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The de-Putin-Nazification of America
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Sometime circa late July, as the hundreds of thousands of de facto vassals that cater to the needs of New York City’s simulated aristocracy were navigating the sweltering hell that subway system has recently become, approximately one hundred miles to the east, deep in the heart of Resistance territory, where villas rent for up to a million a month, members of the notorious Bridgehampton Cell of the Neoliberal Liberation Army were gathered in one of their luxury safehouses, vetting the latest leading candidate for the coveted position of “resistance leader.”

California Senator Kamala Harris, multimillionaire woman of the people, and friend of rapacious banks like OneWest, must have impressed the Bridgehampton Cell, because their comrades in corporate-owned media immediately launched a propaganda campaign to get the word out to the American people (who’ve been suffering under occupation for going on the last seven months) that the Senator and her affluent backers represent their last best hope of overthrowing the Trumpian Reich and saving the world from the Putin-Nazis.

For those unfamiliar with the Putin-Nazis, it’s an official term I recently made up to describe, not just the Russian Federation, and Vladimir Putin and his inner circle, but also the maleficent global alliance of Russian hackers, Russian propagandists, Russian diplomats, Russian businesspersons, persons married to Russian persons, persons with Russian-sounding names, neo-Nazis, alt-right geeks, Goldman Sachs guys, Sandernistas, Corbynistas, former coal miners, hillbilly oxycodone addicts, socialists, anarchists, Black Lives Matterists, the ghost of George Carlin, the ACLU, and anyone who has ever retweeted Wikileaks or didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton.

As I’m sure you’ll recall, the Putin-Nazis originally materialized out of thin air around the time that Clinton was managing to lose the US presidential election to a repulsive, jabbering, narcissistic clown with absolutely no political experience, who the mainstream media had been assuring the world for months was the Second Coming of Hitler. Given that it was virtually impossible for Clinton to lose to such a noxious buffoon, the only rational explanation was that the Russians had somehow “hacked” the election, or “interfered with,” or “influenced” the election. They had done this by getting their hands on a batch of internal Democratic Party emails, passing them on to Putin-Nazi Propaganda Minister Julian Assange, who published them on the Internet, where they were read by former Obama-voters, who were so completely shocked by their contents that they decided not to vote for Clinton, as they had obviously been intending to do, until their minds got “interfered with.”

The rest, as they say, is history. On January 20, despite the fact that everyone knew that the entire Trump family were Putin-Nazi “sleeper” agents, and that the man himself was the Glorious Leader of an underground army of neo-Nazis numbering in the tens of hundreds that was threatening the very fabric of democracy by circulating cartoon frogs on the Internet, Donald J. Trump was sworn in as President, and the Trumpian Reich officially began.

Fortunately, Americans are not a bunch of Camembert-slurping surrender monkeys. Although the ruling establishment was bound by law to allow a neo-fascist dictator who was clearly working for a hostile foreign power to move his circus into the White House, they were hardly going to sit idly by and watch as he transformed America into some sort of neo-nationalist dystopia where grade-school children would be forced to learn Russian, Hitler-salute the confederate flag, and whatever other Russo-Nazi horrors he and Bannon had in mind. Before Trump could even order the removal of every likeness of Martin Luther King from the D.C. metropolitan area, the Democratic Party, patriotic Republicans, the Intelligence Community, the corporate-owned media, and, of course, just millions of Good Americans launched a grassroots resistance movement to remove him from office by any means necessary.

Seven months later, here we are, with a Special Counsel and a D.C. grand jury, who will certainly be able to find something on Trump, or at least ensure that he spends the rest of his term denying the stream of allegations, rumors, and leaks that will flow therefrom. Which means it’s time to start getting ready for the day when our national nightmare is over, and Kamala Harris (or whichever loyal figurehead the ruling classes ultimately choose) marches through Washington like Charles de Gaulle, presumably with the Obamas and Clintons in tow, after which the USA can continue to bomb, occupy, sanction, and otherwise destabilize various other countries, allow its banks to debt-enslave its citizens, maintain a brutal, militarized police force, and everything else it’s doing at the moment, but in a normal, liberal, non-fascist manner, and Stephen Colbert can get back to comedy.

Now, to pull this off, the Resistance is going to need to deal with these Putin-Nazis, specifically the Putin-Nazis on the Left, who are already tweeting “fake news” tweets impugning the character of Senator Harris (who happens to be black, and a woman, by the way … not that that has anything to do with anything, of course), and reminding Americans how they got bamboozled by Obama’s Hope-and-Change routine. These people need to be de-Putin-Nazified, and they need to be de-Putin-Nazified immediately. The last thing the Resistance needs at this point is to go through all the trouble of regime-changing Trump, only to have Americans elect some other non-vetted, narcissistic billionaire who thinks it might be fun to run for president.

This de-Putin-Nazification Program is going to involve a concerted effort on the part of the entire neoliberal establishment to stigmatize anyone who voted for Trump, or who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton, or who questions the integrity of Kamala Harris (who, as I may have already mentioned, is black), as a bug-eyed, Sieg-heiling Putin-Nazi. These people are going to need to be shamed, guilt-tripped, and otherwise emotionally manipulated into keeping their Putin-Nazi mouths shut. This isn’t going to work on your actual fascists, but it will work on nearly everyone else, or at least on those Obama voters who didn’t turn out for Hillary Clinton, and those bitter white Bernie Bros who voted for Trump as personal “fuck you” to the Democratic Party.

See, odd as this is going to sound, the majority of your Putin-Nazis don’t see themselves as Putin-Nazis. They see themselves, well, as just regular Americans who have lost all faith in the electoral system, and who believe they are living in a sham republic controlled by global corporations and obscenely wealthy individuals who couldn’t care less about them and their families, and whose only allegiance is to a transnational class of corporatist leeches like themselves. Still, despite their cynical beliefs, most of these folks are not particularly fond of being likened to Nazis, or racists, or xenophobes, or useful idiots. So this is exactly what the Resistance is doing, and intends to keep doing for the next few years (i.e., calling their detractors bad names, basically), so that any anti-corporatist dissent that they can’t get Google to make disappear with an “anti-fake news algorithm” can be stigmatized as racist, misogynist, or some other variation of “deplorable.”

Now, they need our help to make this work (yes, even CounterPunch readers can contribute to this vital effort). Don’t worry about the Russia hysteria. The corporate-owned media will take care of that. You want to focus on the fascism aspect, and the racism, misogyny, and xenophobia stuff, which is always the best way to silence other leftists. Here are a few simple things you can do.

(1) Exaggerate the neo-fascist threat! You can do this on Twitter and Facebook endlessly. Forget about the fact that the number of actual fascists in America is ridiculously small, and that odds of some sort of fascist takeover of the US government are infinitesimal. Convince your friends and Twitter followers that the fascists are on the verge of launching a national fascist revolution. Tweet about their “leaders” as if they were actual players on the national political stage, and not just a handful of pathetic creeps parading around in their Hitler hairdos for two or three hundred other such creeps. The point here is to help the Resistance keep folks’ attention focused on “the fascists,” and the racists, misogynists, xenophobes, et al., and not on the global capitalist elites and the vast transnational corporations that currently control most Western governments.

(2) Hammer the identity politics! Do not miss an opportunity to call out anyone who accidentally writes, speaks, or otherwise disseminates a word or phrase that oppresses anyone, or that displays any type of unacknowledged privilege. Not only will this help the Resistance keep folks divided into an ever-increasing number of powerless little sub-groups that pose no threat to the corporatist ruling classes, it will feel really good to self-righteously hector anyone whose values are different from yours, especially members of the working classes who couldn’t afford to go to university and learn about intersectionality, and so on. These folks are virtually fascists anyway. What difference does it make if you alienate them?

(3) Now, this one is absolutely crucial. Keep comparing Trump to Hitler! If you don’t have time for the other two, at least you can help the Resistance with this one. See, it’s really important that folks believe that Trump is not just a random bozo who rode a wave of populist anger and distrust of the Democrats into the White House, and who is now in the process of being neutralized by the people who actually run the country. He needs to be seen as a powerful dictator, who at any moment is liable to start … well, you know, killing the Jews, or something. Plus, this dovetails with the other two points. Exaggerating the fascist threat works much better when you have a powerful Hitler figure you can wag your finger at. And, given that Trump is actually a bigot, and a misogynist pig, and a xenophobe (or at least he plays one on TV), you can have a field day with the identity politics. So go hard on the Hitler stuff, and any kind of German references you can think of. Spell his name “Drumpf,” or call him “Herr Trump,” or put a little Hitler-mustache on him. Don’t worry about getting chastised by any intersectionalist purity freaks. These kinds of slurs are perfectly acceptable, because, as every Good American knows, the Germans are, and will always be, Nazis.

These are just a few ideas to get started with. I’m sure you can think up some more on your own. The main thing is to steer well clear of any kind of political analysis that reminds folks about that corporatocracy, or how much it costs to get elected to office, and where the majority of that money comes from, and thus how irrelevant electoral politics is.

Oh, and keep an eye out for those Putin-Nazis! You never know where they’re going to turn up, and I’d hate to see your mind get “interfered with.”

C. J. Hopkins is an award-winning American playwright, novelist and satirist based in Berlin. His plays are published by Bloomsbury Publishing (UK) and Broadway Play Publishing (USA). His debut novel, ZONE 23, is published by Snoggsworthy, Swaine & Cormorant. He can reached at or

(Republished from Counterpunch by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: American Media, Donald Trump, Neoliberalism, Russia 
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  1. Renoman says:

    Good article, well done!

  2. Splendid! We need more howling abysses of dialectical casuistry.

  3. utu says:

    Excellent! Thanks, Mr. Hopkins.

    I liked the paragraph on the identity politics. Just few minutes before I read your article I posted this at other thread at

    Alt-right will not care. They rather keep dancing with SJW’s wrestling about identity politics. They just like their dance partners SJWs are so distracted with the identity politics that it never occur to them that identity politics was invented for the sole purpose of keeping them distracted. Divide et impire seems always to work. Just new lines of divisions must be created.

  4. Anyone interested in what propaganda can accomplish should read the book published in 1920 in GB
    Secrets of Crewe House; the story of a famous campaign (1920)
    Stuart, Campbell, Sir, b. 1885.
    Crewe House was the mansion from which Northcliffe succeeded in describing Germans as ruthless militarists, during and after WWI.
    British militarism was conveniently forgotten, of course ‘Brittannia rules the waves’ was not militarism.
    Ian Hernon, ‘Britain’s Forgotten Wars, Colonial Campaigns of the 19th Century’, 2003, 2007, Chalford – Stroud.
    We now see the same, the USA has over 800 military bases around the world, but Russia is aggressive.
    Some Britons who during WWI worked for Crewe House had the decency to describe their wartime activities as ‘repulsive’ when the war was over.
    In our times I just can think of Scott Ritter for similar statements.

  5. Wally says: • Website

    Indeed, believe in what you are required to believe in …. or else.

    Now you are seeing why The Big Lie was created in the first place.


    There were the ‘Nazis’ with the impossible ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ and there were the ‘Nazis’ without the impossible ’6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’.

    The ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ are scientifically impossible frauds.
    see the ‘holocaust’ scam debunked here:
    No name calling, level playing field debate here:

    a must read:

    “The historical mission of our world revolution is to rearrange a new culture of humanity to replace the previous social system. This conversion and re-organization of global society requires two essential steps: firstly, the destruction of the old established order, secondly, design and imposition of the new order. The first stage requires elimination of all frontier borders, nationhood and culture, public policy ethical barriers and social definitions, only then can the destroyed old system elements be replaced by the imposed system elements of our new order.

    The first task of our world revolution is Destruction. All social strata and social formations created by traditional society must be annihilated, individual men and women must be uprooted from their ancestral environment, torn out of their native milieus, no tradition of any type shall be permitted to remain as sacrosanct, traditional social norms must only be viewed as a disease to be eradicated, the ruling dictum of the new order is; nothing is good so everything must be criticized and abolished, everything that was, must be gone.”

    from: ‘The Spirit Of Militarism’, by Nahum Goldmann
    Goldmann was the founder & president of the World Jewish Congress

  6. JackOH says:

    President-elect Kamala Harris, her bare ass astride a white charger, wearing naught but waist-length dreads, riding with great dignity and a smirk plastered on her mug to the platform for the oath of office on election day 2020. What is it about the Zeitgeist that says this is not a totally ridiculous, totally improbable image. Dang. Maybe I ought to change my morning coffee.

    Thanks, C. J.

  7. @Renoman

    Lets face it, Hitler was right.

  8. El Dato says:
    @jilles dykstra

    I hope Neill Blomkamp does a straight-faced movie in the de-Putin-Nazification of [unnamed country], with the revelation that’s it’s just an Inner Party bowel movement evident to pre-triggered movie watchers.

  9. The main thing is to steer well clear of any kind of political analysis that reminds folks about that corporatocracy, or how much it costs to get elected to office, and where the majority of that money comes from, and thus how irrelevant electoral politics is.

    In other words steer clear of anything meaningful, as usual.

    Excellent article!

  10. @jilles dykstra

    My winter reading list keeps expanding…

    Thank you!

    British militarism was conveniently forgotten, of course ‘Brittannia rules the waves’ was not militarism.

    Nah, it was militant and militarist corporatism and banksterism. 😉 😉

  11. @jilles dykstra

    “Much that was interesting, and even dramatic, can never be divulged.”

    -SIR CAMPBELL STUART, K.B.E., SECRETS OF CREWE HOUSE quote is from the author’s forward.

  12. Z-man says:

    Neo liberal-Neocon…same shit to me!
    Good article.

  13. @jilles dykstra

    Do you not sea differences between maritme powers, especially if substantially democratic, with ships and sailors at sea mostly far from home, and continental powers, especially largely autocratic monarchies, with lengthy terms of conscription and huge standing armies mostly on home territory? It would be odd would it not if there were not predictable differences for alert people to observe? And sea power doesn’t conduct Russian campaigns in which millions òf connon soldiers and civilians die.

  14. I am sorry to say that I voted for Trump only to find that the only difference between Trump and Hillary is their plumbing, both are under Zionist control as is Congress aka the lower house of the Knesset and war is in their DNA.

    Orwells 1984 lays out the Zionist agenda ie perpetual war for control of the proles and perpetual profits for the bankers and the MIC all courtesy of the American people. Israel is the tape worm in the body of America and will in the end destroy us.

    • Replies: @Z-man
    , @Wally
  15. While still trying to work out whether this was just a work of satire without serious persuasive intent I decided to check on the reference to Kamala Harris – apparently snidely critical – as a “mutimillionaire”. Unfortunately I could find only evidence of her and husband being fringe upper middle class, not even; at least in her case, “high net worth individhals”. Unfortunately I say because it means that she, like most American politicians, has to go begging for money to meet election costs from unsavory types who will expect something in return for their money which will reward them at the expense of other Americans. I note that Wikipedia already records that she voted against the confirmation of Stephen Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary. Eventually such news will get to Berlin as will Wikipedia’s recording of a $4000 donation ny Mnuchin to her campaign.

  16. Joe Hide says:

    Excellent use of satirical humor. Keep up your writing. Keep contributing. Not everyone will get it, only enough!

  17. Che Guava says:

    That is very good article.

    I am thinking ‘Galveston’ Glen Campbell’s switch fron the original Reed lyric ‘I put down my gun’ to ‘I clean my gun’, which always makes me to associatie with the war of Northern supremacy between the USA and CSA. Must to credit Mark Steyne for the info on different lyricrs.

    He was twenty-one, and dreeamnd of Galveston<

    I clean my gun,and dream of Galveston

    To me, Campbell's take is always
    only a celebration of the brave resistance.
    Glen Campbelt, rest in peace.

  18. Mulegino1 says:

    Year after year, it becomes increasingly clearer and clearer that Europe (and what is the US, other than the western incarnation of Europa?) lost the war in 1945. We, the people (s), lost. As absurd as it may sound, Divine Providence intervened and Joe Stalin insisted on the veto power in the UNSC, essentially saving the world from the absolute hegemony of the Atlanticist-Zionist- Trotskyist hydra.

    History has been turned upside down. Thirty years ago who would have thought of Russia as the last bastion of humanity and true freedom and the permanent government (a.k.a. “the deep state”) of the US as the vanguard of the Antichrist? Yet that would now appear to be the case.

  19. @utu

    utu=Libertarian girly boy cuck who reduces America to a free market economic proposition at a time when NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MALES are openly being targeted for elimination by the Democratic Party and Mega-CEOs

    All normal human beings have a racial identity…and it’s the reason why there are borders between Nations that are enforced with force and violence…..

    • Replies: @utu
  20. Z-man says:
    @Desert Fox

    Have faith Desert Fox, Trump is still much better than SHillary. He is not completely owned by the Zionist Cabal as his administration (Tillerson) has toned down the anti Iranian outbursts. The Korea thing is not intervention it’s just smacking down a gnat, a fat gnat. Give him a chance, he’s only been in there 200 days!

  21. Re my comment on the articles by Messrs Damon and North. A perfect example of the kind of silly article which turns people away from sites like Counterpunch! I’d really love to know, though, how the author “slurps” a Camembert.

    • Replies: @willow
  22. @Mulegino1

    We, the people (s), lost.

    At least we’re consistent. 🙁

    Probably every revolution gets co-opted sooner rather than later and by the usual money bag suspects. Our own bit the dust with the ratification of the US constitution.

    The Constitution looked fairly good on paper, but it was not a popular document; people were suspicious of it, and suspicious of the enabling legislation that was being erected upon it. There was some ground for this. The Constitution had been laid down under unacceptable auspices; its history had been that of a coup d’état.

    It had been drafted, in the first place, by men representing special economic interests. Four-fifths of them were public creditors, one-third were land speculators, and one-fifth represented interests in shipping, manufacturing, and merchandising. Most of them were lawyers. Not one of them represented the interest of production — Vilescit origine tali.

    – Albert Jay Nock [Excerpted from chapter 5 of Albert Jay Nock’s Jefferson, published in 1926]

    • Replies: @Mulegino1
  23. geokat62 says:

    Excellent article. Just one slight criticism regarding the groups that comprise the Putin-Nazis:

    For those unfamiliar with the Putin-Nazis, it’s an official term I recently made up to describe, not just the Russian Federation, and Vladimir Putin and his inner circle, but also the maleficent global alliance of Russian hackers, Russian propagandists, Russian diplomats, Russian businesspersons, persons married to Russian persons, persons with Russian-sounding names, neo-Nazis, alt-right geeks, Goldman Sachs guys, Sandernistas, Corbynistas, former coal miners, hillbilly oxycodone addicts, socialists, anarchists, Black Lives Matterists, the ghost of George Carlin, the ACLU, and anyone who has ever retweeted Wikileaks or didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton.

    I would have removed all the groups that are bolded above, as many people of these groups most certainly would have voted for HC.

    • Replies: @RobinG
    , @Seamus Padraig
  24. Mulegino1 says:
    @jacques sheete

    This was a process in motion since the late medieval period, when the focus of society began to be on the terrestrial, rather than the celestial; quantity began to eclipse quality, and democracy began its slow creep in overtaking hierarchy and monarchy. This can be glimpsed in the displacement of the Gothic with the renaissance (earth bound) architecture and art.

    Usury, finance and “manufacturing” replaced the social order and the “arts” – there was no essential distinction between the “artesan” and “the artist” in Medieval Europe. Dante put both the sodomites and the usurers in the same circle of the Inferno for a reason.

    Anyone who desires to understand the 20th Century in depth ought to read Rene Guenon’s “The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times.”

  25. @Mulegino1

    Even more seemingly absurd, but nonetheless true: the world would probably be a better place now had Stalin accepted Hitler’s entreaties to join the Axis.

    • Replies: @Seamus Padraig
  26. Mulegino1 says:

    Absolutely. Can you imagine what a barter trade bloc from “Vladivostok to Buenos Aires” with the Reich at its heart would have meant with respect to the liberation of the people from the usurious hegemony of the the Atlanticist-Zionists on Wall St. and the City of London?

    Stalin’s ambitions got in the way. He did not wise up fully until his real enemies (the ancestral enemies of the human race) were able to poison him.

    De Gaulle also wised up too late. He was lucky he did not meet the same violent end as Stalin.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  27. Z-man says:

    On a related note, the Speaker of the House Ryan’s reaction to the violence against the White Nationalists and other groups in Charlottesville is further proof of his cuckold-ness!

    • Replies: @Beefcake the Mighty
  28. El Dato says:

    > He did not wise up fully until his real enemies (the ancestral enemies of the human race) were able to poison him.

    I don’t quite see where Chtulhu comes into this tale, seeing how He was sleeping through all the noise and fury.

  29. RobinG says:

    You underestimate the antipathy of the Clintonites for the Sandernistas. That many of them voted for Clinton doesn’t assuage the bitter resentment towards all. Safely up there in Canada, you’ve probably never been face-to-face harangued by a Pussy Warrior! (And this was a case of mistaken identity, as I was never a Sanders supporter.) There is serious intimidation going on here, as in, “If you can’t categorically denounce Trump, don’t say anything at all.”

    Now, the ACLU has been defending the right of Unite-the-Right to demonstrate in C’ville today. (Are BOTH sides in that conflict pawns of a Deep State that encourages chaos, like in Ukraine?)

    Really, the “Goldman Sachs guys” are the only misfits, and I suspect C.J. just threw them in for consternation value.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  30. @Z-man

    You know the saying about people resembling their pets? Ryan looks every bit the rat that he is.

  31. Anonymous [AKA "aseret"] says:

    Thank you for this insightful piece. I laughed. I cried…

    Furthermore, I am shocked, shocked I say, that POTUS would thank Putin for dismissing our diplomats. What could this man be thinking?

    Good work. Very sharp.

  32. geokat62 says:

    Safely up there in Canada, you’ve probably never been face-to-face harangued by a Pussy Warrior!

    Believe me, things are pretty wonky up here, as well. Few, who are not onboard the “Diversity Is Our Strength” Express, can muster the courage to speak out in favour of MAGA and America First policies… and those that do, myself included, are viewed as Neanderthals.

    We are living in Orwellian times, indeed.

    • Replies: @Kiza
    , @Kiza
  33. What we need is Racial or Group Conditionalism.

    What we say about a race and how we relate to it should be conditional, dependent on its behavior, tendencies, and traits.

    So, if blacks are more muscular and more aggressive, our discussion of blacks(and crime and violence) must be based on those facts and factors. Indeed, even white Libby behavior takes this into account. Why do white Libbies avoid certain neighborhoods? Because they fear black crime. So, even as their words deny race, their deeds take it into account.

    Also, some races/groups are hostile to us at times, and we need to take that into account. So, US relations with Japan was conditional on Japan’s attitude to the US. If Japan was hostile, US too was hostile. And japan saw the US in the same way.

    The current problem is we are forced to accept Racial or Group Unconditionalism with three groups: Jews, blacks, and homos. We must unconditionally praise, bless, and cheer these groups. We must protect them even when they mean us harm. So, even as Jewish groups lead the destruction of Hungary and Poland, those nations are expected to praise Jews and support Israel.

    Unconditionalism is a form of total surrender. It means your kind is so evil or worthless that you must do exactly as ordered by another people who are right even when wrong.
    Unconditionalism is a form of worship, like in the Bible where folks must worship God no matter what He does and never blame Him and must always blame themselves.

    When applied to actual human groups, it is deadly because the Unconditional Groups can ‘never do wrong’ and get away with everything.

    Americans have conditional relationships with most groups. American attitudes about them shift along a spectrum based on what those groups mean to Americans in terms of politics, economics, attitudes, policies, etc.

    During Cold War, it was fashionable to see Japan as the good Asian nation allied with US against Russia and China. In the 80s, American attitude turned negative as Japan was seen as engaging in unfair business practices. It was conditional.. as it should be.

    But the conceits of ‘racism’, ‘antisemitism’, and ‘homophobia’ demand that our attitudes about blacks, Jews, and homos be unconditional. We must treat them like god-races and worship them in idolatrous manner. We must unconditionally surrender all skepticism, caution, doubt, suspicion, facts, data, logic, and concern for our well-being. We must believe that what is good for them is good for us even when it’s obviously not true. How many times have we heard that interests of Israel is our interests against all evidence? How many times have we heard that communities are made better with diversity-of-blacks when blacks degrade neighborhoods?

    There is Unconditional ‘Positivity’ and Unconditional Negativity.

    So, Jews promoting Jewishness is ALWAYS good whether it is ethnic, cultural, religious, political, sexual, chauvinistic, imperialist, arrogant, contemptuous, etc.

    But Pan-Europeans promoting European identity is ALWAYS bad even if it is anti-imperialist and humbly patriotic.
    After all, European patriots are not calling for wars, imperialism, supremacism, and/or colonization of other lands. All they are calling for is the right to preserve their own people and heritage in their own homelands. BUT EVEN THAT IS EEEEEEEVIL.
    Whiteness is seen as Unconditionally Negative, therefore even sane, modest, and humane call for preservation of Hungary or Poland is deemed evil.

    This is why the US shouldn’t have called for unconditional surrender for the Japanese. That degree of unconditionalism was the US playing god.
    Japanese were mostly wrong in WWII but they had legit gripes before and during the war. Also, they had legit concerns of preservation of Japanese people and culture. US said NO: Japan presumably had no such rights and must totally surrender and cede all rights of control over their destiny.
    Japanese future, survival or eradication, must be totally at the whim of Americans. Lucky for the Japanese, American policy turned out to be relatively humane in postwar era. BUT, following unconditional surrender, if US decided to colonize Japan with 50 million Russians, Chinese, and Africans, Japanese would have had to accept such fate. If the US had called for smashing all Japanese temples, it had to be done. If the US called for banning Japanese language, it too would have been done. Such is the way of unconditional power. Unconditionalism is evil. Japanese too tried to impose unconditionalism on China.

    In the west, PC(esp via Jewish Power) gained unconditional control. Once Holocaust was turned into a religion and Jews a holy people, the Europeans had to surrender unconditionally to the cult of White Guilt. And in the US, once Slavery and MLK were made into holy icons, whites had to unconditionally surrender to the Magic Negro. But there was also the power of money and muscle. In the West, money rules and those who control money can make or break anyone. So, gentiles became economic captives of Jewish financial power. And as modern entertainment worships the idols of sports and pop music, the domination of blacks in athletics and hip hop made whites surrender to blacks as the true master race. Cuckery is the ultimate in total surrender. I mean a man can’t sink any lower than enjoying his own defeat upon looking at Negroes hump one’s own wife and impregnate one’s own daughters. Black manhood nuked white manhood into oblivion. The fact that cuckery isn’t even condemned goes to show that whites have unconditionally surrendered.

    Race Unconditionalism must go.
    Sure, Jews, blacks, and homos have their legit interests, concerns, and gripes, BUT THEN so do whites, Palestinians, and all other groups. So, white attitude to other groups must always be conditional. In any negotiation, you take as well as give. If you give while the other always take, you won’t have anything left.

    When whites unconditionally supported Zionist power against Palestinians, they were unwittingly preparing for the same fate for themselves.
    When whites say Zionists are always right and Palestinians are always wrong(and must unconditionally take it up their behind), how is this logic any different than what Jewish Globalists have for Europeans and Euro-Americans?

    • Replies: @ANONymous
  34. annamaria says:

    The article is magnificent. Thank god someone wrote about the amazing transformation of Mr. Colbert from a thinking comedian into a (well-paid) defender of a “normal, liberal, non-fascist manner to continue to bomb, occupy, sanction, and otherwise destabilize various other countries, allow its banks to debt-enslave its citizens, maintain a brutal, militarized police force, and everything else it’s doing at the moment.” Well deserved.
    Here is the perspective of an alien on the US virulent brand of propaganda:
    If the US presstitute corps is free to call any non-ziocon-loyal human being a hitler, then why don’t these non-ziocon-loyal human beings reveal their views of the miserable psychopathic lot of the US propagandists? The sight of the reptilian cannibalistic eyes of Condi Rice speaks louder than any words about the current US deciders.

  35. i loved the article. in fact i’m going to end my reading program for today. go out on a high note.
    satire is a great way to get a point across. so is humor.

  36. utu says:
    @War for Blair Mountain


    Do you refer to some albino Indian tribe?

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @Wizard of Oz
  37. fnn says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Britain’s good luck to be an island!

    • Agree: Wizard of Oz
  38. annamaria says:

    meanwhile, the US taxpayers pay for the construction of the Operational Command for the Ukrainian Navy:
    Who needs all these filthy infrastructure projects to fix the US bridges and electricity grid nationwide, when there are much more lucrative contracts half a planet away.
    US taxpayers, rejoice

  39. Police or National Guard macing white patriots in Charlottesville.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  40. annamaria says:

    Mrs. Clinton aspires for pastorship:
    Mrs. Clinton belongs to the same denomination as Mr. Bush the Lesser.
    As it often happens, the ordinary Christians are in conflict with the sycophantic and sinful clerical administration: “Methodists Call for Expulsion of Bush, Cheney from Church:”
    “George W. Bush, in his role as President of the United States of America and Commander in Chief, and Dick Cheney in his role as Vice-President, led the United States into an illegal war against the sovereign nation of Iraq. … Attacking a sovereign nation except in cases of legitimate self-defense is a violation of international law…”
    When the same criteria are applied to Mrs. Clinton and Obama the Fraud (see the mass slaughter of civilians of all ages in Libya and Syria), any true Christian should demand the excommunication of these major war criminals.

    • Agree: jacques sheete
  41. ANONymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    well done Priss but this statement needs some nuance —

    And as modern entertainment worships the idols of sports and pop music, the domination of blacks in athletics and hip hop made whites surrender to blacks as the true master race. Cuckery is the ultimate in total surrender. I mean a man can’t sink any lower than enjoying his own defeat upon looking at Negroes hump one’s own wife and impregnate one’s own daughters. Black manhood nuked white manhood into oblivion. The fact that cuckery isn’t even condemned goes to show that whites have unconditionally surrendered.

    blacks have been weaponized by jews — in many ways blacks are still just as enslaved as ever, bought and sold by slave handlers who use them to sell crap music and bogus sports while the plantation owners — or middle men– collect the revenue.
    similar w/ the sexual degradation of whites, especially white males. spot on re the cucking of white males.

    you’re getting closer to reality re the holocaust thing — couple more steps until you realize that the destruction of German manhood, the rape of German women, the destruction of German history-culture-demographic future was the beta of jews-as-destroyers.

  42. “bitter white Bernie Bros who voted for Trump as personal “fuck you” to the Democratic Party.”

    Yep, that’s me.

    The wife still thinks I voted Jill Stein.

    If she found out the truth, I’d never experience the physical act of love again. It’s brutal out there for a bitter bernie bro.

  43. anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    Richard Spencer makes me tired.

    f&#k off

    antifa is hateful and antitrumpism is rotten, but Spencer is a woefully ineffective spokesman. He does NOTHING for US nationalism and respect for US European roots.

    Leave Charlottesville alone.


    One dead and 19 injured as car strikes crowds along route of white nationalist rally in Charlottesville

    . . .The car is registered to 20-year-old James Alex Fields of Ohio, according to vehicle registration records reviewed by The Washington Post. . . .

    the Challenger . . . registered to James, although it is unconfirmed that he is the driver. [10]​ [29]​

    James Alex Fields Jr. in the vehicle
    Taylor Lorenz​, Tech reporter for The Hill​, tweeted that police officers think that the person that ran people down was not malicious in intent and that the driver was scared. His car was being swarmed and some of th


    Hours later, two state police officers died when their helicopter crashed at the outskirts of town.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  44. Wally says:
    @Desert Fox

    It’s not as bad as you have been told by the lying Jews First MSM.
    And remember, Trump has been in less than 7 months.

    President Trump Eliminates 860 Obama-Era Federal Regulations

    President Trump Has Now Signed 40 Pieces Of Legislation As He Moves To Enact His Agenda

    Perverted ‘trans’ banned from military.

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  45. Hibernian says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    “…especially if substantially democratic…”

    As democratic as Downton Abbey.

    Also, there were atrocities committed on the land, in Ireland, India, etc.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  46. Oliver Stone on Russia sanctions and European reaction.

  47. Kiza says:

    Full on my friends. Things are as wonky in Australia too. To give you a hint, we have a group of politicians seriously pushing a proposal to make the study of Aboriginal language (which one, there are at least 300) compulsory in the secondary schools.

    But please do not judge Australia by this Anglo-Zionist wizard-pest. He simply believes that he belongs to the master-class.

    Finally, it is sad that US is being Ukrainized by Soros & Co, but these are actually quite old anti-societal techniques employed in recent history most prominently in 1917. As I have been saying always – it is a race between the US societal implosion through “revolutionary chaos” and global nuclear war. Sorry RobinG, but the more US Deep State is kept busy internally, the less chance it will start a global nuclear war. Naturally, global peace would be the best but is a complete impossibility under the current state of affairs, we have to chose the lesser war if possible.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @annamaria
  48. Sure but the key word was militarism. Napoleon knew Britain wasn’t militarist when he called England “a nation of shopkeepers”. You get a better sense of what Britain was about for 250 years approx from Dr Johnson’s aphorism (per Boswell) “There are few wsys in which a man can be more innocently employed than getting money”. Even Imperialism was effectually just what happened in the second half of the 19th century and got quite a few people excited, but mostly or at least often in a quite highminded way, by people who were brought up, if in the large and expanding middle class, especially upper snd landed, to have a strong sense of Christian duty.

    To add a bit of historical deoth, despite the fact that I have emphssised quite rapid changes from century to cenrury and even faster, i invite you to look at English consciousness in Shakespeare’s day just after the English Channel had helped mightily in savinng tiny England from the might of Catholic Hapsburg Spain. Consider John of Gaunt’s dying speech in Richard ĺl

    Read it all and you will find, from those war torn times, a tiny quote to suit your debating purposes but I emphssise

    “this precious stone, set in the silver sea,
    which serves it in the office of a wall,
    or as a moat defensive to a house,
    against the envy of less happier lands”

    I daresay some ancient memory of the Normans’ barbarous cousins the Vikings who ravaged 9th and 10th century British shores reminded even pre Elizabethan England to build a navy….

  49. @Hibernian

    #47 (as at present numbered) is my reply to you.
    I write as the descendant of an Irish Catholic who, like many, did pretty well out of British rule even if his upward path started from transportation to Sydney in the 1790s as a convict. I guess his self-boasted rebellion just consisted of burning a Protestant landlord’s haystack because he was already a British soldier in the colony when my many greats grandmother turned up as a convict two years later.

  50. @Kiza

    I hadn’t heard of Kiza’s example of Australian wonkiness [what a difference “sh” could make] and thought it surprising that he should think it necessaty to make one up. But, nope, I can’t find a hint of anything so flagrantly foolish amongst politicians past, present, well known or totally obscure. I’ve searched for “teaching aboriginal languages”, “should aboriginal languages be taught” and the nearest I’ve got is a 2011 report of a NT Professor, a New Zealander who had learned some Aboriginal languages, making some self-serving suggestions.

    In the course of my searches I came across some Unzian common sense having been adopted in the NT a few years ago when English only was mandated for the first four hours of each school day. (Getting the out station kids to school at all remains a problem). I also found stats showing that 6000+ kids were learning Aboriginal languages in Western Australia compared with 4000+ Mandarin Chinese! Madness even if the 6000+ are all Aboriginal. (Given the inevitably small vocabularies they would learn in an Aboriginal language they should be learning Chinese as well).

    I await Kiza’s nomination of politicians, with quotes and email addresses, so I can abuse them directly.

  51. @Beefcake the Mighty

    I don’t think “rationalisation” is correctly used (ss of one’s decision or deliberate action that needs justifying) so I shall content myself with thsnking you for the “nice”.

    • Replies: @Beefcake the Mighty
  52. @anonymous

    Richard Spencer makes me tired.
    antifa is hateful and antitrumpism is rotten, but Spencer is a woefully ineffective spokesman. He does NOTHING for US nationalism and respect for US European roots. Leave Charlottesville alone.

    He did a great thing. It was a great idea to unify the Right. Also, Charlottesville is where they are attacking Southern Heritage. Spencer took a stand. He’s done lots for Pan-Europeans. He has courage to enter the dragon’s lair. He’s a fighter. He has awakened many people with real issues of power.
    General Lee was once an American Hero, admired by the North as well. But globalists waged war on southern heritage, and GOP and Trump were totally silent. Only Alt Right took a stand.

    One dead and 19 injured as car strikes crowds along route of white nationalist rally in Charlottesville
    . . .The car is registered to 20-year-old James Alex Fields of Ohio, according to vehicle registration records reviewed by The Washington Post. . . .

    Why should we care? Antifa scum and black thugs have been attacking and even killing whites and Trump supporters in riots, protests, and melee of all kind. And Alt Right came for a peaceful demonstration, but antifa hurled rocks at them and attacked. Police, under orders from the power, colluded with antifa thugs.

    So, one guy had enough and took out his rage against antifa scum. So what?
    The fact is there is utter silence or even support by Progs and elites when there is violence against white patriots. They don’t care one bit. Globs were laughing when Spencer got punched. Media ignored all the anti-Trump violence.

    But we are supposed to care sooooo much about some antifa scum who got their just desserts?

    Hours later, two state police officers died when their helicopter crashed at the outskirts of town.

    Meaning what? You gonna pin that on Alt Right too? No, the cops and government were disgraceful. Alt Right got permit for a peaceful rally at Lee park. They were attacked by antifa and abused by cops.

    But YOU side with the enemy.
    No, Spencer and crew really stuck their necks out for whites, southern heritage, and for truth.
    They proved their mettle. You can be a handwringing worrywort.

    At this point, I don’t care what the other side thinks. It is time to be REAL.

  53. @Wally

    Trump had been allowed to throw us a bone or two by his Zionist controllers but the main control devices are still being implemented ie that being WAR against countries that we have no legitimate reason to invade and bomb and the Zionist control of our money ie the FED and who ever controls our money controls everything.

    I am an independent and feel the Demonrats and the Republicons are different sides of the same counterfeit coin. Trump is a Trojan Horse for the Zionist NWO. Read the PROTOCOLS OF ZION to see what is in store for us.

  54. @Wizard of Oz

    So you’ve added internet grammar police to your list of skills, I see.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  55. Kiza says:

    Here is an interesting article which claims that Australia is even further ahead then US and Canada in totalitarianism:

    The article is a bit over the top but its base claims are true.

    We should all ignore the wizard-of-pests and his “challenges”.

    • Agree: Beefcake the Mighty
  56. @Beefcake the Mighty

    He did. You’ve heard of the Molotov/Ribbentrop Pact, haven’t you? Unfortunately for all of us, Hitler changed his mind.

    • Replies: @Avery
    , @Wizard of Oz
  57. geokat62 says:
    @Seamus Padraig

    I doubt Carlin would have voted at all

    Truth be told, I had my doubts about including GC. But I was a little reluctant to exclude him b/c it took too much effort to get the formatting right.

    P.S. I enjoyed viewing his “why I don’t vote” spiel. I, too, 3 or 4 years ago, stopped taking part in the Kabuki, for much the same reasons. But I still show up at the booth to cast a spoiled ballot, just to demonstrate that it isn’t out of laziness that I don’t vote, but out of principle.

  58. Avery says:
    @Seamus Padraig

    {Unfortunately for all of us, Hitler changed his mind.}

    Hitler didn’t change his mind.

    Molotov/Ribbentrop Pact and invasion of Poland was a temporary expedient for both Hitler and Stalin.
    Stalin knew Hitler would eventually invade, but thought he could buy time to prepare for the coming invasion.

    Hitler’s #1 goal since Day1 was Lebensraum.
    In the East.
    The rich, vast, open spaces inconveniently populated by Slavic Untermenschen.

  59. annamaria says:

    This is not just the US. Here is a state of Israel arming and supporting any terrorist organization that fights against sovereign Syria. “The Kurdish Connection: Israel, ISIS And U.S. Efforts To Destabilize Iran”
    The Jewish upstart wants to destroy the ancient civilization by any means and for a price of killing the millions of human beings. The ziocons’ achievements (mass slaughters) in Iraq, Syria, and Libya are not enough for the “most moral victim.” The “victim” (and the “victim’s” oily/MIC friends) are working towards more blood and more mounds of flesh in the Middle East. At some time in the future, Holocaust museums should be reformed into the Ziocon Wars and Crimes against Humanity museums.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  60. @Beefcake the Mighty

    Not grammar, though for a very modest fee, i will help you avoid sin in that domain, but more like Meaning Monitor, Nuance Nazi, Vocab Vigilante and Curator of Connotations. Actually I hold all those offices, like a pluralist in the Church of England, as the total stipend is insufficient for maintaining the proper style of even a bachelor gentleman despite the great popularity of my services and the frequency with which they are needed.

    • Replies: @Beefcake the Mighty
  61. @annamaria

    There are enough follies and misdeeds afflicting the ME without adding overblown rhetoric. What of (Persia’s real) “ancient civilisation [s]” do you find cherished in the loving care of the Ayatollahs’ Muslim theocratic régime?

  62. @Seamus Padraig

    Would you care to spell out the scenario (s) you hsve in mind that would have been the fortunate one(s) for all of us? I don’t mean the one where Dev steps in as the great peacemaker and awards Great Britain to the Nazis.

  63. @Wizard of Oz

    In truth, your real skill is mind-numbing wind-baggery, in the attempt to bore people to death. No doubt, you are quite good at it.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  64. This is a clear-headed exposition of what has been happening for much of my life. There is a certain irony in the endless resurrection of the events of 70-odd years ago in Europe, yet when one protests the slow motion holocaust being perpetrated against thr Palestinians, in clear view of the entire world, the accusations of anti-semitism fly thick and fast like a rain of arrows. The fact is that we are witnessing the rewritnig of history on a global scale, so that scholarship, rational philosophy and the evidence of ones own eyes is being set at nought to meet the specious demands of the PC brigades. The kings new clothes revisited with a verngeance. This will not end well, whether for blacks, Jews, homo’s, nor yet for the rest of us. So it’s worth asking the perennial question: who benefits? There is a school of thought that responds to this by saying “follow the money”, but it goes deeper than this; this is true only in part. So ask this: outside of money, politics and culture, what are these developments ultimately leading to; what does this presage for the human condition?

    • Replies: @utu
    , @Wizard of Oz
    , @annamaria
  65. utu says:

    what are these developments ultimately leading to; what does this presage for the human condition?

    I like you line of thinking. Any thoughts on possible answers to questions you asked?

  66. willow says:
    @Michael Kenny

    you bake it and serve it warm with pears

  67. @Beefcake the Mighty

    Indeed. Why are you trying to compete so hard? You don’t stand a chance.

    • Replies: @Beefcake the Mighty
  68. @medieval_man

    Why did you use the word “holocaust” of what is/has been happening to the Palesinians? Is it because you fear that the logic of your case is weak,0r you don’t know much about the (lamentable) facts? It’s pretty silly when on the one hand millions of Jews were killed during Hitler’s holocaust while on the other Palestinian population continues to grow fast. Even “genocide” would have been better if you felt capable of making a case of “cultural genocide” but its lucky you didn’t because that would be rubbish too. Just stick to “theft of onheritance” (a couple of big bites then continual nibbles).

    • Replies: @medieval_man
  69. @utu

    Growing up in Australia I gradually became aware that ANA didn’t only stand for (the now long gone) Australian National Airlines but for Australian Natives Association and that I was an Australian native, thanks to forebears who started arriving in 1796. I am surprised that an equivalent Ametican usage isn’t as well estabkished.

  70. RobinG says:

    From your link, “What’s clear from all this so far, by the way, is that militant left-wing extremists are now attempting to exterminate White culture in America. All the “tolerance” and “diversity” of the Left, it turns out, excludes straight white Christian males, all of whom are denigrated, suppressed and demeaned by the insane left-wing mob whose exclusionary ideas are, by definition, racist and bigoted.”

    There’s a deeper analysis that asserts both sides (alt-right and AntiFa) are being used to further the coup in progress against Donald Trump. Stranahan starts his Ukraine analysis at an arbitrary point in time, hence it’s over-simplification. Also, the taint-by-association of various persons isn’t very honest, but he uses it to good effect. (And in 2013, he certainly wasn’t the first to independently cover Syria, already well in progress.) Nevertheless, his core proposition, that all parties in Charlottesville were manipulated, is worth attention. (Sorry the hosts are 🙁 such lightweights.)

    CNN Targets Lee Stranahan

    • Replies: @annamaria
  71. @Wizard of Oz

    Perhaps you are right, perhaps you can provide a compelling adjective to describe what has been happening to Palestinians since 1947 or thereabouts? The creeping theft of Palestinian land, the stranglehold exerted via media control on open and honest reportage, itself a mechanism whereby the voices of the Palestinians are largely silenced, use use of large scale mechanised violence against Palestinian communities, invariably an overkill response to what are largely individual acts of murder or other acts of violence against (mostly) individual Israeli’s. When was the last bombing raid carried out against an Israeli city, such that basic infrastructure was effectively destroyed over a large area, depriving scores of thousands of citizens basic utilities such as electricity and sanitation? I don’t need any lectures from you or anyone else on the original Holocaust, having long ago acquainted myself with some of the transcripts from the Nuremburg trials and crucially, own a copy of what is perhaps the most chilling account to date, viz Raul Hilberg’s “The Destuction of the European Jews:”, which same author has received death threats from contemporary Jewish critics who don’t like his incisive and forensic research and detailing of facts, as opposed to some of the popular mythology that attends the Holocaust. The Israeli’s are trying to render the concept of Palestine invisible, to erase it from history. The phrase I used was “holocaust in slow motion” and I’ll stick with that thank you.

    • Replies: @Erebus
  72. annamaria says:

    “…who benefits…” — Some answers from Paul Craig Roberts:

    “In my lifetime I have watched truth diminish. By and large, scientists serve the government’s military programs and cannot speak out when the government lies without ending their careers. Economists serve Wall Street, the big banks, and the global corporations. Psychologists and anthropologists help Washington subdue its victim populations. Journalism serves the government’s lies. Medical doctors prescribe according to the pharmaceutical companies. Wherever you look, you see professionalism serving a material interest.
    … Nazi Germany has been dead and buried for 72 years. Indeed, Germany has not been an independent country for 72 years and has no prospects of becoming one. Marine Le Pen is branded right-wing because she is for French sovereignty, but as some Europeans have said, the CIA would assassinate her before they would allow her to become president of France. Indeed, the former deputy director of the FBI recently said that the CIA was going to assassinate President Trump.
    Making peace with Russia is a massive threat to the military/security complex’s vast budget and power, and they are not going to allow it. Neither are they going to allow Marine Le Pen and the French voters to break up NATO and the EU in the name of French sovereignty, thereby threatening Washington’s power over Europe.
    … Here is the link to the documentary:;

    • Replies: @medieval_man
  73. annamaria says:

    “…both sides (alt-right and AntiFa) are being used to further the coup in progress against Donald Trump”
    From a comment section of Sic Semper Tyrannis:
    “The last time I checked, the Virginia State Police and the Virginia National Guard are not small time operations. Both of them were on the scene and did nothing.
    And McAuliffe is on the record saying that the State had planned for months for this, and that he thought the policing of the protests was a success.
    Charlottesville City Council is up to their necks in this, and is dominated by Leftists. This includes the mayor, who was educated at Berkeley, teaches at UVa, and has long and deep connections with McAuliffe.
    They used this event as a way to score political points. Disgraceful.
    I will also point out that long after the police broke up the rally, and most of Unite the Right group had departed, they allowed Antifa and their supporters to roam the sidewalks and streets of downtown Charlottesville armed with bats and pepper spray.
    There is no explaining this away, because the internet is filled with videos that show this.” cvillereader


  74. @annamaria

    Thank you for your input, all of which whilst correct, does not bring us any closer to answering my admittedly rhetorical question: “What does this presage for humanity?”

    In part it points to a loss of diversity based on enquiry, on society, on the cultures associated with regional groups and distinctive racial groups, all of whom have, in various ways contributed to the sum total of human knowledge and a diversity of cultures. It is worth noting that two very successful cutures, namely those based on Judaism and the Japanese, are both highly resistant to the dilution of their bloodlines. Sure there have been those who have ‘married out’ in both cultures, but they remain an insignificant minority. The Japanese have been isolationists since at least the 10th century, whose unique culture and it may be argued, has arisen as a consequence of a resource poor physical environment and nothing very much in the way of outsider influences.

    Thanks to the pernicious influence of the online world, a habitation marred by inaccuracies and manifest untruths, we now appear to be headed for a compliant, vanilla-favoured global mish-mash, whose members, largely those under 30, already regard e.g. the manifold abuses of capitalism/neoliberalism as entirely normal, having themselves never known anything else. In this way we are drifting, globally, toward a tyranny which transcends anything previously seen in the historical record. “Oh the masters make the rules, for the wise men and the fools, it’s alright ma, I’m only dreaming”. Time to wake up, well time.

  75. Erebus says:

    It may interest you to know that a law student friend of mine at the time was in the courtroom as Hilberg gave his testimony in the Toronto trial of Ernst Zundel. Hilberg’s thesis and testimony was completely disassembled in that court, and he refused to return for the 2nd trial. He was forced to state, in open court, “There is no forensic or documentary evidence supporting the claims” (from memory). Eventually, he climbed down to a position from which he claimed that the Nazi’s used ESP to organize it all. His post Destruction writings have the unmistakeable whiff of failure about them.

    If you were moved by his silly book, you may be open to emotional entreaty, but you’re ot qualified to judge reality on this issue.

    Be that as it may, your original statement that “we are witnessing the rewritnig of history on a global scale, so that scholarship, rational philosophy and the evidence of ones own eyes is being set at nought to meet the specious demands of the PC brigades. “ and your question “… outside of money, politics and culture, what are these developments ultimately leading to; what does this presage for the human condition?” stand as worth the candle burned in answering them.

    It’s much too late here for me to engage, but I suggest keeping Nietszche’s immortal words in mind:
    “The world is the Will to Power, and Nothing Besides. You yourselves are the Will to Power, and Nothing besides!” Your statement hints at this principle playing itself out in our time, and your question is really about how this principle will play out in the coming decades.

    • Replies: @medieval_man
  76. @Erebus

    I must confess that I have no knowledge of the trial of Ernst Zundel and I’m not therefore in a position to comment, except perhaps to note that North American courts are quite capable of rubbishing Newtons Laws of Motion and it being regarded as acceptable.

    Are you really calling Hilberg’s “Destruction” a silly book? I was not “moved” by it, I was impressed by it, principally because it was as dispassionate a work as that of a management accountants report. I was impressed because the book detailed verifiable and documented facts, in contradistinction to the many emotionally overwrought memoirs which continue to find their way into print, a notable exception being
    Primo Levi’s “If This is a Man”.My recollection is, that starting with the decisions taken at the Wansee Conference, Hilberg recognised it’s rationale as a species of accountancy and wrote accordingly The caveat here is that my reading of it was a long time ago.None of us is beyond criticism, so this must apply equally to Hilberg

    I would remind you that Nietszche was eventually confined to an asylum, a risk also run by people who actually manage to read more or less any of his writings from end to end, much less take them seriously. You quote his “Will to Power” thesis as though it possesses some kind of objective reality, when in fact it is often little more than a refuge in difficulties for those in need of an alibi for their beliefs, political and otherwise, beliefs not infrequently of an outre or controversial nature.

    • Replies: @utu
  77. utu says:

    You are correct about Newton Laws and North American Courts.

    I have a great respect for Hilberg. I think the part of work he did about railway transports is good. The problem are the gas chambers. I would not be surprised if he honestly admitted that he did not have evidence for the gas chambers that would be as solid as his railway transports records. All he could have were testimonies and hearsay but no factual hard evidence.

    I also respect Primo Levi and liked his essays/stories but I haven’t read his memoir about Holocaust. He has never been to Birkenau and has never seen a gas chambers during WWII. He was in entirely different part of the Auschwitz archipelago where he worked in a chemical plant. I doubt that he claimed otherwise. If he wrote about gas chambers it could have been from the knowledge he acquired after the war and/or possibly from rumors he heard while still in Auschwitz. Allegedly at some places in his book he talks about gas chambers with a degree of certainty as if he almost witnessed them. This is very puzzling. So I might risk making an innuendo that his meteoric career in the English language late in his life might have happened at some expense. He was not really that great writer that had to be punished in English world and heavily promoted but he was the Holocaust surviver.

    There were parts of Auschwitz that housed regular prisoners (mostly Poles from Silesia) who were serving regular sentences for various criminal offenses and infractions during WWII. It always involved labor. A productive labor not some nonsensical pointless work that prisoners (like Oscar Wilde) were forced to do in British prisons. The prisoners were being moved around and meeting other prisoners from other parts of the camp. These prisoners after their sentences that were often short like several months or one or two years were released back home. There were no rumors there in Silesia about gas chambers during WWII. However people talked about crematoria with a sense of horror. People would say, they burn people there. But there is a simple explanation for it. In most of continental Europe and in Catholic Poland, in particular, cremation was not accepted and was not practiced. It was a taboo. Cremation was considered a desecration of a human body. Just this year cremation was finally legalized in Greece:
    Cremation of the dead is now legal in Greece, despite strong opposition from the Orthodox Church. The law on cremation was officially published in Monday’s Government Gazette.

    The Holy Synod of the Church of Greece sent a letter to Minister of the Interior Panagiotis Kouroumblis on January 14, 2016, protesting against the draft bill on cremation.

    In Greece, I think, to get the Orthodox funeral the body can’t be cremated.

    The horror and disbelief expressed by “They burn people there” stemmed from the taboo against cremation yet by some it was misinterpreted that they killed people there buy burning them (alive?). Anyway, nobody was going around and saying “They gas people there.” Such a rumor did not function during WWII in Silesia and in immediate radius of Auschwitz camps.

  78. Erebus says:

    Rather than contribute to hi-jacking this thread, I’ll refer anybody interested to the discussion following Linh Dinh article:

  79. Thank you for the link. The response to this sort of thing in the US has been Trump and in the UK, Brexit. I voted in favour of the latter, not because I have a problem with immigrants/foreigners, but because there are already between 10 and 20 million too many people here anyway: more people = more environmental degradation and a corresponding decline in most peoples quality of life.

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