noon, and evening. I usually do it at 6 AM, noon, and 6 PM.

    Thank you for the prayers!

    • Replies: @Muggles
    , @d.deacon
  44. @Catiline

    Even if that were true, and frankly I doubt it, why should I care?

    “Vox populi, vox humbug.” – William Tecumseh Sherman.

  45. JimDandy says:

    With comments like that, and this:

    “National Lampoon sucked and Saturday Night Live really sucked. Just in case you were interested.”

    You’re in no position to define what the word “smart” means.

  46. Muggles says:
    @John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan

    Re: John Burns commentary about Catholics, et. al.

    Surprising amount of theology being commented on today.

    Used to be an old saying like, “he’s more Catholic than the Pope.” As an example of extreme belief/worship of some set of ideas.

    Now, that’s literally true. I’m not Catholic (or religious) but I’m more Catholic than the Pope. He’s a Communist (maybe a small “c” one) and I’m not. I have to wonder how such a top down religion based on liturgy and form, hierarchy, etc. can sustain itself with such a rogue, PC “leader.” I kind of admire the Catholic Church for its successful survival for about say, 2,000 years or so. Orthodox is much the same but hierarchy is weaker, less influential due to political history.

    I guess we will find out how reign by current Pope Comrade works out for them. Where is that mysterious heart attack when it is needed? Are the Cardinals now all cynics?

    My take on Trump Derangement Syndrome is this: the current Pope of State is ahem, not really a believer, much like the actual Catholic Pope. But the TDS mob still believe in the State as God. So having Trump as Pope isn’t just bad or wrong, it is heresy. Hence the desire to get out big wooden stakes, firewood and matches for Trump. As Pope of State he is an unbeliever. A successful promoter but not a real worshiper. He’s seen too much of what happens inside that peculiar church. Hence the religious fervor from the TDS choir. I have seen that red-eyed look in an old college friend recently. Not good. “Trump is evil” is what it boils down to.

    As for Catholics, they seem to have a better attitude. This Too Shall Pass. Better get the word to Nancy Pelosi. Of course she’s also supposed to be a Catholic, so for that she’s happy now.

    • Replies: @d.deacon
  47. d.deacon says:

    Yes and no. On the one hand, Trump is supposed to be merely an executive of popular will, not a philosopher-king who imparts nationalist-populist doctrine, much less the spiritual and moral leader of a billion people (who btw, does have one check on his holy authority – canon law does say he could “depose himself” due to constant heretical action – problem is, seems he is surrounded by accomplices who won’t call him out on it).

    Yes, the Catholic dissidence distrusts the Pope, but unlike the TDS sufferers on Trump, it has much better reasons to do so. The TDS sufferers either are in with the earlier establishment and are crying in rearguard action to avoid defeat; or are too anxious fanatics that cry betrayal if Operation Wetback 2.0 didn’t start today and finish next week. Some of the saner ones among them do good and point out legit concerns, but too many times it’s more like concern-trolling meant to push you into their direction – kind of like Francis saying we have to care for nature (good and reasonable) but proposes that degenerate secular Marxist bureaucrats, ecumenist hippie heretics, and Amerindian paganists are the best to lead the effort? Ignoring that while the West should stop its materialist worship of tech so it’s better for the environment (ex. don’t kill so many amazon trees for awful soy production), the Amerindians litter more, and when given tech they worship it just as much if not more (because it makes them look Western/rich), and use it less efficiently and probably will pollute more with it. Another example: many rivers in recently industrialized areas of the Third World look quite worse than the already polluted but currently better cared for European or American rivers. I mean, ever seen the Ganges?

    But yes, this too shall pass. For either of 2 reasons:
    -Whether because the next Pope sees the destruction and fixes it (even if raised as a V2-lieber; kind of like Trump is a moderate boomer and former Dem, but will do nationalist-populism or really whatever to a degree, if his support presses hard enough).
    -Or whether because enough Cardinals and bishops will man up and call for a Council to state truths, which may include declaring the Pope self-deposed due to heresy. I know, utopian, but can happen, and not necessarily would cause a permanent schism; since the Novus Ordo is poised to become quite sterile and lose membership (see new papal exhortation, it’s the most Marxist thing i’ve read from the Church in a while), thus the hierarchy would have to deal with the dissidence if it wants their side to remain (because again, I think there is a place for the vernacular mass for kids and converts, and even some charismatics can be very faithful; but these must remain temporary/minority positions, and definitely must be more orthodox), and overall guarantee the stability of the united Church, to avoid another Westphalia.

    Meanwhile there are already traditionalist Masses of varying validity, so until then maybe the Remnant of faithful will have to move there and press on. Maybe then the hierarchy will listen, since it listens to apostates so much maybe the dissidence will have to declare a new Great Western Schism again. Then again, that schism ended but Luther’s or the Greeks’ didn’t; do we need to add one more church to the 40 thousand existing at the moment? We also run the risk of losing many more to evangelicals and other at best flawed Protestant doctrines, not to mention secularism. So I think it is important for the dissidence not simply to break away, but also to try to change the current Church structure, which serves so many people and structurally offers advantages to evangelization; after all, the Marxists did better marching through the institutions than through Che-style guerrilla warfare.

  48. d.deacon says:
    @John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan

    i did try going to an sede traditionalist chapel once (sspv). it is certainly interesting, the ritual done better, even if sometimes the priests are too aged to give a good homily. then again, the homily is not part of the Mass, but guess one gets used to the priest becoming an inspirational speaker… which is of course a double-edged, Prot-friendly sword. i also missed the kiss of peace, raising hands on the Pater, and the collects in vernacular – then again, they can become so wordly in the Novus Ordo, which wouldn’t be so bad if it was actually an ordered liturgy. There is so much discretion given to the priest that confusion is created, and modernists with a wink and a smile can thus make changes while still remaining “orthodox”… again, we have the Joker’s theme of muddled subversion huh?

    thus i don’t know if all Catholics can handle the TLM. Some may do okay with a traditionalist kind of vernacular (like the Personal Ordinariate for ex-Anglicans), others may be too lost and bluepilled, and well maybe children up to Confirmation could learn in vernacular. Besides, there are some good Novus Ordo priests, who at any rate just are celebrating defectuously. On the other hand, the apostasy from the hierarchy seems like it can mostly be traced to V2, though of course the devil has been at work for a while.

    I agree with that article wholeheartedly on race, it is important but not the whole picture, without logos not only a divinely-ordained ethnos cannot be formed, but the God-created genos is also squandered. Dr. Jones would be even smarter than he is to remember that Aquinas didn’t condemn differentiation of matter in itself; if harmonic and naturally oriented to God, such differentiation serves for His glory, as He created imperfect matter to that effect (He cannot create something as perfect as Himself, for that would be self-defeating).

    True, Catholics tend to be a bit too wary of racial nationalism because the old Catholic multinational and multiracial empires were broken up or weakened or bastardized by bourgeois-elite-led secular nationalisms, supported by Prots and Freemasons and Jews. The key there is focusing on the word secular, meaning that these nationalisms were the disordered kind that did not accept the light of God but rather wanted to revert to pre-Christian form. Which is why many European Enlightenment nationalist-secularists increasingly, even as they denied it, adopted Greco-Roman and/or Germanic and/or Slav (in the case of communists) iconography, which only lead to a Game of Thrones world based on what leader brings more resources to their people, without any reason to harmonize differences outside with other nations, or inside within classes, other than temporal material concerns that by their imperfect nature can only go so far in addressing the differences and problems. Dr. Jones is correct that Islam has an advantage in such a Nietzchean world, because it would remain the only universalist religion while also one that does not shied away from brutal military conquest and power (and even lying to unbelievers, see taffiqya) used to proselytize. The white Nietzcheans think it will be them running things; don’t they know how flawed whites were before Christianity? or when they abandoned officially it for communism or current modernism? or whenever they became other religion I guess, as in Albania and Bosnia – not Somalia or Bangladesh, but shit enough.

    Meanwhile you have monoracial Catholic states such as the land of the Magyars, the land of the Poles, the land of the Croats, and before the land of the Franks, and that of the Anglos. As long as the national peoples decide by themselves, and confess the One True Faith, these Catholic monoracial nation-states can exist alongside both Catholic city-states and Catholic multiracial empires that too profess the Faith (Holy Roman Empire, the Spanish Crown). These empires fell when the original medieval order was upset by absolutism from above (a perversion of the divine right of kings used by Caesarists, Teutonicists, etc) and revolution from below, while perhaps the Church needed some purging of some materialism it had accrued as it had joined the social order (but not as far as the revolutionaries went). For example Spain: on one hand the Bourbons had installed too much centralism abolishing the old kingdoms and local liberties, on the other you also had the influence of bourgeois traders in the Spanish ports who disliked the excessive control of the Crown (and also didn’t help that these tended to be non-Castilians). Meanwhile the Holy Roman Empire became too Hapsburg-Austrian from above, then from below it became too nationalistic (and the Crown mistakenly encouraged it with the Austria-Hungary concept, which only led the other territories to rebel more… such as Bosnia in 1914…)

    It could also be argued that as populations grow, monarchies grow strained due to it being hard for larger numbers of people to follow one man (without turning to totalitarian measures), and it’s growing harder in democracy as it is; empires had it even worse because of the larger diversity of peoples. So, just like it is fair for a people to switch from monarchy to democracy and back if needed (could be done, in a wacky example, if Trump baptized and chose to become an American Catholic confessional king, and asks Pope Francis to crown him), likewise an empire can eventually award a more independent status to its constituent peoples if they feel they can materially handle things better, while still continue confessing the True Faith – similar to the Commonwealth concept of the Anglosphere, but without the empty Whigness that eventually degenerated it. In an ideal world, Catholic Europe, or at Mitteleuropa, would be united in a Commonwealth of Holy Nations; Italians, instead of forcibly being united under a secular and quite useless government, or having to deal with Germanics, could have united in a Commonwealth of Holy Principalities in the North and the Kingdom of The Sicilies in the South; Spaniards would return to the Crown system, and perhaps form a Commonwealth with former colonies, and alliance with the current Lusophonia system (which Portugal could even strengthen by returning to monarchy or at least confessional government, and Brazil to Empire or at least confessional state – which would by the way allow peaceful segregation of Brazilian whites from pardos in distinct nations under a sovereign).

    Besides, the Bible is pretty clear, both Old and New Testament:
    Old.- God sees humans united and vainly worshiping themselves (kinda like humanism?) by building the Tower of Babel, thus as punishment he created the many tongues to keep them dispersed and humble. Possibly races were created then too, although these were also started in earlier chapters of Genesis by the sons of Noah, who were ordered by God to spread in different areas – thus, that’s a positive for local adaptations combining with race and developing harmoniously under divine command.
    New.- The Great Commission clearly indicates to “preach the Gospel to all nations“, not to a united universal construct of all the people. The Church is universal precisely because the nations choose to confess the Faith universally, not because the Church destroys the nations.

    I didn’t know that about the Angelus being prayed thrice a day, guess the Novus Ordo got to the Opus Dei school where I was taught that – then again, with hindsight Opus Dei seems like a Novus Ordo neocon operation meant to put on a fake strict face on a V2-disordered body… and I didn’t like gender segregation, at least recess could have been shared so boys could learn to interact with girls; many elite corporate drones, dweebs, and effetes are raised in such schools.

    You are welcome, have a blessed weekend.

  49. @Catiline

    We live in a world where Jews provide FREE Porn to the masses. This is unprecedented. Since when is a visual degradation of human sexuality a form of free speech?
    It is no less than an attack on civilization. We don’t want our children targeted and groomed for a role as slaves in a world of Jewish capital ownership and political fascism [a la Trump and his EO against free speech that explains Jewish parasitism].
    How hard is this to understand?

    • Replies: @Catiline
  50. Jake says:

    Probably the most important paragraph in this important article is this one: “Even after he abandoned the Catholic faith, Scorcese never stopped celebrating the values he abandoned. This made him incapable of directing horror movies, a fact he made clear in a conversation with the Jewish Canadian horror-meister David Cronenberg, because, unlike Cronenberg, Scorcese never lost his sense of moral causality. Scorcese, according to Cronenberg, was an ex-Catholic who “does deal with good and evil in very proto-Catholic terms, and I’m sure that what he meant was that when he saw my films.” Scorcese, on the other hand, told Cronenberg that he didn’t understand his own films. Scorcese, according to Cronenberg, “saw the struggle” between good and evil “being played out. I don’t see it quite that way because I really don’t see the lines drawn in those terms.” Scorcese spends his time rebelling against a moral order he cannot ignore. Cronenberg, on the other hand, does horror because he has lost his grasp on moral causality. “I have difficulty thinking in terms of good and evil,” Cronenberg continued, “I’m sure if I had been raised a Catholic I would have no trouble because those issues are raised at a very early age.”[12]”

    Because Scorsese was raised Catholic (pre-Vatican II when that meant something), he lost his faith but never became swept up in nihilism. He retained morality that was grounded in Natural Law.

    Cronenberg has difficulty grasping good and evil as concepts that demarcate real things because he was raised Jewish. He knows, ”if I had been raised a Catholic I would have no trouble because those issues are raised at a very early age.”

    Take the Jew by blood line and raise him as a Catholic (and that means a pre-Vatican II Latin Mass Catholic), and he will not turn out the way that the vast majority of Jews by bloodline turn out when raised as Jews.

    It works from then other side as well. Take people who were good English Catholics and cram a Judaizing Protestant revolution over them, culturally as well as religiously, and they will become self-righteous monsters with insatiable lust to rule the world for the good of the world.

    WASP tikkun olam is as evil as the Jewish original.

  51. Jake says:

    Largely Catholic means little beyond the fact that with a large population Catholic, you should have been able to follow a great leader in overturning Modernism easier than could happen in the US.

    Every Latin American country is, and was, not a Catholic country but a Modern country born of Freemasonic revolutionary ideas. That means that they all are much more like the USA than they ever could have been like a medieval Catholic kingdom.

    The Philippines were not a product of masonic revolution but were stolen by the US and remade in an image acceptable to WASP overlords.

    • Replies: @d. deacon
  52. Got around to seeing JOKER. What a complete pile of shit without a moment of respite from the utter nonsense.

    • Replies: @Presocratic
  53. d. deacon says:

    Yes and no Jake.

    On the one hand, it is true. The present Latin states are all liberal republics from the 19th century, with borders and states defined by and obedient to some degree to globalist masters (or alternatively, socialist dupes). Even the European ones; save the increasingly faithful Magyars, Poles, and some Catholic Slavs, the others are all decadent secular places. Ironic, these nations, from Italy to France to Belgium to Spain to even little Ireland (Austria too, but it may yet have a small revival?) used to be the oldest brothers among the faithful, while the now most faithful areas were hinterlands. Latin America even worse, it’s been under increasing Anglo-American influence since “political emancipation”. It was useful to a degree to fight off vengeful Spaniards and French, just like now it is useful to “ally with” (really, serve) the Chinese or Russians against the Anericans… until it isn’t, of course… if only the elites knew more than selling bananas and oil…

    On the other hand, some semblance, or rather remains, of old Catholic and European order remain. There still are more holidays based on Spanish founding, not just liberation; also popular celebrations of saints and religious holidays, for example Good Friday is a national day off, even Maundy Thursday too. Right now some regions have days off due to Carnival (“Carnestolendas”) season, a remainder of old pre-Lent feasts. People are still less tolerant of sexual degeneracy and drug use. True, a lot has been debased/corporatized/paganized/leftified/brownified. Less and less people go to the full Ash Wednesday Mass, either because work and/or because you just spent the last 5 days drunk on a beach and you don’t want to. There’s also the practice of municipalities scrounging up from their fave contractors to put on entertainment displays like free concerts, which is fun until the people get used to only having free concerts… then again, subsidies help even local artists, who sometimes do have some independence too… in short, a bit of balance is needed… but yes, only a shell of the organic Catholic system remains; as the more materially successful nations such as Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru, are having their middle class increasingly overtaken by Whig browns (their white bosses all worshippers of US liberal values)… it will be a better middle class than the whitish leftist/secularist/novusordo/bureaucrat one of last century, but will have different sins and will devolve into neocon/neolib corporate worship vs browner and browner leftism… see Argentina… the Latin whites will either return to fertile Catholic roots that brought them there, or keep whigging it away to become a sterile parasite 5% class (see a pattern?), a remnant that who knows how it will manage to survive without brutal methods – or returning to the original Mission of 1492.

  54. Johan says:

    “On the other hand, some semblance, or rather remains, of old Catholic and European order remain. ”

    Semblance and remains?
    Catholicism and the old historical order is very much alive and on the return these days, consider that we have been sinful, riding around in our carbon dioxide canons, cars, acting wastefully and acting in general as wasteful materialist consumers all the time, polluting the environment, causing the impending destruction of the Earth, Apocalypse now being near. And we now are offered redemption of our sins by the opportunity of massive donation of money and obedient support to the good cause, to save the Earth. Money which is collected by modern bishops and popes who live very luxuriously, own big houses, and many of them, travelling the world in private jets. Austerity will be our lot, to pay back for living wastefully and sinfully, even self-flagellation, by refusing to engage in pleasant activities which might enlarge our ecological footprint, we ought now to travel by foot or at best, by bicycle, even when the weather is very bad. To save the continuing destruction of already sparse nature and to increase biodiversity in overcrowded countries like Belgium, it is proposed that we will be better stapled on each other in apartment buildings in cities. We sinners of the Earth are offered redemption and acquittal of sins, if we donate and change our ways, conforming to the standards of authorities, the latter now ever more centralized.., those who know best.

    We have also been white privileged, male chauvinist pigs, oppressors of the innocent, and looking at female unfriendly porn weren’t you, which adds to our sins!! Nevertheless, those who know best have now given us a chance of redemption and forgiveness of sins. Repent, you sinner, before it is too late…

  55. @Priss Factor

    Did you see Ford versus Ferrari? Thought it was very well done and, unlike Joker, worthy of its Academy Award nomination for best picture.

  56. Bubba says:

    …Florida has had a chilly winter lately.

    Maybe, but it sure had a hot 2019.

    “Key West has had 233 consecutive days of high temperatures 80 degrees or above – the longest streak of temperatures above 80 degrees in Key West’s records dating back to 1872, says the US National Weather Service (NWS).”

    • Replies: @d.diconez
  57. @EliteCommInc.

    I’ve been arguing til I’m blue in the face that the real porn is the ‘respectable’ stuff and it needn’t involve graphic depictions of ejaculations and the like. When Hollywood movies and TV shows depict random and perverse sex as acceptable they do far more harm than any seedy porn movie. Because of their obviously low budget and low-brow target audience, porn films do not convey society’s approval of the behavior depicted. Hollywood films do.

    • Replies: @d.diconez
  58. Catiline says:

    Jewish feminists are against porn.

    • LOL: Bubba
    • Replies: @d.dicon
  59. d.diconez says:

    materialism existed before Christianity. if anything, Christianity was accused of being otherwordly and for untechnified villagers by the Nietzcheans that created the current system, and which have infiltrated and taken over the Church too.

  60. d.diconez says:

    yes. there are more weather extremes. and some change of ice cover, though it fluctuates. the thing that may be a stronger factor than manmade activity is solar activity though, which will be bad for human interests this decade… or idk, so i’ve read online.

    at any rate, i recycle and save energy when i can. i think by Teddy Roosevelt’s time we realized that we can’t mess with the natural world too much. but come on, we can’t be begging to Saudis for oil. nor will everyone live on scooters and soy tin cans and Yang’s trailer apartments. nor do we need to all go sterile to save room.

    • Agree: Bubba
  61. d.diconez says:
    @jack daniels

    porn would be limited to red light district theaters at most. heavily taxed. funding rehab facilities for incels.

  62. d.dicon says:

    if only they were against the feminist thought process itself that aids to beget the porn industry.

    • Agree: Bubba
  63. guest says:

    The murder of the Waynes is not “random,” because they are wealthy people in a bad part of town. Muggings gone wrong are a thing that happens to people like them.

    The Joker is not responsible for that tragic occurrence. Not even indirectly. And as you say, out of the mire comes justice. Because we the audience know their deaths serve as a catalyst for the son to grow and fight criminals like Joker.

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