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The New Normal “Reality” Police
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Credit: Kate Sheets/Flickr CC-BY-2.0

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So, according to Facebook and the Atlantic Council, I am now a “dangerous individual,” you know, like a “terrorist,” or a “serial murderer,” or “human trafficker,” or some other kind of “criminal.” Or I’ve been praising “dangerous individuals,” or disseminating their symbols, or otherwise attempting to “sow dissension” and cause “offline harm.”

Actually, I’m not really clear what I’m guilty of, but I’m definitely some sort of horrible person you want absolutely nothing to do with, whose columns you do not want to read, whose books you do not want to purchase, and the sharing of whose Facebook posts might get your account immediately suspended. Or, at the very least, you’ll be issued this warning:

Now, hold on, don’t click away just yet. You’re already on whatever website you’re reading this “dangerous,” “terrorist” column on (or you’re reading it in an email, probably on your phone), which means you are already on the official “Readers of Mass-Murdering Content” watch-list. So you might as well take the whole ride at this point.

Also, don’t worry, I’m not going to just whine about how Facebook was mean to me for 2,000 words … well, all right, I’m going to do that a little, but mostly I wanted to demonstrate how “reality” is manufactured and policed by global corporations like Facebook, Twitter, Google, the corporate media, of course, crowdfunding platforms like Patreon and PayPal, and “think tanks” like the Atlantic Council and its Digital Forensic Research Lab (“DFRLab”).

First, though, let me tell you my Facebook story.

What happened was, I made a Facebook post, and a lot of people tried to share it, so Facebook and the DFRLab suspended or disabled their accounts, or just prevented them from sharing it, and sent them the above warning. Facebook didn’t suspend my account, or censor the post on my account, or contact me to let me know that they have officially deemed me a “dangerous individual.” Instead, they punished anyone who tried to “boost” my “dangerous” post, a tactic anyone who has been through boot camp or in prison (or has watched this classic scene from Full Metal Jacket) will be familiar with.

Here’s the “dangerous” post in question. (If you’re particularly sensitive to “terrorist” content, you may want to put on your “anti-terrorism” glasses, or take some other type of prophylactic measures to protect yourself from “offline harm,” before you venture any further.)

The photo, which I stole from Gunnar Kaiser, is of an art exhibit in Düsseldorf, Germany. My commentary is self-explanatory. As you can see, it is extremely “dangerous.” It literally radiates “offline harm.”

OK, before you write to inform me how this was just the work of a dumb Facebook algorithm, think about what I described above. If an algorithm was preventing sharing and suspending people’s accounts based on keyword spotting, it would have censored my original post, and presumably suspended my account. Or, if Facebook has an algorithm that recognizes certain “dangerous” phrases, and then censors or suspends the accounts of people who share a post including those phrases, but doesn’t censor the original post or suspend the account of the author of the post … well, that’s kind of strange, isn’t it?

In any event, shortly after I posted it, I started seeing reports like this on Facebook:

Those are just a few examples, but I think you get the general idea.

The point is, apparently, the Corporatocracy feel sufficiently threatened by random people on Facebook that they are conducting these COINTELPRO-type ops. Seriously, think about that for a minute. I am not Stephen King or Margaret Atwood. I’m not even Glenn Greenwald or Matt Taibbi. I’m a midlist-level author of unusual literature, and a political satirist, and a blogger, basically, and yet Facebook, and their partners at the Atlantic Council, and AstraZeneca, and Pfizer, and Moderna, and who knows which other global corporations and transnational, non-governmental entities like the WEF and WHO, consider someone of my lowly status enough of a threat to their “New Normal” narrative to warrant the attention of the Reality Police.

Now, let me be clear about who I’m talking about when I’m talking about the “Reality Police.” Facebook’s partnership with the Atlantic Council is only one example, but it is a rather good one. Here’s a quick profile of the Atlantic Council …

“The Atlantic Council of the United States was founded in 1961 as a think tank and anticommunist public relations organization to prop up support within the US for NATO in the post-World War II era … [its] current, honorary and lifetime directors list reads like a bipartisan rogues gallery of American war-criminals, including Henry Kissinger, George P. Shultz, Frank Carlucci, James A. Baker, R. James Woolsey, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, Robert Gates and Leon Panetta. Among the former Atlantic Council chairman have been Obama administration officials James L. Jones, (national security advisor) and Chuck Hagel (secretary of defense). The chairman of the council is Brent Scowcroft, the retired US Air Force officer who held national security and intelligence positions in the Nixon, Bush I and Bush II administrations. [It] is funded by substantial government and corporate interests from the financial, defense and petroleum industries. Its 2017 annual report documents substantial contributions from HSBC, Chevron, The Blackstone Group, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and Ford Motor Company, among many others. Also listed is Google Inc. in the \$100,000 to \$250,000 donor category. Among the largest council contributors are the US State Department, The Foreign & Commonwealth Office of the UK, and the United Arab Emirates. Other contributors include Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Boeing, BP, Exxon and the US Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines.” — Kevin Reed, World Socialist Website

These are the folks that are policing “reality” (the “reality” they have manufactured, and are manufacturing moment by moment), deciding what officially happened, and didn’t happen, and what it means, and who qualifies as an “authoritative news source,” and “fact-checking” everything we see on the Internet. It’s not a bunch of pimply-faced IT nerds writing sloppy code in Menlo Park. It’s GloboCap and the Military-Industrial Complex.

If you’re one of my “New Normal” ex-friends and colleagues (or one of my Facebook or Twitter trolls) who, for some unknown reason, is still reading this column, perhaps on your way to get experimentally “vaccinated” or report one of your neighbors for not wearing a mask or being outdoors without a valid reason, this is who has manufactured your “reality” and the so-called “science” you claim I am “denying,” even as reality stares you in the face …

This did not begin with the “New Normal,” of course. Every system of power manufactures its own “reality” (totalitarian systems more fanatically than others). No, I’ve been writing about the manufacturing of “normality,” and the War on Dissent and Populism that GloboCap has been relentlessly waging on anyone and everyone opposing its hegemony or refusing to conform to its ideology, since back when I was still writing heretical columns like this for CounterPunch … before the editors saw which way the wind was blowing and ideologically purged its roster to get back into the good graces of GloboCap (following which ideological purge, Google restored it to the ranks of “real news”).

And that is how reality-policing works. It’s a bullying operation, basically. The entire “cancel culture” phenomenon is. “Cancel culture” is a silly name for it. We are talking about a global empire imposing total ideological conformity (or, in simpler terms, its version of “reality”) on the entire planet through fear and force. The Nazis referred to this process as Gleichschaltung.

Global capitalism has reached the stage where it no longer needs to tolerate dissent (any kind of dissent, from any quarter) to maintain the illusion of “freedom and democracy,” because there is no alternative to global capitalism. It is everywhere. There is nowhere to run or hide. When the Reality Police find you, and threaten to “cancel” you, you have two choices … obey or be vaporized.

If you’re a Palestinian, a Syrian, a Yemeni, the president of an uncooperative African country, or some other type of non-Western person, you might very well be physically vaporized. For Westerners, vaporization is less dramatic and final. You will simply be disappeared from the Internet, fired from your job, socially ostracized, deemed a “dangerous individual,” a “racist,” an “anti-Semite,” a “conspiracy theorist,” a “white supremacist,” a “domestic terrorist,” an “anti-vaxxer,” a “Covid denier.”

If you’re a member of the independent media, or a prominent activist, or a lawyer, or doctor, or just someone with a big social media platform, and have not seen the “New Normal” light, you will be demonized, demonetized, deplatformed, censored, and subjected to the type of creepy COINTELPRO-type tactics I described above. If you don’t believe me, just ask Robert F. Kennedy, Rainer Fuellmich, Vanessa Beeley, Whitney Webb, James Corbett, Ken Jebsen, Cory Morningstar, The Last American Vagabond, Geopolitics & Empire, The Centre for Research on Globalization, OffGuardian, and countless other people and outlets that have challenged the official “New Normal” narrative.

Or have a look at this “warning” you get on Twitter if you attempt to read anything published by OffGuardian

I could go on and on with this, and I’m sure I will in future columns. It’s kind of the only story at the moment, the changeover from simulated democracy to pathologized-totalitarianism as the governing structure of global capitalism. For now, I’ll just leave you with one more image in this already overly pictorial column. Don’t worry, it’s been thoroughly “fact-checked,” so there’s no need to read or question the fine print (even though I have a feeling you will) …

Do watch out for those “unrelated coincidences.” Some of them, I hear, can be rather nasty.

C. J. Hopkins is an award-winning American playwright, novelist and political satirist based in Berlin. His plays are published by Bloomsbury Publishing and Broadway Play Publishing, Inc. His dystopian novel, Zone 23, is published by Snoggsworthy, Swaine & Cormorant. Volumes I and II of his Consent Factory Essays are published by Consent Factory Publishing, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amalgamated Content, Inc. He can be reached at or

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  1. Companies blame ‘The Algorhythm’ because ‘Noseberg’ and ‘Nosenstein’ are a little too on…well, you know.

    • Replies: @Realist
  2. gay troll says:

    At what point do inverted accusations of terrorism cause one to start burning shit down?

    • Replies: @Sollipsist
  3. That Tweet would make a nice Plakat to start pasting around Berlin and other cities … maybe CJ can find a printer who 1) is still open; and 2) will take the business.

    • Replies: @Wally
  4. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    Article pretty much says it all. There’s no longer any need to engineer consent, they can just use outright coercion along with financial reward to jerk the masses of peasants around. It’s clear that the billionaire and corporate classes march in lockstep and control the US government as well as media, educational system, etc. The rage against Russia seems to be that they are a barrier to total world domination by GloboCap which, as part of its intrinsic structure, needs to constantly expand. What’s more, a certain part of the population are wannabe commissars, wannabe Pavel Morozovs, wannabe willing executioners for the dictatorship. The billionaires should go and fight their own next wars but no, there’ll be enough unemployed types willing to take a chance for a paycheck. The little people think the US is a country; the people actually running it consider it to be an economic empire, their empire that is.

    • Replies: @Frank frank
  5. ruralguy says:

    These rich and millennial Facebook woke employees are like the young Khmer Rouge or Red Guard monsters, full of woke rage and gleeful that they have the power to destroy everyone.

  6. @gay troll

    They may realize that they’re playing a dangerous game and not care because they feel invulnerable, which is CJ’s view. Or they may just be blind to the threat that they’re creating.

    I mean really, if they label enough people dangerous extremists, it won’t be just lone crazies breaking under the strain. At some point isolated people will actually feel reassured and enabled by the propaganda that there is a ‘vast conspiracy’ with which they are associated.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  7. Realist says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    How about Goldnose, Noseblatt, Noseblum, Katzenose, etc.?

    • LOL: moi
    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
    , @Badger Down
  8. L8917 says:

    Last week I did a web search for a quote by Goebbels concerning truth and found one regarding TheState and TheBigLie on TheJewishVirtualLibrary. After posting it to Fakebook, I was notified that the quote violated “community standards” and wouldn’t be seen by anyone else (except the FBI, or local LEOs perhaps).

    Being who I am, I posted the same quote with a link to where I found it [TheJewishVirtualLibrary] and was notified no one would see any of my posts for a week.

    Again, being who I am, I posted a video from TheBabylonBee that illustrated the danger of likening everything to Nazis, and was notified of a month-long ban.

    I then downloaded my data in two formats and deleted the account.

    Living life stupid might be inclusive and entertaining, but there’s too many options available to make ignorance enjoyable.

  9. Blubb says:

    Are people still on Facebook?!

    • Agree: Johnny Walker Read
    • LOL: Biff
  10. jsinton says:

    Your post with the “arbeit macht frei” is a Naught Zee reference. Simple pimple. Ministry of Truth stuff. But I got rid of Bookface some 15 years ago after a short period of experimentation with the Beast, so what do I know?

  11. Ragno says:

    Knew it was only a matter of time before they’d come for CJ Hopkins. Truthful and funny? That’s as dangerous as questioning the double meaning of “fortified”.

    Though I gotta say I’m impressed that James Lipton, of all people, is not just a fan but a proud proponent of free speech. Usually these artsy types hit the brakes any time the Bill of Rights becomes even momentarily inconvenient.

    When you eventually realize, though, that the small handful of really clever people with awards and plaques who stir from their torpor to register their outrage at the mulching of Western freedom can be dismissed and discarded with ease – their own fellow really clever people will be happy to silence them for the Deep State, free of charge! – you will come to embrace the taboo notion of “insurrection” as the only meaningful remedy for the mounting disaster. And that’s when your troubles will truly begin….my advice is to work up a few plausible pseudonyms now, before they seal off all the exits.

    PS Whoops! Looks like James Lipton is safely dead. And you can’t cancel a corpse.

  12. Jake says:

    Yes, we live in a new kind of totalitarianism, one that is Globalist and Vampire Capitalist and expresses Equality for the masses while its Elites get richer than Satan, especially by destroying the white middle classes in the Western world as part of uplifting the poor black and brown bothers. Its international language is English, and its primary precedent is the British Empire: it imposes Anglo-America on everyone and everything.

    It is part Brave New World with a dash of 1984 and a heaping helping of Mordor, all of which is brightened and made more alluring and addicting with Sexual Revolution.

  13. anon[288] • Disclaimer says:

    I blocked myself from Android Suck’s Intel-Stolenbook

  14. El Dato says:

    Remember this shit? (This is actually Zuck blathering about privacy)

    Turns out that neither the present nor the future are particularly “private” if Zuck can help it.

    Jewish chutzpah enables asocial behaviour.

    • Replies: @Simon Tugmutton
    , @Ragno
  15. Hockeyguy says:

    The “reality police” have infiltrated down to the lowest levels now to look for “new normal” violators anywhere. If CJ thinks he’s a nobody, then I am a sub-sub-sub-nobody, yet I have had my user account suspended twice now at an obscure news aggregation website,, for making comments that apparently constitute “Covid misinformation.” Once was when I commented on a story that stated that there is a need to vaccinate even those that have recovered from actually having Covid. I said something like, “Why would you need to vaccinate someone whose immune system is functioning properly and already did the job naturally?” Apparently, even mentioning that humans have an immune system is now verboten, and thus my comment was deleted and my account was suspended for 24 hours. The next time I was suspended was just over this past weekend when I commented on a story about someone ignoring covid rules. I stated something to the effect that we should ALL be ignoring the public health “experts” who are petty tyrants. Well, they have now suspended my account for 72 hours again for “covid misinformation.”

    Despite being amused that my opinions are somehow “misinformation,” it’s certainly enraging that speaking plain common truth is becoming more and more difficult.

    This will not end well.

    • Thanks: ruralguy
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @St-Germain
    , @Tomo
  16. It’s amazing they’re banning people for sharing content they allowed you to keep posted on your page.

    I recall about a dozen years ago, there was some big push to eject members of the British National Party from their jobs as police officers, nurses, and a few other specified occupations. And I recall thinking that irrespective of what one thinks of the BNP, it’s still kind of insane (or malicious) to punish people for being members of a party that is permitted to lawfully participate in the elections.

    That’s what this reminds me of.

  17. Find another venue. If you are using Facebook you are part of the problem.

    • Agree: Skeptikal
  18. @Realist

    Who nose what evil lurks in the hearts of Chosenites?

    The Shadow nose.

  19. bj0311 says:

    I am pretty tired of people who use these antisocial media platforms complaining when these platforms do what they do by their very nature. They weren’t set up to help us they were set up to enslave us. Get a clue, Farcebook and Twatter et al are not your friends!

    • Agree: The Real World
    • LOL: Zarathustra
    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  20. The “frog” is no longer being slowly heated. That “frog”, you and I, are in a pot subjected to 900,000 BTUs of white hot hatred.

    Your survival opportunities are few. One “crazy trick” that may keep you alive would be to adopt either a Black baby (they are super cute) or one of the unaccompanied “children” now available at the border.

    You have to adapt to the new circumstances.

    • Disagree: TheTrumanShow
  21. @bj0311

    The second one is really hilarious.

  22. If we compare this guys to Gestapo, Gestapo was a joke. Gestapo only carried shlodring.

  23. Want reality? Then get off social media and spend less time on the internet and more time in reality…which is easy to do in the rural remote where no one hounds you for not wearing a mask. Or author novels where you can create your own reality before the wokers (and after 9-11, the neo-cons whose “empire” created its own “reality” so we could “study” what they “do”…Bwahahahahahahahahahahhahahahah) try to “re-imagine” it…. double bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahah!

    And Twatter just removed Henry Makow again for the umpteenth time…and he’s Jewish!

  24. Dumbo says: • Website

    Fair enough, but I think that the real reason it was banned was because of the “Arbeit macht frei” line, anything related no nazism/holocaust, even if critical, can get you banned. It’s like the word “nigger”, it doesn’t matter if you say it in a harmless or critical context, as in, “I hate the word ‘nigger’”, it will probably get you banned too.

    That said, I’ve seen people banned for posting news about deaths related to Astra Zeneca or Pfizer vaccines, so…. There is also an element of being a “Covid denier”.

    Facecuck has been a bad development for the Internet, it also basically killed independent bloggers because most people now read basically only what’s on Face and other social media stuff, rarely venturing out. And rarely reading anything, it’s mostly just memes.

  25. @Blubb

    They keep on asking me to come back five years hence a short interlude with them.

  26. Toza says:

    I sympathize with you. The few months I spent on Fakebook I felt lonely, threatened, uncomfortable, paranoid and devoid of any creativity or initiative, even the ability to think reasonably.

  27. Dumbo says: • Website

    Nazis here, nazis there… I did Nazi that coming…. Meanwhile in the real Deutschland.

    Churches will be asked to hold services marking the Christian festival online.
    No more than five adults from two households will be able to meet over the five-day period.
    Public gatherings will be prohibited.
    Almost all shops will be shut during the five days. Only grocery stores may open on Saturday, April 3.
    Anyone from Germany holidaying abroad will have to be tested before boarding a flight back to Germany.


    Testing and vaccination centers will remain open.

    Thanks Mr. Merkel. Happy Easter. May God have mercy on your soul.

    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @The Wild Geese Howard
  28. @El Dato

    Did he say whose future he was talking about?

    Remember when Eric Schmidt got his panties in a twist because some enterprising soul had done some digital digging into his private life?

  29. All social media Big Tech platforms are darpa surveillance programs that added some cool logo, a young captured jew type as Boss and some marketing to morons and lemmings. Absolute joke. The sheer narcissism and desperation on these platforms is disgusting and disturbing. Big data and pedophiles love Facebook.

  30. @L8917

    Something that should be understood is that when Joseph Goebbels talked about the Big Lie he wasn’t advocating it as a tactic to be used by himself and his fellow Nazis. Rather, he was warning of its use by the enemies of the Nazis, in particular by a group that rhymes with You-Know-Whos. The term originated with Hitler rather than Goebbels.

    In other words, a big lie (German: Große Lüge) is a propaganda technique. The expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, about the use of a lie so “colossal” that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.” Hitler asserted the technique was used by Jews to unfairly blame Germany’s loss in World War I on German Army officer Erich Ludendorff.

    In his own mind, Goebbels was a man of integrity defending his homeland and his Führer against dangerous and dishonorable enemies. Whether that is an accurate self-assessment I leave for others to judge.

    • Thanks: Digital Samizdat
    • Replies: @Donald A Thomson
  31. @anonymous

    I am not even quite certain that the clowns leading all this, the pathetic senators and executives who hide behind curtains because they know exactly what evil they are engaged in, are actually thinking in terms of empire. What a horrible and pathetic empire this is, if I’m fact it is supposed to be an empire. An empire of grift and sham? Is this supposed to really convince anyone? They’re going to run out of mommy and daddy’s money and they will have ein what was created for them into the ground, sooner rather than later at these rates.

    This is an empire? The country that hasn’t actually even won any kind of the wars it instigated and orchestrated since it was tricked into defeating itself in WWI and then in WWII?

    This is an empire? One whose people are furries, littles, cucks, gimps, gays, trannies, and whatever other degenerativere sexual issue I’ve forgotten?

    This is an empire? One that prints fake money so fast it has to do so digitally because because otherwise it would have to be printing \$1,000 or \$10,000 bills to keep up and people would all the sudden notice what’s up?

    This is an empire? One that has no industrial or production capacity of its own worth noting and has to import everything its people depend on?

    This is an empire? Where the core stock of the population that are descendants of those who created it are coming to realize the system hates them and they are starting to hate the rotten system that was parasitized by a foreign parasite?

    This is an empire? One that genocidally is supplanting its own people through ethnic cleansing/destruction of its own culture and also physically replacing the intensely productive and respectful people who created all the world’s great things, with people from places that haven’t been able to produce anything of value, some even ever, in all of human history?

    How is all that supposed to work? You don’t have an empire when the hair trigger barely holding everything together is the fact that some fools still buy the lies and haven’t realized what us going on around them because they’re too busy trying to keep the lights on in a country that hates them.

    The list could drone on endlessly, but fact of the matter is that this is no empire. This is a grift, a con job, run by a thieving tribe of little cheats. There’s nothing great or even noteworthy of this supposed empire let alone the people in control of it. What exactly will be remembered of this empire in a future where humanity has survived the con artist tribe? That immense amounts of efforts went into digital nonsense and ephemera? That your daughters are all online whores of one degree or another? That your boys are, well, they’re clearly not well.

    What is this supposed empire actually doing or accomplishing? All other empires of human history, no matter their ethnicity, has a particular interest in making an impression and leaving a mark behind; it’s why we have the antiquities and architecture to look at. This pathetic empire will quite literally leave nothing behind. It won’t even have any kind of positive impact as it attempts to eradicate actual diversity and actual unique cultures and all they’ve created in order to force the type of uniformity that the laziest of lazy bureaucrats and pathetic leaders demand in order to make demonstration of their incompetence easier.

    This is a quite pathetic empire, if that is what it is; the equivalent of an entitled, spoiled rotten trust fund baby throwing a fit because humanity doesn’t comply with liking them even though they keep spending money to buy their affections. However none of the purchased friends can quite overcome the intense and visceral dislike for their rotten personality and character, and now this supposed empire has even turned against its own self.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
    , @Robjil
  32. Joe Biden himself has now become a ‘bigger racist than Trump’ according to leftists on the web, Reddit Twitter etc


    Biden betrayed us! He let his Homeland Security head Mayorkas declare, ‘Do not come, the border is closed!’ They are kicking migrant families with children back into Mexico, worse than Trump ever did! Look at those videos and pictures of the migrant children in Biden detention! They are in worse conditions than under Trump!

    We voted for Biden to make migrants welcome, to open the borders! But we get treatment of Latinx migrants even more brutal than before!

    Biden is racist – Biden is fascist – Biden is Hitler – A bigger racist than Trump! – We have to face this … at least Trump was honest about wanting to build a wall

    Where is Kamala Harris? Where is Ocasio-Cortez, shouldn’t she be at the border crying again? And that Homeland Security head Alejandro Mayorkas locking USA borders, he is a fake Latino, his family is all Jewish, they just lived in Cuba

    Fire fake Latino Mayorkas! Impeach the Racist Biden!

    • LOL: Digital Samizdat
  33. Schuetze says:

    Why would Capitalism, global or not, be so horny to force vaccinations on the entire planet? Sure, I can understand how big pharma profits from this, but this does not explain why social and legacy media blocks any counter information on vaccines. This does not explain why churches across the US are pushing vaccines. This doesn’t explain why schools, airlines and government would be pushing vaccines.

    From wiki:

    Capitalism is an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and their operation for profit. Central characteristics of capitalism include capital accumulation, competitive markets, a price system, private property and the recognition of property rights, voluntary exchange and wage labor.

    Where does it mention restriction of free speech and forced artificial reality in that definition? Monopolies were a characteristic of Mercantilism and are an anathema to Capitalism.

    The problem here is that “Globocap” is a misnomer. “Ziocap” would be far more accurate, or even better Zio-usury. “Globocap” is not only a label for pussies who are afraid to name the jew, it also deflects blame for our predicament onto Capitalism which has nothing to do with this “new reality”. Of course Hopkins, the typical boomer lefty, has to rant about “Nazi’s”, to deflect from the culpability of his own ideology in our predicament. If he were born a century earlier in Russia, likely Hopkins would be one of the Bolsheviks waving a red flag and trying to overthrow the “Fascist” and “Globocap” Tsar on behalf of the Zio-freemasons.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  34. GMC says:

    Gee CJ – you forgot to mention that Soros funds the Atlantic Council and the Democrats. Great article – Thanks.

  35. Schuetze says:

    “And that is how reality-policing works. It’s a bullying operation, basically. The entire “cancel culture” phenomenon is. “Cancel culture” is a silly name for it. We are talking about a global empire imposing total ideological conformity (or, in simpler terms, its version of “reality”) on the entire planet through fear and force. The Nazis referred to this process as Gleichschaltung.”

    Hopkins, with his typical deluded rationalizations, tries to link the NSDAP to forced jew-juice vaccinations and artificial Noahide reality. Anyone with an inkling of understanding of history realizes that the path from the Nuremburg trials, where good German officers were framed and murdered for resisting the jew world order, leads directly to our fake reality today. Climate hysteria, climate engineering, globo-homo transgender pedophilia, denial of free speech, planetary control by central banks, the gaza genocidal death camp, transhumanistic mRNA gene therapy inoculations, even Hopkins’s “globocap” bugbear, all are the result of Judea’s victory in the war on Europe that they declared first against Germany in 1933.

    Once again, I would like to deconstruct Hopins’s usage of Gleichshaltung.


    “The “First Gleichschaltung Law” (Erstes Gleichschaltungsgesetz, 31 March 1933), passed using the Enabling Act; this law dissolved the diets of all Länder except the recently elected Prussian parliament, which the Nazis already controlled.”

    The first goal of Gleichschaltung was the removal of sovereignty from the German Länder. Nothing to do with artificial judaic reality here.

    The “Second Gleichschaltung Law” (Zweites Gleichschaltungsgesetz, 7 April 1933) deployed one Reichsstatthalter (Reich Governor) in each state, apart from Prussia. These officers, responsible to Interior Minister Wilhelm Frick, were supposed to act as local proconsuls in each state, with near-complete control over the state governments.

    Again, this is about the removal of sovereignty from the German Länder.

    “Another measure of Nazi Gleichschaltung was the passing of the “Law for the Restoration of a Professional Civil Service”, decreed on 7 April 1933, which enabled the “co-ordination” of the civil service—which in Germany included not only bureaucrats, but also schoolteachers and professors, judges, prosecutors and other professionals—at both the Federal and state level, and authorized the removal of Jews and Communists from all corresponding positions.”

    This is the removal of Jews and Communists from all positions of power! A noble goal, but nothing to do with enforcing an artificial judaic reality.

    Finally after describing the Gleichschaltung legislation, the wiki-jews link try to link it to the strawman of Goebbels propaganda:

    Propaganda and societal integration

    Joseph Goebbels in 1942
    One of the most important steps towards Gleichschaltung of German society was the introduction of the “Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda” under Joseph Goebbels in March 1933

    Afterwards the wiki-jews article digress into the usual anti-nazi distortions and propaganda. Things like “This was also the purpose of “co-ordination”: to ensure that every aspect of the lives of German citizens was permeated with the ideas and prejudices of the Nazis”

    In wiki-jew article you can read about the various clubs that the NSDAP formed and the “Strength Through Joy” program, all of them blasted by typical anti-German propaganda. None of them are directly linked by wiki to “Gleichschaltung”.

    Now compare Hitler’s “Nazi-Germany” to Merkels “Judeo-Germany” where Easter has been cancelled:

    Officials agreed to largely shut down public life from April 1-3, adding a public holiday and shutting down most stores for the period. Public gatherings will be banned from April 1-5, to encourage people to stay at home.

    Amid concern over the rise in Germans travelling abroad on holidays, authorities also agreed on a blanket requirement for air travellers to be tested for COVID-19 before boarding a flight to Germany.

    Drawing up legally watertight rules has proved a headache at times. A court in Germany’s most populous state, North Rhine-Westphalia, said Monday it struck down rules requiring people to get appointments to visit shops. It said they violated a requirement that businesses get equal treatment.

    The state government promptly reinstated the rules, tightening them for some businesses — such as bookshops and garden centres — that were previously exempt.

    According to Tuesday’s agreement, authorities will aim to offer free tests to all students and teachers in German schools, many of which have only recently reopened after months of remote teaching.

    • Thanks: Peripatetic Itch
    • Replies: @Mike Robeson
  36. sally says: I think the content in the reference article adds to Hopkins article.. .. and for some reason my original comment did not get posted so i repost it below.. please eliminate the first post as it does not contain several things in this post. thanks.

    Mr. Hopkins as to your comment
    “..Global capitalism has reached the stage where it no longer needs to tolerate dissent (any kind of dissent, from any quarter) to maintain the illusion of “freedom and democracy,” because there is no alternative to global capitalism. It is everywhere. There is nowhere to run or hide. When the Reality Police find you, and threaten to “cancel” you, you have two choices … obey or be vaporized..”

    I agree with bj0311 at 19.. all of that which is complained of here, is privately owed. The nation states (there are about 256 nation states) are a Control System designed to divide the democratic powers possessed by 8 billion people[in the world] into weaker, smaller, more manageable groups. God forbid the governed masses should ever be allowed to demand democracy at the same time. God forbid the governed masses should ever be allowed to be un governed. God forbid, the masses should ever be allowed to take control of their own lives. God forbid, the governed classes should ever be allowed to create for themselves a set of political systems that works for them. No sir, only the Oligarch should be in control.


    Nation states divide the world into cells (like squares on a 2 dimensional checker or chess board). Into each cell (a 16 X 16 block of squares = 256 cells) the Deep State Oligarch serves the world as Digital Virtual Underground (DVU). The DVU pose in digital form, as if they were the nation state (but without the rule of law there is no way for the underground to acquire ownership <=so the DVU depends on the rule of law for laws that allow private parties to own and assets (physical or virtual), and the DVU also depends on the rule of law issued by the Nation State to establish and enforce not only private ownership but also to criminalize Trespass by non owners on private property).

    Hence, the DVU digitally substitute its "owner-in-charge" status for the constitutionally authenticated nation state but they do so, only at the please of those who are in charge at the nation state. The DVU argue that because they own the digital joint, they, and they alone are entitled to control the thinking, to limit net citizen access to the truth, they and they alone are entitled to impose their narratives on everyday discourse and they and they alone are entitled to limit every net citizen's access to information, knowledge and communications with others in the digital virtual environment (DVE). None of the foundations. that make modern man what hs is, shall be accessed by a net citizen unless that net citizen first has obtained a privilege to do so, and has a DVU issued valid license to prove the claim of privilege.

    The physical world is controlled by the oligarch. The physical world is divided. 8 billion humans who live somewhere on this earth are stuffed into political controlled cells (nation states), and over time the citizens in the nation state obtained some rights. But in the digital world, there are no rights to life, liberty or pursuit of happiness. In the virtual world the nation state has been reduced to a website, and there are multi million more websites than nation states; so divide and conquer is at an all time high.

    A person is born into one of those physical world nation states but is forced to live in a virtual digital cell (VDC). The virtual digital cells replaces the nation state. The VDC is shaped by the privately controlled and privately owned digital environment (human life now lives in a CODE)<= the code is not public, it is a privately owned and privately controlled fact of human life.. Code stands for Controlled and Owned Digital Environment.

    Unfortunately, private persons within the Digital Virtual Underworld (DVU) own the CODE. Owning the code allows to controls all of the net citizens who live their lives in virtual parks, virtual zoos, and on-line. These citizen attractions were designed by and are run by the DVU. The DVU decoys humanity from its physical real world (PRW) to full time devoted citizen of the virtual digital world (VDW). In the VDW make all the laws ( no elected congress is needed, no president is needed, the DVU owns everything).

    The DVU have complete control, no constitution constrains them. The real breathing humans must now breath air contaminated by digital virtual waste. In the VDW (on-line citizens are governed by the privately owned DVU). In the virtual digital underground (VDU) owned world there are no rights, just privileges, conditionally licensed by the DVU. Net Citizens cannot enter this website unless first the digital owners allow the net citizen a privilege to do so.

    To get that privilege net citizens must enter their name, address, phone number, income, health records, and list all of their assets, allow several hundred cookies and other digital tracking tools to be placed on all the computers and in all of their cell phones and other digital devices before the DVU owner is likely to allow a net citizen access. Then once access is allowed, the DVU uses it ownership of the DVW to make sure net citizens are not violating the license the DVU has granted to the net citizen. So they entire DVU can know more about how and what each net citizen thinks, acts, and believes than does the net citizen him or her self.

    (Oligarchs generally obtain their initial wealth by manipulating the real world nation state system, but wealth is virtual, even though the physical world issues certificates (dollars), the wealth itself is evidenced in the physical world, but valued in the virtual world? The Oligarch uses that virtual wealth to own and control the virtual digital world (VDW) and then the Oligarch claims that because he or she owns the VDW he or she is entitled to establish all of the rules. DVU wealth far exceeds wealth possessed in the physical nation state, so the DVU owns the physical world (nation state) as well as the virtual world. DVU claim that ownership of both worlds, entitles the DVU to suspend and deny all human rights [physical, virtual or digital] and to restrict human behavior to DVU issued privileges.

    Controlled and owned digital environments [CODES] are not subject to the Constitution of the USA [COUSA]. The masses who lurk in the CODES are not guaranteed freedom of speech, or freedom of the press. Actual human access to any knowledge, to any information or even to talk to ones digital neighbors require both members of the digital conversation to hold a valid license issued by the DVU in order to talk to each other. Such a license is not issued by the physical world nation state system, but is instead, issued by the DVU who own the virtual digital world (VDW). Access to any information, to any knowledge, and even to talk to anyone in the CODE is not guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, the constitution; it is only offered in the terms and conditions posted in the digital front yards of each of the DVU web sites.

    None of the rights guaranteed to individuals by the Constitution apply in the CODE. Access is controlled, and material is selected as suitable to all access and even then it is allowed only to licensed individuals. Some privileges are granted to individuals that grow up to be good little conformist (GLC). To be a GLC one must fear and never to have stepped out of line. The public has never been able to distinguish the difference between the rights of the members of the governed classes and the rights of those who are the digital virtual underground (DVU).

  37. gotmituns says:

    Never was on Face Book. I don’t think I’ve missed anything. I don’t read newspapers or own a TV anymore and I think I’m doing fine. For me, there’s always my grandchildren who’re grown now and are level headed people. Oddly, their mothers (my daughters) are loony’s about this virus stuff. I wonder how that skips?

  38. You should just post “fuck Zuck the cuck ass punk” and be done with Facebook!

  39. @ruralguy

    Mr. rural guy, the HR gestapo hate rural white Americans because their parents were often rural white Americans. I spend a lot of time contacting the FBI about my nephew’s Facebook posts because he is a white, conservative, working class rural American.

    Globalism will triumph, and whites with college diplomas will be restored after 4 years of Trumpenstein.

    • Troll: TheTrumanShow
  40. @Schuetze

    You must forgive C.J. He lives in the Fatherland and, like everyone here, knows he must toe the line regarding what may not be said about Jews and the Holocause.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
    , @Skeptikal
  41. Wow. It is 2021 and being banned from Facebook seems to be an actual problem in your life.

    Are you grateful for anything, CJ? Seriously? This is a white girl problem.

    • LOL: Sean
    • Replies: @Marckus
  42. Vojkan says:

    Once on Facebook, forever on Facebook. If you signed in once and after realising what a cesspool it is, you have deleted your account, you haven’t. “Deleting” your account means that you renounce to your access, not that they do.

    • Replies: @Sin City Milla
  43. dimples says:

    Looks like Mr Hopkins was wasting his time trying to avoid societal approbation by watering down GloboShlomo to Globo Cap. They are going to get him anyway, so he might as well call them by their real name now.

  44. Boris II says:

    Facebook was wrong to ban your extremely stupid post.

  45. Based on Facebook’s ‘community standards’ (see above), it has banned all posts praising the US in written or pictorial form for the following reasons –
    1. Has created and/or funded terrorist groups like Al Qaeda, paramilitary groups like Blackwater, death squads in El Salvador, Nicaragua, etc.;
    2. Creates, trains and funds a vast military system to threaten and/or bomb countries and overthrow governments;
    3. Has conducted and prosecuted wars and military actions around the world every single day for the past twenty years;
    4. Kidnaps and abducts private citizens in foreign countries and imprisons them in secret bases like Guantanamo;
    5. Employs corporate institutions to impose financial embargoes destroying nations’ economic infrastructure and citizens’ livelihood.

  46. @Hockeyguy

    I’m curious.

    Why would you remain on a site that cripples your free speech?

  47. Rooster11 says:

    We’ve gone from an entire race of hyphenated last name people, to a hyphenated administration in Biden-Harris. With all the current problems, it’s actually quite fitting. Welcome to Clown World, hope you enjoy the show!

  48. Bro43rd says:

    Most independent minded people would consider it a badge of honor to be spookbook banned.

    @supply and demand, I hope karma serves you a dose of your own medicine & thankfully you’re not part of my family. Most university indoctrinated are a pox on humanity.

  49. @Blubb

    Are people still on Facebook?!

    It’s probably not a bad idea to keep a Facebook account open with a few lame, old, out of focus pictures and some bland commentary. People without a Facebook stand out. It’s best to hide in plain sight.

  50. HT says:

    America has replaced morality with Leftist ethics which are nothing but immorality and hatred of the best things about the country. Blacks are righteous, whites are evil, up is down and down is up. 1984 is here.

    • Replies: @Sin City Milla
  51. The point is, apparently, the Corporatocracy feel sufficiently threatened by random people on Facebook that they are conducting these COINTELPRO-type ops.

    This really seems to be a thing. The elite are supposedly into the occult including things like clairvoyants. Have their soothsayers seen a future rebel that will take them down? Or are they just insecure, criminally insane dopes that irrationally fear independent thinking? Whatever the reason, they are extremely paranoid.

  52. @Hockeyguy

    Amazon has caught the raging Covid censorship virus too. Nick Kollerstrom has already proudly reported on Unz that his skeptical Covid book was “banned by Amazon”. He wasn’t the exception. PC Roberts has noted that the vigilant corporate media censors now single out two things especially — any deviation from the official 2020 election narrative or anything said or written about the Corona plandemic that deviates from BigPharma/WHO/Fauci-ism. I suspect he’s right.

    Amazon has a de facto monopoly on sales of printed books in the U.S. market As one of the sub-sub-sub-nobodies, I thought I was home free, since my mostly non-controversial book was doing fine there until Christmas. Then suddenly this new book was labelled “out of stock” and a month later de-listed entirely, except for a digital version. Wondering why, I looked again. Sure enough, a chapter on a viral falciparin malaria outbreak in a U.S. combat unit in Vietnam gaves some background history on the cure, namely hydroxychloroquine, which also zaps Corona, as Trump had blurted out. That may have triggered the Bezos retailer’s algorithms. Not for nothing has “false or misleading medical information” become taboo media category for GloboCap.

    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @Wally
  53. Marckus says:

    Your comment is very interesting.

    I understand for example that Amazon sells Mein Kampf by Adolph. One can order the entire book from Bezos. However, pick out an “offensive” line or quote from the book and post it and KABOOM !

    You will get a Nuke from the Zuke.

    It shows the level of idiocy to which we have descended and we have not yet hit the bottom.

  54. Memejon says:

    Nothing new under the sun…the last usa president was vaporized but served the four years by voters’ rights and the usa constitution. The acid vapors started preelection, heated up to create the toxic environment and ooze residue postelection.
    When’s the next election?

  55. gotmituns says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    best to hide in plain sight.
    That only works for awhile. In the end, those people hiding in plain sight get taken to the cellar too.

    • Replies: @TKK
  56. Schuetze says:
    @Mike Robeson

    I would be much more willing to cut him slack if he didn’t feel the urge to continually bash “Nazi’s”. As I wrote above, recognizing that he is coming from the left, we can only conclude that his failure to name the jew has more than just to do with freedom of speech, especially when he is kvetching about his own lost freedoms. This is why I conclude that if he was 30 years younger he would be out there rioting with Antifa and protesting “capitalism”.

    • Replies: @St-Germain
  57. Marckus says:
    @Johnny Rico

    Yes it is a real problem for many folks. While they talk about “reality” their “reality” is their sense of misguided self importance.

    I am always amazed that Facebook dubs get really upset because someone they barely know “unfriended” them. The unfriending takes a few seconds but the “victim” spends days raging about it.

    I know a lot of people, family and non-family, and I am actually very happy when I do not hear from them even if they don’t call to advise me I have been unfriended. For those who are determined to be pests I say thank God for call display and email junk folders.. I can be eternally busy until they get the message and “unfriend” me either in reality or their minds.

    I must be different or one of a disappearing breed. I could never understand why anyone would spend hours reading other people’s photos and shit on Facebook and Twitter.

    As technology advances, so does the retardation of the rabble.

  58. We are living in Orwells 1984, and all of this is planned, read the Protocols of Zion and The Committee of 300 by John Coleman and the Rockefeller Foundation 2013 report and UN Agenda 2030, it has all been planned including the covid-19 scam and psyop and the depopulation covid vaccines that destroy the immune system , all of it was planned long ago.

    We are under the control of the zionist central banks and they are destroying nations and humanity!

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  59. Anonymous[831] • Disclaimer says:

    They may realize that they’re playing a dangerous game and not care because they feel invulnerable, which is CJ’s view. Or they may just be blind to the threat that they’re creating.

    Or they may realize that what they are doing doesn’t work anymore, but also unable to think of any response other than doing the same thing more energetically. Example: Instead of one newsperson telling lies, put up five of them and have them agreeing with each other. Five is about the most you can squeeze into one meeting of a primary group ( and still maintain informal protocol, so the viewer should act as if his best friends had gotten together an arranged an intervention. Example: Instead of relevant facts, report compelling stories written in highly affective language (like many posts here on and delivered by actors specializing in emoting concern and worry. When people don’t know what to do, they do what they know more intensely.

    None of the old techniques mold mass opinions successfully, in part because drastically fewer people watch them. In the USSR after Khrushchev, propaganda was like commercial advertising in the US: so ubiquitous that the population literally didn’t see it in the sense that they were unable to report what propaganda they had seen in the most recent hour. Once Glasnost made the propaganda’s propositions safe to question, they were intensively questioned, and all were eventually discarded by the general population. The same thing is in process in the United States, Europe, and the Commonwealth countries.

    At some point isolated people will actually feel reassured and enabled by the propaganda that there is a ‘vast conspiracy’ with which they are associated.

    Metaphor: That’s when the wheels come of and you find yourself in a rapidly and randomly moving metal box (your society) from which you cannot escape. Moral: wear a metaphorical seatbelt and strongly cultivate a good relation with whoever will judge you concerning entry into the afterlife.

    • Thanks: Sollipsist
  60. @Schuetze

    Aw common! Hopkins’ obvious target is the empowerd corporations, not the Nazis and such. GloboCap is another way of saying neo-feudalism — the direction we are plainly headed. And his satire inflicts way more damage on that shameless target than anything else on this site. Hopkins is realistic enough to brush aside footnotes on other putative culprits, e.g. Jews, Nazis , blacks, Commies, media, Democrats etc.,in order to focus on the overriding issue. Like the corporate oligarchs and plutocrats, he is realistic enough to know what really counts on this planet — the grim logic of wealth & power. Certainly there are other problems, but none so pressing as the cabal of arrogant multinationsals now so mighty that they no longer need proxies like government or churches to rule over us. They can do it directly by fiat.

    • Agree: Skeptikal
  61. Skeptikal says:

    Re “Or have a look at this “warning” you get on Twitter if you attempt to read anything published by OffGuardian …”

    What I really don’t understand here is why pepole continue to use, say, Twitter to access a website that they can access directly. You don’t need Twitter to access OffGuardian. You don’t need to tell Twitter that you are accessing OffGuardian.

    I don’t do social media, so I guess that is why I don’t understand this basic point.

    I know that FB wants to arrange things so that their addicts–er, users–access the whole internet from the FB platform. No one has to do this AFAIK. Doing this gives FB data miners access to EVERYTHNG you do online, which means that they not only sell your data (that is basically their business model) but I think they also make all of this data available to the national security state. Or sell it to the state.

    Why do people continue doing this?

    Why do they continue to open a vein in their neck so that FB and Twitter can suck out their blood?
    And drill a hole in their brains so that FB and Twit can suck out their brains?

    Just stop using FB and Twit. For god’s sake, show some common sense.

    • Replies: @Sollipsist
  62. Skeptikal says:
    @Frank frank

    The USA empire will leave behind the continent that it has exploited and uglified, whose original grandeur survives only in rare pockets here and there.

    The problem set forth clearly in CJ’s post is that the rest of the west is also headed for reset. Did the reset mentality see the light of day in the USA?

    Somehow I don’t think so.

    But, not at all sure, of course.

    Maybe the font of Reset This is the US national security state.

  63. Skeptikal says:

    “I then downloaded my data in two formats and deleted the account.”

    Good for you!

    Except, I have heard that one can never really”close” a FB account, and once on FB, they will always have access to your computer.


    I have even read copies of FB “terms of use” documents that state this.

    • Replies: @L8917
    , @L8917
  64. @Johnny Smoggins

    What if you never signed up? I’m sure not gonna now.

    (It’s just like the case in which you never did fill out a 1040 tax form… well, sort of …)

  65. bayviking says:

    This problem has such a simple answer, STAY OFF FACEBOOK. Never join it in the first place. It is no substitute for real touching friendship.

  66. Skeptikal says:
    @Mike Robeson

    Actually, CJ understands the essence of Gleichschaltung—the “coordination” needed to impose a totalitarian regime on society— and sees the current situation, correctly, for what it is.

    Poor old Schuetze can only be triggered to jump to the defense of Nazi Germany, whether it has been attacked or not. Major hammer/nail problem here.

    • Agree: St-Germain
    • Replies: @Schuetze
  67. Ragno says:
    @El Dato

    Legendary curmudgeon Taki deserves some kind of an award for noting that “Mark Zuckerberg’s face gives the impression of being covered by a silk stocking like those worn by bank robbers”.

    Truer words have never been written!

  68. L8917 says:

    Deleting, for lack of a better word, was less about the continued access of Fakebook than it was a hedge against the narrow understanding (of the masses and their masters) that hasn’t yet ebbed and eliminating the time-waster that is TheFake from my life.

    Having read JerryMander’s book more than twenty years ago, JaronLanier’s book caught my attention, and ‘the boss enjoys a good Reuben on a semi-regular basis, but no warnings from brown-shirts turned jackboots are allowed’ moment was the parting of ways for me & TheFake.

    Memes are 21st century TV, and TheFake is a super-spreader.

  69. whole2th says: • Website

    Social media complicity in cover-up of crimes against humanity and collusion to keep the cover-ups in play constitutes racketeering equal to the crimes committed.

    RICO statutes apply. Sedition and treason statutes also apply

    Indictments are in order. Seizure of assets/platforms (per RICO) frees the platforms for free speech.

    Until alternative platforms to the criminal cabal platforms exist to permit transparent sharing of information–a staple of an open and free society–staying with the criminal cabal platforms provides utility in maintaining some exchange of important information.

    Even with the censorship and even with subjecting ourselves to possible risks from being known to the cabal, my own strategy is to keep one foot in the evil cabal social networks.

    Let’s keep the ‘fact checkers’ busy while developing platforms that rival the current criminal platforms.

    Document their criminal conduct.

  70. L8917 says:

    Also, control of the (personal) data that was shared with TheFake will be held by TheFake for as long as TheFake desires.

    Access to the device that relayed the data to TheFake will continue for as long as I desire, regardless of GDPR, et alia.

  71. Schuetze says:

    Even if we accept, as you put it, and I don’t accept that definition, that Gleichschaltung = “the “coordination” needed to impose a totalitarian regime on society”, you cannot simply single “Nazi Germany” out of context and imply that this is something uniquely German.

    Of course the USSR had been “gleichgeschaltet” since 1917 in a manner far, far more extreme than Germany. The murder of all opposition to the Jewish-Communist was a fait-accomplit, and mere possession of the Protocols of Zion was an instant death penalty not only for the holder of the proof of Zionist agenda, but for his entire family.

    Judea had already declared war against Germany in 1933, and Jews across the entire planet were “Gleichgeschaltet” in an embargo against all German industry and all exports and imports. Of course America, France and England, already merely a provinces of Judea, were also participating in the jewish “Gleichshaltung”.

    Internally in Germany, all Jews were also participating in the embargo, and more importantly those jews in Germany were actively working with the jews running the USSR, England and the US to overthrow Hitler. Antifa was still on the rampage assassinating opposition to their planned and dreamed of take over of Germany. These communist Jews even murdered Wilhelm Gustloff in Davos Switzerland in 1936.

    So the moment the NSDAP assumed power, the entire planet had “gleichgeschaltet” against Germany. Jewish Power and the Jewish narrative, supported by the vast majority of the worlds media including Hollywood, was already at war with Germany. Already these jewish media organs were spewing anti-German propaganda in the same fashion they had been throughout the first world war.

    This was the reality Germany faced in 1933, facing massive reparations for the war England had started, when unemployment was completely out of control and people were starving, the Rhineland and Saar occupied, Danzig Germans under direct assault by jews, while Jews were prostituting the entire country with their pornography and globo-homo filth. So, as I described in my comment above, one real part of “gleichschaltung” was the purging of jewish communists out of government and education. Of course the jews, rooted out of their comfy positions stolen through usury and nepotism, squealed and kvetched like Skeptical slurring me indirectly to one of my comments.

    Of course the jews didn’t like it at all when they got “gleichgeschaltet” out of their jobs, ordinarily “Gleichschaltung” is a one-way street where Jews, and their sycophants like Skeptikal, get the jobs and other booty. The communist jews especially didn’t like it when they got “gleichgeschaltet” into labor camps, since they were used to doing the “Gleichschaltung” to Goyim by sending them their death in the Gulags. But clearly, Skeptikal and Hopkins are far more concerned about communist jews having to do some labor after their rape of Germany, even today, than they are about explaining and understanding what happened in Germany after Hitler got elected and the jewish communists burned down the Reichstag in rebellion.

    So instead they lump everything that happened in Germany in the 1930’s that they perceive to be bad under the banner “Gleichschaltung” and then squeal and kvetch about “Nazis”.

  72. Trump had a simple method of fucking these guys over and bringing them to heel.
    The National Security Council should have simply declared that FaceBook and Twitter had been hacked by either Putin or the CCP- or both, who cares?Evidence of this is, of course not disclosable on the grounds of National Security. It’s my favorite logical error (except that it’s usually not an error) None Falsifiable.

    No-one with any device with those installed is allowed on Federal Govt property with that device. Attempted entry punishable under the Espionage Act. That, I’m sure would cheer Assange up.

    I see no need for the Feds to provide a safekeeping service for those devices, how they dispose of them before entry is their problem. I am sure an enterprising Jogger or two will promise to look after them outside on the street.
    The goal of all sane people has to be to make the cost of being Woke increasingly high.

    • Thanks: Reaper
  73. TKK says:

    And right on cue, we have a “mass shooting” in Boulder, overwhelmingly white Boulder, with an alleged Syrian born shooter and just like that- Biden announces all assault rifles must be banned immediately.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
    , @John Johnson
  74. TKK says:

    I have been re-listening to the audiobook of “The Road” while driving, and the scene where the man and his boy find the humans held in captivity in the cellar for meat was more upsetting than it used to be.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  75. @Schuetze

    Dear Schuetze, please don’t take offense. We appreciate your stuff. Some of it is brilliant. But I think Skeptikal’s point and also mine above is that not everything needs to be viewed through the Nazis & Jews lense. There is another approach.

    In this thread, you took off after Hopkins for using a different lense. Unfair, I think. CJ Hopkins’ satire works. It draws a bead as only a Yankee dramatist could on precisely the core issue he sees as the overriding one. It’s neofeudalistic GloboCap. I tend to agree.

    An American expatriate, I’ve been stranded here in the Vaterland for decades. But I agree with Hopkins and Skeptikal that Gleichschaltung is a fitting description of the German media scene. All outlets chime in with ARD/ZDF state-controlled broadcasting. Other news is excluded. Scarcely a dissenting sentence appears in print.

    Compared with France, the material is homogenized garbage, just like the political system where the concept of opposition disappeared in 2005. It’s a bland grand coalition with different party colors but all huddling together at the trough in their sinecures. Real opposition is quickly demonized, de-banked and rendered mundtot.

    I would certainly agree with you that the German people aren’t to blame here. Nobody has ever asked them. They still live in an occupied country with a government and press that was installed and supervised by the occupiers and now desperately wants to remain permanent. Any change will have to come from abroad.

    When I first showed up here as a reporter nearly four decades ago, my impression was that the German government was anti-German. Nothing I’ve seen since has changed that. If anything, it’s gotten worse.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
    , @Skeptikal
  76. Reaper says:

    I do not understand people who still use the infrastructure of the enemy, at least the well known ones, like facebook, twitter. Those are even easy to avoid.
    Amazon or google services/ subsidies are less easy, sadly tons of sites use them.

  77. Schuetze says:

    One interesting correlation is that when Trump got elected the false flag “terror” incidents dropped off to practically zero. Not the Obama’s 3rd term has started, once again “terrorists” are coming out of the wood work.

    • Agree: TKK, idrankwhat
  78. Skeptikal says:

    “that this is something uniquely German. ”

    What? I did the opposite. Exactly like CJ Hopkins.

    It is you who sees everything only through a German lens and assumes insult to Germany, whereas the point CJ makes is illustrative.

    So you have not only the hammer/nail problem, but also the forest/tree problem.

  79. @TKK

    And right on cue, we have a “mass shooting” in Boulder, overwhelmingly white Boulder, with an alleged Syrian born shooter and just like that- Biden announces all assault rifles must be banned immediately.

    Yes now that we know it wasn’t a White supremacist we can go ahead and pass responsibility to the gun.

  80. Skeptikal says:

    “Gleichschaltung is a fitting description of the German media scene.”

    I can’t really judge the German media scene from here. However, last March I had already seen the relevance of the term “Gleichschaltung” to what was going on not only in Germany but in the USA. However, here few speak German and few understand anything about German history.

    My contention was that naive Yanks, so self=righteous in their judgmentalness regarding German citizens in the Third Reich, could have no idea of the pressures exerted on citizens and the rapidity of the takeover because they were ignorant of the historic fact of Gleichschaltung and its significance as a tool of social regulation, control, and surveillance. I speculated that soon Americans might get their come-uppance when confronted with their own version of Gleichschaltung 2.0 via the covid regime, as I characterized it. (A test that both Americans and Brits have utterly failed.) I am quite sure, also in posts at this blog.

    Even back then Schuetze was freaking out and and missing the point and huffing and puffing belligerently at me—to my great surprise!—and I was unable to calm him down.

    I welcomed CJ’s introduction of the concept into the discussion—before this post—because I think it represents an important insight (!) even if I did have it myself so seem to boast!

    Just because the term is German doesn’t mean it has relevance only to Germany (possibly in China the social accounting system could be considered a form of Gleichschaltung). But anyone familiar with German history and the German language would immediately see the applicability and usefulness of the term also outside Germany. Kind of like “Weltanschauung”—certain terms are sui generis. It’s just that Americans and English speakers don’t have a ready vocabulary, and this term is somewhat difficult both to translate and to explain. Whereas Germans twig immediately, of course. So it is good to introduce it to English speakers.

    • Replies: @St-Germain
    , @Schuetze
  81. Skeptikal says:

    Regarding your last contention this interview with the economist and CDU politician [Name–can’t recall] Otte is worth looking at (first video, starts at ca. 5:00):

  82. Totalitarian fascism, with a heavy leavening of racism, is all the rage in Austfailia too. The fakestream vermin machine speaks with near 100% uniformity on most subjects, but on hatred of China, in particular, Russia, Iran etc, the Groupthink is total, therefore totalitarian. ALL dissenting voices, of which there are many, have been purged from the mass media, replaced by Imperial stooges oozing racist supremacism and hatred, and ideological conformity. Yet these pig ignorant race-haters, seemingly bent on war with China in particular, never cease screeching that they are the truth-tellers.
    And various untermenschen have been ‘disappeared’. No mention of the Palestinians, of the horrors of Kashmir, of the pogroms against Moslems in Modi’s fascist India, of the Chagossians and the UK’s TOTAL contempt for ‘the Rules Based International Order’, of the genocide of the indigenous in Colombia and the Rightwing death-squad rampages in that Imperial favourite (a possible NATO member?)the brutal repression of riots in Chile, etc ad infinitum, ever sees the light of day.

    • Agree: St-Germain
  83. @TKK

    Sounds like Kosovo under the KLA. ‘Logs’ kept for their organs, but bona fide ‘Free Worlders’ like the KLA are nothing if not ‘entrepreneurial’. All that meat going to waste-no, no! ‘Genuine Kosovan wurst’ sold, for a premium, to those freedom-loving NATO heroes.

  84. @Desert Fox

    According to the theory of superdeterminism, this was all set in concrete at the ‘Big Bang’. Noh Exit.

  85. @Skeptikal

    Well, I should have said this too: Gleichschaltung, thanks to CJ Hopkins, has now also become the perfect term for today’s bleak U.S. legacy & MSM scene. Only one opinion is allowed and all else is censored or blackballed. Anyone who still wants to defend the historical Teutonic orthodoxy of the term gleichgestaltet could also resort to some formulation like made into bland pabulum that the government and its helpful corporate fact-checkers would readily approve of. Whatever it is, it has nothing to do with traditional press freedom or freedom of opinion.

    Germans have their own peculiar Weltanschauung. Anyone who lives in Ireland simply has to develop a keen antenna for irony, for example. Otherwise you’ll miss the meaning of half of what the people say or really mean. In Germany, though, irony seems to be an alien concept. As a result it took me many years here to understand German humor. As one less sympathetic foreigner put it: German humor is no laughing matter.

    But it works forthe natives. Expats just need to appreciate that there are different strokes for different folks.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  86. Skeptikal says:

    You are still missing the point, and once again, I have to say that I doubt that you speak German.

  87. Schuetze says:

    “Even back then Schuetze was freaking out and and missing the point and huffing and puffing belligerently at me—to my great surprise!—and I was unable to calm him down.”

    It is you who stubbornly misses the point, and never addresses it. From my comment above:

    “The “First Gleichschaltung Law” (Erstes Gleichschaltungsgesetz, 31 March 1933), passed using the Enabling Act; this law dissolved the diets of all Länder except the recently elected Prussian parliament, which the Nazis already controlled.”

    The first goal of Gleichschaltung was the removal of sovereignty from the German Länder. Nothing to do with artificial judaic reality here.

    The “Second Gleichschaltung Law” (Zweites Gleichschaltungsgesetz, 7 April 1933) deployed one Reichsstatthalter (Reich Governor) in each state, apart from Prussia. These officers, responsible to Interior Minister Wilhelm Frick, were supposed to act as local proconsuls in each state, with near-complete control over the state governments.

    Again, this is about the removal of sovereignty from the German Länder.

    “Another measure of Nazi Gleichschaltung was the passing of the “Law for the Restoration of a Professional Civil Service”, decreed on 7 April 1933, which enabled the “co-ordination” of the civil service—which in Germany included not only bureaucrats, but also schoolteachers and professors, judges, prosecutors and other professionals—at both the Federal and state level, and authorized the removal of Jews and Communists from all corresponding positions.”

    This is the removal of Jews and Communists from all positions of power! A noble goal, but nothing to do with enforcing an artificial judaic reality.

    Hopkins wrote, and I quoted above:

    We are talking about a global empire imposing total ideological conformity (or, in simpler terms, its version of “reality”) on the entire planet through fear and force. The Nazis referred to this process as Gleichschaltung.

    The problem here is
    1. Germany in 1933 was not a “global empire” and it was not imposing “total ideological conformity” on the entire planet, or even Germany, “through fear and force”. Hitler had been elected to deal with Germany’s internal and external enemies, and the German people were ecstatic when he did so by throwing the jews out of power and restoring German sovereignty, albeit at the cost of the sovereignty of the Länder who did not have the will or ability to accomplish the task on their own. As I pointed out, Jews were not going to give up power willingly or democratically, so they used all their power internally and externally to try to stop Germans from regaining sovereignty over their own country. This cannot be compared to the current situation where jews, already having usurped power across the planet “through fear and force” are imposing “total ideological conformity” on the native peoples of countries all across the planet. It is the complete inverse, as I pointed out. It is the ultimate completion of the take over jews started long before the NSDAP came to power, and the resistance to this judaic take over was the raison d’etre of the NSDAP.

    2. I also described how Germany’s enemies, under the same judaic control they are under now, “through fear and force”, used the same, or even worse, propaganda and other methods that Hitler did to “gleichschalt” their own people into fighting a war for Judea. This is blatantly clear if you look at the USSR. Neither the US not the UK should have been involved in either world war, they were forced into both by judaic “gleichschaltung”.

    So here we are 75 years after the complete destruction of Europe by the alliance of countries under control of Jewish usurers who enforce power “through fear and force”, and they are about to commit the coup de grace on the entire planet. Hopkins tries to use his lame humor about German labor camps comparing the sign “work will set you free” to the judaic powers current lies that “vaccines = freedom”. It might be funny to some people who do not understand that Hopkins has defamed Germany and Germans in a lame attempt at humor, while still refusing to name the jew. These same Judaic powers called those “work will set you free” labor camps “death camps” and tortured German officers in order to extract fake confessions about 6 million gassed and cremated jews and 5 million more dead Gypsies and homos. Hopkins, and you, dishonor those German officers in doing so.

    So in order to avoid naming the jews who are forcing vaccines, scamdemic and the great slavery reset on the entire planet, Hopkins supported their lies about the labor camps and defamed Germany and Germans. And he calls it humor. I, for one, am not laughing.

    • LOL: frontier
    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  88. frontier says:

    Are people still on Facebook?!

    The problem is lack of alternatives. The recent de-platforming of Parler shows that millions of dollars invested in a hosting platform can be wiped out at the flip of a switch by the hosting company although it’s neither a producer nor liable for content produced by others.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  89. anarchyst says:

    You are correct about the lack of alternatives, when it comes to “social media”.
    However, at least in the USA, there is a solution, and has nothing to do with the repeal of “Section 230”, which provides immunity from liability for “content posted by others”.
    All the government would have to do is declare that any “social media outlet” that has 25% or greater market share would be reclassified as a “common carrier” just like the telephone companies. When was the last time a telephone company was censured for blocking conversations? It just doesn’t happen.
    Reclassifying Fakebook, Tweeter, and other social media outlets as “common carriers” solves a whole host of problems, especially censorship and blocking.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
    , @St-Germain
  90. Skeptikal says:

    Hopkins (I believe) is not talking about the Jews. He is (I believe) talking about Gleichschaltung as a technique.

    I don’t have time or inclination to “address” your irrelevant fulminations about the Jews.
    Jews is all you can talk about. You do not grasp the concept and the deployment of Gleichschaltung. Citing laws is not the point.

    As I wrote back in January (

    “Congratulations for finally naming the G-word: *Gleichschaltung.*

    I have been saying this for months now on various blogs; we are experiencing Gleichschaltung 2.0.

    But few readers grasp that Gleichschaltung was the tool used to instrumentalize the totalitarian idea on the ground by the Third Reich. Those who do not speak German and lack a deep understanding of the history of the Third Reich cannot understand that the principle ‘task” of the Nazi regime was the imposition of a totalitarian system, via, as the first and most important step, Gleichschaltung. (The obsession with the Jewish genocide effectively distracts attention from this far more fundamental aspect of the Third Reich’s totalitarianism. Obsession with German guilt for what was done to Germans and Germany is part of the general distraction.)

    Actually, it turned out to be frighteningly easy in 1933-34. Version 1.0 mandated that all political, economic, social, legal educational, medical, civil society, infrastructure entities—everything—was to be replaced by or subsumed into a party organization. Imposing it effectively required massive surveillance, most of it by humans.

    And Version 2.0 has been frighteningly easy in 2020. Massive surveillance is now a given. Version 2.0 mandates that surveillance be used to ensure compliance with measures that massively restrict any independent action and decision-making. Our day-to-day lives and long-term futures and plans are being set aside. We have lost effective control over our personal and collective lives.

    Gleichschaltung 2.0.

    And you and Robert Dolan totally lost it. Never got the point. Same as now.

    • Agree: frontier, St-Germain
    • Disagree: SolontoCroesus
    • Replies: @Schuetze
  91. @Ray Caruso

    Hitler, on the other hand, regarded the English Big Lie tactic as so successful that it should be copied by the Germans. He referred specifically to the English WW1 lie about German soldiers tossing Belgian babies on their bayonets. After the normal 50 years was up, the public servant who made up the story was interviewed on UK TV. He denied it was an exaggeration; he made everything up. At that time, I worked with an Australian in his seventies who still hated Germans because of that lie.

    Goebbels preferred to make light entertainment movies like the USA. If anybody said that it contained a lie, you could always say that it was just a movie.

    It’s different now. The US elite uses both methods of lying. If it’s repeated enough in their infotainment industry, all Yanks believe it. It’s no longer necessary to provide the slightest proof. The hysterical claims of Sunni Crusaders in Syria or Xinjiang is taken as gospel. Even the MKO terrorists operating openly in the EU are regarded as trustworthy. To a small extent, Republicans are becoming less gullible because they’ve also been victims. However, they’re only sceptical about lies meant to harm themselves. [email protected]

    • Agree: Ray Caruso
  92. Robjil says:
    @Frank frank

    It has been over hundred years of this empire of lies.

    Lies is how it rules.

    The biggest lie and weapon it has,

    is that it lies about who rules it.

    If one sees and names who are its Rulers.

    Then one is ostracized, job less or jailed.

    It is the saddest empire in all of history.

    It is the saddest century in all of humanity.

    Nothing is sadder for humans than to be not “allowed” to know who rules them.

  93. @Realist

    May I have some Lipshits with that?
    It has such a creamy taste!

    • LOL: Realist
  94. AReply says:

    Yeah, CJ, so here’s what the country is up against re dys-information

    Pro-Trump lawyer says ‘no reasonable person’ would believe her election lies.
    Lawyers for Sidney Powell argued conspiracies she laid out constituted legally protected first amendment speech

    It may be lies, and it may be Constitutionally protected, but it can still be defamatory. So I guess thank god for powerful corporate law firms protecting their own business interests, because the People are helpless against the surging tides of bullshit that are passing for public speech these days, including yours.

  95. Tomo says:

    Similar thing happened to me on FB when I posted a dfinition of fascism. They blocked me for a week and a couple of days later they closed my account. GOOD riddance…
    But a stranger thing happened when i once read an article on architectural website
    An article on mask design.
    I posted a link with a Danish study on why masks dont work.
    Dezeen immediately and permanently blocked me…

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  96. @Dumbo

    Thanks Mr. Merkel. Happy Easter.

    Covidism is a fundamentalist faith.

    Thus, it can brook no rivals.

    • Agree: Skeptikal
  97. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    “,,,,,,pogroms against Moslems in fascist India….”

    You are such a babbling, lying piece of [email protected] that I can’t even decide where to start. Do you realize that Indians marry at midnight to this day? Why is that? Because they spent 700 years wondering if a bunch of crazed, hateful muslims were going to show up and rape their women. You turn the Hindu determination to Not be fucked over by outsiders into a vice.
    You are an a solute [email protected] idiot. Shut your ignorant mouth you leftist piece of [email protected] Shut your mouth, read and learn the unique History of the most spiritual group of people on the planet: Indians.
    Until 1000 AD they had 25% of world GDP as did China. Maybe if India was Communist like China you would suck Bharat [email protected]?
    The fact is that India has made major contributions to world development through mathematics. They developed zero, algebra, trig, astronomy and passed it to Europe via the Middle East.
    The British stripped the country of wealth and the Globalists have continued it. Indians thought they had a protector in Modi but have found the man to be a liar and a snake. They will probably struggle for decades to find a government that will develop the country properly.

    India badly needs a government courageous enough to invest in a massive canal program. By trapping the monsoon in a system of interlocking canals and or cisterns India can bring its agricultural production to levels beyond imagination. This will enrich the country and underwrite industrial projects.
    Babbling About fascism may sound ‘cool’ to you but what it tells me is how fjckinv ignorant and stupid you really are.
    STFU, read and learn. Stop pon tificating about what you kn ow nothing, which is a lot.

  98. @L8917

    I preferred Farcebook, but now Faecesbook seems inescapable. That these petty narcissists are unable to comprehend that it is THEY, not the Evil Russians, Chinese, Iranians whatever, who are the totalitarians beggars belief. And this TOTAL repression grew from many roots, but the Zionazi drive to outlaw BDS and ANY criticism of Israeli barbarity is one of the sturdiest.

  99. @steinbergfeldwitzcohen

    Word Salad, I’m not denying or condoning atrocities from the past. You might prefer an atavistic existence, but I’m stuck in the now.Your type hate according to group identities and ineradicable differences between groups with Manichean fervour, like all deranged fundamentalists who have bedeviled humanity forever. I prefer another approach.
    As for India, which civilization I highly appreciate, I am heart-broken that it has fallen into the hands of fascistic, class and caste-hating thugs, who you, unsurprisingly, seem to admire highly.

  100. @Tomo

    Scratch a ‘liberal’ and you’ll find a fascist.

  101. Anon[142] • Disclaimer says:



    12:41​ 2. PRESSURE COOKER: the toll on citizens & police


    26:58​ 4. STOP ENFORCEMENT – courts, police associations & police service boards

    42:54​ 5. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS – petitions, masks, overzealous officers



    1:09:46​ 8. CHECKS AND BALANCES to prevent this ever happening again

  102. Wally says:
    @The Alarmist

    Don’t let Hopkins fool you.

    He is a True Believer in and promoter of the impossible “holocaust” narrative that is the primary tool wielded against free speech, free thought, and free association that he claims to support.

    He’s better known as “controlled opposition”.


    • Agree: Schuetze
  103. Wally says:

    “PC Roberts has noted that the vigilant corporate media censors now single out two things especially — any deviation from the official 2020 election narrative or anything said or written about the Corona plandemic that deviates from BigPharma/WHO/Fauci-ism. I suspect he’s right.”

    Even the vaunted Tucker Carlson refuses to discuss the rigged election and quickly silences any of his guests who dare to offer information about it.

  104. Anon[142] • Disclaimer says:

    From my own experience on Facebook (many profiles deleted for obscure reasons), after POLITE posts on the pages listed below about the US-NATO interventions in Libya and NATO’s support of cruel ”rebels” armed by NATO during the faked revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, I’m convinced Facebook is owned by the military industrial complex. Also, i reposted some comments and pictures on Susan Lindauer’s page showing people burned alive in Ukraine when Nuland decided to hijack the country. All my profiles were deleted (i’ve had about 7 pages under faked names).

    – AIPAC’s Irwin Cotler

    – Canadian crown corporation CBC (cousin of the BBC liars)

    – Some posts on the CFR page.

    – Posts on Global Research’s page about the NATO ”humanitarian interventions” (bombing and destruction of countries) ”in the name of human rights”.

  105. @ruralguy

    Don’t call them totalitarians. That would only encourage them.

  106. @Schuetze

    You missed a word. It really goes like this: “crooked competitive markets, a crooked price system, crooked private property and the crooked recognition of crooked property rights, and crooked voluntary exchange.”

    There. I fixed it.

  107. @Vojkan

    I’m wondering how to get deleted off FB permanently. Maybe declare that I’m a Proud Boy, post pics of a smiling Hitler shooting puppies with an AR 15, write a Covid denying caption, n accuse Zuckerstein of diddling koala bears. Might that work?

  108. @HT

    I suspect no one under 30 knows what 1984 means. That got banned from most schools a long time ago.

  109. @L8917

    This is great! Facebook bans TheJewishVirtualLibrary, Facebook bans Amazon, Amazon bans Facebook, Narcosaft, AND Google. Pretty soon we are breathing fresh air.

  110. @Skeptikal

    People love “curated” material, and they love to be surrounded by other people that validate them.

    That’s really all you need to know about social media. From the user side, anyway…

  111. Schuetze says:

    “You do not grasp the concept and the deployment of Gleichschaltung.”

    If you are so certain that we are undergoing Gleichschaltung 2.0, then please enlighten us, it should be a trivial exercise considering your Überzeugung.

    Draw some concrete parallels between your Gleichschaltung 1.0 and Gleichschaltung 2.0, and explain why they are the same. For bonus points, you can link to some legislation or decrees from the early 1930’s that would provide evidence that this event was indeed a part of “Gleichschaltung”.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  112. @anarchyst

    I agree. It has been proposed many times. It ain’t gonna happen. You’d first have to get a representative government instead of a corporate government.

  113. Schuetze says:

    While I am waiting for your reply, here is a great article about your Gleichschaltung 2.0. Please note that every single item listed that is as being destroyed by your so named Gleichschaltung 2.0 is what was being built up by the NSDAP in your so named “Gleichschaltung 1.0”:

    The Destructive Power of Lockdowns
    So much for the futility of Lockdowns to do good, what about their destructive power? This cannot be overstated. They are destroying lives. They are destroying livelihoods. They are destroying jobs. They are destroying businesses. They are destroying education. They are destroying churches. They are destroying trust. They are destroying mental health. They are destroying marriages. They are destroying relationships. They are destroying communities. They are destroying the idea that the police serve the people. They are destroying the rule of law. They are destroying free Britain.

  114. Skeptikal says:

    To hammer home my point (and maybe CJ’s) regarding the covid scam as the vector for Gleichschaltung 2.0, this below is from Global Research’s piece on the mysterious disappearance of Tanzania’s John Magufuli and the way it was hijacked by covid propaganda (likely the reason for the elimination in the first place):

    “He’d made his point, but he was also serious: He instructed the Tanzanian security forces to investigate what he saw as clear corruption with these so-called test kits. He understood that the test was the ***gateway for the overtaking, by WHO and its satellite forces, of Tanzania’s population, economy, civil liberties, and resources.***


    Here is the whole article.

    It makes quite terrifying reading.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  115. I love CJ Hopkins and spread his links everywhere I can.

  116. Schuetze says:

    “It makes quite terrifying reading.”

    Terrifying? Bwaaaaa. are you joking? Please point out the exact “Terrifying” sections.

    This part was relevant to your ridiculous comparisons of Covid-19 scamdemic to the election of Adolph Hitler and the Jewish attempts to sabotage his administration including by lighting the Reichstag on fire:

    “Magufuli will be remembered for these top 4 things:

    1. Moved Tanzania to a middle income country in a single term.
    2. Built Africa’s best electric railway, which is still a dream in the USA.
    3. Slaughtered corruption and plundering of TZ resources.
    4. Downplayed Covid-19”

    “Hitler will be remembered for these top 4 things:

    1. Restored Germany to a middle income country in a single term.
    2. Built Germany’s autobahn network, which is still a dream in the USA.
    3. Slaughtered corruption and plundering of German resources by Jewish usurers.
    4. Downplayed a worldwide embargo against German goods by Judea”

    The funny thing here is that Magufuli never dared to name the jews. The NSDAP united Europe against the Jewish communists and freed them from Jewish central banking and usury. In the end both of their lives were ended due to Jewish Gleichschaltung, but only Hitler took concrete measures to end it.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  117. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    You typify the idiocy of modern leftists. You believe in utopia.
    All you have is to shriek ‘racist’ or ‘fascist’ and virtue signal You know literally nothing of history, let alone how complex India’s is and revel in your ignorance.
    India is transitioning into a modern meritocracy by virtue of recognizing caste doesn’t work as a rigid means of social order. Thus, castes who are scheduled get access to higher education. That is what India is doing to chip away at caste and make it a less economically dominant determinant. To say that this will change social relations immediately is absurd. It is up to India to do this and no one else. Any other way won’t work. I am not so arrogant to believe an ancient system should have a sledgehammer taken to it. You as a leftist idiot want to hammer India.
    That approach is called ‘Breaking India’ and is why India hates having the West and its lemmings shriek over every incident of rape or injustice.
    India has a governance and civic deficit. If you are ruled for a 1000 years why care about garbage, corruption, the commons or sewer systems. You are not part of decision making. Not a master in your own house. India is only 70 years into self governance. They are going through a massive cultural adjustment. They need to be left alone.
    Ignorant leftists with knee jerk reactions to rapes, Muslim issues, and Hindutva don’t help India. You wouldn’t even know where to start.
    So stfu and go back to mumbling ‘racism’ and ‘sexism’ to the other lemmings.

  118. @Anon

    Fecesbook is a DARPA program. It is a voluntary self-surveillance program for lemmings and Western narcissists.
    If you go back and look at early interviews of Zuckerstein you may find one that clearly shows him coming out of an alter. IOW Zuck is an MK Ultra victim. He is a front man.
    The MIC runs social media. Look at Twitter. Do you believe that bearded degenerate started and grew that company? I don’t.

  119. Skeptikal says:

    Oh, wow, it’s all the Joos’ fault in Tanzania, too.
    Can’t be bothered to read this.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  120. Skeptikal says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    MOdi and his new Hindu fascism are really wrecking India.

    Modi and Co are inviting in foreign entities that will destroy India.

    Entities like multinational agribusiness, the Gates monsters, and others.

    Gates is bathing Modi in cash.

    Pity India. I hope the farmers can maintain their protest until the rest of the country comes to its senses.

  121. Skeptikal says:

    What shocking language.
    And, your various spurtings don’t really compute with each other.
    Maybe you should take your own advice.

  122. Skeptikal says:

    Germans are not strong on puns.
    Maybe the language doesn’t lend itself.
    I found when living in Germany, if you popped a pun, generally Germans didn’t get it.
    You had to explain it . . . at length . . . by which time it really wasn’t funny anymore . . .

    Of course, this was awhile ago.
    Still, I don’t buy the “Germans have no sense of humor” meme.
    A lot of what Americans think is funny just isn’t. Or is pretty childish.
    Superficial cracks are not typically Germans’ metier or their interest.
    They don’t waste their time and mental energy compulsively wisecracking, like Americans.
    Instead they listen to what you actually say without trying to turn it into a joke on you.
    Maybe that is why they don’t quickly “get” puns: The default setting is that people are actually saying something and Germans actually try to understand the utterance.
    Yes, they take life seriously.

    • Replies: @St-Germain
  123. Schuetze says:

    “it’s all the Joos’ fault in Tanzania”

    You need to learn to stay on script your hasbara script here. One minute it is “terrifying” when Magufuli suddenly and conveniently dies with heart issues, the next minute anyone who dares to conclude it could only be Mossad or the CIA who had him eliminated is an anti-semite.

    Oh wait, now I get it, it is those Nazi’s on the moon with their devious Gleschschaltung 2.0 who killed him. Now it all adds up, at least in your deluded brain.

  124. @Skeptikal

    Very much agree that the Germans do have a sense of humor. For Americans, though, it’s gewöhnungsbedürftig — you have to get used to it. The Germans pride themselves on the precision of their language. It’s designed to convey exactly the speaker’s meaning, no nonsense. Hence, the tendancy to take things quite literally. But that tends to put ironic humor off limits. For most Germans, metaphorical usage is crudely inaccurate, maybe also a tad unseriöse.

    You know about that international contest in honorof the ancient relationship between man and dog. The three finalists were an English country gentleman, a French tabloid journalist and a German university professor. The Brit submitted to the prize jury his heart-warming memoir, “My noble setter, Rex — man’s best friend”. The French entry was ribald comedy about a female poodle, “Fifi, femme fatale de Montemart”. The scholarly German arrived on stage with a heavy pallet of bound books, 13 volumes in all, entitled, “Der Hund als Begriff: Eine Einführung.”

    Needless to say, the German won the contest.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
    , @Resartus
  125. Skeptikal says:


    And the American finalist?

    Rin Tin Tin Rocks!

  126. Resartus says:

    Needless to say, the German won the contest.

    Recall the days (US Army in Germany) watching two locals standing on the sidewalk,
    about a foot apart screaming in each others face…..
    A discussion about the weather, that, in the US would be construed as the prelude to
    a fist fight…..

  127. R.C. says:

    CJ, You forgot a few of the standard tactics:

    You will simply be disappeared from the Internet, fired from your job, socially ostracized, deemed a “dangerous individual,” a “racist,” an “anti-Semite,” a “conspiracy theorist,” a “white supremacist,” a “domestic terrorist,” an “anti-vaxxer,” a “Covid denier.”

    You will be labeled a child predator, a kiddie porn aficionado, and targeted for ‘monitoring’ by Infragard, et al., aka, gangstalking.

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