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How to Maliciously Smear Your Critics (And Not Get Away with It)
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The life of a professional political satirist is many things, but it is certainly never boring. Last week, for example, was particularly not boring. OK, I wasn’t called before a Senate committee to testify against a rapey nominee to the highest court in the United States, or smeared by the right-wing media for doing so, nothing that dramatic or consequential. No, while most Americans were parsing every “he said” and “she said” of the Kavanaugh hearings, I was embroiled in my own little sordid drama involving “going public,” and smears, and my colleagues attempting to assassinate my character, and so on.

What happened was, I got the kiss-off from CounterPunch (where I had been a contributor for over two years) by CounterPunch’s Red-Brown Putin-Nazi hunting squad. That, or the editors just overlooked my submissions, or they decided not to run them, or they were going to run them, after having overlooked them, but then decided not to run them, because I’d already run them, after they didn’t run them … or something. I can’t keep all their stories straight.

This kiss-off (or confusion, depending on who you believe) happened after I submitted a piece, Putin-Nazi Paranoia, responding to a featured essay in CounterPunch smearing a number of leftist writers (and me by extension) as “far-right shills.” Smearing leftist writers they do not approve of has become a standard feature of CounterPunch. As far as I recall, it began in earnest in the Summer of 2017, when they accused Caitlin Johnstone of Red-Brown activities, i.e, promoting an unholy union of ultra-far-right and ultra-far-left movements (or “neo-Strasserism,” for you Putin-Nazi scholars).

This was a extremely ignominious episode, as Johnstone documented at the time, and followed up on about a year later. Featured essays in CounterPunch by Yoav Litvin and CounterPunch editors Joshua Frank and Jeffrey St. Clair either openly claimed or insinuated that Johnstone was a Red-Brown infiltrator who was calling for an alliance with white supremacists, which, of course, was a load of paranoid nonsense. Diana Johnstone (no relation to Caitlin) also covered this brouhaha in her essay about the CounterPunch Red-Brown hunter squad (which, in addition to Litvin, St. Clair, and Frank, include other characters like Anthony DiMaggio, author of the above-mentioned “far right shill” piece, Eric Draitser, the official team cheerleader, and Alexander Reid Ross, who is a bull goose loony. Sadly, Diana left out Louis Proyect, the notorious “unrepentant Marxist” creep, who, although not technically a CounterPunch editor, appears to have quite a lot of influence at the magazine … I have never really understood why that is.

In any event, after I announced that CounterPunch had stopped running my pieces, and asked for help spreading them around on the Internet, they promptly began smearing me as an anti-Semite (or continued smearing me as an anti-Semite, because Louis Proyect had already been trying his best to smear me as an anti-Semite). They base their smears on the fact that my essays have been re-posted by The Unz Review, which the CounterPunch Red-Brown hunting squad have become increasingly obsessed with lately. (For the record, my essays have also been re-posted by outlets like ColdType, The Greanville Post, OffGuardian, Entelekheia, Le Grand Soir, ZeroHedge, Dissident Voice, Black Agenda Report, and other such outlets, and people’s personal blogs. I do not work for any of these outlets. They have simply been kind enough to re-post my essays, each of which originally appeared in CounterPunch, until the last two essays in question. Weirdly, the CounterPunch editors do not appear to be concerned about these other outlets, nor even, consistently, about The Unz Review, as they just featured this essay by Michael Hudson, which had been featured two days earlier by The Unz Review, where Hudson is listed as a columnist.)

But I’m not going to defend The Unz Review, or Michael Hudson, or any of the many other writers, whether left or right, that are posted, or re-posted, on that site. Nor am I going to defend myself against the smears leveled at me by the CounterPunch editors. Why, you probably want to know, am I not going to do that?

OK, I’ll tell you.

Because that is precisely how the smear game works. The way it works is, the smearers bait the smearee into defending himself against the defamatory content of the smears. Once the smearee has done that, the smearers have him. From then on, the focus of the debate becomes whether or not the smears are accurate, rather than why he’s being smeared, how he’s being smeared, and who is smearing him. This is the smearers’ primary objective, i.e., to establish the boundaries of the debate, and to trap the target of the smears within them. If you’ve followed the fake “Labour Anti-Semitism” scandal, you’ve witnessed this tactic deployed against Corbyn, who unfortunately fell right into the trap and gave the smearers the upper hand. No, the only way to effectively counter a smear campaign (whether large-scale or small-scale), is to resist the temptation to profess your innocence, and, instead, focus as much attention on the tactics and the motives of the smearers as possible. It is difficult to resist this temptation, especially when the people smearing you have significantly more power and influence than you do, and are calling you a racist and an anti-Semite, but, trust me, the moment you start defending yourself, the game is over, and the smearers have won.

With that in mind, and for those readers who are tempted to just take the word of an established leftist magazine like CounterPunch over that of minor author who they may not have ever even heard of, I am posting the following email exchange between Jeffrey St. Clair, Joshua Frank, and myself (and a journalist and a colleague, whose names I’ve redacted, who wrote to St. Clair for clarification after reading conflicting reports on the Internet), for the purposes of criticism and review. CounterPunch readers, my readers, and others who swim these rather rarefied waters can judge the facts, and the quality of everyone’s character (and our motives) for themselves.

I hope that readers will also take the time to peruse the links I’ve provided for reference, in particular my collegial exchange with Joshua Frank and Louis Proyect on the Facebook, and Diana Johnstone’s Consortium News piece. Smearing one’s critics is an ugly business, but it’s a widespread and often very effective business. It is not going out of style anytime soon. So it’s essential to understand how it works, and to maintain an attitude of healthy skepticism toward anything defamatory you hear about anyone … and to know how to respond if it happens to you.

Oh, and please feel free to share, tweet, re-post, re-blog, or otherwise disseminate this essay, regardless of your politics.


The following email exchanges took place on September 21, and 24 and 25, 2018. The emphasis (underlined) is mine. Otherwise, they are reproduced verbatim.


Colleague: [sends St. Clair an image of my tweet to ask, “what’s going on?”]

Jeffrey St Clair: No idea. We didn’t stop running him. We missed one column, because I’d been out for most of the week attending to the new grandkid. God forbid, I take a week off in 5 years before some shithead begins slandering me online. In any event, he does publish his stuff on a site which just try to claim Alex as a “Holocaust denier,” so it’s not as if he’s going without an audience.


Journalist: Has [CJ] really been kicked off CP? That’s what he seems to be saying.

Jeffrey St Clair: No. I know that’s what he’s saying, but it’s a lie and he knows it’s a lie. I told him as much and I had his piece for last week edited, loaded and scheduled to run when someone sent me his drama queen tweet. We didn’t publish a single piece, out of the dozens we’ve published, because it slipped past me while I was trying to take a little time off to enjoy the arrival of our first grandkid. It’s a simple as that.

John Ross used to get royally pissed at me for sometimes delaying running his pieces. He’d call Saul Landau from Mexico City and gripe and send me furious emails. But Ross never went public libeling CP editors for having overlooked one his essays. He’d never even consider it. But that’s because Ross was a real journalist, who’d been in the trenches for decades as Alex and I had, and was also on our side politically. The old notions of solidarity are, of course, withering away, while the state remains.

Alex used to say that we should reject every fourth or fifth submission from a writer just to keep them in their toes. I’ve never taken that position. It was an indulgence on my part to run Hopkins at all, since we’d had a fairly iron-clad rule against running satire since it always confuses the credulous readers of the site.

Even so, I think Hopkins’ public assault on us reveals something rather acidic about his character, almost as much as his preference to have his columns published by Ron Unz, the guy who funded the anti-immigrant and English-only ballot initiatives in California and who lately libeled Alex as a Holocaust denier–though, the coward that he is, Unz waited five years after Alex was in the ground to do so.

I don’t know what Hopkins’ real politics are and I don’t want to speculate. But I do know Unz’s politics and the circle that has coalesced around him, like Israel Shamir who publicly denounced me a couple of weeks ago for caring “more about blacks and Jews than white Christians.” I’ll cop to that smear, but not to CJ’s.

CJ Hopkins: Hi [REDACTED], and Jeff. [REDACTED], I’m not sure whether you’re inquiring personally or professionally, so with that in mind, here are the facts … and some of my thoughts.

I sent Jeff my recent Putin-Nazi Paranoia piece, waited for it to run. It didn’t. For the first time in over two years. So I wrote Jeff asking about it, specifically asking whether I had gone too far in my response to DiMaggio’s piece, in which DiMaggio had smeared a bunch of writers as “far right shills,” and supported his smear with a blog piece by Louis Proyect along the same lines, but crazier.

As both DiMaggio’s and Proyect’s smear pieces were focused on writers who write for Unz, or allow Unz to cross-post their essays (as I have for two years), and as Proyect had written me a nasty email fishing for comments for his piece, I considered myself part of the smeared group, though I was not named in either piece.

In any event, Jeff wrote me back, said he hadn’t seen my submission, that it had been a busy week, and that he would rummage around for it. I re-sent it to him immediately in order to spare him the rummaging. I waited for it to run. It didn’t. No follow-up from Jeff.

A week later, I sent my most recent piece, Down with the Working Classes! Waited for it to run. It didn’t. In the meantime, no word from Jeff or anyone at CP about the earlier piece.

So I posted the Working Classes piece on my blog, tweeted that CP had apparently stopped running my work and returning my emails, which is true. I did not claim that I was banned.

The background to this, on my side, is that I have watched as key CP writers, namely Litvin, Frank, Draitser, and then DiMaggio (and Proyect on his blog and elsewhere) have posted a series of paranoid pieces accusing people of being “Red-Brown” agents, or whatever. (You probably recall the “Caitlin Johnstone-is-a-Nazi” episode.) Long story short, the DiMaggio piece was the last straw for me. I wrote my Putin-Nazi Paranoia piece as a response. It was tough. I was angry. Which shouldn’t have surprised anyone.

If CP had run that piece (i.e., my response), that would have sufficed. I think I was entitled to that, after two years of contributing to CP, and otherwise supporting it, and after having been smeared in CP’s pages, in a lead essay, as a “far right shill.” Or, if Jeff or Joshua or anyone at CP had simply returned my emails and informed me why they had stopped running my essays, or accusing me of being a crypto-Nazi because I have let Unz re-post my pieces, or just telling me directly to go fuck myself, that would have also sufficed. But nothing.

This email is long enough, so I’ll spare you the details of my exchanges with Joshua and Louis on Facebook, and Jeff via email, other than to say they all seem to be obsessed with the Unz thing (which is surprising, since Unz has been reposting my stuff for two years) and suddenly very concerned about my “character.”

I think my character is pretty clear from my writing. I don’t appreciate the guilt-by-association game, or being smeared as a “far right shill,” and I simply don’t have any respect for folks who engage in that sort of thing. It appears to have become a standard tactic at CP, as you can see from Jeff’s reference to my “real politics” in his email.

As for my “public assaults” on CP, again, that could have been prevented with a simple email, which, where I come from, is just professional courtesy.

Anyway, [REDACTED], those are the facts and my thoughts. If you have further questions about what happened, or my “character” or my “real politics,” just ask. Despite the CP folks’ insinuations and smears, I’m really not a very sneaky guy.

Jeffrey St Clair: A favor: stop attacking Nat in your online self-promotions—“Read the article that Nat refused to run, blah blah blah.” He doesn’t make any editorial decisions. Train your pop-gun on me, instead. It will probably increase your hits with the Holocaust deniers and Pizzagaters you like to hang with, even as you demure that you ain’t one of them. The reason the “Unz thing” has became an issue is that he just smeared Cockburn as a Holocaust Denier—not so much “smeared,” I guess, as adopted & celebrated as one of the gang. Alex was my partner and best friend for 25 years. Maybe you think it’s funny. I don’t.

PS—For the sake of accuracy, even though I realize that’s not the domain of satirists, Litvin hasn’t written for CounterPunch in more than year because he doesn’t like our politics or the fact that we regularly run writers whose point of view he disagrees with.

CJ Hopkins: Sure, Jeff. Send me an official Twitter handle for CounterPunch that isn’t Nat and I’ll switch to that one. Until then, I’ll use the official CounterPunch handle that exists.

Thanks for making my point by insinuating that I’m anti-Semite, again, and that I share the politics of every outlet that re-posts my essays and am responsible for their behavior. My essays have been reposted by numerous outlets, left and right, which I assume you know. There’s a list of them on my website. I don’t work for or represent any of them.

I don’t think any of this is funny, in case you didn’t get that. If you want to purge CP of writers you suddenly decide are “far right shills” and publish smears of them, that’s your prerogative. If you thought I was going to go quietly, you’re probably not as good a judge of “character” as you think.

Jeffrey St Clair: Why would I know who you write for, CJ? And how would I know this? Am I supposed to have tracked you across the web? I know you advertise yourself as “America’s greatest satirist,” but, even though I think I’m a fairly well-read person, I’d never heard of you before one of your submissions showed up in my inbox, which I gladly ran and continued to do so for many, many months, whether I agreed with your pieces or not. Do you admit that is true or are you going concoct some contorted fabulation about that as well? If I had known that you’d been posting the same pieces we’d run on CP on Unz for two years (or other sites), we wouldn’t have run you on CounterPunch to begin with. Why the fuck would we? Putting aside the rancid nature of Unz’s site, we have too many writers—right, libertarian, left, green and anarchist—who want to write for us to run writers who are broadcasting the same piece across multiple venues. I’ve been libeled as an anti-Semite for 20 years at least and have been on the ADL and SPLC hit lists for nearly as long, so you’ll have to do better than that to get anyone who really knows the score to believe that we somehow gagged you because of your views on the Israel lobby or evicted you as part of some alleged purge of “rightwing” writers. Who are these poor victims? What are their names? Where can we send flowers? Josh and I both grew up among conservatives and we’ve always run conservatives on CounterPunch and published many essay by them in our books, from Imperial Crusades to Red State Rebels. I do draw the line at publishing racists. You don’t draw the line—apparently– about being published by them. I’ll be honest, if I knew that you’d continued publishing on Unz’s after he wrote his defense of Holocaust denialism that libeled Alex (and me, since one of the pieces he cited as “evidence” we co-wrote), I’d’ve asked you to quit publishing with him out of solidarity. But I didn’t realize that until after you’d thrown your public tantrum. I don’t know you at all, so I can make no assessment of your character, other than from the public lie you told about us having stopped running your writing. You can continue to project whatever bile you want about us, I just asked you politely to direct them and not my son, who makes none of the editorial decisions here—not that we even made one your case. You’ve declined to do that. I’m no dramatist, but I think that says something about your “character”.

CJ Hopkins: Dear Jeff, please show us all where I have once advertised myself as “America’s greatest satirist.” When you can’t, admit that you’re just making shit up because you’re angry.

You knew that other outlets re-posted my stuff. I asked you about that a long time ago, and you said it was no probem, as long as they credited CP. I’ve specifically mentioned at least two of them to you at different times, ColdType and Greanville Post. I have tweeted many of those other outlets’ reposts, regularly. All of my essays ran on CounterPunch first.

I don’t “draw the line” at being re-posted by anyone. If I did, I’d spend half my time trying to force people to remove my essays from their sites and blogs. I realize you are trying to draw me into a debate about Unz. That’s how the smear game works. I’m not going to bite. I have nothing to do with Unz, except that they re-post my pieces, as do many other sites, which I also have nothing to do with.

Regarding the Twitter handle, please be honest. You are referring to CounterPunch’s official Twitter handle, not Nat’s personal Twitter handle, which I have never used. I’m not going to stop tagging CounterPunch’s official (and, as far as I know, only) Twitter handle just because you chose to put Nat’s name on it.

I understand that you are angry and want to insult and belittle me. If you could just insult and belittle me without making shit up that I have to refute, that would save us both a lot of time.

Josh Frank: CJ, nobody is shedding a tear for you here, we take this shit personal when writers go public with their petty shit. And yes your whining that we didn’t run your piece was petty. Personally I am happy to see you go. It had nothing to do with your grievance about some link in an article to another article that didn’t even name you – which of course is petty. It’s more to do with the obvious thin skin you have. You can’t be a left writer and have thin skin, you won’t last long. But I guess you are proving the point.

Don’t let the door…

Jeffrey St Clair: “In house satirist”, excuse me, my mistake. All apologies.

If you told me you were running your stuff on other sites, I’ve long forgotten it. It’s certainly not something I’ve ever encouraged in the 20 years we’ve been online.

I’m not trying to draw you into a debate about anything. What’s to debate?

The only thing I’m angry about is the lie you continue to tell for your own self-promotion, I guess, that we abruptly stopped running your pieces for some reason of political correctness.

As for Nat, I see that he just retweeted, as he usually does, your ad for Consent Factory. (As I have also done many times. As I did your book, even advertising it on CP, as I recall.) So I guess you can spit invective (“the latest smear by [email protected]) in his direction, but it will be hitting the wrong mark. I’m sure there’ll be no acknowledgment of this generosity from you, because it wouldn’t fit your narrative of victimization.

As for you having “nothing to do with Unz,” [cites my tweet] “Here’s my latest leftist heresy, in the @UnzReview, which posts both far-left and far-right views. Unz has been reposting my @NatCounterPunch essays for years, but according to CP, I’m suddenly a fascist “shill” because I let them do so. Am I? You decide.”

It’s a quaintly neutral way to describe Unz, but he’s your publisher. Enjoy the ride.

CJ Hopkins: Dear Jeff, I’m happy to acknowledge everything you and CP have done for me. You ran everything I sent you for over two years, plugged my book, and me, often featured my pieces, at least early on. You more or less put me on the map in this gig, and I have been proud to be included in CP’s pages.

What you characterize as a “lie” is indeed my interpretation of events. I’ve detailed those events, and my interpretation of them, so I won’t waste our time doing it again.

The tweet you cited was sent after these events, and after Joshua and Proyect started smearing me on Facebook. I’m not going to sit idly by while CP’s Red-Brown hunters (or you for that matter) smear me, and insinuate that Unz is my publisher, or that I am somehow in cahoots with fascists and Holocaust deniers. Again, as I have stated several times already, I have nothing to do with Unz, nothing more than I do with ColdType, Greanville Post, Black Agenda Report, OffGuardian, ZeroHedge, Entelekheia, or any other outlet that has re-posted my stuff. The tweet was meant to spur readers to look at the facts and decide for themselves.

I am honestly sorry that you set up your official CP account with Nat’s name on the front of it. I have no wish to involve Nat in this. Unfortunately, that is CP’s official handle. So if I want to make reference to CP, that’s the one I have to use, until you change it.

I sense we’re coming to the end of this email exchange. I hope so. I won’t bother to reply to Joshua’s email, which was just spewing more bile, nothing substantive that requires a reply.

All best wishes for the future …


CJ Hopkins
September 29, 2018

CJ Hopkins Summer 2018 thumbnailDISCLAIMER: The preceding essay is entirely the work of our in-house satirist and self-appointed political pundit, CJ Hopkins, and does not reflect the views and opinions of the Consent Factory, Inc., its staff, or any of its agents, subsidiaries, or assigns. If, for whatever inexplicable reason, you appreciate Mr. Hopkins’ work and would like to support it, please go to his Patreon page (where you can contribute as little $1 per month), or send your contribution to his PayPal account, so that maybe he’ll stop coming around our offices trying to hit our staff up for money. Alternatively, you could purchase his satirical dystopian novel, Zone 23, which we understand is pretty gosh darn funny, or any of his subversive stage plays, which won some awards in Great Britain and Australia. If you do not appreciate Mr. Hopkins’ work and would like to write him an abusive email, please feel free to contact him directly.

(Republished from Consent Factory by permission of author or representative)
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  1. CJ, you’ve come to the same conclusion as right-wing author Vox Day. You can’t engage smear campaigners on their own terms. Doing so is seen as an admission of guilt and they will pile on. This is yet more evidence that you’re one of those rare lefties that can think for himself. I’m also a fan of Caitlin, BTW.

    • Replies: @WhiteWolf
    , @pyrrhus
  2. gsjackson says:

    Well, aren’t we Unz readers the deplorables? I used to read Counterpunch regularly. Then Cockburn died, and gradually the quality declined. I stopped looking in, and now apparently the writers I was most interested in — PCR, Diane Johnstone, Mike Whitney — are no longer published there. They are here. Moving from Counterpunch to Unz was simply a step forward in intellectual growth.

    St Clair has always struck me as a prickly, insecure and rigid-minded ideologue, from the time when I asked him a question at a speaking engagement years ago about the difference between him and Cockburn on environmental issues. The question was asked in good faith and not put at all contentiously, but he chose to get pissed about it. Cockburn was kind enough to treat him as an intellectual equal — “we both read English at university, Alex at Oxford, Jeff at American U.,” went the introduction to one of their joint writings. Jeff knows it was just smoke blown up his ass.

    • Replies: @Druid
    , @Biff
    , @Antiwar7
    , @animalogic
  3. T. Weed says:

    Hopkins is wise not to demean himself by arguing with the smearers that he is not (shudder!) an anti-Semite. Might as well be called a child-molester. No. We will never be free from these extortionists until we throw back at them: Who is a Semite? Is Netanyahu a Semite? If that genocidal murderer is a Semite, then I’m an anti-Semite and proud of it! (He isn’t, he has no more Semitic genes than I have, he’s pure East European, a Khazar). Are those rabbis in Israel who claim that a thousand Arabs aren’t worth one Jewish fingernail, Semites? Then, hell yes, I’m an anti-Semite and proud of it!
    Is Rabbi Rav Leor (another European Jew in Israel with no more “right” to the Holy Land than I have), who claimed in a speech in occupied Jerusalem that the halacha (Jewish law) “supports the annihilation of non-Jews in Israel”…is this man a Semite? “Hashmadat goyem” (extermination of non-Jews) “is an established principle in Jewish theology”, he assured his audience. He was not rebuked.
    Until we assert our righteous indignation, we’ll be at the mercy of these freaks forever.

  4. Pheasant [AKA "Peasant"] says:

    So Counterpunch finally got taken over by the Jews huh?

    Well I suppose it was inevitable after Cockburn died. It used to be a kind of ultra establishment (Cockburn was very high up) leftist muckwracking rag that wast mostly filler but sometimes interesting. They were critical of zionism and the neoconservatives did not like it but Counterpunch was establishment as establishment could be and the crazies in the basement could not smear them without consequence.

    I remember Cockburn’s (or was it someone else?) obituary for Christopher Hitchens describing how Hitchens had always been an establishment wannabe (son of a naval officer and a provincial Englishwoman with Jewish roots) and how when he found out he was partially Jewish and the neocons were the new game in town Hitchens decided to defend the Iraq war. That was a revealling article.

    One of the things that got me on the path to being red pilled was Counterpunch’s articles about the mossad connections to 9/11. There was one particularly interesting (damming) one but a month or two later when I went back to look for it it had been removed. This was before I knew about the wayback machine. At the time I had no idea about Jews or Israel but it did strike me as a very informative article and I wondered who had gotten rid of it and why.

    Ultimately Counterpunch was a little like the Lobster magazine of old- it did not let you know who the puppet masters were (is an echo even neccesary?) but it did give you a peek behind the curtain. Im glad it went on as long as it did and I hope the hollowed out distorted version now around dies a quick death.



    • Replies: @Justsaying
  5. WhiteWolf says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    It’s not so much an admission of guilt but you make yourself a defendant and your opponent the prosecutor. In a kangaroo court.

  6. Hopkins piece was too mired in detail for me to parse sensibly. I have enjoyed reading both CP (rather selectively as not all themes interest me equally) and UR (ditto), a regular visitor to the latter since discovering the site. My simple take: we may be witnessing an inevitable, even predictable, left-on-left onslaughts, trying to outleft each other, so to speak. Not common to see equivalent right-on-right attacks, hence the free passes that Trump has been gifted throughout his brief tenure and one likely to continue longer than most sane people would like to see. As for anti-Semite labels, one gets immunized to such labels because I know of no other ethnic card that has been overplayed with such zeal and one that is as heavily politicized. Whatever the case, debates, disagreements, diatribes are sure to continue. May they not detract from the higher calling of pursuing social justice, nuclear disarmament, global peace, blunting the West’s (especially American) perpetual wars, policies that protect our environment and economic equality. Neither CP nor UR or any other credible left wing sites can be above these principles. Come to think of it, they are about all we have.

    • Replies: @mike k
    , @foolisholdman
  7. The “Weaponization” of race and antisemitism is the primary tactic of Jews and their black puppets. It’s more than a cottage industry. It has been turned into a full time profession for the race hustlers, pundits, media pimps, and other assorted Social Reprobates and their SJWs. There is good money and jobs from grants to consulting in this Political Whoredom and it won’t die anytime soon.

  8. Druid says:

    I just deleted counterpunch from my favourites

    • Replies: @Miggle
  9. F0337 says:

    Counterpunch mattered once. But that was years ago.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  10. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    At the mere mention of the dreaded–and overused–“You’re anti-Semitic,” grown men have been known to wet their britches.

    One can usually tell an article is going to be a hit piece on someone without even reading said article, just take a look at the picture of the article’s subject at the top; if the pic is a kindly one, showing the person in a positive way, smiling and such, it will not be a hit piece.

    On the other hand, if the pic shows the person in some kind of foul mood, grimacing or with a confused look on their mug, you can be assured it’s going to be a smear of that person’s integrity.

    When a certain bunch of digital gangsters want to defame, mock, vilify and smear a person, they’ll call them all sorts of vile stuff; make nasty inferences and make tenuous associations with neo-Nazis or some real anti-Semites, but rarely do they attack what the person has said or written, that is dangerous territory and too much work.

  11. Anti what? Semite?
    You mean those lying turds who destroy things out of spite, kill any and all opponents. The biggest murderers in history? Ask Unz
    Yeah. I’m anti-poison.

  12. Biff says:

    Well, aren’t we Unz readers the deplorables? I used to read Counterpunch regularly. Then Cockburn died, and gradually the quality declined. I stopped looking in, and now apparently the writers I was most interested in — PCR, Diane Johnstone, Mike Whitney — are no longer published there. They are here. Moving from Counterpunch to Unz was simply a step forward in intellectual growth.

    This pretty much nails it for me too. I still click on CP now and then, but I can’t help but noticed the glaring intellectual holes some of those writers left behind.

  13. V hrm says:

    With the caveat that I don’t know any of the people quoted or exactly what sort of ideological purity is being argued about…

    The author here, CJ Hopkins, comes off as kinda paranoid , excitable and thin skinned. Maybe there’s some context I’m unaware of, but letting fly with public complaints and accusations after not having some articles printed for a week or two after you’d been apparently working together for a couple of years is, imo, hyperbolic.

    Obviously I wish the St Clair guy wasn’t talking bad about Unz, but that’s hardly surprising when you swim in these waters.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  14. Anonymous [AKA "Bulerias"] says:

    Jeff is a self-styled pope of his Church of Alex. Any time he screws up or needs to cover his ass, he’ll cite some heresy by his opponent, who he alleges slandered his fallen Mentor. He in this way constantly reminds the world of his insecurity. He’ll also deny what is obvious — that he engages in petty gate- and grudge-keeping. More to the nugget of this latest exercise in censorship, CounterPunch folded as an independent voice in the aftermath of the Prop-or-Not hoax. That’s precisely when Jeff dumped Paul Craig Roberts and certain others who had been smeared. Any attempt to point out, even indirectly, that CP abjectly surrendered to the latest and dumbest Russia scare is not going to be published.

    • Replies: @Antiwar7
  15. utu says:

    Alex as a “Holocaust denier”

    So this was too much for them.

    Mr. Hopkims check when Ron Unz’s article on Holocaust where he mentions Alexander Cockburn appeared and see if them holding back your publication was post hoc.

  16. Dorian says:


    Frankly, I think you’re putting too much emphasis on this. If you don’t like what CP has become, then stop trying to write for them. But pieces like this one, where you criticise them, only enlivens them.

    The way to stop the likes of CP and this goes with the same like the hysterical Washington girls in the Kavanaugh case, is to ignore them.

    By giving these lunatics attention you only give them the very thing they not only seek but actually live off, your indignation of them. These kind of people need to be treated with disdain, not written about.

    Counter Punch died a long time ago. Treat it as it should be treated, dead. Move on and forget them. The Internet has many other worthwhile and intelligent sites worthy or your and everybody else’s attention, like The Unz Review.

    Consider CNN, even though it is much still discussed about, their ratings are in precipitous fall. They are withering away, all because more and more people are ignoring them. That is what we all need to do, ignore CNN and you take away the very thing they feed off, your indignation.

    Its a sad day when organizations, like of Counter Punch, CNN, MSNBC, the Democratic Party, and the coteries of malcontents like the Social Justice Warrior movement, no longer do due diligence and evidential based work to attract and enlighten an audience. But instead, now use the level of success of their capacity to coerce indignation and fear from people to bring not societal advancement and harmony, but instil their own brand of idealogical dogma and unnatural boorish, if not barbaric, uncivilized manners and demagoguery.

    Do you, or anyone else here reading these words want to feed these monsters of troglodytical socialism? Because that’s what these people are actually doing, bring modern society that has evolved from thousands of years, after many wars and human travails, to be pushed back to the savage times, where the individual identity was to superimpose their will over the masses, alla troglodytes, aka pre-historic cave man. That is what these people want, to start treating the rest of Humanity, the rest meaning anyone that doesn’t accept their magnificence and self awarded divine moral superiority or just believes in democracy and the principle of “majority rules”, to be punished if not eventually be enslaved into servitude.

    CJ, you are falling into the same pathetic trap as these troglodytes. You are catering attention with the same cheap and pathetic practices that these imbeciles are doing, writing about your sad exploitation by Counter Punch, using identity politics.

    So Counter Punch treated you badly. Big deal! I, and many others have had the same thing done to us. Get over it. Ignore them. Move on. Write about the the very things that these malcontents of societal hate, hate most of all; facts, evidence, truth, logic and common-sense. That’s how you win against, idiots, fools, liars, and backward troglodytes.

    • Agree: Carroll Price
    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  17. Well, I’d read the Putin-Nazi piece at coldtype and was duly unimpressed. A screed including more or less dated communist jargon, passing off a rant of shallow cynicism as satire (that actually sux.) Now we get the out of the closet drama queen, CJ, with her bruised titties squarely blamed on the poor nursing habits of a subverted media platform’s distaste for a poor literary endeavor (that would have been the better counterpunch reply to CJ.) So, CJ, why didn’t you jilt CounterPunch first? If they’d indeed turned stinky prior to this, you could have saved yourself SO MUCH hurt…. (and kept a pretense of principles.)

    You see, CJ, real satire can’t be left, center or right, it has to take shots at the hypocrisy and foh-paux of all the preceding, for the fact all of them are cultural narcissists, that’s just post-modern reality. You can’t believe in feminism, fascism or anything else, it’s all system co-opted. Let me show you how it’s done with a shot at a ‘real left’ hero:

    ps, if you’re living among authentic Nazis (Berlin), might I suggest the higher road is calling them out?


  18. Anon[126] • Disclaimer says:


  19. Antiwar7 says:

    Yes, I also noticed a decline in quality at Counterpunch after Alex Cockburn died. It was always a grab-bag of varying viewpoints and quality, but now many of the best authors have been hounded out. I blame Jeffrey St. Clair.

  20. CounterPurge strikes again. I miss Alexander Cockburn more and more as time goes by.

  21. @Pheasant

    So Counterpunch finally got taken over by the Jews huh?

    What is the evidence for this? Only asking an honest question. If true, that would be hardly surprising. The real challenge these days is to name a media source that does not have Jewish money driving it. I do recall that I used to read the Guardian regularly until my post critical of Israel was deleted because it had “not met community standards”, a euphemism for censorship. Since then they’ve even stopped reader comments on articles about Israel. Well, the new EIC turned out to be Jewish. I since stopped reading that paper.

    • Replies: @Pheasant
  22. @gsjackson

    Now that you mention it I haven’t seen any Mike Whitney stuff for a while. I really enjoyed his writing. I hope it’s my fault I haven’t read him lately.
    I reckon CJH probably jumped the gun a bit going public. The whole thing seems an unfortunate misunderstanding, inflamed by too much ad-homenon. St Claire’s references to Unz undercut his “virtuous” claims about publishing both Left & Right articles.
    CP does have some interesting stuff, however it suffers from the constant gravitational pull of Political Correctness.

    • Replies: @gsjackson
    , @Antiwar7
  23. Tyler Durden is the best and most righteous but his site format is so miserable that is unbearable.

    • Replies: @EoinW
    , @Jake
    , @Kratoklastes
    , @Spanky
  24. “[T]he only way to effectively counter a smear campaign (whether large-scale or small-scale), is to resist the temptation to profess your innocence, and, instead, focus as much attention on the tactics and the motives of the smearers as possible. It is difficult to resist this temptation, especially when the people smearing you have significantly more power and influence than you do, and are calling you a racist and an anti-Semite, but, trust me, the moment you start defending yourself, the game is over, and the smearers have won.”

    This is priceless advice: no one can ever prove that he is not a “racist.” Don’t bother trying, it just gives the accuser more attention, leverage and additional satisfaction in watching you squirm. And, don’t call your accuser a racist either. That’s an equally ineffective counter attack because “racist” is a cult-Marxist smear that will never stick to any SJW. Call the accuser what he/she is — a liar, fraud, defamer, etc. — make him defend himself. Always play offense, never defense.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  25. EoinW says:

    Zero Hedge is great for up to minute news. I check it a couple of times a day. However its comment section is, if you’ll excuse my overuse of the word, deplorable. CP I used to visit regularly. I appreciated the articles by Jonathan Cook or Uri Avnery on Israel. Over the past year I find I visit CP once a week at most(on weekends when I run out of other sites to visit). UR has become one of my primary sources for commentary. The comment section is very mature and intelligent – for the most part. Of course when you carry pieces by Buchanan, Roberts and the Saker you’re going to attract most internet free thinkers.

    • Replies: @KDM
  26. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    Mr. Hopkins, you and Linh Dinh are two of my favorite authors published here. Here’s what he had to say a few years back, in his piece about Vineland, about a similar experience with CounterPunch:

    “Like many others, I have raised these questions over the years, and for this, I have been branded a freak by one of the left’s most disdainful gatekeepers. After CounterPunch canceled my Postcard series on its site, which is its prerogative, of course, its editor, Jeffrey St Clair, responded to readers’ complaints by questioning my sanity, “perhaps Linh has simply joined the conspiratorialists and Dissident Voice is a more comfortable venue for him. We’ve chased most of the people who question the moon landing, whether JKF is really dead and the circularity of the earth off of CounterPunch.” So to point out the obvious lies of a criminal government is to believe that this earth is flat? Good Lord, with such a rebel, who needs sheep?”

    I have never spent much time at CounterPunch, and only in recent years; like WhoWhatWhy, it seems too officially dissident.* Its treatment of you, Linh Dinh, and Ron Unz reinforces that.

    My further impression is that Mr. St Clair knows, deep down, that Mr. Unz is the courageous publisher as between the two, which may explain the anger and nastiness.

    Chin up, sirs!


    *Notably, both are listed and linked here under Alternative Media.

  27. The ALT RIGHT point of view:

    1)Bring the Troops back home….

    2)massive defunding of the Pentagon….

    3)Friendship with Christian Russia…

    4)0 economic and military aid to our friend Israel!!!

    5)0 nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANTS FOREVER!!!….

    6)mass deportation of the various Nonwhite Fifth Columns in America….

    7)restoration of THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MAJORITY to a 90 percent racial majority within the borders of America….

    8)make homo legal marriage illegal again…..

    9)strip away the right of Corprati0ns to have the legal standing of a person in a Court of Law….

    10)A National Holiday where Mark Zuckerberg is dipped and sealed in a vat of car battery acid….a WORKING CLASS NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN FAMILY will be selected at random in a lottery to have the very great joy of dipping Mark Zuckerberg into a vat of car battery acid and sealing it……..

    • Replies: @Allan
    , @Carroll Price
  28. I simply never react to smears.
    I do not believe the CO2 scare, when the reaction is, recently, that I advocate consumerism, whatever that is, I simply stick to the facts.
    When my judgment on Islam is not the usual one, the source of all evil, and I’m called a Islam troll, no reaction whatsoever.
    Antisemitism, the same, I stick to facts.
    Racism, I simply write that I want to keep my country.
    I just react to reactions with some content, not to dumb assertions.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  29. Why does White Leftist Jeffrey Saint Clair want to provide The White Liberal Greedy Cheating Billionaire Class with an enormous nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANT SCAB LABOUR SUBSIDY?


    Why do Leftists Jeffrey Saint Clair and Rock Star Bruce Springstien want to make it legal for large hairy mutilated tranny freak men to take a dump in the stall next to 7 year little girls in the Public Womens Bathrooms in the state of North Carolina? Are Jeffrey and Bruce pedophiles?

  30. Miggle says:

    I particularly liked their article “We the Sheeple” back in December.

    But I rarely go there and this article has made me now very suspicious of them.

  31. Jake says:

    I doubt I have gone to CounterPunch more than twice, to read anything or just to peruse, since the passing of Cockburn. I have no doubt that St. Clair means it, with a vengeance, when he asserts that he cares more for blacks and Jews than for whites. And that is what this is about.

    The kulturkampf is about desire to inflict cultural genocide against the vestiges of Christendom. It must necessarily be anti-white Gentile because those are the people who founded and ran Christendom. It therefore also must favor all peoples who are not white Gentiles. You cannot separate the war against Christendom from the war against whites. Both the new white pagans and the racially bleeding heart white Christians will refuse to see the obvious, but facts is facts, and you ignore them to your own destruction.

    CJ Hopkins dares not merely to see the vicious absurdities that define the Left as it moves into utter hysteria but to say what he sees. And for that, he will be ostracized and, if they are successful, destroyed. The Left does not brook any speech that flies against seeing the Left of the past and the present as The Good Guy that must not be questioned. More specific, Hopkins now has fully spotlighted the biggest hypocrisy that the left requires: seeing and preaching itself as being for the ‘little guy,’ the working class.

    The Left is for the ‘little guy’ and the working class only when they support the Left in how it prefers to wage kulturkampf at the time. And that has always been true.

    Yes, the Neocons (I use the term in its broader sense which encompasses all the WASP Country Club empire boys) are just like the Left: each is self-righteously imperialistic, on a global scale, and each absolutely despises the white working class and every traditional value and identity associated with them. Each expects, demands, the white working class to be complacent tax slaves and cannon fodder.

    CJ Hopkins must be stopped because he might reveal the con game

  32. Jake says:

    Oh so true. That format is as bad as I’ve ever encountered.

  33. None of this surprises me. I concluded many years ago that most of these US internet sites were false-flaggers, which is why I take everything I read with a very large grain of salt. I always ask myself “who benefits if I believe this?”. Often enough, the “beneficiary” is one of the supposedly “sworn enemies” of the site’s professed ideology. There’s nothing special about Counterpunch in that regard.

  34. anastasia says:

    Name-calling halts thought, wonder, research, imagination. It wrecks havoc on anyone’s pursuit of knowledge, whether one comes from the left or right.
    As soon as someone in the media, particularly journalists, say the word “Nazi” as a cue to show ALL that is “evil”, I am immediately suspicious of the writer’s knowledge as well as their judgment. It tells me they have swallowed whole the entire holocaust narrative without a flicker of thought or research. For example, Antony Beevor wrote a book, lauded by all, entitled The Fall of Berlin. I never read any of his other books, but in this book published in 2002, Beevor wrote about the “Jewish soap factories” in Germany, the factories that made soap out of human beings, but not all human beings, for the Nazis discriminated even in their “soap” making. The soap was only made from Jewish human beings. Many years before this book was published, Jewish historians had wholly rejected the Jewish soap making accusations as untrue and false war propaganda. Even they rejected it!!!!
    However, even before the Jewish historians rejected it, the story, so inexplicable, should have led all to do in depth research on this subject, for the very reason that it is extremely difficult to believe. The first question a thoughtful person should have asked themselves when they read about the “Jewish soap factories” is “how do you make soap out of human beings – it sounds like it would be difficult.” You find out that it is not only difficult, but a lengthy and wasteful process, of resources that the Germans at that time did not have. You would also wonder what the allies found at the end of the war when they found the “Jewish soap factories”. How could you hide such an elaborate manufacturing process? You could easily imagine that when they found the manufacturing plants, the equipment and the remains of the process, it must have been a horrific sight beyond words. Yet, where are the histories that speak of what they certainly must have found? Wouldn’t a writer learning of Jewish soap factories want to know this? A story like this requires proof and lots of evidence in order to believe it, for the simple reason that it is hard to believe, but when you look, you find ……….nothing, nothing but rumors and second and third hand hearsay. The story on its face is preposterous, even for those who have limited knowledge on the subject, or who can only imagine how the manufacturing process works; even for those who try to imagine Germa ns separating non Jews from Jews in order to manufacture their Jewish soap., even for those who try to imagine it despite what people like Beevor know what was experienced in Germany while they fighting a two front war? Antony Beevor repeated the “Jewish soap factory” story and obviously never wondered about it for a minute, even though it was inconsistent with everything he knew about Germany at that time, nor did he do the required research. He repeated an old story, completely discarded by the historical community.
    What does this tell me about Beevor’s work? It tells me to suspect that he did not do the research for other parts of his book, or books, or that he was sloppy in his research. How can I separate what is true and what is false in Beevor’s book? I already know he was very lazy in his research about the Jewish soap factories. His statements about the Jewish soap factories in his book are lies. They are lies because it was something he had constructive knowledge about – something he knew or should have known was false. When I read about the Jewish soap factories in his book, I decided to put the book down because it served no purpose to read it. I could not trust it. It may as well been a novel, and I do not read novels.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  35. So like…what kind of immigration policy does Jeffrey Saint Clair want to see implemented in post-White California?

    Answer:Well…Jeffrey likes the policy currently being implemented and enforced by the filthy homosexual pedohile Governor of California and his highly RACIALIZED Han People and Hindu Democratic Party Voting Bloc:THE 2018 NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS EXCLUSION ACT now the official defacto Immigration Policy of California…..

    Now WE here over at the ALT RIGHT enthusiastically support bringing back the 1888 CHINESE LEGAL IMMIGRANT EXCLUSION ACT!!!….a really groovy!!! law that for decades kept California 90 percent MAJORITY NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN!!!…And GET THIS!!!!!……We can thank two Socialist Labor Leaders…..Denis Kearney and Samuel Gompers….An Irishman and a Jew…..I mean, ain’t ’t this GD California Groovy!!!………..for the passage of the GROOVY!!! 1888 Chinese Legal Immigrant Exclusion Act…….FEELING GROOVY!!!!

    God Bless Denis and Samuel!!!…..And anti-homo Vladimir Putin too!!!

  36. Anonymous[305] • Disclaimer says:
    @V hrm


    C.J. over-reacted and turned what could have been a minor issue in to a major one, burning some bridges along the way.

    There are some interesting dynamics of a Left on Left fight visibly at play though. Underlying are differing perspectives on both Russia/Putin and Israel.

  37. LBJ, running for a seat in the Texas state legislature, told his campaign manager to spread the charge that his opponent had sex with pigs. Shocked, the manager replied, “He doesn’t do that! “I know, I know” said Johnson, “but make him deny it.”

  38. crimson2 says:

    when they accused Caitlin Johnstone of Red-Brown activities

    Johnstone is a huge idiot.

    Couldn’t bother with the rest because who could possibly care?

    • Replies: @annamaria
  39. mike k says:

    Yes Justsaying. It’s not like we are forced to read and endorse everything on a site. Shop around. Take some, leave some. Free speech is beautiful and impartial. In my mind I am free, so I can look at anything without fear.

  40. Pheasant [AKA "Peasant"] says:

    The evidence is that before Cockburn died Counterpunch would routinely publish articles which were basically honest about Israel (ie not terribly flattering) and now does not (as it states in the article above viewpoints of the extreme left and right ie genuine critique will not be tolerated so only critique from inside established paradigms will be allowed-just like every other media outlet).

    Counterpunch used to be outside of the Jewish paradigm (ie it was genuinely leftist) but now will be just another gelded publication. Cockburn did a good job of fending off criticism-Counterpunch was a rather niche publication so it flew under the radar of the Jews.

    Counterpunch was routinely critical of the neocons and even pointed out their Jewishness but a lot of liberal Jews did not like the neocons. Israel was and is the real litmus test.

    The Guardian always had Alan Rusbridger who I beleive was Jewish. It is not exactly funded by Jewish money- it mainly subsists off of government departments advertising public sector jobs. Before the rise of the internet and gumtree etc it was mainly funded by sales of autotrader a car trading magazine (lol at the nost po faced anti pollution newspaper being funded by the sales of cars).

    What changed is that the Jews are no longer able to control the narrative- they used to feel they could afford semi-critical comments about Israel before but not any more. This has gone hand in hand with increased efforts to censor the internet. The Jews were able to infiltrate BDS and subvert it, they were able to use their explicit power to pass anti BDS laws but they were not able to really turn the tide of public opinion. They have resorted to outright censorship.

    As you say it is not suprising that Counterpunch was taken over any publication/organisation that wants to work outside of established Jewish limits on intellectual discourse will eventually be subverted. Just look at the British Labour party. Corbyn is an old school lefists (ie he wants to give people options other than the new labour globalist neo liberalism) and a very principaled one. He stands up for the Palestinians (some people say he just does this because of his Muslim constituents but that is not the case-he has always stood up for them) and as a result has been smeared time and time again by the Jewish press.

    There is a power struggle in the Labour party (Muslim ethnics weight of numbers vs Jewish money) and it looks like the Jews will win.

    It’s very sad and like I said I hope the new Counterpunch will fold leaving Cockburn’s histroy of excellent journalism unsullied.

  41. TKK says:

    The author is akin to an old woman with a Virginia ham under her arm crying because she has no bread. (Thanks Corrado)

    Unz allowed you over 4000 unedited, obtuse words to whine about your oppression.

    It was a boring circle jerk….. a tantrum on the page that serves no one but you and your agenda. And Ron Unz published it? You are a lucky guy.

    • Agree: Ronald Thomas West
    • Replies: @witters
  42. This statement from Jeffrey St. Clair struck me:

    But I do know Unz’s politics and the circle that has coalesced around him, like Israel Shamir who publicly denounced me a couple of weeks ago for caring “more about blacks and Jews than white Christians.” I’ll cop to that smear, but not to CJ’s.

    Why would he care more about Blacks and Jews than white Christians? Aren’t we all human beings?

    Too many leftists are nothing but weirdos who want to virtue signal so much that they end up saying ridiculous things that will turn off potential converts. I mean why would a white Christian read what St. Clair wrote above and say, “Yeah, that’s the ideology for me!”.

    • Replies: @Antiwar7
  43. Allan says:
    @War for Blair Mountain


    strip away the right of Corprati0ns to have the legal standing of a person in a Court of Law….

    when we could just abolish the institution of incorporation without remorse? This would like treating a cause of widespread disease with an ounce of inexpensive prevention.

    Buh-bye limited liability parasitism. Buh-bye rootless, world-wandering capital with scant interest in the hosts’ long-term wellbeing.

    I suppose that there would be a shrill outcry of protest from the many little fire teams, squads, and platoons of mind rapists (e.g. A. Cockburn) who have a career interest in complaining for a living. But so what? It would be fun to watch “social justice” factions twist and squirm as a chorus of abolitionists asks why the “Resistance” never resisted “corporatocracy” with abolitionism. The rapists will “spew” much sanctimonious b.s. defensively between artful meals in nice restaurants, but the chorus will know a real reason. Lefty humanist finds incorporation very useful for cultivating the intense concentration of wealth and power which he pretends to oppose.

    Eventually the chorus will get around to asking lefty internationalist about his contemporary plans to merge every firm with government without looking like an old fashioned commie expropriationist. The chorus might ask the mind rapists still more embarassing questions:

    Righteous Lefty, why would you establish incorporation now if it wasn’t a feature of commerce already? Because you would not then have a little handful of company shares to trade in a stock exchange? Nor be planning to exploit a stock tip from an ally who is married to a corporate go-getter with C-level knowledge of plans?

    Traditional labor unions, TOO, have been involved with the racketeering of incorporation. Take the UMWA, for example. Where in the eleven points of its constitution is there any hint that labor organizers and their Blair Mountain warriors were thinking about abolishing a pernicious institution which had done so much to slant market power in favor of neverlaboring mine operators?

    It’s been obvious for some time that the allegedly right wing “ALT RIGHT” is another faction with little interest in getting rid of the corporation. It is sympathetic, however, to old fashioned communist schemes like “Social Security” and communist health care finance. So what, um, pecuniary interest does its leading lights have in maintaining the incorporated status quo? Explain, please.

  44. Agent76 says:

    The Hegelian Dialectic- Problem, reaction, solution

    The first step (thesis) is to create a problem. The second step (antithesis) is to generate opposition to the problem (fear, panic and hysteria). The third step (synthesis) is to offer the solution to the problem created by step one: A change which would have been impossible to impose upon the people without the proper psychological conditioning achieved in stages one and two.

  45. Well, let’s face it. Any political writer or magazine acquiring a significant readership is eventually faced with the choice of either complying with orders from the Tribe as to what they can publish, or telling the Tribe to kiss-off and take a long hike.

    • Agree: T. Weed
    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  46. Antiwar7 says:

    Agreed re: the petty grudge- and gate-keeping. Also, the quote from St. Clair, about another Counterpunch author, is telling:

    was also on our side politically. The old notions of solidarity are, of course, withering away

    What, nowadays, is a “side”? There are pro-war and anti-war people on both the left and the right. I think someone’s ideas on the issue at hand are what’s important, not what team a reader (or editor) thinks the author is on.

    Also, I think Counterpunch really started its purge or unwelcoming stance to certain anti-left-establishment writers after the “Alice Donovan” “Kremlin troll” affair:

  47. When America was 90 perecent Native Born White American…..So were the Unions…and the benefits were obvious and enormous.

    Larger point:The hyper-individualist Libertarians Free Marketeers are autistic freaks who would organize society around the principle:”EVERYMAN IS AN ISLAND=EVERYMAN FOR HIMSELF”…..which is no basis for a long term viable Human Society….

  48. @War for Blair Mountain

    This is my response to Allan….

    • Replies: @Allan
  49. @Dorian

    I agree. The me-too crown demanding Brett Kavanagh’s head on a platter should have been shown the door rather than given a worldwide stage from which to spew their hateful venom.

  50. gsjackson says:

    “The constant gravitational pull of political correctness” — great turn of phrase. Will appropriate, likely without attribution. Applies even more to CJH than CP, which never even attempts to leave lower earth’s atmosphere anymore. CJ always includes the subtext: ‘I have not sinned by association with right-wing primitives. If my writing happens to appear before them, who am I to act as censor?’ An unfortunate trope for a satirist, who, as another commenter noted, needs to be ready to punch at pieties coming from all points of the so-called political spectrum.

  51. Antiwar7 says:
    @Paul Yarbles

    A very good point. Such sentiments are one step away from saying “they got what’s coming to them” after some attack affecting the wrong sort of victims.

  52. Jeffrey Saint Clair’s America=POTUS mutilated tranny freak Eddy Gorcenski threatening to nuke anti-homo Christian Russia=Counterpunch Family Values!!!…..Well…Jeffrey Saint Clair is at least within a very very small epsilon of this sewage……

  53. Antiwar7 says:

    Mike Whitney was getting published through Counterpunch about once a week, until his last piece from February 26, 2018:

  54. Omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient Jewish power has now come out of its shell and is no longer the subject of idle gossip and speculation. It is real, witness its undermining of cherished constitutional guarantees. As an aside, my piece that was highly critical of Zionist Israel was run by CP in March; see Land Conundrums: A Tale of Three Apartheids…But a later submission was dropped by CP but run in BAR on July 25th thi year. h I never did understand why the later piece was not carried by CP nor did I raise a ruckus. And I will leave it alone.

  55. @Stephen Paul Foster

    no one can ever prove that he is not a “racist.” Don’t bother trying, it just gives the accuser more attention, leverage and additional satisfaction in watching you squirm.

    Or better yet, be honest enough to admit you’re a racist, like everyone else is a racist, including the person accusing you of being one. Racism portrayed and promoted as a deplorable human trait is 100% Marxism. with anyone failing to recognize it falling into a Marxist trap from which there is no escape.

  56. @anastasia

    Besides that, it takes fat to make soap. And since there were few fat people in the world, with probably none in Germany, it would have required all 6 million Jews being boiled to render enough to make one bar of Nazi soap.

    • Replies: @anastasia
  57. anastasia says:
    @Carroll Price

    What I don’t get is how I ever believed it. I don’t know how that happened except to say that I never thought about it. Yet why wouldn’t I? It was an absolutely shocking story that one would tend to think about. Yet, at the time, I simply heard it, accepted it, never thought about it, and simply put it out of my mind. Beevor apparently did the same thing, but he was writing a book, and was obliged not only to think about the statements he was making, but do the research. .

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  58. anonymous[470] • Disclaimer says:
    @jilles dykstra

    When my judgment on Islam is not the usual one, the source of all evil, and I’m called a Islam troll,

    Assuming I understand you correctly, yes, even though you are no Islamophile, if I remember right, you haven’t been unnecessarily Islamophobic, which is, for what’s its worth, appreciated. You may be one who wishes to control/stop Muslim immigration, which I think is fair… only as long as we are left alone in our own lands, and other unjust deeds have been righted. Until then… *shrug*

    At the risk of sounding corny, let me just say… God willing, when we all stand quivering in abject terror before the One and only, perhaps the likes of you will be judged more leniently, unlike the many Islamophobes here and elsewhere. Even if you have no use for this wish, the implication for the anti-monotheists should be clear. 😉

    As a Muslim, and I suppose an armchair troll on behalf of my side, while conceding that we have a whole lot of evil “brothers,” it is simply breathtaking how the psychopathically-evil enemies of True Monotheism — the evangelicals, the white supremacists/imperialists, the juden, the hindutvars, etc.— have so successfully spun this utterly perfidious narrative of the “source/root of all evil,” even as they merrily go about slaughtering millions upon millions of Muslims… and go about their other assorted godless ways (e.g. racism, casteism, promiscuity, intoxication, gambling, pornography, phallus/vagina worship, etc.). Yes, Muslim-on-Muslim slaughter is, for the most part, on them too.

    That said, the fact that Muslims succumb to their blatantly obvious evil machinations, should perhaps give some credence to the “muslims with low IQ” theme, which is quite popular with the enemies of True Monotheism, here and elsewhere.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  59. Anon[178] • Disclaimer says:

    Hold on a minute; There are no “Semite” people to be anti-Semitic about.
    If you dislike Jews that is your prerogative; ditto for Arabs or , perhaps, you can not
    stand the few Syrians who still speak Aramaic. No big deal.
    Semite is a term that was corrupted by German Jews in the late 1880’s.
    Its origin is with German Protestant linguists of a century before.

    Wiki entry:
    The term “Semitic” was created by members of the Göttingen School of History, and specifically by August Ludwig von Schlözer (1781) and Johann Gottfried Eichhorn[(1787) first coined the name “Semitic” in the late 18th century to designate the languages closely related to Arabic, Aramaic, and Hebrew. The choice of name was derived from Shem, one of the three sons of Noah.

    Those German linguists were proud of their Anti Catholic Judeo-Christian heritage so
    they named a branch of the Afro Asiatic languages after a mythic Hebrew person. Unfair!
    Anyone who is interested in The topic of who exactly are the European Jews should check
    out “The invention of the Jewish People.”

    Another view of this ethnic puzzle:
    An international team of scientists sequenced the complete genomes of 128 healthy Ashkenazi Jews and compared each of those sequences with the others, as well as with with the DNA of 26 Flemish people from Belgium. 50% of the DNA in the 128 samples originated with the group of people who were also the ancestors of the Flemish people.

  60. @anonymous

    I’m not a friend of any religion.
    I do not think gods exist.
    I do not see that religion had any positive influence, the intellectual old Greeks ridiculed religion: something for the stupid masses.
    I’m quite happy that the Netherlands left the christian churches since, say, 1960.
    The christian religion has a great advantage that it if full of compromises, therefore christians can and could discuss their religion.
    As far as I can judge Islam is far more absolute.
    Thus I see the Islamisation of Europe as a horrible step backwards.
    But, I do not think that Islam is much worse than the absolute catholicism, or Calvinism.
    The problem is, is again a period of hundreds of years necessary to liberate us, from Islam ?

    • Replies: @Respect
    , @Kratoklastes
  61. Allan says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Ever heard of families, friendships, and partnerships? Team sports? Religious assemblies? Clubs and associations for hobbyists, hunters, and helpers? Ever picked up a law dictionary or a book about the rudiments of b-law and skimmed the relevant pages for info about contracts and keeping your promises?

    Probably you find it difficult to form good friendships and to keep them. And how could it be otherwise? You exude toxicity and come across as a very upset and frustrated little atom. Rather ignorant, too. Hence your obsession with the “Native Born White American” and your frequent SHOUTING and screaming for a racial commune.

    I trust that you will figure out, in time, that no great white pride commune will be tolerated for long while parasitical people like you remain alive, not even if you suppress the influence of G. Zuss. So give up on all that. Your own precious labor unions helped to kill the possibility. If you don’t believe me, consult the constitution of the IBT. They are mass migration nuts, as the I of their name suggested long ago that they could be.

    Let’s see you try now to write like an adult for once this day. Give your cogent answer on behalf of the allegedly “ALT RIGHT” to the following reasonable question:

    Why would the “Alt Right” establish incorporation if it were not a feature of commerce already?

  62. Ko says:

    Yeah, I agree with the third post, GSJackson, when Cockburn died Counterpunch turned into a wast of time to read. It’s become nothing more than another elite liberal tentacle of the hateful elitist leftist mob who have nothing to offer the planet except boring echos of each others intellectual retardation.

  63. FB says:

    What’s really funny is that the plankton St Clair deigns to lecture Hopkins on ‘journalism’…

    Do a search for St Clair’s journalistic ‘masterpiece’…’Down the River with Putin’…where he tells the breathless story of a rafting trip by the Russian president and his ‘entourage’ on the Colorado river…

    We are told that Putin and his ‘son’ carried suitcases full of cash, guns and booze…Putin was drunk all the time…they would shoot catfish with their guns and then bash their heads in on rocks…they pissed and shat everywhere…

    Only problem is…the whole thing is fabricated from whole cloth…Putin doesn’t have a son, only two daughters…he has never stepped foot in the Southwest US…his couple of visits stateside were official state visits…

    So much for St Clair’s ‘journalism’…

    Also have a look at Counterpunch’s ‘National security columnist’…one Melvin Goodman…who draws a paycheck directly from George Soros…his ‘think tank’ is also funded by the Rockefeller foundation…Ford foundation…NORAD…and Pierre Omidyar, among other deep state fronts…

    How much cash does the plankton St Clair draw personally from these deep pockets…?

    CP has lost all credibility…it’s not just Hopkins that is the latest to blow the whistle…the great Diana Johnstone long ago pulled the plug on this fake ‘alternative outlet’…as have many others…

    At least the late Alex Cockburn had some substance to him…St Clair has the gravitas of a dime store clerk…

    • Replies: @gsjackson
  64. gsjackson says:

    The last time St Clair trotted out the Putin river trip tall tale, about four months ago, I sent three emails to CP. The first — ‘Where is the satire I’m missing? Obviously this didn’t happen.’ The second — ‘You’re really not going to respond?’ The third — ‘Oh, I see, you’re satirizing stereotyping by passing along western media Putin fantasies as if they were true.’ No reply to any, no change in the text.

    Ever since Cockburn died CP has had several flagrant editing lapses. A couple I can recall correcting — a statement by St Clair that Hale Boggs was from Arkansas, and a piece by one of their writers that quoted for truth a statement by Miley Cyrus, something to the effect that she enjoyed being sodomized, found it relaxing — a quote taken from a satirical publication that anybody with any sense could have smelled as a fabrication. In both cases, changes were made within an hour of sending the email — Boggs from Louisiana, and the Cyrus “quote” removed. But the obvious Putin fabrication? It’s still there in their archives, pure fantasy but ever so politically correct.

    • Replies: @Parsnipitous
  65. Note that Counterpunch does not really have a public comment section, they use the CIA’s own Facebook because Counterpunch is likewise a sophist’s hideout.

    Frankly Unz review’s comment section is old school internet freedom, and thanks for that!!!

    • Agree: FB
  66. Deschutes says:

    Joshua Frank is insufferable. Worst thing that ever happened to CounterPunch is getting that obnoxious close-minded diktator into the editor’s chair. Just awful. He alienates progressives and leftists away with his do it my way or fuck off attitude, as amply shown here in his correspondence.

  67. @anastasia

    The entire holocaust narrative can be debunked by anyone with an ability for applying common sense and basic knowledge to everyday affairs, along with a slight familiarity with WW 2 history. For instance, with Germany having little, or no access to crude oil from which to make gasoline and other flammable gases needed to fuel planes, tanks, locomotives etc, where in the hell did they get the vast amounts of fuel that would have been required to incinerate thousands of Jews on a daily basis? With this being only one example among many others.

  68. None of these comments deal with the reality. Jeff St. Clair lost track of DJ’s submission as happens with me about once or twice a year–and I am supposed to have influence over CP. So, DJ jumps to the conclusion that he has been censored and takes to Facebook to denounce CP and me for “telling on him”. Here’s what happened. I wrote DJ asking him why he was writing for a neo-Nazi website and he didn’t reply. I then wrote a blog article about why leftists should not write for the carriage trade version of Daily Stormer. Next, Tony DiMaggio writes a CP article that links to my blog. Until this point, DJ has not been mentioned anywhere publicly. All that took place was an email to him from me that he ignored. So, when his “satire” got misplaced, he went on a campaign to denounce Red-Brown hunters. What an overreaction.

    I don’t see what the big deal is. UNZ Review has about the same of readers as CP, after all. Okay, 90 percent of them seem to be Ernst Zundel fans but at least he is getting the attention he craves.

    • Troll: FB, RobinG
  69. L Bean says:

    Louis Proyect certainly is a curious figure. He seems to have some sort of authority to herd broken communities. I first noticed his concern trolling after Daily Kos broke up(effectively) around 2006. He showed up at all the small sites, ridiculing anyone questioning neoliberal sentiment(as a supposed “commie”…yeah right). First he was for war on Iran, then Lybia, now Syria and Russia, you get the picture. And it’s safe to say, in spite of his self-labelling misdirections, that he’s also firmly in the Zionist camp.

    When people were leaving The Guardian comments section several years after that, he was presiding and deriding, right there too – and he always shows up at the “refugee” blogs. He definitely had nothing to do w Counterpunch until relatively recently. I don’t follow the site closely enough to draw a line to Cockburn’s passing, though I wouldn’t be surprised if he had been sent some sort of bat signal, or was actively monitoring the site – he has always seemed to have “a list” of sites to target with his high toned trolling.

    Homeboy is in for the long game, in other words. I wonder who pays him? Or maybe he’s a trust fund shut in type who despite having read and analyzed alternative media for what must be decades now, still “chooses” the Empire’s way. But I doubt that.

    • Replies: @Deschutes
  70. @Louis Proyect

    Louis Proyect

    What does this term NEO-Nazi really mean? Richard Spencer is accused of being a Neo-Nazi?…What does this mean?…Richard Spencer is no more-no less racialized than LA RAZA!!!! a race-based organization and wordview that Jeffrey Saint Clair, you, and Noam Ch0msky are very comfortable with….Barack Obama gave LA RAZA!!! an office in his Whitehouse for eight years.

  71. CounterPunch never had open commenting because Alex Cockburn and Jeffrey Saint Clair would get their asses kicked in open and extended debate on CounterPunch with the Alt Right and White Nationalists….Alex Cockburn expressed open enthusiasm in the pages of the Nation Magazine for giving California Agribusiness unlimited amounts of Mexican scab labor…..effectively a case for chattel slavery.

    People can look like great debaters when they don’t have engage in extended debates. Hitchen’s looked “ brilliant” in very artificial and highly controlled debating environments…..

  72. Respect says:
    @jilles dykstra

    Spain and Portugal were invaded by the moslems in 711 . The moslems only were stopped by the french in the battle of Poitiers in 732 .

    The northern rim of Spain resisted somehow , but it took nearly 800 years to expel the last moors from Granada in 1492 .

    Spain and Portugal were the southwest frontier of Europe against Islam , and Russia was the east frontier of Europe against Asia .

    Now Islam is in the heart of Europe , it has been welcome by the arrogant
    rationalist ( what does nor mean rational ) , childless , euroimbeciles . maybe this time moslems will never be expelled from a dying faithless Europe .

  73. CJ Hopkins would be well advised to read Sharyl Attkisson’s “The Art of the Smear” (or watch one of her Ted talks).

    Hopkins is right about the pitfalls of engaging with the smear – even though the extensive correspondence he excerpts indicates that he did that privately… not to mention that the entire article is kind-of a piece of evidence for his side of the controversy.

    One thing he must never do: apologise.

    That’s the actual aim of the Little Beria[1] types that infest the world nowadays… to get people to approach them as supplicants.

    It’s not enough to disavow principles: in order to continue to belong to a correct-line in-group you have to debase yourself – like a Soviet version of the public-wanking ritual for Skull & Bones.

    It’s a secular implementation of a piece of religious operant conditioning: get people to prostrate themselves before the High Priest and declare their unworthiness, and they are your bitch forever.

    [1] Little Beria is my variation on Ward Churchill’s largely-forgotten characterisation of finance-market bureaucrats as “Little Eichmanns” in his essay “Some People Push Back”: On the Justice of Roosting Chickens (first published on September 12 2001, the day after “blowback” gave the US a sense of how it feels when death comes unbidden out of a clear morning sky… and which thrust the US into a period of national histrionics that shows no sign of ending soon).

    As Eichmann is to the banality of bureaucratised evil, so Beria is to the secular version of ideological enforcement popularised by Richelieu’s infamous (disputed) maxim:

    Qu’on me donne six lignes écrites de la main du plus honnête homme, j’y trouverai de quoi le faire pendre.

    If someone gives me six lines from the hand of the most honest man, I would find something in them that will hang him {i.e. a basis for a condemnation to death]

    • Replies: @Miro23
  74. @jilles dykstra

    The problem is, is again a period of hundreds of years necessary to liberate us, from Islam ?

    No, absolutely not. Islam is a dead religion walking (so is Catholicism, Baptist-ness, and a bunch of other falderol). It might take another generation for the next wave of the Freedom of Conscience movement to ‘bite’, but it will bite.

    Look at demographic data about religious affiliation: the trend is clear… in about 1990 the tidal wave against religion started to look like a big day at Pipeline. Thus far it’s been limited to western democracies, but it will engulf the planet in due course, because the information cat is out of the bag, so the genie is out of the bottle (turns out it’s not a genie: genies aren’t real).

    The reason it took the civilised world 1500 years to overthrow church absolutism and hegemony, was that the Church had control of the processes by which information was replicated and disseminated.

    Once the information hegemony was compromised (after Gutenberg), the Church ceased to be the ‘sole hyperpower’ in the battle of ideas. The battle for people’s minds became a 4th generation war, and in 4G war the insurgency always wins.

    All religions die once their doctrinal material is exposed to scrutiny: permit examination of the historicity of the claims of religion, and you doom the religion to extinction within a few generations.

    Worse still (for the religion’s leadership cadres – parasites to a man) is rising prosperity: take away grinding poverty, squalor, and high rates of infant mortality, and you have far fewer people willing to repose their trust in charlatans who claim that they are intermediaries between the indigent and an invisible Sky Maniac. (The Sky Maniac likes his intermediaries to live in palaces).

    Take away ignorance and the writing is on the wall; add rising prosperity and the wall crumbles (just as the walls of Jericho never did, Joshua being 100% fiction).

    That is why we need have no fear of Islam: once the Muzzies arrive in the West, they stop behaving in Muzzie fashion within a generation or so. Once they start to become prosperous, they become irreligious alcoholic consumerist porn-viewing whoremongers like all us good white Christians.

    Look at any of the ruling families of the Arab world, or the political corruption in majority-Muslim nations from Indonesia to the Baltics: prosperous Muzzies are every bit as grubby and irreligious as the pastor from an evangelical megachurch (my favourite example is Ted Haggard – turns out he was a gay meth-head all along!).

    All religions are fighting desperately against the tidal wave of information that is available to their target market (children); Islam is no different, and in the West, ‘proper’ Muzzie kids can only be found among the impoverished.


    A bit of potted history is in order: what happens to a religion when you lift the lid.

    Catholicism thought it was being smart when it ‘invented’ Modernism in the mid-to-late 19th century.

    The broad idea was that it would permit some scientifically-educated faithful (n oxymoron) to apply scientific principles to the issue, and that this would inevitably ‘validate’ dogma.

    Within 20 years they had to abandon the project, ban its output, and make all aspirants to church office take an oath that they were not Modernists.

    The culmination was encyclicals Pascendi dominici gregis and Lamentabili sane exitu(both 1907); the oath was imposed by Sacrorum antistitum (which was issued motu proprio), which was in force (and enforced) until Vatican II (1967).

    Today in the West, cathedrals are empty and the average nun is 75 years old.

    • Agree: Miro23
  75. annamaria says:

    If you are not able to understand Caitlin Johnstone, then perhaps this is your fault and the intelligent and principled woman.
    Mind your manners.

  76. @Kratoklastes

    All religions die once their doctrinal material is exposed to scrutiny: permit examination of the historicity of the claims of religion, and you doom the religion to extinction within a few generations.

    To clarify: “extinction” is a poor choice of words, used mainly for rhetorical/polemic effect.

    Instead of the actual permanent disappearance of the religion in toto, think of it in terms of the religion’s social power: i.e., the inability of a religion to exert influence over the lives of adherents and non-adherents.

    Again, look at Catholicism: until the middle of the 20th century it was able to project power in the West.

    Among its adherents, it could force women to remain in abusive marriages; it could prevent couples from managing their fertility; it was able to run a global child-exploitation ring with absolute impunity and without let or hindrance from law enforcement.

    For non-adherents, its presence as an important demographic bloc meant that political decisions were aligned with official Church positions – including the obvious decisions about sexuality, religious freedom (including atheism), but extending to things like Sunday business trading.

    Nowadays, it has no social power in the West. It has to go to Latin America and Africa to find people poor and ignorant enough to sign up to be bossed about by men in frocks (and to hand over their kids to be molested).

    • Replies: @Miro23
  77. Anonymous [AKA "dukie"] says:

    Thx for heads up on CP connection to the Dark Force.

    A few years ago I wrote them a$35 check in gratitude for a Michael Hudson article.
    They send requests for more but I have never responded.

    I’m psychic?

  78. I have little to add CJ, just this: Following CounterPunch rather closely at the time, I noticed Alex’s animosity towards a certain marxist-trotskyist element named Louis Proyect. Looking into him – man, did he hate on Alex (he may have scrubbed it from his shitty site by now). Couple of years later Alex dies, St. Clair is the new “Pope of the Church of Alex”, and just a very few months later Proyect is a regular contributor on CP (“left culture” and “film”. The Commissar of Visual Matters, so to speak.

    St. Clair dancing on Alex’s grave, his “friend of 25 years”. Sorry, CJ, but it’s all very predictable.

  79. @Carroll Price

    Well, let’s face it. Any political writer or magazine acquiring a significant readership is eventually faced with the choice of either complying with orders from the Tribe as to what they can publish, or telling the Tribe to kiss-off and take a long hike.

    I think that’s a bit one-dimensional: what tends to happen starts when moderately-successful site owners think that a large readership should be able to be converted into a half-decent living, and starts to shake the can in the public’s face (CP has had those lamentable begging ads for years now).

    When the begging starts, the ‘non-affiliated’ readership might chuck in a couple of bucks now and then, but large donors with no strings attached are as rare as an honest politician.

    However if the site is viewed as potentially useful to some more concentrated constituency, then members of that consitutency will become significant donors/revenue sources… and once the site owner is accustomed to that level of revenue, a natural reluctance to irk the donors arises.

    If CP was useful for banana companies, it would have been banana companiees making the big donations, and CP’s editors would have been less likely to publish ciritiques of Big Banana.

    In a very real sense, the proprietor is almost obliged to do so: it’s (again, almost) his fiduciary duty.

    With that said, there’s not much evidence that CP has been ‘captured’ by Red Sea Pedestrians,or even that it’s in the throes of being captured.

    Bear in mind that CP published Uri Avnery until a little over a month before he handed in his lunch-pail: that’s fairly compelling evidence that CP is not completely captured by some clique of Zionists.

    Also, Jonathan Cook is ardently pro-Palestinian, and he gets his stuff in all the time. Robert Fisk gets a look in more often than not, too.

    Let’s stiplulate that St Clair is not terrible but he’s no Cockburn: Cockburn had that old school “Fuck you” for pretty much every special-interest group.

    Since St Clair’s talents are (to a first approximation) a distant second to Cockburn’s, he’s more likely to buy into stupid tropes like “Anyone who objects to killing Palestinians is an antisemite“… but CP doesn’t have the reach to influence those who are ‘on the fence’ about Zionism and its invader-clique in Palestine. (When you’re trying to advance a narrative, it’s no good having an audience that’s already on your side: you want to ‘nudge’ the undecideds towards your goal).

    When Cockburn fell off the twig, CP passed from the hands of a first-tier guy with some mental scar tissue, to a guy who value-signals that he listens to Miles Davis or Robbie Coltrane or some other person that only soi-disant cognoscenti[1] care about.

    The corollary of that: CP will begin to decompose (in the same way that ZeroHedge is doing since the ‘original’ TD and Marla sold up and moved on: it has turned into a shitty clickbait-headline click-farm).

    [1] +5 for connected pejorative wog-isms in two different languages, surely?

  80. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    Tyler Durden is the best and most righteous but his site format is so miserable that is unbearable

    That was true before the ‘OG’ Tyler and Marla sold the shop to some bunch of tosschops who morphed the site into a click-baity shithole. The transition happened in 2016, from memory

    Truth be told the ‘original’ Tyler was a bunch of people (up to a dozen)… but they had good access to actual info.

    The new TD groupmind is not a patch on the one who founded the site: they are some dilettantes who bought the site based on its ad revenue.

    I’ve been on ZH since June 2009 (when the site was 5 months old), although my current user profile dates from August 2009.

    As to the layout: use uBlock Origin and ‘zap’ all the bits of the site that you don’t like. All I see is the central column and the top nav-bar.

  81. @Kratoklastes

    PS… inb4 someone tin-eared misses the implied /sarc in Robbie Coltrane.

  82. @Kratoklastes

    Interesting. I often wondered how CP actually finances itself. The fund-drives? Don’t think so. As long as Cockburn regularly put out interesting content, who cares if it’s a honeytrap? With St. Clair at the helm, there’s very close to nothing worth contributing to. The best writers are out, St. Clair is a middling enviro with no obvious talent, and now he’s also found his Inner Trotsky purging anyone of consequence. Did Prop-or-Not get him? Nah, he was shit to begin with.

  83. Mr. Hopkins in my book being called an anti Semite is a badge of courage and honor. The folks who do the smearing either were in on the 911 attack or are covering it up for them. If these folks have American citizenship I consider them to be traitors.

  84. witters says:

    You poor dear. Have a lie down.

  85. Respect says:

    To all who despise religion : don`t you think that western DEMOCRACY is a religion ? , a low IQ religion ? a very expensive religion ? ( the Church asked the 10% , the ” democratic god-State ” and its politician -gods ask for 50-70% in taxes ) .

    Religion is also a moral , the churches always administered morals . What are the morals of the western democratic religion ? feminism ? gender ideology ? confiscatory taxes ? endless otanic wars against God and his creatures ?

    • Replies: @Anon
  86. @Kratoklastes

    Well, for over ten years now I have a Muslim hairdresser, born in the Netherlands, whose grandfather came from Turkey.
    He does not pray five times a day, simple observation when waiting for my hair to be cut.
    Nevertheless, he still is a Muslim.
    He wants to go ‘back’ to Turkey, where anything is better than in the Netherlands.
    But there is a problem, his sister does not want to go ‘back’.
    For years he told me about going ‘back’, but as his children are growing up, I wonder if he ever will go.
    I did talk about politics with him, but, since he’s an Erdogan supporter, I now avoid the subject.
    He’s against Atatürk, though, of course, he’s dead for a long time.
    ‘Atatürk split the Turkish people’.
    The behaviour of those in the Netherlands with migration background, most of them from Muslim countries, does not show much assimilation.
    Do I see him as culturally Dutch, no.
    At the same time, he’s hardly seen as Turkish in Turkey, when he’s there, he speaks the Turkish of his grandfather, of 60 years ago, what leads to the question there ‘where are you from ?’.
    So, when these people with immigration background will culturally be Dutch, if ever, I wonder.

  87. Deschutes says:
    @L Bean

    On a lighter note Proyect certainly gets a thorough tongue-lashing at the Off-Guardian website from its regulars 😀 😀 😀

  88. Anon[271] • Disclaimer says:

    No-one needs to despise, thus despises, a religion who hasn’t the back-up of another.
    However, it is instrumental to finding psychological security that the religion one has is not thought as religion, but undeniable, all-agreed (except by the… mad), evidence.

    All is regular then in what you find strange.

  89. pyrrhus says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    Read his book ‘SJWs always lie”, and also SJWs always double down…bottom line..Never apologize, always go on the offensive if possible.

  90. bjondo says:

    After Alex died and Trump won, C-P became part of the Screaming Meemies.

    Don’t know if St. Clair or Thomas Frank, both?, responsible. Then there are the funders who ever they are.

    Proyect is an idiot propagandist.

    Haven’t been there in a year.

    • Replies: @bjondo
    , @RobinG
  91. @Allan

    You believe Corporations are people=Google=Person……Are you insane?….

    And yes…I support protectionist trade and immigration policies….because racially-populist protectionist-policies protect THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICAN FAMILIES AND NATION….This is why the 1888 Chinese Legal Immigrant Exclusion Act was passed due to the efforts of two SOCIALIST Labor Leaders…Denis Kearney and Samuel Gompers……Easy points to understand you autistic nitwit….

  92. RBC says:

    Laughed when I saw this piece because just the day before I deleted Counterpunch from my bookmarked sites since I noticed that they’d dropped all the people I normally read (including Hopkins). It seems they’re edging closer & closer to the Maddow school of political analysis which operates under the system of lick finger, place in air, pivot in whatever direction the wind is blowing, and most important – collect the resulting swag. Hope it pays as well for them as it has for her.

  93. @gsjackson

    Counterpunch has always been “edited” sloppily. Grammar, typos, also factual idiocies – it was always a grab bag of good but also bad. There never was much editing going on. I once wrote this film review contributor (Nicolini) about a basic factual/historical error – she was just as clueless in her reply, she basically didn’t care about such small potatoes.

    Under Alex, this free for all was actually diverse and interesting; under Commissar St. Clair it’s turned into a homogenizing purge striving for “liberal” (not really) righteousness.

    CP introduced me to Bageant, PCR, Linh Dinu, Diana Johnstone and similar independent minds, and for this I’m grateful. But St. Clair is a mediocre twat and it’s not the editing that’s his problem.

  94. snag says:

    … “they promptly began smearing me as an anti-Semite”

    MY MAN! Consider it as a commendation, say thank you and do what you been doing that pissed them off so much. This ‘anti’ crap got so exploited nobody pays an attention to it anymore.

    Got rid off them a couple of years ago ,…

  95. Spanky says:

    As far as ads and clickbait on ZH… well not only is AdBlock your friend, ZH is one of the only sites where using AdBlock doesn’t immediately raise cause the website to go off the rails. Hell for a couple of years didn’t even know there was advertising on ZH.

    Years ago ZeroHedge and the “Tylers”, along with many commenters, was an interesting place to visit. Then there was a decline the quality of the comments. Then the sale… And now there are no comments.

    For myself, it’s simply an aggregator site now — headlines and breaking news.

    Am expecting that to change as well, along with a decline in the quality of the “Tylers” work (which is already apparent).

    And CounterPunch? Gave up on it a couple of years ago (after reading it for many years, including print subscriptions in the 90s), when JSC responded with a not-so-polite “fuck you” after I asked why they were publishing so many left-wing polemics that were long on hysteria and short on facts. Surely Alex is rolling in his grave.

  96. @Justsaying

    Until a few weeks ago the Independent had a sort of pretence of left-right balance, but then the comments section got more and more (from the pov of the editors) “overloaded” with left-wing comments and they rejigged and re-jigged the comments section to make it harder and harder to log in, to vote and to comment. In the last few days it has become completely impossible. No “censorship” – perish the thought! Just impossible to achieve the ability to vote or comment! A sort of boiling frog treatment for commentators whose views they did not like.

  97. PeterBres says:

    Um, where did they accuse you of being an anti-Semite? May I ask? I don’t see any evidence of that, only a criticism that you write for Unz, which is (obviously) a fascist/Holocaust denial site full of white cranks and conspiracy nuts. After reading the whole piece above, it’s pretty obvious to me that the editors are just annoyed by you. I wasn’t before, but I am now.

    • Replies: @JerseyJeffersonian
  98. RobinG says:

    … the smearers bait the smearee into defending himself against the defamatory content of the smears. Once the smearee has done that, the smearers have him.

    … the focus of the debate becomes whether or not the smears are accurate, rather than why he’s being smeared, how he’s being smeared, and who is smearing him.

    … the smearers’ primary objective, i.e., to establish the boundaries of the debate, and to trap the target of the smears within them.

    …the only way to effectively counter a smear campaign …. is to resist the temptation to profess your innocence, and, instead, focus as much attention on the tactics and the motives of the smearers as possible.

    …. the moment you start defending yourself, the game is over, and the smearers have won

    So, the game is over for Kavanaugh?

  99. @PeterBres

    Is that you, Louis?

    The reason I ask is that the poster “PeterBres” has only one comment; this one. Sock puppets gotta sock puppet…

    But I guess that CJ will still have to rend his garments, and pour ashes over his head on the basis of “your” say so, eh?

    • Replies: @PeterBres
  100. RobinG says:

    “Patrick Cockburn’s recent article is one example of why I read CounterPunch less often than I used to. Or, at the least, why I have become more critical of their editorial stance. With this article, I have the impression I’m reading a Bernie Sanders speech, of being Judas-goated into the camp of what I consider a kind of useless caviar Left. While maybe not as bad as The Guardian (I prefer OffGuardian), there are too many weasel words, phrases, and statements that reek of Establishment consensus.”
    “Why I read Counterpunch less often than I used to”

  101. @Kratoklastes

    I think that’s a bit one-dimensional:

    Not really. If you ignore the long-winded bullshit to cover up and confuse the issue (like your reply to my statement) that’s exactly what it amounts to.

  102. PeterBres says:

    Nope, I’m not Louis, don’t know him. My name is Peter Bresnen. I live in San Pedro, California. Unlike you I don’t hide behind a moniker. We don’t like assholes here in Pedro, stop by. CJ doesn’t have to do shit, the fact that he publishes on a site like this is enough for me. Not that I ever really found CJ to be interesting, but he now comes across as a complete whiner. And you don’t think this Unz site is a shithole? Paul Craig Roberts’ recent missive about the white misogynist blues is a fucking joke. Could have been published at the Daily Stormer. Later JERSEYJEFFERSON.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  103. Anonymous[185] • Disclaimer says:

    Posturing? That won’t get you far around here.

  104. Miro23 says:

    As Eichmann is to the banality of bureaucratised evil, so Beria is to the secular version of ideological enforcement popularised by Richelieu’s infamous (disputed) maxim:

    Qu’on me donne six lignes écrites de la main du plus honnête homme, j’y trouverai de quoi le faire pendre.

    If someone gives me six lines from the hand of the most honest man, I would find something in them that will hang him {i.e. a basis for a condemnation to death]

    In other words it depends on the power to exercise “The Art of the Smear” (MSM type situation).

    No doubt that Beria was an experienced blackmailer and expert in, “The Art of the Smear” but it still didn’t turn out too well for him.

    He was eventually cornered at a meeting of the top Soviet leadership on 26th June 1953, physically detained by Marshall Zhukov and other military officers – imprisoned while his allies were rounded up, and he along with them, soon tried (a formality) and executed.

    Beria’s mistake was that he threatened a superior power.

    From the POV of Khrushchev and the top Soviet leadership, their colleague Beria 1) had a history of poisoning rivals 2) it appeared that Stalin was poisoned 3) while they (the top leadership) were confused and in shock, Beria was immediately maneuvering to take absolute power.

  105. Miro23 says:

    Instead of the actual permanent disappearance of the religion in toto, think of it in terms of the religion’s social power: i.e., the inability of a religion to exert influence over the lives of adherents and non-adherents.

    That’s true enough, but when religion evaporates, race remains as a much solider influence.

    Muslims in Europe may abandon their religion, but they will retain a social awareness of being ethnic Arabs. There’s nothing new in this. Overseas Chinese are not religious at all but have a strong awareness of being ethnic Chinese, and similarly, most Jews have long lost their religion while still having a strong social awareness of being ethnically Jewish.

  106. KDM says:

    The quality of the comment section (or commenters) is enough to attract or repel me from a site as well.
    Another website with great commenters is Quillette. I’ve genually learned a good deal by just reading the comments alone. However, the articles are excellent IMO.

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