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So here it is, the announcement we’ve been waiting for … all aboard for another cruise on the new and improved U.S.S. Magic Socialist with your captain Bernie Sanders at the helm! If you’re not familiar with this extraordinary vessel, it’s like the luxury liner in The Magic Christian, except catering to credulous American socialists instead of the British filthy rich. Tickets start at just \$27 dollars … so hurry, because they’re going fast!

That’s right, folks, Bernie is back, and this time it’s not just a sadistic prank where he gets you all fired up about his fake “revolution” for fifteen months, gets cheated out of the nomination, then backs whichever corporate-bought candidate the Democratic Party orders you to vote for.

No, this time the Bernster really means it! This time, when the DNC rigs the primaries to hand the nomination to Harris, or Biden, or some billionaire android like Michael Bloomberg, Bernie is not going to break your heart by refusing to run as an independent candidate, unbeholden to the corporations and oligarchs that own both political parties, or otherwise make you feel like a sucker for buying his “revolution” schtick. He’s not going to fold like a fifty dollar suit and start parroting whatever propaganda the corporate media will be prodigiously spewing to convince you the Russians and Nazis are coming unless you vote for the empire’s pre-anointed puppet!

Bernie would never dream of doing that … or at least he’d never dream of doing that twice.

There are limits, after all, to people’s gullibility. It’s not like you can just run the same con, with the same fake message and the same fake messiah, over and over, and expect folks to fall for it. If you could, well, that would be extremely depressing. That would mean you could get folks to believe almost anything, or that we were stuck in some eternally recurring multi-dimensional reality loop. The next year and a half in American politics would play out like one of those Groundhog Day knock offs meets The Magic Christian meets The Usual Suspects, directed by David Lynch, on acid. We’d be barraged by recycled Feel-the-Bern memes. Hacky sack shares would go through the roof. That creepy little bird would come fluttering back, land on Bernie’s podium again, and chirp out “L’Internationale.” People would start booking Tim Robbins for interviews. Ben & Jerry’s would roll out another revolutionary flavor of Bernie ice cream … and in the end it would all amount to nothing.

But that’s not going to happen this time. No, this time, the U.S.S. Magic Socialist is setting sail straight for Socialismland! This time, it’s really the Revolution! The end of global capitalism! And the best part of the whole deal is, you don’t even have to take up arms, stage a series of wildcat strikes, blockade major highways, occupy airports, or otherwise cripple the U.S. economy … all you have to do is vote for Bernie!

See, that’s the magic of electoral politics! The global capitalist ruling establishment, despite the fact that they own the banks and the corporations that own the government that owns the military and intelligence services, and despite the fact that they own the media, and all essential industries, and channels of trade, and are relentlessly restructuring the entire planet (which they rule with almost total impunity) to conform to their soulless neoliberal ideology, and are more than happy to unleash their militarized goons on anyone who gets in their way … despite all that, if we elect Bernie president, they will have no choice but to peacefully surrender, and transform America into a socialist wonderland!

Sure, they won’t be happy about it, but they will have no choice but to go along with whatever Bernie and his followers want, because that’s how American democracy works! We’ve seen it in action these last two years, since Donald Trump got elected president. The establishment wasn’t too thrilled about that, but they had to put aside their own selfish interests and respect the will of the American people … because imagine what might have happened if they hadn’t!

For example, they might have concocted a story about Trump being a Russian intelligence asset who was personally conspiring with Vladimir Putin to destroy the fabric of Western democracy so that Russia could take over the entire planet. They could have had respected newspapers like The New York Times and The Washington Post and television networks like CNN and MSNBC disseminate this story, and subtly reinforce it in endless variations, on a daily basis for over two years. They could have appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the facts of their made-up story, and indict a bunch of unextraditable Russians and a handful of inveterate D.C. slimebags to make the whole thing look legitimate. At the same time, they could have had the media warn everybody, over and over, that Trump, in addition to being a traitor, was also the second coming of Hitler, and was on the verge of torching the Capitol, declaring himself Führer, and rounding up the Jews. They could have generated so much mass hysteria and Putin-Nazi paranoia that liberals would literally be seeing Russians and Nazis coming out of the woodwork!

Fortunately, the global capitalist establishment, out of respect for democracy and the American people, decided not to go that route. If Americans chose to elect a jabbering imbecile president, that was their right, and far be it from the empire to interfere. Tempting as it must have been to use all their power to demonize Trump in order to teach the world what happens when you get elected president without their permission, they restrained themselves … and thank God for that! I don’t even want to contemplate the extent of the rage and cynicism they would have fomented among the public by doing those things I just outlined above. That might have left people with the false impression that their votes mean absolutely nothing, and that the entire American electoral system is just a simulation of democracy, and in reality they are living in a neo-feudalist, de facto global capitalist empire administrated by omnicidal money-worshipping human parasites that won’t be satisfied until they’ve remade the whole of creation in their nihilistic image.

Thankfully, the ruling classes spared us all that, so now we can hop aboard the Magic Socialist and take another cruise with Cap’n Bernie! Considering how magnanimous they’ve been with Trump, once Bernie wins the election fair and square, the empire clearly won’t have any problems with him nationalizing the American healthcare system, tripling taxes on the super-rich, subsidizing university education, and all that other cool socialism stuff (i.e., the stuff we mostly still have here in Europe, along with some semblance of cultural solidarity, although the global capitalists are working to fix that).

Oh, yeah, and in case you’re worried about Bernie backing the empire’s ongoing regime change op in Venezuela, don’t be. He’s just playing 4D chess, like Obama did throughout his presidency, by pretending to do the empire’s bidding while he actually went about the business of resurrecting hope and eradicating racism. Bernie’s just being sly like that! It might seem like he’s aligning himself with mass murdering thugs like Elliot Abrams and sadistic ass freaks like Marco Rubio, but he isn’t. Not really. It’s just an act. I mean, he has to get elected, doesn’t he?

How else are we going to get to Socialismland?

C. J. Hopkins is an award-winning American playwright, novelist and political satirist based in Berlin. His plays are published by Bloomsbury Publishing (UK) and Broadway Play Publishing (USA). His debut novel, ZONE 23, is published by Snoggsworthy, Swaine & Cormorant Paperbacks. He can be reached at or

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  1. Hopkins is on to something here! So I modestly propose that from now on, all Candidates should have to file a prospectus with the SEC just like a stock IPO. After all, candidacies are just barely-camouflaged business enterprises.

    Candidates should be required to disclose their business plan for America, including sound business models for all planned or contemplated invasions. I’m tired of pump-and-dump, loss-making invasions like Iraq and Afghanistan wherein only the Insiders benefit. If we’re going to bother with Venezuela, shares of Citgo must be shared with all Americans!

    Candidates should also show the capitalization table to reveal who owns them. For example, Obama’s major ownership of Sanders LLC must be disclosed. Otherwise the gullible young generations who don’t yet realize Unilever owns Ben & Jerry’s cannot possibly understand who’s in charge.

  2. Bern says:

    Hey, lay off him about Venezuela. That’s really unfair. You can’t blame Bernie for sucking Gina Haspel’s bushy thumb-sized hermaphroclit with lots of sultry oohs and ahhs. Do you see who the AG is?? Barr, for chrissake, the Langley gang’s mob lip from way back. If Bernie puts a foot wrong, he will live out his days playing Kiss of the Spider Woman with Don Siegelman. CIA’s lawyer Bill Barr will see to it.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
    , @Willem
    , @Moi
  3. @Bern

    I could care less if Bill Barr was once a CIA lawyer. If he can shut down Mueller’s infernal witch hunt, and start prosecuting a few of the FBI coup plotters, then he’ll be doing a fine job for the country. (I’m not holding my breath, though). I’d say go after Hillary, too, but, alas, I fear she and Bill will always be too big to prosecute.

    • Agree: james charles
  4. Stick says:

    Bernie in 2016 ran as a National Socialist. Was spanked by Hillary and DNC and curtailed his socialism to conform to the Obama/Clinton norm (Obamacare). Now he is running on the importance of Identity. I predict, if elected, he will return to national socialism with the added bonus of identity management. Which is to say, he would be the reincarnation of Hitler as opposed to the highly desired Stalin.

  5. Before you start praising Hopkins, be advised that he is FOR socialism. This article is what the masses call “ironic.” What he means is, we wish we had a real socialist but instead we got Sanders. Which is what all intelligent people think.

    • Agree: Willem
    • Replies: @Colin Wright
    , @Che Guava
  6. Bern says:

    follyofwar, I hate to be Debbie Downer, but who do think Mueller works for?

    Barr is CIA’s shyster lawyer, Mueller is CIA’s cleaner. Both FBI and DoJ are completely controlled by CIA “focal points” (Dulles’ term) or dotted-line reports (Bush-era Newspeak.) What’s more, Hill and Bill work for CIA too: Hill got her start purloining documents for CIA’s “Watergate” purge of Nixon; Cord Meyer recruited Bill at Oxford. CIA brainwashing makes Republicans blame Democrats for what CIA does to you, and makes Democrats blame Republicans for what CIA does to them. CIA runs your country while party loyalists tear each other’s throats out. Divide et impera.

    Nobody will be doing a fine job for the country because CIA doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the country. They’ve got a business to run: drug-dealing, gun-running, child trafficking and pedophile blackmail, money-laundering, foreign asset-stripping.

    • Replies: @renfro
    , @street worm
  7. Parbes says:

    Yet another entirely laudable super-satire by Hopkins, bravo! Keep hitting the nails on the heads, Mr. Hopkins!

  8. There are limits, after all, to people’s gullibility. It’s not like you can just run the same con, with the same fake message and the same fake messiah, over and over, and expect folks to fall for it.

    It worked in France, though.

  9. the empire clearly won’t have any problems with him nationalizing the American healthcare system, tripling taxes on the super-rich, subsidizing university education, and all that other cool socialism stuff (i.e., the stuff we mostly still have here in Europe

    So basically, Hopkins is saying all of those things are wonderful. Nationalizing the healthcare system will result in more “doctors” flooding in from Tanzania and Bangladesh to replace the smart kids who would have gone into medicine but now don’t want to. See British medicine for a handy reference guide or, alternatively, many ERs in large U.S. cities.

    Tripling taxes on the super-rich will result in them establishing domicile in various tax havens in the Caribbean. Europe has already tried this tactic and it failed miserably. (See: Panama Papers)

    And promoting the concept of the feds dumping more money into the left-wing cesspit that is higher ed is just so insane that it could only come from a socialist.

    Naturally Europe can “afford” some of these schemes because Uncle Sam is backstopping their national defense.

    Hopkins is the German Fred Reed.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  10. Which one by Lynch do you like more, Hopkins, Mulholland Drive or Inland Empire? I, the latter.

    • Replies: @Sollipsist
  11. This time, it’s really the Revolution! The end of global capitalism!


    At times, the Twitterati agree to barrage their feeds with #resistcapitalism sallies all in the same day. It catches one’s notice how many of those tweets are “sent from my” iDevice.

  12. Bernie is no socialist, neither are any Democrats, just controlled puppets to keep the American people docile, keep up the illusion that things will actually get better one day. He may be an FDR capitalist, giving you just enough socialism to keep the capitalist system afloat, keeping the pitchforks and torches at bay.

    Bernie is a pro-war imperialist, just look at his tweets about Maduro recently, or his views on Palestine-Israel. He may be the best “candidate” in 2020, but he is far from a socialist. Same deal with Tulsi, if you are pro-Israel, you are a pro-war imperialist period. Notice she always makes a point to say “regime change wars” but what about drones? What about covert CIA-mercenary assassinations? What about the war OF terror? She has no problem with these types of war apparently. Colonialism and imperialism (theft of other people’s and nation’s resources) are not true socialist policies. Capitalism by definition is stealing the surplus value of the labor of other people – it cannot lead anywhere but to where we are today.

    Socialism is government by the working-class. There is not the slightest hint of the working-class ruling over society anywhere in the world, certainly not in a dictatorship such as America. Capitalists own all the means of production, all levers of government, and all the major media.

    There is now no Left left in America, although plenty people here now think “left” means identity stuff. It does not. Left is giving priority to the welfare if the working class majority and protecting them from predatory capitalists. Race, gender and deviancies did not define the authentic socialist agenda.

    I’ve given up the illusion that we’ll ever vote our way out of this madness, look at Narco Rubio’s tweet yesterday using snuff photos of Gaddafi after the gangsters in DC murdered him and destroyed his country, turning it back centuries, using them as a threat to Maduro. You don’t vote that kind of Mob out, we have the mafia now in charge of our country, the most powerful military in the world is run by satanic mobsters, and we’re foolish enough to think voting is going to make this go away? Criminals and gangsters don’t stop until they’re either in prison or dead. They don’t go away or give up power because you ask them to, which is all voting is, asking them nicely. Good luck with that!

    I wish it wasn’t true. I wish we could vote Bernie or Tulsi in and things change for the better, but from what I’ve seen the past 30 years, it ain’t happening. Their silence on 9-11 truth, knowing full well they know better is pretty telling.It doesn’t take an Einstein to see those buildings were blown up with explosives, if they’re not willing to call that out, what makes you think they’re willing to do what needs to be done once in office? Sadly I’m afraid either collapse, armed revolt, or China or Russia invading and/or nuking us is the only way out of this evil system.


  13. Biff says:

    Another fine summary hooch. Keep’em comin’.

  14. wayfarer says:

    Why Today’s Youth Loves Socialism, Explained.

  15. Miggle says:

    Calm down, folks. Bernie won’t be elected. Putin has planted nuclear bombs in all major American cities. The one Bernie is in a few days before the election will go up in a mushroom-shaped puff of smoke and Trumpty Dumpty will win.

    Except it won’t be Putin. Guess who?

  16. A new motorcycle for all the boys and pink ponies for the girls the day after he’s elected of course. Looking forward to it myself.

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  17. renfro says:

    ”I’ve given up the illusion that we’ll ever vote our way out of this madness, look at Narco Rubio’s tweet yesterday using snuff photos of Gaddafi after the gangsters in DC murdered him and destroyed his country, turning it back centuries, using them as a threat to Maduro. You don’t vote that kind of Mob out, we have the mafia now in charge of our country, the most powerful military in the world is run by satanic mobsters, and we’re foolish enough to think voting is going to make this go away? Criminals and gangsters don’t stop until they’re either in prison or dead. They don’t go away or give up power because you ask them to, which is all voting is, asking them nicely. Good luck with that!

    Mafia is the correct description.
    And you are right, they will never willingly give up their power.
    It has to be taken from them.
    And anyone who expects voting to do that job better find themselves a Elliot Ness to put in the WH.

  18. renfro says:

    Nobody will be doing a fine job for the country because CIA doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the country.

    o.k. so the CIA wouldn’t hire you because you showed up for your interview in a tin foil hat….time for you to get over being rejected and move on.

  19. @Captain Willard

    Great idea. We should also demand business-line reporting disclosures.

  20. @Bern

    That’s enough truth for one day.

  21. This is a great article which effectively exposes Sanders as being fatally compromised by his role as Clinton lackey after the evidence emerged that the party engaged in fraud securing the predicted result. I also fully endorse Hooch’s response to the commentary. Great job on both counts.

  22. smokey says:
    @Captain Willard

    Though I would agree that an SEC type full disclosure prospectus required of candidates could be useful. There are no agency in the USA, and no one powerful enough, to prosecute a flagrant deviation or to stop a completely fraudulent activity intentionally done in violation of the election promises made and facts presented within the pre election candidate prospectus. What the elected do is so different from what the candidates promise..that.. ?

    Those elected have not just broken the international law, they have eliminated it. International law and domestic law no longer exist to those who are part of economic zionism (EZ); they use government to establish their monopolies not to prevent them. Not only have the EZ eliminated International Law, they have given themselves, and each person they allow to be elected, unlimited get out of jail free cards.

    My question Captain Willard is: who would enforce the intentional misrepresentations, glaring omissions, hoax after hoax embedded within the candidate prospectus you propose? Who who prosecute the lies? Who would prosecute the behaviors done contrary to the promises made in the prospectus? Can’t even get Trump to make public his Tax Returns and half the FBI can’t publish an investigation on el presidente.

    Until governed Americans change the constitution to take the power to appoint the judges(article 3) and the Prosecutors that can prosecute the EZ and the elected from the 450 Article I liars, and the 2 Article BoZoos nothing is going to change.

    Americans need the power to appoint their own prosecutors, cut the middle man USA out, take the power to appoint the prosecutor away from the USA, and take the power to appoint judges (Article 3) away from the USA, and give that power to the governed Americans, ain’t nothing going to change but the candidate names.

    Without enforcement, prosecution, adjudication, and punishment there is no law capable to reach those who file a prospectus. just a long trail of broken promises and Palin type Caribou caucuses.

  23. @redmudhooch

    In my opinion there is nowadays much misrepresentation of some basic principles among both the extreme left and extreme right.

    Among the alternative right it is widely accepted, strange as it may seem, that the west is now already socialist or communists, and that the 60s leftist Marxist revolutionary genetation has been on its long march through the institutions and is now occupying key positions in academia, media, government, and the Forbes top billionaires’ list.

    Such arguments are propagated by highly intelligent and well read rightist intellectuals, many of whom were presumably once leftists themselves in their youth, so such views cannot be readily dismissed or attributed to any ignorance on their part.

    I wonder what you think about such views and why they are so widespread on the extreme right these days. The old pre-WWII right never made such claims that socialists and communists had inflitrated the high echelons of power in their society, and Hitler and the National Socialists made it clear that they opposed democracy and capitalism (you may dispute the latter) which were considered the ruling ideology and socieconomic system in their time.

    And the antifa these days are seen by the extreme right to be the extralegal footsoldiers of the socialists and communists in power, augmenting the police and doing the dirty jobs the cops won’t or can’t do. If you have been following the literature of the rightwing media these days you should be aware of such portrayals of the current societal situation.

    Such viewpoints are being accepted by many of today’s disaffected youths who are yearning for change, revolutionary or otherwise, and a better future for themselves so I would be wary to dismiss this worldview out of hand.

    I know some may claim this is all propagated by the rulers to confuse and divide and rule although I don’t believe that the leaders of this new right are truly unprincipled government disinformation agents. Many seem to be genuinely anti-war, anti-Zionist, anti-neocolonialists, and anti-imperialist and their arguments deserve to be treated seriously in any constructive debate regardless of any of their personal failings.

  24. Willem says:

    I think that Sanders is able to change half of the USA. He is likely to do something about inequality, unemployment, health care, but he will not touch the MIC.

    The US is a rich country, and if the US wants stay rich it has to do something about this third world-isation of the USA that is in play since the 1990s (outsourcing of jobs, leaving the home population with less and less means to buy stuff US corporations produce abroad). This is where Sanders will come to help: he will help US citizens, by helping corporations to be able to sell their stuff to US citizens. Sanders calls that socialism, but it is, as Chomsky explained, new dealism. Socialism would be if Sanders promoted that workers would take over the corporations, or would allow to re-open factories, warehouses, and farmland where the workers were in control, not the bosses. Sanders is not promoting any of that. Sanders may be a Roosevelt, but he is not an Upton Sinclair (who nearly became governer of California in the 1930s by running a truly socialist platform). And, as said, he will certainly not touch the MIC.

    IMO he is the lesser evil of candidates who run for the 2020 US elections, but to consider him a socialist, as Sanders calls himself, will lead to dissappointment.

    Here is Michael Parenti talking about his former compatriot

  25. ” I’d say go after Hillary, too, but, alas, I fear she and Bill will always be too big to prosecute.”

    She was too Fail to Big.

  26. @atlantis_dweller

    MD is a puzzle with probable solutions. IE (and I love it for this, but) is a puzzle with only possible solutions.

    • Replies: @atlantis_dweller
  27. George says:

    the Bernster really means it!

    As of 3 min ago, was just a splash screen. He had 4 yrs to update his website. He should not run. Tulsi Gabbard went to the mat for him in 2016, he should have sat this one out and endorsed her. Bernie is a typical narcissistic baby boomer who believes only he can save the world he has spent his life F-ing up.

    • Replies: @Sparkon
    , @ploni almoni
  28. @Bragadocious

    I think you may be labouring under a few misapprehensions, Bragadocious.
    Firstly, no one is suggesting that medicine should be “nationalised” in the US. (Though, there are stupid – probably “false flag” – assertions of getting rid of all private health insurance) What some are saying is that some version of “single payer” should be brought in: ie basic medicine for all those who can’t afford insurance. In the absence of government “death by a 1000 cuts” (ie the UK) these can work well (plenty of versions to choose what best fits US circumstances.)
    Wouldn’t worry about Dr’s from Tanzania etc: Dr’s have the strongest Unions around. And, Medicine won’t lose its allure for kids.
    Now you do have a point on taxes. Jacking them up too high will TV avoidance. That doesn’t mean taxes on the wealthy can’t be raised to some degree. But there are better alternatives: close tax loopholes, tax more unearned income, & intro’ a financial transfer tax (say, 0.5 – 1% on all financial transactions).
    “Dumping more money” on universities ? How about just regulating fees in public uni’s & means testing students & subsidising low income students. Left wing cesspit might be true but if the US wants to compete in STEM those cesspits will be handy. Incidentally, stuffing millions of young people with trillions of dollars of debt is a great way to retard economic activity.
    Please, please stop “back stopping” European defence. One of Trump’s better ideas: get rid of NATO.

    • Replies: @Bragadocious
  29. @redmudhooch

    Excellent comment, redmudhooch. Spot-on in all regards.
    “They don’t go away or give up power because you ask them to, which is all voting is, asking them nicely. Good luck with that!”. Voting as “asking them nicely”: I like that !

  30. mcohen says:

    What a great day for justice.the dominoes are falling.

    Cardinal george pell convicted of sex crimes in australia

  31. mcohen says:

    Yes the shoes of the fisherman have walked the path of depravity and moral decay

  32. Anon[347] • Disclaimer says:

    And by the way, Hopkins, I have no hopes for Sanders to contribute to the rectification of the Earth.

    I know, as you do, that only Sincerity in Person, aka Caitlin Johnstone, could deliver that, if she were elected president.
    I used to doubt that, but she turned my mind over when she explained that who didn’t subscribe to what I mistakenly believed her childlike, ego-emanating and ego-serving, illusions didn’t because they “wanted to feel smug and superior”.

    I agree with you, Hopkins, that we should focus on the Australian elections rather than the USA. It’s from there that Justice and Truth, as well as Unsmugness and Humility, and perhaps above all Clarity of Mind and Fairness of Judgment, may rise to the throne of Earth, and save Earth.

  33. Hopkins is a superb satirist and very entertaining to read. He dearly wants the end of “global capitalism.” I have this uneasy feeling, though, that it would not be as enjoyable or safe as he seems to suggest. When you replace the “profit motive” bosses with “we’re all going to be virtuous now” bosses things tend to get ugly real fast. I need to see more specifics before I’m ready to sign on for a rerun of The Great Leap Forward.”

  34. Jake says:

    “That might have left people with the false impression that their votes mean absolutely nothing, and that the entire American electoral system is just a simulation of democracy, and in reality they are living in a neo-feudalist, de facto global capitalist empire administrated by omnicidal money-worshipping human parasites that won’t be satisfied until they’ve remade the whole of creation in their nihilistic image.”

    Now that’s writing worth reading. If the Nobel committee did not serve the Global Empire, it would give the Literature Prize to Hopkins.

    The late 19th and 20th century Russians had the horror of dealing with Nihilists running amuck in their country. Now the Nihilists rule the world as multi-billionaire Globalists.

  35. I know who we really need

    Takogo kak Putin

    • Replies: @yurivku
  36. Hans says:

    As long as Barney gives us “Fireside Porn” readings from his oeuvre and continues to give the “anti-semites” hell, I’m all for him. He’d be the ultimate Horatio Alger – from commune to King of the Swamp Peeps.

    Barney scolds the goyim –

  37. @Captain Willard

    My suggestion’s even simpler:

    1) All candidates take an IQ test, results published. Poor saps like Bernie and Kamala would immediately disintegrate, and Trump’s looking none too good; and

    2) All candidates are vetted for top security clearance, a la the CIA. Barack’s ancestral homeland would be somewhere outside of Wakanda, and Loretta Fuddy would still be alive.

  38. Anon94 says:
    @Captain Willard


    And the Holocaust Industry needs to open on the NY Stock Exchange. All Americans should have an opportunity to share in the filthy lucre this industry generates since they are the prime investors (museums, massive taxpayer Homeland Security grants to Jewish organizations, etc) that help keep this splendid hoax alive. Not to mention all the millions ripped out of American pockets to subsidize all the Holohoax theme parks in Europe.

    The stock listing should be: AFGA: Anne Frank’s Gold-Plated Ass enterprises.

    Given the current surge–THE FRIGHTENING, IMMEDIATE, EMERGENCY LEVEL SURGE! OF WORLDWIDE ANTI-SEMITISM–we can confidently anticipate a very robust bull market.

  39. wayfarer says:

    “Bernie Sanders Goes Insane, Declares 2020 Candidacy.”

  40. Nothing like a little truth to start your morning. Caution: Strong Language Content.

  41. @Commentator Mike

    What a thoughtful comment. What does it say?

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  42. @Commentator Mike

    Today’s system is a hybrid of a late finance-stage global capitalism and cultural–not economic–Marxism. Instead of class struggle, we have identity politics. Instead of the ownership of the means of production, we have tranny bathrooms.

    So the right-wingers (like Peter Hitchens) who say that ‘Marxism won’ are half right … culturally, not economically. What causes all the confusion (among the libertarian types especially) is that capitalism in reality does not in any way resemble how it ought to work according to libertarian theories and never did. But when you point out to them that capitalism never worked in practice to begin with, they answer: ‘But true capitalism has never even been tried!’ And of course, they’re right. ‘True’ capitalism (i.e., what libertarian theory calls capitalism) really never has been tried, and for exactly the same reason that perpetual motion machines have never been tried either: they’re impossible.

    None of which means I’m a ‘pure’ socialist. I’m open to mixed-economies and new experiments. I usually characterize myself more as a national socialist, mostly to differentiate myself from the ‘world revolution’ Trotskyite socialists who now predominate on the far-left. That means I also take some inspiration from some fascists and national-syndicalists, although I don’t regard any of them as holy writ, either. In my opinion, the number one success factor for a civilization is not what theory it professes, but rather who controls it. Theories will always have to be modified to suit the circumstances; but the character of a people is much harder to change. China’s prospering because it’s controlled by Chinese engineers; our civilization is suffocating because it’s controlled by Jew-bankers and Masonic lawyers. Get rid of them first, and we can debate monetary theory till we’re blue in the face.

    • Agree: Johnny Walker Read
  43. @Captain Willard

    You must be under the delusion we live in a Constitutional Republic.

    Oligarchy (from Greek ὀλιγαρχία (oligarkhía); from ὀλίγος (olígos), meaning ‘few’, and ἄρχω (arkho), meaning ‘to rule or to command’)[1][2][3] is a form of power structure in which power rests with a small number of people. These people may be distinguished by nobility, wealth, family ties, education or corporate, religious, political, or military control. Such states are often controlled by families who typically pass their influence from one generation to the next, but inheritance is not a necessary condition for the application of this term.

  44. Oh great, Bernie – another Sunday Socialist. The road to Hell is trodden bare by his type, downhill all the way. Bernie’s assigned role is to “suck up all the oxygen”. Provide the necessary razzle-dazzle for the war democrats, police state liberals and austerity progressives to suck up the attention and energy of the disaffected. That’s what they get paid to do. This layer of burn-outs, has beens and traitors. The ever-odious staffers, full-timers, consultants, aides, advisors, policy wonks, publicity hounds. Ever advancing themselves as spokespeople for all the causes. Always ready to turn viciously on any regular people who have the impertinence to say otherwise. Generals without an army.

    Always anything but class with the Bernie boosters. Furiously beating their drums for feminism, gay whatever, racism, the environment. But never for mobilization of the working class. Never for fighting against real capitalism. The Bernie Sunday Socialists live comfortably, haven’t walked a picket line in ages, buy sweat shop labour designer clothes and are as tough as jello.

    Life has a way of paying you out. And the future for the Bernie boosters and those dumb enough to buy their bilge is – the Ukraine. While the Bernie crowd serve as their apologists the class elites grind on. They have no limit and the Bernie bunch will swallow anything so long as they keep their place and privileges as police for the working poor. But, at some point, Ukrainization hits the tipping point. As it is heading for in Brazil, Italy, Spain, France, Mexico. When the shit hits the fan, the Bernie boosters will be on the wrong side of the barricades.

    “Their names are prick’d”

  45. onebornfree says: • Website

    CJ Hopkins said: “How else are we going to get to Socialismland?”

    This just in: we’re already there.

    1] All 10 of Marx’s original necessary steps for the establishment of communism in a country, as laid out in his communist manifesto , were enacted here decades ago.

    2] All governments, no matter how small, are unavoidably socialist, in the big picture. The US government [via the Articles of Confederation and then the US constitution] was an experiment in in the [supposedly] “limited” socialism of republicanism [“free and independent states” and all that guff] .

    3] Trump is a socialist. The last election was merely a fake fight between Trump’s socialism and the socialism of the imagined “other side”. Many were suckered [ and deserved to be].

    4] Yes Bernie is a scam artist, but then again, so is Trump. Socialists both. No one in either the red or blue camp is even talking about returning the US to its original supposedly “constitutionally limited” socialism, where the Federal government would be approximately 95% smaller than it is now.

    “You,Trump,Sanders Etc., Vs “Dictator Syndrome””:

    Regards, onebornfree

  46. @redmudhooch

    “See how the faithful city has become a prostitute! She once was full of justice; righteousness used to dwell in her—but now murderers!”
    (Isaiah 1:21-23)

  47. Sparkon says:

    Bernie is a typical narcissistic baby boomer

    Bernie Sanders is not a Baby Boomer.

    He was born September 8, 1941, three months before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and propelled the United States into WWII, but all Baby Boomers were born after WWII, making yours a leading contender for most ignorant remark of the day, but it’s early, and there are plenty of morons in the running, so keep on babbling.

  48. @animalogic

    I don’t know if you live in the US, sounds like you don’t, but one could argue that the healthcare system has already been nationalized. Consumers must shop for policies that meet Obamacare standards which include coverage for gender reassignment and other things that 10 years ago no private insurer would dream of paying for. This is a direct result of government’s boot on the market’s throat. (And the market likes it, based on HMO stock prices)

    It is illegal for any insurer to offer a bare bones catastrophic plan that doesn’t cover Obama’s hopey-changey list of progressive surgical procedures. 15 years ago, those catastrophic plans were everywhere, and very affordable.

    And to your point about providing healthcare to people who can’t afford it. We already have that, it’s called Medicaid. When those receiving it die, the government comes in and grabs all of their estate’s assets, because they used a government program that was forced on them. Like I said, it’s been taken over.

  49. Bernie is not a magic socialist. He is a fraud: he was cheated out of nomination, and then supported the cheater. Shame on him! He will never get my vote, period.

    • Agree: The scalpel
  50. @ploni almoni

    I was asking a question more than saying much as I’m not that opinionated yet, at least with regard to this issue.

    Basically it’s not easy to understand the current situation in terms of classical concepts of socialism and capitalism, and left and right politics, and I was hoping to generate a debate towards clarifying some of the confusion since at this site we do have representatives of both schools of thought.

    Commenter Digital Samizdat # 45 seems to understand this and has offered some useful ideas.

    #48 also seems relevant although not directly answering my comment.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  51. Agent76 says:

    April 16, 2016 Bernie Sanders and his wife made \$205K, according to 2014 tax returns

    Bernie Sanders and his wife made \$205K, according to 2014 tax returns

    Dec 29, 2018 Ocasio Casio-Cortez And The Far Left Are Poisoning Democrat Policy

    Ocasio-Cortez And The Far Left Are Poisoning Democrat Policy.

  52. @Digital Samizdat

    I think that applying the old concepts of Marxism is no longer possible in the west since there is hardly a genuine proletariat as a proper class any more with the deindustrialisation and the transfer of major industries to China and other Asian and Latin American countries. On the other hand the lumpenproletariat has grown and will grow further with greater automation in industry. Many more people are now unemployed, underemployed, in service industries, part-time and temporary jobs, or ageing old age pensioners and retirees. With the greater atomisation of the individual, break up of families, greater mobility, the concept of classes rooted long-term in their communities seems less applicable. You could say most of the global proletariat is now in China.

    It would seem that many of the Trotskyites of the past have now become neocons favouring capitalism and imperialist military intervention under guise of “human rights” promotion, as have some other communists.

    Paul Edward Gottfried’s “The Strange Death of Marxism” seems to offer some explanations but is not of much use in developing a new activism capable of taking on the system or providing a more viable alternative.

  53. Your best piece to date, C. J.; by and by, the shyster isn’t going anywhere!

  54. RobinG says:
    @Commentator Mike

    …classical concepts of socialism and capitalism, and left and right politics…

    The left/right concept is no longer valid. For one thing, of what use is a \$15. minimum wage (apparently a standard “left” plank) if there aren’t any jobs? Take a look at Andrew Yang. At least he is posing the right questions.

    Andrew Yang’s Pitch to America – We Must Evolve to a New Form of Capitalism

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  55. Great article.

    I honestly think that had the media and the deep state treated Trump fairly, they would have still have some credibility now. But the blatant attempt to derail his candidacy only egged on his supporters. Then, the concerted attempts to nullify the election results convinced people all over the political spectrum that our “democracy” is only a “simulation of democracy” as Hopkins points out.

    Don’t the people pulling the strings behind the media understand what they have done? They have convinced a large part of the nation that everything that they were taught from childhood is a fraud.

    Civilizations are only held together by the “glue” of shared beliefs. The deep-state-media-complex has just applied a solvent to the very glue that holds the entire culture together.

    This is going to make the next couple of years very interesting.

    • Replies: @densa
  56. Last time Bernie got a free beach house, an even better deal than Fat Kasich running for free food!

  57. We live in a goon-run surveillance economy, backed up by the strong arm of a mighty surveillance state apparatus, and nobody—I mean nobody—really stands up to it, calling out the real economic problems without a politically correct overlay that focuses on drummed-up social issues or other media-driven diversion tactics. As much as Hollywood theatrics are used as a way to sell the current setup as a functioning Republic to the serfs, none of our never-been-so-wealthy elected leadership has the morality to challenge the corrupt system. There’s a reason for their crumbly back bones.

    Despite the fake-morality play, using kids and babies as props in this fake-feminist era, we don’t even have leaders morally uncompromised enough to take on the Swamp in minor ways, not in a surveillance state / surveillance economy, where all of the morally blemished political elites have a lot to lose—financially.

    Political elites have a lot to lose financially, even though few of them ever took the classic road to riches, including taking on financial risk to create quality jobs for US citizens, as opposed to using cheap foreign wage slaves whose low wages are pumped up by welfare for US-born kids, making it easy for them to work cheaply for elites.

    Most of our rich political elites have never started businesses, employing US citizens to make tangible items, like cake mixes or ketchup, but somehow in this finacialized surveillance economy, all of our political leaders are flat-out rich with a lot to lose from speaking out against the rigged system, much less actually doing something about it.

    Even without extra, ratings-boosting, sexual or other Swamp-exploitable foibles, that means a lot of leverage for surveillance goons to hold over political decision-makers’ heads if they don’t do their bidding, especially in a survelliance state / survelliance economy, wherein every nook and cranny of their lives is scrutinized to the hilt.

    And it’s perfectly okay for our power couples to put riches over morality because, like the aristocrats producing golden heirs to assume the throne in other eras when aristocratic couples and static wealth reigned supreme, our business and political leaders have all reproduced, putting them as above firing and above morality as other elites in the family-friendly, fake-feminist era. Everything elites do is for their babies, regardless of how venal it is.

    Despite all of the surveillance that renders the Fourth Amendment null and void for cash-strapped serfs no less than elites and that stymies the First Amendment, suppressing the serfs from calling out the economic situation for what it is no less than elites, corruption is at all time highs.

    Think that has anything to do with the brass-knuckle silencing tactics, made possible by the surveillance state?

    Our so-called leaders don’t even bother to challenge the most basic threats to constitutional liberty, much less the shaky foundation of our part-time / temp / churn-job economy, with its welfare-subsidized legal & illegal immigrant workforce and our single-mom & married-mom workforce, able to work part-time and in temp jobs for beans, thereby supplementing spousal income, rent-covering child support or the welfare they collect by staying under the earned-income limits for multiple welfare programs during working months in single-breadwinner households with US-born kids.

    It is not even semi-quality jobs that support most households at the growing bottom. It is the already intact socialist system propping up a willing, cheap labor force for big corporations, that supports a large percentage of American households. Who needs Bernie’s socialism when we already have a platter of 100%-free, non-contributory, pay-per-birth socialism, offered up by the Republican and Democratic Uniparty to drive down wages for non-welfare-eligible citizens 40 years?

    Bernie is no stand-out Rebel. American corporations love socialism.

    Even though the rebel Bernie has never held more than one senate seat, single-breadwinner households with US-born kids are already supplied with hundreds in free EBT food, reduced-cost housing, hundreds in monthly cash assistance, free electrcity and up to \$6,431 in refundable child tax credit cash when they are willing to work part time or in temp positions for low wages, staying below the earned-income limits for welfare during working months. That’s how they undercut millions of underemployed citizens who lack unearned income streams from .gov, and no corporate-owned political rebel in the surveillance state is willing to stand up to it.

    No politician on the right or the left is free enough from the surveillance economy / surveillance state’s goon squad to say what that means for vanquished middle-class prosperity in the USA.

    It’s not just student loans, either, no matter how much the establishment wants that to be the main problem so that they can blow another housing bubble with the mostly unmarried Millennials in their part-time / churn jobs. Truth is: Few of those college grads except the dual-high-earner parents in their family-friendly / absenteeism-friendly jobs—keeping two of the few jobs with benefits and good wages under one roof and halving the size of the house-buying and rent-covering middle class while low-wage daycare workers or grandparents raise their kids—can afford to buy a house. The above-firing group in the top 20%, however, can afford more palatial houses than any non-rich group of non job creators in US history.

    In the long-gone America with the broad middle class and the mostly married, stay-at-home moms, most couples paid off modest houses by retirement, and most single earners with one, earned-only income stream could afford the dignity of a modest apartment, whereas most of today’s working women will face insurmountable rent costs in retirement, just like they do during working years.

    That is what the fake feminists have accomplished for the bottom 80%, but the family-friendly princesses in their palaces have not made any compromises. They humanize that by adding layers of absenteeism privileges for low-wage mommies in discriminatory voted-best-for-moms jobs, plus welfare and cash handouts through the progressive tax code to soften the brutality of this churn-job economy. But those womb-privileged single moms find themselves in the same dismal economic boat with the single, childless women in the bottom 80% after their kids turn 18, and the wage-supplementing, pay-per-birth freebies from goverment dry up.

    Lacking a student loan debt does not overcome the insurmountable cost of housing for single breadwinners, whether they are male or female, non-custodial parents, middle-aged or older with no kids, older with no kids under 18 or younger in the years before family formation beefs up their income with cash-check tax code privileges, monthly welfare access and crony-parent workplace privileges. With none of the unearned income streams accruing to womb-productive single earners, the single earners relying relying on earned-only income from one person cannot even afford rent for a one-room apartment in a safe or unsafe area, much less a house. And there are more single earners than ever; we are the majority.

    The childbearing-aged Millennials will be the focus of every economist and of all political hacks, seeking votes from the mostly older and middle-aged citizens who bother to show up on voting day, not the Xers with one, earned-only income stream and no kids under 18 and, thus, no handouts from Uncle Sam and the Treasury Department pumping up their wages in this dismal scam landscape of a churn-job gig economy.

    Thanks to feminism, there are more & more of us in that category in this era of single, “independent” career women, and it is going to get worse and worse as this group hits retirement age. It will be worse for everyone except the dual-high-earner parents—the tax-advantaged, “needs-the-job,” above-firing “talent” who were needed at work because of their talent, but who were somehow on a an expensive, lengthy, family-friendly vacation every couple of months during their above-firing, childbearing-aged working years, not to mention all of the mornings and afternoons of excused absenteeism (for kids, for kids!) and their multiple pregnancy leaves.

    These working-parents-in-charge, with their libertine, back-watching, family-friendly work schedules, sure do fire a lot of the non-family-friendly non culture fits whose every day, all-day hard work helps to keep their bonus numbers up. They fire away for the most trivial and pettiest of infractions in the churn machine of America’s unprofessional-to-the-max corporate workplaces. Use and lose. Churn and burn. It equals family-friendly job security.

    But regardless of how they did it, they will still retire into their luxury apartments or cathedral-ceiling homes, with two streams of SS income and two 401k streams.

    Whereas, however hard they work and however much they help to pump up the crony-parent managers’ bonuses, a huge number of divorced or never-married, single-breadwinner Xers who, since they did not have kids, did not need tax credit handouts to boost up their low wages, nor above-firing absenteeism privileges, benefits, decent-paying jobs or even a modicum of job security will retire into the most spartan and hopeless of “retirement” situations.

    They will have nothing but one stream of very inadequate, non-rent-covering SS, into which they contributed either 7.5% or 15.3% of every dime they earned, unlike these glorified single moms and immigrants, raking in 100%-free monthly welfare by the truckloads, in addition to bigly, refundable cash-assistance welfare checks from the progressive tax code that top out at \$6,431 all through their childbearing years, even though they do not pay income taxes in many cases and even though they work part time.

    The average employed person in the USA is a part-time worker. That is the reality of automation, fake womb-productivity-based feminism and 4 decades of welfare-supported mass immigration.

    Retirement will be just as bad, if not worse, for the even bigger group of hear-them-roar, fake-feminist, ever-more-never-married, part-time-job-holding, pink-hatted “career” women—with all of their hypocritical, un-feminist, womb-focused demands of .gov and their much-maligned soy-boy sperm providers—in the equally underemployed Millennial generation.

    But in an anti-individual, anti-liberty and corrupt-to-the-core survelliance state economy, with a Constitution based on individual liberty in suspension, all that counts is a functioning feudal structure for aristocratic baby makers in the top 1–20%, pumping out heirs to the thrones in a financialized economy that favors static wealth, and the illusion of benevolence that they create by throwing lots of mom-pampering cake crumbs to their womb-productive, welfare-qualified, legal & illegally-in-this-country cheap, groveling servants. A ton of Hollywood-lite, weepy-eyed media concern for the mommies and babies around the globe adds gloss to this fake-morality veneer.

    Trump said something about the immigration part of this corrupt equation, saying it loudly enough to divert attention from the fact that he is not really doing anything about the onslaught of 40 years of mass-scale, welfare-aided legal & illegal immigration that keeps wages at rock bottom for cashing-in employers.

    Turns out, Bernie, however saintly by comparison with other politicians in the surveillance state / surveillance economy, was not without goon-exploitable human foibles, like a \$600,000 rustic lake house needing “help” from interior designers and a spousal-income controversy. Bernie fans should not forget that the Deep State cutthroats are not at all above exploiting it with no mercy, no matter how many cutesy baby pics they wave around to prove their humanity. They are shameless enough to use it against him, no matter how knee-deep in Swamp dollars they are.

    That goes for the lovely, family-friendly leaders in both of our corrupt, Swamp-controlled parties. And it would not matter if a truly kick-*** superhero arose to take on the Swamp Goliath.

    This Surveillance Swamp is too deep even for Mister Rodgers to wade through. If he ran for office on a platform of true reform, the Surveillance Swampers would be accusing him of bacchanalian bathroom activity, telling him they have video conformation of that, along with proof from credit-rating agencies of his cardigan sweater-buying shopaholic sprees right down to his last bank transaction.

    We live in KGB country, where it is easy to pull politicians off of any real reformist path. No wonder, swampers are so concerned with Russia, thirty years after the Cold War ended. Rich US politicians, in a rigged surveillance economy, live in Stalinist Russia—Stalinist Russia with an increased surveillance capacity, whereas the serfs live under the same economic & government surveillance without even the reward of a quality non-churn job, an independent roof over their heads or a safe neighborhood.

    What a great trade off: our liberty and our widespread middle class in return for end-to-end financial security for the top 1–20% and womb-productivity-based welfare security for some part-time-working, womb-productive citizens and noncitizens in the bottom 80% during their baby-making years. Oh, we serfs also get to hear the virtue-signaling chorus of the racism and sexism fighters, and a few of them make bank off of discrimination lawsuits.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  58. At long, long last I see cause for optimism. Before Bernie’s arrival at the helm, I could have sworn that our country was a lost cause. Our savior and messiah has finally arrived. Long live Socialism! Down with Zionism and fascism! May our country now continue to be the force for good that it was always meant to be. America bless god! Thank America for god. By the way, why does UR not provide emojis?

  59. Definition of a Socialist:

    A Socialist is an envious and Jealous person who resents someone having more than them.

    Being also a coward, he/she, will not demand personally that the successful person hand over his/her honestly made money.

    The only solution is to have someone else (a hired gun) do the stealing for them. These people are called “Politicians”

    A politician is also a person who has never created anything, but is endowed with the gift of gab, and some time tested sentences.

    “ I want to make sure your children have the best education possible”, and we’ve seen how good that has been.

    “ I want everyone to have the best health care possible” , and we’ve seen how well that has proceeded,

    “ I think everyone should pay their fair share” Except that they end up with the biggest share, and the poor keep getting poorer.

    What we need is “Change” except that nobody defines what “Change” is.

    2200+ years ago the Greek Philosopher Plato Said : When you take money from Peter to pay Paul, you can always count on Paul’s vote. That’s Socialism

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  60. @Commentator Mike

    Twaddle. Anyone who says that socialism won is a complete idiot.

  61. @Common sense Joe

    I thought people as stupid as you were senile or gone by now. Still around, eh? Just FYI, every word you say is a lie, including “a” and “the.”

  62. @Digital Samizdat

    Excellent intelligence. As opposed to the “high IQ” idiocy promulgated on here.

    You may like the way an acquaintance, a PhD from Chicago School of Business, who had just finished working on a project for Big Pharma, observed when I brought up the concept of “free market.”

    “‘Free market?!’” he exclaimed. “No such thing. Because it’s all crooked.”

  63. Moi says:

    Relax. We’ll be getting the dream team–the Jewish Bernie as prez, and the Hindoo Tulsi as the No. 2.

  64. @redmudhooch

    ” Socialism is government by the working class”

    Socialism is government by the ruling honchos who have figured out how to appear as altruistic saviors while living the life of Riley and holding the carrot of prosperity in front of the noses of the disenfranchised peasants.

    Your transparent mindset of : Socialism never worked because the wrong people were in charge of every attempt to actualize it, and if the right folks go at it in the “right” manner it will finally work., has been exposed as the lie it is.

    This nonsense of : the Russians, Chinese, all of East Europe, Cuba, Venezuela, etc, etc. they really did not understand Marx, and they really did not want to establish a true ” Farmers and Workers paradise”, as according to Marx, so if we, the new generation of “Woke” “Jungsozialisten”, if we go at it, there will be no failure this time, this nonsense has run it time and more and more otherwise unknowing peoples are finally waking up it’s the lies and madness

    Myself, I spent time in the seventies behind the “Iron Curtain” before the wall came down and I will never forget the morgue-like atmosphere of the grey cities and the dead eyes of the hopeless natives, and ignoranti like you are striving to repeat these humans tragedies over and over, regardless of how many time they fail and how much travail and suffering they generate.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained US Army vet, and pro jazz artist.

    • Replies: @ploni almoni
  65. Anon[427] • Disclaimer says:

    The DNC takes Deep State to a whole new level. They have this thing called “Superdelegates”, which has veto power over the little people. The SJWs and Bernie bots may be too dumb to know who their real daddies are, but the Superdelegates know exactly whose ring they need to kiss to regain power: the same globalist capitalist Davos scums who now have Trump exactly where they want him, between their legs sucking up while busy implementing their agendas of endless wars and endless immigration.

    The Superdelegates will never let things get too far with the socialists, they’re good for entertainment, to give off the pretense of a real race. I’m betting my money on Kirsten Gillibrand – Dems know if there’s a woman who could beat Trump, she needs to be a blonde. Uncle Joe has too many skeletons in his closet. It’s just a matter of time before the cockroaches come out of the woodwork and #MeToo him into the orbits.

  66. @Stephen Paul Foster

    ” The profit motive” after being replaced with the Socialist rubber-stamp which holds power of life or death over it’s hapless subjects, and make no bones about wielding it’s ruthless fatal power, would seem like altruism and benevolency in retrospect.


  67. @Stephen Paul Foster

    Hopkins does different things.
    He unfolded his whole mind in Zone 23 (and maybe in his plays — I don’t know those).
    When he writes of politics, he simplifiies, because he’s expected to.

    I think minding politics is for him a way to take a break, such as watching sports on TV for others.
    One wants to root for a party, and to let some healthy hostility for the other part dwell his mind.

    Of course there never is any solid base for the belief that the powerless would be better (whatever “better” mean for one) than the powerful. But when you are taking a break, you assume it and enjoy being human (= having beliefs) for awhile, and it would be not sensible to imagine Hopkins to be unaware of any of this.

  68. @redmudhooch

    No left in this country? Yeah, that’s the ‘no true Scotsman’ fallacy writ large. Do you have any other jokes? What are you, some old wobbly who envisions the noble working class extolling their camaraderie as they sing the Internationale in bright shiny factories? Because right now, everybody in this country is on some kind of permanent welfare assistance scheme. Endless money is genned up out of the ether. Free Money For All. Head Straight To the Nearest ER to Get Your Sniffle Fixed for Free (as long as you’re brown).

    What’s better than working at a guaranteed job and getting paid for it? NOT working ever and always getting paid for it! Which is exactly what we have now. This is Progress! Progressivism! Things Change! We are all ‘woke’ in the ever-present ‘current year’! It doesn’t matter who the hell is in charge, your socialist paradise already arrived, except that you missed the hearty parties because you were reading Das Kapital for the 666th time.

  69. @George

    He is not narcissistic because he is a baby boomer. But he is narcissistic.

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  70. @Authenticjazzman

    If I understand you correctly, we are in the best of all worlds?

  71. Art says:

    Indian chiefs and witch doctors have run conformist tribal humanity. In the Jew tribe, Netanyahu is the hard knuckle police chief, and Burnie is the intellectual witch doctor. One physically forces us to conform – the other cajoles us to conform. Burnie the “socialist good intellectual,” wants to kick the bad ass chief out of power.

    Our problem is that Bernie still wants to keep the power that the bad chief has. He is still a Jew that believes in top down power. Bernie is a charlatan – the intellectual socialist Bernie lies when he says that he can create good by forcing good. (No one can force good.)

    Lasting good comes about through volitional action.

  72. densa says:
    @Mike from Jersey


    Don’t the people pulling the strings behind the media understand what they have done? They have convinced a large part of the nation that everything that they were taught from childhood is a fraud.

    Civilizations are only held together by the “glue” of shared beliefs. The deep-state-media-complex has just applied a solvent to the very glue that holds the entire culture together.

    And Hopkins says a disillusioned people might realize

    in reality they are living in a neo-feudalist, de facto global capitalist empire administrated by omnicidal money-worshipping human parasites that won’t be satisfied until they’ve remade the whole of creation in their nihilistic image.

    There has been a longstanding bipartisan attack against the nation, and I use that term as defined as “a stable, historically developed community of people with a territory, economic life, distinctive culture, and language in common.”

    But I don’t think the “deep-state-media-complex” is concerned by this. Again, feature not bug.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @densa
  73. Sparkon says:
    @ploni almoni

    The runaway over-use of the narcissism cliché has been fueled mostly by copy-cats with weak vocabularies who use it deliriously as a general purpose put-down of men who aren’t slobs.

  74. AceDeuce says:

    “The Bernie Sanders Story: From Brooklyn to Vermont-One Man’s Odyssey in Search of Diversity”.

  75. Well Mr. Hopkins, just a little too clever and a little too snide.

    Otherwise, interesting.

  76. densa says:

    Oops, I didn’t properly quote Mike from Jersey who said:

    Don’t the people pulling the strings behind the media understand what they have done? They have convinced a large part of the nation that everything that they were taught from childhood is a fraud.

    Civilizations are only held together by the “glue” of shared beliefs. The deep-state-media-complex has just applied a solvent to the very glue that holds the entire culture together.

    My apologies.

  77. @densa

    A survey which was just completed has concluded that public trust in the media has hit rock bottom.

    No kidding.

  78. Vagabond says:

    I fully expect him to cash in as much as possible and walk away when he eventually is rejected by the voters or the party. I don’t feel bad for anyone who believes in this white Jewish fellow who’s never worked a day in his life but owns three homes, a few nice cars, has use of private jets, but is all about the poor colored folk out there.

    Bernie did 2 hours in jail once, ya know he’s legit.

  79. @obwandiyag

    ‘Before you start praising Hopkins, be advised that he is FOR socialism. This article is what the masses call “ironic.” What he means is, we wish we had a real socialist but instead we got Sanders. Which is what all intelligent people think.’

    Are you actually black?

    I like to think you are, but perhaps it would be unfair to assume it.

  80. Sofia says:



  81. @densa

    The only ethnic group in the US who feel guilty about anything are Anglo-Saxons.

    If you confronted an Italian-American, for example, and reminded him how the mafia stole from the working man through the unions or its corruption of judiciary systems or something…you’d get a shrug.

    Ditto Jews when reminded that they were and are often slumlords of the ghetto.

    Or Koreans in LA ghettos.

    Hispanics do not acknowledge their own crimes against American Indians. Talk to a Cuban white about the Spanish extermination of American Indians.

    Media works on whites because they react to it. Asians, Jews, Italians, Hispanics, Hindus don’t care.

    How many Brahmin cared that SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE portrayed Muslims in India as victims of Hindu oppression?

    The fact of the matter is that whites have no other cultural anchor but their television so the owners of the media can make them believe whatever they want.

    This is harder for Hindus, Jews, Asians, Hispanics who don’t care a whit what some Leftist pundit says and only care about the money in their coffers.

    What do you think they came to America for? Religious freedom? The right to bear arms?

    They came for cash. On the pure primitive level, they understand that the only language everyone speaks is money. They are entirely materialistic.

  82. 😀☺️🎉

    Emojis are supported.

  83. yurivku says:
    @John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan

    Takogo kak Putin

    Does everybody here understand “Takogo kak” ?
    Russians already took over the UNZ?

    • Replies: @RobinG
  84. @Endgame Napoleon

    Texas should secede. All it would take is one state based on laws and not swamp BS.

    The contrast would be a poke in the eye to the federal mafia.

  85. The Scalpel says: • Website
    @ploni almoni

    ….the best of all possible worlds

  86. Che Guava says:

    As always, I appreciate C.J.’s article, and it made me laugh.

    However, this one at a site some find generally not acceptable is even funnier. For the mods, it is just a direct link to a hilarious article, not to the top of the site, and if you don’t find the account both hilarious and relevant, C.J.’s article is great, but the article at the link below is insanely brilliant humour.

    Please allow posting of the link, read the article and you will see why, also why I (and many others here) read that site.

  87. Che Guava says:

    Is takogo kak even Russian? From my incomplete (sure need to go further) study of Russian Cyrillic, it is not, just a troll claim.

  88. RobinG says:

    Someone like?

    I just have no idea why English speakers transliterate to spelling that has nothing to do with the original pronunciation.

    • Replies: @yurivku
  89. @Rabbitnexus

    Motorcycles for boys and ponies for girls ? That is so sexist ! Gender is a social construct !

  90. @ploni almoni

    ” If I understand you correctly, we are in the best of all worlds?”

    NO you do not understand me in any way shape or form. Nowhere did I say that we are “In the best of all worlds” however : The fundamental problem being : this is a flawed, insane planet, and we will never, ever approach a state of perfection, which you communists/socialists view as being achieved after your cockamamie goals are realized.

    You communist/socialist crazies simply cannot envision the catastrophic end results of your strivings, no matter how many times they have been repeated in the past.


  91. Che Guava says:

    You are funny.

    The only Unz poster dim enough to think that nobody else understands that C.J. is FOR socialism.

  92. Vojkan says:

    The favourite line of socialists when other socialists ruin their country is that they weren’t true socialists. People who don’t confuse their wishful thinking with reality know that socialism doesn’t work, and the reason is simple, it needs a huge bureaucracy to run the system but it is inadequate for creating the necessary added value to finance it.
    So maybe a sanctions-free Venezuela could finance its socialism with oil money, a resource that provides wealth without the need to create it, in a way similar to that of Norway, but the term socialist seems improper to me to brand a rentier economy financing its social programs by expending natural resources. Whatever, Sanders wants it regime-changed. I believe it is because he knows that socialism is a fairy tale that costs him nothing to tell and that gullible voters are all too eager to hear. As long as it makes him look good, great.

  93. @RobinG

    The left/right concept is no longer valid

    Yes I sort of agree, and that was the point of my original comment.

    Still I do find it strange when the alternative right, new right, affirmative right, neo-Nazis, call them whatever you will, accuse the current western governments and establishment of being “left wing”, “socialist”, “communist”. But how in the hell do they differ from the old “right wing” governments? They’re still pursuing the same old policies: wars for oil, neo-colonialism, regime change, interference in foreign nations. They’re still obsessing on maximising their profits more than ever, by getting fewer workers to do more work under worse conditions, by outsourcing to other countries with lower overheads, cheaper labour, worse labour and environmental laws, bringing in immigrant labour prepared to work under worse conditions for lower wages, etc. In fact these immigrants are just a new type of scabs or strikebreakers that instead of being bussed from neighbouring towns and counties are now flown in from other countries and continents to drive local workers out of jobs and into the dole queues. And these self-styled lefties and antifa are welcoming them and promoting them instead of confronting the scabs with baseball bats as one would expect since they are coming to threaten the livelihood and lives of the local workers, their women and their children. The ruling classes and governments have set back the achievements of the labouring masses that were won over a century of bitter class war and we’re now supposed to see them as some kind of lefties, commies, socialists. It doesn’t quite make sense.

    So what if they’re now promoting some stupid gender/homo/bi/trans ideologies and pushing sexual deviancy, perversion and degeneracy into the societal mainstream? That doesn’t make them left-wing either. Those bloody ruling class bastards always had their homos and perverts in the past, so now they’ve come out of the closet into the open. Big deal! I don’t buy that this is some major fundamental paradigm shift in societal ideology that requires redefining the ruling filth and their system in these terms. And I’ve read all about this cultural Marxist bullshit, the original texts and the current interpretations from both the left and right perspectives.

    I’ve come across some novel ideas trying to bridge the gap between the progressive/revolutionary right and left, such as the third position, Nazbol, Fourth Political Theory, but I find them all unsatisfactory in providing an adequate explanation of the current situation or a blueprint M.O. for getting us out of this worsening mess.

    If the antifa and the self-styled neoNazis or alt-righters want to fight it out in the streets they’re welcome to it, but I don’t think anything useful will come out of that, and it is probably what the PTB want anyway and even promote through infiltrators and agents provocateurs.

    I certainly haven’t come across any consistent and reasonably rational new ideology that I would follow as an activist or even a fellow traveller, let alone be an useful idiot for. Until something more adequate comes along my advice would be to become active in the struggle on an issue by issue basis and avoid divisive ideological disputes while on the front lines as this serves the rulers.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  94. RobinG says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Okay. Thanks for the response, but none of that speaks to the fact that increasing automation and AI will mean fewer and fewer jobs for anyone, whether immigrant or native. And that goes for some skilled jobs, also. That’s why I posted Andrew Lang’s pitch. What do you think of guaranteed basic income? How would you deal with an increasing population, fewer of whom are necessary to make the economy function?

  95. Hi Robin,

    I looked briefly at Andrew Lang’s video and he seems very capable and speaks sense, but it’s aimed more at the US political and electoral scene that I am not so familiar with.

    Yes indeed, automation, together with immigration, will kill off the working class completely, or whatever is left of it. Perhaps the outsourcing of major industries to China and elsewhere wasn’t just for more profits but also to destroy the working class so the bosses could feel more secure in their power, or perhaps it was just an added bonus they didn’t really plan for. The changing social class structure was something that bothered me and that is one reason I think we need a new ideology to correspond to this new situation rather than the old concepts. But it would require a genius of the type that comes once in a generation to think one up.

    The basic income has also been proposed in various European countries, but in a way people being on welfare because of unempolyment and underemployment amounts to pretty much the same thing. I find it problematic that a huge section of the population will be completely cut off from the production process and with no societal worth or value. This will have some major psychological effects on people. I suppose it kind of sounds ideal that people will receive an income without working and be able to devote themselves to arts, crafts, sports, recreation, religion and spirituality, or doing just nothing except playing video games or staring at their mobile phone screens posting and watching selfies. But I find such an existence somewhat lacking in meaning and pointless, but I may be wrong – it may in fact be the opposite as why bother slaving away for a living when you could do something you prefer and more useful and meaningful to yourself personally? At the same time they’ll be watched over and controlled in an increasingly all-encompassing police state that will seek to control every, even the minutest aspect, of life, people’s opinions and thoughts. So something like a communist utopia (or dystopia rather) without much freedom, or a Brave New World combined with 1984.

    Definitely the post-industrial automated society will require less workers and hence a lower population, and although cutting down the population to an extent could be desirable, it is also quite scary if those in power desire to push it to the extreme. At present it is only the white race that is in demographic decline, all the others are growing in numbers. Some claim that this is the plan because other races will be easier to control but I am not sure about that. Experience shows that other races are far more volatile and aggressive, and more difficult to control, but they lack organisational ability, and their any rebellions tend to be spontaneous, disorganised, aimless and without clear purpose – sort of just the venting off of steam and pent up anger and frustration.

    Maybe coming generations just won’t really care that they don’t have any control over society or their own lives. Perhaps there will be a major drop in the level of consciousness and awareness as people’s concentration and attention spans decrease and they’re turned into zombies and mental robots. On the other hand, as industry automates and people have a lot more free time on their hands, many may choose to join the struggle and protest. I really can’t say.

    I seem to have more questions than answers really.

    For now the yellow vest movement in France seems promising and we’ve certainly read about it on this site. From most of the images we see it does seem to have a rather large number of older boomer generation types involved, for whatever reason. Others have commented that there is an absence of young people and students but they have had their own protests simultaneously and we have seen some strong images of the police lining kids up against the wall on their knees, students attacking schools, etc. You can definitely say that there’s something in the air, and popular anti-government protests are arising everywhere across Europe stimulated by what people have seen on French streets, but whether they’ll lead to any meaningful change or be exploited by political party hacks remains to be seen.

    There’s something to be said for seeing the current struggle as one of nationalism against globalism, or better still of populism against globalism, but this does have a class component too.

    The struggle continues, as they say, but it’s changing shape and form, and it’s moving into uncharted waters, for better or for worse.

    Again I’m not saying much, as someone wrote critically of my first comment in this thread, but I can’t really do any better. There are certainly others who are far more opinionated, and probably better informed, than I am on these matters, on both the so-called left and right, and I’m taking their arguments into consideration, but I’m just not sure how correct they are.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  96. yurivku says:

    Someone like?

    Yes exactly (Такого как), but I wonder why everybody here seems to understand that?

    • Replies: @RobinG
    , @RobinG
  97. RobinG says:

    Because of Google?

    I’m no Condi Rice, but I did know before looking. (Ever heard of Pimsleur?) Amusing to see all the songs and videos. How about this one: Russian Rosie the Riveters in stilettos –
    Natali : Takovo, kak Putin / Натали : Такого, как Путин

    • Replies: @yurivku
  98. RobinG says:
    @Commentator Mike

    So where are you, if not USA? This site is certainly loaded with people who think they have all the answers, lol. Genuine questions are refreshing.

    The Gilets Jaunes are barely covered here. Have you seen Vanessa Beeley’s writing? She actually lives in France. On her return from Syria she was shocked to learn that peaceful French protesters had lost eyes and had hands blown off by police grenades and rubber bullets.

    • Replies: @Mike P
    , @Commentator Mike
  99. Mike P says:

    On her return from Syria she was shocked to learn that peaceful French protesters had lost eyes and had hands blown off by police grenades and rubber bullets.

    Some of these incidents look staged.

    Take that young man who is said to have lost his hand. How? A single bullet from a hand gun won’t rip it right off. An exploding grenade would have done more damage to him and other bystanders. And even assuming it did come right off through some unlikely mechanism: how would some first-responders proceed? Would they try to staunch the loss of blood, collect him and his hand, and send both to the hospital ASAP, or would they just toss the hand, wrap the stump in half a mile of bandage, and turn him loose on the street to show off for the cameras? All that was missing from this act was Tommy Robinson.

    And some of the other injuries that are said to have cost eyes also looked a bit too much like ketchup.

  100. RobinG says:


    Такого как Путин

  101. @RobinG

    These days I spend most time in Europe but I haven’t been to France for ages. I have actually stopped following the media except for a few websites. I tend to stay away from where the action is as I tend to avoid cities and large urban conurbations. I’m just reduced to commenting and let others deal with the trouble out there. I’ve done more than my share when I was younger but it doesn’t seem to have done much good. Things change, but stay the same, or “same same but different” as the Thais put it.

    I’m not familiar with Vanessa Beeley but I have read some writings by a very interesting French author living in Damascus, Syria – Thierry Meyssan. He definitely goes where the action is, and he was an eyewitness to NATO’s war in Libya and to the events in Syria. He’s one of the earliest members of the 911 Truth Movement having published “The Big Lie” in 2002. He is a freedom of speech activist, supported Libya’s Gaddafi and now Syria’s Assad in their war against the globalists, supported Trump’s original platform, and is pro- Putin. He’s apparently left-wing and has been involved in anti- NF militia and anti – extreme right wing activities, even participating in surveillance activities aimed at French right wing groups, something that I wouldn’t have been aware of just from reading his writings and interviews. I guess it takes all sorts, and Tommy Robinson in the UK, another free speech activist, is a Zionist, and opposed only to Muslim immigration but not immigration in general.

    Guillaume Durocher did report a couple of times recently on the Yellow Vests here at UR. I found it quite interesting when that Alain Finkielkraut tried to join the protests and was driven away by anti-Zionists.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  102. FB says: • Website

    Whoa Nellie…

    Bravo Mr. Hopkins…man I love this guy…absolutely pathetic to see the Bernie morons giving this fake-ass party apparatchik a free pass on everything, from Syria to Venezuela, to the Ultimate Betrayal of the people in 2016, when he decided to kiss the ring of Lucifer Killary…

    The United Snakes is truly the country of morons…fat, stupid morons…

  103. RobinG says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Yes, Thierry Meyssan has been right there in Damascus the whole time. Back in 2011, I read him some. Don’t remember why I stopped, but iirc he weaves between reporting and opinion w/o clear distinction. My sources now are pretty eclectic. Vanessa is best known for the first and most detailed work exposing the White Helmets.

    I’m not really following the Yellow Vests, or Tommy Robinson, but he seems to just hate foreigners, especially Muslims, and use free speech as a cover. Why does he want to be a Zionist? IMO there’s no middle ground or “balanced” position: Zionism is [was always] a travesty and Israel is sickly evil.

  104. OK, this interview is a bit dated and not the best of quality but Tommy explains why he is a Zionist:

    • Replies: @RobinG
  105. RobinG says:
    @Commentator Mike

    So far, I’ve avoided this rabbit hole, and I don’t intend to get sucked in now. That was 2012, so one could ask if his view is the same today. While watching, I thought he was unwoke. Whether that’s stupidity or just ignorance, who knows. Then, google suggested watching Nick Griffin, from same vintage. Another person I don’t intend to follow, but he certainly gave Tommy the straight dope on Zionism.

    Nick Griffin on EDL: Part 2 – Tommy´s debate challenge

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  106. @RobinG

    Yes I prefer how Nick Griffin’s views have evolved. I think Tommy thinks much the same as he did then. Two years ago he went to Israel and rode atop an IDF tank in the Golan Heights.

    I don’t know if you’re interested in this issue of returning Jihadis that is quite topical at the moment, but Thierry Meyssan has an interesting take on it:

    Interesting comparison between Tommy and Thierry is that they are both free speech activists, anti-fascists and anti-racists, yet Tommy is a pro-Zionist anti-Islamist while Thierry is a pro-Palestinian anti-Zionist. I guess it becomes difficult to share a platform in a common struggle even when people agree on many themes.

  107. yurivku says:

    Oh I see. Not familiar with such a music. Thanx

  108. @Stick

    Sanders wouldn’t know what National Socialism (or socialism for that matter) was if it bit his arse. Sanders is a fraud. He “fixed” Ron Paul’s bill to audit the VampiresquidFed so that it was meaningless. Some socialist.

  109. I would vote for Bernie as a D or an I! (Preferably I)

    Fascism infects Socialism, Capitalism and Communism equally.

    ☮ on 🌎

  110. @Sollipsist

    Aren’t possibilities probabilities? Care to elaborate a bit on your thought?

    • Replies: @Sollipsist
  111. @atlantis_dweller

    Once you recognize that there’s an unreliable narrator involved, Mulholland Drive becomes an understandable narrative with relatively few leaps of interpretation. Plus a handful of classic Lynch scenes and devices that ride the line between mood/style/atmosphere and playful red herrings.

    Inland Empire presents a few understandable narratives within a framework of opaque hints and symbols. Everything – realistic or surreal – seems inherently meaningful but when put together resists any kind of concrete interpretation, like an elaborate puzzle that you can finish without knowing the solution. I wish he’d kept Rabbits separate – and maybe a dozen fewer open-mouthed Laura Dern reaction shots – but it all works.

    • Agree: atlantis_dweller
  112. tyrone says:

    “Obama resurrecting hope and eradicating racism” … that’s funny stuff…’re kill’n up there!

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