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Armenian Pawns in the Great Game
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One of the most puzzling events of the first 100 days of the Biden Administration was the president’s decla­ration that the deaths of Armenians that occurred in 1915 constituted genocide. Was Hunter Biden dating Kim Kardashian? That was certainly more plausible than Joe dating Kim, but not really an explanation of what was actually going on. The New York Times made a stab by invoking the Biden administration’s “commitment to human rights,” which according to the Times was “a pillar of its foreign policy. It is also a break from Mr. Biden’s predecessors, who were re­luctant to anger a country of strategic importance and were wary of driving its leadership toward American adversaries like Russia or Iran.”1 Did that explain why the president said that, “Each year on this day, we re­member the lives of all those who died in the Otto­man-era Armenian genocide and recommit ourselves to preventing such an atrocity from ever again oc­curring,” Mr. Biden said in a statement issued on the 106th anniversary of the beginning of a brutal cam­paign by the former Ottoman Empire that killed 1.5 million people. “And we remember so that we remain ever vigilant against the corrosive influence of hate in all its forms.”2

Traditionally, only two groups were concerned about the use of the term genocide: the Turks and the Jews. This standoff has been complicated by the fact that the Armenian genocide story has been absorbed into the Holocaust narrative. Like the Jews, the Armenians have attempted to make their genocide “a closed issue similar to the Jewish holocaust” and any denial of it a form of hate speech punishable by law. Three years before France officially recognized what happened to the Armenians as genocide on May 29, 1998,3 Ber­nard Lewis was found guilty of violating that country’s hate speech laws by taking the Turkish position on the matter. Lewis was sentenced on June 2, 1995, but only a token fine was imposed as punish­ment, thereby making a dead letter of the law and keeping the contro­versy alive.4 One pro-Armenian au­thor “has suggested that denial of the Armenian genocide represents hate-speech and therefore should be illegal in the United States,”5 but Lewis remained undeterred in his determination to dissociate the two events.

On March 25, 2002, Lewis “once again reaffirmed his belief that the Armenian massacres in Ottoman Turkey were linked to the massive Armenian rebel­lion and, therefore, were not comparable to the treat­ment of the Jews under the Nazis.”6 Lewy has adopted Lewis’s view, affirming that: “The Armenian commu­nity in Turkey was not simply ‘an unarmed Christian minority,’ and it is not acceptable to discuss the events of 1915-16 without mentioning the fifth-column role of the Armenian revolutionaries.”7 According to this reading, the Armenians have no right to claim Holo­caust victim status because their armed rebellion was different in kind from the behavior of the unarmed Jews who fell victim to the Nazis.


Israeli historian Yair Auron, however, takes a dif­ferent tack by linking Germany to the Turks and claiming that Germany “was involved directly and indirectly in the Armenian genocide.”8 Auron’s claim has no basis in fact. Evidence suggests that the charge stems from allied propaganda during the war years. In fact, there is overwhelming archival evidence that the German government, while accepting the military ne­cessity of the relocations, “repeatedly intervened with the Sublime Porte in order to achieve a more humane implementation.”9

The claim that the Germans “bear some of the re­sponsibility and even some of the guilt for the mass murder of the Armenians in World War I”10 would seem to rehabilitate the Armenians’ status as victims. Unfortunately, even a link to (albeit, pre-Nazi) Ger­many fails to create an equivalence between Armenian and Jewish suffering in the eyes of Israeli historians like Auron. Like most Israeli historians, who “seek to emphasize the singularity of the Holocaust,”11 Yehuda Bauer claims that Jewish suffering is unique, even while keeping the Armenian story in play by adding that “The Armenian massacres are indeed the closest parallel to the Holocaust.”12

[…] This is just an excerpt from the June 2021 Issue of Culture Wars magazine. To read the full article, please purchase a digital download of the magazine, or become a subscriber!

(Republished from Culture Wars by permission of author or representative)
• Category: History • Tags: Armenian Genocide, Holocaust, Turkey, World War I 
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  1. E. Michael ( purposefully? ) omits the main reason for Jewish hostility to claims of Armenian Genocide. It exposes Jewish involvement and collusion in it. The 1915 Genocide, as claimed, was the work of the Young Turk Government. Their rise had been financed largely by Turkish Jews, many of whom remained heavily involved until 1923, when Ataturk jettisoned them. Men like Emmanuel Carasso.

    As an example of the close Jewish involvement with the Turks during this period: The “Burning” of Smyrna, September 1922. The Greek and Armenian areas were devastated, the Turkish and Jewish quarters were left untouched.

  2. Tom Verso says:

    I don’t understand why Ron Unz allows Jones to use TUR for huckstering his magazine.

    Many of the writers on TUR have their own websites; but Jones is the only one that uses TUR for selling his wares.

    Jones is a Catholic Evangelist and like evangelizers in all religions, he wants to be paid for telling you the “TRUTH”.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Jack McArthur
  3. Anon[381] • Disclaimer says:

    I especially like hearing EMJ speak, in my opinion he has a very charismatic manner of speech and has helped in my search for religion. Keep up the great work.

  4. Anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:
    @Tom Verso

    Shut up Jew.

    • Replies: @Tom Verso
  5. Tom Verso says:

    You write

    “Shut up Jew”


    I was an alterboy and still periodically attend Catholic Mass; although much less so in the post Vatican II era (error?).

    I object to a fee site like TUR being used to solicit money. TRU rejects advertisement. So why should Jones be allowed to link to a paid for article?

    Jones claims that he wants to help the working class transcend Jewish domination.

    But, like the Sophist in Socrates days, he wants to be paid for teaching the principles of liberation.

    This is consistent with religous institutions including Catholic; they want to be paid for preaching aka teaching,

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  6. BobGreek says:

    Armenians, Greeks, Chaldeans. We are all pawns in the great-game Mr. Jones. Even Jews, Turks, Syrians, Palestinians.

    Pawn is pwned.

  7. Anonymous[204] • Disclaimer says:
    @Tom Verso

    Jones has his own site (culture wars) where plenty of information is free. Get off your soapbox, Mr. former “alter” boy.

  8. VeryMuchAlive nails it above with his comment. The Salonika crytpo Jews were the core of the Young Turks and were the architects of the Genocide. The donmeh core philosophy was the orginial zionism concept that originated with the fraud Shabbathai Zevi (then Jacob Frank who turned the Rotschilds and voila …zionism). The donmeh knew well that Turkey was the sick man and the time to strike for the regurgitated zionist state under Hertzl was right. Just had to eliminate those pesky Armenians who, like the Jews in Germany, were the merchant class, the architects the engineers. Jones, is beyond his element on this subject and until he educates himself, should refrain from commentary. BTW the western third of Turkey legally belongs to the Republic of Armenia according to the Wilson Arbitration Award of 1920…. possession is 9/10th of the law. The wiley Turk senses when they push their murderous jihadism too much and then announces a reset in relations. The anglo zio west, buys it time and time again… coincidence.. hardly…quite deliberate…. The Armenians were screwed then and they are screwed now. There is no defender of Christianity left on the planet… Putin included.

  9. Fr. John says:

    “E. Michael ( purposefully? ) omits the main reason for Jewish hostility to claims of Armenian Genocide. It exposes Jewish involvement and collusion in it. ”

    This is why the [sic] ‘Holocaust’ IS unique. The fact that “…Jewish suffering is unique” is because a supposed attempt at racial extermination, is NOT viewed as the logical, indeed, justifiable DIVINE rationale for the immense crime of DEICIDE.

    In that, yes. Jewish ‘suffering’ is unique. And uniquely deserved. For eternity.

    “I for my part maintain that to hate the enemies of God is lawful, and that such a hatred pleases the Master. By enemies I mean those who in every way deny the glory of the Master, whether the Jews or those who are manifestly idolaters or those who thought Arius’ teaching make an idol of the creature, and so take up again the Jewish Error. “ – Gregory of Nyssa, Letters, #3.8

  10. Marcus says:

    No mention that Lewis himself was Jewish or that Israel now is supplying Turkey and Azerbaijan in their buildup for more aggression against their neighbors

    • Replies: @Jack McArthur
  11. @Verymuchalive

    He gets to that in The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and its Impact on World History

  12. Biden recognized the Genocide but had earlier authorized military aid to Azerbaijan. The Armenians got empty words while the Turks got weapons.

  13. Yevardian says:

    Yes such a Jewish plot that, Israel doesn’t recognise the massacre of over a million Armenians in Anatolia as genocide, and extensively supported Azerbaijan in it’s war of aggression last year, with Artsakh’s millenia-old cultural monuments being destroyed or vandalised as I write.

    Of course Turkey under Erdogan has become much more a loose canon, he’s done a good job of wriggling out from America’s thumb, thus now, America finally talking about recognition of a genocide it did so much to instigate (it created and assumed responsibility a large Armenian mandate in Turkish Anatolia whilst doing nothing to protect it).

    I can only say there’s absolutely no love lost between Armenians and Jews, historically or presently, the author is delusional.

  14. @Tom Verso

    Jones was shut down by the Jews who control google and youtube because he backed up what he wrote and said with citations. He lost his teaching job through liberal Catholics, i.e. liars. He transportation is a bicycle.

    Your comment is unfair.

    • Replies: @Morton's toes
  15. @Marcus

    Has Biden ever condemned the genocide carried about by Jewish Bolshevism? Or is that too sensitive for a liberal Catholic (i.e. non Christian) whose family is married into the tribe and is surrounded by them in the White House?

  16. @Jack McArthur

    Also he has quality information. The comment is more stupid than unfair (just to be thorough!).

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